Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pheaturing Erik Smith From The Erik Smith Project


Hello, welcome to the last entry of the Phile for this year. Actually, it's the last entry of this decade, isn't it? Yes, the new decade starts in 2010. I hate it when people say it starts in 2011. I know I am not good with math, but come on. Alright, so last week Jen, Logan and myself went to the Holy Land Experience here in Orlando. I was happy that I didn't burn up when I walked through the gates. I guess it was kinda like a redemption for me. I actually had a good time sitting in the Last Supper which was just a small cup of fruit juice and a cracker, and learning a lot that I didn't know about. And no, they didn't have a Jesus on a stick ice cream bar. That was kinda disappointing. I did get my picture taken with Jesus though. Check it out.

Everybody talks about the Baby Jesus and the grown man Jesus, but what about the teenage Jesus? So, did you have a good Christmas? Two words: Blu-Ray. Okay, for months I have been showing you different inspirational posters you can buy. I found this one, and I thought this teamwork poster was kinda odd.

Okay, now let's play the most popular on-line game. It's...

So, is this picture of Bush porn?

That's what I call a Bush sandwich.

Disabled ex-Marine Sam Worthington is sent on a mission to the planet Pandora to help convince its indigenous population of blue-skinned warriors that allowing Earth to mine a rare mineral will be good for them too. (It will also save the Earth and/or make Earth people a lot of money. It kind of flew by as exposition and is only touched on again when Giovanni Ribisi is on screen as the evil environment-raping corporate guy with dollar signs for eyes.) Worthington becomes an avatar, a human mind in the blue body one of Pandora's people to try and make this hostile takeover seem friendly. Then everybody starts dying via giant, flame-throwing, robot battlesuits. James "King of The World" Cameron has a good reason for being the reportedly arrogant S.O.B. that he is: HE MAKES MOVIES THAT ARE AWESOME. Because it's such a monstrously dangerous thing, the big-budget mass appeal must-make-a-billionty-dollars-at-the-box-office-or-we-all-commit-suicide-from-the-shame-of-our-failure film. So many things can go wrong and then you wind up with Will Smith and giant mechanical spiders in Wild Wild West. But Cameron seemingly micromanages the hell out of everything until it's exactly the amount of shiny he wants it to be and, consequently, delivers hugely entertaining (and surprisingly moving) spectacles. Like this one. How shiny? If you mocked the early trailer and Twitter-scoffed at the blue people, you're going to be thrilled by the finished product. Cameron is the first director to use motion/performance capture technology properly. No dead eyes, no jerky movements, nothing. You forget you're watching a computer generated character. Meanwhile the other animation, invented surroundings and special effects are seamlessly integrated into the live action. In 20 years it may look as fake as Bedknobs and Broomsticks, but for right now it's as perfect looking as you could ever imagine. It's a world you've never seen on screen before and it envelops you. And who needs Linda Hamilton when you've got the always under-appreciated Michelle Rodriguez? I don't think she's ever acting. I think she cultivates a non-stop badass presence and gets people to pay her for it, just walking through life actually connecting the barrels of guns to the skulls of tough guys and cracking lines like, "Uh-huh. You know what this is" before leaving him in a bloody heap and stealing his girlfriend. At least that's what I hope she does. From 1 to 10, it gets a 10, and yes, I will get it on Blu-Ray.

The 4th book in the P.P.B.C. is...

Flinx and his feisty minidrag, Pip, reunite with old friends for one final slam-bang universe rescue in the 14th title of one of science fiction's longest running series. After the devastating events of 2008's Quofum, Flinx is at his most self-destructive. His malaise is compounded by his knowledge of the Great Evil that threatens to destroy all intelligent life, a monster only he can defeat. On his way to that fateful confrontation, dodging dark agents of the Order of Null, Flinx negotiates a temporary peace between the human Commonwealth and the AAnn, reconciles with his one true love, Clarity Held, and reunites with his old mentors Truzenzuzex and the sociologist-soldier Tse-Mallory. Once the story picks up steam, the pace never slows. Flinx fans will delight in seeing familiar faces come together for one last grand adventure. You can buy "Flinx Transcendent" off from Amazon. Look for Alan Dean Foster on the Phile in a few weeks.

Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, is slashed to death by four of King Henry II's knights at the altar of the Virgin Mary. "Is there no one who will rid me from this turbulent priest", cried Henry in frustration earlier that month. It was apparently not a serious demand for Becket's death, but that did not stop his brains from being splattered in Canterbury Cathedral.
The Wounded Knee Massacre took place in Wounded Knee, South Dakota as over 200 Sioux were killed by US troops sent to disarm them.
Members of a Uruguayan rugby team whose plane crashed in the Andes admit at a press conference that they survived by Cannibalism. This spawned a popular theme for bumper stickers, "Rugby Players Eat Their Dead". But best of all is the quote from one of the team, "If we had been soccer players, we would have died."
Bomb explodes at LaGuardia airport in New York, killing 11 people and injuring many others.
Former child star Todd Bridges (who played Willis on "Different Strokes") arrested for transportation of methamphetamine.
Male nurse Orville Lynn Majors is charged with six counts of murder at Vermillion County Hospital in Newport, MD. He is suspected of many other murders, likely over 100. Majors would apparently inject older patients with potassium chloride or other drugs, and frequently he expressed a dislike for elderlies. When off duty, hospital deaths occurred once every 551 hours; but on duty, once every 23 hours.

The last guest of the year is a talented musician from Kansas City whose debut album "Fly" will be out in 2010 on Aerophone Records. Please welcome to the Phil... Erik Smith.

Me: Hello, Erik, welcome to the Phile, sir. How are you?

Erik: Hey man, I'm good, thanks for asking.

Me: You don't live in a cabin in the woods, do you? Oh, wrong Erik Smith.

Erik: LOL... Ya , I looked on Myspace there's a couple Erik Smith's out there, but I'm the REAL one... LOL.

Me: So, what is your Project about?

Erik: Actually my project now is Aerophone Records, I really needed to find a tax write off for my hobby of 40 years. Now that I'm set up as an official business I'll continue recording my compositions which are jazz based fusions. My music is creative release for me really and hopefully others enjoy it as well. I strive allways to improve my playing and never quit learning for there are so many awesome musicians out there to learn from. It's all good ...

Me: Who is helping you, musician wise?

Erik: I'm lucky that I'm Kansas City, so many great jazz musicians here. Two that I have worked with, Mark Lowrey, Carl Bender are some of K.C's finest.

Me: You have a CD coming out, or is out, called "Fly". Did it take a long time to record?

Erik: "Fly" is a couple years in the making...

