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Pheaturing Molly Tuttle


Hey, kids, welcome to the Phile. How are you? Something about mass commercial soda companies confronting racism always leads to social media snafu. First, there was the infamously cringey Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial in 2017 which has aged even worse than critics imagined. And now the Coca-Cola Company is in hot water over their diversity training which reportedly urged workers to “be less white.” Frankly, there are critics on both sides of the debate. While actions by Pepsi were not radical enough (or at all), the recent step by Coke is being decried as “reverse racism.” The question then becomes one that’s nearly impossible to answer under capitalism. To what degree can a company outwardly profess progressive ideals while maintaining an order that continuously overlooks both consumers and workers of color? In 2021, campaigns... both commercial and political... rely on perceived authenticity. And that’s just one reason why the move by Coca-Cola has drawn especially sharp criticism. Screenshots from Coca-Cola’s new diversity training program were leaked on Twitter by Karlyn Borysenko, a self-described “Former Democrat” and “Unwoke activist”... whatever that means. On February 19th, she posted images from Coke’s online “Confronting Racism” training program, reportedly shared by an “internal whistleblower.” As the screenshots show, the training included slides entitled, “Understanding What it Means to Be White, Challenging What it Means to Be Racist.” 

As a response to that challenge, the program encourages workers “to be less white,” accompanied by a list of seven reasons how. Predictably, it did not take long for an angry online mob to grow, accusing the company of “reverse racism.” One such commenter, employment lawyer, and GOP official Harmeet K. Dhillon, re-tweeted the post and calling it “blatant racial discrimination.” In response, a Coca-Cola spokesperson released a (fairly lukewarm) statement that did not deny that the training took place, but insisted that its message “is not a focus of our company’s curriculum.” Coca-Cola also denied that Karlyn Borysenko would have received the screenshots from an “internal whistleblower,” as the training seminar was publicly accessible on LinkedIn Learning. However, the link provided by Coca-Cola has since been taken down. Newsweek reported that LinkedIn removed the course on February 22nd, following the backlash. The “Confronting Racism” learning curriculum, adopted by the Coca-Cola Company, was written by White Fragility author, sociologist Robin DiAngelo. White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism was published in 2018 and remained on the New York Times Bestseller List for more than a year. DiAngelo, who is white, spent more than 20 years working in corporate diversity training. She wrote White Fragility for a white audience after reflecting on the hostility she witnessed from white people during racial diversity training. Both White Fragility and the “Confronting Racism” learning program draw on the concepts of Critical Race Theory, an American sociological framework developed during the 1980s. Critical Race Theory derives from two underlying themes: 1. White supremacy exists. 2. Transforming the harmful relationship between law and racial power, currently rooted in white supremacy, is possible. Turning concepts of Critical Race Theory into part of a learning plan for corporate entities might, ideally, lead to a more inclusive workplace. After all, in the wake of every new controversy regarding racism at the professional level, the official outcome is usually the same: more diversity training. It’s one of the few concrete measures we have to tackle discriminatory bias. So why not try overhauling the process? In an experimental move, Coca-Cola... wittingly or not... included aspects of Critical Race Theory as part of the company’s evolving movement. However, this is not the first time Robin DiAngelo’s work has faced criticism. As the Twitter mob accused the new training of being racist against white people, many academic experts have previously complained that DiAngelo’s writings assume a certain level of class privilege. The arguments might sound quite different... one from the left and one from the right... but get at a similar point: white people are not a monolith. As such, DiAngelo’s arguments are most helpfully aimed at “the well-educated liberal elite” while her opinions on a mass “white voice” and “white experience” are not necessarily as effective when applied to the real working world. For example, in the case of the Coca-Cola company, it looks like racist actions have historically been perpetrated at the top of the corporate ladder. Rather than, ostensibly, by factory workers completing the charged diversity training. Grace Elizabeth Hale’s 2018 New York Times op-ed, “When Jim Crow Drank Coke” outlines the historic... and troubling... link between Coca-Cola and the African-American community. Coca-Cola was invented in 1886 by pharmacist John Pemberton. It was famously infused with cocaine, and skirted around various prohibition laws. The drink became a refreshing... and stimulating... favorite among wealthy and middle-class whites who could casually enjoy the beverage at local soda fountains. Then In 1899, Coke invented the glass soda bottle, immediately de-segregating access to the pop. But as black people began to purchase and enjoy the drug-infused soft drink, the white community suddenly worried that it would lead to a rise in cocaine usage among African-Americans. A mass hysteria broke out. As time went on, the cocaine was ultimately removed from the product. Coke then stepped up to create new ad campaigns that would prolong the popularity of the product. Despite the widespread demand for Coke in both white and black areas, Coke focused advertisements solely on white consumers. Their competitor, Pepsi, was more than happy to fill that gap, hiring a black marketing team, and even Duke Ellington as a spokesman. This went on until Pepsi eventually abandoned the cause, fretting over losing the favor of whites. That’s when Coke, finally, recognized the commercial viability of the black market and began fostering an ongoing relationship with the N.A.A.C.P. That partnership was called into question in 1999. In 1999, a lawsuit filed by black Coke employees accused Coca-Cola of “erecting a corporate hierarchy in which black employees were clustered at the bottom of the pay scale,” according to NewsOne. They averaged $26,000 less per year less than their white co-workers. In November 2000, came the largest discrimination settlement to date: $192 million. $156 million to the employees, plus a $50 million donation to the Coca-Cola Foundation for community programs. In addition to the massive payout, this settlement required the implementation of changes in how the “company manages, promotes and treats black employees.” But the issues did not end there. In 2012, sixteen black and Hispanic Coke employees sued claiming they were forced to work under “racially discriminatory” conditions constituting a “hostile environment.” One worker said she was openly ridiculed as a “nappy head and Aunt JaMamma” with no disciplinary action being taken against her verbal abuser. After such a history of such discriminatory practices, it’s no wonder that Coca-Cola sought to update its image through a contemporary and academically-rooted diversity training course. But since the company has yet to speak out in true defense of the new curriculum, the gesture feels empty and a looming space is left in this cultural conversation. One that’s happily dominated by “unwoke activists” like Karlyn Borysenko. Though I suspect Robin DiAngelo would have a succinct response to those posting in the fragile Twitter frenzy: “Be less white.” 

An FBI field office director located in the Upstate New York section sexually harassed eight female subordinates and then asked one of them to have sex with him in a conference room. According to a report, James Hendricks, who left the FBI’s field office in Albany in 2018, supervised more than 200 agents and several other FBI employees. But according to his colleagues, they now allege that he was a very “skilled predator” who leered about women and touched them inappropriately. This according to a 52-page office of Inspector General report that was obtained by the Associated Press. Hendricks’ name was blacked out in the report, but law enforcement sources familiar with the case identified him as a now-retired FBI leader in the Federal Report that was obtained by the Freedom of Information Act. The alleged sexual harassments date back to his time at FBI headquarters, where he served as a Section Chief in the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate. Six of his accusers were located in Albany, while two others stated that they were harassed by him in Washington D.C. Some of his colleagues stated that he was routinely inappropriate around attractive women co-workers, and became super “giddy” in their presents believing he was “incapable of stopping himself.” One woman even carried a ruler at FBI headquarters in order to smack Hendricks’ hand away whenever he groped her breasts and legs. A second accuser stated that the “FBI Boss” tugged on her ear and then kissed her cheek while at a closed-door meeting. According to OIG Report, which serves as the Justice Department’s Internal Watchdog, Hendricks joined the FBI back in 1998 and was among several senior officers who avoided discipline and retired with full benefits last year despite there being several sexual misconduct claims against him being sustained today. The Associated Press reported that one woman had accused Hendricks of pressuring her into a sexual relationship, claiming that he could “push out” those who crossed him. According to the report, “He was in a powerful position, and she worried about what he would do if she did not respond to his advances.” The former FBI director allegedly also asked a female subordinate to sit in the passenger seat of his car so he could “play with that beautiful hair.” The woman says that she didn’t report the incident to FBI officials since her work required his approval and she “wanted to be successful in the office.” OIG investigators stated that the 50-year-old now writes a law enforcement blog and didn’t respond to any messages seeking comment. But he did tell previous Federal investigators that his accusers had “exaggerated or misinterpreted his behavior.” He allegedly told investigators, “It’s an ugly, ugly laundry list of things that were said, and that’s really hurtful to me and it really just disappoints me.” FBI officials have declined to discuss the Hendricks’ case but stated that the Bureau has a zero-tolerance policy for any sexual harassment and fosters a work environment where every employee is valued, respected, and protected.

