Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Peverett Phile Interviews: Dylan Fant From Trading Voices & J Minus

Hello, phans, yes, you heard right. Todays interview is with a guy who heads not one, but two bands. Give a big Peverett Phile welcome to Dylan Fant.

Me: Hello, how are you?

Dylan: I'm good! just trying to finsh up the Trading Voices album and preparing for the CD release of the new J Minus record "Mr. Robotron on the Byway"

Me: Dylan, most musicians normally have one band, but you have two. How are they different?

Dylan: J Minus is based around male vocals and I can write from a more personal perspective...and we perform live. TV is written from a female perspective and I don't worry about performing the music live, so I can experiment with different sounds and layering that I don't have to worry about recreating in a live setting.

Me: So, how did you and Taylour Chanel meet? Are you two dating?

Dylan: I met Taylour on myspace. She had a music Myspace with a couple rough demos and I really liked her voice. I stumbled upon her profile looking for local musicians to work with. I ended up producing a song for her and we just kept in touch. When I decided to replace the original singer I had for TV, she was my go to because I always loved her voice. And no..we're not dating.

Me: So, tell me about Trading Voices... what do you both do for the band? 

Dylan: I write/record/produce everything... Taylour sings. She is beginning to contribute to the songwriting aspect though..."Warning Norway" was actually written by Taylour.

Me: Congrats, Dylan, on getting a cute singer. Was she your first choice for the band, or did you have other singers lined up?

Dylan: I originally had Tasha Ehoff who sang a couple of the songs on the J Minus record "Sun and Moon". I was already comfortable working with her so I tried to build it around her voice. We didn't work out though, and I replaced her with Taylour the same day we parted ways.

Me: What other bands has Taylour been in?

Dylan: Taylour had her own project called "Number the Stars" and most recently a band called "I am the Enemy" which recently broke up.

Me: Okay, Dylan, let's talk about J Minus, your first band. Actually, is J Minus your first band, if not how many other bands have you been in?

Dylan: I've been in quite a few different bands...but J Minus is and always will be my main project. I've had it for 6 years now...ever since I wrote my first song.

Me: Who is in J Minus with you?

Dylan: J Minus consists of Trevor Wheetman (piano, lead vox), Chris Mongillo (guitar, lead vox), Matt Gamboa (guitar), Myer Harrell (bass).

Me: Where did that name come from? Isn't J Minus the lead singer of Dinosaur Jr?

Dylan: The name comes from an inside joke between Trevor and I.

Me: Does Trading Voices ever open for J Minus, or vice versa?

Dylan: Trading Voices is not a live act.

Me: I have to ask you about Woodinville, Washington. That's by Seattle, right? How is the Seattle music scene nowadays? Is grunge still big there?

Dylan: No, grunge has been dead for years. It's mostly emo and metal around here... with some punk and a few singer/songwriters.

Me: So, Dylan, what bands are you into?

Dylan: I don't listen to many other artists these days but I have many influences... there's a huge list on the main J Minus profile... all the influences listed are mine.

Me: Nirvana or Pearl Jam?

Dylan: Nirvana.

Me: Anyway, back to your music. Any luck on being able to download your music on iTunes in the future?

Dylan: I'm hoping to have the album on iTunes by the Spring.

Me: I already purchased the J Minus CD "Sun and Moon" from iTunes, which I love. I can't believe you have 28 songs on that CD, Dylan.

Dylan: Thanks, I appreciate that. :) I had a lot of fun putting that double album together

Me: How many CD's have you released as J Minus?

Dylan: There have been 3, but the very first one was never really released, it was more like a demo.

Me: What do you like better, playing live or recording? Are you planning on touring America?

Dylan: Speaking for myself, I like writing and recording more. I highly doubt this will become more then a studio project, but I guess you never know.

Me: Dylan, tell me about 1 Shot Studios. That's your own studio, right? What made you do your own? For the equipment geeks who read the Phile, what instruments and equipment do you have?

Dylan: I started 1 shot about 7 years ago. The guys in J Minus usually leave their equipment around for me to use for recordings... I've got quite a few pieces of gear. I'll just say that the core of the studio is my stereo matched pair of Telefunken M12 V's... they make vocals and acoustics sound amazing.

Me: Do you rent 1 Shot out to other bands?

Dylan: If you mean do work with other bands in 1 shot...yes, it's my main source of income.

Me: Speaking of other bands, I interviewed a band called Fight the Current. I believe they are from Seattle as well. Do you know them?

Dylan: I produce them. I'm actually the one playing drums, bass, and any piano you hear on all tracks...as well as 75% of the lead guitar. The majority of the harmonies are written by me and performed by Chris Mongillo... one of the singers in J Minus.

Me: Can you think of any other bands I can interview?

Dylan: Not really... most of the bands I like and have worked with have broken up unfortunately... if you already have FTC, then that's about it... maybe Stillstand, they're pretty serious, and they've got some good music.

Me: This question is asked to everybody I interview... what is your favorite Foghat song?

Dylan: I have no idea who that is haha.

Me: Is there any websites you would like to plug, and anything else you both would like to tell the readers of the Phile?

Dylan: Not really.

There, kids, that was Dylan Fant, who has two bands. I really need to educate these people who don't know who Foghat is, don't I? Maybe if I interview Dylan again. Anyway, the Phile will be back tomorrow with Adam Bentley, lead singer for the band The Rest. Then on Friday it's the Phile's 200th entry. Amazing, eh? These interviews kinda sped up the process a little bit. Anyway, come back tomorrow. Until then, spread the word, not the turd. 

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