Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pheaturing Maxim Ludwig

Hey ho, Jason Peverett here. Welcome to a Tuesday entry of the Phile. Yeah, an extra entry for your pleasure. This is the last entry of the summer this year as well. I hope it was a good one.  Mitt Romney says if he is elected he will create 12 million new jobs in his first year in office... and that's just people to do his taxes.  At a campaign stop in Virginia, Joe Biden said he is such a NASCAR fan, he said, "I'd trade being vice president in a heartbeat for winning Daytona." To which President Obama said, "Deal!"  The Mars rover Curiosity has sent back images of some odd things on the surface of Mars, and some people think they could be UFOs. Here's my question. If we're on the surface of Mars, aren't we the UFO?  According to a new study, eating egg yolks after the age of 40 is as bad for you as smoking. Let me tell you something. If you are stupid enough to eat a 40-year-old egg yolk, you get what you deserve.  Remind me the story of how I once ate a 30 year old jar of pickled eggs and got real sick.  Hey, kids, here's a joke... what does Mitt Romney and Hurricane Isaac have in common? They can both change directions at any moment. Rest assured, no matter how high those winds get, not a single hair on Romney's or Paul Ryan's head will move. They have guaranteed that. It’s now being reported that Joe Biden will go to the Republican convention to try to cause problems for Mitt Romney. Then after that, he will go to the Democratic convention where he will definitely cause problems for President Obama.  Do you kids like basketball? There's no bigger star in basketball today than LeBron James. Nike gets together with LeBron James and they designed a new shoe for $315. Nike had an explanation for the reason these shoes are so expensive. They said the kids in China making the shoes are demanding two cents a day now. They're the perfect shoes for when you're walking away from Cleveland.  Kelly Ripa has hired a co-host, and it's Michael Strahan. They had about 90 potential candidates, and Strahan was only one to release 10 years of his tax records.  How about Lance Armstrong? After refusing to go to arbitration over the doping allegations, he’s lost everything. Seven titles were taken away. He had to give back his Olympic medal. He had to give back the money he won. Those are drastic cuts. I didn’t even know he worked for Comcast. Do you know who the greatest cyclist of all time is now? I don’t know, nobody does. He was the only guy I ever knew. According to politico.com, Donald Trump will have a surprise role on the first day of the Republican convention today. He will be there to tell Missouri Congressman Todd Akin, "You're fired."  According to a new poll, Mitt Romney is at zero percent among African Americans. Here’s the sad part: That’s up 5 percent from last week.  Herman Cain was in Tampa. When a reporter asked him if Isaac reminded him of Katrina, he said, “I never even met the woman.”  Well, here on the Phile, I like to keep you readers informed... so here is the latest on Isaac.

It's screwing Louisiana.  Last week Jerry Nelson who played the Count as well as other Muppet characters passed away. I made a comment as I always do when someone famous passed away... I think I said he was down for the count. Anyway, some of you readers didn't like that. So, I thought I would post this today...

Is that better?  Well, kids pretty much went back to school except those kids like my son who is home schooled. I am glad he is, students are a lot more strange now than when I was a kid.

Well, Isaac is gone from Florida and there's already posters up for sale...

On Monday's Phile I mentioned that Prince Harry isn't the only Royal that likes to play games naked. You heard about him being photograph playing billiards or something. Well, this type of thing really isn’t that unusual in the Royal family. Check this out.

Man, that turned me on. Alright, well, I think it's time for a brand new pheature on the Phile. I will call it...

Yep, it is what it is. I will show you a picture, you will look at it closely and spot something odd about it. Then email me at thepeverettphile@gmail.com with the answer. Here we go...

There, do you see it?

Hmpph. I have to say I was going to use the normal Democrat banner when I pheature a Democratic politician but they want me to use this one now. Oh, well. Anyway, a friend of the Phile wanted to come on and talk about the Republican convention in Tampa. So, please welcome back to the Phile, the campaign manager for Barack Obama... Jim Messina.

Me: Hello, Jim, welcome back to the Phile. I was told you wanted to come on here and other blogs to talk about what the Republicans won't mention at the convention, is that right?

Jim: Hello, Jason. Yes, that is right. Republicans are taking the podium at their convention today, and millions of people will start paying attention to this race for the first time.

Me: Okay, so, what is the message they will hear? Tell us that first.

Jim: The message they'll hear will mirror the distortions Governor Romney has based his entire campaign on... amplified 10,000 times.

Me: Like what?

Jim: They're going to talk about the economy, but they won't mention that their $5 trillion plan gives big tax breaks to people who don't need them.

Me: Will they mention Medicare?

Jim: Yes, but they won't mention their plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system that could cost seniors up to $6,400 more per year.

Me: What else?

Jim: They'll talk a lot about strengthening the middle class, when their plan is to do the opposite: repeal Obamacare, cut Pell Grant scholarships and Head Start funding, and raise taxes on the average family.

Me: They are real differences between Romney and Obama is what you are saying...

Jim: And important differences... and we're going to keep pointing them out.

Me: But you've been outraised three months in a row. That's not good, Jim.

Jim: No, and now we're getting outspent on the air by as much as three to one in some battleground states. The other side is banking on their TV ads to be louder than any organizer we've got on the phones and on folks' doorsteps.

Me: That's what you're're fighting this week.

Jim: Jason, we need to be ready.

Me: So, what is this week going to tell you?

Jim: This week is going to remind us all that we're on the team that fights for everyone, not just those at the top. We're the campaign that's having an honest debate about the issues that matter to American families.

Me: Jim, thanks for your time, I will talk to you soon.

Jim: Thanks, Jason.

This is so freaking cool, as I keep on saying. The 23rd artist in the P.P.A.G. is also a member of one of my favorite bands ever... Barenaked Ladies. He's Kevin Hearn and this is one of his pieces.

Kevin will be a guest on the Phile in two weeks and I cannot wait. Shit, the power just went out, there's a big storm out there, and we lost power for a second. Lemme get this over before we lose power again.

Today's guest is a singer-songwriter known for his brand of roots rock, poetic lyrics and Americana sentiments. His album "Maxim Ludwig & The Santa Fe 7" is now available on iTunes. Please welcome to the Phile... Maxim Ludwig.

Me: Hello, Maxim, I am a huge fan ever since I heard your music. How are you?

Maxim: Well, thank you very much. I'm doing alright.

Me: You have a pretty impressive beard, sir. How long have you been growing it, and do you ever cut it?

Maxim: It comes and goes. It depends on the weather. Or whether or not I'm flying.

Me: I also love your name. It's your real name, right?

Maxim: Yeah, I got stuck with a mouthful. The full name is Maxim Ernst Alexander Ludwig. I was named after the Dadaist, Max Ernst. With a name like mine, yer either a musician or a philosopher. Philosophy often changes with scientific and technological advances. Music is never wrong. It's the best of the wines.

