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The 100th Interview Pheaturing Leila Peverett


Hello, welcome to the Phile. Happy Labor Day, or as we like to say in England... Labour Day. Labor Day is where millions of women get rushed to the hospital to have babies. Firefighters are working around the clock to control fires here in California. I hate to say it, but this is what we get for making forests out of wood. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger served them breakfast, saying here’s “some spinach to get them pumped up.” Yes, Gov. Popeye, thank you for the breakfast of spinach. Last week, the state held a garage sale, and they raised about a million dollars. Now the governor has given his blessing for yet another unusual moneymaking scheme: “The State of California’s Lemonade Stand.” Ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer started work as a professor at New York City College, where he will teach a three-hour long political science class. This is good news for Spitzer; the last time he did something for three hours, it cost him like 15 grand. In New York, the Health Department has starting putting up anti-soda posters throughout the city, showing “pure liquid fat” being poured into a glass. People have been really affected by the ads, they're going into stores and saying, "Hey do you have that new all-fat soda? That thing looks great.” The Toyota Camry is the No. 1-selling car in the U.S. because of the “Cash for Clunkers” program. I think Obama’s getting a little carried away. Now he’s letting people trade in their old American children for newer Japanese children. Now, recently I have been showing you book that Logan had in his collection when he was younger. We went through them to see which ones we can get rid of and when we were doing that I noticed there's some very odd children books out there. So, as a service on the Phile, I thought I would show you these books to warn you what to look out for the next time you go to a book shop. I mean, take a look at this children's book. Is that something you want your kid to read?

"Let's Shit In the Woods"? Man, actually I might like this book. This is odd news... Disney and Marvel are working on a live-action version of The Lion King. If you don't believe me take a look at the screen grab, kids.

Okay, kids, now let's play the web's newest popular game...

So, is this porn? and I bet you're not thirsty now, are you?

From the home office in Port Jefferson, New York, here is this week's...

Top Ten Ways President Obama Can Lift His Approval Rating
10. Create a death panel for Bernie Madoff.
9. Instead of percentages, use words like "pitchy" and "dawg".
8. Invite the country over to the White House for a beer.
7. Out: "Hail to the Chief". In: Kool and the Gang singing "Ladies Night".
6. Send Bill Clinton to save those people on "Lost".
5. An unassisted triple play couldn't hurt.
4. Force Brett Favre to retire.
3. Negotiate a reconciliation between Jon and Kate.
2. Remind everyone of who he replaced.
And the number one way Obama can lift his approval rating...
1. Be interviewed on the Phile.

My sister Lucy was born!
Keith Moon, drummer for The Who, dies in his London residence from an overdose of chlormethiazole edisylate, a prescription drug used to treat alcoholism. Moon's flat, #12 Curzon Place, was the same spot where Mama Cass died of a heart attack in 1974.
Walking to the bus stop, BBC journalist Georgi Markov suddenly feels a sharp pain in his right calf. A KGB assassin had jabbed him with an umbrella tip, rigged to inject a tiny platinum sphere. The pellet is laden with ricin, a castor-based toxin with no known antidote. Markov dies in the hospital four agonizing days later.
Standing up through the open sunroof of a BMW 750 sedan, rap artist Tupac Shakur is talking to some women at a Las Vegas street intersection when a white Cadillac pulls alongside. Gunfire erupts, and Shakur is shot four times. He dies in the hospital a week later.

This is the Peverett Phile book for the Book Club, kids. It's a great book that is available right now on Here's a blurb about it. How does a singular and perfect moment in a major American theme park inspire a ten year old to dream of a future 3000 miles away?Share the journey of a boy whose focus on his future intersects the growing pains of social acceptance. Struggling to rise above emotional tribulation, the author turns his back on the safety of home, the comfort of siblings, and the absolute care of a loving mother, to begin again in a world he is not prepared for, but dreamt about since first discovering Mr. Lincoln was a Robot. Buy it today. And coming soon on the Phile, an interview with the author, Victor Langlois.

Today's guest is the Phile's one hundredth interview. I have known her all her life and now she's the author of the website Please welcome to the Phile my sister... Leila Peverett.

Me: Hello, Leila, congrats. You are my hundredth interview. I couldn't get Kelly Clarkson so I had to go with you, my sister. LOL. So, how are you?

Leila: Hi, Jason. Shouldn't I be the one saying congratulations on your 100th interview? And I'm honored you chose me for it.

Me: We have lots to talk about, Leila. So, I have been promoting on the Phile for a few weeks, so I thought I would have you here to explain what it is. So, tell the readers about your website. What is it about?

Leila: Well, I am a travel agent and when we travel our small dog, Bodie, always goes with us. I decided to start specializing in pet travel as there is a lack of "real" people who can help you plan vacations for you and your pet. There's lots of information sites but no one to answer specific questions or do the necessary research for you. Since I have the experience of traveling with Bodie, and I have the experience of being a travel agent, I thought I'd combine the two and specialize in dog travel. Just seemed to make sense. The site features regularly updated news, information, trip reports, reviews and advice all pertaining to traveling with your pet. Traveling with your dog has become much more common than it used to be, and more hotels and resorts are realizing that people want to travel with their pets (80% of dog owners travel with their dog). There's even an all-inclusive resort in Mexico that allows dogs and cats!

