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Pheaturing Clo Floret From We Are Enfant Terrible

Hey, kids, welcome to the Phile. How are you?  Well, a new poll found that Mitt Romney is behind in Florida by 1 percent. Which is weird because if there’s one group that loves Romney, it’s definitely the 1 percent.  Last night Logan and I went to see the film Hotel Transylvania. Which is not to be confused with the other movie... Hotel Tranvestite. Speaking of movies, Clint Eastwood’s new movie, Trouble with the Curve, opened in third place this weekend after making only $12 million. Of course, when he saw a movie theater had so many empty seats, Eastwood was like, “Look at these crowds!”    Are you happy the NFL strike is over? Those NFL replacement refs were so bad, they thought the Green Bay Packers were a Wisconsin moving company. The minute the replacement refs were fired, President Obama said, "See, sometimes losing a job can be a good thing." You know who really got burned by the phony referees? People who gamble. So guess what? The phony refs are gone. The phony referees were actually fathers of the NFL players who would take turns each game refereeing. So now the real referees are back. Who says the U.N. doesn't do anything? Here's how unprofessional the phony referees were. I saw one of those refs send a drink over to a cheerleader.  The other day there was a big meeting at the United Nations in New York. Everyone who walked by the U.N. received a "Mad Dictator" bobblehead doll.  Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is always angry. He said, however, that in fact he does not hate gay people. He went on to say that Iran is on its way to developing one of its own.  A new survey shows how much time we waste every day. For example, we waste seven minutes in line waiting for coffee, 28 minutes getting through airport security, and four years waiting for President Obama to do something about the economy.  Paul Ryan now says that President Obama's foreign policy has "blown up in his face" and it's time to go back to the Republican foreign policy. Well, let's see, Obama kept Guantanamo Bay open, the troops are still overseas, and the Middle East hates us. Isn't that the Republican foreign policy?   Alright, so todays pheatured guest Clo Floret is from France, right? I was so happy there's a new French inspirational poster to share today for her. Check it out.

I jest. LOL. Hope she and other French people won't be mad.  You know, I had a thought the other day. If a 747 can carry the space shuttle then I call bullshit on overweight luggage fees. Who's with me? So, I talked about the replacement refs, but I am gonna miss them. It was like watching extra entertainment during the game. A lot of people think the final straw to settle the dispute and bring the real refs back was because of the Green Bay game. It wasn't. This is the real reason.

The other day like I said, there was a big meeting at the U.N. I am not sure what they talked about but this might give us a clue.

Who is that guy? I know it's Adam West, but who is the other guy? Anyway, here is some sad news...

Herbert Lom
Sept 11, 1917 - Sept 27, 2012
He was the Chief Inspector in The Pink Panther movies, sure. But more importantly, he was the child of Karl ze Schluderpacheru and his spouse Olga née Gottlieb who were members of Austrian nobility. If that's not celebrity, then we don't know what is.

Mavis (voiced by Selena Gomez) is the daughter of Dracula (Adam Sandler) and she suffers from Little Mermaid Syndrome. She just turned 118, legal in vampire years, and wants out of the stifling cocoon of the world she knows, a for-monsters-only resort run by her over-protective father. Dad, however, understands that beyond the walls of his safe haven lies the world of hostile humans and their monster-murdering ways. Along comes a human tourist-bro (Andy Samberg). Mavis falls for his chill, adventurous ways, Drac disguises the boy as a Frankenstein's monster-like creature to keep him safe, misunderstandings occur, prejudice blooms and crumples, and the dividing line between the living and the undead finds itself blurred by what else?... the great forces of marketing, pop culture and Twilight (the movie's opinion on this unexpected turn of historical events amounts to casual amusement rather than resentment over the branding of fringe culture into salable product, so don't expect anything more). The packed house of the theater I attended didn't fidget, yell, run up and down the aisles or bother their grown-up parents in any way that I could discern. They also didn't get the occasional adult-level jokes designed to fly past their understanding, which is just as well. And like most children's films that don't have a solidly written ending, it resorts to inoffensive Black Eyed Peas-level party jams to ramp up excitement before the closing credits, complete with AutoTuned monster-singing and vampire rapping. Why not? Adults have less to accept without question but more witty gags to laugh at thanks to the script, co-written by "Saturday Night Live's" TV Funhouse guy Robert Smigel, and a happily irreverent, fast pace from director Genndy Tartakovsky ("Samurai Jack", "Dexter's Laboratory", "Powerpuff Girls"). If you, the non-kid ticket buyer, want more than simple childlike entertainment, consider seeing the darker, more mature ParaNorman instead. This is Halloween candy: processed sugar that tastes great. Enjoy in moderation, brush when you're done, and don't fret about it too much. From 1 to 10, I give it a 9.

