Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pheaturing Crissi Cochrane

Hello, welcome to another Sunday entry of the Phile, or as I like to call it the Church of the Phile. I am your host, Rev Pev. Thanks for stopping by, kids, I have a lot to talk about with the announcement of the fifth book in the Phile Book Club, a review of the movie Tooth Fairy, some other stuff and of course the interview with the adorable Crissi Cochrane. Cochrane, that's what I call my pee. Heh Heh. Sorry, I apologize for that joke. Andy Dick was arrested again this week. All I have to say is, “Your move, Mel Gibson.” There are rumors that there is a John Edwards sex tape. People say it's twenty minutes of Edwards caressing and stroking, and that's just the part where he fixes his hair. The Washington Post says the drug Botox could be the newest weapon used by terrorists. Botox is short for Botulinum Toxin and a speck of toxin the size of a grain of sand could kill a 150-pound adult. As a result, Nicole Kidman was placed on the no-fly list. According to Us Weekly, Tiger Woods is at a sex rehab facility in Mississippi and his wife Elin is staying nearby at Brett Favre’s ranch. One more interception for Brett Favre this week. Rapper and cologne-maker Diddy gave his son, Justin Dior Combs, a $360,000 car for his 16th birthday. He must really do the hell out of his chores. Apple unveiled their latest product, the iPad. I thought it was weird they're getting into woman's products. Anyway, most experts predicted they would introduce a new tablet device for customers who love the iPhone but wish it was the size of a Lean Cuisine frozen dinner. President Obama gave the annual State of the Union Address, which is also known as the “Put a bunch of white people to sleep speech.” In response to one of the president’s statements, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito appeared to mouth the words, “not true.” The Supreme Court is supposed to be impartial and conduct themselves in a dignified and respectful manner. They’re like the opposite of members of Congress. One of the most interesting parts of the speech was when Obama called for a repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Sometimes you don’t have to ask, you can just tell. And now for...

The Rock is an obnoxious hockey player knocked down from the big time back to the minor leagues (or whatever they call that in hockey), a man with no more dreams or expectations left for himself. So he thinks nothing of ruining the fantasy of The Tooth Fairy for his girlfriend's daughter. You never realized that was such a big deal, did you? But in this movie it's on par with believing in God or, even more importantly, Santa Claus. Hockey guy's punishment involves the sprouting of wings, shrinking dust and a mouthy Julie Andrews as his boss, all of which makes him even less fun to be around. Just the guy you'd want in your child's bedroom at night. What's The Deal: Maybe the overload of cruddy releases in January has me grasping for any good thing to hold on to, but this is not the absolute worst children's film I've ever seen. Yes, it commits the sin of being all about the redemption of man who resists domestication--because kids are so into movies where adults learn how to be better parents... and its star, a guy who has proven he can be funny while hosting "Saturday Night Live", has nothing to do but be a jerk and make grimace-y faces. But Julie Andrews and Stephen Merchant (from "Extras", as a wannabe tooth fairy who never got his wings) show up just enough to make you laugh with an occasional witty bit of dialogue. There's even a cameo by Billy Crystal that won't make you want to poke your own eyes out. Shocker, I know. This movie knows that if you're going to make a story for kids that's actually about an adult who has to be taught a lesson, you can't just have grown-ups sitting around tables talking about their problems. You also have to show the unbridled fantasy life going on in its child star's head. To that end, this movie features a lot of special Tooth Fairy effects, like The Rock trying to become invisible or shrinking down to six inches tall and being chased by a cat. Where You've Seen The Director Before: Not that you'll see him in this movie, but his name is Michael Lembeck and he's a former "Love Boat"-ish actor turned director. If you're old enough and watched Saturday morning cartoons in the 1970s, he was Kaptain Kool on "The Krofft Supershow". It baffles even me as to why I can remember details like that without the aid of IMDb. From 1 to 10, I give this movie a 10. Believe it or not.

Howard Zinn
August 24, 1922 - January 27, 2010
J.D. Salinger
January 1, 1919 - January 27, 2010
Catcher in the Ground.
Zelda Rubinstein
May 28, 1933 - January 27, 2010
Go into the light!
Chemical Ali
November 30, 1941 - January 25, 2010
What a lame nickname. Should have been "Colonel Mustard".
Pernell Roberts
May 18, 1928 - January 24, 2010
Headed for the last roundup.

Private Eddie Slovik executed by firing squad in France during World War II. He is the first U.S. soldier executed for desertion since the Civil War. The order for execution, signed by Dwight D. Eisenhower, is not applied to other deserters. It is not known why Private Slovik was singled out.
President Truman gives the go-ahead for the development of Edward Teller's hydrogen bomb.
The United States sends its first monkey into space, Ham the chimpanzee. His Mercury/Redstone 2 achieves an altitude of 158 miles, a 19-minute ride that subjects Ham to a force of 16 times gravity. The space ape splashes down safely, his capsule is plucked from the ocean by the USS Donner.
Ted Bundy commits what is sometimes regarded as his first murder, Lynda Ann Healy, a 21 year old senior at the University of Washington. Her skull is not found until a year later. By the time he was executed, Bundy had committed nearly 30 murders, mostly women with dark long hair. It is believed that he may have murdered as early as 1961, when he was 15, but proof is at best circumstantial.
Copies of the March Playboy with LaToya Jackson posing with... snakes! hit the newsstands. She also has a snake tattoo. Face it, the lady really really likes snakes.

And now for the fifth book in the...