Me: It's not to be confused with, right? Or where did the name come from?

Leila: Are those websites real? I hope not. Anyway, I got the name as it is something I have written many times in emails and hotel reservation requests when asking if they have availability for "two adults and a small dog". I thought it would be a good name for the website and it was available.

Me: So, what made you start this website, Leila? Why can't people leave their dogs at home or a kennel?

Leila: We adopted Bodie from a shelter in Amsterdam. He had a bad experience with his previous owners -- the first owner abandoned him. They moved but left him behind in a small kennel with no food or water, and he wasn't found until a week later. So, needless to say, he still has abandonment issues. We were living in Europe at the time and wanted to travel around more before moving back to the states -- so we did and just took him with us. Our previous dog, Joey, had also traveled with us a bit when we first moved to Europe including a trip to Switzerland. Europe, generally speaking, is very pet friendly so it makes it easy to travel with your dog - especially small dogs. You can leave them behind, but its now easier than ever to take them with you.

Me: Do you focus on just dogs, or cats and other animals as well?

Leila: My prime focus is on dogs, but can help people traveling with any animal. Most hotels that accept dogs will also allow cats. Some will also allow other animals such as birds or small caged animals.

Me: Your dog Bodie has traveled to more places than most people I know. I do not animals so I cannot imagine traveling with any pet. Is it fun?

Leila: Of course its fun! It can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. Luckily, Bodie adapts well and is a good traveler. He'll sit on our lap and look out the window and is usually very well behaved. He also breaks the language barrier. He's been to over 12 countries in Europe, and everywhere he goes he'll attract attention. He also loves exploring new places which makes it easier for us to take him with us. Joey was older and couldn't walk as much so we used to carry him in a backpack that I'd wear on my front. He loved that and its a great way to carry really small dogs. Bodie is part of our family so its nice to have him there with us when we travel. And it makes him happy, too.

Me: I would imagine it would be a pain that you cannot stay in any hotel when you go somewhere, you have to research where you can take a dog?

Leila: That can be a pain - but that is where I can help! You do have to do a lot of research beforehand to see where pets are allowed, and then what the rules are (hence where I got the name from emails asking if they accept "and a small dog"?). Some hotels won't allow the pet to be left unattended, or they'll only allow small dogs. Then you also have to find out what the fee is which can range from free (always my favorite) to over $100/night. So we may not be able to stay at our first hotel choice, but there's always a substitute. You just have to look for it. Or have me look for it!

Me: At those hotels that allow pets, is there a lot of barking?

Leila: No. You may hear some barking but if its too loud or too obnoxious you will probably be asked to leave. Luckily, Bodie doesn't bark very much and when he does we can usually get him to be quiet quickly. But I don't recall ever hearing other dogs barking. Kids and drunk adults are always much louder!

Me: I was at a restaurant a few months ago and someone took their pet inside but had to sit on the patio. Are there restaurants that allow you to take the canine inside?

Leila: Not in the U.S. because of health regulations. There's probably some expections but so far I haven't found any that allow dogs inside. Makes taking Bodie out for lunch difficult in the summer in Florida -- just too hot!

Me: Okay, Leila, what other services does And A Small Dog offer?

Leila: Besides being a travel agent for people with pets, I also specialize in other trips such as honeymoons, destination weddings, cruises, etc. My main focus is Europe, the Caribbean and North America as those are the places I've been to but can help with any other destination. I also write articles for I am the Orlando Travels with Pet Examiner. I put a link to all my articles on or you can read them here:

Me: By the way, who did your logo? It's nice. Not as nice as the Phile logo though. LOL.

Leila: Glad you like it. I made it.

Me: Okay, Leila, if someone has a crazy idea and wants to travel with a dog, and needs your help, how can they find you?

Leila: The best place to find me is through - or they can email me at They can also find me on Facebook (search And A Small Dog or visit: and via

Me: You should advertise in Hollywood, and help some celebrities and then hook them up with the Phile. What do you think?

Leila: Sounds like a plan!

Me: By the way, this is not your first interview, is it? Which website or blog beat me to the punch?

Leila: My first interview was just practice for the real thing (this interview). interviewed me -

Me: Thanks for taking part in the Phile, Leila. Good luck with your website and I will see you soon. What's the name of your website again?

Leila: And... something. Oh -!


Thanks to Leila for a great interview. I cannot believe I have done a hundred. I hope I can get to do a hundred more. At least there's some more coming up. On Friday it's musician Alexis Babini and on Monday it's singer Joy Ike. Thanks again to Leila, Wikipedia and Jimmy Fallon. By the way, you can now follow the the Phile on Twitter. Yeah, we see how long that will last. LOL. So, until Friday, spread the word, not the turd. Bye, love you, bye.

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