A few weeks ago I introduced you to the newest member of the Phile phamily. He's a singer, surfer, patriot and renaissance man. Please welcome back to the Phile from Long Island, Laird Jim in a pheature I call...

Good morning, humans. And now, a few words on bad parenting... I'm driving on a road near my place, a residential yet busy road. I notice a sloped driveway, a father and a small child sitting on a skateboard with no helmet being shoved down the hill and into the street. This four year old just missed being squashed by a van and the father says, "Are you okay ?" Of course he's not okay... the only shot this kid has at making it to age 10, is if his mother isn't as big a moron as you are. Some people should have their ID's stamped TOO STUPID TO BREED.

Over the past year or so I had a lot of interesting people on the Phile to talk about the Democratic Party and campaign. People like Jeremy Bird, Howard Dean, the lovely Stephanie Cutter and even the Obama's themselves. Today I have someone different. He is an American actor, producer, and civil servant. As an actor, he is known for his roles portraying the character Dr. Lawrence Kutner on the television program "House" and the character Kumar Patel in the Harold and Kumar comedy films. He is also recognized for his performance in the critically acclaimed film The Namesake. Please welcome to the Phile, Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement... Kal Penn!

Me: Hello, Kal, welcome back to the Phile. I love the work you did on "House". Anyway, I have to ask, before we get started, what was the first political job you did?

Kal: Jason, friend... yes, we're friends, in 2007, I spent a few months in Iowa before the caucuses, getting all sorts of folks fired up to cast their vote for this guy named Barack Obama.

Me: What do you remember most back then, Kal?

Kal: It was shockingly, painfully cold. And fun. Actually, super fun. And easier than I thought, to talk to total strangers and ask them to vote.

Me: And what did you do in 2008? You became more involved, right?

Kal: Yeah, I traveled to 25 other states for the President in 2008.

Me: And you're volunteering again this year? Why is that, Kal? Why take a break from a successful movie and TV career to volunteer for Obama?

Kal: Well, because we don't want to see the progress we've made on everything from student loans to health care get turned back.

Me: You wanted to come on the Phile not to talk about your movie career even though I'd love youi to talk about the Harold and Kumar movies, but you're here to talk about something called Vote Corps, am I right? What is that exactly?

Kal: A group of the most dedicated organizers out there. 

Me: If anyone joins, what will they do, Kal?

Kal: You'll be doing exactly what I did...

Me: Which is?

Kal: Going to one of the most critical states for a few weeks leading up to Election Day, and making sure people there go to the polls.

Me: How would you do that?

Kal: You'll make phone calls, knock on doors, and have one-on-one conversations with people about why you support President Obama. It's important, fun stuff.

Me: So, this is a volunteer job, right?

Kal: Yeah, you'll be a volunteer, but the local staff, fellow volunteers, and people you meet will make it worth your while in donuts, love, and appreciation (and let's face it, donuts are legit).

Me: I like donuts... how long would someone have to volunteer?

Kal: Whenever you arrive, they'll want you to stay through Election Day.

Me: I take it that's the cool part, on Election Day.

Kal: Yeah, Jason, take my word for it, that'll be the best part.

Me: Okay, on Election Day in 2008, where were you, Kal?

Kal: I was in Florida with a bunch of awesome young volunteers and their sweet robot...

Me: Wait, a robot?

Kal: Yeah, check it out.

Me: Gators for Obama? Cool you were in Gainesville. So, where will you be this year, Kal?

Kal: Where will I go this year?

Me: Yeah.

Kal: Where will you go?

Me: I am not sure...

Kal: Jason, sign up now with your readers to join Vote Corps, and a really nice organizer will drop you a line to tell you more.

Me: Where does anybody sign up?

Kal: Just tell them Kal said you should do this.

Me: Why should anyone do this?

Kal: Because I did.

Me: Okay, I sign up... and my readers, and then what?

Kal: And then fist bump and hug it out with your new friends. Smell that? It's freedom.

Me: Thanks, Kal. I don't know if I'll sign up, but hopefully some of my hip young readers will. All the best, and take care.

Kal: Thanks, Jason, keep up the good work. Love your blog. And sign up.

The 25th artist to be pheatured in the Peverett Phile Art Gallery is Jeffro Kilpatrick and this is one of his pieces of art...

Jeffro will be a guest on the Phile next entry on Wednesday.

Alright, today's pheatured guest is the lead singer for the French band We Are Enfant Terrible. Their new album "Explicit Pictures" and EP "Slice of Life" are now available on iTunes and they'll be next appearing at Atheneum, Dijon, France on October 4th. Please welcome to the Phile, the hottest French girl I know... Clo Floret.