The head of one of New York City’s top Catholic schools has officially been removed from his position amid several allegations of sexual misconduct involving adult members of the school community, including some underlinings. According to the School Board of Trustees, Father Daniel Lahart was placed on leave for his position as president of Regis High School located on the Upper East Side. Lahart had been president of Regis, which is located in Manhattan, since 2016. A letter from the chair of all the Boys Schools Board of Trustees stated “The investigation is now coming to a close, and the board of trustees has determined, based on the findings of the third-party investigator, that Fr. Lahart engaged in inappropriate and unwelcome verbal communications and physical conduct, all of a sexual nature, with adult members of the Regis community, including subordinates. This conduct was nonconsensual, and moreover, continued notwithstanding express requests from the affected parties for the conduct to cease.” The father was removed permanently from his role at the private school. Apparently, the removal of Father Lahart comes at a very delicate moment for the Roman Catholic Church. All of its dioceses located in New York State are now under investigation by the New York State attorney general, Letitia James, for the way it handles cases of sexual misconduct. Fordham Professor of Christian Spirituality Dr. Colt Anderson stated that Catholic schools with the proudest histories are unfortunately some of the most secretive ones. He stated, “All the kids who are going there now know they have a special privilege being there.” He also noted that it was a good sign that Regis had launched a quick investigation which resulted in consequences. The Jesuit Religious Order, which runs the school, has not described what the inappropriate behavior was, but a spokesperson stated that the order agrees with the decision to remove the father ultimately. Anderson warned religious orders can sometimes be tempted in order to protect their own members rather than complain about their appropriate behavior. Anderson noted, “And they think about redemption, and they think about forgiveness. Those are deeply baked into the way they approach these kinds of problems and so they don’t want to publicize these things.” He stated that the termination was quick showing that some reforms within the church are working in the wake of several Catholic sex abuse scandals going on. He stated that sexually inappropriate behavior with adults at the school continued even though they had asked the father to stop. Investigators stated that no students were part of the alleged inappropriate behavior. Father Lahart nor his Representatives have released a statement on the situation. But, before the misconduct allegations surfaced, he was allegedly fond of posting several Facebook images of famous Regis alumnus, which includes "Saturday Night Live"’s Colin Jost and Dr. Anthony Fauci. It is still unclear if he would be allowed to continue Catholic Ministry in some way or another.

A surgeon was put on suspension by a medical board in Brazil after she went viral on the social media platform TikTok for making videos of herself flaunting and dancing with the skin and fat that she removed from her patients. Plastic surgeon Caren Trisoglio Garcia has been suspended by the Regional Medical Board of the State of San Paulo, Brazil, for the videos she shared and is currently under investigation. If found guilty of misconduct, she may have her license revoked. Her suspension was announced on the website that belongs to the board, called CREMESP, and Garcia will not be able to see or attend to any patients during the investigation. Based in the Brazilian municipality of Ribeirao Preto, she enters each video dancing, holding human fat in a plastic bag. She captioned one video saying, “This is the breast,” and had identified another bag with human fat saying, “This is underarm fat.” She also has referred to the bags of skin and fat that she’s held up in videos as “Today’s trophy.” Garcia was already suspended for six months from the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgeon (SBCP) by the time the board found her videos antithetical. The SBCP found Garcia guilty of breaking five of its internal regulations, which do include sharing images of body parts even with the patient’s authorization. SBCP president Estefano Luiz Favaretto told local news channel EPTV that he encouraged CREMESP to “take action” because doctors were outraged seeing Garcia’s videos. Garcia’s TikTok has 640k followers and around 11 million likes. She also posts videos of her posing and working out. I’m not sure what this lady was thinking, but it’s insane to see what people will do for some Internet fame. Social media has become such a normal part of society as an easy way to make a name for yourself, and the obsession can drive people not to think about the consequences it could have on the rest of their lives. I would hate to lose a license I put in a ton of effort and work towards, just because I wanted to be known somewhere like TikTok. 

Unlike other Marvel series and projects, "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" doesn’t simply focus on the highly-powered beings that threaten the world. Rather, the Disney+ series is centering its focus on the reality within the world when Thanos’ Blip happened. Half of the world’s population returned after a five-year absence. Thanos was right about the problem. In those five years, the borders between countries were not too strict with millions of empty homes. This led to more resources available to the remaining population, improving the quality of life. This is where Sam and Bucky fighting against people who are trying to preserve the current state of things. The philosophy of Thanos’ desire to snap half of the population’s existence started with his own home planet, Titan. The planet collapsed due to overpopulation. Thanos embarked on a mission to stop other worlds from suffering the same fate. He set out on a decades-long mission of trying to eradicate half of every population he could find. Thanos believed that those left behind will prosper, with the abundance of resources left by those eradicated by his Blip. If the heroes weren’t able to go back in time and stop him, whatever he has done would have been final. Earth’s fate in the five years that followed after the Blip as shown in "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" seemingly prove this to be true. Those who don’t have food or shelter found an abundance of food and even moved the world to a more unified organization. Thanos’ hypothesis about the problem was right. However, even though Thanos was right about the problem, his way of getting to the answer was the murder of many innocent people. He placed the lives of those people in his own hands. Thanos' solution was wrong. Some people may see Thanos as right as they see the benefits of what he has done. However, in a few more decades, when the population starts rising again, would the massacre of millions eventually be the answer again? Would a worldwide ban on giving birth or child policy be in place to control the growing population? Would it require a governing organization to impose strict measures to control people and punish them if they do not follow the policy? Thanos is right about the problem but his solution of murdering billions of innocent people does not guarantee anything. In fact, it doesn’t solve anything. It may only provide some years of abundance and prosperity but scarcity will always be present. If murdering half the population is the answer, then why did the civilizations during the ancient times when humans are few still experienced hunger, poverty, and scarcity? The population of humans in ancient times is less than the population that was left after the Blip. Yet, even during those times, the resources were scarce. There was famine, poverty, and hunger. Some people may argue that that was the ancient time and the world that Thanos left is more advanced compared to the ancient times. The unforeseen changes in nature, the crops getting affected by locusts, and many uncontrollable world happenings will continue to persist. Even with all the advancements, humans still rely on nature for the most basic necessities. There will be fewer people to work in certain industries. They have to maintain the industries and advancements made with fewer people to aid them. If we look at the world today, even with all the advancements, when an earthquake or storm happens, these advancements cannot fight these things. There might even be whole industries eradicated as the people who work on them may have been wiped out by the Blip. If we put things in perspective in the real world, there may even be middle-class people who were not struggling for resources and living in normal conditions. They are working just to feed their families and build their futures. There might be people who came from poverty, worked hard to lift themselves out of it, and are starting to prosper in life. Yet, the Blip took away their lives at the moment when they are receiving the fruit of their hard work. Moreover, Thanos didn’t simply wipe out the criminals and those people who may have been justifiably needed to be removed from the world. The Blip was random which means there are many innocent people who died while there are still criminals and evil people left that could still wreak havoc and inflict pain on other people. What Thanos did may have provided a short relief, providing an abundance of resources but as the ancient times have proven, even if the population is few, scarcity is always present. It can also be wiped out by unexpected events in nature. Was Thanos right or wrong? He was right about the problem, but his solution was temporary. A temporary solution that happened in exchange for billions of innocent lives. Some people may argue that his solution is right and they may have their own beliefs on why but the Blip still doesn’t guarantee anything in the long run.

Do you know what makes me chuckle? When people reenact their childhood photos... like this one...

Hahahaha. This week is the anniversary of the Titanic sinking. I think I know why the Titanic hit the iceberg. It's because it looked like this...

Hahahaha. If you're looking for a graphic design job, you may want to contact whoever employed the people responsible for this following design fails. They are most likely hiring. 

Hahaha. We all know you're supposed to smile and say thanks when someone gives you a gift. But what if the gift in question is a completely inedible cake? A woman recently emailed the Phile to ask if she mishandled a sticky situation. Her aunt, who's a professional baker, gave her twin brother a perfect cake for their birthday... but let her daughter, 9, make a cake for this woman. And when she gave her brutally honest opinion of the cake, the nine-year-old overheard. Now she's wondering if she's wrong. 

"Last week was my and my twin brother's birthday. Our family wanted to throw us a small party and we thought it'd be a great idea since we've hardly gotten to see anyone in our extended family for the last year. I was particularly excited because our aunt owns a bakery and makes the most delicious cakes and I wasn't able to get one last year. The day of the party comes and my family members arrive. My aunt comes up to me and my brother with her daughter, Averi, in tow. Both my aunt and Averi have a small box in their hands and Averi is absolutely beaming. My aunt says, "Here are your cakes! I hope you like them!" and Averi immediately chimes in "And I made yours!" When my brother opens his box there's the world's most beautiful white chocolate cake. Absolutely supreme work by my aunt, it's even got raspberry filling. My brother's favorite. I couldn't wait to see mine. The second cake was lackluster: Needless to say when I opened my box I was quite disappointed. When Averi said that she made the cake she meant it. I don't think my aunt had any involvement with my cake at all and it showed. The cake was lopsided, the icing noticeably uneven, and looked like it was decorated by a blind and/or drunk monkey that had access to sprinkles. To be nice I took a bite. Lemon favor, which I detest. Even if it were a flavor that I liked it was dry and could barely qualify as edible. I set it aside, hugged and thanked my cousin for the cake, and continued with the party despite my disappointment. After the party was over my aunt and mom were talking on the phone and my aunt asked to speak with me. She asked me what did I think about the cake and I was brutally honest. I told my aunt that I couldn't eat the cake and had to throw it out and that I wished she had made a cake for both my brother and I and just let Averi have her little side project. Unfortunately my aunt had put me on speakerphone so that my cousin could hear my answer and I gave the worst answer possible. Now Averi doesn't want to talk to me anymore and my aunt and mom are upset with me. My brother called me and ass and said I should have just said I liked the cake but how was I supposed to know my aunt would put me on speakerphone like that? Was I wrong?" Hmmm. Your aunt should have not given cakes of such unequal quality not put you on speaker without at least warning you had Averi "help" make both cakes, rather than let her do one on her own. You were not given equal treatment as your twin brother. And your aunt is wrong for having you on speakerphone without your consent. That cake was made with love. What possible benefit would anyone have got from your unvarnished opinions, even if you hadn't been on speaker phone? Your young cousin tried her best to make you a cake out of love. I don’t blame her for not wanting to talk to you. Speaker phone or not, you sound incredibly entitled. For future, any of the following would have been acceptable. "I wish you would have given me a heads up." "I appreciated the effort." "It must have taken her some time to complete." "The sprinkles were cute." And jeez, nobody owes your family a white chocolate cake with raspberry filling, much less TWO of them. The kid is 9, she is learning a new passion (or WAS learning, before her confidence was crushed). Apologize to your niece, AND your aunt. Or guaranteed you're never seeing another one of her cakes. So there you have it. Speakerphone or not, maybe just be nice about people's gifts? if you have a problem you'd like my advice on then email me at Now from the home office in Port Jefferson, New York here is...

