Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Peverett Phile Interviews: Adam Bentley From The Rest

Hello, welcome back to the Phile, I am your host Jason The Pest Peverett, and today I am interviewing the lead singer from the Canadian band The Rest. So, give a Phile welcome to the very talented Adam Bentley.

Me: Hello, Adam, welcome to the Phile. I have to ask you, The Rest of what? Where did that name come from?

Adam: The name really doesn't have much of an interesting story. I use to make up versions where ex Toronto blue jay baseball players came to all of us in our dreams and made us choose that name, but have since abandoned that since they most likely would have wanted us to call ourselves "The Tom Henke's" or "The Joe Carter Home Run Explosion". So, I'll just say that "The Rest" is a name like my own name now.

Me: Adam, sir, what do you do in the band, and who else is in it with you?

Adam: Adam Bentley - Vocals/Classical Acoustic/Electric/Piano/Rhodes. Jordan Mitchell - Electric/Piano/Rhodes/Sythns/Noises/Percussion/Backing Vocals. Anna Jarvis -Cello/Banjo/Clarinet/Backing Vocals. Dwayne Brydon - Electric/Rhodes/Backing Vocals. Steve Jones - Electric/Processed Harmonica. Blake Bowman - Drums/Percussion. Matty Buzanko - Bass.

Me: I love that photo of all the people behind the house, Adam. Where was that taken, and what can you tell me about it? Is that the new album cover? It looks like it took a long time to take. Very clever.

Adam: It was taken at an old mansion in Burlington Ontario, down by Lake Ontario. Mainly the photo was influenced by The Great Gatsby and in retrospect the film King Of Hearts sub-consciously. It is not the album cover for "Everyone All At Once", just an extremely fun press photo. The album cover is almost finsihed and we should have it online shortly. We got up around 6am to get prepared for the shoot, unfortunately this took place after we had been up playing a show until 3am. Once we got to the location we were pressed for time because they needed to set up for a wedding. We basically ran around changing clothes, and laughed way too much from sleep deprivation.

Me: Okay, I love your music and wish I can download it from iTunes, or get some free swag... hint hint... Anyway, you have to tell me about the song "I Can Collect Popsicle Sticks, You Failed Hobbyist!" What is that song about, and what a great song title. Are you guys fans of the Beautiful South by the way?

Adam: Get me your postal address and I'll send you a surprise. The song title comes from the prizes you could receive for saving popsicle sticks when I was a kid. They would have points written on them, and you could then send in the sticks via mail to receive your prize. I had a giant bin of these sticks, and I would be always counting how many points I had, but I had no interest in sending them in for a prize because the prizes were terrible. I only had an interest in these sticks. I found some sort of pleasure in knowing I had all of these points, and knowing I would have more than anyone else because they would redeem them for a kazoo or whatever. The song is about our false sense of accomplishment, and what justifies accomplishment. Or at least that what it means to me 3 years after it was written.

Me: How many albums have The Rest released? And are you working on a new one?

Adam: We released one album so far ("Atlantis, Oh Our Saviour"), which we re-released on our label Auteur Recordings this summer. Our sophomore record "Everyone All At Once" has been completed, and we'll be announcing the release date in the month.

Me: Like I said, any chance you lot putting your music on iTunes? If not, when can a reader of the Phile get your music?

Adam: You can purchase our music digitally at and physical copies can be purchased at

Me: What is a typical show of The Rest like? Are you guys planning on coming down to Florida, or do I need to travel?

Adam: We want to get down to the states sometime this year, but a few other things have to be worked out before we can start planning the tour. It's a big goal of our though.

Me: My favorite band is from Canada... the Barenaked Ladies. Do you know them, have you ever opened for them?

Adam: I have one story about the Barenaked Ladies. About two years ago I played against the drummer in a hockey game. Now, I'm not sure if he was having a bad day, or if there was some other issue, but the guy was playing fairly dirty. About half way through the game I was in front of the opposing teams net, trying to get position, and suddenly he whacked me with his stick behind my kneecaps. Without thinking I cross-checked him to the ground, which is a fairly dirty move, but I think he deserved it.

Me: They're from Toronto, and you're from Ottawa, right? What can you tell me about Ottawa? That's where the superhero team Alpha Flight comes from, y'know.

Adam: We're actually from Hamilton Ontario, but Ottawa is a nice city.

Me: So, do Canadians really like it on top?

Adam: I'd say about 50% are on top. Some way or another.

Me: This question is asked to everybody I interview... what is your favorite Foghat song?

Adam: Can I say my favourite thing about Foghat instead? Their cover for "Fool For The City". It's fantastic! So good!

Me: Adam, is there anything else you can tell the readers? Any websites you would like to plug?

Adam: I guess our own website, which is in the process of expansion.

Me: Thanks for taking part, Adam. Tell the rest of the Rest I said hello, and I am looking forward to playing your music on my iPod. You might be one of my new favorite bands.

Adam: No, Thank you! If you to follow up with anything let me know. And remember to get me your address!

What a very nice guy that Adam was. When the new CD comes out I will love to interview him again. Anyway, the Phile is off tomorrow.... it's my wives birthday so I better have it off. But the normal weekly entry will be back on Friday, which is the 200th entry! Then on Saturday it's musician Id Guiness (I bet you I spelt his last name wrong) and on Sunday director Ari Gold. Then next weekend the Phile will only be updated on Friday's and the interviews on the weekends. It's too much for me to work all day, then come home and update the Phile. If I am off, the Phile will be updated. Oh, one more thing... there's a new e-mail if you want to discuss, complain, praise or just say hello. E-mail me at Anyway, until Phriday, spread the word, no the turd.

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