Me: Is that your first CD?

Erik: It's my first solo CD but its my 4th really, having written and performed some guitar work for other artists. One being Jessica Harp of country music fame, I was her teacher/guitarist for a few years before she signed with WB. So it was really nice to have been part of that, real special.

Me: Are you originally from Kansas City?

Erik: I was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pa. "Go Steelers" but have made my home in K.C. for the last 20 yrs.

Me: Who are your influences, Erik?

Erik: Being a "Boomer" I've been influenced by all the greats of my time but probably most by the Beatles , I'd be lying if I said I was'nt.

Me: You have a song called "Rebecca". Is there a Rebecca in your life? If so, what does she think of the song?

Erik: Rebecca is my lovely wife of many, many, many years. It was well deserved and good strategy to name what probably is my best composition after her.

Me: Are you planning on touring?

Erik: I can't see me quitting my day job and going on tour unless Jess hires me back for it. LOL... She has Keith Urban doing her guitarwork on her new single on iTunes by the way "A Boy Like Me" by Jessica Harp. Now theres a plug !

Me: Hope this was fun, Erik.

Erik: Thanks for the interview I appreciate the attention!


That's it for another entry of the Phile. The Phile will be back next Tuesday with a very special guest. I will give you a clue who that is.

Okay, it's special to me, and any "Doctor Who" fan. Thanks to Wikipedia, Amazon and of course Erik Smith for today's entry. Until next week, spread the word, not the turd, bye love you bye.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Peverett Phile Christmas Pheaturing Bob Lizik From The Brian Wilson Band


Hello, welcome to a very special Peverett Phile Christmas. Yes, Christmas is here and it's time to chug some nog and go caroling. Which is not that different from what I do every other week of the year. Just switch the nog for beer and the carols for random Foghat lyrics. Christmas is only three days away. You only have one more week to trample someone for a Zhu Zhu pet this year. They said this would be the best Christmas ever. It's funny, because I thought the first one was. Anyway, I have a lot planned for you this entry, with today in history, a list of dead people and of course an interview with Bob Lizik from the Brian Wilson Band. It's been a whole year I have done the Peverett Phile Interviews. Over 120 of them. I didn't think I would get to do twenty, let alone one hundred and twenty. And there's many more coming, pholks. Meanwhile, in the world of Tiger Woods, the Associated Press chose Tiger Woods as their "Athlete of the Decade." Well, he did put out some impressive numbers. Things might be turning around for Tiger Woods — no new mistresses came forward today. Puma is in internal discussions with Tiger Woods’ wife. They want to sign her to be the spokeswoman for one of their brands: Tree Torn. I think “tree torn” is what happened to Tiger’s Escalade. Tree Torn makes athletic shoes and clothing. It makes sense they would want to sign her — the woman outran a Cadillac. Christmas is only one week away. You only have one more week to trample someone for a Zhu Zhu pet this year. President Obama is said to be hard at work on his New Year’s resolutions. His plan for 2010 is to do all the things he said he was going to do this year.
The last few weeks I have been showing you some Christmas present ideas in case you are having problems finding what to buy. This is the final idea this year, and it's available at Target or Toys R Us. Check it out, it's a really fun game.

Also, the last few months I have been showing you different inspirational or motivational posters that are out on the market, and I found this Christmasy one that is kinda odd.

I asked a few people how do you think I can get more readers and I was told by a bunch of guys to post a picture of a hot woman dressed for Christmas. So, fellas, here it is. Enjoy.

Brittany Murphy: Girl, Interrupted.
Jennifer Jones: Death is a Many-Splendored Thing ...
Chris Henry: His contract specifically said: No Pickup Games.
Dan O'Bannon: In a casket, nobody can hear you scream.
Roy Disney: Walt's Goofy nephew.

From the home office in the North Pole, here is this week's...

Top Ten Least-Popular Holiday Toys
10. Zhu Zhu Scorpion.
9. Rock Band: Flute Edition.
8. The Lionel Richie Train Set.
7. Tickle Me Madoff.
6. Hungry, Hungry Kirstie.
5. Rogue Barbie.
4. Balloons That Do Not Include Boys.
3. White House Party Invitation Maker.
2. Regis Philbin Do-It-Yourself Hip Replacement Kit.
And the number one least popular holiday toy is...
1. Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em, Elin.

The corpse of Evita Peron is stolen by anti-Peronistas.
An earthquake destroys the city of Managua, Nicaragua, leaving 6,000 dead.
Bernhard Goetz shoots 4 teenage boys on the NYC subway after one of them asks him for money.
An alien cadaver of height 5 centimeters is found at the Kibbutz Achihod, Ahyud Israel. Scientists at Israel's Technion Institute in Hafnia determine that not enough material is present to conduct "proper tests" but the alien's composition is chiefly cow manure.
Richard Reid attempts to blow up an American Airlines transatlantic flight by igniting a plastic explosive concealed in his shoe. Other passengers beat the living daylights out of him.

Today's guest has for years has been a first call session player in Chicago. He has performed on thousands of television and radio commercials. From your favorite foods and beverages, to the cars you drive and the places you shop, you've probably heard his bass on their commercials. He's appeared on albums with artists such as, Barbra Streisand, Mavis Staples, Joe Sample, Billy Joel, and tracks for Madonna, Mariah Carey, Kylie Minogue, and many others. From 1998 he toured and recorded with the legendary Brian Wilson. His work with Brian goes back to the "Imagination" album, and includes everything thru "Smile", and "That Lucky Old Sun". Please welcome to the Phile... Bob Lizik.

Me: Hello, Bob, welcome to the Phile, sir. How are you? Where are you right now?

Bob: I'm doing fine, thank you. I'm home in the suburbs of Chicago.

Me: I read you played bass on a shit load of commercials. What can I hear you on that is presently played?

Bob: Yes, I played on tons of spots starting in the 80's. At one time or another I played on every brand of Auto, Beer, Fast food, etc. But traveling with Brian had limited my work in Chicago. That plus the business has changed a lot. Currently, I have a couple of Pepsi spots, and a couple of One A Day spots, along with a Health Care company, and a grocery chain. There may be a couple of other things out there.

Me: You have a very impressive resume, sir. You played with Mavis Staples, Barbra Streisand, Billy Joel and Madonna to name just a few. Is there anybody you played with that you thought you couldn't believe you were playing with that person?

Bob: It's always a thrill to play with someone famous or someone you admire. We did some work with Eric Clapton, and when we started to play, and I heard his guitar in my ears, it was a huge thrill. The same thing happened with Jeff Beck. He played "Surf's Up" with the band, and I couldn't believe it.

