Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Peverett Phile Interviews: Melissa Joan Hart

Welcome back to another entry of the Peverett Phile Interviews. Today's guest is none other Melissa Joan Hart. This interview is kinda short and she only answered one third of the questions I sent, but for someone like her that has a busy career I am just happy that she took time out to answer my reply nonetheless my questions. Anyway, here it is, the 20th interview... Melissa Joan Hart!

Me: Melissa, you are originally from Smithtown, Long Island. I grew up in Port Jefferson also on the Island. What school did you go to and did you go to Pt. Jeff often?

Melissa: I was born in a hospital in Smithtown, but raised in Sayville, up through middle school, then I was tutored in Florida.

Me: You have a lot of siblings. Are you close? And do they all act?

Melissa: All of my siblings has acted at least once, but only Emily continues to.

Me: Is it true you collect Shirley Temple stuff? Is there a lot out there? That seems obscure. Have you ever met her Ms. Temple?

Melissa: I was very fortunate to have met Mrs. Temple-Black when I was preparing "Child Star". I do collect things, but there is WAY too much out there to ever have a complete collection, I stick to my favorite things (a few dolls mostly).

Me: You had some very sexy pictures taken as you were growing up, Melissa. That 'Details' shoot of you in underwear, and the naked and pregnant pictures. Would you ever do Playboy if you were asked?

Melissa: I have never posed naked except for my husband (the pregnancy photos were from a private shoot that were stolen). I have not really thought about it.

Me: Melissa, is your first name Melissa or Melissa Joan? Or is Joan your middle name? 

Melissa: My name is Melissa Joan Hart (first, middle, last) all of which I was born with.

Me: Let's talk about your first show, "Clarissa Explains It All". Back then, your show was pretty different then what Nickelodeon played. But now you have "Drake & Josh", "iCarly", "Ned's Declassified", etc. Kids shows like that are big business for Nickelodeon and Disney. Man, I forgot what the question was. Do you look at those shows and think that's where you started? Can you give the kids on those shows advice?

Melissa: I would only say to current child-stars to stay centered, grounded and family-oriented. My family, GOOD friends and the drive to remain "professional" about my job has kept me from drinking excessively and from drugs.

Me: I read once that you have a potty mouth. I cannot imagine you swearing. Do you?

Melissa: I wouldn't say I have a potty-mouth per se, but I have been know to say an expletive from time to time.

Me: Tell the Phile phans what to expect with your two upcoming projects, "Nine Dead", and "Your Presents Requested."

Melissa: "Nine Dead" is almost done with post-production and will hopefully have a venue soon, "Your Presents Requested" will be released when ABC Family deems it so, probably in the spring.

And that's it. I hope to interview Melissa again in the future when she has more time and maybe her husband. Anyway, thanks again to Melissa for taking time out to answer those questions. Tomorrow the Phile will be back with an interview with singer Britney Christian and then on Monday with comedian Jeff Hilliard. So, until then, spread the word, not the turd.

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