Me: Let's talk about your band The Santa Fe Seven. Are they all from Santa Fe, and are there really seven of them? That's a big band to tour with.

Maxim: Actually, none of 'em are from Santa Fe. And there are three of them. They make enough sound to be seven. When coming up with the name of the band, I wasn't interested in having a permanent band. I was against monogamy in all forms. "A Hard Day's Night" dreams were dead in me. If I had a name that sounded like what I wanted to hear, maybe those guys would come to me.

Me: Okay, then, are you from Santa Fe?

Maxim: No. So far, I've lived in New York, Los Angeles, and Alsfeld, Germany. I've always loved the mythology and iconography of New Mexico. Billy the Kid and Pecos Bill in particular. In works of art, often the idea of the place serves as a substitute for the factual place. There are two narrative poems called "The Collected Works of Billy the Kid" by Michael Ondaatje and "Gunslinger" by Ed Dorn that really captured the idea of that place.

Me: What part of New York are you from, Maxim? I lived on Long Island for ten years, and now live in Florida. Have you ever played down here?

Maxim: I'm originally from New York City. But we moved. When I went to school in upstate New York, I used to play for the kids, but I moved back to Los Angeles after a year. We've never played in Florida, but that's where Jorge (Balbi-drummer and percussionist) went to college.

Me: Where and how did you round up the band?

Maxim: At some point, I set out to find a balance between the Stray Gators and Booker T. & the MGs. I teamed up with a staple of the mid-west music scene, pedal steel player and guitarist Chris Vos from Wisconsin, Los Angeles country music veteran and bassist Ben Reddell from Texas, and fresh from the Miami college rock world, drummer and percussionist Jorge Balbi from Peru. Together they make a hard, reckless, dust-laden sound. Pure soldiers. They can play, drink, and dance with the best of them. They're the kind of guys who love girl groups as much as murder ballads and aren't afraid to combine both.

Me: Let's talk about your self-titled album which I purchased off from iTunes. It's well done, and brilliant. Did it take you a long time to record it and write the songs, Maxim?

Maxim: It's been a while since the first album's release, so it's nice to hear it's held up. We recorded the half of the record in the Hudson Valley and the other half in Los Angeles. The core of the two bands (the drums, bass, guitar, lap steel, keyboards, and lead vocal) were done live. The great part of that process was being able to pick each musician for each song. I knew that one guy was more of an angular player and more emotive for this song or one girl had a sexier voice and was more effective for that song. It was like being a painter and having an unlimited amount of shades of paint to choose from. The songs for the first album were mostly written around the dawn of my teenage years.

Me: You play quite a few instruments I take it. You are not that old, man. When did you start to play and write?

Maxim: I started with the drums and moved quickly to harmonica. I listened to Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson II, Junior Wells, and James Cotton. I wanted more than anything to be part of the Chicago blues scene. I started playing guitar when I was eleven or twelve. I wrote some songs here and there, but never really was interested in the words. I was much more into the melody. I figured that's what you go away humming. I met a poet named Todd Baron who taught at my high school and he turned me on to reading. I wrote lots of songs when I was in high school, but they were really just experiments. I finally became obsessed with the idea of the "song" when I first heard Hank Williams. That's when I became aware of the songwriter as a force. There are personalities in songwriting and then there are the pure songwriters like Mickey Newbury and Vic Chesnutt.

Me: Your music reminds me a little of some of my favorite artists... Springsteen, Dylan, John Wesley Harding, John Hiatt. Were you influenced by these performers growing up?

Maxim: I don't think you can be a songwriter and not be influenced by Dylan. The great thing about Dylan, like Tom Waits, is that his music is just as beautiful and honest as it was when he was in his twenties. Dylan's Christmas album is just as good as the Spector Christmas album. One person who is always sadly left out when addressing Americana is the Monkees' Michael Nesmith. His first two albums with the First National Band are revolutionary.

Me: You used to play in a blues band, right? My dad was in a blues band as well. Your parents must've really raised you right getting you into some cool music.

Maxim: The bands were more or less older guys playing electric blues and classic rock covers in my dad's hometown. I used to sit in with them when I was around town. You haven't heard "Won't Get Fooled Again" till you've heard with a thick German accent. I would get beer when I was a kid that way. I'm not sure they got me into the music I'm into today. It was mainly a process of discovery. I always try and go one step back. If there's a movie I love, I try and find out the inspirations of that director. Nowadays, on iTunes, you've got algorithms that suggest what you would like. I spent lots of time reading interviews and essays on my favorite music to find where it came from.

Me: Speaking of parents and fathers, your dad had a very interesting job, didn't he, Maxim? Tell the readers what he did.

Maxim: He's a photojournalist who photographs mainly victims of government, pollution, the economy, and oppression.

Me: He must of told you some crazy stories I am guessing. What do your parents thinking of your music?

Maxim: When I was growing up, I thought my name was Turn That Down.

Me: LOL. I thought mine was Lazy Git. Maxim, I read that you are the new hardest working man in the music business, or something like that. Do you think that's true?

Maxim: I don't know about that. But in a time where a lot of people are unemployed, I can say that I am fully employed with making music. All the guys in this band know that we are lucky to first off, have a job, and secondly, love that job. So yeah, we take our job and work hard. And we live for all of it. The arranging, the recording, the live show. If we're not sweating up there, we're not doing our job right.

Me: I hope all goes well for you, my friend, and I hope in years time my son and other son's and daughters could listen to you like our generation was turned on by other greats. I feel you have a long career ahead of you. What's next in your near future? Are you already planning another album?

Maxim: Thank you so much, man. I hope yer right. We just demoed eleven new tunes that I hope to be unveiling soon. Actually, if you sign up for our mailing list on our website (maximludwig.com), you can get free downloads of some of the tunes. Right now we're very focused on getting ready for SXSW next year.

Me: Maxim, man, go ahead and plug your website again and anything else you want. All the best, sir. 

Maxim: Thanks, man. Had a blast answering these. To keep up to date with us, just go to maximludwig.com and if your in Texas, come to SXSW next year.