Frazer Hines is one of the UK's most charismatic stars of stage and screen. From his early days as a child actor in films such as X The Unknown, and appearances in "Emergency Ward 10" and "Coronation Street", Frazer became a household name playing the time-travelling Scot, Jamie McCrimmon, alongside Patrick Troughton in the BBC's cult series "Doctor Who". In 1972 he was cast as Joe Sugden in the fledgeling soap opera "Emmerdale Farm", and became the housewife's favourite farmer for over two decades. In this compelling and funny book, Frazer reveals his own thoughts and feelings when faced with stardom at an early age, the pressure of being an early 'media celebrity', his love of horses and cricket, and what it was actually like to date, marry and divorce some of the most eligible and beautiful women to have crossed stage and screen in the last 40 years. The book is available through Frazer's website and in a few weeks he'll be a guest on the Phile, like the other previous Book Club author's. I am so excited, he would also be the Phile's third "Doctor Who" guest.

Today's guest is a singer-songwriter who has been performing a unique and soothing blend of indie folk/pop since 2005. Now twenty years old and based in Halifax, this songstress mesmerizes her audiences with songs of heartache, homesickness, and love. She'll be playing next at The Company House in Halifax, Nova Scotia, so purchase your plane ticket now. Please welcome to the Phile... the cute Crissi Cochrane.

Me: Hello, Crissi, welcome to the Phile. So, how are you doing, eh?

Crissi: I'm doing well, thanks for asking! And also for inviting me for the interview. It's nice to meet you.

Me: So, you're Canadian, right? Do you say "eh" a lot, and do you hate it when people ask you that?

Crissi: Haha, I'm Canadian alright. I rarely say "eh" though, although I imagine it slips out now and then.

Me: You live way up North in Nova Scotia. Y'know, for ever I thought it was pronounced Nova Scot-E-AH. Have you lived there all your life?

Crissi: Yes, I've lived in Nova Scotia since I was born. I used to live in the Annapolis Valley, which is quite beautiful but not a place to make a living, unless your calling is farming. I live in the city of Halifax now; the music community is much stronger here.

Me: Is there a lot to do there? I heard it's really beautiful, Crissi.

Crissi: Nova Scotia is a great place. There's so many amazing natural wonders. If you ever make it up here, don't settle for a tourism booklet - ask the locals, they know the best spots.

Me: Okay, Crissi, it's unusual for a solo singer not to use his or her name, but a band name. What made you decide to do this? And what is the meaning of Save September?

Crissi: To be honest, I was pretty inspired by a lot of artists using stage names at the time when I began writing (Bright Eyes being the main influence). The name itself came from a mixed tape I made for a friend of mine who moved away at the end of September in tenth grade.

Me: You should do a version of Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends" in concert. What do you think? Do you do any covers in your shows?

Crissi: Aw, I was never a Green Day fan. I do play covers, usually Ben Gibbard songs. I used to cover "Hallelujah" all the time, it was the very first song I ever performed publicly, back when I was fifteen years old. It's a pretty cliche cover, but it always went over well.

Me: Crissi, I looked on iTunes for your music but couldn't find it. Are you planning on putting your music on iTunes anytime soon?

Crissi: I'm not really pushing my old material too much right now, as my sound and style has since matured significantly - that's the reason for no hits on iTunes. Once my next release is finished, the tracks may make their way there. Currently, you can buy my music off-stage and online through MySpace and my website.

Me: How many EP's do you have out, and what was your latest one?

Crissi: I have one EP released, "The Bathroom EP", back in 2006.

Me: Anybody that has an album or EP called "Bathroom" is cool with me, Crissi. Explain the title to the Phile readers.

Crissi: "The Bathroom EP" was recorded over the course of ten hours with a laptop in the bathroom of my parent's house in my senior year of highschool. My friends had an EP called "The Kitchen EP", so the title was a bit of a nod to them.

Me: What type of computer did you use? A Mac I hope. And why the bathroom?

Cochrane: It was a PC actually, my brother's old computer. I'd heard that the acoustics in bathrooms made for a pretty neat effect, and plus I could lock the door and avoid any interruptions.

Me: That's going to be my excuse next time I am in the bathroom for a long time. "I am recording my EP." So, are you working on a new album or EP?

Cochrane: A new album! The first day in the studio is tomorrow. I'm so excited to finally have a release that wasn't recorded next to a toilet.

Me: Crissi, have you ever been to Florida or anywhere in the States, and are you planning to?

Crissi: I've only been in Florida as a kid, going to Disney World. I've never performed in the States, but once the new album is done, I'll be looking to get down there with it!

Me: One of my favorite all-time bands is from Canada... The Barenaked Ladies. Do you like them, and who is your favorite band, and or singer?

Crissi: The Barenaked Ladies have done some pretty great things. They've got some catchy tunes, but my all-time favorite band is, without a doubt, the Get Up Kids. I don't think I could pick a favorite singer, but the East Coast has been home to many amazing singer-songwriters that have inspired me - Rose Cousins, Joel Plaskett, Meaghan Smith, Christina Martin, Jill Barber...

Me: Crissi, I have to give you props... you are the first guest on the Phile I had that sells tote bags. Are they environmental friendly?

Crissi: Well, the first installment of bags, I made entirely by myself. They're more sweet and fashionable. The second installment of bags were purchased in bulk pretty inexpensively, and they make great grocery bags. To be honest, I've been using them myself!

Me: Crissi, thanks for doing this interview and I hope it was fun. Go ahead and plug your website, and let the pholks know where they can purchase your music and tote bags. I have one last question for ya, do Canadians really like it on top?

Crissi: Haha, you know it! Pick up "The Bathroom EP", the new sampler, or a super cute tote bag here: or here!