Me: Do you know Mike Finnigan? He also played with Ms. Staples.

Bob: I assume you mean Mike Finnigan the great keyboard player. I don't know him personally, but I met him way back when he was with Maria Muldaur, and I was with Tim Moore. We did a few dates together. She had a killer band with Mike, and Amos Garrett on guitar.

Me: Okay, I have to ask you about Brian Wilson. That is one guy I would love to interview. When did you first meet him and what was the first thing he ever said to you?

Bob: I first met Brian in 1998. His producer, Joe Thomas called me to play a couple of tracks on the "Imagination" album. He didn't say much. I think he just called me bass player. It took him a while to get comfortable aound new people. At one point I was doing a high, muted bass part, ala Carol Kaye, And he statred to give very specific direction as to the sound, and what he wanted. That was pretty cool.

Me: I have a live concert CD of his and he does a short version of the Barenaked Ladies song "Brian Wilson". Was that a spur of the moment thing or planned? It was very, very funny that he did it.

Bob: The whole Barenaked Ladies thing was worked out in advance. Someone thought it would be a good way to start the set.

Me: How many people does Brian have in his band?

Bob: Besides Brian, there are ten people in the band. I'm no longer in the band. I quit about 8 months ago.

Me: How long have you been playing bass, Bob? And is that your first instrument of choice?

Bob: I've been playing bass over 40 years. I started on accordian.

Me: Who is your favorite bass player?

Bob: I have a lot of favorite bass players. There are so many great players. Marcus Miller, Gary Willis, Victor Wooten, Tony Levin, Rocco Prestia. I listened a lot to James Jamerson, and Chuck Rainey when I was staring out. Although I didn't know who they where until later because they never used to list the side musicians on records then.

Me: What was your favorite gig you ever did?

Bob: My favorite gig was the Queens 50th Anniversary at Buckingham Palace. That was a big thrill.

Me: You played Live 8, right? Who did you play with there and how was that experience?

Bob: Live 8 was great. The vibe was very positive. Everyone wanted to do someting to help, so there didn't seem to be a lot of ego's around. Plus looking out over a sea of people that are singing along is a nice feeling. I think we were on the bill with Audioslave, Green Day, Roxy Music. That's about all I can remember.

Me: What type of bass do you play?

Bob: I Play Lakland basses. I have acouple of dozen different basses. Six of them are Laklands. I love the feel and sound and everything else about Lakland basses.

Q: Thanks, Bob, for taking part and have a Merry Christmas.


There you go, the first Peverett Phile Christmas special entry. I'd like to thank Wikipedia, Ron Mena for the new kick-ass logo and of course to Bob Lizik. The Phile will be back next Tuesday with Erik Smith from the band The Erik Smith Project. So, until then, spread the word, not the turd. Bye, love you, bye, and Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pheaturing Ben Ferris From The Van Allen Belt


Hello, welcome to the Peverett Phile, we have a lot to do with a top ten list, history, a movie review, the announcement of the fourth book in the Peverett Phile Book Club, another annoucement on who the Phile is teaming up with and of course the interview with Ben Ferris. So, let's get started. Happy Hanukkah by the way to my Jewish readers. Hanukkah celebrates a lamp that burned for eight days, which is almost as long as the string of Tiger Woods jokes. Okay, did you see me in the new Christmas Gap commercial? Check out this screen shot from it.

I know, that's stupid. I am even wearing a t-shirt from Old Navy, not Gap. A man was arrested at the Mall of America for throwing tomatoes at Sarah Palin, or as Palin calls them, “Italian apples.” By the way, if you’re a former Swedish model living in the Orlando area looking to exact some serious revenge on your husband, I want you to know that I’m here. And I’m disgusting. So many cocktail waitresses, no wonder when I go to a bar, I can never get a drink. They’re all with Tiger Woods. I’m not sure what the count is now, seven women, eight, I’ve heard ten. I think I’m just gonna put him down for a nine and move on, there’s no point in putting this one out. Yesterday was the 506th birthday of Nostradamus. Nostradamus was the guy who could see into the future. He was the Miss Cleo of his day. They didn’t have phones in his day, so they used carrier pigeons. They were more patient back then. Back in Nostradamus’ time, they also used carrier pigeons for their sex-chat lines. It was announced that George Stephanopoulos will replace Diane Sawyer on “Good Morning America.” He’ll do fine — he’s got the legs for it. Did you see Obama accepted the peace prize. I don’t want to say that Obama love is out of control, but his acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize won the Pulitzer Prize. If the Nobel Prize weren’t enough, his overall performance just won an Oscar. In the last few weeks I have been showing you different gift ideas in case you are having problems shopping for your loved ones. If your little boy loves Transformers as much as mine, he'll love this new realistic Transformer that even poops. Take a look.

For months I have been showing you some inspirational posters that are available on the market. This one must of been made in Iraq or somewhere.

Mr. Fox lives a peaceful life with Mrs. Fox, their son Ash and visiting nephew Kristofferson. But he can't control his foxy urges and decides that peace isn't all that exciting; he needs to stalk the henhouse at night, too. And that'd be okay if the henhouses didn't belong to corporate food giants who, in turn, choose to hunt the Fox family and all the other woodland creatures until they're trapped and starving. As a result, the animals have to band together and outwit the cruel, greedy humans. Because it's based on a Roald Dahl book, that intelligence is already kind of a given. How is it that a handmade, seemingly low-tech, stop-motion animated movie like this manages to convey fear, sadness, annoyance, exasperation, humor and love with the bodies and faces (and most importantly, eyes) of its inanimate object models in a way that digital human motion capture didn't in the latest CGI movies? Yeah, I don't know either. But that's how it is. It not only looks scruffishly beautiful, but it's hilariously off-balance, warm-hearted, perfectly composed and detailed (like every other Wes Anderson movie) and casually but meaningfully acted. It's Wes Anderson's coolest, most loveable movie since Rushmore and the best Willem Dafoe movie featuring a talking fox since Antichrist. That it's the only other talking fox movie with Willem Dafoe in it does not diminish the greatness of either. And Jarvis Cocker gets his own character named Petey. And he sings. This would be an incomplete review without my using the word "magical" at least once: Magical. There, that's twice. From 1 to 10, it gets a ten and yes, I would buy it on DVD.

Gene Barry: A longtime cabaret and touring stage performer, Mr. Barry played President Richard M. Nixon in a 1982 Atlanta production of "Watergate: A Musical." Can't believe that wasn't a bigger hit.

