Friday, November 27, 2009

Pheaturing Bob Pittman


Yo, what's up? Welcome to a special Black Friday edition of the Phile. Right now I am writing this with a severe headache and in some kinda funky limbo. After working all day yesterday my niece Bri and I went to stand outside Old Navy in the cold for a few hours hoping to get a wristband. If you spent twenty dollars there you could get the Lego Rock Band game free, either for Wii, XBox or PS3. We both wanted to get one for the Wii, but ended up getting wristbands for the PS3 version. I didn't spend any money inside Old Navy, as we don't have a PS3. I am an idiot. Incidentally, next door at best Buy if you spent twenty dollars you got a fleece jacket. We were also on a hunt for these things called zhu zhu pets, but couldn't find anything. What the hell is a zhu zhu pet anyway? So, President Obama says that he hopes to raise American students from the middle to the top of the pack in science and math. Although the chances of that happening are like 9 in 1. Well, as a courtesy to all my readers this holiday shopping I decided to show you what gifts are out there in case you have problems looking and deciding. Take a look at this new remote control I found. I want one, but Wal-Mart was out.

It seems everywhere places were having Black Friday sales. I passed this casino this morning... I know, Orlando doesn't have any casinos before I get an e-mail on this. Play along. I passed this casino this morning and was surprised at their Black Friday deal.

Bank robber Lester Gillis, known as Baby Face Nelson, killed in a tommygun shootout by FBI agents in Fox River Grove, IL. While Nelson was able to kill the two lawmen involved, his naked body was found the next day containing 17 bullets.
Court appointed attorney Ronald Hughes, handling the Charles Manson case, disappears on a camping trip to Sespe Hot Springs in Southern California, accompanied by two Manson followers. His decomposed body is identified by dental x-rays five months later.
Members of the Provisional IRA kill Ross McWhirter, founder of the Guinness Book of World Records, in London.
Former policeman Dan White kills San Francisco mayor George Moscone & homosexual supervisor Harvey Milk. White later uses the "twinkie defense" to get a short sentence, but suicides after release.

Okay, this is the third book on the Peverett Phile Book Club. It's available right now on The author Danny Goldberg will be on the Phile in a few weeks. While you are ordering it, check out the other two Book Club books "Mr. Lincoln Was A Robot" by Victor Langlois and "First Generation" by Mary Tamm.

Okay, today's guest is a singer and songwriter from whose new album called "10 Totally Catchy Songs By Some Guy You've Never Heard Of!" is available right now on iTunes or from CD Baby. Please welcome to the Phile... Bob Pittman.

Me: Hello, Bob, how are you? Where are you right now, sir?

Bob: I am well, Mr. Peverett, and you? I was going to say that I was on the Golden Gate Bridge on the wrong side of the suicide barrier staring through thick fog to the turgid water waiting for me below, but clearly that would be a lie. I am home in front of the computer. And really, I feel fine.

Me: Okay, you have influences with people that only have Bob as their name... or Robert. What is your favorite saying? Bob's your uncle? Do you like bobbing for apples?

Bob: My favorite saying comes from a song, but ideally I would not be the one saying it. It ideally would be said by an attractive woman between the age of 18 and 45. The saying is, “I want to be Bobby’s girl.” Bob was my uncle who died before I recall meeting him. The men on my mother’s side of the family die young of heart attacks. The men on my father’s side live forever. I hope all I got from Bob was his name. I vaguely remember once bobbing for apples. I was very small and the apples were too big for my wee little jaw. I found it very frustrating and I’d rather not do it again.

Me: You know, Bob is the name of a guy in a pool with no arms and no legs. Do you know any Bob jokes?

Bob: Being in a pool with no arms and no legs is no joke. I imagine it would be a rather frightening experience. I can only conclude that the lifeguard took a sick day. If only the pool manager had called Bob, from Accountemps, to take the lifeguard’s place. You can always count on Bob.

Me: Isn't Bob something you like a girl to do to you? If you know what I mean?

Bob: Just because I don’t like bobbing for apples does not mean that I wouldn’t want others to do it.

Me: You describe your music as something very weird, Bob. Wanna tell the readers of the Phile what you sound like?

Bob: Liz Phair meets ELO is actually a fairly good description of what I try to do. Her big album, “Exile in Guyville” was a collection of relatively short rock/pop songs with great hooks and great lyrics recorded on the cheap. Definitely lo-fi. ELO was an overproduced extravaganza with great hooks and questionable lyrics. My album, “10 Totally Catchy Songs By Some Guy You’ve Never Heard Of!” is an overproduced lo-fi extravaganza. All the songs have great musical hooks, most have great lyrics, and the rest were just meant to be cute.
What I tried to do with the album is create a bunch of songs, that, although they don’t necessarily sound like any particular artist back in 1974, if they had been released in 1974 might have become hits. They are all short catchy songs with a strong opening, interesting verse, memorable chorus, most have a good bridge and/or instrumental break, and all finish strong. The best artists of that era did not necessarily sound like each other, and it was that distinctness that set them apart and produced the hits.

Me: Where are you from? And where do you live now?

Bob: I am from Chicago, and I currently live in Santa Rosa, California, which is about fifty miles north of San Francisco.

Me: You spent a lot of time in San Francisco, right? How was that like? Were you into the whole Grateful Dead Haight-Ashbury thing?

Bob: By the time I got to San Francisco in 1978, the hippie thing was rather passé. If I had arrived in 1973, I would have been on the hippie fringe. When I arrived in 1978 I was on the punk fringe. I had many punk friends, but I always liked having my own room and remembering what I did the night before.

Me: When did you first start performing, and what bands were you in back in the day?

Bob: I was in a couple of San Francisco bands that, let’s just say, had potential. The Delusions (We thought we were great!) tried not to be hardcore punk without selling out, like say the Knack, but we smoked too much pot, could barely play our instruments, and never figured out how to sing in harmony. Though the Delusions might have improved over time, I impatiently was lured into joining my next band, the Good Samaritans, by a charismatic, like Charles Manson, fellow named Dan Houser. Dan was the founder and lead guitarist of the first incarnation of that band. That incarnation was kind of a noisy punk-art six piece band that made a lot of noise. That band lasted about a year, Dan, his girlfriend and the bass player left, and then the Good Samaritans became kind of a funk/punk band dominated by an exceedingly talented singer/saxophonist named Darvin Bowen. The second incarnation of the Good Samaritans lasted maybe two years and was the most successful band I was in.