Me: Bonjour, and welcome to the Phile, Clo. How are you?

Clo: Je vais trés bien and you?

Me: Okay, I guess. Alright, so, first of, Clo, I am English, and you are French, so technically I shouldn't be interviewing you. LOL. Why don't you think the British and the French don't get along?

Clo: Because you drive in the wrong way, your wine is bad, you don't share your Topshop and your very stylish/fashion secrets... you don't eat frogs.

Me: Good point. Where in France are you kids from?

Clo: From Lille, north of France, quite a French Manchester.

Me: How is the music scene in Paris?

Clo: Snob and small.

Me: I have been to France when I was a kid, St. Tropez I think it is called, but never to Paris... I do wanna go to Euro Disney though. Anyway, I heard Paris is a romantic city. Is that how you kids met?

Clo: No, I'm the only one who lives in Paris actually because I have a fiancé on les Champs Elysés. Did you met Brigitte Bardot in St. Tropez?

Me: Ummm... no, I don't think so. I was only five. Anyway, who is in the band, Clo?

Clo: A bunch of bananas dressed like one girl and 2 fellas.

Me: I have to hand it to you, you do have the hottest French chick I have ever seen. Whose idea was for the band to form in the first place?

Clo: The hottest of the 3 of us. : )

Me: You kids have a different type of sound, and one of you plays a Nintendo Gameboy, right, not for the games, but for the music? Whose idea was that?

Clo: Guys.

Me: Do you use the DS as well?

Clo: Of course! I use my DS to feed my virtual kitten.

Me: Are you kids all into video games?

Clo: Mario Bros is our father.

Me: I have no idea who your influences would be. Who are your influences?

Clo: Mario Bros, kittens, Beatles, Daft Punk...

Me: Let's talk about the band name, We Are Enfant Terrible. I am guessing Enfant is French or Infant, am I right?

Clo: Means wild child, I thought you use this French expression "enfant terrible" to talk about a wild person. : )

 Me: There's nothing terrible about you, Clo. Where did the band name come from?

Clo: Terrible have many meanings, could be awfull or fantastic, we try to be at least in the middle of those 2. ; )

Me: Okay, let's talk about your new album, "Explicit Pictures". Where did the name of the album come from?

Clo: Because we used stupid family pictures to do the album's visuals. It's our origins, our blood, our material. So it's explicit pictures of our lives.

Me: Do you kids all write the music for the album?

Clo: Yes, who else?

Me: I don't know. You kids played for Rick Ross, founder of Delicious Vinyl, who is a big hip-hop producer I think. How did he like your music? Did he say anything nice?

Clo: He gave me a very cool tee shirt and I'm proud to wear it.

Me: You have another release, an EP called, "La vie est belle, mes enfants". What does that mean?

Clo: Means "life is beautiful my dear". If people try to say it more often, world could be better.

Me: In this one you're singing in French. I was gonna download it like I downloaded "Explicit Pictures" from iTunes but as you're singing in French, I didn't. Are these all brand new songs?

Clo: Haha... allergy to French language?

Me: No, I just don't understand it. I did download your other EP "Slice of Life" though.

Clo: The songs are covers from New Young Pony Club, Beck and 2 old French singers: Dutronc and Gainsbourg.

Me: Will you be releasing these songs in English?

Clo: For two of them, they are originally in English. : )

Me: What do you prefer, singing in French or English?

Clo: English.

Me: I am guessing you are also fans of "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" as you kids have a song called "Thanks For the Fish". Am I right? Or is that an April Fool's Day reference? Don't you guys in France stick fish on people's backs for April Fools?

Clo: Wow, well noticed! Both are correct and yes, we stick real stinky fish in backs of people we don't like.

Me: Well, thanks for being on the Phile, Clo. Go ahead and mention your website and anything else. Please come back when the next project comes out. All the best.

Clo: Thanks, hugs and

That was an interesting interview. I will have Clo back on the Phile again. Thanks to my guests Laird Jim, Kal Penn and of course Clo Floret. The Phile is off tomorrow as I will be at Epcot for the 30th anniversary celebration. But on Wednesday the Phile will be back with artist Jeffro Kilpatrick. Then next Sunday it's Gilson Schachnik from the jazz band Muzik. On Monday it's Dave Rosin from the popular Canadian band Hedley and next Wednesday musician Chris Jagger. I betcha can guess who he is the brother of. Thanks for reading, klids. Spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

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Pheaturing Dean Povinsky From Wildlife

Hello, and welcome to another entry of the Phile on a Wednesday. I feel like shit, am tired as hell, but I still find time to do this little thing. Why? For you, my friends, for you.  Now I said that, with major heartburn, today is apparently Pancake Day. I have no idea what the hell that is, but there's some inspirational poster that was released for it. Let me show it and get it over with.