Well, that does it for another entry. Crissi was so sweet, with a good sense of humor I hope she didn't think I was too rude and I would love to have her back on the Phile when her album comes out. Thanks to Crissi and of course Wikipedia. So, I have no idea when the next entry of the Phile will be posted as I don't know when my next day off from work is. I'll say next Sunday for now, but it could be next Tuesday. What I do know is the guest will be musician Heath Webb. So, spread the word, not the turd, and I'll see you whenever. Bye, love you, bye.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pheaturing Polly Punkneck

Hello, welcome to the Church of the Phile. Yes, it's a new entry on a Sunday. The Phile will be posted on Sunday's for the next few weeks, so if you're bored in church, go ahead and read the Phile on your iPhone. I just want to mention that if anyone wants to pay me $45 million to stop doing this blog, I’ll stop. They announced that Legoland is coming to Orlando, and it'll take a year or so to build. A year? They should hire my son Logan, he has built 15 Lego sets since Christmas. Maybe I can leave my Disney job and go work for Legoland... hmmm. I'd want to start with sixty-thousand dollars a year and free Legos. New Jersey legalized medical marijuana. Finally, the cast of "Jersey Shore" can get a prescription for something other than penicillin. Let's talk about some movie news: I'm not surprised at the success of Avatar. People always like heroes that are brightly colored: The bright blue people in Avatar, the light green guy in Shrek, and the orange people on "Jersey Shore." Did you see the Golden Globes a week ago today? Where else can you see all the stars of TV and film getting drunk together? It was raining so badly, there was water spilling into the dress that Mariah Carey was spilling out of. Can you believe President Obama's has been in office for one year already? Traditionally, on the first anniversary, you're supposed to give paper, so I got him his birth certificate. The cable news networks are talking about how much Obama's approval ratings have dropped, but rest assured, he is still the most popular African-American president in American history.
The Supreme Court ruled today that corporations can now spend as much as they want on political candidates. I can’t see that having any negative repercussions, can you? Okay, as it's Sunday, and I said this is the Church of the Phile, I thought if you were wondering what religion you were, I would help. So, I got this fancy flow chart to help you figure it out. Good luck.

Now, there's two ways to look at religion. One is The Scientific Method: Here are the facts. What conclusions can we draw from them? And then there's The Creationist Method: Here's the conclusion, what facts can we find to support it? Anyway, I went to Christian store... no, that's not the joke. And I wanted to see if they had any inspirational posters, and I found this one.

And now for a new pheature on thePhile I will call...

Robert B. Parker
September 17, 1932 - January 18, 2010
Case closed.

Roman emperor Caligula is assassinated by his bodyguards.
The first Boy Scout troop is organized in England by its founder, Robert Baden-Powell. He enjoyed watching the boys swim naked, and as a hobby he collected photographs of them.
The nuclear-powered Soviet Cosmos 954 satellite plunges through Earth's atmosphere and disintegrates, scattering radioactive debris over parts of Canada's Northwest Territories. Much of the satellite lands in the Great Slave Lake; only about 1% of the radioactive material is recovered.
Crackpot and founder of the fraudulent Scientology movement, L. Ron Hubbard dies. His bad science fiction writing has grown alarmly prolific in the years since his death.
Ted Bundy put to death in the Electric Chair for the murder of Kimberly Leach, after ten years trying to appeal. Here is a post-mortem picture of the burns on Bundy's head.

Okay, on that note...

My guest this week specializes in an alternative country sound comprised of underground bluegrass, musical theatre, and rock n roll. She has spent the past 5 years traveling with a country-punk band from Hollywood, Jason and the Punknecks, singing and playing fierce rhythm guitar. She also fronts a brand spanking new, all-girl, country bluegrass band in Nashville, the Hillbilly Harlots. Polly’s "Hot Cute & Country" album is available soon!
She'll be appearing next on January 28th at Andy's Bar in Denton, Texas. Please welcome to the Phile... Polly Punkneck.

Me: Hello, Polly, how are you? Welcome to the Phile.

Polly: Hey! Thanks for the interview!

Me: I have to say, you are one tough looking, but very attractive and hot looking chick. How long have you had that Polly Punkneck looking style?

Polly: Looking independent has always been something I have strived for since childhood. but Polly Punkneck happened in Hollywood. It all started when I cut my hair into a mohawk for 'Locks of Love'. I was working at a Diner in L.A. (called the Brite Spot) and had a fundraiser for my customers to help raise money to go along with the hair... We raised $2000 bucks and sent them my hair... Over the years on the road, I have put together dresses for stage, and now I make them myself especially for our shows, can't forget the bloomers!

Me: Speaking of style, I have to ask you about your tattoos. How many do you have and how long have you had them? I have four, but they are no way as elaborate as yours.

Polly: I am sooo privledged to have them! I have about 6 right now from amazing artists all over the U.S. It started with my big chinese dragon on my upper right thigh. People love tryin to get a glimpse of this one :) I have a hot pinup playin the upright bass on my calf, an aligator coming out of a rose on my right forearm, a demon woman playing fiddle on my upper right arm, traditional hearts (w/ mom n pop) on my inner right arm, and my mamas name with a corncobb on my left wrist. everybody in the band at the time got a corncobb on them to represent the midwest, it was during the big corn floods.

Me: Polly, where are you from? I was thinking you're from California, Orange County, home of Social Distortion and No Doubt.

Polly: Nope, not a Cali girl, but that is where Polly began... I'm from Kansas. A midwest girl. A hillbilly that looks from the city!

Me: Are you fans of Social D? I met Mike Ness once and he was one of the coolest people.

Polly: Oh hell yes! And so are our fans! We play at Pikes out in Longbeach, CA. The owner was a Social D member, it's one of the coolest bars, with great food! :)

Me: When did you start playing guitar and singing, Polly?