Me: Okay, is it true you were mugged 123 times in your life? If so, you have some very bad luck.

Bob: You know, it happened so often I lost track. It seemed like 123 times. When I was a lad, half-breeds did not become President, they got mugged.

Me: What do you think of Obama?

Bob: I am so proud of my little brother I can’t stand it. If I had only known it was possible for me to be President, my whole life might have been different. I hope he doesn’t drop any bombs.
Me: You have two songs I have to ask you about. One is the first track on the album called "A Million Plus X." What is that song about?

Bob: It is the most bombastic overproduced song on the album. That’s why it is first. It is a love song as well as a mathematical exercise. Just how much do I love you? Not just a million. A million plus X.

Me: Then you have a song that's not on the album. What is "Peanut Butter Toast & American Bandstand" about and why isn't that on the album?

Bob: “Peanut Butter Toast & American Bandstand” was recorded after the album was finished. It is a cover version of a rare song by the band Low. I wrote the words to the second verse. The first verse is about a young fellow who gets up before the rest of his family to watch his heroes perform and the girls dance on the old American Bandstand TV show. He has peanut butter toast for breakfast. When I was a young fellow that’s what I did, but, as the second verse attests, it was my mother who had the peanut butter toast, along with her amphetamines and a cup of coffee, when she woke up after the show was over.

Me: Are you touring behind the album?

Bob: I wish. Have you got a band? I may have made a great album, but I can’t play guitar and sing at the same time. I need a manager. I need a following. I need it to be easy. Last year’s dream, and this year’s reality, was getting the album out. This year’s dream, and perhaps next year’s reality, will be to tour.

Me: I hope a lot of readers want to buy it, Bob. Where can they get it?

Bob: It can be purchased at and it can be downloaded at It is now available on iTunes for download, but I do not know the exact link. You can just go to iTunes and make a Bob Pittman search.

Me: Do you know any good jokes?

Bob: No. But if you’ve haven’t seen the movie, The Whale and the Squid, there is this: “Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?” “The interrupting cow.” “The interrupt……” “Moo.”

Me: Bob, go ahead and plug your website and anything else you want to.

Bob: My website is, and of course there is always Myspace, And if you go to my myspace page you can take the Bob Pittman Quiz. Those who correctly answer the essay question will win a special Bob Pittman Gift Package! But seriously, my album, “10 Totally Catchy Songs By Some Guy You’ve Never Heard Of!” is an excellent album with something for everyone. I guarantee it.

Me: Take care, and keeping bobbing.

Bob: I will, and thank you.


Keep bobbing? That's the best I can come up with. Oh, well. Thanks to Bob Pittman for a great interview, and also to Wikipedis. I am now gonna eat and go to bed, but before I do, let me tell you the Phile will be back next Tuesday with upcoming singer Anna Brooke. Remember spread the word, not the turd. Bye, love you, bye.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pheaturing Brad Loans From The Sundresses


Hello, welcome to the Phile. The holiday season has arrived. Thanksgiving kicks things off, but don't forget the black and Jewish versions of Thanksgiving: Thanksukkah and Kwanzgiving.
Pluck your turkey and pop a few muscle relaxers, because Thanksgiving is almost here. And this year, don't forget to drive through poor neighborhoods and laugh at the less fortunate. Just kidding. So, this is the first entry of the Phile since I turned 41 years old... or is that Faulty One? Yesterday was my birthday and it pretty much sucked. I went to work where I got my ass chewed out, a lady fell down some stairs and when Logan, Jen and myself went out to dinner at BJ's Brewhouse I ended up getting food poisoning. It could only be uphill now for the rest of the year. Some good news though, the Peverett house is now decorated for the holidays. Our twelve foot tree is up with its 200 ornaments and 3000 lights. It's beautiful. Take a look.

Isn't it wonderful? Sarah Palin’s new book is getting a lot of attention primarily because she spends a lot of time settling scores with the media, the political elite... she’s angry at the weather for raining on her once... Oddly, Palin goes after vegetarians. She says that if God hadn’t intended for us to eat animals, why did he make them out of meat? This is how I see it: People are made out of meat... so are cocker spaniels. I guess the lesson here is, don’t go to Sarah Palin’s house for Thanksgiving. Palin says that women are held to a higher standard than men. She quotes Margaret Thatcher who said, “If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.” It’s an interesting theory. I guess that’s why she asked a woman to write the book for her. The Senate unveiled its own version of the healthcare bill — it will cost $849 billion and cover 31 million Americans. That’s so exciting! That means we’re “this close” to having that bill voted on by the Senate, then combined with the bill in the House, then re-voted on again by both houses, and then signed into law... which will take effect in three years. Exciting, right? Kelloggs announced there will be a severe shortage of Eggo Frozen Waffles until next summer because of a flood at one of their factories. They were like, “Sorry, for the time being, you’re just gonna have to Leggo.” Logan is devastated by the way. Oprah’s announced that she’s quitting her show in 2011. Now you know why the Mayans ended their calendar in 2012. Once Oprah leaves her show, the most powerful woman on TV will be Ryan Seacrest. There was also news about Dr. Phil’s show: Unfortunately, he’s going to keep going.
The new movie New Moon made more than any other teen-vampire-love-triangle movie. If Obama really wanted to turn this economy around, he’d start making vampire movies. Yesterday was the very last show of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” the series finale, or better: the series finally. I don’t want to give anything away, but three of the kids get pregnant. So, I plan on the Phile in the next few weeks I am gonna show you some gifts that are out there that you might not be aware of. If you want to buy a gift for a cat lover, check this out.
In the last few months I have been showing you readers different inspirational posters that are out there, Take a look at this latest one.

Okay, it's time to play the popular on-line game...

Read this comic and decide for yourself is it porn.