I don't get it at all... the photo and the meaning of pancake mix.  Moving on... Congratulations to both Mitt Romney and President Obama. They both won Emmys for their performance on "60 Minutes" Sunday night. Obama won for acting as if everything has gotten better over the last four years, and Romney won for pretending to care about that other 47 percent. The president's re-election campaign slogan is "Forward," which is also his policy on paying for stuff.  A woman in Tampa, Florida, who is in danger of being foreclosed on, put a giant sign on her roof reading, "Obama, please save my home." To which Obama said, "Hey lady, I'm trying not to get thrown out of my own house, okay?"  Mass riots broke out among 2,000 workers at the factory in China that's making new iPhones. This is what happens when third-graders don't get a nap. They get cranky.  Did you see the footage of that call last night on "Monday Night Football"? I haven't seen people this upset over a piece of tape since that anti-Islam film came out. The replacement refs made a very controversial call that many people felt cost Green Bay the game. Well, thank God fans in Green Bay don't take their football that seriously. Those refs are blowing more calls than T-Mobile. There's a new NFL rule. You can catch the ball by catching the guy who caught the ball.  Season 15 of "Dancing With the Stars" premiered Monday night. Is it really the 15th season? Seems like just yesterday I wasn't watching the first season. Actually, I've never seen it. If they get Kelly Clarkson on the show I might watch it. What am I talking about? If they get Kelly I will watch it.  So, I just mentioned the bad call the refs made at the Green Bay game. If you don't know what I am talking about, here is a screen shot from that game.

Alright, yesterday The Avengers came out on DVD and Blu-ray. I don't have my copy yet but I found out there was a deleted scene. I have a shot of it right here.

Disney and Marvel are doing everything they can to plug this release. Take a look at this store display I saw.

Okay, let's see who bought a pine condo.

Andy Williams
Dec 3, 1927 - Sept 26, 2012
Tomb River.

As I mentioned, this past Sunday was the Emmys. I didn't see it, but a friend of the Philes did, so I thought I would invite him here to give us a run down on what we missed. Please welcome back to the Phile, our very own...

Me: Adrian, welcome back. So, tell us about the Emmys. What do we need to know to be in the loop?

Adrian: All you need know is that Jessica Lange for "American Horror Story" is divine, "Dexter" deserves the awards and "Homeland" is the best show ever. But next year all the fellow Emmy contenders better step it up because "The Newsroom" will be available to win and that is the BEST SHOW ON TV.  "Newsroom" is so smart and amazing and current. Jeff Daniels is fantastic his character is so fresh yet I can see why people say it reminds them of Keith Olbermann. And "Walking Dead" got screwed... it deserved more nominations.

Me: What about the fashions?

Adrian: Who cares?

Okay, so, a young Democrat wanted to come on the Phile and talk about something important to do with the elections here in Clermont, Florida. If you are not from Clermont, and not from Florida you might want to tune out or skip ahead. Please welcome to the Phile for the first time... National Field Director for Obama for America... Jeremy Bird.

Me: Hello, Jeremy, welcome to the Phile. So, what is happening?

Jeremy: Jason, I can barely believe this...

Me: Believe what?

Jeremy: The first voter registration deadlines of this election are less than two weeks away.

Me: This is a big weekend coming up for you then, right?

Jeremy: If we want to make sure as many people as possible are ready and fired up to support President Obama and other Democrats, this weekend is huge.

Me: So, what's happening then?

Jeremy: Well, that's why folks are getting together in states like Florida for a national weekend of action.

Me: What are you gonna be doing?

Jeremy: We'll talk to voters at their doorsteps, in their communities, and over the phones about the choice in this election. No matter where you live or where you're pitching in, this race is getting down to the wire, fast... so we have to get to work now.

Me: What do you think is gonna happen with this election?

Jeremy: This election is going to be close.

Me: So getting out there this Saturday is important.

Jeremy: It will in a great way will have a big impact in the last few weeks. If you've thought about getting more involved, do it this Saturday. 

Me: Well, this Saturday I work, but if anybody else wants to get involved...

Jeremy: Just let us know that we'll see you out there.

Me: And as the Phile is based in Clermont you want to mention where the event is here on Saturday, right?

Jeremy: Yeah. What: Weekend of action in Clermont.  Where: 836 West Desoto Street in Clermont, Florida.

Me: What time, Jeremy?

Jeremy: Saturday, September 29th. Shifts start at 10:00 am.

Me: Okay, I will be at work, but good luck. What about people that don't leave here? I have readers all over the world, y'know.

