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Pheaturing Goomba Richie Saccente From Young Rebel Goombas

Remember that night? The one that we drank... Uh... I don't remember... Haha. Hello there, welcome to the Phile. I am your host Jason, star of "Princess Long Island". "Princess Long Island"... the "Jersey Shore" for Jews. Haha.  This is the last entry from Long Island. I had such a good time here, and it kicked my midlife crisis in gear. I love it here... I got to know the homeless people by names. Just kidding. I want to live here again, and do what every Long Islander does on weekends... see a movie, go bowling, or play pool. Speaking of movies, is it true that Commack movie theatre is haunted? I said yesterday my Long Island accent is coming back... no words end in 'er', they end in 'ah'. I have to tell you Long Islanders something, why do you live in the shadow of the greatest city in the world but you never go there? I was told that when you're away from the Island, you'll love it but when you're there you won't. Well, you know what? That's bullshit! I do love it! So, I was thinking about renting a car this trip instead of having people drive me around, but I don't know the exact exit point at which Queens turns into Nassau. I could not find that bridge to Connecticut. I fit right in here on Long Island. I can pronounce Islip, Wantagh, Commack, Mattituck, Shinnecock, Quogue, Ronkonkoma, Hauppauge, Mineola, Islandia, Massapequa, and Patchogue. I got to eat at a pizza joint, I had a dirty water hot dog, a deli, a bar-be-que place and had Italian food. Every Italian restaurant I passed here I kept thinking is this the restaurant Billy Joel sang about in "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant". You like Billy Joel, right? In Floirida if you don't work at Disney World you know someone who has. On Long Island, if you don't know Billy Joel, you know someone who does. I found out last night that Laird Jim knows him. Anyway, I think I had my L.I. food all covered. By the way, does every diner have a freakin' book for a menu?  Tomorrow, people, I am going back to Florida, but let me tell you, your future you might end up in Florida. So, how many of you evaluated the meaning of the name Hicksville? In Florida you'd think we'd have a town called Hicksville... or Red Neckville. One thing that's different about Florida and Long Island... you have no interest in or knowledge of country music. I haven't talked about the Yankees at all since I have been here. Why is it that you wanted the Yankees to stay in the Bronx but you would probably go to more games if they moved to Manhattan? I have to mention your hero... Derek Jeter. How fitting that he ended his career with the Yankess playing baseball. I did so much when I was here, but I never took the MTA bus... but then again who on the Island has? When I lived here I never associated Fire Island with gay men. Have they always been there? We have a place in Orlando where you can see a lot of gay men as well... Walt Disney World. You know, there's one thing I have never done living on Long Island... and that's go clamming. That's a real thing, right? Back in my day clamming meant something different. Oh, man. Let's talk about other stuff that's not Long Island related for a minute.  As if anything could possibly be more disturbing than a united collective of professional harlequins, the largest and most prestigious clown club in the country has publicly decried "American Horror Story's" new psychotic character, Twisty the Clown. The president of Clowns of America International issued a statement in which he stated, "We do not support in any way, shape or form any medium that sensationalizes or adds to coulrophobia or 'clown fear.'" I kind of see his point. They seem to be doing just fine on their own.

Clowns don't kill people, people dressed as clowns kill people.  The Catholic Church is pulling a quick 180 on its statement that essentially amounted to saying that homosexuals are human beings who deserve a modicum of respect and acceptance from Christians. After coming under fire from conservative members of the faith for its slightly Christ-like level of tolerance, Church officials are now pointing out that that statement was part of a "working document" that can still be amended to excise anything resembling kindness.  During a Facebook Q&A, U2 vocalist Bono issued a long-overdue apology for making every single person in the world extremely angry by giving people his music for free, whether they wanted it or not. "Oops. I'm sorry about that," he said, probably while wearing stupid colored sunglasses inside. "I had this beautiful idea and we got carried away with ourselves. Artists are prone to that kind of thing. Drop of megalomania, touch of generosity, dash of self-promotion, and deep fear that these songs that we poured our life into over the last few years mightn't be heard." I'm not as worried about Ebola as I am about Bono writing a song about Ebola.  There's a lot of churches up here, but not as many as in Florida I think. The Nesconset Chriatian Church seems to be the place to go if you are looking for a sign.

So, there's this ship called the USS Long Island, did you know that? Take a look at this picture. An X-wing fighter is catwalk after a landing accident in July, 1942.

That one is fir you, Jarred.  Do you know what you have up here that we don't have in Florida? Jewish plumbers.

Okay, yes, we probably do have Jewish plumbers down there.  I can't believe how cheap TV's are up here.

And they still sell black and white TV's?  I mentioned the Commack movie theater earlier... I was gonna go there and see a movie, but they are a bit behind the times. And some of these movies I never heard of.

So, are you guys hockey fans? Did you see the Islanders inspirational poster?

They are not a bad team I don't think.  One of the things I like to do when I have some spare time is to go on Twitter and look up certain words to see what people are talking about. Two of those words I look up are Port and Jeff and this is what I recently saw...

Haha. Go Seawolves!!!  Back in my day when I lived here the New York slogan was I Heart New York, or I Love New York, depends on how you want to say it. Well, the newer slogan is kind of a degrade.

Okay, so, as you know I live in Florida. There's some crazy stuff that happens up here on the Island, but not as crazy with what happens down there. So, here's a feature I call...

This is the kind of story where you hope drugs were involved, because that would at least provide some excuse for a 19 year old who walked into a Walmart in Florida and jerked off on a stuffed horse. Police say Sean Johnson escorted a stuffed horse from a shelf in the toy section of the store to the bedding department where he used the horse to masturbate. I guess the bathroom would've been gross. After he finished the act, he put the semen-stained horse back where he found it. The store's Loss Prevention team spotted him acting suspiciously and called the cops who arrested Johnson in the parking lot. The Brony gone wild was charged with indecent exposure and criminal mischief, which sounds way better than "sex assault on a toy," and was released after posting a $1500 bond. The fact that he could come up with the money for bond makes you wonder why he didn't just buy the horse and take it home for sex like a (slightly more) normal weirdo. Maybe it's not about sex, but more the thrill of hunt, and the excitement of having your picture plastered all over the Internet.

Haha. If you spot the Mindphuck email me... So, I had a few emails and questions over the years on what my house looked like in Port Jeff. Well, we actually lived in Belle Terre which is above Port Jeff and I went by there to see it. This is it, kids.