En route to Paris, "swing" big band leader Glenn Miller vanishes over the English Channel. Miller, listed as Missing In Action, was serving as a Major in the Army Air Force Band when his plane went down.
Fashion photographer George Jorgenson has a Danish surgeon remove his various naughty bits, in the world's first sex-change operation. George emerges in New York as cabaret actress Christine Jorgenson.
Nazi Adolf Eichmann, former Reichssicherheitshauptamt (that's a real word) bureaucrat, is sentenced to death by a Jerusalem court. Eichmann had been arrested in Argentina and smuggled to Israel the previous year.
Walt Disney dead!
Lori Davis, of Bay Shore NY, files suit against Mike Tyson over an incident in which Tyson played a little grabass with her at a nightclub.
The man that masterminded a campaign of horror against the Colombian people, cartel leader Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha, "El Mexicano", is killed by police in a shootout. Gacha had bombed an Avianca plane midflight, killing all 101 passengers, and truckbombed the National Police Headquarters in Bogota. The police were not happy with him.
Thailand begins the mass cremation of some 21,347 dead, all unclaimed from the Poh Tek Tung cemetary in Bangkok. It is a new record.

Okay, now for the announcement of the fourth book in the Peverett Phile Book Club. It's the first novel to be in the Club, and it's...

"Flinx Transcendent" is a science fiction novel by Alan Dean Foster. The book is the fourteenth chronologically in the Pip and Flinx series, and was released in April 2009. The novel is the final volume in the series. I am a huge fan of Alan Dean Foster, and he is one of my idols in the sci-fi book world. I am happy to say Alan will be a guest on the Phile next month.

From the home office in Port Jefferson, New York, here is this week's...

Top Ten Tiger Woods Nicknames
10. Tiger Woops.
9. Cheetah.
8. Putts.
7. Client Number 9 Iron.
6. Lyin' King.
5. The Big Swinger.
4. Mr. Foursome.
3. Deuce Bigalow Golf Gigalow.
2. Tiger Woodie.
And the number one Tiger Woods nickname...
1. The Defendant.

Today's guest is the keyboardist and producer for the very cool band The Van Allen Belt, whose CD "Meal Ticket To Purgatory" is available on CDBaby and iTunes. Please welcome to the Phile... Ben Ferris.

Me: Hello, Ben, how are you? So, how much radiation is in the band?

Ben: About 55.6 R.

Me: Most readers of the Phile are geeks and would know what the Van Allen Belt is, but for those few that don't, what is it?

Ben: There's actually two of them. They're the radiation belts surrounding the earth named after James Van Allen. His granddaughter actually sent us an email a while back. That was neat.

Me: The Van Allen Belt should go on tour with Van Halen. That would be cool, eh?

Ben: I'd rather do a tour with David Lee Roth where we'd trade songs. I think David Lee could do a gut-wrenching "Way Up."

Me: Okay, let's get serious. I love your music. It's very retro. Are you fans of Duffy who is also retroish?

Ben: I don't know much about Duffy. I've only heard that one where she's like, "Yeah, yeah yeah," which is, of course, a retort to Amy Winehouse's "No, no, no!" I don't what to make of the enertainment industry most of the time. The attitude seems to be, "It sold last time so it will sell this time." I'd like to see more, "This is gonna sell, and we're the first to do it!"

Me: You kids are from Pittsburg, right? How is life in Pittsburgh? Are there a lot of places you can play?

Ben: It's an okay place to live, not quite like any other city on the planet. But it isn't what I'd call a good music city. Several great acts from here have become successful in recent years, but it wasn't by playing Pittsburgh. There are, of course, lots of bands and lots of places to play, but not many that pay well. Pittsburghers often have to drive to Cleveland or Columbus to see certain bands because they skip Pittsburgh.

Me: So, who is in the band, and how do you pull off the amazing sound on your albums live?

Ben: So, who is in the band, and how do you pull off the amazing sound on your albums live?
The current live lineup is Tamar Kamin on vocals, Tom Altes on bass and guitar, Scott Taylor on drums and I created sample collages and play keys. We play completely different versions of the songs, often with themed sets, such as "The 2001 Set" or "The Tom Waits Set." The samples are gathered from the theme source and are then conformed to our own songs. It's fun.

Me: I can't find many pictures of you kids. You have a cute blonde singer through, right?

Ben: She a brunette, but I guess she's blonde sometimes. Eventually pictures will surface, but we haven't made it much of a priority.

Me: Let's talk about the album "Meal Ticket To Purgatory" which has 20 songs on it! That's pretty cool. How many songs were left off?

Ben: I think 6 to 8 songs were left off. "Slanted to the Left" was one of them. We hadn't actually recorded it yet, but it was originally in the plans.

Me: Your song titles have very unique names. Are they fun to come up with?

Ben: Thanks. I do like titling. It's the easiest part of the process.

Me: What is your favorite song title? Any you kids discarded that I can use?

Ben: I'm not sure I can pick a favorite. As for discarded titles, there is a song on the next album the uses the word "really" a lot of times and there was a point when I was thinking about calling it "That Many Reallies." But, you know, I might still use that. It may depend on the mood I'm in when we print it.

Me: You have weird sense of influences. Wanna tell the readers what they are?

Ben: As seen on Myspace: "poverty, drugs, war, sex, hopelessness, forgetfulness, irony, decisions, temperature, fear of God, disappointment, technology, evolution, information." Tamar and I wrote that on the fly when we set up the page. I suppose it still very much explains the philosophy of The Van Allen Belt. We're trying to make "honest pop" and advance human civilization.

Me: Tell me about the album cover. Very original. Who drew it?

Ben: The cover was drawn by my longtime friend, Jess Van Steenburgh. I agree, it's a great cover. I asked for something very cinematic. The album is very cinematic.

Me: Your first album came out in '06 called "Lactater-Tots". How are the two albums different?

Ben: That wasn't us. That's a guy in California.

Me: Are you guys writing for a new album? What about going on tour?

Ben: We are nearing the completion of our second album, "Superpowerfragilis... or How I Learned to Stop Caring and Love the Drug." I think people will like it. We've taken our time with it and I think that always helps prevent the "sophomore jinx." We intend to tour before the year's over, but no solid plans as of now. Tamar and Scott are getting married this spring, so we figure we'll wait until after the wedding to do much beyond recording.

Me: Do you know any good jokes?

Ben: Yes, but they're all either racist or sexist and I'm planning a run for office.

Me: Okay, plug your website and anything else you want. Good luck and I love your music.

Ben: To hear cuts from "Meal Ticket To Purgatory" and the upcoming "Superpowerfriagilis", listen at www.myspace.com/thevabelt. Thank you and take care.