Jeremy: Cool. Your readers can go to

Me: Thanks, Jeremy. Any last thoughts?

Jeremy: Let's win this! Thanks, Jason.

Okay, and now for...

Me: Hello, Jeff, welcome again.

Jeff: It's great to be once again on the Phile.

Me: So, what was the big NFL news this past weekend? I think we know, and I mentioned it in the beginning of this entry, but tell us anyway.

Jeff: The biggest news is the disaster of the replacement referees. They messed up so bad that even President Obama tweeted about them. No pressure what's so ever there! Because of their calls the Patriots are under .500 for the first time since 2002.

Me: Jeff, only three teams have remained undefeated so far this year... the Texans, Falcons and Cardinals. Do you see any of these teams continuing this streak?

Jeff: Even though there are three undefeated teams, I think by Week 6 there will be no undefeated teams left. I think the Falcons will be last team to be undefeated but that's about it.

Me: Okay, so last week you were winning by two points. How did we do this weekend?

Jeff: I went 0-3 this week, with Steelers losing. You went 1-2 with the Giants winning so now you leading by a single point!

Me: Yeah, I am in the lead!

Jeff: Good job.

Me: Alright, so, let's get on with Week 4's picks. I say Panthers are gonna win by 9, the Tebow Jets might win... LOL... by three, and Chicago will win by 5. What do you say?

Jeff: For Week 4 I'm picking Washington over Tampa by 3, Seahawks by 3 as well. Finally Minnesota by 7 points.

Me: Very good, Jeff. I will see you again next week here. Keep up the good work.

Jeff: Good luck, Phile.

The 25th artist in the P.P.A.G. is Jeffro Kilpatrick, and this is one of his great pieces.

Jeffro will be a guest on the Phile a week from today.

Okay, today's pheatured guest is the lead singer and guitarist from the are a Canadian indie rock band Wildlife. The band's debut LP "Strike Hard, Young Diamond" is available now on Bandcamp and they will be next appearing at Mitchell Hall St. Georges Church Guelph in Ontario on October 17th. I hope I got that right. Please welcome to the Phile... Dean Povinsky.

Me: Hello, Dean, welcome to the Phile, man. How are you?

Dean: I'm well. Super well. How are you?

Me: Not quite so well. Your manager Travis said you you are the man to talk to. Are you the lead singer for Wildlife?

Dean: Yes.

Me: I have to ask you about the band name, Dean. When you Google the word 'wildlife' you get all this stuff about animals and crap. And there's an American band called Wildlife as well. Do you find that a problem?

Dean: Well, I think people put an amazing level of importance on the "internetability" of a band's name. The point of our name was to be ubiquitous. I didn't really want to cram 3 ridiculous words together and call it a name. That name has meaning for me, and came up with it a few years ago when everyone was coming up with animal names. I thought it was funny to use the more generic / archetypal word. It's not really a problem for us. If you're ever having trouble googling something just add another word to your search. For our name I recommend the word "band". Oh, and I think the American band is called The Wildlife and they have a DJ in it or something. We don't have a DJ.

Me: Who came up with the name? Are you guys into wildlife?

Dean: I did. There were a bunch of reasons I guess. I was home at my parent's house the other day and realized I was obsessed with pretty much two things as a kid: animals and weapons. There's still a giant framed poster in our basement entitled "Canadian Wildlife". It's right beside an old Doors calendar from the 90's and a "Star Trek: The Next Generation" picture. My friend liked "Star Trek" and I liked Star Wars but his mom bought him the same picture for his birthday so we took it home. No matter how much you pretend, that spaceship will never look like the Millenium Falcon. So yeah. things were pretty wild. And our bassist has a cat names Lucy.

Me: I have a sister named Lucy. Why don't you tell the readers who is in the band with you?

Dean: Graham (guitar), Dwayne (drums), Derek (bass) and Tim (synth).

Me: You're guys are from Canada, right? What part?

Dean: Graham, Dwayne and I are from Oshawa. Derek is sorta from Thunder Bay. And Timmins. We got him on Craigslist way back. Tim is from Kingston. He's Graham's cousin.

Me: I discovered you guys through the band Dark Mean who I also interviewed for the Phile. Are you good friends of them? They're label mates, right?

Dean: They are the best. I met the guys from that band in University in Kingston. I hung out with Billy and Mark a lot then. Sandy I knew less but I know him a lot better now and he's rad. Since then our two bands have become friends, we've toured together. We recorded our album at the same place they did there's. Mike Keire who owned that studio plays drums for them and co-produced our record. Billy actually played keyboard in the first version of Wildlife. Dark Mean's album is going to be just incredible. They have two EP's out that are free. Get them!