Top Phive Misconceptions That Only Exist Because Of Marketing 
5. That things with "zero sugar" can still have 0.2 grams of sugar per unit which is why Tic Tacs claim to be zero sugar but can still be dangerous for a diabetic person.
4. "Pork. The other white meat." Pork is not a white meat. It is considered red meat, regardless of the color.  
3. "Plop plop, fizz fizz. Oh what a relief it is". Alka Seltzer marketing. You only need one tablet to work. But they realized this and started selling it as the fact that you needed two. 
2. Low fat is good for you. Well not just clever marketing, also lots of lobbying from the sugar industry.  
And the number one top misconception that only exist because of marketing is...
1. That carrots give you night vision. It was just British World War 2 propaganda to hide the radar, which was a new invention at the time. 

Hahahaha. If you spot the Mindphuck let me know. Okay, let's take a live look at Port Jefferson, New York shall we?

That looks like a really nice day there today. I wish I was there. 

Bernie Madoff 
April 29th, 1938 — April 14th, 2021 
The thing about pyramids is that there’s always a little prick at the top.

It looks like Florida has a new garbage guard. An Oakland Park man decided to turn into a pirate and attack a poor jogger with a sword, in an attempt to protect a plastic dump cart that had been thrown out in a trash pile. Yes, a freaking sword. According to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, the runner stumbled upon a pile of garbage in front of his house, and decide to grab the black heavy-duty wagon. That’s when the pirate got upset because HE wanted the cart. The two “exchanged words” but then the jogger, 48-year-old Todd Beavers, took the item anyway. When he got home he realized the pirate had followed him. Fortunately for us, the whole altercation was all caught on video, where you can see the man pull out a long sword from a red sheath and swing it left and right at the jogger. Surprisingly enough, the Florida man isn’t thrown off and just ducks the blow while holding onto the cart. Because well, it’s Florida, so yeah, you kind of have to expect your neighbor swinging some sort of sword at you now and then. When the jogger tells the pirate that the fight is being filmed by his home surveillance camera, the man freaks out and takes off with his sword and sheath in hand. A few moments later, a woman who police officers think knows the suspect can be seen making her way back, dragging the plastic dump cart away while insulting the poor runner. Beavers told police that he regretted his actions, because fighting for a cart is pretty dumb, and was extremely lucky to have come off without injury. Which he is. Ah, I love Florida.

The 149th book to be pheatured in the Phile's Book Club is...

Tori will be on the Phile next Friday. 

Today's guest is is a vocalist, songwriter, banjo player and guitarist, recording artist and teacher in the bluegrass tradition. Her latest album "But I'd Rather Be With You" is available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Please welcome to the Phile... Molly Tuttle.

Me: Hello, Molly, welcome to the Phile. How are you? 

Molly: Hey, I'm good. 

Me: So, I watched a video of you after I first heard you on SiriusXM and I love the way you play guitar. It's almost like you're playing banjo, am I right? 

Molly: Yeah, totally. So it's called clawhammer style and it's normally done on a banjo. I think that's where it originated. When I was a teenager I learned clawhammer banjo and its used in old-time style of music. I loved Gillian Welch, I still love Gillian Welch, but I was obsessed with her as a teenager and I had to learn all her songs. She does some of them on clawhammer banjo. So I wanted to learn that style. I learned this style on banjo first and then I was at a music camp in northern California, someone showed me the style and transferred it to guitar and that totally blew my mind. It was this guy Michael Stadler. 

Me: So, explain to the readers that might be interested on how you play like that. Steve Martin was on the Phile once and explained the different styles of play g banjo. 

Molly: Basically the of playing is I'm strumming down with my index and middle finger. I kind of make my hand like a claw, so I strum down and when my hand comes back I'm plucking one of the low strings with my thumb. Then one of the really basic patterns which is the first one I learned is called "The Bum Ditty" and that's the rhyme of it. 

Me: What was the first song you learned with this style, Molly? 

Molly: It uses that "Bum Ditty" a lot and it's called "Little Sadie." 

Me: So, when you were first learning regular guitar what was the first song you learned? 

Molly: I remember my dad teaching me a fiddle tune called "Cripple Creek" and that was my very first tune. 

Me: So, when did you first write your own songs, Molly? 

Molly: I started taking a songwriting class when I was in high school. 

Me: You took a class? I wish they had that kinda class when I was in school. 

Molly: Yeah, I really wanted to write songs and I think I had this mental block where I didn't know where to start, I tried to write songs and I would just throw them away before I was finished, Halfway though high school I had taken a couple of classes at a community college nearby and they had a songwriting class and I decided to sign up for it. Basically the teacher didn't give any guidelines but he just said, "Write a song each week and come back and we'll all play our songs for the class." So that really forced me to not only to start and finish songs but play them for other people and that really helped me get the songs to a point I felt good about them. 

Me: What were you writing about? 

Molly: I was writing about kind of angsty teenage stuff like crushes I had and thinking of going off to college, leaving my friends. Stuff like that. 

Me: So, your new album "But I'd Rather Be With You," is that a personal record do you think? 

Molly: Yeah, it just evolved in that way. My favorite songwriters write really personal songs so its something I've worked on, just adding in those personal details so people get an idea of who I am. 

Me: So, have you ever come across people who don't know what genre you're playing in? Either it be country or bluegrass? 

Molly: A little bit, yeah. I guess with this new record this is one of the times I really experienced more comments from fans saying they want me to stay with bluegrass or they liked my more traditional sound I've been doing before. So, yeah, its interesting to think about, I feel the same way to certain artists I like where I'm like I don't want them to change, I like what you're doing now. 

Me: So, you understand where your fans are coming from? 

Molly: Yeah, I kind of understand it. And especially with bluegrass, when I listen to bluegrass I really like traditional bluegrass more than the modern sound. I understand it on one hand but it's also a funny dynamic to me where to think of like someone who is thinking they can dictate what an artist is doing. 

Me: Is it true in the Country Music Hall of Fame there's a display of your guitars? 

Molly: Yeah, and one of my outfits as well on a mannequin. 

Me: Wow. Does that give you added pressure giving you fame from places like that so early in your career? 

Molly: I don't know. I don't feel added pressure from the Country Music Hall of Fame or the Opry because I think the people I've met in those institutions are just open and just love music in general. I guess it does sometimes like when they put my guitar exhibit I was like whoa, I was not expecting that and it was such a huge honor. Am I worthy of this? But yeah, I think all of it adds my internal desire to get better and keep pushing myself as an artist. 

Me: Congrats on being the first woman to ever win Guitar Player of the Year from the International Bluegrass Association. How did that feel? 

Molly: It meant a lot to me and I think what I felt about it has evolved since that happened. I remember when I first got nominated I was just so honored and I couldn't believe it happened. I grew up in the bluegrass community so I've just been apart of that world for so long and to feel all the support from IBA voters just lifting me up in that way felt amazing. Then when I started thinking about it I was like hmmm, I don't know if any women have been nominated for the award then I saw somewhere that I was the first woman even to be nominated. 

Me: So, once you found that out how did you feel? 

Molly: That was kind of emotional for me because I was thinking about the women who I thought were worthy to be nominated before and also why their haven't been more women guitar players. I think girls who want to play guitar and want to go to bluegrass jams or enter that world theres a different sort. We kind of have to prove ourselves. The expectation is a little lower and it can be pretty intimidating. I think everyone needs to work together to support girls playing instruments and playing music in general. 

Me: So, a few years ago I interviewed singer Nell Bryden who has alopecia, and I was surprised you have that as well. Explain to the readers first what it is. 

Molly: Alopecia is an auto-immune disease and it's a hairless disease so it means my inane system attacks my hair follicles. 

Me: How long have you had it, Molly? 

Molly: I've had alopecia since I was three. When I was three all my hair fell out in a relatively short amount of time and it's not grown back so I wear a wig. 

Me: Do you always wear wigs, Molly? 

Molly: Generally on stage I wear wigs and in my day to day life. I like wearing wigs. 

Me: So, how has alopecia affected you? 

Molly: It really affected me throughout my life. When I was younger I didn't wear wigs, I wore hats and people often would think I had cancer or maybe mistake me for a boy a lot. And so there were all these different assumptions I faced as a kid and as an adolescent. So it's really important to me to raise awareness that kids with alopecia don't face as much stereotype and just create general acceptance for people that look different or create more compassion towards it. 

Me: You wrote a piece for the music blog No Depression talking about life with alopecia since you were a kid and what it was like for you to perform at the National Alopecia Foundation. Why is it so important for you to share that kind of story? 

Molly: It's just something that not many people know about and it's something that made me really who I am. I think I relate to people who feel like something that makes them different and I used to have shame about not having hair and it was something I overcame and through meeting other people who had alopecia and going to a conference with people who had alopecia and performing I realized it's okay to look different and were get to decide what we feel good about ourself. And I feel good about not having hair and wearing wigs. And I think everyone has something they might feel a little bit ashamed about at times and just feel what makes them different than others. That's okay and we need to be compassionate towards each other. 