Okay, that's about it. I'd like to thank my guest Ben Ferris for a great interview, and I really like The Van Allen's Belt music and when the new CD comes out, I would love to have him back. Also thanks to Wikipedia and my son Logan for taking that picture of me. The Phile is now in partnership with Tshirthell.com so if you go to the link http://tshirthell.com/store/clicks.php?partner=Jaypea68, and buy a shirt I will get five dollars. The Phile will be back next Tuesday with a special Christmas entry and guest Brian Wilson's bass player, Bob Lizik. Until next week, spread the word, not the turd.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pheaturing Danny Goldberg


It's December and I am dreaming of a white Christmas. Actually, I'm dreaming of a melty turquoise Christmas. And sugar plums are fighting lesbian dragons in my head. This LSD-nog is fantastic. Okay, now that I got that off my chest, welcome to the Peverett Phile. Thanks for stopping by. I have a really good entry for you this week, with the Peverett Phile Book Club author Danny Goldberg. Barbara Walters list of “10 Most Fascinating People” has come out. This year, it’s Tiger Woods and nine women he’s sleeping with. By the way, Tiger Woods has changed his name. It's now Cheetah Woods. Police in Texas seized thousands of ecstasy tablets with pictures of Obama’s face on them. The drug dealers chose Obama because the pills make you feel hope and change, and then send you off to a far-away place. If you live in New York, chances are you watched the lighting of the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. I don’t know why they make such a big deal about it — in California, we light the whole forest. This year, the lights will be partly lit by the sun, in an effort to pretend to care about the environment. Here’s an idea — if you really care about the environment, don’t chop down a giant, 70-year-old tree.
The one positive outcome of the suffering economy is seven million fewer people than last year will be subjected to an office Christmas party. There was some good news today. The unemployment rate actually went down slightly. I guess they hired a bunch of people to work at the unemployment office. Over the weekend a man dressed as Santa Claus robbed a bank. Police described him as armed and merry. Witnesses say the man walked into the bank and said, “Ho, ho, hold up your hands.” Police say that in an unrelated incident a man robbed another bank wearing a Richard Nixon mask. That’s funny — I thought presidents were supposed to rob us and give money to the banks. Have you seen how Obama is looking lately? I think the stress of being President is getting to him, or he is getting dumber. Take a look at this recent picture of him.
The last few weeks I have been showing you some Christmas gift ideas if you are having problems shopping for your loved ones. I found this DVD, and if you have a Twilight fan in your family, and they can't wait for Half Moon to come out, they might like this.

Okay, occasionally on the Phile I like to show you different motivational or inspirational posters that are out there, such as this one.

From the home office in Port Jefferson, New York here is this week's...

Top Ten Tiger Woods Jokes
10. The police asked Tiger's wife how many times she hit him. "I can't remember," Elin said, "just put me down for a 5."
9. Ping has a new set of irons called Elins. They're clubs you can beat Tiger with.
8. What does Tiger Woods have in common with a baby seal? They've both been clubbed by a Norwegian. (Of course, Elin is actually Swedish. But poetic license is allowed in jokes.)
7. Tiger's other women aren't misstresses. They're provisionals.
6. Did you hear Nike's new motto? Just do me.
5. Tiger crashed into a fire hydrant and a tree. He couldn't decide between a wood and an iron.
4. What's the difference between a car and a golf ball? Tiger can drive a golf ball 400 yards.
3. Tiger Woods is so rich that he owns lots of expensive cars. Now he has a hole-in-one.
2. Tiger has a new movie coming out. It's called Crouching Tiger, Hidden Hydrant.
And the number one Tiger Woods joke...
1. One of the women who claims she slept with Tiger Woods says he never talked about golf during sex. Yeah, however, he did keep his head down and his left arm straight.

Pius IX promulgates the doctrine of Immaculate Conception, that the Virgin Mary is free from original sin. Later, she achieves permanent fame when despite of her marriage, she gets knocked up by God.
The day after Pearl Harbor, the 4th Interceptor Command reports two formations of enemy planes approaching Los Angeles, spotted in the San Francisco area. Fortunately, the seagulls do not bomb the city.
Frank Sinatra Jr. was kidnapped in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. He was set free four days later. It was discovered that Sinatra, Jr. cooperated with his abductors in their plot. Dad was not proud, nor pleased. Frank Jr. went on to conduct the big band for Frank Sr. and all was well.
Beatle John Lennon shot by a lunatic, Mark David Chapman, outside Lennon's apartment in New York City mere hours after receiving the Beatle's autograph. The National Enquirer is roundly criticized for publishing a fuzzy photograph of Lennon in his coffin, much as they did for Elvis Presley.
Norman D. Mayer barricades himself inside the Washington Monument with hostages and declares that he will blow it up unless all nuclear weapons are dismantled. He is shot by police after 10 hours.
The top elected official in Maricopa County, AZ, declines to resign after a remark that "homosexuals ought to be used instead of animals" for medical experimentation.
Intifada begins in Palestine.
The cities of Leninakan and Spitak are totally destroyed in a massive Armenian earthquake that kills over 50,000.
Actor Robert Downey Jr. sentenced to six months in prison for probation violations related to drug charges.

Today's guest is the President of Gold Village Entertainment (GVE). He has worked in the music business as a personal manager, record company president, public relations man and journalist since the late 1960s. He is the author of the book "Bumping Into Geniuses: My Life Inside the Rock and Roll Business", published by Gotham Books (a division of Penguin US) in September 2008, which is the third book in the Peverett Phile Book Club. Please welcome to the Phile... Mister Danny Goldberg.

Me: Hello, Mr. Goldberg, welcome to the Phile. Your book "Bumping Into Geniuses" is the third in The Peverett Phile Book Club, so congrats. Anyway, how are you?

Danny: Good!

Me: I have to say, I loved your book, and couldn't put it down. A friend of mine was reading it and called me saying that my dad was mentioned in it, and a bunch of other names he heard my dad or myself mention over the years. This is actually your second book, right? What was your first book about?

Danny: My first book was called “How the Left Lost Teen Spirit”. And it was published in 2003. It was a rant bout how the political left (with which I agree ideologically had failed to reach out to young people and failed to communicate in a populist way.Of course Obama fixed a lot of that in 2008 but I still think the basic culture of the democrats and liberals is too elitist and that they allow conservatives to trick millions of angry frustrated people into blaming the wrong forces for their problems.

Me: "Bumping Into Geniuses" is a very fitting name for the book, sir. Where did you inspiration for the title come from?

Danny: It's a take off on a saying Ahmet Ertegun the late founder of Atlantic Records used to repeat that David Geffen recounted at Ahmet's funeral. Geffen asked Ahmet how to get rich and Ahmet said "Walk around till you bump into a genius and when you do - hold on and don't let go."