Me: I have a tradition here on the Phile, Dean. Everytime I interview a band from Canada I always ask if they are a fan of one of my favorite bands who are also from Canada, Barenaked Ladies. Are you a fan of them?

Dean: I have two ears and a heart, don't I? Sex, drugs and children's albums. What's not to love?

Me: I looked for your album "Strike Hard, Young Diamond" on iTunes but it's only on the Canadian version. I did download the album, and really liked it. Will you guys be putting it up on the U.S. version of iTunes?

Dean: Ya, it'll be up there soon. Our thing is that if people want to get it, they can get it. People comment that they think its hard to get our music sometimes, but that's only ever from the States I think. Everywhere else in the world seems to pick it up pretty easy. But go to our Myspace or Bandcamp or any number of other places and its there. We're just figuring out all the legal aspects of doing stuff in the states. Real rock n' roll shit.

Me: I have to ask you about the title "Strike Hard, Young Diamond", is that a baseball reference? No, you're from Canada so I doubt it. What does it mean?

Dean: Dude. We totally have baseball in Canada. I didn't have a mullet growing up for nothing. You are correct though. It's a Kerouac quote flipped around. His was "old diamond". "Strike Hard, Young Diamond" pretty much embodies the character and themes on our record.

Me: Also, explain the album cover. It's looks like Brighton in England.

Dean: It's a beach in Westerland, the Northernmost town in Germany, on an island called Sylt. I loved the idea of hundreds of flags strewn about, conflicting and snapping there in the wind. It has the definite feeling of the aftermath of a war, this weird romantic nationalism that's pretty disconnected from the people walking around in tuxedos. Which is funny because the image is from the 1890's, before Germany went totally bananas for a few years. I actually worked for a long time coming up with ideas for the cover, and this just sort of felt like exactly what I was going for: It vibrated all the emotions that we dumped into that record, sort of shared the same feelings.

Me: Being from Canada I guess you play a lot of shows up there, Dean. Are you guys planning, or have played the rest of North America? Ever been down here to Florida?

Dean: I'm pretty sure 79% of Canadians born in the 1980's have been to Florida. 7% of all Canadians born in the 1980's play in bands. True facts. We've never played there. I went a few times because my grandfather and his wife lived in a trailer in Clearwater during the winter. They chose Clearwater because it was beside Dunedin, the winter home of the Toronto Blue Jays. They had balls and signed photos and shots of her standing beside pretty much EVERYONE on the team all over the place. One of the games I went to, Michael Jordan was playing a season with the Yankees. That was cool. And on my 11th birthday there was a serious hurricane and we spent the night awake with the mattresses against the trailer walls. But yeah, we are coming to the States really soon, possible to New York and Chicago and some other places in the spring. Later this year we hope to be down there as much as we can.

Me: Dean, what is next from you guys? Are you already planning your next album?

Dean: Next up is to keep on the arc that we've been traveling on. It's been really exciting the last few months, we've had the chance to play a lot and do some great shows, meet some really nice people. As far as the next record goes, we're always writing new songs. That kind of stuff is always on my brain. It's tough because the points between starting production on an album and when it gets released are fairly far apart. So I've been having a huge itch to get back into the studio and record because their are a silly amount of songs to work through. But that's only one aspect of making a record. So I think the "planning" stage for the next thing we put out is going to be a little more drawn out, because on "Strike Hard, Young Diamond" we pretty much had all the songs and concepts flushed out and ready to go by the time we got into the studio.

Me: Dean, man, thanks so much for being on the Phile. I wish you guys the best of luck, and come back when your next album comes out, okay? Take care, and all the best. Tell the other Wildlife guys I said hello.

Dean: You are very welcome, sir. Thank you. Beware the dark side. Follow your dreams.

That about does it for this entry. Thanks to Adrian Bram Giannotta, Jeff Trelewicz, Jeremy Bird and Dean Povinsky. The Phile will be back Sunday with Clo Floret from We Are Enfant Terrible... and Kal Penn. Yep, him. The Phile will be off on Monday as I will be at Epcot for it's 30th anniversary. Next Wednesday it'll be Jeffro Kilpatrick. Spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pheaturing Cy Curnin From The Fixx

