Monday, January 5, 2009

The Peverett Phile Interviews: Dexter Romweber

Hi there, kids, welcome to the most updated blog on the internet, the Peverett Phile, with another staggering interview. Today's interview is with Dexter Romweber, from the Flat Duo Jets. It was a big thrill to interview him as I am a big fan. So, sit back and enjoy. 

Me: Hello, Mr. Romweber, first let me say this is such a thrill and an honor to be able to interview you. I first about you, sir, through my friend Jim who is a really big fan of yours. I was into the Stray Cats big time in the early 90's, and he gave me a Flat Duo Jets CD. When did the Flat Duo Jets start out? 

Dexter: my moms garage

Me: What did you think of the Stray Cats when they came out in the 80's, and became really big? That was a huge deal for rockabilly music. 

Dexter: I'm not a big fan of Stray Cats. I like older rawer music. 

Me: Where are you based? You're from North Carolina, right? What was the music scene like there when you were growing up? 

Dexter: Chapel Hill N.C. The scene was wild back then. Wide open. We were young. Totally unconcious.

Me: Where did you meet Chris Smith? Was it your idea or his to start a band? 

Dexter: Flat Duo Jets started totally by accident. Getting high. We just one day decided to jam.

Me: Where did he get his nickname Crow? He did look like a crow playing drums. 

Dexter: Crow had just gotten his hair cut and looked like a crow. Drums like a nest.

Me: The Flat Duo Jets consisted of just you two. What made you stay with just a two people in the band? That's very rare. Of course, the White Stripes does the same presently. 

Dexter: Again in accident. There just wasn't anybody around.

Me: Who were your idols when you were growing up? Cochran? Buddy Holly? Gene Vincent? Most of the legendary rockabilly artists have passed on. Hank Marvin is still around though I think. You were born to late to see most of them in concert, right? 

Dexter: I saw Jerry Lee Lewis, The Ventures, Etta James, Bo Diddley. All my favorite concerts I ever saw.

Me: Rockabilly was always bigger in Europe. My dad, who was Lonesome Dave of Foghat, saw all the greats when he was growing up in London. Did you go to Europe to see any bands? Gene Vincent played most of his shows overseas. 

Dexter: Never saw any overseas.

Me: I have to ask where did the name Flat Duo Jets come from? 

Dexter: Flat Duo Jets is a 1950s Gretch guitar.

Me: What was it like working with Jim Dickinson and Scott Litt, both famous producers? I know Jim played piano on the Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses", and produced one of my favorite bands, The Replacements. Scott also produced The Replacements, but is known mostly for producing most of REM's albums. 

Dexter: All my producers were a joy to work with. I was a fan of Dickinson before I met him. He's a great singer.

Me: When did the Flat Duo Jets break up? Did you and Crow have a falling out? Are you two ever gonna make music again together? 

Dexter: Summer of 1998. Over money and personal differences. No there will be no reunion. 

Me: You sister, Sara, is your drummer now. I saw you play at a small pub in Orlando early in '08, and she kicked ass. Has she always played drums, and was it easy to get her to join you?

Dexter: Sara has been playing as long as I have. I started when I was 11. She 13. It wasn't hard to convince her to join me.

Dexter: Tell me and the readers of the Phile about Two Headed Cow. I am very interested in this film. Is it out in retail shops? 

Dexter: 2 Headed Cow is not available. It might be released in 09.

Me: Congratulations on signing to Bloodshot Records, Mr. Romweber. You are now fellow record mates with Graham Parker. If you were given a chance, would you do a duet with him?

Dexter: I haven't heard Graham Parker much. I'd like to. Maybe I would duet with him.

Me: Speaking of duets... like the seque here... you just did a duet with Cat Power for your latest CD. She has an amazing voice. How did that duet come about? Was she cool to work with? Is she as hot in person as she is in pictures? And when can I hear that song? 

Dexter: Cat Power is a very cool person. And yes very hot in person. I dont know when you can hear it. Feb 10th. when record comes out.

Me: Years ago there was a documentary about the Athens music scene with the B-52's and REM. I have been looking for that on DVD for a while, but when I saw it I thought you were in it. But you're not from Athens, so maybe I am confused. Were you in it? 

Dexter: I was in "Athens G.A. Inside Out" cause we lived there when film was made. They really wanted us in it.

Me: I was going to ask what you thought about the White Stripes, but you toured with them, right? Jack must've been influenced by you. That would be a very cool duet as well. 

Dexter: I like Jack White as a person. He always promotes me. We played one gig with him in Boston in front of 4000 people.

Me: My friend Jim would be pissed off if I didn't ask you about your guitars you play. He has a Sears model just like yours, because you play one. Can you tell me about the guitars, and why you play those? 

Dexter: Silvertones are my favorite. They're not to clean sounding. Weird guitars!

Me: I ask all my interviewees this, sir... what is your favorite Foghat song? 

Dexter: Slow Ride.

Me: Finally, is there anything else you would like to share to the Peverett Phile readers? 

Dexter: Throw a party for the queen, show no scars!

Me: Mr. Romweber, thanks for taking part in answering these questions. Once again, this was an honor, and I am glad I had the chance to do this. Looking forward in seeing you live again real soon.

Man, that was one flat duo interview. It was still very cool for Dexter to take time out to do this interview, and I can't wait to check out his new album. Check out his music on iTunes, phans, he is truly a rockabilly legend. Well, tomorrow's interview is with actress, comedian Charleyne Yi, then the Phile will be back on Thursday for the Third Anniversary entry, then back again on Friday with another interview with band Fight the Current. So, until then, spread the word, not the turd. 

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