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The Peverett Phile Interviews: Liana

Hi there, welcome to the Phile again, Kids. Today's interview is with a British singer and dancer named Liana. This interview was done before Christmas, yes I am that backed up, but she was very cool. So, phans, here's Liana.

Me: Hello, Liana, welcome to the Phile. How are you?

Liana: Very well thank you, very excited about the Christmas holidays, I love this time of year!

Me: I am so happy you are from Hertfordshire, England. I know it pretty well. I am originally from London, but lived in Oxfordshire for three years which isn't far away. For those readers that are curious, tell them about your town.

Liana: St Albans is about 20 minutes by train from London and it is a lovely town, its full of history as its based on old roman remains. We have an amazing cathedral. I have lived there all my life and its a great place to be brought up. I love it!

Me: Okay, I have to ask you, what is a record pool?

Liana: In easier terms its how many plays you have on the radio. It's a fancy way to say it I think! lol

Me: You did a tour of Toronto. How was that? Were you well received?

Liana: Toronto was amazing, I recieved a really warm welcome. I was there for a week and played many gigs and the Canadians really took to my dance music, one gig was at Polson Pier and it was fantastic! The stage was huge and the tv screens on the walls scared me when I kept seeing my face on them....would love to go back and perform anyday!

Me: Ever been to the States? If so, where? And if not, are you ever coming over to perform?

Liana: Yes and yes. I have been to New York and Califonia as only holidays and loved every minute but I'm in San Fransisco and LA for a month as from January 15th 2009 to see if they like the music. I have American management and I will be doing some promotional work and lots of gigs. I'm so excited, I love America so so much! The acsent is my favourite!

Me: Your CD, "Get A Little Closer", has got some good reviews. What can you tell us about it? You wrote pretty much most, if not all, the songs on it, right?

Liana: Yes I am a songwriter too and I wrote all the songs on the album. It's a diary of my life so far. The ups and downs, the good and the bad. It's a story in itself. I like to express my feelings in my lyrics, that way I hope that listeners can relate to it. I'm so happy to have recieved the reviews I have had. It's a fun album and perfect for anyone who loves to have a sing a long and a boogie!

Me: I have to admit, it's not my kinda music, but I do think you have an amazing voice. Any plans for doing an album with acoustic versions of your songs? That would be cool.

Liana: lol... Dance music isn't for everyone and we all have our own likes but on the second album and other tracks that are not on the album have a few more ballads on but I would love too do acoustic! You have just given me loads of ideas! lol

Me: Have you heard Britney Spears' new CD "Circus"?

Liana: I love Britney! I think she is amazing! Her album is on my Christmas list! Hope Santa gets it for me! I think she is a legend! And a great dancer!

Me: Are you aware of the folk band named Liana?

Liana: Yeah I am!... I think they pronounce it differently.

Me: Do you know what the word liana means?

Liana: A "creeping vine" I'm that thing Tarzan swings on! lol

Me: You are not only a singer, you are a dancer. Is Paula Abdul an idol of yours? Being a singer and dancer makes sense that you released a dance album I guess.

Liana: Definitely, Paula Adbul is great! I like to show my dance skills when I perfrom to give the audience that bit extra. It's hard to sing and dance at the same time but it's all in breath control. I have been a dancer since I was 2. So yeah dance music is kind of perfect for me.

Me: Do you play an instruments?

Liana: Do vocals count?

Me: You teach dance, right? Have you taught anybody I would of heard of?

Liana: Yeah I have been teaching all styles of dance since the age of 16 (so 8 years) ballet, tap, hiphop, jazz, disco etc... I love it all, not sure if you will no anyone I have taught! It's a big school though...

Me: Okay, this is something that's freakin' cool. You were voted one of England's 150 Sexiest Girls, am I right? How did that make you feel?
Liana: lol... Here I am blushing. Yeah I was 18 and I found myself in a magazine in a store being voted one of the top 150 sexiest girls in the UK. I have no idea how that happened!!! Someone was probally bribed to put me in the magazine!!! lol

Me: So, are you dating right now? Or are you to busy with your career?

Liana: Both, my career is so important to me but everyone who is close to me is so supportive. That does help when you know you have the help of ones you love...

Me: If you were offered to do Playboy, would you do it?

Liana: Erm... if it means a trip to the mansion then yes! lol. I don't have the playboy "assests" for the job so I would turn down any magazine work but I do think Playboy is fab!!

Me: When you perform, do you get a lot of creepy guys staring at you? You are hot, after all, and creepy guys do have a habit of staring... and drooling.

Liana: lol... I think its so lovely to have that effect, but I do my job professionally. If there is no harm then that's fine. It's always so nice to have great fans!

Me: What do you do for fun in your spare time in Hertfordshire?

Liana: Dance, dance, dance... that's my fun! And the typical girlie thing of shopping, we have great shops here too. I'm not a drinking type of girl but I love a good night out whether it be at the movies or a nice dinner... and seeing my friends. It's nice to catch up with them as my life is so busy!

Me: So, do you know any good jokes?

Liana: I love jokes... adult ones are my fave but I don't know if I can say any rude ones on here... and sorry to say this but I love blonde jokes. Like... what happened to the blonde tap dancer?... She fell in the sink... and... how do you keep a blonde at home?... Build a circular driveway! I love them.

Me: This is a question I ask everybody I interview, even though you probably don't know who they are, but what is your favorite Foghat song?

Liana: Foghat? Aren't they an old rock n roll band? Think I know a song called "Slow Ride"?? "slow ride...take it easy..."

Me: And finally, do you have anything you would like to tell the readers of the Phile?

Liana: If they take time to have a listen to my stuff then great and if they have any feedback on my music to please comment as its always nice to know what people think and also just to keep happy and treat everyday as if it was your last.

What a good interview, eh? She had a good sense of humor and put up with my lame questions. Anyway, I hope she does well in America. The Phile will be back tomorrow again with another interview. This time it's with a singer named Charlotte Something who has a fantastic album out on iTunes. Oh, before I go, I promised Amanda Marsh I would mention something for her. So, I am calling on all you Peverett Phile Phans... If you could vote for Amanda and her brother Trav on the website. Voting will go on to Jan. 31st, so please take  minute and go vote for them. Until tomorrow, spread the word, not the turd. Thanks again to Liana.


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