My mum used to call it The House That Slow Ride Built. I also mentioned yesterday about the girl from Long Island News 12 and I had emails asking me to post a picture of her. So, here we are...

Her name is Elizabeth Hashagen. Maybe next time I come up here I could interview her. Oh, before I forget, here's the last of the pictures that you readers sent in.

Damn kids. Haha. Okay, it's Thursday and what we do every Thursday is talk football with my friends Jeff and Lori. So, once again it's...

Me: Hello, kids, welcome back to the Phile on Long Island. How are you?

Jeff: It's always good to be back on the Phile. We hope that you are enjoying your vacation back home to Long Island. Things are good here.

Me: I am having the best time ever. We always talk about the NFL, but we don't talk about college football. If we did what teams would you choose? What colleges?

Jeff: If I rooted for a college football team, I would root for the Colorado Buffalo. In the mid 90s several Steelers were drafted from Colorado, so I started to root for them as well. I don't really anymore. I'm not a fan of college football, but that would be my team.

Me: Okay, that's cool. Lori?

Lori: My grandfather played football for the University of Nebraska back in the 1940s, so I am and will always be a Cornhusker fan!

Me: I would have Stony Brook University's Seawolves. Have you heard of the Seawolves? They are pretty good, losing just three games this season and winning four games.

Jeff: Funny you should ask me if I know about Stony Brook. I am slightly aware of them in the fact that they are in the America East conference. Because my alma mater is also in the America East. But we don't have a football team, but they play each other in basketball.

Me: That's cool. Speaking of losing... Lori, Jeff, let's talk about the elephant in the room... the Giants getting their asses beat by 27. 27-0 to be precise. What the fuck?! Lori, you must be gloating.

Lori: Yes, the Eagles absolutely steamrolled the Giants. It's actually the first time in 18 years the Eagles have shutout an opponent and the last time was against...The New York Giants! But, no, I don't gloat. :D

Jeff: Yes, The Eagles trounced the the Giants this week by 27. It's not all Eli's fault. It's hard to complete a pass when there are defenders dragging you to the ground all game.

Me: Steamrolled, trounced, creamed, whipped, beat... man, it was bad. Any other NFL news, Jeff?

Jeff: There isn't any big news this week. A few season ending injuries, including Giants' receiver Victor Cruz. Seattle hasn't looked as good this season as they did last year. So that has been a major disappointment. But the season is still young. They are fully capable of turning it around and unleashing the Legion of Boom on the rest of the NFL.

Me: Lori, you didn't get to pick last week as you were at a wedding last week, but you do get one point for the Eagles winning which is good. Jeff, how did we do last week?

Jeff: Last week Lori got the only bonus point with her victory over the Giants. The Steelers just looked pathetic against the Browns and we have all ready covered what happened with New York vs Philadelphia. You each went 1-1, while I went 2-0 once again. I have 23 points, Jason has 17 points and Lori is at 15 points for the season.

Me: Okay, second place still. Let's do this weeks picks... I say Seattle will beat the Rams by 13 and the Packers will beat the Panthers by 7. What do you kids say?

Jeff: This week I am picking Cleveland by 7 over Jacksonville and New Orleans by 3 over the Lions.

Lori: I will pick the Bears by 3 and the Cardinals by 1.

Me: Alright, I will see you back here next Thursday.

Jeff: See you next week.

Elizabeth Peña
September 23, 1959 – October 14, 2014
Now starring in "I Buried Peña".

It's 9:28 am, 68° F here on Long Island and Kelly announced announce Kelly's first annual Christmas benefit concert, Miracle on Broadway at the Bridgestone Arena with special guests Reba McEntire, Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks, Ronnie Dunn, Kacey Musgraves, Hayley Williams, Charles Esten, Meghan Trainor and more! Tickets go on sale this Saturday, Oct. 18 at 10 am. For more details, visit

So, last night I hung out with Laird Jim and what a trip that was. Let's have him talk about it. He's a singer, patriot, renaissance man and Long Islander...

Interesting day yesterday... Made a new friend of the daughter of Ray Charles... met my friend Jason for dinner and drinks. While we were speaking of the beautiful women I run around with, I showed him a picture of one of them on my phone and asked, "Do you like her? Good... then watch this." I called her on the speaker phone and told her to meet me at the hotel I was about to drop Jason off at for sex. She said, "Okay, sounds great, see you in twenty minutes or less." Yes... I ordered a girl like a pizza delivery. After that bit of debauchery, she went home... I went home... and poor Jason is wondering HOW the fuck to write about all of this. Anyway, I'm tired... a full day of work, drinking and talking about my crazy life with Jason... then that whole part with all the incredible sex kind of sapped whatever energy I had left... among OTHER things).

Yeah, that's pretty much what happened. Okay, today's pheatured guest is the lead singer for the popular Long Island band Young Rebel Goombas whose self-titled album is available on iTunes. Please welcome to the Phile... Goomba Richie Saccente.

Me: Hello, Richie, welcome to the Phile, man. What's up?

Goomba Richie: Hey Jason, just enjoying the start of the weekend.

Me: I am so excited you guys are Long Island based. Where on Long Island?

Goomba Richie: Most of us live in the Huntington area except Uncle Bee who is in Coram.

Me: I grew up in Port Jefferson where I went to school and lived. Actually, I lived in Belle Terre, looking down at Port Jeff. Do you get out there often? Ever played there?

Goomba Richie: I love going to Port Jefferson in the summer time. We have played a few places there over the years but as a band we are currently not booked there...

Me: Have you lived on the Island all your life?

Goomba Richie: Myself and Goomba Cosmo are from Queens. I grew up in Hollis and he in Flushing. I moved to New Hyde Park around 1981 then Huntington in 1993. Although when you look on the map Queens is still on the same Island, just that no one in Queens or Brooklyn would ever admit that.

Me: Yeah, a lot of people don't know Queens and Brooklyn are a part of Long Island. Listening to your music, it does sound like you come from an Island, but a different island. You guys must be fans of Jimmy Buffett, right?

Goomba Richie: I love the tropical island feel but our Island is only tropical a few months a year. We are fans of Jimmy Buffet but I think for me Bob Marley is a bigger influence in my playing and writing.

Me: How would you describe your music?

Goomba Richie: Our music is best described as trop rock (tropical). It has tropical beats and just sort of makes you want to get to a beach.