Polly: I started singing as I was coming out of my mothers pussycat! I was always involved with choir, voice lessons, musical theatre growing up. In fact, that was my job as a miner; performing in musicals at different theaters around town. I have always loved the stage, I feel most comfortable on the stage. But guitar is different. I picked up a big baby taylor 2 months before joining Jason and the Punknecks. I taught myself with a DVD, hehe. And then from there I have learned different things from all the guitarists we have seen and worked with. But, I grew up around acoustic instruments my whole life! My folks raised me at Bluegrass Festivals, every year we went and camped out and listened to the most badass pickers in the nation!

Me: You write your own songs as well, right? Is that something you really enjoy doing?

Polly: I definitly love writing, and I will continue to write more.

Me: Polly, who is in your band, and how did you all meet? Your husband is in your band, right? He has a lot of tats as well. Doesn't he have some on his face?

Polly: Yes, he has tattoos on his face! I involve him in a lot of my music, especially because we are always on the road together with Punkneck shows. We work with soo many different musicians, whoever is around that region at the time, or whoever is available at that time. As for permanent members, well, you can always count on Mr. and Mrs. punkneck!

Me: You are in another band as well, called Hillbilly Harlots. What a great name. How is that band different from Jason and the Punknecks?

Polly: Well, it's all sexy females, and has a much more traditional sound. There is no 'punk' in the Harlots.

Me: You are working on a CD called "Hot, Cute and Country", which fits you to a T. What can you tell the readers of the Phile about your new album, and would it be available on iTunes?

Polly: When is it due to be released? I have been working on this album for 3 years now! It is very overdue to come out. But 2010 is the year! As soon as it is finished, I will have it at live shows, and I will get it online for digital download. You can always go hear a taste of the Album on my myspace

Me: Polly, as well as being a very talented musician you also design jewelry as well. When did you start doing that, and what do you enjoy more? Is your jewelry available to buy anywhere?

Polly: I have been making gauged earrings for my ears because I couldn't afford to buy any. That's how it started, and then I got a lot of fans and friends interested in having some for themselves. So, I started making more and selling them at shows. I am always selling out, and coming to cities without them. But, I will continue to make them and try and have some available at all shows. I have also been making bloomers for sale, but have the same dilema. Selling out, not having enough. But I will continue to work on both earrings and bloomers, and try and have them availble at shows! And maybe in the future you can buy them online!

Me: Polly, thanks for being on the Phile. I hope this was fun, and when your CD comes out, you are welcomed back. Tell Jason he can come as well. All the best, and continued success. Go ahead and plug your website, Facebook and Myspace, Polly. You rock.

Polly: Thanks for the interview! You can catch Polly Punkneck on myspace, facebook, twitter, and all over the United States performing and chattin it up with her fans! xoxox.

Well, I hope you had fun reading this latest blog. Thanks to Polly for a really good interview, and I will def have her back on the Phile. Also thanks to Wikipedia for help with the history lesson. The Phile will be back for another worship next Sunday with cute Canadian singer Crissi Cochrane. So, until then, spread the word, not the turd, bye love you, bye.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pheaturing Alan Dean Foster

Hello, welcome to another entry of the Phile. Read carefully, because his entry is gonna be audited. Today's interview is with one of my favorite science fiction author's of all time. When I started to read his novels in my teens I did not imagine that in my 40's I would interview him one day. So, did you hear the latest on Tiger Woods? There are reports that he has entered rehab for sex addiction. It's a standard process, 28 days, one for every mistress. For those of you that don't remember Tiger Woods, he's the guy we used to make fun of in the olden times before late night TV went nuts. The latest NBC news, if you're interested is, not only will Conan O'Brien be replaced by Jay Leno of the "Tonight Show", possibly as soon as after next week is the rumor, Jay Leno also gets custody of Conan's youngest child. He had a really bad contract. It's kind of sad to see what's happened to NBC. You know, when I was a young man, just beginning to blossom, my breasts were starting to fill out, NBC was number one. They had "Cosby" and "Cheers" and great shows. Now, they're a mess. Like going on your high school reunion and the homecoming king went bald and works in a lawn mower repair shop. Meanwhile, over at the the White House issued a statement today blaming government inefficiencies on old computers. Apparently, they've all been crashing, and everyone knows the only crashing tolerated at the White House is during state dinners. They're replacing any technology that's obsolete, broken down, or causes problems. Desktops, laptops, Joe Biden...
Usually, destruction doesn't mix well with comedy, just look at the NBC late night schedule. So, did anybody see the "American Idol" episode with the old guy singing his original song, "Pants On The Ground"? Well, it seems like Larry Platt, the old guy, is already cashing in. Check out this poster, kids.
I asked a few girls on how I can get more readers on the Phile, and they told me that they love the Twilight series, so if I can post anything with Twilight, that should help. So, with a new Twilight movie coming out this summer, I thought I would show an exclusive screen shot from it, that has not been seen until now. So, girls, here is is.

Teddy Pendergrass
March 26, 1950 - January 13, 2010
Close The Door and Turn off the Lights.

From the home office in Port Jefferson, NY, here is this week's...

Top Ten Questions To Ask Yourself Before Going Through an Airport Full Body Scanner
10. Does this guy patting me down even work at the airport?
9. Is this gonna end up on YouTube?
8. Can this count as my yearly physical?
7. Can I upload this to my Facebook page?
6. Will this beam me to the Enterprise?
5. I wonder if this is in place of the movie?
4. Should I have my avatar screened instead?
3. Is this what Obama meant by free health care?
2. I wonder if the Salahis could sneak through this?
And the number one question to ask yourself before going through an airport full body scanner is...
1. Can they see Regis' new hip with this thing?