The gay lover of King Edward II, Hugh le Despenser the Younger, is hanged after his penis and testicles are burned in front of him -- "because he was a heretic and a sodomite, even, it was said, with the King."
William Duell, murderer, hanged at Tyburn in London. He is not killed immediately, though this is not noticed by the executioner. Deull later awakes on the dissection table.
Jack Ruby shoots Lee Harvey Oswald. What really happened?
D.B. Cooper hijacks a Northwest Orient 727 and parachutes into the freezing rain over Washington state from the rear stairway of the plane with $200,000 in cash. Rotting currency from the ransom is eventually located, but his rotting body isn't.
Jimmy "the Beard" Ferrozzo is crushed to death after hours in San Francisco's Condor Club. Ferrozzo, the club's assistant manager, was fucking one of the strippers on top of a baby grand piano when one of the pair inadvertently flipped the switch to the motorized winch that lowered the instrument from the ceiling. Only when his legs are trapped between the piano and the ceiling that Ferrozzo manages to shut off the hoist, but he dies of a heart attack. The exotic dancer remains trapped underneath his body until firefighters arrive to free her, several hours later.
Freddie Mercury dead from AIDS. Sorry, Jeff.
After his BMW struck a Toyota Camry, country singer Glenn Campbell is arrested with an impressive blood alcohol level of .20 on charges of "extreme" drunk driving, hit and run, and assaulting a police officer, in Phoenix AZ. He is freed on $2000 bond. While in custody, Campbell hummed his hit "Rhinestone Cowboy" repeatedly.

From the home office in Port Jefferson, New York, here is this week's...

Top Ten Signs Your House Has Paranormal Activity
10. House keeps getting possessed and repossessed.
9. The floors don't squeak, they sigh.
8. Every Thanksgiving your pants shrink.
7. Your 60-watt bulbs seem to be giving off more like 65 watts.
6. Toothpaste tube occasionally squeals with delight when you squeeze it.
5. Your washing machine goes way beyond "agitated".
4. Pot roast in the freezer looks suspiciously like Ted Williams' head.
3. TV is haunted by a centuries-old ghost that calls itself "Regis".
2. Anytime you leave the lights on, an apparition of Al Gore appears and kicks your ass.
And the number one sign your house has paranormal activity...
1. It's worth more today than what you paid for it.

The third book in the Peverett Phile Book Club is...

From Booklist: Record label exec, publicist, and journalist Goldberg has interacted with many of the most successful pop acts of the last 40 years. Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Bonnie Raitt, and the Allman Brothers have all benefited from Goldberg’s acumen, and, among others, they populate his anecdote-laden memoir. He spins page after page of mots, many of them bon, and delivers insights like the observation that, before his suicide, Kurt Cobain frequently seemed listless and very stoned. Who knew? Well, for one, Cobain’s widow, Courtney Love, also a client of Goldberg’s and also limned here. Many of Goldberg’s anecdotes seem fresh, and he tells them well. He spotlights some previously underreported aspects of the music biz, revealing, for instance, that Howard Bloom, his successor as editor of Circus, originally an “awkward schmoozer at best,” persevered to eventually have a roster of clients that included Prince and Michael Jackson back when having those two was a positive commercial situation. Great behind-the-scenes stuff told literately and with a minimum of pretension, this is both entertaining and cautionary reading. Danny's book is available now on or at your favorite book store and makes a great Christmas present. Danny will be a guest on the Phile next month as well. And while you are ordering this one don't forget to order the other two P.P.B.C. books: "Mr. Lincoln Was A Robot" by Victor Langlois and "First Generation" by Mary Tamm.
Todays guest is the bass player, singer, songwriter, guitarist, all of the above for the Ohio band The Sundresses whose new album "Barkinghaus" is available now on iTunes and at your favorite record shop. Please welcome to the Phile... Brad Loans.

Me: Hey, welcome to the Phile. So, I must say, I love your band. I wanted to get that out in the open. So, how are you?

Brad: I'm doing well. I'm about to eat pizza.

Me: You guys are from Ohio, right? What part? Ever been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? What do you think of it? Me, personally, would like it a lot better if Foghat was inducted.

Brad: Yup, from right here in Ohio; the Cincinnati part. Not too into the R&R HOF, to be honest. I think it's kind of a stupid idea to begin with. I certainly don't think it's any great honor. I'm more in line with Johnny Rotten on that issue. I don't like halls of fame, really. I like museums, though, sort of. It's better suited for sports, not artistic endeavors.

Me: I have to ask you about the band name, The Sundresses. It sounds very feminine, but when you listen to your music, that is obviously wrong. Where did the name come from, and who came up with it?

Brad: Well, it was Makenzie's idea. She's a female. It's sort of a joke; irony I suppose. We laughed pretty hard when she suggested it (Jeremy & I), and then there was a pause, and we we're like... yeah, that's perfect. We also title our songs things that have nothing to do with the song. It sounds cool when you say The Sundresses and it has a lot of S's so it's sexy and seductive.

Me: You kids are a three piece, right? Two guys and a girl? Any interband relationships going on?

Brad: Indeed we are a three-piece. Any more and I wouldn't be able to handle it. :) Well, Remy & Makenzie dated for a long time, and you can see what they say about that if they say anything, but I'll keep my mouth shut.

Me: How did you three meet?

Brad: Remy & I met through a mutual friend and were both looking to form a new band. The ones we were in previously had broken apart. Makenzie & Remy were dating at the time and I think living together, too. Remy worked at a mini-mart that was adjacent to my apartment and that's where we really started to bond, I think. We had many conversations standing out in front of the store. We were also in a very brief project called The Twelve Year-Olds, which I still think is a great band name. I'd go over to their apartment and Remy & I would play songs and hang out and eventually, as we were searching for a bass player, the idea was proposed that Makenzie play bass. She'd never played before and just picked up the bass guitar one day (which belonged to our mutual friend, actually). She played "Mary Had A Little Lamb" and said "is this all you have to do, just push down these strings?" (Something to that effect). She was, like, "I can do this, I'll play bass." Remy called me shortly thereafter, I think, and made the suggestion to me. I don't think my first reaction was really thrilled, but after our first practice, within a few moments of playing something really simple, we knew that we had found something special.

Me: I like to buy bands albums in order they were released, so of course I purchased the album "The Only Tourist In Town" first. When you made that, you gave it to friends at first I think. Did you ever think you would have three albums on iTunes a few years later?

Brad: Actually, the free one was just a burned CD of stuff we recorded at practice on a 4-track. We packaged it in a folded piece of card stock with a black & white image of a Bikini Atoll Atomic test explosion. In the mushroom cloud it reads: THE SUNDRESSES. I still think that's the most awesome graphic creation I ever made for the band. It pretty much sums up who we are. We're actually re-releasing mastered songs from that first disc as download cards. The "Only Tourist In Town" was our second release, but has professionally recorded/mastered versions of 3 of the 4 songs on that original freebie; it was our first full-length and was recorded at The Southgate House in the Parlor Room. Then there were two 4-song EPs: One is a split we did with a local band called 4192 (unfortunately not together anymore) and the other was a pre-release of what would eventually become "Barkinghaus". The fact that they are on iTunes comes as no surprise, really. Any band can put their stuff on iTunes. If I'm surprised by anything it's that we only have 2 full-length albums in our 7 year history; although I know all to well why that is: A collapsed record industry, a poor economy and an extremely volatile trio of personalities. It just took some growing up to realize what was happening around me outside of my artistic cocoon.