Me: When did you start to write it, and how long did it take? Did you have the idea to write the book for a long time?

Danny: I had the idea for a long time but I started seriously taking notes when Warren Zevon was dying and recording his last album. The Zeon chapter - the last one in the book is actually the first one I wrote. It took me a year or to to create a proposal and after I sold it another year to finish the book.

Me: You mention and tell stories about so many people in the book. Has anyone you talked about in the book read it, and what was the feedback like?

Danny: Zevon's son Jordan has been very sweet as have Patti Smith and Steve Earle as well as Krist Novoselick of Nirvana.

Me: I know my dad would of enjoyed it, but what do you think Kurt Cobain and Warren Zeven would of thought?

Danny: Both of those guys were amazingly supportive of me when they were alive. I hope and pray they would have liked it but you never know how people will or would feel about the way they are written about.

Me: Was it hard to get a book publisher to publish any of your books? I wrote one draft of a biography about my dad titled "Tonsils, Sneakers & Guitars" which I hope to get published one day. Any advice, sir?

Danny: It took some persistence each time. No secrets - the same elements are always useful... persistence, luck and talent. I found that every time I rewrite something it gets a bit better.

Me: Okay, I have to ask you about the Blues Benefit you helped my dad put together. First, can you explain to the readers what it was, and second, who did you first contact about it?

Danny: I had a PR company, one of my clients was Bearsville Records and their best selling artist at the time was Foghat. Foghat was a favorite of rock radio and an amazing live artist but had been pretty much ignored by the rock press and it was my job to remedy that. When I met your dad he talked about how much he loved the blues and it occurred to me that a blues tribute would be something he would really enjoy and I knew the press always covered the old blues guys favorably. I first discussed it with Bearsville President Paul Fishkin and Foghat manager Tony Outeda who liked it. I think the first blues guy we got was Otis Blackwell and we got him through Doc Pomum with whom I had a mutual friend. Doc's credibility was a big help. At that exact time Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker were not hard to get.

Me: My dad always was so proud of the Blues Benefit, sir, so thank you for everything for helping with it. It was shown on PBS, right?

Danny: Foghat The Blues Tribute was shown on "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert". He gave us the whole show. Later it came out in various ways.

Me: I did use one track from it ("I Ain't Got You") for the Foghat "Decades" CD I compiled a few years ago. Do you have anything from it?

Danny: No. Would love a copy.

Me: Were you at that show? My sister and I stayed with a babysitter at a hotel in New York City, so sad to say I wasn't there.

Danny: Yes, it was awesome and I got to shake Muddy Waters' hand.

Me: I was surprised there isn't any pictures in the book, just on the dust jacket. Was that your idea or your publishers?

Danny: It was my idea not to have photos. Every other book I've seen with music execs have lots of posed trade photos and I thought it might give mine a slightly different vibe to do it without that convention. It seemed like a good approach at the time.

Me: What made you choose Kurt Cobain as the cover?

Danny: Publisher's idea. I'd assume because he is the most famous person I wrote about and the chapter about Nirvana is the longest.

Me: You put so much in the book, a lot of info, but is there bits you wrote and took out that you regret, or parts you wanted to put in but forgot?

Danny: I could have written another 50 pages but this was the length the publisher wanted.

Me: When did you first meet my dad, and when was the last time you spoke to him?

Danny: I met him in the seventies about six months before the Blues Tribute took place and repped Bearsville and thus was in touch with him for a year or so. I dealt mostly with Tony Outeda but would say hi when I went to shows. I don't recall seeing him again after that period but there is a lot I don't recall.

Me: I was surprised that you founded Modern Records, which released the last studio album my dad was on, 94's "Return of the Boogie Men". You had sold your share of Modern before then though, right? Do you remember who you sold your half to?

Danny: I sold my half to Atlantic Records. After the second Stevie Nicks album I felt it wasn't a vehicle where I could do that much. Fishkin and I weren't getting along and although we later re-cemented our friendship and I wanted some cash so I sold my half and started Gold Mountain.

Me: By the way, do you remember Nick Jameson? What about Susan DeLeon from Bearsville? I am gonna interview them both for the Phile.

Danny: I remember Nick Jameson vaguley. He had a great reputation creatively but I didn't know him well. There was a woman named Susan Lee who later married a lawyer named Pater Hoffman who worked for Bearsville who I recall but I have not been in touch with for many years. I do not remember anyone named Susan DeLeon.

Me: Mr. Goldberg, your present company is called Gold Village Entertainment? When did you form that company, and what bands do you represent?

Danny: I stared Gold Village three years ago. Our website Goldve.com has an up to date client list. Current clients include The Hives, Steve Earle, The Cranberries, The Old 97s, Rhett Miller, Rickie Lee Jones, Allison Moorer, Tom Morello, School of Seven Bells, Stars, Care Bears on Fire, David Broza, The Grates, Ben lee, Ian Hunter, Joseph Arthur, and A-Camp.

Me: So, do you think any of those bands would like to be interviewed on the Phile?

Danny: Ou clients media is handled by Brady Brock. Will depend on their schedule of course.

Me: What about new bands are out there that you are a fan of, but do not represent? What music do you listen to mostly?

Danny: There are many great new bands but is is band form to covet another manager's clients. At home when I'm not listening to new music to try to stay up to date or to my clients I revert to my taste I had in high school. Bob Dylan, John Lennon, the blues, etc.

Me: You met so many musicians and stars over the years, sir. Is there anybody you met that you were star-struck? Anybody you didn't meet that you would love to?

Danny: I was totally star struck when I met Bob Dylan and even though we released a Pretenders record when I ran Artemis and I met her many times I always got star struck by Chrissie Hynde. I wish I had met John Lennon and Dave Van Ronk.

Me: One person I was star-struck in meeting was Warren Zevon. My dad and I met him at a show in Orlando on his acoustic tour. He was so polite to me, I never for get that. So, reading your book, I was surprised to know you put out his last few albums and that amazing documentary for VH1 which I purchased. That must of been a very hard time, sir. I cried when he was on Letterman for the last time. It must of been very sad for everybody around him. Boy, I wish I had a question here. Do you get emotional when people you worked with pass away, such as Kurt, Warren and even my dad?

Danny: I didn't know your dad as well as I knew Warren and Kurt. Kurt's death was the worst because it was suicide. Warren went like a bodhisatva but miss him a lot. I miss my own dad, Victor, a lot as well who was not a musician but was an amazing dad who had passed away two years ago. I find that sometimes these people visit in dreams and I am very grateful for that.