A group of Mexicans and Indians enters the Taos home of New Mexican Territory Governor Charles Bent, and scalps him.
Houston daredevil Karel Soucek is dropped in a barrel from the roof of the Astrodome. Though he was aiming for a water tank on the field, his barrel strikes the edge of the tank. He suffers a fatal skull fracture.
Wendy O. Williams, of the Plasmatics, arrested for masturbating herself onstage with a sledgehammer.
The eternally skanky Singaporan porn star Annabel Chong has sex with 80 men a total of 251 times, in a single day. She was paid $12,000 for this appearance in World's Biggest Gang Bang I.
Todd Bridges, Willis on "Diff'rent Strokes", booked in Marina Del Rey on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. He repeatedly rammed the weapon, his car, into another vehicle after an argument in a video arcade.

This is very cool, today's guest is with an American author of fantasy and science fiction, who I am a huge fan of, and is one of my idols. I should be writing science fiction novels like him instead of this little blog. His latest book "Flinx Transcendent" is the fourth book to be listed pheatured in the Peverett Phile Book Club. Please welcome to the Phile... Alan Dean Foster.

Me: Hello, sir, welcome to the Phile. This is a big thrill for me, as you are an idol of mine. Thanks for letting "Flinx Transcendent" be on the Phile's Book Club. So, how are you?

Alan: Better than I have any right to be.

Me: For some reason I always thought you were English, but you were born in New York, is that right? Where do you live now?

Alan: Yes, born in NY. I currently reside in historical Prescott, Arizona

Me: I grew up on Long Island... Port Jefferson to be exact. Ever been there?

Alan: Not to Pt. Jefferson, but when we lived in New York my family used to rent a house near the beach for the summer. They had to watch me every second, as I had a habit of wandering off into the ocean, quite unaware that I was incapable of breathing underwater.

Me: Alan, you wrote so many novels, do you know how many you have written?

Alan: About 107. Plus 7 collections of short fiction.

Me: Where do you get the time to do all that writing? I barely get the time to do my little lame blog here.

Alan: I'm a fast writer, and a dedicated one. I write something every single day. If you do something every single day, you will inevitably do a lot of whatever it is.

Me: Where do you get the ideas for the novels? I would think your mind is always daydreaming.

Alan: Good ideas are everywhere. And yes, I frequently daydream. It's what you got yelled at for doing in school. Now it's a living.

Me: Of all the novels you wrote and I read, I have to say "Quozl" took the longest for me to read. Did that book take a long time to write, or do you normally writing quickly?

Alan: It generally takes me 3-4 months to do an original novel. Novelizations take less.

Me: Is there any of your novels that you wrote you wish you can re-write?

Alan: I'd like to be able to go back and, not rewrite per se, but update some of the science in the earlier novels. For example, in the "Icerigger" trilogy the stranded humans have no communications access to the rest of the planet. This was written before the advent of satellite communications and obviously no longer holds up scientifically without further explanation.

Me: I know you wrote "Dinotopia", which was made into a mini-series, Alan, but has there been any talk in having TV series' or movies based on the "Spellsinger" or "Pip and Flinx" series?

Alan: "Dinotopia" is the work of the artist-writer James Gurney, not me. The confusion perhaps arises from the fact that I wrote two novels set in "Dinotopia". But I had nothing to do with the TV series.

Me: Growing up reading the "Pip and Flinx" books, I always wanted to play Flinx in a movie or something.

Alan: We all imagine ourselves as different favorite characters, I reckon.

Me: I have to ask you about the "Spellsinger" series. I loved your music lyric references. You never referenced Foghat lyrics though. What gives?

Alan: So few books, so much music. And of course the lyrics had to relate to the specific situation in the story.

Me: For the Phile readers that don't know what I am talking about, do you want to briefly explain what the "Spellsinger" series was about?

Alan: A university student from our world is drawn into another world where magic works and animals are intelligent. He discovers he can make magic with music. Unfortunately, while he's a pretty good guitar player, his singing sucks.

Me: Are you planning anymore in that series, sir?

Alan: Not at the moment, but it is occasionally mentioned in discussions with various publishers. I'd be delighted to do more.

Me: Let's talk about your latest novel, "Flinx Transcendent". It's kinda split up in three different parts, right? What made you write it like that?

Alan: It was just the way the story developed. I often enjoy beginning a story one way only to have it take unexpected turns.

Me: I read that this is the last book in that series. Say it isn't so. What made you end it now, or did you always plan to end it after 14 books?

Alan: It may not be the last book. It's the book that wraps up all the loose ends to date, but at the end Flinx is still around. We'll see how bored he gets in retirement.

Me: Okay, for years people thought you wrote the novel for the first Star Trek movie, but you wrote the first treatment. How different is that treatment you wrote different then the final film?

Alan: Certain details are different, but the basics are pretty much the same.

Me: You also wrote the novel adaption to the latest Star Trek film. What did you think of that movie? I was never a fan of Star Trek until I saw that film.

Me: Excellent movie. Accomplished the exceedingly difficult task of reinventing a venerable franchise while still being true to the original. No one thought they could pull it off.

Me: How did you start getting into writing film adaptions, Alan? Is that an easy thing to do?

Alan: I was asked by the editors at Del Rey to write an adaptation of a truly terrible film called Luana. It all started from that. And yes, they are easy to do... but not so easy to do well, and with care.

Me: You wrote the novel for the first Star Wars film as well! How did that happen? Did you get to meet George Lucas? When you wrote that book it was before the movie came out of course. Did you know that Star Wars was gonna end up being such a phenomenon?

Alan: I was referred to Lucas by some of his colleagues. Yes, George and I met several times, even though he was busy with finishing the film. A regular guy... just happens to make movies. No one knew SW was going to become the phenomenon it did. That's true of nearly all such phenomena.

Me: And you wrote the first non-movie Star Wars book, "Splinter In the Mind's Eye". Was that your idea, or George's?