Me: In your opinion, how has the band's music changed over the years?

Brad: I think the biggest change with the music is that lyrically we've gotten better at saying what we mean. I think at first we were just pissed off at the world and used some pretty cliche (at least to us) lyrics. On "Barkinghaus" I think we really got it all out of our system the way we wanted to. It's really a mind blower if you ask me. I'm over the whole political shit that a lot of our stuff preaches, although, I think we really did a good job of not shoving that stuff in your face within the songs on "Barkinghaus". It's hard to write a song that doesn't just sound like "hey everybody let's change the world and do some good and get out to the polls and America!!" etc. Our songs go deeper than that... way way deeper. But really the biggest change has been recent, like 6 months recent. Right now we're starting to shift away from songs that challenge the world to songs that maybe you'd like to party to. I don't know. I am at least. I need to get happier. We've also gotten better at our instruments and our live performances. We're more comfortable on stage than we used to be. We're a pretty awkward band, there's really no front-person, so we've gotten a little better at interacting with the crowd whereas before we'd kinda shy away until we slammed out another face-melting Sundresses tune.

Me: I have one problem with iTunes, they put a lot of astericks in your song titles. Does that piss you off?

Brad: Not really. I actually think that's kinda cool. I was always more attracted to the CDs that had the PARENTAL ADVISORY stickers on them, so as far as I'm concerned they can put as many ****'s on there as they want so long as they aren't messin' with the actual music.

Me: Your latest album "Barkinghaus" is fantastic. When and where was it recorded? There's some great songs on it, especially track 7, whatever it's called. Do you guys write all your own music?

Brad: Jeremy will be very glad to hear that; he wrote track 7 ("Bullshit Mutherfucker", or "B******t M**********r"). We recorded it over the course of 3 years (2006-2008), I think... God, maybe more like 4. Anyway, all the tracks were recorded at The Lodge in Covington, KY. It's an old Masonic Temple which has been converted into an apartment building for the "terminally cool" in Cincinnati and is also used as a music venue from time to time. It's a fun place and we picked it because we have a recording philosophy that states that you should record in a room that fits the music, not try to fit the music into a room. 20ft ceilings. Huge.
We write all our own stuff, yes. Except the very occasional cover song ("Strange Fruit", for instance).

Me: I also like the song "Europe, Or Utah"? I would pick Europe. What's the story behind that song?

Brad: Everybody picks Europe and that's one reason I titled it that. Americans are suffering from low national self-esteem, which is absolutely tragic if you ask me, but probably deserved. (Actually, it's a movie reference, too, and my friend Andy Clager instructed me to use it as a song title... so I did. I forget what movie, though. We were drunk). I'm proud to say I wrote that song probably 5 years ago before anyone was thinking about economic failure (well except the "experts") and what I felt was an approaching economic nightmare... TA-DA! It's basically about how America's economic & foreign policy is bankrupting the world and more importantly, America. It's about mistaking a hero for a villain, which is also part of what The Sundresses are about. I was reading a lot of Ayn Rand at the time (she has been a very influential author/philosopher to me) and that song, probably more than any other, expresses my anger at those who think being selfless means anything other than destroying yourself. That's basically it, in a nutshell, but there's more in there.

Me: Ever played in Europe? You kids would kick ass (or arse) over there.

Brad: No we haven't and, yes, we know. Unfortunately, it's too expensive for a band that doesn't kiss anyone's ass or know anyone involved with the British Invasion. Utah before Europe.

Me: Speaking of playing, are you guys touring right now? Ever been down to Florida to play? I really want to see you kids live in concert.

Brad: We'd talked about playing in Florida. Makenzie has a cousin down there or something, but right now we're dedicated to the Midwest until we can figure out how to start making some real money. We start touring again in January. In fact we'll be getting about as close to Florida as we've ever gotten when we play Athens, GA that month. We also plan to do a couple extended tours in 2010; probably two month-long tours. In fact, after I finish this I'll be making a phone call about just that.

Me: There's no mosh pit goings on at your shows, right? I am scared of mosh pits.

Brad: Nope. People dance. Our music makes people dance, drink & fuck. The 2 D's and F, as I like to call them. Sometimes it takes a couple shows before that happens, though. Some people are not ready for The Sundresses. Probably most, actually.

Me: Hey, I have to ask, who did the cover art work for "Barkinghaus", and what does the album title mean? It has a German ring to it.

Brad: I did the cover art. "Barkinghaus" was what I titled a very terrible dream I had one night and I thought it also fit the music pretty well, too; no coincidence there! It is a made-up word, yes, designed to invoke visions of terror and madness. The Germans, because of that dumb shit with National Socialism, get the dubious honor of being the best at invoking that sentiment. Hence.

Me: So, what's next for the The Sundresses? Any live albums or CD's planned?

Brad: We actually have a couple live tracks available now which were recorded on our recent 2008 Sandwich Tour. They will be available on iTunes (any day now) or at our shows where we sell them as cleverly designed download cards. One card is a name tag that says: FUCK YEAH - I'm With The Sundresses, and the other is a hotel key card with a door hanger. There are many other tracks on these cards, too, but yes, I'm proud to say we've actually got something like that already. We were able to do this with the help of a company here in Cincinnati called The All Night Party ( The Sundresses helped found the company and it exists to help bands like us find our way through the rubble of what was once called the music industry. In the next year or two we will have many more small releases like these and then compress them into one big release package at the end f the creative cycle. CDs, yes, DVD, sure... the options are limitless now, so we're going to get creative. There are just so many ways to get music out there now and we want to capitalize on more of the creative process by releasing products more akin to software than to traditional albums. It will be exciting for sure.

Me: Okay, go ahead and plug your website (which is well done) by the way. Can Phile readers find you on Facebook? I hope this was fun, and you are welcomed back to the Phile anytime you want.

Brad: Our website is and it was designed by Lab Rat Web Design here in Cincinnati (there's a link on the site if anyone is interested in hiring Lab Rat). Yes, we are in fact on Facebook... we hope to also be in your Facebook. haha. A search for The Sundresses will reveal us there.

