Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Peverett Phile Interviews: Lateisha Lynn

Hi there, welcome to another entry of the Peverett Phile Interviews. Today's interview is with country singer Lateisha Lynn who one day will make it big, I just know it. Anyway, here she is, phans, Lateisha.

Me: Hello, Lateisha, and welcome to the Phile. I want to thank you for wanting to take part. 

Lateisha: Thanks so much for asking me! :D

Me: First of, I am 40 years old and never met anyone named Lateisha before. What does it mean? And do people ever call you late? 

Lateisha: lol.. I actually have never met anyone with my name.... people call me teish for short. :)

Me: For those people that are wondering why I am interviewing you, wanna tell them what you do? 

Lateisha: I write my own music and lyrics. I dream of becoming a professional songwriter someday for Nashville. Until then, I am singing my heart out everyday and writing nonstop in my notebook. :)

Me: You live in Paul Smiths, New York... is that upstate? I grew up in Port Jefferson, Long Island so I don't think it's on the Island, but I could be wrong. How is it living there, and were you born in New York? 

Lateisha: Haha.. it is nowheres close to Long Island. I live as far north in NY as you can get. Very close to Canada actually. It's very cold here and messy in the winter... but it's beautiful because I see the mountains every day.

Me: You write country songs, and sing country songs, Lateisha... shouldn't you be living in Nashville? 

Lateisha: I dream of going to Nashville someday, but for right now I am working full time in order to save up and pay the expenses for when I move down.

Me: You've been on tour opening for George Strait, Gary Allan and Toby Keith... real big heavy weights in the Country Music business. Especially Toby, that guy is huge. Anyway, how were those tours, and did you spend time with them, getting to know them? 

Lateisha: All those tours were amazing. I loved being on the road and meeting such awesome talented people. We were always busy doing something... but we always made time for pranks! I especially loved the shows with Gary Allan. His songs hit right to the core of the heart.

Me: Who are your idols, Lateisha? Who in the business do you look up to? 

Lateisha: I look up to everyone in the music industry and everyone who is trying to make it there like myself.

Me: Who do you like better... Team Miranda or Team Taylor? 

Lateisha: Oh! I couldn't possible pick one! I love everyone who supports their favorite country artist that way. They are both amazing artists with amazing fans. :)

Me: Are you currently working on an album right now, or any other project? 

Lateisha: I am working on my demo and making background music for my single "Take me for a Ride." I'm so excited. I love being in the studio and wearing the huge headphones. I feel accomplished. I am writing lyrics everyday to better myself. Adding and adding to my collection for when I move to the big city.

Me: What does your family think of your writing? Do you get feed back? If you have a boyfriend, what does he think?

Lateisha: My family has always been pretty postive about my decision making and my writing. If I write something bad, I want them to tell me it's bad. I like the honesty with them all. I love how after they read it and they are silent as they still look at the paper re-reading it in amazement. I love that as I know right then and there that I have touched someone with the only use of a pen and paper and a little bit of creativity.

Me: When you're not writing lyrics, what do you do for fun? 

Lateisha: Oh gosh... I do all sorts of things. I love eating haha. I love going out and having a great meal. I love having some down-time where I can just be a bum and watch tv all day with a huge bowl of popcorn on the side of me. Spending time with my family and boyfriend. They have always been there for me through thick and thin. They are great.

Me: Have you ever thought of trying to be on "Nashville Star" or "American Idol"? 

Lateisha: I thought about it once or twice, but actually have never tried out for them. I want to do this all on my own without any organization or contest backing me.

Me: If you could tell the readers of the Phile one thing about you, what would it be? 

Lateisha: Don't ever take a single breath for granted. You only have so many. Do what you want to do with your life... don't think twice about it. Let nothing hold you back from your dreams. You have to look back when you're older and say "Wow.. here I am" with a big smile on your face.

Me: This question is asked to everybody I interview... what is your favorite Foghat song? Foghat? Wow.. I'm not sure who that is you're talking about! HAHA! I love music and all, but who is it??!!

Me: Lateisha, thanks for taking part letting me interview. Good luck with everything and hope to see you in concert or on CMT one day.

Lateisha: Thank you so much for taking the time to ask me these awesome questions! I had a blast and hope to talk to you soon. :)

You can listen to Lateisha's music at She seemed really sweet, didn't she, even though she didn't know who Foghat was. These young kids nowadays. Anyway, the next Peverett Phile Interview will be posted tomorrow and it's with the great Dexter Romweber! So, until then, spread the word, not the turd.

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