Me: What was that performance like? 

Molly: I have a picture to show when I was there... 

Molly: It was amazing. I went there thinking I can play music and uplift people and I didn't realize everyone was going to uplift me much more than I could even hope for, It was just incredible to be surrounded by people who like me had lost their hair and so many of them were really happy and didn't want to grow their hair back. It just seemed they were all radiating confidence and that was amazing, Then I went and played music for the kids and a group of really young kids, many of them lost all their hair. It was just really cool to look at those kids and think that's what I looked like and they were just soar adorable and so happy. I think I had this negative feeling about myself as a kid, always feeling that I was different and looked weird. Then seeing those kids being like these kids are adorable and if I had a kid and they had alopecia it would be so cute. It was kind of a healing moment for me. 

Me: Molly, thanks so much for being on the Phile. You are fantastic! 

Molly: Thank you, Jason.

That about does it for this entry of the Phile. Thanks to Molly for a great interview. The Phile will be back on Monday with movie director Dexter Fletcher. Spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye. Kiss your brain!

Give me some rope, tie me to dream, give me the hope to run out of steam, somebody said it could be here. We could be roped up, tied up, dead in a year. I can't count the reasons I should stay. One by one they all just fade away...

Monday, April 12, 2021

Pheaturing Swamp Dogg


Hey kids, welcome to the Phile for a Monday. How are you doing? A University of Mississippi student is now facing aggravated assault for allegedly spraying cleaning liquid down the throat of a fraternity pledge during a hazing ritual. The Pledge suffered serious injuries to his esophagus, may need surgery, and can barely eat because of the October 11th, 2020 hazing incident at the Pi Kappa Alpha House. According to his attorney, Adam Peavy, the boy was blindfolded and poisoned during the incident. University Police charged James Bowes Higgins with aggravated assault on November 17th. A witness told the Ole Miss police department that the pledge members had their eyes covered with their neckties and they were made to sit in the hallway. Several active Ole Miss fraternity members then yelled and threw the liquid and things on the pledges. That’s when Higgins allegedly asked him if he wanted water, but then instead sprayed cleaner or bleach inside his the student’s mouth. The boy was able to swallow two or three gulps and then immediately started to throw up. He went to the hospital the next day when vomiting continued. The police report states, “During this time, one of the pledges threw up from inhaling some of the substances in his mouth, and another one had to go to the hospital because the bleach got into his eyes.” The 20-year-old victim, who is still enrolled at Ole Miss, is still an active member of the frat and has been getting progressively worse. His attorney stated that the boy lost more than 50lb since he can’t eat regularly and when he is only able to chow down on macaroni and cheese or protein shakes. Peavey stated, “He hasn’t had a normal meal since it happened.” According to the Associated Press, doctors stated they may have to remove a part of his esophagus or relocate his stomach overall. The Ole Miss student is now at higher risk for cancer and other medical problems. Ole Miss officials say that they suspended the student, but didn’t specifically name Higgins himself. Charlotte Fant Pegues, Ole Miss’ interim vice chancellor for student affairs stated, “I am outraged by this incident, and we extend our heartfelt support and deepest sympathy to the victim.” The international office of the accused salient says Higgins was expelled from Pi Kappa Alpha. A spokesperson, Aranda Gehringer, noted, “The Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity does not tolerate any activities that do not treat individuals with dignity and respect.” The Ole Miss chapter has now been sanctioned, including several restrictions on social activities, frat, and the school. The Lafayette County grand jury is expected to decide whether to indict Higgins. Peavy said at the injured pledge’s family intends to sue the Frat and others involved.  

Oh man, I have to admit I’m a sucker for these types of stories. I love children celebrating happy moments. a cafeteria manager received the surprise of her life after students and staff at Deer Creek Prairie Vale Elementary School in Edmond, Oklahoma celebrated Mrs. Yanet Lopez. Lopez passed her U.S. Citizenship test this week and was excited to share it with the world. The children all decided to come together to celebrate her accomplishment chanting, “USA, USA.” As expected, the heartwarming video quickly went viral on social media winning people’s hearts for the sweet sweet gesture. The clip shows a decorated school hallway and the student standing on the sides with their face masks, maintaining proper distance. A few minutes later, Lopez walked down the hallway holding an American flag as staff and students cheered her on. Not going to lie, this video made my heart very happy. Through the school’s Facebook page, they also celebrated Lopez, saying, “Every morning, Ms. Yanet walks into the office and proclaims ‘Good Morning, Pretty Ladies’ and with a smile and a laugh, she always starts the day with a positive message! I am so excited for Ms. Yanet and the realization of one of her dreams in passing her citizenship test! We laughed that she would know more than those of us born in the U.S. I am honored to work with one of the best U.S. citizens I know.” Lopez is an immigrant from Cuba and moved from Oklahoma City to Houston, Texas, a few years ago with her family in order to get more job opportunities. Lopez dated, “ When I was a child, I have a dream like, say, Martin Luther King, right? My dream was (to) come here to this great country.” Lopez wasn’t the only one to pass the test. Her whole family including her three children, ages 17 to 28, and her husband all passed as well. She encourages everyone to go after their dream no matter how hard that dream may be.

The 2021 Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant was a hot mess. As Pushpika De Silva was crowned the new Mrs. Sri Lanka last week, the current Mrs. World Caroline Jurie ripped the bedazzled crown right off her head... insisting that De Silva was a divorcee and thus not eligible. What came next was chaos: crying, hugging, catty fighting, fist-pumping, and apparent “skull injuries.” The 2021 Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant took place on April 4th in the capitol city of Colombo. During the grand finale, contestant Pushpika De Silva was crowned the official winner. Caroline Jurie, the reigning Mrs. World 2020 and former Mrs. Sri Lanka 2020, did the honors, as is customary, and placed the large glittering crown on De Silva’s head. But just moments later, Jurie rushed back to the center of the stage... mic in hand... announcing that since Mrs. Sri Lanka must be married and not divorced, she was taking it upon herself to bestow the title on the first runner-up. Jurie then forcibly removed the crown from De Silva’s head, with eager help from another contestant, Chula Padmendra. Check it out...

The runner-up accepted the crown excitedly, weeping tears of joy, as De Silva awkwardly stormed offstage, crown-less. Jurie and Padmendra then triumphantly pumped their arms in the air, signaling victory while the newly crowned contestant basked in the glory. The organizers of the event, however, have rightfully re-named De Silva as the pageant winner. Single or not, she is the official winner of Mrs. Sri Lanka. The national director of Mrs. Sri Lanka World Chandimal Jayasinghe told BBC: “We are disappointed. It was a disgrace how Caroline Jurie behaved on the stage and the Mrs. World organization has already begun an investigation on the matter.” The Sri Lankan beauty queen debacle quickly became trending content. I can see why. So winner Pushpika De Silva took to social media to defend herself. She explained that although she is separated from her husband, “I’m not a divorce woman. I say with great responsibility that I am not a divorce woman even at this moment of writing. If I was a divorce, I would dare them to submit my divorce scripts. I haven’t hidden from the world that I’m with my child. I also have personal reasons to be that way. But, being apart is one. Divorce is something else. I’m still an un divorced woman.” De Silva’s husband Thilanka Dabarera, on the other hand, claimed in his own Facebook post that he has been split from Pushpika for four years and that the divorce will be finalized soon. The Daily Mirror reported that the former couple’s case is set to be reviewed in court for this summer. Should the divorce be completed, De Silva will no longer be a married woman and will not be eligible to compete in the upcoming Mrs. World competition, scheduled for December 2021. Mrs. World Caroline Jurie and her helper, contestant Chula Padmendra were arrested on Thursday, four days after the disastrous Mrs. Sri Lanka contest. According to police spokesperson Ajith Rohana, they are being held on “charges of simple hurt and criminal cause.” So far, it seems clear that Pushpika De Silva will be pursuing legal action against the tacky pair, citing head injuries. In her lengthy Facebook post, De Silva expounded on the physical pain of the inflected “injuries to [her] skull” writing, “The pain of my skull when my crown was snatched from my head by the world married beauty queen, the pain I felt when I lost the crown is more than both “.. Mother’s head is injured right..? Does it hurt mom?” I can’t bear the pain I feel when my son listens.” 