Me: How many people, Richie, do you guys have in the band? You have two drummers, right? How does that work?

Goomba Richie: Our live band has five members. Guitar, bass, sax and two percussion players. The drums are set up like a split kit. Goomba Dave plays kick drum and congas along with wind chimes. Goomba Uncle Bee plays the snare drum along with different pieces of hand percussion, timbale and whatever he brings that day.

Me: Why don't you go ahead and tell the Phile readers who is in the band with you?

Goomba Richie: On our album we had myself on guitar and vocals, Goomba Cosmo Mallardi (my cousin) bass and vocals, Goomba Uncle Bee percussion and vocals, Goomba Randy Knudsen kick and congas and vocals and Richie Cannata on sax along with Bob Cassara on trombone. In our live band we have myself, Goomba Cosmo, Goomba Uncle Bee, along with Goomba Rob Cutts on sax and Goomba Dave Giacone on kick and congas. They will also be playing on the next Goomba album.

Me: Have you all played together for a long time?

Goomba Richie: I have been playing with Goomba Cosmo since we were kids. Goomba Uncle Bee and I have been playing together for about eighteen years now. Goomba Rob for about five years and Goomba Dave for about three years.

Me: I have to ask you about the name, Goombas is a very New Yorker word. For those that don't live there, tell them what it means.

Goomba Richie: In Italian families goomba is a family friend or relative. When Goomba Cosmo and I were growing up there was a relative from Italy, Goomba Raymond. He was a musical influence to us when we were young. When I got married Goomba Cosmo was my best man and we started calling each other Goomba. In each of our cell phones you will see a contact for Goomba. One night we were hanging out and came up with the name Young Rebel Goombas. We decided to use it when we started playing around locally and before we knew it we had an album using that name. I personally love the name.

Me: Are you guys rebels? None of you guys are young, right? I am not either, so don't feel too bad. 

Goomba Richie: To answer the second part first none of us are young compared to most people trying to catch a break in music. I guess that would make us rebels though.

Me: I downloaded your self-titled album from iTunes and really liked it. I paid almost ten dollars for and then saw on your website you were selling it for once cent. Man, I should of checked first. How can you make money selling the album for just a penny?

Goomba Richie: We were selling the album for a few years then we decided to just get the music out there. We are proud of the album but figured it's better at this point to get as many people to hear it as possible. We are actually going to discontinue the free download in a few days but check anyway to see if it is still free. Oh, after expenses we didn't make much money selling it at ten bucks either.

Me: Richie Cannata who you mentioned played with Billy Joel, Elton, and the Beach Boys just to name a few. How did you guys get him? It's weird his name is similar to yours.

Goomba Richie: Jake Gorst is our main background guy. He basically wears many hats, writing, album graphics, pictures, videos and many other things. He had written an article on Richie Cannata and became friends with him. That sparked our album because Richie owns Cove City Sound Studios in Glen Cove which is where we recorded the album. So we asked Richie to play on it and he said yes. It was a great experience for all of us. 

Me: Didn't you have all your families play on it as well?

Goomba Richie: We had a bunch of family and friends sing on the song "Sing A Long" That was a lot of fun.

Me: The album came out a few years ago, right? Are you planning on making another one?

Goomba Richie: Time flies, yes it did come out a few years ago. We are working up another album as we speak.

Me: Richie, congrats on winning an Emmy a few years ago. Did you guys get to go?

Goomba Richie: We did go, it was held at the Marriott Marquis on Broadway. It was one of the best nights of our lives, especially when they called our names as the winner. Looking forward to the Grammy awards someday. LOL.

Me: I should mention what it was for. It was for the soundtrack to a documentary called Farmboy. Was that done on Long Island as well?

Goomba Richie: The movie was directed by our good buddy Jake Gorst. He got us involved. Most of it was shot in Ithica, NY which is where it took place.

Me: Is Farmboy available on DVD? What was it about? A farmboy I am guessing.

Goomba Richie: Yes it is, you can find links on our website. It's about the contributions of H.E. Babcock to farming and many other things he helped change. Very interesting.

Me: I watched your videos, Richie. It looks like you had a good time making them. where were they filmed?

Goomba Richie: We had a great time filming them. They are mostly filmed in Long Island with the exception of "You Must Love Me" which was filmed in the desert in Palm Springs. We were green screened in.

Me: I imagine you do a lot of shows around New York, do you ever go on tour?

Goomba Richie: We do play a lot of shows in Long Island. We are playing a few times in Key West in November at MOTM which is a Jimmy Buffett Parrot head convention and then again in January  at Margaritaville in Key West. We are hoping Jimmy will let us open for him some day.

Me: And I saw you guys have a campaign to get on Letterman's show. Forget it, you were on the Phile. I wish you luck with that though.

Goomba Richie: It's not an easy task to get on Letterman as we have found out. This is a very tough business to get anything done unless you know someone. I'm thinking it's probably too late for Oprah too.

Me: Yeah, her show is done. Richie, thanks so much for the interview and being here on the Phile. Go ahead and plug your website and how they can help getting you guys on the Letterman. I wish you lots of luck, and the next time I am up in Port Jeff I will try and see you guys in concert.

Goomba Richie: This has been fun, Jason, and thanks for having me. Our web site is You can email me at and to get us on Letterman, well maybe someone out there knows someone who knows someone. Thanks again.

That about does it for these Long Island entries. I had so much fun being here, going to places I grew up, and hanging out with some good friends. Special thanks to the Knotgen family, the Glass family, Laird Jim, Mayor Margot Garant, Mike Philbrick and the Port Jeff Brewing Company and the Young Rebel Goombas. The Phile will be back next Thursday with Dr. Demento... yes, that Dr. Demento and Friday with Jess Meuse who was on the last season of "American Idol". So, spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye. And, Long Island, I will be back!