Well, that about does it for this extra entry of the Phile. Thanks to my guests Jim Messina and of course Maxim Ludwig. The Phile will be back on Sunday with Mosey West and then on Monday Martin Belmont from Ducks Deluxe. So, spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Pheaturing Alumni Christine Leakey

Hello, kids, welcome to another entry of the Phile on a rain drenched Monday. Here in Florida we are getting the back end of Tropical Storm Isaac or something. It's gonna be a wet and miserable day.  A new survey predicts that women and the elderly are more likely to vote in the presidential election. Which explains the new front-runner, Michael Buble.  Supermodel Gisele Bundchen revealed that she and Tom Brady are expecting their second child. They haven’t confirmed if it’s a boy or a girl, but they're a 100 percent certain it's better than other babies. God, I hate that Tom Brady guy. He is no Eli that's for sure.  At the age of 50, Roger Clemens has signed on to play for a minor league team in Texas. You can tell he's getting up there. Today he tested positive for Activia.  The huricane or tropical storm made them postpone the Republican National Convention in Tampa until tomorrow. It could really hurt Republicans... which explains its name, “Hurricane Todd Akin.”  Mattel just unveiled a new Barbie that is being referred to as the Drag Queen Barbie. Confused child sold separately.  Former New York Giant Michael Strahan will replace Regis Philbin as Kelly Ripa’s permanent co-host. Of course it gets kind of weird when you hear that Regis was actually traded to the Giants.  It was just announced that most of the speakers at this year’s Democratic National Convention will be women. But it’s going to be annoying when they stop speaking, but won’t tell you why.  More magazines are actually photo-shopping their models to make them look heavier. When models heard that they were like, “Or you could just let us eat.”  In a new interview, first lady Michelle Obama said she doesn’t have time to read “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Then it got weird when she added, “Again.”  CNN plans to air a 90-minute documentary on Mitt Romney before the Republican National Convention. Yeah, 90 minutes of Mitt Romney. Even Red Bull is like, “This is outta my league, bro.”  President Obama’s supporters can now text the word “GIVE” to donate up to $50 dollars to his campaign, although it's frustrating when autocorrect keeps changing it to “Fix the economy.”   A new report found that full-frontal nudity on prime-time TV has increased 6,000 percent over the last year. Especially on that one sitcom, "The Fresh Prince Harry."  New research found that people who wake up early are more productive than people who sleep in. Or as Congress put it, “Whoa... is it noon already?”  I am not a video game player like my son is, but I was kinda excited when I found out where "Grand Theft Auto" is gonna be set next.

Well, Star Wars Celebration took place here in Orlando the last few days. A Phile reader named Andre sent me this photo of the Anthony Daniels line. Anthony Daniels of course played C3-PO.

It looks like his 15 minutes of fame is over.  Hey, have you seen the new Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor?

It looks... disgusting.  Speaking of disgusting... Prince Harry wasn't the only Royal playing a game naked. I guess this type of thing really isn’t that unusual.

You know, that photo almost turned me on.  As you know Neil Armstrong passed away, but if you go to NBC.com you might read something different. This is 100% real, kids.

Now from the home office in Groveland, Florida...

Top Ten Other Punishments For Lance Armstrong
10. The groupies just aren't lining up to take the "Tour De Lance" the way they used to.
9. Complimentary Netflix membership bumped down to just one measly DVD at a time.
8. Bed Bath & Beyond is now enforcing the expiration date on all his "20% Off " coupons.
7. Sheryl Crow is demanding that he give back her lemon zester.
6. Must revert to his old, non-dashing name, "Melvin O'Dingle."
5. Will have to star in Premium Rush 2. 
4. From now on, all LIVESTRONG bracelets must be amended to read, "LIVESTRONG through performance-enhancing drugs... not that you'd ever admit it, you lying hump, you."
3. His highest honor has gone from "Tour De France champion" to "World's Greatest Dad."
2. No longer allowed to cruise downtown Austin on his 19th-century penny-farthing.
And the number one other punishment for Lance Armstrong...
1. Can get everything back... if he only had the balls to fight.

Okay, yesterday I introduced you to a new member of the Phile phamily... a Phile phan named Laird Jim. He was so popular I thought I would invite him back. It's time for another...

At the duckpond and my friend Nelson from work calls me up.... "I just bought this sweet Camaro ragtop... let's hit Ocean Parkway and see what this thing's got." He's gonna let ME... Drive his brannnnnd new '67 Camaro.... On Ocean Parkway... To "see what it can do." Is he really that stupid? Ummm, guys... it's kinda like givin' a loaded revolver to a six year old... you're not sure how it's gonna turn out... but you're pretty sure it's gonna make the papers.

This is so friggin' cool... the 23rd artist to be pheatured in the Peverett Phile Gallery is a member of one of my favorite bands ever... Barenaked Ladies. Here's one of his pieces...

Kevin Hearn will be a guest on the Phile in a few weeks! I cannot wait!

Today's guest was last on the Phile was last on the Phile back on January 20th this year when she was the 9th artist to be pheatured in the Peverett Phile Art Gallery. Since then her CD "Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure" has been released on iTunes. Please welcome back to the Phile the lovely and talented... Christine Leakey.

Me: Hello, Christine, welcome back to the Phile. How have you been?

Christine: I've been a busy bee! Things are pretty good. :)

Me: I have to thank you so much. One of my number one favorite bands is Barenaked Ladies and because of you Kevin Hearn from BNL is gonna be a guest on the Phile. What did he say when you approached him about this?

Christine: I never heard anything back in the email but whenever I see him in person he's very kind and so I'm sure he is quite flattered by your dedication to the BNL's! :)

Me: I want to pheature his artwork as well like I did yours last time you were here. How long have you known Kev?

Christine: I haven't known him for very long. I did listen to a song since the early 90s that was by a band he was in called Look People though. I actually met him while working on my album since Great Bob Scott on drums and Chris Gartner on bass and other things on my album are in a band with him entitled, Thin Buckle.

Me: Didn't you also used to live next door to Tyler Stewart, the drummer for BNL?

Christine: I did live in Toronto on the same street as Tyler for a few years during the early 2000's and gave his children Halloween treats.

Me: You're from 1000 Islands, Gananoque... did I spell it right? Where is that exactly? It sounds like something from Narnia or "Lord of the Rings".

Christine: Yes, you spelled it correctly! A good way to remember the spelling is by saying it in a sort of cheerleading chant: G-A-N (rest) A-N (rest) O-Q-U-E let's go! It's a lovely geographical area which borders the US and so some of the islands are on the American side and if you look over the side of the boat you can see the Canada, USA divide! ;) It's just a short drive east from the Lake Ontario delta.

Me: Where are you living now, Christine? Ever make it to Florida yet?

Christine: I live in Hamilton currently. I have been to Florida twice. The last time I was there was in '08 and I still haven't been to the Everglades or seen a manatee.

Me: As I said last time you were here you were part of the Peverett Phile Art Gallery, this time we'll focus more on your music. Have you been doing any more drawings or paintings though? I'd love to pheature more of your art and have you back a third time.

Christine: That would be great! Yes, I have been dabbling a bit. Though design and the music has been really monopolizing my time. I have some ideas for art which I wish to create sometime soon I hope.

Me: Let's get through this second time first. Your beautiful album "Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure" is now out and available on iTunes. That album took 14 years or so to make, am I right?