George Clooney is as passionate about humanitarian work as he is acting. The philanthropist has actively organized issues like gun control, LGBTQ rights, the Syria conflict, the Darfur conflict, and more. So when Clooney spoke out following the death of George Floyd last summer, fans expected his strong stance against the violence of law enforcement. But it turns out Clooney has done more than just penning an op-ed: he’s reached out to George Floyd’s lawyer directly, through email, with some blunt advice for the trial.  George Clooney‘s wife Amal Clooney is an internationally known human rights lawyer. But her husband also takes action whenever he can. Last June, in the wake of George Floyd’s death, Clooney published an op-ed in The Daily Beast entitled “America’s Greatest Pandemic Is Anti-Black Racism.” In the piece, written as coronavirus ravaged the country, he said, “There is little doubt that George Floyd was murdered. This is our pandemic. It infects all of us, and in 400 years we’ve yet to find a vaccine.” The column called for systemic change. Appearing while mass demonstrations and protests against racism were a daily occurrence, Clooney wrote, “The anger and the frustration we see playing out once again in our streets is just a reminder of how little we’ve grown as a country from our original sin of slavery. The fact that we aren’t actually buying and selling other human beings anymore is not a badge of honor. We need systemic change in our law enforcement and in our criminal justice system. We need policymakers and politicians that reflect basic fairness to all of their citizens equally. Not leaders that stoke hatred and violence as if the idea of shooting looters could ever be anything less than a racial dog whistle. Bull Connor was more subtle.” The former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is currently on trial for second-degree and third-degree murder for deadly use of force when arresting George Floyd. Last summer, when footage of Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck in Minnesota went viral, the country erupted into a sad cultural reckoning. Floyd’s final pleas...  “I can’t breathe”... were heard around the world. And ever since, the Black Lives Matter movement, police brutality, and racism have dominated our national discourse. Now, as Chauvin’s trial continues, we’ll find out which attitude will prevail in court. Most often, police officers evade punishment in the criminal justice system. But George Clooney does not want that to happen. As Chauvin’s defense lawyers put forth the narrative that Floyd perished due to drugs in his system, the lawyer for George Floyd’s family must prove... beyond a reasonable doubt... that Floyd indeed died due to Chauvin’s aggressive tactic. Medical professionals have already confirmed, under oath, that Floyd died from a lack of oxygen. But Clooney has another, bolder idea to make the jury understand that. Last week attorney Benjamin Crump, who represents George Floyd, appeared on "The View" to discuss the emotional trial. Speaking to Joy Behar, Crump revealed that Clooney — who remains passionate about the cause... reached out directly through email, writing, “Attorney Crump, you should tell them if Derek Chauvin feels so confident in that, he should volunteer during his case, to get down on the floor in that courtroom, and let somebody come and put their knee on his neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds and be able to see if he can survive.” It seems highly unlikely that Crump would take his advice. Additionally, it’s state Attorney General Keith Ellison who is leading the prosecution. But it’s a chilling request to imagine. Clooney’s point puts into perspective just how dangerously reckless Chauvin was. There is no way in hell that the disgraced officer would ever agree to be kneeled on for over nine minutes.

There is little doubt that the latest episode of "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier" has been truly jaw-dropping. However, it looks like the next one is going to be even better. Episode 5 is set to be the show's longest one so far and it will also introduce a surprising Marvel comic book character. It's no secret that the last three episodes of "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier" have been hyped up by the cast and crew of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series. Sebastian Stan had stated that the cliffhanger in Episode 4 was going to be a memorable one and he wasn't wrong. So what can we expect in the fifth episode? "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier" Episode 5 runtime is 61 minutes. That means it's set to be the longest episode of the MCU series so far. Interestingly, the episode is also set to bring in a new character. Showrunner Malcolm Spellman had previously teased about a character who will be introduced in the fifth episode who he claims would be great with Thor. Now, new intel from SlashFilm confirms that this mysterious character is actually someone who exists in the comics. In addition to that, they will be portrayed by "a well-known performer" but they are not yet expected to show up in an MCU film. However, this could change depending on how well their appearance in "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier" Episode 5 will be received by fans.

Instead of doing this blog thing I should be listening to this album...

Hahahaha. It's actually a good album, and I'm not saying that because Swamp Dogg is on the Phile today. You know what makes me laugh? When people reenact photos from their past. Like this one...

Awe. If I had a TARDIS I would go back in time to New York City to the Empire State Building when it first opened, but knowing my luck I'll get there when they're still building the bloody thing. 

If you're looking for a graphic design job, you may want to contact whoever employed the people responsible for this following design fails. They are most likely hiring.

Doesn't sound very exciting. I was told if I go to Walmart I would see some strange sites. I didn't believe it until I saw this...

Now from the home office in Port Jefferson, New York here is...

Top Phive Adult Problems No One Warned You About
5. Vegetables die too soon in the fridge. 
4. How much time you spend just doing stuff. "Oh need to replace my tire and that's over by the store, so while I replace the tire I can do some errands and I'll save time and be home in no time." Three hours later "Okay just one more errand before I head home."
3. Careers. As a kid you hear "what do you want to be when you grow up?" and it's always nurse, doctor, fireman, game designer, etc. Which is all so simple. But then when you do start training/working in that career and you realize you don't like it... it just feels like such a terrifying thing to now have to think of a new career identity.
2. How hard it is to make/keep friends. Don't even get me started on relationships.
And the number one
1. The incessant flow of bills: phone, water, electricity, insurance, rent/mortgage Also, college debt. Oh, and dental care. Kurt Vonnegut had it right when he said the trouble with getting older is you outlive your teeth. 

If you spot the Mindphuck let me know. Okay, let's take a live look at Port Jeff, shall we?

Looks like a cold and wet day there. Okay, here's a story from...

Florida, Florida, Florida, you have outdone yourself again. Honestly, I’m starting to get a little concerned here. What does your water have and why do people keep drinking it? Seriously. It turns out a 73-year-old Barbara Ray was worried about what she was smoking, stated she was “scared” of what it was doing to her, which is why she asked her doctor to check the methamphetamine supply. According to authorities, the woman went to the Complete Care Family Medicine Associate in Fort Meade and pulled three items from her bag: a small clear plastic bag containing a white crystal like substance, a small plastic container also containing a white crystal-like substance, and an empty perception bottle with her name on it via the prescription label. Ray told doctors that she has been smoking the meth for about a month, but didn’t give a reason as to why or how she obtained the drugs. Concerned for the woman, the doctor called the police (because no 73-year-old should be smoking, let alone smoking meth), which resulted in her arrest. She was booked into the Polk County Jail on charges of methamphetamine possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. The two bags that contained crystal-like substances were taken to a lab for testing, in which turned up positive for meth. According to authorities, the day of the incident, the woman appeared to be under the influence of drugs when taken into custody. And by the look at her mug shot, yup, I’ll nod my head to that. 

Well, I guess it was one of those “do it now or later” types of things, right? Grandma gone wild, indeed. I wonder what the dealer thought when he sold her the drugs. Definitely a conversation I would love to take part of. 

The 149th book to be pheatured in the Phile's Book Club is...

Tori will be on the Phile in a few weeks. 

Phact 1. Standing at 7”6’, 15-year-old teen basketball giant Robert Bobroczky is already taller than any current NBA player. 

Phact 2. WD-40 is not patent protected, thereby avoiding completely disclosing its ingredients, making it harder for any other companies to mimic. 

Phact 3. Nicholas Cage was the only non-family member of Presley family to see the forbidden second floor of Graceland Mansion. 

Phact 4. Ninety to 95% of mobile phones sold in Japan are waterproof because young girls are so fond of their mobile phones they even use them in the shower. 

Phact 5. Illegal prime numbers exist. An illegal prime is a prime number that represents information which is forbidden to possess or distribute. For example, when interpreted in a particular way, a certain prime describes a computer program that bypasses the digital rights management scheme used on DVDs.

Today's guest is an American soul and R&B singer, musician, songwriter and record producer. Williams has been described as "one of the great cult figures of 20th century American music." His latest album Sorry You Couldn't Make It" is avaiable on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Please welcome to the Phile... Swamp Dogg.  

Me: Hey, sir, welcome to the Phile. How are you? 

Swamp: Hey, man, thank you. Happy to be here.

Me: So, what's the deal with the song "HTD Blues" by Little Jerry Williams which came out in 1954? That's you, right? 

Swamp: Yeah, I cut that when I was 12-years-old. 

Me: Huh? What? When you were twelve?! 

Swamp: Yeah, I was 12-years-old then. My mother and my step-father had a little combo and they had brought in some people to cut a record. And they told me I could record, then come time when they finished their stuff they said they didn't have any time left and so I just went into a race like little kids do at the mall. 

Me: Like a tantrum? 

Swamp: Yeah. So they said, "Okay, let him do something." So they let me. I just sat right down at the piano and start playing. That's why it starts of with the piano and everything. 

Me: Sir, I listened to the song and it doesn't sound like you are 12-years-old. You sound like an old man. 

Swamp: No, I sound like I'm ten. 

Me: No it doesn't, it sounds like you're 30 or 40-years-old. 

Swamp: Baby, that's because I never grew up. That's what my wife said. "Baby, you're never growing up. You're NEVER growing up." 

Me: Hahaha. So, when you did "grow" up you had a cool career, right? 

Swamp: Yeah. I went on to be a really successful soul singer, doing it under the name Little Jerry Williams. I wrote songs for others and I became the first African-American A&R person for Atlantic Records, which was cool. Then in the 70s I started recording under the name "Swamp Dogg." 

Me: Why did you make the move to be Swamp Dogg? What could Swamp Dogg do that Little Jerry Williams couldn't? 

Swamp: First of all just the mere mention of the name brought attention. People wanted to know, especially women, "why would you name yourself "Dogg"? I don't know anybody who would name their self Dogg. Why would you do that? Blah blah bleh." Now everybody in the world is "Dogg." 

Me: The music changed as well around the time you started calling yourself "Swamp Dogg," am I right? 

Swamp: Yeah. Let me tell you, everyone was singing love ballads. We had Jackie Wilson and everybody out there singing them slow pretty songs. There was Freddie Scott singing "Are You Lonely For Me." Baby, I knew that wasn't me. Plus these were good looking guys, too. First time I looked in the mirror I knew I wasn't good looking. I knew I had a shot but had to get a gun that shoots further than most. 

Me: Can I ask you a personal question? 

Swamp: Yes. 

Me: I love the song "Synthetic World" but a line in it says "strange initials to keep me blind, psychedelic music to blow my mind." Has that something to do with LSD? 

Swamp: Yeah, it transformed me to Swamp Dogg and can transform you to anywhere you want to go. Yeah, I had gone to what was supposed to be my birthday party and some friends spiked the punch with tons of LSD and ESPECIALLY if you weren't looking to expand your mind it'll carry you on all kinds of trips. I've got a coupe of songs that are LSD laced all the way through. Spirit dust your head color red, sparkle your insides pink with pleasure. Hey, come on. 