Me: Take care, and keep rocking.

Brad: That's not a question. But OK, we will. ;)


There you go. That pretty much wraps up another entry of the Peverett. Thanks to Brad Loans for taking time out to do a great interview and to Wikipedia for the history stuff. The Phile will be back this Friday for a special Black Friday entry with the guest musician Bob Pittman and then back on Tuesday with upcoming new singer Anna Brooke. So, until then, spread the word, not the turd, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Bye, love you, bye.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pheaturing Stig Joeraholmen From Peter and the Penguins


Hey there, welcome to the Phile, on a Tuesday. I have a lot to talk about before te interview, so let's get on with it. So, are you in the holiday spirit? I am. I have been listening to Christmas music on my iPod all week and cannot wait to decorate the house for Christmas, and put up the tree. Actually, I can't wait for my wife Jen to put up the tree, all 12 feet of it, and put on the 3000 lights and hundreds of decorations. And put up the lights outside the house. Google has announced that they’re going to give free Internet access in airports all across the country. It’s fantastic! Up until now, the only way to see something pornographic at an airport was to follow a senator into the bathroom. You can visit Former Miss California, Carrie Prejean, got into trouble for making a sex tape. She’s the only one in the tape. But I think this could be innocent too — last time for the racy photos, she said the wind blew her vest open... so maybe the wind blew her into some sexy positions and made her do some sexy gestures. She says it is not a sex tape because she’s the only one in it. It’s a solo sex tape. It’s the first female solo sex tape... she flies solo. She’s like the Amelia Earhart of the naked. She’s trying to downplay the incident. In pageant terms, it was a swim-suit competition minus the swim suit but with a lot of baton twirling. The movie 2012 is out. It’s based on the Mayan belief that the world will end in 2012. Keep in mind that the Mayans also believe the oceans would run dry and a jaguar would eat the sun. The Mayans also believed Jon and Kate would last forever.
The Mayans themselves actually ended much earlier: They were wiped out by the Spanish. They didn’t predict that, did they? Over the weekend, Liz Cheney hinted that her father might run for president. This news was greeted with cheers of hope and relief — especially from Democrats. Disney, the greatest company in the world to work for, has installed hand sanitizers all over the parks to combat swine flu. And I was thinking, “Disney — if you’re really serious about not spreading swine flu, get that Donald Duck to start wearing pants.” So, recently there's been talk that playing video games can make someone a killer, right. I don't believe that, I have been playing Snood on my iPhone for months and I haven't killed anybody. Well, Nintendo and Sony have got together to put out an ad to stop people from worrying, but I don't think they did the best job. Take a look at the ad.

Ever get one of those Wii-motes thrown at you? So, Logan has been into Lego's for years and is getting really good at them, so every chance we get we go to Toys R Us or Target and look for new sets that he doesn't have. I was amazed when I saw this set on the shelf.
And it's for 6 plus! What the hell? I am always trying to get more and more readers of the Phile, so I asked a friend at work what did he suggest I add to the blogs to get readers and he said that sex sells, so if I post a picture of a sexy model with big boobs that should work. So, here is this week's picture of a sexy woman with big boobs.

There. That should do it. Okay, from the home office in Port Jefferson, New York, here is this week's..

Top Ten Little-Known Facts About "Sesame Street".
10. 98% of its residents are taller than New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
9. Count von Count started career as an accountant for Bernie Madoff.
8. There's an adult book store in the basement of Mr. Hooper's store.
7. Elmo had brief stint in the 90s as that thing on Donald Trump's head.
6. Big Bird turned down as co-star on "The View".
5. Bert and Ernie modeled after Nixon and Kissinger.
4. Original Big Bird died from West Nile Virus in '98.
3. A lot of "CSI: New York" is filmed on that very same street.
2. Technically it's a cul-de-sac.
And the number one little-known fact about "Sesame Street"...
1. Kermit has dumped Miss Piggy due to Swine Flu concerns.

Carl Ballantine: Poof! He's gone!
John Allen Mohammed: Snipe this, scumbag.

Empress Catherine the Great dies of a stroke while sitting on the commode.
NBC preempts the final 1:05 from a very close Jets-Raiders NFL football game with "Heidi". Two touchdowns were scored during this missing time. Sports fans everywhere applaud and understand the network's decision.
"People have got to know whether or not their president is a crook. Well, I am not a crook".
Scaremongering "journalists" at "Dateline" NBC falsify a demonstration involving a GM truck exploding on impact. In reality the trucks do not explode on impact, and smarmy reporters do not always tell the truth.
In a three hour gun battle, Islamic militants in the ancient pharaonic city of Luxor indiscriminately slaughter 60 tourists. Six gunmen and two Egyptian policemen are also killed.

Okay, it's time for the announcement of the third book in the Peverett Phile Book Club.

From Publishers Weekly: The title comes from Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun's answer when asked how to make money with music: the way to get rich was to keep walking around until you bumped into a genius, as Goldberg paraphrases. Inside the industry for almost four decades, Goldberg now looks back at those he bumped into during his rise from rock writer to public relations to personal management, plus heading three major record companies (Atlantic, Mercury, Warner Bros.). As he puts it, The idea of this book is to give some impressionistic views, through my eyes, and through the examples of a handful of artists, of the rock and roll business from 1969 through 2004. He began at Billboard, where his rhapsodic review of the Woodstock festival established him as a rock journalist, and his opening chapter covers Paul Williams (Crawdaddy), Gloria Stavers (16 Magazine) and other editors and critics of the 1960s. Doing PR for Led Zeppelin was his introduction to the adrenaline of a big-time rock tour, and his backstage memories of those days are vivid and razor sharp, offering an intimate glimpse into PR strategies and tactics. The parade of personalities runs the gamut from Bonnie Raitt and Stevie Nicks to Kurt Cobain and Warren Zevon. Goldberg summons up some fascinating anecdotes as he writes about these performers with much honesty and compassion, bringing it all back home. The book is available on and in fine book shops everywhere. In a few weeks Danny Goldberg will be a guest on the Phile.

Today's guest is the bass player, yes, I know, another bass player, from the Norwegian band Peter and the Penguins, whose new album "How To Choose A Sweetheart" is available right now on iTunes and Amazon. Please welcome to the Phile... Stig Joeraholmen.

Me: God dag, and welcome to det Peverett Phile, guys. So, how are you? God dag is hello in Norwegian, right?