Christine: Well, it took that long from when I was initially going to make the album because of an injury which stopped me from playing guitar. So some of the tunes are that old but still fresh and I think timeless. I had a recording deal back then which I had to walk away from so it was all very frustrating for me as you can imagine. I started recording the bed tracks in 2007 and then in early 2008 I took a break to find the right studio to record. I was about to book Canterbury Studios in Toronto in late summer 2009 when I was approached to do it at a private studio. My intentions were to get it done quickly since that is how I'm wired but the person was very busy and while I had deadlines in mind and flight to the UK with some shows being discussed there for a mini tour forecast for spring 2010. That got nixed since the promised timeline wasn't met from the private studio and the album was far from finished. And so after 2 years it finally got done in 2011 and I released it in 2012. 'Ph'ew! ;)

Me: I am guessing you are really bloody glad it's finally out. Have you been getting a lot of good feedback from it?

Christine: That's an understatement! :) And yes, I've been getting some great feedback which has been very rewarding and has made me feel extremely grateful and happy.

Me: What took so long to do it?

Christine: Aside from the gap my injury caused, the fellow who approached to work at his private studio, is a very busy musician who is in heavy demand. He also works on albums with several people and so towards the end he revealed to me that he had seven albums on the go and he was in a dozen bands including Thin Buckle with Kevin Hearn. To top it, he has life responsibilities which I can respect. Knowing the time it would truly take would have been great to know in advance. I was definitely not prepared for such a drawn out experience. Everything happens for a reason though and I'm happy to be finally sharing it with everyone.

Me: I asked you about the album's name last time you were here asking if anybody had trouble remembering it. How's that going, Christine? Where did the name come from?

Christine: So far so good! :) I remember someone said it wrong but quickly fixed it in their review. It is drawn from several life experiences for me and I love to do a play on words with each word beginning with the same letter. I had an affinity for the letter S in the 90s and used to go on a radio show doing Some Swirly Spoken Sayings! ;) "Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure" means I've got these tunes which are like trinkets in a treasure box, my mind, which have been tucked away too long. I'm sappy at times for I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. My Uncle John that "The Man with The Golden Heart" is about got really sick with pneumonia and passed away after visiting a sugar bush during tree tapping season. When I play guitar, I'm essentially tapping a tree as it's made from wood so I am acknowledging the tree where the music comes from. So there you are… I suppose it could also be interpreted in a sensual way.

Me: When you were here before I showed the cover to your single "Lovely Lullabies & Apple Pies", but didn't even mention that song. Did you think that was odd? I found it annoying.

Christine: It didn't bother me. I was very happy that you were interested in my music and so I figured you were just focused on asking me other questions in depth… The music speaks for itself really and it's always interesting to learn about people behind creations.

Me: You are very photogenic, Christine, and your cover for the album and single have an antique look. Is that something you are into?

Christine: Thank you! Sometimes I'm very non-photogenic too and knowing your best angle and lighting can do wonders! ;) Yes, I dig antiques. I have two Victrola's and an antique toy piano collection which you can see samples of in my pics. I like history very much and wish that Alexander the not so great didn't burn the library in Alexandria. Imagine all the ancient wisdom there. And now we breathe it all in through the same air on earth to this day.

Me: As an artist, did you design the looks together?

Christine: I designed the packaging to my CD and the single. I had a couple friends photograph me and then I created fantasy worlds, though the album cover was a collaboration with an artist named Maihyet Burton because I had made 6 concepts for the cover and couldn't decide on one so I wanted an outside perspective. So she dressed me up after listening to my music. I decided to curtsy as thanks. She collaged the imagery together which included the animals except the Canadian geese were really bowing down like that beside me in the park. She added the gypsy wagon because I used to be in parades when I was little and my family on my French side built a beautiful wagon as a float which we would all be on and scream and shake corn kernels in containers saying welcome, welcome! (We built a private camp type summer commune that we promoted) hahaha!! Hence the gypsy wagon inspiration! Then I added the bunting flags and the titles after and incorporated that into the back album art, inside art, and insert art which I created. I photographed the zebras, bongo, nyala and kudu and deer at my friend's grandaddy's ranch in Texas hill country. That was quite an experience in itself, one I'll never forget! You can see I am petting a bongo in my "Lovely" video as well at the ranch. I had a vision years ago of trees floating in space growing out of roses blooming and I have painted the vision a few times… I did a rendition of that as well in the art and the whole album art actually tells a story like a children's book. It has no words but it's like a little inside secret of mine until now. I want to make a video to really express it how I see it in my mind.

Me: For the limited edition hard copies of your album you hand sewn sleeves and added original art on wood. How many copies did you do like this? I bet that was tiring.

Christine: I made 100 and I felt like a crazy labour of love creationist! I put love into each one though and yes, spent many hours cutting out tiny bunting flags stitching them to handmade twine, finding the right materials to make the sleeves, cut and sew the material. find the right supplies to paint trees on balsa wood and then find the right tissue to number them. I also scanned in every one of them as remembrance since it was so much work and together they make a strong statement. Now they are on almost every continent. There are still 4 left which you can purchase on my bandcamp page: christineleakey.bandcamp.com. The twine and some of the material fibres got into my nose so I sneezed along the way. My back hurt because I wasn't doing this in an ergonomically efficient way like I should have been. That didn't matter though because it was my gift and my celebration of thanks to the cosmos and the appreciative listeners.

Me: I have a picture here of the sleeves have sewn by you, Christine.

Me: You have a new single and video from the album. How did you choose the song "Shine My Tarnished Sheen" to be the third single?

Christine: I plan to make a video for every song and in the winter I saw a video that had been made in India by I Can Dance 2 and thought that is who I want to work on "Shine My Tarnished Sheen" because there is Eastern instruments in the song including Bansuri, Qanun, Indian Tabla Drum. I googled them then called them immediately and they loved the music so took on the project. I guess I am the second artist to outsource a video to India and so during the making the BBC interviewed me about it which was cool. I'm very happy with the end result. With this video they wanted to incorporate scenes filmed here in Canada to show the world they can create story lines to include an artist far away if they can't fly to India. I also wanted to choose a song next that is more unique from the songs I have made videos so far.

Me: What is the song about? Or Charlie Sheen. LOL. Hahaha! Hmmm... "Lovely" was written when I met a guy. And this was written after that didn't work out! It's a bit about love and loss and also about loving yourself. It's about feeling all the things one feels when alone, letting go, accepting what is, not taking things for granted, digging deep within, having faith...

Me: Ravi Naimpally plays on that track. Who is Ravi, Christine, and did play the instruments?