Me: How do you get over that? You must of been very angry at Kurt, sir. I would of been.

Danny: I was never angry at Kurt - just incredibly sad and for a long time I kept replaying conversations I had with him in my mind wishing I had tried different sentences.

Me: I saw Nirvana in concert a few months before Kurt passed away, which I am happy about. Do you think if Kurt was still alive Nirvana would still be making records and touring?

Danny: Yes.

Me: I have to ask you about the No Nukes movie. That must of been one crazy time for you. When was the last time you watched it, and is it available on DVD? If it is, I have to get it.

Danny: I don't think it's out on DVD. Again I don't own it. I haven't watched it for a decade or so. I am very proud of it. Working with Jackson Browne and the other changed my life for the better.

Me: By the way, what did you think of the documentary Kurt and Courtney?

Danny: Dogshit.

Me: You are a busy man, sir, so I really appreciate you taking time out to do this interview. With your company, being a board member of the NYCLU and everything, this means so much to me you being here. Are you planning on writing a third book? I bet you have lots of stories since the last one, right?

Danny: I hope to write other books but it takes a lot of work and I do better when someone wants to publish one. Fingers crossed.

Me: Please thank Laura for me for helping with this interview, and thank you for everything you done for us music fans over the years. You need to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, sir. Please let me know if I can interview any of the bands you represent, and I wish you and your family well. Thanks again, and hope to talk to you again soon.

Danny: My pleasure.


There you go, that was a long and very good interview. Thanks to Laura Benanchietti for helping out with getting it done, and of course to Danny Goldberg for his time. Also, thanks to Wikipedia. The Phile will be back next Tuesday with Ben Ferris, writer, producer and keyboardist for the cool band The Van Allen Belt. I will also announce what the fourth book is in the Book Club, and announce a joint agreement between this blog and a website. So, have a good week, spread the word, not the turd. Bye, love you, bye.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pheaturing Anna Brooke Higdon


Rabbit, rabbit. I can't believe it's the first of December already. This year flew by. Anyway, hey there, welcome to the Phile. I have a really good entry for you, I promise. The White House Christmas tree was unveiled. Actually, it was a regular tree that snuck in past security.
I think we should give the Secret Service a break over this security breach the other night. When they heard there was a crazy couple in the White House, they just assumed it was the Bidens. When I say the Bidens are crazy, of course I mean Joe Biden. Mrs. Biden’s not crazy. So, raise your hand if you're sick about hearing about Tiger Woods and his car crash. So, Okay, in the next few weeks for the holidays I am gonna show you some gift ideas if you are having problems looking. Take a look at this new killer phone from Nokia. Just for the gangsta in your life.So, did you see that New Moon movie? I didn't, but I was told there was something odd about it. I didn't believe it until I saw this picture. Crazy, eh?

Why is there a dinosaur in a vampire movie? Okay, from the home office in Port Jefferson, New York, here is this week's...

Top Ten Changes To The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
10. New floats depicting "The Biggest Loser" contestants.
9. Every balloon has an "On Sale" tag.
8. Due to health concerns caused by sneezing, Snow White's float will only contain 6 dwarfs. 7.
7. All the balloon characters are now wearing swine flu masks.
6. Bullwinkle Moose float is pursued by Sarah Palin float.
5. It's now BYOB -- Bring Your Own Balloon.
4. To save money, Al Gore manually blowing up balloons.
3. Usual balloons replaced by over-inflated Bernie Madoff promises.
2. All balloons may or may not have a 7-year old boy inside of them.
And the number one change to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade...
1. This year it will be held in Alaska -- it's going rogue.

Politburo member Sergei Kirov killed by Leonid Nikolayev on orders of Josef Stalin. The assassination is used as an excuse to commence the Great Terror in the years 1935 to 1939, in which 800,000 were executed and over 8.5 million arrested. But these figures pale in comparison to the 47 million who died from Stalinist collectivization and other purges.
Aleister Crowley, the wickedest man in the world, dead in Hastings England, aged 74. He wrote that "for nearly all purposes, human sacrifice is best", and taught the Law of Thelema, "do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." Crowley also appears on the cover of Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper".
An intentionally-set trash fire at the Our Lady of Angels school kills three nuns and more than 90 students in Chicago. Many of the students leaped to their deaths.
The Sex Pistols appear on a British TV show to fill in the place of orchestral band Queen. The boozed-up punks are goaded by the host, Bill Grundy, to "say something outrageous." Several fucks later, the band is suddenly a notorious example for the press.
A high school student in Paducah, Kentucky opens fire on fellow students during a prayer service. The 14-year-old freshman student was armed with a .22-caliber Lugar handgun and earplugs. Two Bible thumpers are killed, the rest are only injured.
Motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson files suit against Anabolic Video Productions, the makers of Gang Bang #20, a hardcore pornographic film in which biker bitches are filmed having sex on the company's brand of motorcycle, and atop other promotional merchandise bearing the brand name. Harley claims that the film may confuse viewers into believing that the company authorized or endorsed the activities.
Member of the Georgia Senate Ralph Abernathy attempts to smuggle marijuana into the US from Jamaica in his underwear. He is caught by a drug-sniffing canine and fined $500. Abernathy is the son of the famous civil rights leader of the same name who was Martin Luther King's lieutenant. In January he is censured by the Georgia State Senate.

Planet 51
A planet of happy green creatures who live in an anthropomorphic, idyllic, "Leave It to Beaver"-like 1950s--but with the flying cars we were promised--are visited by an alien: a red-haired, lantern-jawed, American astronaut from 2009, an unfunny Buzz Lightyear who's as freaked out by them as they are by him. Misunderstandings, perceived threats and lots of chase scenes ensue before we all get taught a lesson about believing in yourself and appreciating the differences in others. Because they don't make enough animated features that cover those bases.When even the space-fish farting jokes don't work, when you have to rely on an innuendo-laden discussion of penises as weirdly situated antennae, alien anal probes and buttplugs to liven things up for the adults in the audience, you know you're watching a movie that can't decide if it's for kids or grown-ups. Then the movie decides to forget about being very interesting for either demographic. But the chases, explosions, splats and stuff-falling-down parts will be more than enough to entertain the average six-year-old who hasn't seen Alien, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars or Pleasantville. Parents, time to flip that coin for chaperone detail. It will lot of money though, because it looks cheap. And it's mediocre. People love that kind of thing. It'll appeal to kids who plan on growing up to be the lowest common denominator. Everybody wins. What I liked about it best was the robot dog that looks like Wall-E and the other pet that resembles what would happen if the monster in Alien was a puppy. It's named Ripley, of course. See, kids, here's a joke that's going to crack you up. There's this lady named Sigourney Weaver and...