Not if it pleases me. No, you can't stop me, not if it pleases me. - Graham Parker

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pheaturing Port Jeff Brewing Company Brewmaster Mike Philbrick

Hello, welcome to the Phile for the second entry from Long Island. I am your host, the Long Island Extra Extra Large. Why is it that the Long Island Medium never talks to spirits who are still pissed and want revenge? Boy, am I glad I didn't grow up in Dallas, y'know.  So, being here since Saturday I feel my Long Island accent is coming back. I want to keep calling it Lawn Guyland. I have been to a lot of places since I have been here. Riverhead, Rocky Point, St. James, Port Jeff, Mount Sinai, Sayville... but I was told while I am here I should go to Huntington... why, is it really that cool? I was also told I should go to a place called Utopia. Everybody on the Island has been there at least once. Okay, so, does anyone know why the HOV land on the LIE stops in Hicksville instead of the Northern State? So, I was gonna rent a car this week while I'm here but with the Parkways, the L.I.E., the Causeway, Robert Moses bridge, 110, 25A, Deer Park Avenue, Old Country Road, Jericho Turnpike, Hempstead Turnpike, Northern Blvd, Sunrise Highway and Vets Highway I thought I would get lost. I get lost driving around Orlando and I lived there for 27 years. So, did you know Long Island was once potato fields? I didn't.  Okay, there's other stuff going on in the world...
After weeks of speculation about the North Korean leader's health, Kim Jong-un, or a cleverly manufactured facsimile of him... was photographed in public earlier today offering "field guidance" to Pyongyang officials. The mannequin, doppelgänger or actual leader of the nation was carrying a cane, which would lend credence to rumors that Kim had broken his ankle and was not devoured by a pack of the North Norean military's hungry dogs. I also think he had a facelift...

Hahaha. He looks a little bit like Jonah Hill not Nicolas Cage.  A Dutch entrepreneur is offering a way for your friends and family to remember the bad decisions you made during the course of your life well after you've passed away. All you have to do is instruct his Holland-based company to flay the skin on which you chose to tattoo a Calvin/Hobbes/Ziggy three-way from your corpse and he'll preserve it for your grandchildren's' grandchildren to admire with solemn reverence. You know, I don’t get the phrase, “cool as a cucumber” because I’ve never seen a cucumber with a tattoo.  
Television composer and new father Bear McCreary is advising his fellow parents to not let their children watch the newest season of the show to which he contributes music, "The Walking Dead", which returned to television sets Sunday night. "Do not let children watch @WalkingDead_AMC tonight. Or ever again. I'm very serious," he wrote on Twitter. I guess he finally got around to checking out the show. "The Walking Dead" forces us to ask who the real monsters are: the zombies or the humans. Answer: it's the zombies, stupid! Come on!  The editorial staff of Esquire have done their homework, crunched their numbers and determined who the world's sexiest woman of 2014 is. Luckily, the winner, Penelope Cruz, is someone who is both incredibly famous and willing to pose for Esquire's cameras. Otherwise, they wouldn't have had a cover for this month's issue.

Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz, and Terry Crews in... NOT WITHOUT MY SPELLCHECK!  Scientists have successfully managed to use human brain cells to create Alzheimer's Disease inside a petri dish. They'll be able to use these cells as an easy means of testing anti-Alzheimer drugs in the hopes of wiping out the degenerative disorder. They're hoping that they'll be able to use a similar technique for testing other disorders. I just forgot why I Googled Alzheimer's.  At the start of the entry I mentioned the Long Island Medium. I don't really know who she is so I looked her up and all I can say is... eeeew!

I heard she was hot... guess I was wrong.  So, back home there's a lot of signs for attractions... Sea World, Disney World, Universal, Holy Land Experience... there's attractions here on Long Island, they just don't advertise them very good.

I found a new love... Long Island News 12. There's a cute girl in the mornings with short hair reading the news, but I don't know who she is. Anyway, some of their stories they talk about are not all that interesting.

Burger King's up here are slightly different...

LOL. I almost texted that number... then I remembered I have a wife back home. Moving on...  I'm not  a burger guy but some places here really sell burgers for cheap.

Oh, wait, the ad expired in 1973. Never mind.  Yesterday on the Phile I interviewed Port Jefferson Mayor Margot Garant. I guess the interview went well, because she renamed one of the Port Jeff ferry's...

The love boat, exciting and new. Haha.  One of the things I like to do when I am not driving around Long Island is to go on Twitter, look up certain words and see what people are talking about. Two of those words I look up are Long and Island and this is a Tweet I saw recently...

So, even though I am in New York right now, most of you know I live in Florida. Some crazy shit happens in Florida, that wouldn't happen anywhere else. That's why I have a feature called...

Sometimes it isn't so bad being misunderstood. Say, for example, if you were robbing a bunch of beach-goers, you might want to be misunderstood as someone innocent. Jonathan Warrenfeltz, 24, was so desperate to be understood, he tattooed "Misunderstood" in cursive across his forehead after being released from prison on February 1st. Here is a picture of him...

No room for misunderstanding here, this guy is super crazy. And I don't say he's crazy because of his super crazy face tats, though that would be fair, but also because he took his super crazy face tats to the beach and robbed people in the light of day. According to the reports, Misunderstood Warrenfeltz, his friend Joshua Zeaya, and two women (super crazy identifiable face tats are such a major turn on) went to Florida's Dania Beach where they held up five people at gunpoint. They made off with $1500 worth of property, then raced off to a motel 6, made a wrong turn, and inexplicably threw the stolen stuff out of the car along the way. "After the [suspects] took off they started throwing property out of the vehicle until they reached Motel 6," Detective Marcos Toledo explained the trip to the Sun Sentinal. They didn't find the rifle, but a search of the vehicle found the victims' credit cards, wallets and a backpack. And the most damning evidence? No prizes if you guess this one right. Seven witnesses identified him by his tattoo of the word "misunderstood" written on his head in cursive. He held up five people, was identified by seven. Police caught up with him in 30 minutes. That means Warrenfeltz robbed some people on a beach, took a wrong turn during his getaway, left stolen items behind as he went, and was caught by police in less time than it takes to get a pizza delivered. He is now being held in jail without bond and is facing a separate cocaine charge later this week, but at least he is very, very well understood. You'd be misunderstood too if every time you tried to talk a spider crawled in your mouth.

Can you spot the Mindphuck? By the way, this chair is dangerous. That's the second time I almost tipped up in it.  Yesterday when I interviewed Major Garant I mentioned Boogie Hotel Studios. I had a few people email me asking me what it looks like, and what it is now. I stopped by there the other day and happened to get a picture taken...

It is now Antique Costume & Prop Rental... you can check out the website at If you want to see the building, you can't go in, it's on Main Street in Port Jeff.  The last few weeks I have been asking you to send me a photo of something typical Long Island and I would post it here. So, here is the second one...

Not the most exciting pic I have to admit.  Okay, so, I lived on the Island for ten years, and haven't been back in about ten and there's a lot of stuff I always thought I knew about the Island but don't. So, here's a pheature called...