Christine: I met Ravi when I co-produced a jazz festival in 2002. He was performing with his band Tasa which featured Ernie Tollar on various wind instruments including ney and bansuri and Chris Gartner on bass who are also on my album. Ravi is playing the Indian Tabla drum on that tune. On iTunes I decided to say featuring Ravi since it's his one appearance on the album and I love his music. Here is his bio found in my Facebook photos: "Ravi was born in Kanpur India where his parents ran a classical music society. This gave Ravi the opportunity to listen to some of the legends of Hindustani music. These early influences led to Ravi's keen interest in studying tabla. Travelling to Mumbai every year Ravi embarked on an apprenticeship with his uncle the late Pandit Nikhil Ghosh for nearly six years. Imbibing the techniques and repertoire of the Poorab baj as well as learning the finer points of Delhi, Ajrada, and Punjab, Ravi continues his studies with Pandit Anindo Chatterjee of Kolkata. He also studies mrdangam repertoire with Trichy Sankaran. Today Ravi has accompanied many of India's finest artists including vocalist Lakshmi shankar, sarod maestro Buddadev Das Gupta, and kathak dancer Pratap Pawar. He is much in demand for his sensitive accompaniment and his rich and deeply traditional solos. Ravi is also an active educator and teaches both at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto and at York University."

Me: The video has a Bollywood feel. Where was it filmed and did you come up with the concept?

Christine: Yes, I wanted to have a Bollywood feel with some more traditional Indian dancing. It was filmed at a few locations including an ashram and a temple around Bangalore which is in Southern India. Ananth Sarella and Asha Sarella from I Can Dance 2 came up with the concept. I suggested a couple tweaks like using a pop-up book instead of a flat book. The shots with me were filmed at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton and Burlington, Canada.

Me: Did the actors and actresses know what they were being filmed for?

Christine: Yes, everyone was hired and paid as well.

Me: Are you a fan of Bollywood films?

Christine: Yes, I do enjoy watching them when I can. The first time I saw one was when I moved to college and a station had a show called Asian Horizons. I also took part in VishnuRama's during the 90s which were indie concerts mixing the East and the West along with Indian catered food, Indian dancers, Bangali Bhajan music and garage rock music from bands like Thee Gnostics, The Polyester Explosion and my first band, The Double Feature Creatures!

Me: What music and stuff do you listen to, Christine? And what films are you into?

Christine: I love many different music genres. I tend to gravitate to older music from many different era's and lots of stuff that are more rare vs mainstream. I don't have a clue what's happening in commercial top 40 music though and not having a TV makes it easier to dodge that and focus on music I do appreciate.

Me: You a very busy person, with your music, art and you also do graphic and web designing. Did you go to school for that?

Christine: Yes, I took Graphic Design and post-graduate studies in a very prestigious program in Canada where I was one of twenty accepted of thousands for 3D Animation and Interactive Design. Of course, I felt too young to just jump into my career and be an adult like everyone else which is why I picked a guitar up instead. I welcome new design work from professional, positive and ethically minded types.

Me: Is that something you enjoy?

Christine: Yes! Particularly when I work with people who are ethical and positive.

Me: So, I have to ask, what do you think about the look of the Phile? Pretty plain, right?

Christine: Sure it's plain but your focus is on making content and doing so in a very interesting and enjoyable way. I don't judge you for that but if you ever wanted me to help spice it up, that would be fun!

Me: Christine, your music is so different and deep, and complex, when you write a song what comes first, the music or the lyrics? What is harder for you to come up with?

Christine: Each case is different. Many times I sing words out to a melody and then I'll pick up the guitar and find the chords or make them up since I'm self taught. :) I think it's harder to come up with lyrics to go with an existing song. I feel the lyrics are the song when it happens. The feelings and message are more authentic that way for me.

Me: Thanks so much for being on the Phile again. Go ahead and mention your website, Christine.

Christine: Thank you! It's christineleakeymusic.com which points to my Facebook and I promise I'm working towards a website… I'm like a cobbler with tattered shoes when it comes to designing websites for myself! Soon though!! haha!

Me: So, will you be working on any new music?

Christine: Yes, I am going to record a song in two weeks for fun. I am writing some new music lately as well. I've been writing one in particular via Skype as a collaboration which is something I'm not used to doing as I usually write my songs alone. Also, I plan to record another album and a circus EP.

Me: Thanks again and please come back on the Phile and keep in touch. Take care.

Christine: Thanks again!! I hope your interview with Kevin goes well since you're such a big fan, you deserve that! :)

Me: So do I. Thanks again.

That about does it for another entry. Thanks to Laird Jim and of course the wonderful Christine Leakey. The Phile will be back with an extra entry this week tomorrow with singer songwriter Maxim Ludwig. Then next Sunday it's Mosey West and Monday it's Martin Belmont from Ducks Deluxe and Graham Parker and the Rumour. Spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pheaturing Alumni Adam Bentley From The Rest

Hello, and welcome back to the Phile. First things first, I wanna say congratulations to Tropical Storm Isaac for being the second largest collection of hot air headed to Tampa, Florida. They're now worried that Tropical Storm Isaac could hit Florida during the coming Republican convention. But Florida is ready for it. Thanks to President Obama's economic policies, many businesses down there are already boarded up. The Republicans are getting ready for the convention. They're busy here in Florida auditioning minorities.  Days after Paul Ryan was picked to be Mitt Romney's running mate, a shirtless photo of him finally turned up on TMZ. The photo of Ryan with his wife was taken six years ago while they were on vacation in Oklahoma, which raises an interesting question: Who goes on vacation in Oklahoma? Meanwhile, Mitt Romney is refusing to release more than the first four inches of his torso, though he insists he has nothing to hide. Swimmer Ryan Lochte won a bunch of Olympic medals. He's trying to trademark his catchphrase "jeah." It's like "yeah" with an "j." A rapper actually came up with that in the '80s, and he asked why Lochte should try to trademark something he didn't create. This could go down as the lamest rap feud ever. They're going to send Lochte a cease-and-desist order from saying "jeah."  The Princeton Review just released its annual list of top party schools in the United States. The number one party college for 2012 is West Virginia University. West Virginia students today celebrated by continuing to celebrate. There's a referee strike in the NFL right now. They're demanding more money and silly shirts.  Nude photos popped up on the Internet of what appears to be Prince Harry having a big naked party in Las Vegas. This has caused quite a commotion in London. But I'd be disappointed if my prince WASN'T having naked parties in Vegas. What's the point of being a prince if you can't round girls up in Vegas and get naked with them? In the olden days, it probably went on every night and if you told anybody about it, they cut your head off. Maybe those poor girls lost their clothes in an accident and the prince graciously gave them his. It's called chivalry. Look it up. I just think it's refreshing to see a famous redhead drunk and stripping that isn't Lindsay Lohan for a change.  The Obama campaign announced that theirs will be the first political campaign to accept donations via text message. The president is hoping it's a way to engage grass-roots supporters to give money. A friend of mine tried to donate money and ended up voting for Sanjaya.  Khloe Kardashian got in an accident. She was on the freeway and rear ended someone. There was no little or no damage. On a scale of 1-to-Lohan, it was a 2.  Well, kids here in Florida pretty much all went back to school, except my son who just went from the living room to the kitchen. He's home schooled. Anyway, at a certain store down the road which starts with wal and ends with the color green they were stocking up on getting stuff ready. Check it out.

