Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Peverett Phile Interviews: Charlotte Sometimes

Welcome to another entry of the Peverett Phile Interviews, I am your host, Jason Pervert. In yesterday's post I called today's guest Charlotte Something, when her name is Charlotte Sometimes. Yes, I am a moron. Anyway, Charlotte is an American singer-songwriter based out of New York and currently signed to Geffen Records. Her debut album was released on May 6th, 2008 and is titled "Waves and the Both of Us". So, Phile phans, here's Charlotte.

Me: Hello, Charlotte, welcome to the Phile. So, how are you doing? 

Charlotte: I am doing great, how are you?

Me: Fantastic! I have to say I love your CD "Waves and the Both Of Us". I downloaded it from iTunes. Every song is great, but what's the story about "How I Could Just Kill A Man."? Is that song about anyone in particular? 

Charlotte: I wrote it about a crazy boy I was dating... I was trying to leave him, and he actually said, "how could you just kill me like this?" ...easy

Me: So, Charlotte, when you're Charlotte sometimes, who are you other times? LOL. Is Sometimes your real name? 

Charlotte: Sometimes isn't my real name no...

Me: Do you know Good Charlotte? You should tour with them. 

Charlotte: Ha... uhh no, lol.

Me: Okay, seriously, where in New York do you live? I grew up on Long Island in a town called Port Jefferson. Have you heard of it? 

Charlotte: I haven't heard of it, I live in the city.

Me: Let's talk about the CD. Like I said, I love it, and recommend everyone buy it, download it, and play it. Where did the title come from? 

Charlotte: The title is from one of the songs on my CD, but it's about the relationship you have with yourself and others... the unspoken and the spoken.

Me: Who produced it, and tell me about your band. 

Charlotte: Sam and Dave from Fresh Kills... and my band is right now Coley... whom is my keys player and best friend. He's amazing, please check out his solo stuff. The Queen Killing Kings.

Me: How did you become involved for Rock the Vote? Did you vote and are you happy who won? 

Charlotte: I asked to be apart of it. And I am so happy that Obama won. I voted and I am proud to be an American now :)

Me: Did you tour behind the CD? If so, did you make it down here to Florida? Are you going back on tour in the new year? I really want to see you in concert.

Charlotte: Yes I toured straight for a year and half. We are taking a little breather for the next month or two from touring. But hopefully we will be in Florida soon!

Me: I saw on your blog, which I will ask you about in a minute, that you posted a clip from "Little Britain." Are you a big fan? If so, ever see "League of Distinguished Gentlemen", which is another British comedy show. 

Charlotte: I love Little Britain!! LOVE IT! I have never seen the other show though. I am sure it's wonderful.

Me: Now, about your blog. Tell the readers of THIS blog about your blog. Have you read my blog? 

Charlotte: My blog... hmm well it's foreversometimes.com and I just kind of say whatever I am feeling at that moment. It's not that interesting haha. Sometimes I post new songs.

Me: Hey, what is the connection between you and Nordstrom's? You were in an ad, right? Can you shop there for free from now on? Do you like to shop? 

Charlotte: I wish I could shop for free! ha... I love to shop.

Me: Charlotte, let's talk about your influences. You have a wide spectrum, don't you? I am a big fan of Van Morrison and put in a request to interview him. Who are the Postal Service? If you could only take one CD on vacation with you, what would it be? 

Charlotte: That's a lot of questions in one! Ha. I am a fan of any great song. The Postal Service is a brilliant band that everyone should listen to.

Me: Can you recommend any other bands or singers that might want to be interviewed for the Phile? 

Charlotte: Hmmm, not sure...

Me: Charlotte, here's another typical question. You can do a duet with anybody you would like, who would it be? 

Charlotte: Ben Gibbard.

Me: Here's a question I ask everybody I interview... what is your favorite Foghat song? 

Charlotte: Huh.

Me: When you are not working, what do you do in your spare time? Do you have a boyfriend? 

Charlotte: I read, go to readings and museums, hang with my girls. I do not have a boyfriend.

Me: What are the tattoos on your wrists, and do you have any others? 

Charlotte: They say Charlotte and Brand New Colony.

Me: When are you planning on releasing your next CD? Are you starting to write for it yet? 

Charlotte: I have over 50 songs for the next CD... not sure when I will be working on it.

Me: And finally, Charlotte, is there anything you would want to tell the phans of the Phile? Anything you wanna plug?

Charlotte: Please buy my CD!!!!

Me: I wish you all the luck in the world, Charlotte. Love your CD. Take care and be good.

Well... do you get the idea that during the interview she wondered what he hell she was doing answering these dumb questions. Anyway, I really do love her Cd and recommend you download right now. So, the next entry of the Phile will be on Friday with the normal weekly update, then on Saturday it's the Phile's 20th interview and I have... are you ready for this? Melissa Joan Hart. Yes, Clarisa and Sabrina herself! So, until then, spread the word, not the turd and remember to vote for Amanda and Travis Marsh at mavric-awards.com.

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