Me: Hard to tell. Haha. I did LSD one time, sir, and that was in the early 90s, late 80s. I was at someones apartment and I out this thing on the roof of my mouth and laid down on the floor and I swear the room was spinning around me, like I was floating in some kind of tube which was spinning. Never again. I thought the couch and furniture were gonna fall on top of me if the room stopped spinning and the floor was above me. How did people like your lyrics and songs? 

Swamp: People liked it and said I was different. I didn't know what "different" meant, I was going to be be broke for the rest of my life. 

Me: I'm surprised you wrote "She's All I've Got" by Johnny Paycheck. What was it like being a black artist in Nashville at that time? 

Swamp: Well, let me tell you. When I went to places with a number one record I was going to get treated differently. It's just like walking into a nightclub and there;s money hanging out the pockets. All the attention went to me, until I went broke. Then they push my ass away. 

Me: What was Johnny Paycheck like, sir? 

Swamp: Let me think of a good Johnny Paycheck story. Well, one of the things that surprised me was when we got on his bus after the show all he did was drink and play the Manhattans' "Kiss and Say Goodbye.'" We were on the bus for three hours just riding around drinking and carrying on and he played that record for the whole time that we were on the bus. He loved it. 

Me: Ha. So, were you into country music? 

Swamp: What I love about country music is once they embrace me they never turned me loose. 

Me: You recorded a song called "Sam Stone" which is pretty cool, sir. That's a cover of a John Prine song. What did you like about that song that made you want to cover it? 

Swamp: Well, it's weird, I was the first black A&R producer who was staffed at Atlantic Records. I used to get all of the records and I'd listen to them, I would take them home and listen to them and see if their was anything there. With John Prine, his record came in and I played it and didn't like it. I loved what he was saying but I didn't like it. I didn't like his voice, I didn't like nothing. But to me it was one of the greatest songs that I have ever heard. I said this is a real song. And I took the record and put it among things to do in the future. 

Me: On your latest album you and John Prine do a duet on a song called "Memories," right? 

Swamp: Yeah, and this is the first time I allowed anybody to produce Swamp Dogg. Not that Swamp Dogg is all that special to anyone except me. But I'm the one that matters as for anybody is concerned. 

Me: I disagree. People love you, sir. A lot of people have discovered you because of your recent records and you've been making music since the 50s. What's the biggest lesson you learned since you recorded that song when you were 12? 

Swamp: Don't give up. Don't take "no" for an answer. If I try to get somewhere I just keep on bugging them until they get ready to kick my brains out. Just don;t give up and have something that I truly believe in. 

Me: When people listen to your records is there something you want people to take away from them? 

Swamp: Yeah. The fact that I'm really not a joke. I come in telling jokes to get everybody's attention. And then once I have their attention I want them to listen to my songs. 

Me: You just want to be taken seriously? 

Swamp: That's it. 

Me: Sir, thanks so much for being on the Phile. This was so much fun. 

Swamp: Thank you, man. I appreciate it.

That about does it for this entry of the Phile. Thanks to my guest Swamp Dogg. The Phile will be back on Wednesday with musician Molly Tuttle. Spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

Give me some rope, tie me to dream, give me the hope to run out of steam, somebody said it could be here. We could be roped up, tied up, dead in a year. I can't count the reasons I should stay. One by one they all just fade away...

Friday, April 9, 2021

Pheaturing Lisa Loeb


Hey, kids, welcome to the Phile for a Friday. How are you? It looks like summer is going to look… and feel a little bit different this year! Because well, we already went through a pandemic, so why not spice things up a little bit more. Say goodbye to the snowstorms and the sleet, the semi-normal temperatures are back! According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, summer in the Northern Hemisphere officially begins on June 20th, 2021, at 11:32 p.m. EDT with the welcome of the summer solstice. For those of you who live in the Southern Hemisphere, this is actually the shortest day of the year and the arrival of winter. For most of us, summer is pretty much the most anticipated season of the year. Let’s face it, it’s pool weather, who doesn’t love to soak up the sun while at the pool or at the beach. Let’s not forget about camping and the outdoors! But, there might be a little hiccup this year. According to the weather forecast in the 2021 Farmers’ Almanac, summer will be stormy this year with a greater than average frequency of thunderstorms for a large portion of the U.S. Many of these said storms will be strong, particularly over the eastern third of the nation. They also predict that these particular summer rainstorms may be severe and spawn widespread tornados over the middle part of the U.S. during June and July. Yikes. Portions of the Central and Southern Rockies and Great Plains are also expected to see a higher than normal thunderstorm activity. Of course, what is summer without a little bit of heat? Don’t worry, the heat will still visit us like it always does. Summer temperatures are predicted, unfortunately, above normal for two-thirds of the country, especially in the East and the South. Although typically the hottest weather can be expected in July or early August, this year’s heat could peak in late August into early September! Yup, so I suggest you plan ahead and make sure your air conditions are working, and bust out those cooling fans! Also, you might want to invest in some shorts, because the heat will be real this year! To my Canadians out there, I got you covered! According to the 2021 Canadian Farmers Almanac, summer is expected to be stormy with greater than normal coverage of thunderstorms, especially over the eastern third of the nation. Several of these storms will storm and could create some tornadoes over the Prairies during June and July. An extended summer long-range weather forecast also predicts above normal summer temperatures for two of Canada, especially in the East. Summer’s heat will arrive later than normal, though, and could peak in late August into early September. As far as tropical activity, The Farmers’ Almanac predicted a hurricane threat for Florida during the first week of August. It is expected to weaken as it tracks north. Another hurricane threat is expected at the end of August near the Louisiana/Texas Gulf Coast. A hurricane could also provide south Florida with a blow during the second week of October and the Bahamas could also be treated by this system. They are also forecasting hurricane threats for Nova Scotia in early September and again in mid-to-late September. There might also be a late tropical storm close to Newfoundland toward the end of October. In case you’re wondering, hurricane season runs from e June 1st to November 30th with a peak of activity on September 10th. But, that being said, hurricanes can form at any time! So, might as well always be prepared!

President Rock. I think that has a pretty good ring to it, don’t you? A recent poll suggests that nearly half of Americans agree that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson should actually run for the highest office in the land. And it’s not the first time the idea has come up. The wrestler-turned-actor-turned-household-name Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has long teased a presidential run. In 2017, the idea was first proposed...  jokingly... during his own "Saturday Night Live" monologue. In that comedic bit, the host also announced a potential running mate: Tom Hanks. A dynamic duo dream team to say the least. As he so hilariously puts it, digging at the presidency of Donald Trump, “In the past, I never would have considered running for president. I didn’t think I was qualified at all. But now I’m actually worried I’m too qualified.” Hanks adds that the only things Americans can agree on is pizza, and them: two universally adored public figures. “Together, we would get 100 percent of the vote,” Hanks continues, saying he could woo senior voters. The Rock, meanwhile, would get the minority vote because... as he puts it... “everyone assumes I am what they are.” As vice president, Hanks could calmly assure the nation in crisis while the Rock boldly saves the country from a natural disaster. Cue the action theme music. Later that year, in an interview with USA Today, Johnson elaborated on the idea of running. Referring to a 2016 Washington Post op-ed maintaining that Johnson would really stand a chance, he said, “So I can tell you with all honesty that the consideration comes at the desire from a large amount of people who would like to see this happen. But I mean, honestly, there are so many different variables that have to come into play when you think about this. Politics is not my business. So the consideration is there. And we’ll just have to see. I’ll continue to watch and learn as much as I can.” Additionally, he told GQ that running was a “real possibility.” Of course, the 2020 election came and went with no word of him potentially entering the race. In September, Johnson publicly endorsed the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris ticket. In the official Instagram video, Johnson also referred tot himself as a “registered independent” with “centrist ideology.” But now, with the new research showing 46% of Americans would like to see Johnson run, perhaps he’d really begin his own presidential campaign. Dwayne Johnson’s new NBC sitcom "Young Rock" follows his real-life story, from growing up in Hawaii to become a professional wrestler and eventually… the President of the United States. The narrative framing of the show takes place in 2032, with Johnson’s character running in the presidential election. It’s through a tell-all interview with Randall Park (in this fictionalization, the actor has become a serious, CNN-Esque news correspondent) that Johnson begins to reflect on his past through charming and colorful anecdotes. Fresh poll results published by Piplsay have suggested that 46% of Americans would support a presidential run by the Rock. And that news is now trending on social media. The online poll gathered results from 30,138 adults in the United States between April 2nd and April 4th. It found that 63% of Americans thought entertainment stars could become good politicians with “the right attitude and support staff.” Should the Rock actually run... and win... he’d be following in the footsteps of Ronald Reagan and former President Donald Trump in the Hollywood-to-DC pipeline. But maybe he’ll remain like the elusive Oprah, a philanthropic celeb who never fully commits to becoming a presidential candidate. And of course, running for governor first is always an option. Arnold Schwarzenegger did it and served for eight years. Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon ran for governor New York in 2018 and lost to Andrew Cuomo. Currently, Caitlyn Jenner and Matthew McConaughey are both teasing their own gubernatorial bids. As neither a Democrat nor Republican, any future campaign by the Rock would be hard to predict. But in a February 2021 interview with USA Today, Johnson insists that he would indeed “consider a presidential run in the future if that’s what the people wanted.” So what do you think? Could the Rock really breakthrough, from WWE to the White House? Should he try? 