This is the third book in the P.P.B.C. It's available at Borders, Barnes and Noble or Amazon.com so go out and buy it. The author, Danny Goldberg, will be a guest on the Phile next week.

Don't forget the other two Book Club books... "Mr. Lincoln Was A Robot" by Victor Langlois and "First Generation" by Mary Tamm.

This week's guest is an upcoming singer from Alabama, who is gonna be a big star one day. Please welcome to the Phile... Anna Brooke Higdon.

Me: Hello, Anna, welcome to the Phile. So, how are you?

Anna: Thanks for inviting me! I am doing just great!

Me: First, I have to say, you seem to have been in every major music talent show in America. Ever tried for "American Idol"?

Anna: Yes, actually, I’ve auditioned 3 times. This fist time I auditioned was last season in Kansas City, and then this summer in Atlanta and Chicago. It’s very different than it appears on TV. 12,000 auditioned in Chicago, and only about 250 made it to round 2. Chicago was the first time for me to make it past the producers to round 2. I had to return to Chicago in August, but did not make it to round 3 to the judges. Maybe next year!

Me: Were you on "Can You Duet?" How well did you do, and what was the act called?

Anna: I auditioned for the first season of "Can You Duet". A friend, that I had met at the CMA "Rising Star" competition, and I decided at the last minute we’d try out for it. We practiced over the phone, and it was fun. Over 20,000 showed up to audition at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville. We named ourselves BrAvery , from our names, and figured we were brave to even be there! We didn’t make it to round 2, but as always, it’s worth the experience!

Me: You were in AMTC Orlando, Anna, I have lived in the Orlando area for over 20 years and have not heard of that. What is it, and where was it?

Anna: AMTC is the Millie Lewis Acting, Modeling, and Talent Competition. It is twice a year, and in a different location each time. That year, it was at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, and I placed 2nd overall in the Country Music division.

Me: Did you make it out to Disney World while you were here?

Anna: I’ve been to Disney World several times, but on that trip we only went to Universal Studios. We were very busy with all the AMTC activities during the 10 days we were in Orlando.

Me: Are you in college? Where do you get the time to do everything?

Anna: I’m a senior in high school, but I do plan to start college next year. I’m applying to Belmont University, Auburn University, Agnes Scott College, Georgia Tech, and Loyola New Orleans. Depending on which I actually attend, I will either major or minor in Music Business/Commercial Music and/or International Business Relations and French. Where do I get the time? Good question! My parents have always been great in getting things like that organized for me. And of course, sometimes, I don’t have the time for some things!

Me: Your parents, Anna, must be very proud, right?

Anna: Yes, I’m certain they would say yes! They are always there for me too!

Me: Okay, I have to ask you what is a People to People ambassador? You were that role to China, right? Did you get to go there?

Anna: People to People International is a student ambassador program that President Dwight D. Eisenhower created in 1956. Each year, students are selected to participate in various programs all over the world. During my travel, I studied the political history of China’s government in Tiananmen Square, discovered the heritage behind the Forbidden City, visited local students, learned how to cook at a Chinese cooking school, attended Kung Fu classes, explored the Summer Palace and the pandas, visited the Great Wall, saw the Terra Cotta Warriors, learned calligraphy, explored the ancient city of Zhujiajiao, the City of Gardens in Suzhou, the village near Kowloon Hills in Hong Kong, and engaged in many other ventures throughout Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai. I definitely want to return to China some day! Maybe I can take my music there too!

Me: Do you, or have you done a lot of traveling?

Anna: Yes, I love to travel! I’ve been to France, Japan, Mexico, British Columbia, and Great Britain with my parents. I also traveled to Ireland with a small group of friends last summer. And of course, I enjoy traveling with my family to places like Arizona, Illinois, New York, and Nashville!

Me: You're based in Alabama, right? Have you lived there all your life?

Anna: Yes, I have lived in Alabama my entire life!

Me: Your first love is country music, but you also have a love for Broadway shows. Have you ever been to New York to see one? What was your favorite?

Anna: Yes, I’ve been to "Spamalot", "Phantom of the Opera", "Mamma Mia", and "Chicago" in NYC. And, also I’ve seen "Les Miserables" in London. My favorite is "Phantom of the Opera", but I'd love to play the role of Donna Sheridan in "Mamma Mia"!

Me: You also have done a lot of acting. Any TV work?

Anna: I haven’t had anything on TV, except for the role of a schoolgirl in a small production of "Timepiece: Abbie, Girl Spy". I do a lot of community theatre in Decatur, Huntsville, and Birmingham, AL. My last role was Alice in "Batter Up", at the Renaissance Theatre in Huntsville.

Me: You were in something called "Space Ranger & The Viper Menace". What on Earth is that?

Anna: SRVM is a hilarious science fiction original musical by Chuck Puckett of Decatur, AL, and premiered at the Renaissance Theatre in Huntsville, AL. It is about Strat Lancaster who has saved the galaxy annually, ever since he graduated from the Academy. So a grateful galaxy plans to honor him at his class reunion. But things are not always what they seem. Cosmo Biggs, the most powerful tycoon in the Galactic Federation wants more than money, he wants EVERYTHING. The beautiful, yet sinister Queen Urana seems to have less than honorable intentions as well. And when Strat is grounded on a technicality, there seems to be nothing stopping the triumph of evil and greed. Add a mutating monster lurking in the background, a set of heroic Space Rangers, and lots of great tunes, and you have Space Rangers and the Viper Menace. By the way, I played Halley Oort, a Space Ranger! LOL!

Me: Anna, are you currently in the studio working on an album?

Anna: I’ve been trying, but it’s getting harder because of schedules, classes, etc. I was hoping to have something in the works by the end of 2009. Also, I’ve been working with Brett Manning in Nashville, and I have been writing more too, as well as playing guitar.

Me: 2010 is coming up fast, Anna. What big plans do you have for the new year?

Anna: My plans are to keep on doing what I love: traveling, singing, writing, and hopefully produce an album, and of course finishing high school and getting ready for college!

Me: Anyway, good luck in whatever you do, and you are welcome back to the Phile whenever you get the chance. Continued success to you.

Anna: Thanks so much! I really appreciate this opportunity to talk with you! Be sure to keep up with my work at www.myspace.com/annabrookemusic!


That's the blog, folks. Thanks to Anna for a good interview and of course to Wikipedia. Like I said the Phile will be back next Tuesday with Book Club author Danny Goldberg. So, have a good week and until then, spread the word, not the turd. Bye, love you, bye.