Stig: Thank you, yes god dag means hello, or actually good day.

Me: You are the second band from Norway that I know of. The first is of course a-Ha, who just recently broke up. Do you guys know them, or fans of them?

Stig: We don´t know them personally, but Rune and I met them at some music awards in Norway earlier. We also did a show with Paals band Savoy once. Fredrik is a fan of all boybands.

Me: a-Ha is known for those three songs "Take On Me", "Take On Me The Remix" and "Take On Me '92". What other hits have they had? They do get some cred for doing the theme to a James Bond movie.

Stig: Think they´ve got quite a few hits beside "Take On Me", which was their first single. Guess you should check their greatest hits collection or something.

Me: So, ever been on one of those Norwegian cruises?

Stig: Every Christmas we take our families on a cruise to the north of Norway, we like to spend new years with the other penguins.

Me: I know a little about Norway from working at Epcot for the last twenty plus years, Stig. They don't make ugly girls over there, do they?

Stig: No we don't. Rune dated an ugly girl once when he was twelve though. I think she was Danish.

Me: There's this tradition where guys go out by themselves on Monday nights and get drunk, right? What is that called? Do you guys follow that tradition?

Stig: A night without women? Never heard of that. What gay idea is that? A night without women?? I'll ask Fredrik if he knows about it.

Me: So, I love the album "How To Chose A Sweetheart" which I downloaded from iTunes. We'll get into that in a few minutes, but first, what a great sound you guys have. You are definitely fans of The Beatles, aren't you?

Stig: Some penguins are. Fredrik prefer boybands though.

Me: Did I read correctly you guys did a show in the famed Cavern Club? I bet that was very cool. Did you do any Beatles covers?

Stig: We've done several shows there over the recent years. I think we did a song ("Slow Down") the Beatles used to play once, but it´s not a Beatle original.

Me: What other bands are you guys into?

Stig: All good bands throughout the history of rock n roll wich starts with an B are welcome as an inspiration. The Band, Big Star, Byrds, Bend Folds, Beach boys, Brendan Benson, Blur, Beta Band, Blondie, Bright Eyes, Buddy Holly, Bruce S, Brinsley Schwarz, Beck, Bee Gees (early days), Billy Bragg, Bob Dylan, Bob Hund, Box Tops, Buffalo Tom, Buzzcocks, Bryan Ferry, Built to Spill, Beth Gibbons, Black Eyed Peas, BRM, BR5-49, Brainpool, Bread, Buffalo Springfield, just to mention a few. Fredrik is more dedicated to Backstreet Boys.

Me: I have to ask you about the band name, Peter & The Penguins. Who came up with it and what was the inspiration? You guys should tour with Hootie & The Blowfish.

Stig: It just felt natural for us. Our lead singer kinda looks like a king penguin. If Hootie asks we'll let them tour with us.

Me: Okay, let's talk about the album. Is that the first one of yours? When was it recorded and when did it come out?

Stig: It's the first album from Peter and the Penguins, but we´re already in progress recording our second. All band members have made prior records with other bands as well.

Me: There's a lot of catchy songs on it, guys. My personal favorite is "There Goes Pete Best". Has he heard your song, or has any of The Beatles heard your stuff?

Stig: Pete, or at least his management threatened to sue us after hearing the song. This was before the release of the album, we haven't heard from them afterwards. The song is played quite a lot on local Liverpool radio stations.

Me: "How To Choose A Sweetheart" is a pretty good name for an album. Where did that title come from? You should of called it "Hvor A Foretrekker EN Kjaereste". Did I get that right?

Stig: The title comes form an old fortune teller machine we spotted on the Southport pier during our UK tour a few years back. We should not have called it "Hvor A Foretrekker EN Kjaereste". But you should try a different translation program.

Me: Okay, any chance you guys would be coming to the US soon? You guys would do so good over here.

Stig: Some penguins does not fly. We´ll be in Australia right now if it wasn't for that. If demand grows really huge, we'll consider the swim.

Me: Thanks for taking part, guys. Is there anything else you wanna tell the readers of the Phile? Anything you wanna plug, like a website?

Stig: Sure; here is two cool sites for the fans:

Me: I wish you a lot of luck, and congrats on being my first Norwegian band on det Phile. Thanks again.

Stig: You're welcome, looking forward to read your blog!


There you go, another entry of the Phile. Thanks to Stig for a great interview and Wikipedia and Publisher's Weekly. The Phile will be back a week from today, next Tuesday as Monday is my birthday and after work that day I won't feel like updating the blog. Next week's guest will be Brad Loans from the band The Sundresses. So, until next week, spread the word, not the turd. Bye, love you, bye.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pheaturing Wil Farr From Paper And Sand


Hey there, welcome to a Monday entry of the Peverett Phile. Before I start I have to show you something. Let me say my wife is amazing, okay? I am not kissing up, it's just true. This past Saturday was Logan's 10th birthday party and the theme this year was the Transformers. My wife is a big fan of the TV show "Ace of Cakes" and is very good at it herself. Take a look at this Transformer symbol cake she made from scratch all by herself.

Isn't that amazing? Sarah Palin’s new book is coming out next month. It’s called, “Going Rogue.” She was Rambo, out there on her own... hiding in the trees... swooping down on vines... looking for bogies... She’s already received a million dollars for the book. And today, she took that money and went shopping. She went to Bed Bath & You Betcha. The movie Christmas Carol opened over the weekend. Christmas movies are being released earlier and earlier every year. I think Al Gore will probably blame it on global warming, but they are. The new version of Christmas Carol is in 3-D. After all, who doesn’t want to see an old man in a nightgown in 3-D? Tough economic news. The unemployment rate went above 10 percent for the first time since 1983. Last week economists were saying the recession is finally over, but this week all of those economists were laid off. A new report found that there are 237 millionaires in Congress. Some of that is oil money, some of it is from family money, but mostly it’s just old fashioned bribes. A man in Pennsylvania was able to identify the guy who mugged him after looking through his old yearbook because they were classmates in high school. He said he was easy to find because the guy signed his yearbook, “Have a good summer... someday I’m going to mug you.” Congressman John Boehner told a crowd of protesters that the new healthcare bill is “the greatest threat to freedom” he has ever seen. Then the Taliban was like, “Uh, hello?” Disney, who is a fantastic company to work for, has announced that they are building a park in China. Lady & the Tramp, 101 Dalmations and Pluto are not characters or movies there, but items at the food court. Okay, do you kids like your cellphone? How about pie charts? Anyway, I have an iPhone which my wife sucks, but I love it. I did a pie chart to show her how much and what I use my iPhoe for and this is what I came up with.
Okay, it's time for the web's popular game, kids. Let's play...