Alan: It was a two-book contract. The ideas were mine... it is an original novel, after all, utilizing George's characters and universe.

Me: Would you write any other Star Wars book?

Alan: Have you seen "The Approaching Storm"?

Me: My all-time favorite book you wrote was "Glory Lane" which I read so many times. I don't know why I love it so much. I always dreamt of a "Glory Lane" movie, or at least a sequel. Would you ever write a sequel to it?

Alan: Not likely... that one is pretty much complete in itself. But yes, it would make a wonderful movie.

Me: Years ago I started to write "Glory Lane" as a film script myself. I wanted to play Kerwin, of course. No, I am not gay. LOL. Now, I am just too old.

Alan: Now all you need is fifty million or so.

Me: What authors do you like? And do you watch sci-fi shows on TV like "Lost", "Doctor Who" or "V"?

Alan: In SF, my favorite writers are Eric Frank Russell, Murray Leinster, and Robert Sheckley. I rarely watch SF on TV. The aliens are just people with bad cosmetic surgery, and I can see the endings coming too far ahead to enjoy. But "Futurama" is great. Episodes like "The Farnsworth Parabox" are just wonderful... you can see the writers with science backgrounds laughing themselves silly in the writing conferences. I'd love to write for that show.

Me: I read somewhere that you took karate with Chuck Norris? Is that true? What belt did you get up to? My son is an orange belt, white stripe, and has only been doing karate for a year.

Alan: Yes. I tested for black, but failed, and was preparing to retest when Chuck shut down his dojos and went into the movies... courtesy of Steve McQueen, I suspect.

Me: Finally, Alan, what books can we look forward coming out in the future? What are you working on now?

Alan: I've written the first novel sequel to the new ST film. "Star Trek: Rewfugees" will be out in June. I'm currently finishing up a new SF trilogy titled "The Tipping Point". The first novel, "The Human Blend", will be out this year. And I have a fantasy trilogy in the works titled "Oshanurth", which is set entirely underwater.

Me: Thanks again for taking part and doing this interview. I hope it was fun, Alan. You are welcome back to the Phile anytime you want, and if you ever make it to Orlando with your family, let me know, and I will get you into the Disney parks (where I work). Go ahead and mention your website and don't stop writing. You're the best!

Alan: You are most welcome.

Man, that was a big thrill, and when his new book comes out I really hope he comes back onto the Phile. And if anybody has 50 million laying about, let me know and we can do that "Glory Lane" film. Well, that about does it for this entry. Thanks to Alan Dean Foster for taking time out to do the interview and also to Wikipedia. The Phile will be be back next Sunday, yes, Sunday, not Tuesday as my days off at work will be changing through the next month or so. The Phile will be posted next Sunday with hot, kick-ass singer Polly Punkneck. Check her out on iTunes. So, until then, spread the word, not the turd. Bye love you, bye.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pheaturing Reveling Matt Manzo

Hello, there, welcome to another entry of the Phile, kicking off the 4th year. Yep, the Phile started officially on January 8th, four years ago. I can't believe I've been wasting my time for this long. So, how do you like the new look? I think it's pretty cool. Anyway, I'm sure you heard by now but here in Florida it's been freezing. It's been so cold, Florida went from looking like a wang to just a stump. It's like America just took a cold shower. It's so cold, I feel like pissing my wife off, just so I can be in some hot water. This sucks, if you are into football... The New York Jets are in the playoffs and the New York Giants are out of the playoffs. What was God doing, taking a nap? According to the Chinese calendar, 2010 is the year of the Tiger. Because it definitely wasn't 2009 for him. Or maybe it was... Congratulation's to President Obama on becoming an uncle. His brother-in-law Craig Robinson and his wife just had a son in Oregon, or so they claim. Lou Dobbs is demanding to see the birth certificate. The child's name is Austin Robinson. Next week he’ll go before the Senate and if they confirm him, he’ll become the official nephew of Obama. Health officials in Mexico have issued a warning after thousands of dead fish have washed up on the coast. They don’t know what killed the fish, though a single bullet wound to the back of the head may indicate drug cartel involvement. Marylin Manson announced today that he is engaged to actress Evan Rachel Wood. If you’re looking to get them a present, they’re registered at Bed, Bath, & Bizarre. It won’t be long before we hear the pitter-patter of little devil worshipping weirdoes. Elvis Presley would have been 75 on his birthday a few days ago. He was a deputy in Nixon’s war on drugs. That’s like having Tiger Woods give out promise rings. So, for months I have been showing you different motivational posters, which is cheap comedy, and last week I showed you an Avatar themed motivational poster. That one was so successful, I guess they decided to make another. Check it out.

And now, let's play...
My son was watching the Transformers cartoon and I was a little disturbed.

Okay, from the home office in Port Jefferson, New York, here is this week's...

Top Ten Answers To The Question, "How Cold Is It?"
10. "It's so cold, my Snuggie needed a Snuggie."
9. "It's so cold, the pigeons in New York City have been replaced with penguins."
8. "It's so cold, it's minus six degrees of Kevin Bacon."
7. "It's so cold, Green Bay Packer's fans are wearing two coats of green paint."
6. "It's so cold, even CEO salaries are frozen."
5. "It's so cold, even PETA members are wearing fur."
4. "It's so cold, Matthew McConaughey put on a shirt."
3. "It's so cold, the Hudson River is now a designated runway."
2. "It's so cold, I can see Russia's breath from my house."
And the number one answer to the question, "How cold is it?" is...
1. "It's so cold, people are ordering explosives for their underwear."

Miep Gies
February 15, 1909 - January 11, 2010
Most people remember her for that Anne Frank diary thing. Everyone seems to forget that she was the inspiration for the Road Runner's signature sound.