Have you seen those Aptiva commercials with Jamie Lee Curtis? There's something very unusual about them.

Mitt Romney said he'll cut funding to PBS if he was elected, and a a website called Dogs Against Romney has released a poster talking about this.

Star Wars Celebration 6 is happening in Orlando this weekend and a lot of people asked me if I was going. I celebrate Star Wars five days a week at my job. Hell, I even dedicated the whole month of May to Star Wars. Anyway, I didn't have the money to go. This is what you needed.

And now let's see who is pushing up daisies...

Phyllis Diller
95 July 17, 1917 - Aug 20, 2012
This is one of those times when being a mortician must be really, really tough.

Jerry Nelson
July 10, 1934 - Aug 23, 2012
Down for the count.

Neil Armstrong
Aug 5, 1930 - Aug 25, 2012
That's one small death for man, one giant death for mankind.

Man, what a big week for celebrity deaths. I like to invite friends and Phile phans to the Phile that are interesting and have something to say. No one has anything more interesting than the newest member of the Phile phamily. He is a a singer, surfer, patriot and renaissance man. Please welcome to the Phile Laird Jim in a pheature I will call...

Good morning, humans. Sigh... I just saw a dog sitting in a locked Mercedes... barking his head off at Stop and Shop. I waited for the woman to come out and I tried to nicely explain why what she did was wrong. She said, "Why don't you mind your own fucking business, dirtbag?" I shook up the bottle of ginger ale I was drinking and sprayed it all over her. She screamed, "Are you a fucking lunatic?" I replied, "No, I'm a dirtbag... remember ?" Be well, my freaky little darlings.

This is unbelievable who the 23rd artist to be pheatured in the Peverett Phile Art Gallery is. He is in one of my favorite, favorite bands of all time, which most readers of the Phile know which band that is. He is also in another band called Thin Buckle. This is one of his pieces of art...

I cannot believe I am typing this. The 23rd artist in the P.P.A.G. is the one and only Kevin Hearn from Barenaked Ladies and he will be a guest on the Phile in a few weeks.

Today's Alumni guest was last on the Phile way back in January 20th, 2009. He is the lead singer of the Canadian band The Rest whose new album "SEESAW" is now on iTunes. Please welcome back to the Phile... Adam Bentley.

Me: Hello, Adam, welcome back to the Phile. Man, it's been a long time since you were here. How are you?

Adam: Great! It has been some time!

Me: A lot has happened since the last time you were on the Phile, Adam. We'll get to that in a minute. The Phile sure has changed since you were here last. I don't think I even had a logo last time you were here. What do you think of it?

Adam: I like it! Gives off the right vibe of the site, informative but relazed.

Me: Alright, you are not here to talk about the Phile, are you, Adam? Let's talk about the band The Rest. Where did that name come from?

Adam: Years ago we were hitting our heads against each other to figure out what to call ourselves, and Blake mentioned "The Rest", and everyone was in quick agreement.

Me: If I remember correctly you have quite a few band members. About eight or so, am I right?

Adam: It's 7 members strong.

Me: Who else is in the band, Adam?

Adam: Blake Bowman, Dwayne Brydon, Matty Buzanko, Anna Jarvis, Steve T. Jones, and Jordan Mitchell.

Me: Didn't one of your band members disappear only to be found a week later in the hospital? What happened?

Adam: Steve Jones was in the hospital for a few weeks. Not sure if he wants me to talk about it too much, but he's doing much better now!

Me: That's good. Also, you lost a member of The Rest, the band's producer who produced the first two albums. He had a heart attack, right? Was it all of a sudden?

Adam: Dan Achen was our producer since we started seriously recording. He was playing ice hockey when he had the severe heat attack. It was all of a sudden, and caught us all off guard. When I got the call in the morning about it I thought it had to be some kind of sick practical joke. I was in utter disbelief.

Me: Were you already working on the recent album "SEESAW" when he passed?

Adam: We had been writing the record at that point, and I was about to go in and show him some songs, set a date to start recording. I always valued his opinion and was looking forward to his criticism. Always opinionated, but he just wanted the best for the tunes.

Me: Who produced "SEESAW"?

Adam: Jordan Mitchell was mentored by Dan, so it seemed the obvious choice for him to take over that role. All of the band was heavily involved, but it was because of Jordan work and skill that it was completed.

Me: Tell me about the album name, Adam, where did it come from, and am I correct, spelling it out all in capital letters?

Adam: We've been spelling it out in capitals, mainly for aesthetic reasons. The name came from our long history of having quite a few ups and downs, never one without the other. It was actually conceived before the album was lost, so we might have cursed ourselves a bit there.

Me: Did you write all the songs on the album?

Adam: I wrote all of the lyrics, but the songs were written in many different ways by a variety of band members. We tend to approach writing different each time out, and you never know how a song will come together.

Me: After "SEESAW" was recorded, you lost the files or something, am I right? What the hell happened?

Adam: The short answer is a hard drive glitch deleted the whole record. There still isn't a solid explanation to how it happened, but one second it was there, and the next it was all gone.

Me: That's another reason I don't like computers, Adam. But then if it wasn't for computers they'd be no Phile and I wouldn't know about half the bands I interviewed here. Anyway, how did you get all the file's back?

Adam: We worked with two companies Glypth out of New York, and Seagate out of Chicago. They worked their magic to find all of the 1s and 0s.

Me: How long did it take this company to retrieve the music?

Adam: It took them about 4 months, and then us about another 2 to link all of the digital files in pro tools.

Me: What did you think when you thought you lost all your hard work? Did you wanna quit?

Adam: We were always hopeful that we would get the record back, but I think if we didn't that could have been the end of the band.

Me: How did you tell the news to everyone?

Adam: I think it may have been through email. I got a call from Jordan, so I might have called some of the guys. It was a pretty insane day, hard to compute how everything actually happened.

Me: What did you think then when the companies you hired retrieved the music?

Adam: I laughed. Uncontrollably laughed. I had 4 months of stress building inside of me. I definitely wasn't dealing with the situation, so when the relief came I lost control. A pure wave of happiness.

Me: What was more expensive, recording the album or getting the files back?

Adam: Recording, most definitely recording. The retrieving of the files just took away time, some money, but mostly time.

Me: Adam, you guys are from Canada, right? Hamilton?

Adam: Yes, mostly all from Hamilton, a couple members are in Toronto, but we work out of Hamilton for the most part.

Me: I interviewed so many bands from Canada, and there's one band I had on the Phile who mentioned you guys, but cannot think who it was. Dark Mean maybe? 

Adam: Dark Mean are friends of ours great guys!