Take a look at this poster and figure out if it is porn.

Mary Jane Kelly, a 25 year old hooker, falls victim to Jack the Ripper. Mary's face had been mutilated; her breasts had been removed and she had been disemboweled. Her various internal organs were scattered about.
Dylan Thomas drinks himself to death.
John Emil List, a "deeply religious" Lutheran, kills his mother, wife, and three teenage children. He is not found until 1988, living with a new improved family as Robert P. Clark in Richmond Virginia.
Michael Paul Lookinland, aka "Bobby" from the "Brady Bunch", charged with drunk driving in St. George, Utah. With a BAL of 0.258, the 36 year old former child star was very drunk.
After being shuffled around the weekly schedule, Fox television executives give up on "Arrested Development" and release the last four episodes in a two-hour block. The show does not go on despite interest from rival networks ABC and Showtime.

Today's guest is the lead singer and guitar player for the New York band Paper and Sand. That is, I think he is. I read that the band broke up. Anyway, their new album "Thick As Thieves" is available right now on iTunes. Please welcome to the Phile... Wil Farr.

Me: Hello, Wil, welcome to the Phile. So, what's this I hear that your band just broke up?

Wil: Hello and thank you! Yes it is true, the band broke up due to creative differences on our direction in music making.

Me: Anyway, how are you, sir?

Wil: Great! Working on a new project entitled: "Hurrah! A Bolt of Light!"

Me: I downloaded the album "Thick As Thieves" from iTunes. That's your second release after "Foot In the Door", am I right? I have to download that one as well.

Wil: "Wolf at My Door". That's our first effort and thank you so much for supporting independent music by downloading "Thick As Thieves"! That album was our labor of love!

Me: I like your music, Wil. How long had the band been together?

Wil: We were together for a total of 4-5 years. Our most recent lineup was together for about a year!

Me: Are you all friends, you and the other guys in the band?

Wil: I love all the other boys that were in the group equally as musicians and as people. It was my honor and privilege to play with such a talented roster of dudes! We still get together for drinks and such either together or one on one!

Me: Go ahead and tell the readers who your band mates are... or were.

Wil: Our most recent lineup was myself, Jonathan Jetter, Kyle Houser, Dan Wintersteen. Before that Adam Christgau and Jeff Ratner were in place of Dan and Kyle.

Me: Now, the band is based in New York. Are you originally from there? What part of New York are you from?

Wil: The band was based in NY. I am from Montgomery, AL.

Me: I was raised in Port Jefferson, Long Island. Ever been out there?

Wil: I've been to Northport... that's where my lady is from...

Me: Okay, let's talk about the band name. Paper and Sand. Where did that name come about?

Wil: That's a long story that is very boring and not very interesting. Sorry......

Me: I was looking at the bands you are friends with or know about and noticed Kiss Kiss was one of them. I am supposed to interview a member of that band soon I think. They're not breaking up, are they?

Wil: I lived with Josh (singer) for a year at college and am good friends with him. I also respect his music (and him) immensely. Jonathan also played with them for a brief period of time. As far as I know they are going quite strong!

Me: What's this I hear the band has a song in the "Top Gun" video game? It isn't a version of that Berlin song, is it?

Wil: We only submitted our own original songs to the soundtrack. They added their own silly little music. We were very grateful for the opportunity to be featured on such an explosion filled game!

Me: Okay, Wil, what's next for you? I wish you a lot of luck with whatever band you end up in, or on your solo career. Is there anything you want to plug?

Wil: I'm starting a new group called "Hurrah! A Bolt of Light!" Check out some rough cuts at: It's pretty different from PAS but hopefully just as good!

Me: Take care and you are welcome back when your next project comes out.

Wil: Thanks!


That's it for another entry of the Phile. The next entry will be posted next Tuesday. Sorry about all the changes in the days, but I have to work this thing around my work and family schedule. Thanks to Wil Farr for taking time out to do this interview and also to Wikipedia, and you the readers. Next Tuesday on the Phile it's Stig Jøraholmen from the Norway band Peter & The Penguins. So, until then, spread the word, not the turd. Bye, love you, bye.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pheaturing Peter Kearns


Hey there, welcome to the Phile, I am your host, Asstro-Boy. So, I know it's Wednesday, or as I like to call it Humpday, but this will be the last week in awhile the Phile will be posted two days a week. With the Christmas holidays coming and everything I will be busy. Tomorrow is my son Logan's 10th birthday. Ten years! That's a decade I have been a dad. This time ten years ago Jen was starting her 26 hours of labor. I have make sure I say 26 hours, and not anything less. There’s a new poll out on the sexiest accent. It’s the Irish accent. I thought, “No way! It’s not even an accent; they’re just drunk.” Yesterday was Japanese Culture Day. I celebrate every year: I put on a kimono and giggle like a Japanese school girl. I’ve never understood Japanese dining. I always thought it was a put-on. “Let’s see if we can get these people to eat raw fish with sticks... and then get them to drink hot wine... and then we’ll make them sit on the floor without shoes... ” Yesterday was also was Election Day. Everyone who voted got an “I Voted” swine flu mask. It looks like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will win a third term. He spent the most on the election in New York history... just barely exceeding the New York Yankees salary cap. So, across the road from our house is a lake, and there is a rumor there's a monster that lives in it, called the Monster of Cherry Lake. I didn't believe it until I saw this thing jump out of the water.

Man, I am running out of ideas. I was looking at a magazine earlier today and I saw an ad for the George Foreman Grill. It must be a new ad as I didn't notice it before. I was kinda puzzled by it as well. See what you think.

Okay, let's try one more, shall we? You know those inspirational posters? I saw this one and I thought it was kinda cool... I think. Anyway, they are getting more and more obscure.

Okay, let's have a little history lesson, shall we?