General William T. Sherman issues Special Field Order No. 15, entitling the household of each freed slave "a plot of no more than forty acres of tillable ground" along the Carolina coastline between Charleston and Jacksonville. After the Confederate surrender, the Johnson administration makes a halfhearted attempt to follow through on the acreage, but all efforts to parcel out the land in question are abandoned just a few months later.
Industrialist Henry Ford offers the incredible sum of a $5 per day wage for unskilled labor (previously $2.34), but only to married white Christian men willing to subject themselves to surveillance and random home inspections by the company's Sociology Department.
Murderer Ruth Snyder executed in the Electric Chair at Ossining. Photographer Thomas Howard catches the moment of death with a camera secretly strapped to his ankle, and the photo runs on the front page of the New York Daily News.
At 10:58 a.m. PST, scientists conduct what they called a "controlled excursion", burning up a nuclear rocket in Nevada and putting a radioactive cloud over Los Angeles.
Premiere on television of the homoerotic comedy "Batman" starring Adam West and Burt Ward.
The first episode of "All in the Family" made television history by broadcasting the sound of a toilet flushing.
One of the Hillside Stranglers, security guard Kenneth Bianchi, is arrested in Bellingham, Washington for a pair of rape/strangulations. After he moved north from Los Angeles he made the mistake of continuing his high profile hobby.
A transcript of the infamous 1989 intercepted phone call between Camilla and Prince Charles is published by the Sun. "I'll just live inside your trousers or something". Good god. Advice Re: Camilla -- that tuna can't possibly taste good.

Who's In It: Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law, Rachel McAdams, Mark Strong.
The Basics: Sherlock Holmes and his very close, intimate friend Dr. Watson like to spend lots and lots and lots of time together. Watson fusses over Holmes and keeps him together when he's sad or depressed. All Watson has to do is walk into a room and it makes Holmes's heart do cartwheels and backflips into the air! They like to go have adventures together solving mysteries about ritual Satanic murders. It's just them, two special friends, living, loving, laughing and battling the devil's emissary in 19th century London. But then along comes this lady who wants to take Watson away from Holmes. She's dumb. Hate her.
What's The Deal: Okay that's not the actual plot, just what you'll be thinking every time these two affectionately gaze into each other's eyes. It's actually about the bad Satan-worshipping guy who runs around bellowing, "I'M THE DEVIL'S MAIN BRO!" and scaring everyone witless while Holmes and Watson cleverly gather clues to bring down his evildoing. They also get into major brawls with this or that obstacle-ish bad guy, men twice Downey's size whom he takes down with mechanical precision. Because on director Guy Ritchie's checklist of obsessions, right after revering and then punching holes in the traditionally masculine cement wall of crime-adoring films, he also loves reveling in and distantly observing violence as a way men solve problems. You might just want to skip it if your thing is old-fashioned Holmes, the civilized gentleman tossing off lines like, "It's elementary, Dear Watson." But if you can get with a funny, jumpy, modern re-invention of these characters then you're going to have a great time.
Missing Pieces Of The Puzzle: Well, Rachel McAdams doesn't get a lot of action here, since Ritchie's never been overly concerned with what the women in his movies are doing. And because Holmes's logic is private and labyrinthine, the film can't build on the clues he finds because they're all, by virtue of being discovered by him, obscure markers on a convoluted path. So momentum and suspense are an issue. You're just waiting for the inevitable crime-solving moment. Thankfully, it delivers that moment with humor and and a dizzying pile-up of explanations that you'd have never come up with yourself. Because you're probably not a well-paid screenwriter. And you're definitely not Sherlock Holmes.
You're More Likely To Find That Famous Hat On Sesame Street's Sherlock Hemlock: Right at the beginning there's a fast-paced sequence that includes a blink-and-miss moment involving a hat. And it happens so quickly that you'll be arguing with yourself about whether or not it's even the right kind of hat. And then you forget about it because after that the top of Downey's head mostly resembles Jennifer Aniston's from 1995. As anachronisms go, it's nervy. And fluffy. And features discreet blondish highlights.
Will I Get It On Blu-Ray? Of course!

Below is a picture of the 4th book in the Peverett Phile Book Club. The author, Alan Dean Foster, will be interviewed on the Phile next Tuesday.

Today's interview is with a folk/pop singer/songwriter based in Pittsburgh. His latest release "Zuzu's Petals" is now available on iTunes. Please welcome to the Phile... Reveling Matt Manzo.

Me: Hello, Matt, welcome to the Phile. Should I call you Matt or Reveling? Anyway, how are you?

Matt: Thanks I feel welcome! And good, thanks for asking.

Me: Your stage name is Reveling Matt... how did that come about?

Matt: Reveling was the word that came to mind when I listened to or played music. In my mind it meant joy. I later found out it’s a phrase used for when people are drunk or taking part in orgies – if you reference the Bible. So, not what I thought it meant. Anyhow, I am trying now to phase out of that and go by Matt Manzo nowadays.

Me: What happened to all your band members? Especially your hot looking singer Molly. You had a lot of them, didn't you?

Matt: Well, Reveling had two line ups. One in Eau Claire, WI and the other in Montana. The band members on the album I met in a Christian organization called Youth With A Mission and they liked the music and “gave” a year of their time to play my music with me. We had 7 members, including me. Molly was a fantastic singer. She challenged me to really be precise in my melodic writing because she’d always be singing these perfect counter melodies to the songs. Anyhow most of them are out west still and the lead guitarist is in Nashville, but no longer playing music sadly. And the Bassist and Rhythm guitarist are married and live in Australia.

Me: I downloaded your album and EP both off from iTunes, Matt. "Zuzu's Petals" is your latest release, which is the EP. Why was your second release so short? You are very talented and I am sure your fans want to hear more music.