In 1936, Nazism was growing in Germany and Adolf Hitler was expanding the country's military might. He had supporters on Long Island as well... specifically Camp Siegfried in Yaphank, which claimed to be a summer camp. The camp was supported by the German-American Bund, and a brochure promised "You will meet people who think as you do." Nazi supporters are seen here in Yaphank in 1937.

Also, when my friend Jarred was driving me around he told me a German u-boat landed in Amaganset with Nazi spies during World War II. Locals thought they were fisherman and just waved to them. You crazy Americans. Speaking of a crazy American... he's a singer, patriot and renaissance man... and a Long Islander. You know what time it is.

Okay... Just got up after a long night hanging out with this bunch of nuts who taught me this new game called ASSASSIN. Eight of us split up and drink in NYC bars within a 12 block square area. We give each other vague clues in mass texts. Stalk... find... and kill each other with very small, very accurate paint ball guns (about the size of a derringer). Five men, three women. After lots of booze, lots of odd looks from everyone around us, two very jumpy members of the NYPD, one police report, one unfortunate drug dealer, one very amused train conductor, countless NYC witnesses, several annoyed cab drivers and one over protective dog... I wound up being second to last person standing He jumped out of a fucking dumpster and got the drop on me. Way to commit... you smelly bastard. Anyway... I came in second out of eight. So I won $200 after an initial $100 buy in. Pretty cool game... HEY... this is what former cops and ex-marines do for fun on a Saturday night in New York. We get drunk, unwind and kill each other for money... LOL. I'm gonna hunt down some breakfast then figure out what I'm going to do with myself today.

Okay, today's pheatured guest is the Brewmaster for the Port Jeff Brewing Co. which on Saturday had it's 3rd anniversary. You all need to go and check out the Schooner. That one was my favorite. Please welcome to the Phile... Mike Philbrick.

Me: Hello, Mike, welcome to the Phile. How are you?

Mike: I'm great. I'm actually heading back on the LIRR from a long day in Brooklyn and West Chester visiting some of our accounts out there. Its a weekly pilgrimage I do to keep our customers up to speed with our beers.

Me: I wanted to interview you ever since two years ago when I learnt that Port Jeff now had a Brewing Company. When I lived in Port Jeff in the 70s and 80s it didn't have it's own beer. If it does I would of been to young to know about it anyway. Its location used to be a kite shop I think. Did you know that?

Mike: I've definitely heard some rumblings about kites but more recently and notably it was Once Upon a Christmas a year round Christmas store which actually still operates in Port Jeff. Its a strange chane from ornaments and gift wrap and always funny when people walk into our tasting room thinking they are gonna see Santa but instead are greeted by beer taps. Many stay to try some samples anyway.

Me: Mike, where are you from?

Mike: My dad was in the Navy so basically a few different places he was stationed but we ended up in Sandy Hook, CT. I went to high school there. I moved to Long Island with my wife (who is from Stony Brook) about 7 years ago.

Me: How did you get into the beer making business? Did you start out making beers at home?

Mike: I started with a homebrew kit that my wife bought for me Christmas 2000. I had grown to appeciate what they called "microbrews" at that time and figured I would try my hand at it. I always liked to cook and there are alot of similarities between brewinng and cooking. Although my intial brews tasted like swamp water I kept with it and eventually started making my own recipes with alot more frequency.

Me: It seems like in the last few years microbreweries have become such a big thing. How and why do you think this happened?

Mike: I think people like choices. We all have varying tastes and gravitate towards locally produced products. This local and micro non mass production is gaining popularity across many food products such as farming, dairy, ciders, wine, etc. Most people who appreciate craft beers are always interested in variety so that lends itself to support smaller local and regional breweries.

Me: Is there any brand beers you like? Samuel Adams, Yuengling? I like that beer, but it has a stupid name.

Mike: Yuengling is a family name. But yes, it does sound strange. I drink all sorts of beers large or small. When I attended college at Temple University in Philadelphia Yuengling was the go-to local beer. So I had a lot of them. I still really like their porter. I will try anything. Big brands typically get big because the liquid is good and they market it well. There is something to appreciate on either side.

Me: You went to the World Brewing Academy... where is this and how long did you go there?

Mike: Most of my education there was done online though they have a location in Chicago and another in Doemans, Germany. The microbrewery course I took with them lasted about five months.

Me: Is that how you became a Brewmaster?

Mike: Brewmaster is a loose term. I think of an old guy next to a kettle when I hear that so I typically don't refer to myself as Brewmaster but rather a Brewer. I learned a lot of the science behind brewing at WBA but also a lot from home brewing and visiting other breweries and conferences.

Me: So, I am sure you have a team of people to help you make the beer, am I right? How many people do you have helping you?

Mike: We have a head brewer, a cellar man... who packages beer and cleans tanks/kegs and 1-2 interns.

Me: How much beer do you make in a day or week?

Mike: We can make about 35 barrels of beer per week or 70 kegs. It comes out to be about 1200 pints per day that get consumed by people who drink our product.

Me: Mike, you are the Port Jeff's Brewmaster, but do you also own the business?

Mike: I'm the owner and handle most of the day to day business of the brewery. Anything from ordering supplies to make beer, t-shirts, selling beer, and organizing special events.

Me: I think it's cool Port Jeff has it's own brewery, I mean, Rocky Point doesn't own it's own brewery, does it?

Mike: Actually there is a small brewery in Rocky Point called Rocky Point Artisan Brewers. They are a good group of guys but due to their small size it can be difficult to find them on tap places.

Me: How many kinds of beers do you sell, Mike?

Mike: We will make somewhere between 20-25 different styles of beer this year. We make 5 beers year round and the rest are seasonal... like pumpkin beer Boo Brew or winter ale Ice Breaka.

Me: Are you always inventing new beers?

Mike: We like to experiment with different styles so when we have the available space in a tank it's not unusual for us to run a new beer. Many of these new beers become part of our regular offerings. We have retired certain beers that may not have been as well received as others. We also make a handful of beers that are only available at our tasting room. Like Summer Shandy, Blueberry Wheat, and Downport Rye.

Me: I think there should be a Peverett Phile beer, what do you think?

Mike: Peverett Pilsner has a nice ring to it.

Me: Yes. Yes. It. Does. So, has any celebrities besides myself... haha... been in the shop?