Hiya, kids, welcome to the Power of the Phile. Yesterday I went to to the first Orlando Comic Expo. I had a great time seeing some old Phile Alumni like artist Michael Banks and author Jim Korkis, as well as a some friends and Phile phans alike.  Last Saturday, Mitt Romney took some time off from campaigning to watch his grandson’s soccer game. Though it got awkward when one team pulled their goalie and Romney was like, “Look at that... another job lost under President Obama.”  The CEO of IKEA announced that he will retire next year after 34 years with the company. Of course, it was awkward when IKEA just gave him pieces of a gold watch with instructions on how to put it together. So, anybody reading this on the new iPhone 5? I read that the Apple executive who designed the iPhone just bought a new $17 million mansion in California. And if there’s any justice at all, he’ll find out the new house isn’t compatible with any of the furniture from his last house.  We haven't talked about that Curiosity rover in awhile. I'm excited about the Curiosity rover. It took off from Cape Canaveral last November and it landed on Mars a few weeks ago. That's still faster than flying JetBlue. The rover Curiosity has two separate computer systems. They probably should have called it Bi-Curiosity. One thing that Curiosity has already confirmed is that one of the moons of Mars is gradually getting closer to Mars and will probably collide in about 10 million years. And when that happens, well, only Larry King will be around to find out.  So, who saw the Emmy's last night? I didn't, I watched Saturday's "Doctor Who" episode instead. Anyway, I just read up on the Emmy's, and I thought it was nice to see black folks at the Emmy's. Sad one of 'em had to lay down on the stage as part of a gag. The Emmy's are kind of like "Glee" in the sense that I don't watch the Emmy's.  So, has anybody seen any of these laying around?

Alright, so yesterday I told you I went to the Orlando Comic Expo, and noticed a few odd items that were being sold there.

You think that's bad? Look at this one.

They were selling an inspirational poster there, but it wasn't what you would think.

Okay, now for a pheature I call.

Okay, so, recently in the press there was a report that actor Morgan Freeman passed away. Thank goodness it was a hoax. I tried to invite the man himself to the Phile to prove he was okay, but couldn't get in touch with him. I did, though, get in touch with the next best thing. Please welcome back to the Phile...

Hello, I am Morgan Phreeman... aka God. I am not dead... yet, but I've done a lot. I have been God... twice. Been a school lawyer, a pimp and a police suspect, a gravedigger and Sergeant Major, an illiterate driver, been a principal, a savior, beaten to death, a prisoner and taught boxing... twice, not the boxing though. I have been a Brigadier General, directed a movie, a detective, the President of the USA, a psychologist and an author, an ex-boxer, and befriended Batman himself. I have been the leader of assassins, and Nelson Mandela. And I have been a spy that kills a lot of people. But, I am not dead. Thank you, and have a nice day.

Okay then, the 25th artist to be pheatured in the Peverett Phile Art Gallery is Jeffro Kilpatrick, and this is one of his great pieces. I love this one.

Jeffro will be a guest on the Phile next Wednesday.

This is so freaking cool. Today's pheatured guest is a singer/songwriter and musician. He is the lead vocalist for the new wave music group, The Fixx. The band became famous with the song "One Thing Leads to Another" in 1983, and remained popular in the United States throughout the 1980s. Their latest album "Beautiful Friction" is now available in stores and on iTunes. Please welcome to the Phile from The Fixx... Cy Curnin.

Me: Hello, Cy, welcome to the Phile. It is such a huge honor to have you hear. How are you?

Cy: Thank you! The pleasure is mine.

Me: My dad was a big fan and we must've played the album "Reach the Beach" a thousand times. We'll talk about music in a minute though, Cy. You're from England originally, right? What part?

Cy: Yes. Wimbledon, London.

Me: I lived in Putney, right near Wimbledon in Highland's Heath apartments when I was little. I was just talking to my 12 year old son telling him, about The Wombles. Do you remember the Wombles?

Cy: I was actually born in Wimbledon… so theoretically I am a Womble. Madame Chaulet was den mom.

Me: Did you ever see one? I saw Madame Chaulet once at a fair. I am trying to convince my kid they are real.

Cy: Now you can tell your child you actually know one.

Me: You lived in New York for awhile, right? Was that in the city?

Cy: Manhattan, yes!

Me: We lived in New York, but out on Long Island. Anyway, how did you decide to move away from England?

Cy: The band's success brought me to NYC… and I fell in love with the place first, and then with a girl.

Me: Did the whole band move?

Cy: At first Jamie came too but stayed only for a year.

Me: When did you first come over to the States, Cy? Were you in The Fixx then?

Cy: 1982. Yes, The Fixx had their first US tour.

Me: What did you think when you first came over?

Cy: Being half Irish and half French I felt immediately at home.

Me: You live in France now, right? Do people in your town treat you okay being that you're British?

Cy: I speak French fluently so I fit in.

Me: What made you move to France?

Cy: Again love… a French girl this time...

Me: Alright, let's talk about The Fixx, one of the greatest new wave bands. What did you think of that whole new wave brand?

