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The Peverett Phile Interviews: Charlyne Yi

Hi there, welcome back to the most updated blog on the internet. Are you ready for another interview? Today's interview is with Charlyne Yi. And no, she's not a country singer, but she does pretty much everything else. While you read the interview, play a game and count how many times I made an ass out of myself. Anyway, kids, here's Charlyne.

Me: Hello, Charlyne, welcome to the Phile. Tell the readers what you do for a living.

Charlyne: I perform music and other stuff, paint, write, eat on a daily basis, and once in a while act.

Me: What nationality are you?

Charlyne: Mexican, Korean, Phillipino, Yuki Native American Indian, Irish, French, and some other things.

Me: Where in California do you live? I hope the recent fires didn't affect you.

Charlyne: It made the air a little hard to handle, but I'm fine! Thanks. I currently in Los Angeles.

Me: Okay, I want to take some time talking about the few films you have been in. Let's start with Knocked Up. How was it doing that? How was Judd Apatow to work for? Where were your scenes filmed?

Charlyne: It was such a fun/scary experience. My first acting job ever. Everybody was just so nice to me and supportive. Judd was really nice too, especially because I was doing a really bad job of acting. I sounded so stilted like I was reading because I was so nervous. And he didn't give up on me. He let me improvise until words sounded natural. We shot mostly in Northridge, California.

Me: Then you were in a small movie called Cloverfield. You worked with another great director, JJ Abrams. How was that? That party scene was done in one day, right?

Charlyne: Haha, I only acted in the movie trailer, to which I got cut out of that. But I don't think I actually am in the movie or trailer at all. I didn't watch the movie, I'm scared of scary movies.

Me: You were in Semi-Pro, which is what I know you from. I am a big Will Ferrell fan, so I am jealous. If I could only interview him. Anyway, what was the best fun you had in those three movies?

Charlyne: I got cut out of that film as well. But during down time, while they weren't shooting I got to goof around with my friends and eat free delicious food. My friend Paul Rust and I started our band, The Glass Beef in our trailer for Semi-Pro. We'd always rock out in there.

Me: You also had parts in some television shows... "Miss Guided" and "30 Rock", right? Congratulations on doing "3o Rock", that must of been a big deal for you. What did you think of Tina Fey's Sarah Palin impersonation?

Charlyne: Tina Fey's impersonation is pretty impeccable.

Me: Speaking of impersonations, do you do any? Margeret Cho maybe?

Charlyne: Brad Everette (From "Everybody Loves Raymond"), Mickey Mouse, Ralph (from "Muppet Babies" the cartoon), Jon Lovitz.

Me: The episode of "Miss Guided" you were in was the pool party episode, right? But you didn't actually go in the pool, did you?

Charlyne: Nope.

Me: Your comedy reminds me of Carrot Top, Andy Kauffman and Pee-Wee Herman, where you don't tell jokes, but do some weird stuff. Are they idols of yours? What about Gallagher?

Charlyne: I've never seen Carrot Top's performances, and when I started performing people actually compared me to those 3 people. I saw some of Andy's stuff. I like it. And I liked Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. Great movie. His TV show used to scare me as a child so I never watched it back then. Also, I don't know who Gallagher is.

Me: I read that you have this David Letterman infatuation. Is that right? I do to. LOL. Anyway, have you ever done his show? If so, what was that like?

Charlyne: I haven't. I hope to perform on his show one day though. Who said I have a David Letterman infatuation?

Me: I have to hand it to you, Charlyne, you went into a Hell's Angels bar and did a show. I would of been scared shitless. Who booked that gig for you and most importantly, why?

Charlyne: A man Eddie Jarvis booked a show with bikers in it I'm not exactly sure if they were part of the Hell's Angeles. But Fontana is known for the Hell's Angels. I didn't know when I got booked for that show that was for a bar till I got there. At the time, I wasn't old enough to actually go in there, but I didn't drink so it was okay. Also, I don't think it matters where you perform. I've performed at a laundrymat show, ice cream store, coffee shops, and theatres. But people are people, and if they're willing to listen, it's nice.

Me: Tell the readers of the Phile about your "Doo Doo Show". That name cracks me up. Anything with a shitty title.

Charlyne: When I came up with the title, I actually didn't think of it as poop. I had written a song that sounded like a children's show theme song, but I wanted it doo-wop-ish. And the lyrics to the song were simply the word "doo" over and over. And so I decided to name my show the "The Doo Doo Show". It's not until I made the fliers and got feedback from people commenting how they thought "doo doo" referenced poo poo.

Me: So, did you take a look at the Phile before you agreed on this interview? If so, what did you think? Be honest.

Charlyne: I actually didn't look at Phile. Should I have? I just agreed to do an interview because I didn't have to talk to you in person and thought it was nice that you were interested in interviewing me.

Me: You writing comedy with Steve Coogan right now. How is that coming along? And for the readers who have no idea who he is, wanna tell them?

Charlyne: I am not writing with Steve Coogan right now. He was executive producer on the pilot I had written for NBC quite a while ago. 2 years ago perhaps? And the pilot got passed on.
Who Steve Coogan is? I didn't know who he was when I had met him. And when we met one another I really liked his ideas for the show. A truly funny man. In real life - which made me really like him and look up his work. I found some of his videos online and just think he is a fantastic performer all together. I really hope he makes more things and it gets out more in America. I believe he's from the UK.

Me: Are you planning on coming down to Florida to perform?

Charlyne: I hope to tour one day. Not sure if that would take me to Florida. But that'd be cool. It'd be nice to perform in various places.

Me: That's a cute drawing you did of yourself. Do you doodle a lot? I do. Draw a picture of me.

Charlyne: Thanks. Sometimes I doodle.

Me: You'll going to be in a movie in 2009 called Paper Hearts. What can you tell us about that film, and who is in it?

Charlyne: It's called Paper Heart. No "s". It's a movie about the meaning of love. I can't really talk about it but I sure hope people like it.

Me: This question is asked to all my interviewees... what is your favorite Foghat song?

Charlyne: I don't know who they are. Sorry.

Me: Finally, is there anything you would like to tell the readers of the Phile? Any words of wisdom, dirty jokes, anything?

Charlyne: Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Thanks, Charlyne, for taking time out answering my lame questions. I wish you luck, and hope to meet you one day, and talk about Letterman.

Charlyne: Thanks. Good luck with you and your endeavors, kiddo.

Ahhh, she seems so nice, doesn't she? And here I was a dick. I thank her for doing this interview and please check out her website at myspace.com/charlyneyi. The next interview will be posted on Friday and was supposed to be with the band Fight the Current, but as I didn't get the interview back, it'll be with JoDee Purkeypile from the band The Alice Road. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about his name. Then on Saturday it'll be Mike Finnigan, who played keyboards with just about anybody you can think of. The regular entry of the Phile will be posted on Thursday this week with the 3rd Anniversary edition. Yeah, I've been doing this shit for three years. So, remember, spread the word, not the turd. And thanks again, Charlyne.

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