Mike: We have had some celebrity guests. The Doobie Brothers stopped in last summer and drank up a bunch of our Schooner Ale while they were staying at Danfords. I'm still waiting on Billy Joel to come in... we will drive him home.

Me: Mike, everything has a nautical theme, which makes sense considering it's on the harbor. Was that your idea?

Mike: Yes, the harbor theme was a no brainer. There are quite a few other breweries with the same general theme but given our location we would be fools not to utilize it. For the record it was really my wife's idea.

Me: Are you into boating?

Mike: Yes, I have a boat in the marina across the street. We take the kids to Pirates Cove and Whites Beach and also fish quite frequently in the sound. Tubing at high tide in Conscience Bay is a good time too.

Me: Before you got into the beer making business, Mike, what did you do?

Mike: I was a sales manager for Marvin Windows. Super exciting stuff!

Me: How did you tell your wife you were now gonna get into the beer making business? Did she think you were crazy?

Mike: It was actually her idea. It was largely based on getting my beer making crap out of our basement though. I remember coming home from work one day complaining about it. She owns a dance studio so she works in a field she is passionate about. She said why not choose a field that I'm passionate about. Since you cant really make a living drinking beer I went with the next best thing.

Me: I have to admit I was excited when I saw a Triumph spot on "Conan" and they showed a poster for the Brewing Co. in the background. That must of been a big deal for you, am I right?

Mike: I'm a huge fan of Triumph and they actually asked if they could interview us but knowing how they can cut and paste what you say in the final edit I declined. They spoke with the brewery next to us instead which didn't go that well for them. It was a great piece non the less.

Me: Have you heard of the World of Beer in Florida? I don't know if they are national, but they sell beer's from around the world, hence the name, and they don't sell your beer but there is a sticker of the Brewing Company on a door there. Do you sell your beers outside your shop? In restaurants, or stores? Is that something you wanna do in the future?

Mike: I have heard of the World of Beer. Never been though. Thats great that they have a PJBC sticker! We currently sell our beer in about 150 places throughout Long Island, NYC, and West Chester County, NY. We will likely stick to NY for the near future but plan to be in other states within the next 3 years.

Me: I asked the Mayor when I interviewed her about the damage Hurricane Sandy did to Port Jeff... did the Brewing Company get a any damage?

Mike: First off Mayor Garant is a great supporter of the brewery and we are blessed to have her as our Mayor here in Port Jeff. We had very minor flooding and had prepared for much worse. We lost some paper files and other merchandise but we were spared greatly. The brewery is pretty much built to be wet so a little water wasn't difficult.

Me: So, in five years, where do you see the Brewing Company, Mike? I'm sure it'll be huge by then.

Mike: We will continue to expand to meet demand. We will likely build an additional facility to make more product in the near future. My hope is that we can be spread into the mid Atlantic states in five years but we really want to do it as organically as possible.

Me: Thanks so much for finally being here on this Long Island entry of the Phile. I plugged the Brewing Company a few times and hinted I want a free t-shirt and beer... haha. I did finally get a t-shirt though thanks to my sister when she came down in March. Go ahead and mention your website and continued success. Come back on the Phile again soon. I will be in the shop again soon!!

Mike: Thanks for having me! Our website is and you can also find us on Twitter and Facebook @portjeffbrewing. Cheers!!!

That about does it for this entry of the Phile. Thanks to Laird Jim and of course Mike Philbrick. The Phile will be back tomorrow with Richie Saccente, the lead singer from the Long Island band Young Rebel Goombas. Spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye. And now back to Port Jeff...

Not if it pleases me. No, you can't stop me, not if it pleases me. - Graham Parker

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pheaturing Port Jefferson Mayor Margot Garant

Why hello there, welcome to another entry of the Phile which is just like any entry except it's coming from Long Freaking Island, New York! I just don't say I'm from New York... I say I'm from Long Island, New York. Actually, I was born in England but came to Long Island when I was five and spent ten years living on the Island. This month it's 30 years since I moved from Long Island and went back to England. Thirty years... that's like three decades. We went from one island to another. So, last time I went on vacation you might remember I slipped... this time I flew into Islip. So, apparently you can bring Ebola on a plane as long as it's under 3 ounces. Anyway, if you wonder where in Long Island I am, I am right down the road from the wonderful Stony Brook University, or SUNY as it's known is right here. It's a beautiful campus I have to admit. When I was a kid I used to think it was pronounced Sunny. I have to tell you though, no where sells a Stony Brook t-shirt. If I was back home in Florida and wanted a Gators t-shirt that would be easy to find.  So, I am hoping I get a bunch of Long Islanders reading this... except for people from Chaminade. Okay, I always wondered something and maybe you can answer it for me... is every girl from Rockville Centre a bitch? I'm sorry... the Mayor of Port Jeff is here so I wanna behave and watch what I say. Living here for ten years I never went to the Hamptons. What's the big deal about the Hamptons anyway? This trip to New York I want to spend it all on the Island... and not go to the City. Yes, on Long Island we call it the City. Somethings have not changed about Long Island... the Belt Parkway still sucks. If you ever come to Long Island and take the LIRR to the City, take it from me... don't change at Jamaica. Oh, the good ole Long Island Railroad... where expectations never die. I haven't taken the LIRR this trip... I haven't been drunk enough. Hey, what do you think about the new logo? Pretty cool, eh? I think so.  Okay, what is going on in the news? Internet-based commerce company has announced its plans to bring the magic of online shopping to the actual world, by opening a sort of physical website... which they're calling a "store" in the heart of New York City. Innovations like this really illuminate why Amazon has been running traditional brick-and-mortar book stores out of business. Amazon is opening a real store. I'm going to go, take photos of stuff I want, and then order them from Amaz... wait.  Actor George Clooney made a surprise appearance at the New York Comic Convention's Tomorrowland panel discussion over the weekend. During his time before the audience of geeks, dweebs and nerds, he offered a long-overdue apology for his participation in the worst-ever Batman film, 1997's Batman and Robin. “Yes this is my first Comic-Con,” he told the crowd . “Since my Batman, I'd been disinvited from Comic-Con. I met Adam West back there, it was like, 'Hey, I’m really sorry... sorry about the nipples on the suit.'" George Clooney showed up at Comic Con. HAHAHAHA! WHAT A NERD!!!!! Don't ask me how many comic book shops I went to on this trip. Ever been to 4th World comics? Fantastic store!  Now that the world is slowly growing increasingly tolerant of gay people and decreasingly tolerant of the Catholic Church's intolerance of gay people, an assembly of bishops at the Vatican has issued a document calling for the church to be slightly more accepting of LGBT parishioners, as well as divorced people and children who were unlucky enough to be born into a family made up of these grotesque sinners. After all, did not Jesus teach us to kind of love our neighbors with conditions specified by dogma? Catholic Church being more tolerant of gays; hopefully now other gay institutions will start being more tolerant of gays. They don't have gay people on Long Island, right? Oh, wait, Fire Island...  Robert Downey, Jr. has been confirmed as the co-star of the next Captain America sequel, and he'll most likely be filling one of the film's antagonist roles. This is apparently part of a 'civil war' over a Superhero Registration Act which Downey's Tony Stark/Iron Man supports and Steve Rogers/Captain America opposes... that's being adapted from Marvel's comic books. Downey's quixotic comments on "The Late Show with David Letterman" last week suddenly make a lot more sense now. Hey, who said since the sequel Robert Downey Jr. is joining isn’t Back To School 2, they don’t give a shit?  So, Long Island... it's weird, things have changed since I was here last. Check out this welcome to New York sign and explain it to me...