Matt: Well I got married and had my first kid that year. So times were strained to do much of what I wanted to do. Which was fine because I am glad to be a husband and a father.
"Zuzu’s" was recorded in Nashville while I lived there for a year. Aaron Sternke produced the album and we recorded it in his home studio. I did have a lot more songs that I would have like to get down but there just wasn’t time.

Me: Speaking of "Zuzu's Petals", where did that title come from? That sounds like a great stripper name. LOL.

Matt: Interestingly enough it actually comes from an old movie. It’s A Wonderful Life was a movie I grew up watching as a kid and it kind of became this deep truth of what life is about for me. Zuzu is the daughter of Jimmy Steward’s character and at one point in the movie he shoves these petals from a flower of Zuzu’s in his pocket. Later in the movie the petals represent the meaningful things that he has in his life. And that’s why I named it "Zuzu’s Petals" because these four songs were about events, good or bad, that were important/meaningful occurrences in my life.

Me: Your first release "On Our Way" is a really good album, Matt. When and where was that recorded? You have some very good songs on it. You must really like songwriting?

Matt: I do love writing songs. I feel like I could sit in a dark room and do that forever and I would be most myself there too. "On Our Way" was recorded in July-August of, what year did that come out… 2004 I think. Again with Aaron Sternke, who really had a talented hand in creating a place for the songs to come alive. The name of the studio was… ummm Studio 501, run by Steve Praetzel on the Youth With A Mission campus. The campus was in a 500 population town called Lakeside, Montana.

Me: I know you have a family, Matt, do you let your wife hear your songs as you work on them to get feedback? I bet having children changes the way you work and write.

Matt: LOL! My wife is a musician too and I sometimes ask for her opinion, but as I’ve learned it’s not always what I want or need to hear when I’m in the middle of it. So I usually wait 'til it’s complete and bring it to her. She’s always honest which is why I love her, but sometimes it’s better for me to share it with a close friend/fan as to keep our relationship critically free. And yes kids have definitely changed my system. My system now is - there is no system. *Smirk*

Me: I have a ten-year-old son and I know how it is to balance work, doing this lame little blog and building Lego sets with him. You said you just had a baby?

Matt: Yes, in September we had our second. Two boys. They are the coolest, I’m sure every parent thinks that but, they are. We play with Hot Wheels cars a lot. And I’ve seen enough kids movies/TV shows in the last year than I think I ever wanted to.

Me: Matt, you're from Pittsburgh I believe. Have you lived there all your life?

Matt: No, I married into the Sixburgh “glory”. I was an army brat, born in Nuremberg, Germany and bounced around a couple southern states. My deepest roots though were in Eau Claire, WI where I lived with my mother and sister for about 12 years.

Me: Have you been playing and writing songs most of your life?

Matt: Songs on purpose since I was 18, but making stuff up since I was 15. That’s when I got my first guitar.

Me: I looked at your influences and have to say you have a good taste. Have you ever opened for or met any of the bands or musicians that you like?

Matt: Thanks; I’d like to think so too. Yeah, I’ve open and had Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, play with me at a handful of shows. Justin was a High School classmate of mine in Eau Claire. In fact, Justin recorded my first ever release in 1999 or 2000. He’s probably the most influential artist that has impacted my music on that list. If you haven’t heard any DeYarmond Edison then you should check that stuff out. Oh and I also met all the guys from Counting Crows, sans Adam Duritz, at a concert in Minneapolis. But that was just some breeze shooting, nothing to really speak of.

Me: If there's one person who you wish you can play or record with, who would that be?

Matt: Man oh man. Um, I would love to record with members of Counting Crows because the way they arrange their recordings is phenomenal. I’ve also always dreamed of having a record produced by Brendan O’Brien who produced Pearl Jam’s “Vs.” and “Vitalogy”, Bruce Springsteen’s “The Rising”, Lifehouse’s “Stanley Climbfall”, and Train’s “Drops of Jupiter”. Just a lot of records in my collection that I love the way they sound. I would also love to record with Vern again to now that I have a decade of experience under my belt. That's three not one, guess that's why I'm not a mathematician.

Me: Do you know Ms. Joy Ike? She's been on the Phile and was a real treat.

Matt: Yeah man! Joy is amazing in all she does. She is the poster person for networking and being an unsigned musician and making a living out of it. She really helped me get my feet wet in the Pittsburgh scene. We’ve played a couple of times together is songwriter circles she puts together. Great, great girl.

Me: Matt, anything new we can look forward from you? I think a live album would be so cool. Continued success to you, Matt, and I hope this was fun. You are welcomed back to the Phile anytime you want. Go ahead and plug your website if you want. Hope to see you in Florida sometime.

Matt: Yes I am currently recording another small 3 song EP with a home studio in my spare time. I hope to get it out by the end of this year, early next year. I am also posting videos on youtube weekly of all sorts of stuff – Older originals, unreleased songs, and covers too. It’s the usual youtube stuff. I don’t have an official website but I have officially posted my stuff on free sites. Some places to find me and my music,, Facebook and Thanks so much for finding me, and taking your time to invite me here to let me share my music, and a bit of my life with ya. I like your blog and the interviews a lot. It’s been a true pleasure and I hope our paths cross again.

Well, that's this this week's entry. I hope you like the few new changes I made. I am just keeping it fresh, you know. I would like to tank Matt Manzo for taking time out to do the interview. He seems real cool, and I would love to him him back on the Phile again. Also, thanks to Wikipedia. The Phile will be back next week with Peverett Phile Book Club author Alan Dean Foster, which is a big deal for me. So, until then, have a safe week, spread the word, not the turd, bye love you bye.