Rumors have been spreading that Caitlyn Jenner, 1976 Olympic champion and Wheaties box athlete, is thinking about running to unseat current Gov. Gavin Newsom of California. As Gov. Newsom faces a possible recall election, Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, has reportedly been “actively exploring” a run for governor of California, with the help of GOP fundraiser and fixer Caroline Wren, who Jenner had met through the American Unity Fund, a GOP nonprofit focused on LGBTQ issues. According to Axios, at least three sources have vouched that the former "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" reality TV star, a Republican and supporter of former President Donald Trump, is talking with political consultants. However, according to Fox News, an industry insider said, “Caitlyn Jenner is never going to be governor of California, but she may get herself a new show on a streamer out of all this.” Nevertheless, Sophia Hutchins, the transgender activist’s manager, told People Magazine back in February, “Caitlyn is not running for governor, has never considered running for governor and is very happy doing the work that she is doing to promote LGBT rights and spending time with her 18 grandchildren and 10 children.” In the midst of Recall Gavin 2020, a group that’s pushing the recall effort per Gov. Newsom’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, the Republican National Committee confirmed investing $250,000 to aid those efforts. Anyone planning to run against Gov. Newsom in a potential recall election would need roughly 1.5 million signatures, 12% of the number of voters in the last gubernatorial election, to make the recall vote a reality. However, both Jenner and Wren have yet to make any comments about the rumors or return any request for comments. It seems as though the public would be very interested in seeing Jenner making a run for governor. Whether it’s for the drama or for real change though who knows? 

Alright, let’s face it, you have all been here. I’m not judging this woman one bit. This woman was just trying to have a good time, and well, she did. Except for the part where she smashed her face on the ground and lost her teeth. 

But besides that, it was a great day. Meet Autumn Cathey, the woman who is basically going viral on TikTok and on other social media platforms. Basically, she filmed herself and others drinking several flights of mimosas throughout the day, but things took a turn at bottomless brunch when her front teeth were knocked out. As expected, the TikTok video went viral, because well… it’s funny. She knew what she was doing when she posted it. The video was originally uploaded to TikTok by user @autumncathey6. One day after posting, the video amassed over 211,000 views and over 340,000 likes! As expected, an uploaded video on Twitter also went viral with over 3.4 million views! Yikes, that’s scary. In the viral video, the TikToker narrated drinking mimosas with her friends, recording each of them saying how many they have had. After saying that she had seven mimosas, she is then shown climbing onto a friend’s shoulders and walking about the plaza. That’s when the good shot comes in. She is then shown sitting in a car with several of her front teeth knocked out. It’s not clear how many of her teeth were knocked out, but her caption describes it all, “Bottomless mimosas are a drug.” But fear not, apparently Autumn is doing pretty well. In a reply to a TikTok comment, she said, “They put the teeth right back in and put glue across my whole upper row of teeth.” She said she’s perfectly fine, but a little traumatized, of course, and luckily her smile is back to normal. I have to say, she is really really lucky! She could have busted her lip open or hit her head. I guess her teeth landed that fall.

A Clarkston man was unknowingly recorded during a home inspection pleasuring himself with an Elmo doll. He was later arranged on two misdemeanor counts in 52-3 District Court located in Rochester Hills. Authorities stated 59-year-old Kevin Wayne VanLuven was arraigned on charges of aggravated indecent exposure and malicious destruction of property under $200. Magistrate Karen Holt set a $2,500 cash or surety bond on the charges. Aggravated indecent exposure carries a $2,000 fine or two years in prison. The property charge carries a $500 fine of a 93-day jail sentence. As a condition of his bond, VanLuven can’t be alone in any residential property he doesn’t own, is to have no contact with victims, and is required to have a mental health evaluation. Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard commented on the situation, noting, “Just when I think I have seen it all, someone steps up and surprises me with a new level of disturbing actions. Sadly, in today’s world we cannot take it on faith that the people we let into our homes can be trusted. We cannot always presume that employers have done their job and have confidence their employees are trustworthy and are there to do the job for which they’ve been hired. This is a disgusting reminder to be cautious about who you let into your home. The actions of these homeowners will likely prevent this defendant from going into anyone else’s home.” VanLuven was arrested without any incident by law enforcement officers of the Sheriff’s Office Fugitive Apprehension Team. His arrest stems from the incident, which took place on March 12th, at the home of an Oxford Township couple who were having their home inspected by VanLuven at the request of the prospective buyers. The couple told detectives that they let the buyer’s real estate agent and VanLuven into their home and left during the inspection. The nursery camera then alerted the phone of the woman, noting that there was movement in the nursery. When she checked, she saw VanLuven in the room. He then allegedly began touching himself and she began recording the incident. VanLuven picked up the doll from the nursery floor and then appeared to pleasure himself with the doll, returning it to the original location when he was finished. The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office released a statement the incident, noting, “The couple told detectives they let VanLuven and the buyer’s real estate agent into their home and left during the inspection. A nursery camera alerted the phone of the 22-year-old female homeowner that there was movement in the nursery. She checked her phone and allegedly saw VanLuven in the nursery. As she continued to watch, he allegedly began touching himself and she began recording the incident. VanLuven then picked up the doll from the nursery floor and appeared to be pleasuring himself with the doll. He then returned it to its original location. Deputies were summoned to the home. During questioning, VanLuven said he moved the doll to inspect an electrical outlet but did nothing else. When told there was a camera in the nursery, VanLuven allegedly made incriminating statements and apologized.” VanLuven’s next court appearance is scheduled for April 19th before Judge Nancy Carniak.

If you're looking for a graphic design job, you may want to contact whoever employed the people responsible for the following design fail. They are most likely hiring.

Did you see that King Kong versus Godzilla movie that just came out? I did and I liked it but I thought the ending was surprising...

At least their friend now. If I had a TARDIS I would go to ty and meet Teddy Roosevelt but knowing my luck I'll go when he becomes the first U.S. President to fly in an airplane. 

Do you know what makes me chuckle? When people reenact pictures from their past, like this one...

While parents do their best to child-proof their homes with safety gates, locks and DIY hacks, toddlers can sometimes be tiny demons of destruction with cold and calculated, unpredictable missions... If you hire someone to look after your children, it's reasonable to expect that they'll keep your kids safe, happy, and fed, but charging your teenage babysitter for personal items your children destroyed while you were out is pretty shady behavior. Cooking a box of macaroni and cheese while bribing the dog to stop barking and trying to reason with a screaming 3-year-old covered in juice about why they can't eat the cat or drive the lawn mower is just a typical twenty minutes on the job. If your babysitter looks away for even a second and a valuable household item isn't properly protected, any damage is not necessarily your employee's fault. So, when a frustrated dad decided to consult the online courtroom of moral philosophy otherwise known as the Phile about whether or not he should charge his 19-year-old babysitter for damage his own child caused while she was on the clock, I thought I'd deem a verdict. 

"Am I wrong for asking for compensation for something my kid destroyed? We hired a babysitter we've had a few times at a good rate of $20 an hour since it was only for 3 hours in our home. The babysitter is a 19-year-old woman if it matters, I think maybe the age will affect something. My wife had to rush to work in an emergency and I was already at work. The babysitter is already familiar with some of our rules, like our 3-year-old is only allowed in the living room, play room, and dining room (when eating). The babysitter I guess had an emergency herself and had to be on the phone for 20 minutes. For some reason, she decided to take the call outside, her rationale was it was private and didn't want our child to listen in. In those 20 minutes, our daughter was able to move the couch to the living room gate, scale the gate, head into the basement, and pull one of my guitars off the wall. The neck is all warped and my luthier said the neck needs to be replaced. I'm asking the babysitter to front the bill on a new guitar, not a repair or neck replacement, as the alternatives diminish the value of the guitar (mismatching neck-to-body severely impacts value, and a neck repair does too). It's $2,200. Am I wrong? Or is she? Her parents are telling us we're responsible, she's offering only to have babysat for free, our friends are saying we're too harsh, but it was her responsibility, right?" Your valuables should be insured and locked up. Your baby gate should be secured. You are responsible for buying a couch that a literal baby can move (what kind of a couch is that??). You are responsible for interviewing, hiring, and training your employee. You are responsible for your minor child’s actions. The baby sitter is partially to blame, sure, but you also share a large portion of the blame. The babysitter would be responsible for a portion of the repair... not a brand new guitar. Your demand for a new guitar means you are trying to profit off of this, and that’s why you're wrong. I think this situation is reason for you to stop hiring her as your babysitter, but asking a 19-year-old to pay you $2,200 for something that was ultimately destroyed by your child is too much. She failed in her duty to supervise your child, so you're justified in not hiring her again, but other than that, how can you possibly expect her to pay you all that? It's just unreasonable, as is the fact that you're not asking her to repair your guitar, you're asking her for a new guitar. Come on, dude. Your stuff, your kid, your problem. You should have insurance for the guitar if it's so valuable and you should have it somewhere your kid can't get to. It wasn't great that she took the phone call outside, but there's always a moment when you blink or go to the bathroom and kids get into shit and you should know that. This is on you for not taking better precautions and not warning her that your kid is a power-lifter who does parkour. Do I think it's not great that she took a call outside for 20 minutes? Sure. But you have to expect that sometimes shit happens. If you're dealing with kids, shit frequently happens. This could easily have occurred when you were home and in the end, your home, your-child proofing, your kid and your guitar. It's definitely unfair to charge her a replacement guitar. She makes $20 an hour for crying out loud. Secure your damned possessions properly. So, there you have it! You're completely wrong to charge the babysitter for a $2,200 replacement guitar when your 3-year-old easily could've damaged his property on his own watch. Working for free for that shift is more than enough to make up for her outside call mistake, but there are still plenty of reasons a 3-year-old could be left unsupervised for twenty minutes inside of a gated space that she assumed was safe and child-proof. Good luck, everyone! If you have a problem you'd like my opinion on then email me at Now from the home office in Port Jefferson, New York, here is...