Cy: All I know is how I feel about what we do and not the brand. Music is a cathartic experience for us.

Me: What bands did you listen to growing up, Cy?

Cy: Stones, The Who, Eagles, Doobie Brothers, Bowie, Bolan, Ferry, etc.

Me: What bands in the 80's were you closest to?

Cy: The Police… we were neighbours for a while. Sting lived up the street.

Me: Anyway, I have to ask you about the band name The Fixx. Is it true your record label wanted you to change the name from The Fix to The Fixx with two x's?

Cy: They were worried about the possibility of a drug connotation yes… idiots. Fix with one x or Fixx with two x's sounds the same.

Me: A drug reference? When I hear the phrase the fix, I think about things actually getting fixed, not a drug reference. Labels are stupid, right?

Cy: Of course. It was supposed to be showing what we had set our sights on... fix(x) your sights.

Me: I am glad there's a new Fixx album  out, Cy. This is the first one in almost ten years. In between you had a few solo albums out. What made you guys release a new Fixx album now?

Cy: The timing felt right. We were in the right mood and events in society needed venting.

Me: You have all the original members back together, right?

Cy: We never broke up. We just went off the radar into deep space for a while. Danny had some health issues and needed to rest but he couldn't resist the call of the wild in the end.

Me: So, where did the name of the album "Beautiful Friction" come from?

Cy: The creative process does have some constructive arguments. I felt this was a "Beautiful Friction". Adam came up with the phrase and it struck a chord. He is good with titles.

Me: On the album you sing about the Occupy Wall Street movement and 9/11, as well as some other modern day themes. Were all your songs about real life happenings?

Cy: Everything that happens on the planet is real life… unless it's on TV. Hate groups disturb me. The planet's destruction does. A fat, lazy generation that confuses entitlement with enlightenment does too.

Me: Being over in France, did you hear a lot about Occupy Wall Street?

Cy: I was in NYC on the first day of the movement. Then I noticed it popping up all around the globe. This is a hopeful sign for the future. Watching the next generation waking up to all the injustices that we took for granted.

Me: How do you compare your songwriting and music as a solo act to The Fixx stuff?

Cy: My solo stuff tends to be about my more vulnerable side… insecurities and the like. The Fixx is a more like a social platform where we discuss current emotions and events.

Me: I have to ask you about the album cover for "Beautiful Friction". Who did the art work?

Cy: George Underwood. The same guy who painted "Reach The Beach", "Phantoms" and "Calm Animals". His art is a spectacular fit with the band's work I feel.

Me: So, will you be touring behind the new album? Hopefully you'll come to Orlando to play, Cy.

Cy: We will always be back to Orlando. We play there often.

Me: How is it being with your old band mates again?

Cy: Same as it always was… An immense pleasure.

Me: Okay, I have to ask you about "One Thing Leads To Another", one of the biggest hits from the 80's. How did that song change your life, Cy?

Cy: Financial security. It flew The Fixx flag high in the pop world and still it gets a ton of airplay. That song always fits another decade... watch it keep going! As the title says… it really does lead to another!!

Me: Is there a favorite Fixx song of yours?

Cy: They all serve a purpose.

Me: Recently you toured with Midge Ure. How is he? We don't hear a lot from him in the States.

Cy: Midge is fine…very active with the Prince's Trust back in the U.K. Ultravox are recording too I believe. He's a real gentleman and it was a pleasure to travel and work with him. His crew are wonderful people too.

Me: There's something else I have to ask you about, Cy. What's this you went to Nepal with Glenn Tilbrook from Squeeze? You didn't climb a mountain, did you?

Cy: We sure did! We went to Everest in 2007 with the Love Hope Strength charity. Founded by James Chippendale and Mike Peters from the Alarm. They do amazing work... post their link...

Me: Wikipedia said you often sing in stage holding a glass of wine. Is that true?

Cy: My maternal grandfather was a wine banker in Bordeaux France… it was a family thing. We learnt about the history and the making and tasting of wines… it's a powerful medicine when used correctly. Keeps my throat loose on stage.

Me: Thanks so much for being on the Phile. I hope this was fun. Please come back again when your next project comes out, Cy.

Cy: Thank you.

Me: Go ahead and mention your website and take care.

Cy:, And you can also find The Fixx on Facebook and myself on Facebook.

Me: Thanks, Cy, and I hope this interview leads into another...

Well, there you go, kids. Thanks to Cy Curnin for a great interview. The Phile will be back on Wednesday with Dean Povinsky from the Canadian band Wildlife. Then next Sunday it's Clo Floret, lead singer for the French band We Are Enfant Terrible. Next Monday there's not gonna be an entry as I will be at Epcot's 30th celebration. So, spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.