It hasn't sucked me dry yet and I have been here since Saturday.  As I mentioned Stony Brook University is just down the road. I couldn't find a SUNY t-shirt, but I did find an inspirational poster. And you know how much I love those.

Our campus signs don't have to be grammatically correct. Haha.  So, I was wondering what I should do tonight and I found this flyer...

Mineola... that's by me in Clermont, right? Oh, wait, we have two n's in our town. Oh, wait, the show is in February. Shit. Oh, and Gabe Kaplan is dead I think.  Before I continue I have to mention the dismal Giants/Eagles game the other night. Those Eagles fans are so mean. Check this out...

Yes, we get it. I think I cursed the Giants by coming here.  One thing I love to do in my spare time is to look up certain words on Twitter and see what people are talking about. A few of those words I look up is Long Island and this is what I recently found...

I really don't know want to think. Okay, and now from the home office in Port Jefferson which is... Right. Down. The. Road, here is...

Man, this chair movies side to side easily... I almost went flying off it. Anyway, today's Top Phive List is different. Here to present it is singer, patriot, renaissance man and Long Islander... Laird Jim!

The Top Phive Things I, Laird, Love About Long Island.
5. In order to take a 30 minute trip ANYWHERE, you're forced to leave yourself 90 minutes (if you want to be on time).
4. The good news is... you've got a house by the water. The bad news is... you've got a house by the water.
3. We used to be known for Billy Joel and the Baldwin Brothers... Now, it's Joey Buttafuoco and Lindsay Lohan.
2. Everybody remembers Debbie Gibson and Taylor Dayne growing up and having roots here. Nobody remembers Foghat, Mountain and Blue Oyster Cult cutting their teeth here.
Annnnnnd... number one of the top phive things I love about Long Island is...
1. Beautiful women with the I.Q. of a chimp with Downs Syndrome. Later, Phuckerz...

By the way, that photo was taken in the Amityville house. Okay, so, in the last few weeks I have asked you to send me a picture of something typical Long Island and I said I would post it. So, here is the first one out of three...

The Port Jeff ferry. Of course I had to pick this one. So, I lived on Long Island for ten years and haven't been back here in ten years or so, and coming here again I realized I didn't know as much about Long Island as I thought, so for the next few days I thought I would have a brand new feature called...

There's a famous story about how Englishman Richard Smith jumped on a bull, Whisper, and traced out the boundaries of Smithtown. It makes for a wonderful tale. It's also not true. But the legend lives on, and a 14-foot-tall bull, which was placed atop a concrete pedestal in 1941 at the intersection of Jericho Turnpike and Route 25A, remains the iconic symbol of the Suffolk County town.

Okay, you know what time it is. Here he is again, kids.

I've never had much use for jealousy as an emotion. It makes no sense to me. I never get jealous of others, myself.... I mean, c'mon... we're talking about ME here... LOL. If someone I am with desires someone else, so be it. Go... be with somebody else... I've got a half dozen more that look just like you. And as far as being jealous over someone else's life... or their car... or any of their possessions? Again... what the Hell do I care? I live the life most only DREAM of. Someone once said to me... "Laird, you live the life of ten men, ten very interesting men. Who wouldn't envy a guy like you?" This is precisely why I never feel jealousy. Most who know me well, understand that even though I come across as an arrogant jerk... I'm really just a down to earth man. If someone admires something of mine... more often than not, I give it to them... as a gift. I've done this with jewelry, with toys as a child, with clothes I was wearing... I even gave a car to a friend in need once because he said he liked it. My point being... getting jealous over ANYTHING in this world, be they people... a life style... or possessions... is just plain dumb. You have what you have... they have what they have... Worry about what's on YOUR plate... NOT what's on the other guy's plate. If someone is staring at a woman I am with... so friggin' what! That just means his eyes are functional and he recognizes beauty when he sees it. I never understand the whole "what the fuck are YOU looking at?" thought process when it comes to guys who notice another guy checking out their woman.... I laugh at this every time. Truth be told... as long as he's not trying to slam dunk an olive into her cleavage... I could fucking care less. I'm actually flattered when they stare at her... my thoughts are... "Yep... she IS gorgeous... and she's leaving with ME."

Okay, today's pheatured guest is the mayor of the incorporated village of Port Jefferson... or as I like to call it Port Jeff. I am so honored she took time out of her busy schedule to be on the Phile. Please welcome... Mayor Margot Garant.

Me: Hello, Major, welcome to the Phile! How are you?

Mayor Garant: I am good.

Me: You're my first Mayor I have ever interviewed... Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer never replied to my requests. Anyway, should I call you Mayor, Madam Mayor, Mayor Margot? How should I address you?

Mayor Garant: Mayor Garant.

Me: I have to tell you I am excited to be interviewing you. I grew up in Port Jefferson from about 1977 til 1984 when we move back to England. I now live outside Orlando, Florida. I went to Junior High School in Port Jeff when it was in a separate building from Earl L. Vandermeulen. What is in that old school building now?

Mayor Garant: It is still owned by the school district and a Boces School that teaches life skills. We still use the tin can in the gym for athletics.

Me: We first moved to Shoreham from England before we moved to Port Jeff. Port Jeff is so much nicer, don't you agree?

