Monday, January 19, 2009

The Peverett Phile Interviews: Jeff Hilliard

Welcome back to the Phile, with another interview, kids. I am just rolling them out, aren't I? Anyway, today's interview is with comedian and musician Jeff Hilliard. So, phans, here's Jeff.

Me: Jeff, welcome to the Phile. Uh, what do you do? Are you a comedian, singer, director, actor? How would you describe yourself?

Jeff: Basically I’m just a creative person, I’m not really concerned with any particular label for myself.

Me: Tell me about Tardtastic, your new band? Is that a "Doctor Who" reference (TARDIS)?

Jeff: The name came from a conversation I was having with a friend and was trying to describe my music, it’s both retarded and fantastic at the same time.

Me: Do you sing in the band?

Jeff: Yes I am the vocalist and write the lyrics.

Me: You host a show called "Wides Open". What is that about and where does it air?

Jeff: The show "Wides Open" can only be viewed at it’s a travel show that I got to host.

Me: You starred and directed a few videos for a band called Chevelle. Are they a L.A. based band? And how did you and them get together?

Jeff: I use to co-produce the Playboy Comedy Show at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas and Chevelle was recording at the studio there. We became friendly and they liked my videos and when their label wasn’t going to give them money to make a video for their song "I Get It" they asked me to make a video so I hired my friends at Boulevard Industries Production Company, Craig Bernard and Shawn Foster, we made the video for only $5000.00. The song was a hit and it was premiered on MTV2. The record label then hired us again to make a video for their next song The Fad, which we did for $10,000. I’m telling you how small the budgets are because the videos turned out pretty amazing for what we had to work with.

Me: So, how is this interview going so far?

Jeff: I’m just impressed anyone wants to interview me…

Me: On your Myspace page, you have a few clips from the BBC. Are you well known in England?

Jeff: The clip isn’t from the BBC, it’s from me… As far as being well known uh, I don’t really think I’m well known anywhere.

Me: Tell the readers of the Phile about Dr. Yippity and your Lifting Spirits organization. What does Lifting Spirits do? Apart from the obvious. That sounds like a great name for a bar, by the way. Lifting Spirits.

Jeff: Dr. Yippity just has to be watched…

Me: You have a lot of tattoos. How many and what are they? I have four myself.

Jeff: At this point they kind of just blend into one another, so I wouldn’t know how to count them.

Me: What do you do for MTV2?

Jeff: Nothing, just was in Chevelle music video, they just used my image on their website.

Me: Here's the question I ask all my interviewees... what is your favorite Foghat song?

Jeff: "And I Do Just What I Want".

Me: Tell me about Weirdoland, your hometown. That sounds like a place where I would fit in. I was born in Weir Hospital, London. I think the D just fell off the sign.

Jeff: I moved a lot growing up so I never know how to answer that question without a really long answer. So to me LA is home and it’s pretty weird…

Me: So, did you read the Peverett Phile before you excepted this interview? If so, what do you think?

Jeff: No I hadn’t, but I haven’t read any ones blog except once I read a comedian friend of mine blog Alex Blagg. He is very funny… Never really got into reading blogs.

Me: I ran out of questions, Jeff. Do you have any last remarks you would like to say or any websites you would like to plug?

Jeff: Thank you for checking out my work…

Me: Jeff, thanks for taking part with this. I really appreciate it. I hope it was as fun for you to answer as it was as fun for me to ask.

Jeff: Anytime.

That was a fun interview. Thanks again to Jeff, and make sure to check out his videos at youtube. The P.P.I. will be back tomorrow with Chris Hirons from the band Going after Zen. Then on Wednesday it's Andy from The Parish Music Box, then on Friday it's the regular update of the Phile. So until then, spread the word, not the turd.

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