Me: I asked you about Barenaked Ladies last time, and you said you played hockey once with Tyler Stewart, the Ladies' drummer. I always ask musicians from Canada what they think of the Barenaked Ladies music. What do you think of them? I think you told me before but I don't remember.

Adam: I don't have much connection to BNL outside of that hockey game. When I was a little kid (9 or 10) I liked their cassette, but to be honest I haven't followed them that closely. Always seemed like nice guys though.

Me: Anyway, I downloaded "SEESAW" from iTunes and am glad the album is up there. How is it doing? It's a great album and I am glad it was saved.

Adam: Thanks! People seem to be really digging it. Sometimes you work on a project you can lose sight of it, so it's been great to have people react so positively. The shows have been great so far, and we're looking forward to getting the album into more ears.

Me: I watched the video for the song "Always On My Mind", Adam. How did you come up with the concept of the choir and filming it in one take?

Adam: Our friend Mitch Fillion specializes in these one take videos, so we thought it would be a blast to invite our friends over and try to perform the song in an altered way. Super excited with how it turned out!

Me: So, what's next for the band? Are you kids planning on another album?

Adam: I think we're going to sit down in the next week and do some long term planning. Hoping to get out on the road in the fall. Shows! Shows! Shows!

Me: Any plans on coming down to Florida to tour? Probably not, right?

Adam: You never know, haven't made it down that south yet, but we'll be working on it!

Me: Thanks so much for being on the Phile, please take care, and I look forward to more The Rest music. And I won't wait all these years to have you back, Adam. Go ahead and plug your websites. Take care, and come back again soon.

Adam: Thanks, Jason! Always a lot of fun! You can check us out at: therest.bandcamp.com, therestmusic.tumblr.com or buy the new album at auteurrecordings.com.

That does it for another entry of the Phile. Thanks to my guests Laird Jim and of course Adam Bentley from The Rest. The Phile will be back tomorrow with the last Alumni of the month Christine Leakey. Then on Tuesday there's gonna be an extra entry with singer songwriter Maxim Ludwig. Next Sunday it's Mosey West, who I think is a singer or band and on Monday it's Martin Belmont from Graham Parker and the Rumour and Ducks Deluxe. Spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pheaturing RobotrobotROBOT

Good afternoon, kids, and welcome to another entry of the Phile. I was just thinking about Paul Ryan being Mitt Romney's running mate. It's like trying to spice up a bowl of oatmeal with MORE oatmeal. Ryan criticized President Obama for not doing enough to create jobs. In response, Obama said, "Didn't you just get a new job?" Speaking of Paul Ryan, a new poll actually found that 42 percent of Americans do not approve of Mitt Romney's running mate, which isn't too bad considering most Americans don't approve of Paul Ryan's running mate.  New research found that 25 percent of Americans don't know their own cell phone number... while the rest thought of a different excuse to get out of dating that researcher. By the way, I don't know my cell phone number.  A man in Oregon walked away with minor injuries after he fell asleep in a dumpster and ended up in a trash compacter. It raises a lot of questions, and the answer to all of them is tequila.  The White House just revealed that it brews its own beer, and President Obama drinks it when he goes out campaigning. And even more of it when Joe Biden goes out campaigning.  The U.S. military is sending surveillance blimps to monitor the U.S. border with Mexico. It's a great plan until everyone looks up and sees the blimps.  A man who lost his memory used pictures on Facebook to piece his life back together. Or as most people call that, “Sunday morning.”  A new study found that vegetarian cavemen died earlier than cavemen who ate meat. Not from starvation... they were just murdered after they kept talking about why they became vegetarians.  You know I love Disney, right? I have worked for that company for going on 25 years, and they pretty much are perfect. They are the best company to work for... ever. Anyway, have you seen the Disney Store website lately? Check it out.

Is it me or does it look like Cinderella is giving Ferb a hand job? I have worked there like I said for about 25 years and not once did I get a hand job from Cinderella. I did bang Alice once but that's another story. Moving on...  I was watching TV the other day and I noticed something odd about a local TV commercial. Mark this under phail...

I noticed this is a shoe store recently.

Oh, Adidas... Okay, now for some sad news.

Scott McKenzie
Jan 10, 1939 - Aug 19, 2012
Be sure to wear pennies on your eyes.

In 2010, The Expendables left more unanswered questions than The Tree of Life, causing the entire world to beg, plead, and bargain with Sylvester Stallone to give us a second one. Oh, wait. That's not true at all. It was a full-scale action epic that did next to no work outside pyrotechnics to make you love the characters, because you already love them. And it turns out that "Sly" is a more appropriate nickname than we ever thought, because his plan worked so well he's back again, this time with even more action stars you didn't even know you missed. But you did.  There's so much muscle in this movie that it leaves room for barely anything else, which is fine, as long as you don't think too hard about it. We didn't go to see Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terry Crews, Randy Couture, Jet Li and Jason Statham stir our intellects, did we? Nah. The new additions to the movie include Liam Hemsworth as Billy the Kid, Chuck Norris as the Lone Wolf, and Jean Claude Van Damme as Jean Vilain (who makes this movie finally feel like a real assembly of badasses). There are tons of gross kills, tanks rolling over people, walls getting knocked down, gunfire and knife work. But past the post-modern chuckles of conservative ex-governor Arnold ripping the door off a Smart Car, they really skimped on anything resembling even the simplest kind of story that made these guys stars in the first place.  Mr. Church (Willis) forces Barney (Stallone) and his rag-tag band of misfits to do an easy job that turns out to be more than they bargained for. When Jean Vilain and his baddies intercept the important thing Church was really after, he slashes some throats and takes off. The Expendables have to follow him, because it's literally in their contracts. Along the way, they're getting chased while trying to find Vilain. There's a complete lack of double-crossing and complications... they pretty much just seek the bad guys and find them. You never worry about them not achieving the goal.  There are a couple of things that yanked me out of the movie faster than you could say "I'll be back." One of the reasons we even got this sequel is that the first film did well money-wise, and 40% of its audience was female. So why would they make choices in the sequel that seem really misogynistic? I'm never one to cry "sexist," but having an all-female town of vigilantes who can't shoot to save their lives is a little puzzling. Yes, haters, I get why it's funny and I chuckled. But combined with the fact that Maggie (Nan Yu) does very little except ask Sylvester Stallone about his feelings a lot (to contribute to the paper-thin character development we already discussed that we don't need), my head cocked quizzically to one side.  And speaking of quizzical looks, my eyebrow now has a permanent arch having now listened to almost every character quoting their famous films, or someone else doing it for them. It's like when your grandmother says "Those are totes dope" when she's talking about your new Nikes in front of your first boyfriend. We could have used exactly five less of those references… all except the Chuck Norris one. Because we all know we can't get enough of those. Like how Chuck Norris isn't going to wait for the box office reports, he's just going to go stare at a movie theater and the worldwide revenues will grow out of sheer fright. From 1 to 10 I give it a 9. 