Mayor Garant: Totally agree.

Me: My dad was the lead singer from Foghat and recorded a bunch of albums at Boogie Hotel Studios on Main Street. You heard of Foghat, right?

Mayor Garant: Yes, and I was at one of their concerts at the High School and caught the drum stick which I still have. I have a huge fan! My favorite song is “Fool for the City”.

Me: Cool. I was at that show as well. Did you know Foghat was a big part of Port Jeff history? On the "Boogie Motel" album cover there's a bus that says "PT JEFF" on it.

Mayor Garant: Didn’t know that… can you send me a picture of that?

Me: Yeah, and I have a picture of it here as well...

Me: Can you see it on the green bus? So, Port Jeff means soooo much to me, Mayor Garant. I work at Disney World and I have Port Jefferson, New York on my name tag, not London, England where I was actually born. So, where you you born? St. Charles Hospital? My sister was born there.

Mayor Garant: I like that your tag mentions Port Jeff. I was born in Falls River, Massachusetts and came here in 4th grade.

Me: How long have you been in politics? Did you always want to be in politics growing up?

Mayor Garant: Since 2009… me and my “clean sweep” team. I never thought I would go into politics but I don’t consider this politics. I’m just want to improve the quality of life in the Village that I love and am passionate about.

Me: How did you first start out? Was it in school?

Mayor Garant: I was very popular in school as class president and always a leader.

Me: I take it you live in Port Jeff now, but have you always lived around there?

Mayor Garant: I do live in Port Jefferson now and moved here in the 4th grade.

Me: We lived in Belle Terre when I loved there. Are you the Mayor of Belle Terre as well? What about Port Jeff Station? That's really on the other side of the tracks, isn't it?

Mayor Garant: Belle Terre has their own mayor and Port Jeff Station is part of the Town of Brookhaven and not a Village. Yes, Port Jeff Station is on the “other side of the tracks”, but we don’t say that… LOL!

Me: I have lots of fond memories of Port Jeff, especially playing in Rocketship Park. That's not the official name of it though, is it?

Mayor Garant: The official name is Kip Lee Park, but the Village affectionately refers to it as Rocketship Park.

Me: I went by there the last few days and the Rocket Ship is gone. There was recently a fundraiser to save the park, am I right? Was it going to go away?

Mayor Garant: The fundraiser is going on now to renovate the equipment.

Me: Port Jeff is known as you know for it's smoke stacks. I have a picture of them here...

Me: Years ago I heard a rumor that the power plant was gonna close down and the stacks would be gone. Was that just a rumor?

Mayor Garant: No, it’s actually an ongoing fight to have the plant repowered, however, if it is not repowered, the stacks will be removed as it is part of an old system.

Me: That sucks. That plant gives power to the Island, right?

Mayor Garant: Yes, it does.

Me: And of course there's the Port Jeff ferry which I showed a picture of earlier. I am sure there's different ferry's then it was when I lived there. I remember there was just one ferry. How many ferry's are there now, and what are their names?

Mayor Garant: It is the same ferry….the Bridgeport and Port Jefferson Steamboat Company. The ferry names are the PT Barnum, Park City and the Grand Republic.

Me: When I lived there there wasn't a McDonald's as anything like that couldn't exist, but there is now. Was it a big deal when they announced it was coming there and when it opened?

Mayor Garant: Yes, and we changed the code to prevent other “formula fast food” establishments and we do not allow drive thrus.

Me: I'm exited there's a Port Jeff Brewing Company in Port Jeff. Tomorrow I am gonna be interviewing brewmaster Mike Philbrick. Is there anything I should ask him?

Mayor Garant: I love P.J. Brewing. Ask him how he got his start.

Me: Have you drank there? What's your favorite beer from there, Mayor Garant?

Mayor Garant: Yes, I love the pumpkin ale…which he is probably sold out of.

Me: He wasn't yesterday. I have to mention something serious... two years ago now Hurricane Sandy struck New York, and New Jersey. How much damage to Port Jeff did it do?

Mayor Garant: We were very lucky and didn’t have much damage compared to Irene. We were just able to open our East Beach after a long process.

Me: I know how hurricanes are living in Florida... Hurricane Francis wiped out our apartment in '04. Anyway, I read some amazing things about you during that time, Mayor, that you pretty much were on top of everything, and communicating and doing an amazing job. Was that the hardest thing you had to deal with as mayor?

Mayor Garant: No, it hasn’t been the hardest thing. I started doing a video broadcast for our resident base to communicate what is going on in the village be it emergency or day to day operations.

Me: Hey, I heard Port Jeff now puts on a Dickens Festival in the summer. Is that true?

Mayor Garant: Dickens Festival takes place the first weekend in December and this year is the 19th annual. We have this Festival to help our merchants and it is a huge sales weekend for them while our residents and visitors enjoy the weekend festivities and events of the festival.

Me: I need to come up for it sometime. So, I have a 'band' called Strawberry Blondes Forever and on our album "How Do You Know My Name" I wrote a song called "Party at the Pink House" about the infamous Pink House... or mansion as it really is. Do you know the story about that Pink House?

Mayor Garant: Oh yes… and unfortunately the Contessa passed away this year and I did attend her funeral. I’m hoping the family keeps the house but I remember the film She Devil which filmed in the house.

Me: There was a rumor Foghat all lived there, and teenagers used to hang outside waiting for the band to come out. Anyway, on our next album coming out next year there's gonna be a song called "Port Jeff", which I want to be the theme song for Port Jeff. Port Jeff doesn't have a theme song, does it? It will now.

Mayor Garant: Not yet… looking forward to hearing it.

Me: Port Jeff is definitely one of my favorite places on the planet. It's a great town, isn't it?

Mayor Garant: Awesome!

Me: Okay, I know you're really busy, and I appreciate it soooo much you took time out to be on the Phile for it's first Long Island entry. Port Jeff has a website, what is it?

Mayor Garant:  

Me: Thanks again, Mayor Garant, keep up the good work and please come back to the Phile again soon. Visit me in Orlando!

Mayor Garant: My pleasure.

There, that about does it for this first entry from Long Island. Thanks to Laird Jim and of course Mayor Margot Garant. The Phile will be back tomorrow with Port Jeff Brewing Company Brewmaster Mike Philbrick.

Not if it pleases me. No, you can't stop me, not if it pleases me. - Graham Parker