At a Beatles command performance (present: Queen Elizabeth; the Queen Mother; Princess Margaret), John Lennon utters the remark: "Will the people in the cheaper seats clap their hands? And the rest of you, if you'll just rattle your jewelry."
The Arno and Po rivers in Italy flood, submerging 2/3 of Florence. Irreplaceable renaissance art treasures and books were destroyed. 113 people died and 30,000 were rendered homeless.
The US Embassy in Tehran is stormed by "students", holding 52 hostages for 444 days. The incident propels Ted Koppel and his magnificent hair onto the national scene with a long series of repetitive Nightline: America Held Hostage specials.
The Iran-Contra Scandal is first reported in "Al Shiraa", an obscure Lebanese magazine. The public would come to learn that millions had been paid for US weapons and equipment for Iran in exchange for the release of American hostages in Lebanon. Profits were illegally channeled to the Contras fighting the Sandinista government in Nicaragua.
A series of fires rage in Southern California, destroying 300 very expensive homes in Malibu and 700 homes scattered elsewhere. Damage totals $500M to $1B. Half of the large fires were arson.

Today's guest is a very talented singer and piano player from New Zealand whose CD "No Such Thing As Time" is available on iTunes and fine CD shops throughout New Zealand. Please welcome to the Phile... Peter Kearns.

Me: Hello, Peter, welcome to the Phile. I have to say thanks for the CD "No Such Thing As Time". I really enjoyed it. How long ago was it released?

Peter: Thanks Jason. "No Such Thing As Time" has been available digitally since late 2007.

Me: Listening to it I hear smidgens on Ben Folds, a little of Queen, and a little Steely Dan. Are they influences of yours? Who else are your influences?

Peter: It's hard to define influences really. I don't set out to sound like anyone in particular. I used to years ago. That thing where you like someone so much you just want to sound like them. I think you grow out of it. But I did grow up with music from the 60s/70s/80s, so it's bound to sneak in. There are certain familiar production styles I love, which I'm happy to work within. And just for a laugh I do make little homages around the place in the songs, that might evoke an old record I used to like or something, just to entertain myself. I am influenced by great lyricists. Joe Henry would be an example. I like moods and moments in certain songs by anyone: Like the way so-and-so song sounds for three seconds at the end of the third verse. What would it be like to capture that feeling for a whole song? That kind of thing is more interesting than stealing someone's thing outright. There's enough of that going on these days.

Me: There's a whole lot of instruments and playing going on on the album, Peter. Are you playing them all or do you have a band?

Peter: It's all me except for the stick. I might form a small band at some point to play more straight-ahead versions of the songs live.

Me: Didn't you collaborate with a member of King Crimson? Tony Levin?

Peter: Tony was the stick player on "Don't Shoot The Messenger". He played bass on a song on the new album to come too. It wasn't so much a collaboration as I hired him to play bass lines. He was tremendous and seemed to effortlessly know exactly where I was coming from. I told him what I wanted, he improved those ideas and sent them back. Done. Painless.

Me: Piano is the main instrument of choice for you, isn't it? How long have you been playing piano?

Peter: Since the age of 4 so... 38 years.

Me: Are you working on a follow-up?

Peter: Yes, it's nearly done. It will be called "Kitchen Sink Theatre". Both albums were more or less recorded simultaneously over three years. I have reworked some of the songs for the new one though. One was co-produced with a guitarist friend of mine from New York named Vinnie Zummo. He was a Joe Jackson Band member for a number of years. He's one of the most talented guys I've ever come across. He's really off the charts and it was a blast work on the song with him.

Me: I have to ask you about Jeff Cameron, Peter. How and when did you meet him? He's an interesting character, isn't he?

Peter: Jeff's a very talented cat. He answered an email I sent out to some myspace friends. He knows his stuff and has an interesting history. It's great to bump into guys like that. You have to wade through the rest to find them.

Me: He said you are currently helping him on his new music. How is that going?

Peter: I laid some tracks on a couple of songs, but I may be involved more in a post-production sense.

Me: Peter, you're from New Zealand, right? Do you still live there or did you move to the States?

Peter: I live here and travel to the States occasionally. I've mainly spent time in LA.

Me: How is New Zealand? From watching the Lord of the Rings movies and other movies, it looks beautiful. A lot of filming goes on there, doesn't it?

Peter: The movie Heavenly Creatures was made here in Christchurch where I live. They also make a lot of Bollywood stuff here. It's so clean here that every time I come home from another country I'm reminded how I've barely breathed actual oxygen for however long I was away.

Me: Peter, you have your own blogspot I noticed. Hmmmm. How often do you update it? I update mine twice a week. ; )

Peter: It's not a blog really. I just use it as one way for people to follow what I'm doing. If there's nothing to say, I say nothing.

Me: Other side projects you have worked with are Gazpacho and Dee Long, right?

Peter: Yup.

Me: Gazpacho is a Norweigan band, Dee Long is from Canada and you're working with Cameron from America. Anybody from England you are working with, or worked with?

Peter: I've contributed to a couple of things from there. I recently co-wrote a song called "Wise Up" with a brilliant singer/songwriter from London named Judie Tzuke. She has a large discography that really worth checking out. I was very lucky to make that connection. Her work is of such a high calibre. Our song was on her recent album "Songs 2".

Me: How on Earth did you end up working with a band from Norway anyway?

Peter: I was blown away when I first heard them in 2002. I noticed they were happy to collaborate from a distance, so I dropped them a line. I eventually co-produced two songs on their debut "Bravo".

Me: Peter, I have to ask you before you go, how come I cannot find a picture of you on the web? I did found a picture of a photographer named Peter Kearns though.

Peter: There are way more interesting Peter Kearns's out there than us. There's one guy on a wagon thing being pulled by a donkey. It's a kind of village idiot vibe. There's a lesson in there somewhere. There are some pics of me floating around. It's not important to me. Someone said to me a while ago "You're a real mystery man", and a light bulb went off. It makes promo easier. Ha.

Me: Peter, thanks for taking part on the Phile. Tell Jeff I said hello, and go ahead and plug your blogspot, and website and tell the readers of the Phile where they can purchase your CD. Thanks again.

Peter: You're welcome. The album "No Such Thing As Time" can only be purchased digitally, virtually everywhere online. The new album "Kitchen Sink Theatre" will be likewise available within a couple of months. Anyone can keep up at I'm easy to find on Twitter also.


Thanks, Peter, for a really good interview, and thanks to Jeff Cameron for setting it up. That about does it for another week of entries. As I said the Phile will be updated one day a week through the New Year, probably on Monday's. The Phile will be back next Monday with Wil Farr from the band Paper and Sand which I think just broke up. We'll have to find out. Thanks again to Peter, and Wikipedia and to you readers. Spread the word, not the turd. Bye, love you, bye.