Top Phive Things Parents Said About TikTok
5. New marriage vows should include: I will laugh with you, and not at you. Unless you try to make a TikTok video with the kids. 
4. You might remember me from such TikTok videos as mom vacuuming in the background or mom unknowingly walks in front of camera.
3. My college kids are home for the holidays and I am so emotional. I don't know any of these TikTok dances. 
2. I'm not saying I'm old but my daughter asked me if I had TikTok and I showed her my watch. 
And the number one thing said by a parent about TikTok is...
1. Alright fine, I'll bite: who is TikTok?

If you spot the Mindphuck let me know. Okay, let's take a live look at Port Jeff, shall we?

Looks like a nice day there.

Leg holders

Prince Philip 
June 10th, 1921 — April 9th, 2021 
Well, well, well. Looks like QE2 is on the market again, fellas. 

Beverly Cleary 
April 12th, 1916 — March 25th, 2021 
She was a beloved author who inspired tens of millions of children to read. Her biggest scandal was...  gasp!... marrying a Roman Catholic in 1940. YOU try to think of a witty obituary, smartass.

I’m convinced that most of the adults who told me Wiki is unreliable, now use viral Facebook posts for most of their news sources.

The 149th book to be pheatured in the Phile's Book Club is...

Tori will be the guest on the Phile in a few weeks.

Today's guest is an American singer-songwriter and actress. She started her career with the number 1 hit song "Stay (I Missed You)" from the film Reality Bites, the first number 1 single for an artist without a recording contract. Her latest album "A Simple Trick to Happiness" is available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Please welcome to the Phile... Lisa Loeb.

Me: Hello, Lisa, welcome to the Phile. I'm so excited that you are here! How are you? 

Lisa: Thank you very much. I'm excited to be here. 

Me: Can you believe it's been 27 years since "Stay (I Missed You) came out? 

Lisa: It's unbelievable. In some ways it feels so recent to me. I think about "Stay" a lot, its kind of like my signature song. People say, "Oh, you're the girl with the glasses. You're the one that sings that song, sing it for me." Then I have to stop at a shopping mall and sing "Stay" to somebody. But it is a song that represents the type of songs I was writing, when that song started getting played on the radio it definitely was part of my regular catalogue of songs. There was a lot of lyrics and storytelling, it was a little bit closer to my heart than my other songs were at the time, It was a little more "based in reality," as opposed to some of the more fictional songs I would write. It had complicated guitar parts and it was definitely a song that represented me as an artist and it makes sense it's my signature song and I still play it on my shows. 

Me: Okay, so, you became big in the 90s, and you have a cool song from the album "No Fairy Tale," called "The 90's." By the way, it should have been spelt with out the apostrophe. Anyway, what is that song about? 

Lisa: My friend Chad Gilbert from the band New Found Glory co-produced the record with me and he wanted to make a poppy punky rock record. We featured Tegan and Sara on the record, they wanted to write a couple of songs for the record so Chad wanted me to write a song about the 90s. I was like what am I going to write about the 90s, mock turtleneck sweaters that we used to wear or that we didn't have great hair products. I couldn't figure out exactly what to do and I finally realized he like many other people wanted me to talk about my experience with the song "Stay" so I wrote about making the video for "Stay" in my Betsey Johnson dress and my John Fluevog platform shoes and the record industry. For me it kinda represents being in New York City in the 90s, being an up and coming musician and all it's meant to be. 

Me: That's great. I love that song. What's your relationship with that era these days? 

Lisa: The 90s, it's so funny people are so nostalgic about the 90s. And for me it was a time period that was right after college, they called it Generation-X but for me it was more like everyone was working so hard, my friends, it was a great time period. I had a lot of friends that were actors and musicians, play writes and we all hung out in New York and we were all trying so hard to do the next thing and so many of those folks are so successful now doing what we tried to do in those days. It's really fun and nostalgic to remember that. And because I play the song "Stay" and other songs from that era, and I did play a lot of concerts and tour a lot, I get to meet the fans afterwards and I often hear about peoples experiences in the 90s. And sometimes it feels so far away in some ways because it is 27 years ago at that time period. At other times it feels pretty current, I don't know, it's just weird. 

Me: Do you ever think about what it was like before the 90s? Haha. 

Lisa: Yeah, totally, I remember listening to "Sergeant Pepper" and thinking it's so old. It was 1976 and "Sergeant Pepper" was from a reeeaaallllyyy long time ago. But it was just like within the last ten years. 

Me: So, what do you think of Gen-X? I get confused about Gen-X, Millennials, and that kinda thing. Get-X are often labeled "slackers" I think. 

Lisa: Well, I will definitely say at the time I didn't feel like a slacker, and most of the people I knew weren't slackers. Even though I did know someone who was in the movie Slackers, but he was not a slacker. I will also say, we did come from a generation, I was thinking about it, it probably seemed like we were slackers because we were trying not to try to hard. We were trying to be cool and not like we were trying to hard so we had tied plaid shirts tied around our waists because we just didn't care. We had perfectly messy hair because we didn't care but we were trying hard not to try. I think it was a part of that, and I think it was a very big deal to try and sell out in that era. 

Me: Speaking of "selling out," "Stay" became huge because of the movie Reality Bites. Have you seen that movie lately and what do you think of it now? 

Lisa: Yeah, I recently saw it at the Tribeca Film Festival for the 25th anniversary and I forgot the whole thing was about "selling out." 

Me: Do you think you sold out back then? 

Lisa: Back in those days if someone asked me to write a sing for a Coca-Cola commercial I was like, "No way, I'm not taking your money to write..." Even though I do drink Coca-Cola I was like, "No way." It was taboo doing things that were other than the main thing. I was a musician and if I do acting which is something often I do and I have an eyewear line it would've been, "Whoa, you can't do all those things at once." 

Me: Did you really turn down a Coke ad? 

Lisa: Yeah, that was really 80s, that was very 90s. 

Me: Why the hell did you tuen it down? You know how much money you would've made? 

Lisa: Because I wanted to be taken seriously as a musician. That's what I've been working on my whole life. Writing songs when I was 6-years-old and playing guitar and learning to play and all that all through my early childhood. To have that all taken away because I did something too commercial that was like a really bid deal back in the 90s. 

Me: It's different now though, right? 

Lisa: Now it's completely changed, We aren't real musicians if we don't write a song for a shoe company or something like that. 

Me: I see kids at work, at Walt Disney World where I work wearing Nirvana shirts or Ramones shirts. I saw this one girl who must've been around 10 who was wearing a Ramones shirt and I jokingly asked her if she saw them in concert and she replied, "Is that a real band?" She had no idea. Did you ever wear band shirts when you were a kid? 

Lisa: I remember wearing a Police shirt at a store a few years ago from "The Ghost in the Machine" tour and this gal working at the store said, "Oh, that's a cool vintage shirt. Where did you get it?" I said, "I was at the concert." LOL. 

Me: What was it like for you being back with the Reality Bites cast for the 25th anniversary? 

Lisa: The old gang for me was really Ethan Hawke, that was who I really hung out with. I only hung out the other folks a couple of times, even though we look like we're a bunch of friends. Even the writer, Helen Childress, it was the first time I got to meet her and talk to her. It's like being in a snow globe. Again as a musician I talk about the song almost on a daily basis because people are interested and I'm out there playing my music all the time. The actors in the movie, they are living that over and over again like I am with the song because songs sort of stuck with me sometimes even more than movies. But it was fun to all be there and to think back to where we were and where we are now. 

Me: When you sing "Stay" nowadays do you go to the same place in your head the day you wrote it? Does that make any sense? 

Lisa: That's really long question. It's really long answer for me. It's funny when I approach the song "Stay" it definitely, just like all my songs, it's definitely like acting. I was sort of an actor before I was a musician and when I sing the same things over and over again I don't know, I'm somehow able to tap into now what's going on in my life. Or I think where I was then when I was writing this song. 

Me: You can bring yourself back there? 

Lisa: Yeah, and also I think the melody carries it along. I don't know, the melody feels familiar and often when I play it live there's so many faces singing it back to me and at me and with me it makes me empathically feel where they are. There are so many songs that feel that for me that I connect with. I'm often in there audience with the other people that hope they sing that song that's my favorite not realizing its from 20 years ago or 50 years ago or whatever. 

Me: Okay, I have to ask you about the song "Skeleton" from "A Simple Trick to Happiness." What is that song about?

Lisa: I'm analyzing the filters through which we evaluate our relationships with one another. When reciprocation is questionable, there can be added confusion and longing. In the end, sometimes we even feel a little duped that we had feelings that were uneven with the other person.  

Me: Lisa, thanks so much for being on the Phile, Continued success. I love your music. 

Lisa: Thank you, Jason. This was fun.

That about does it for this entry of the Phile. Thanks to Lisa Loeb for a great interview. The Phile will be back on Monday with Swamp Dogg. Spread the word, not the turd. Don't let alligators and snakes bite you. Bye, love you, bye. Kiss your brain.

Give me some rope, tie me to dream, give me the hope to run out of steam, somebody said it could be here. We could be roped up, tied up, dead in a year. I can't count the reasons I should stay. One by one they all just fade away...