Well, yesterday I had Chair of the Democratic National Committe Debbie Wasserman Schultz here on the Phile, and she wanted to come back again to talk about "legitimate rape". So, please welcome back so quick to the Phile... Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Me: Hello, Debbie, welcome back to the Phile so fast. LOL. So, what is this about "legitimate rape" you wanna talk about?

Debbie: Hello, Jason. In a year that has brought us no shortage of stunningly backward statements from Republicans on issues affecting women's health, the GOP Senate nominee from Missouri may have just taken the cake.

Me: What happened? I missed it.

Debbie: Yesterday morning, Rep. Todd Akin, explaining his opposition to abortion even in cases of rape, said that victims of "legitimate rape" don't get pregnant because "the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."

Me: What exactly is an "illegitimate" rape?

Debbie: That's what I want to ask  Rep. Akin. And what are these unnamed "ways" women have of avoiding pregnancy after being (legitimately) raped?

Me: Is Akin's choice of words the real issue?

Debbie: No. The real issue is a Republican party... led by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan... whose policies on women and their health are dangerously wrong. I'm outraged at the Republicans trying to take women back to the dark ages.

Me: I agree, Debbie.

Debbie: Good. Really, it's deeply concerning that Republicans continue to support legislation that is, quite literally, dangerous for women.

Me: And Mitt said he would get rid of Planned Parenthood, right?

Debbie: Mitt Romney famously says he would "get rid of" federal funding for Planned Parenthood if he had the chance.

Me: And Paul Ryan?

Debbie: Was one of more than 200 Republican cosponsors of a piece of legislation that would have narrowed the definition of rape.

Me: That's crazy, I can't imagine...

Debbie: The same Republican House that refuses to pass a jobs bill jumped at the opportunity to make life harder for victims of rape?

Me: What do Romney and Ryan think of Akin's latest statement?

Debbie: They've been trying to distance themselves from it... but Congressman Ryan has already partnered with Akin on a whole host of issues that restrict women's ability to make their own health care decisions. This kind of "leadership" is dangerously wrong for women, and I can't sit by and watch as these out of touch Republicans like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and Todd Akin continue to roll back women's rights.

Me: So, what happens now?

Debbie: It's time for us to move forward, not back, on women's rights. Take a stand for women now.

Me: Thank you, Debbie. I will talk to you soon.

Debbie: Thanks, Jason.

Today's guest is the 22nd artist to be pheatured in the P.P.A.G. He goes by the name RobotrobotROBOT and might actually be a real robot. Please welcome to the Phile... RobotrobotROBOT.

Me: Hello, welcome to the Phile. How are you?

Robot: Marvellous, thank you.

Me: So, should I call you Robot, or RobotrobotROBOT?

Robot: I prefer Exalted Leader.

Me: I will call you Robot. So, I take it you like robots?

Robot: They're okay s'pose.

Me: What is your favorite robot of all time?

Robot: Eli Wallach.

Me: I have no idea who that is. Where did the name RobotrobotROBOT come from?

Robot: It was actually a typo while signing up for some random web thing. I meant to type jfdjkhfiwenj... but I slipped.

Me: Where are you from, Robot?

Robot: I am from the past and I bring you knowledge of things you probably already know, what with the past being so well documented and all.

Me: I thought you were from Hemel Hepstead. Where is Hemel Hempstead anyway? I was born in London, but lived in Oxford. I do know where Hampstead Heath is though.

Robot: Hemel Hempstead is about 4000 miles from Winnipeg.

Me: You have done a lot of zombie and Star Wars stuff, Robot. What do you like to draw best?

Robot: I don't draw. I smash the mouse against the keyboard. Any by-products of that are purely coincidental.

Me: Zombie stuff has recently become really popular in the last few years. I am not big into zombie stuff, but I love Shaun of the Dead, and Zombieland. You must be a big fan of Shaun of the Dead as well I take it. Have you ever seen the show "The Walking Dead"?

Robot: Shaun and Zombieland are both great films and yes, I am a big fan of "The Walking Dead". Although I do think the greatest, and probably most overlooked zombie film of all time is Gigli starring Ben "Brraaaiiinnssss" Affleck.

Me: So, let's talk about Star Wars... I am a big Star Wars fan, and work at Star Tours at Disney. You have done so many Star Wars art pieces, what has bene your favorite one you did?

Robot: I like my Minimal Star Wars design. I did an even more minimal one comprising of a blank t-shirt but it didn't sell so well.

Me: What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

Robot: As far as I am concerned there is actually only one. There are nearly three... there certainly aren't six!

Me: I disagree. Anyway, why do you think so many artists do Star Wars and zombie art?

Robot: Easy money. I'm kidding. It's probably something to do with expressing oneself in an artistic manner within the confines of a popular culture icon. Or the money.

Me: I have to hand it to you, cudos on being the first artist featured in the Phile's art gallery to do "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" work. I love this piece you did, Robot.

Me: I am a big fan of the books, Douglas Adams and the movie. Did you like the movie?

Robot: Surprisingly I did.

Me: Do you remember watching the TV show on BBC?

Robot: Loved it. The TV series was my first exposure to "Hitchhikers Guide". Then I read the books. Then listened to the radio series.

Me: What kinda stuff did you draw as a kid robot, Robot?

Robot: Anatomically correct illustrations of dissected horses.

Me: What's your favorite tools you use? I love drawing with Sharpies myself.

Robot: The Thermal Lance.

Me: Is there one thing you would never draw or paint?

Robot: I'm not very good at painting smells.

Me: You did some cool guitar and music pieces and a few with a band called The Jetsonics. That label one is great. Are The Jetsonics a real band or a band you created?

Robot: The Jetsonics are a real band and can be found here amongst other places: facebook.com/TheJetsonics.

Me: Are you a musician as well?

Robot: Yes. Bass player mainly but I dabble with other instruments too.

Me: If you were gonna design a logo for the Peverett Phile, what would it look like? I'd want it to look like a record label.

Robot: My design would look like a record label with the Peverett Phile written on it.

Me: Robot, thanks so much for being on the Phile. I will definitely have you back if you're interested. I hope this was fun. Is there a website you'd like to plug?

Robot: I would like people to stop buying my t-shirts and go and donate something here instead: cancerresearchuk.org.

Me: Thanks again, and keep up the good work, Robot.

Robot: Yur welcome... redbubble.com/people/robotrobotrobot.

Well, that about does it for today's entry. Thanks to my guests Debbie Wasserman Schultz and RobotrobotROBOT. The Phile will be back next Sunday with Alumni Adam Bentley from The Rest and on Monday it's Alumni Christine Leakey. Also next month I will announce the 23rd artist in the Phile's Art Gallery, and you'll be amazed who it is. I will give you a clue... he is also a musician in one of my favorite bands. You will find out in one week. Until then, spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.