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Pheaturing Circe Link

Good evening, and welcome to the Phile for a Monday. I'm your host, Jason Peverett, star of the new movie Pev-Man. That's so stupid.  Let's talk about Minions. Oh, you hate Minions? Well, this one saved a little girl's life, you monster. Ever since the Minions movie dominated the box office like it was making love to a yellow fire hydrant, many of us have been inundated with the disgusting little creatures clogging our newsfeeds and brains with their inane chatter. DEATH TO MINIONS! Wait, not so fast. One of these horrible banana chodes finally made a difference in the world... besides guaranteeing that screenwriters get axed completely from the movie-making process: "Um, yeah, here the Minion just garbles some bullshit, cut to an explosion, money flies in all our faces, and scene.". A Minion has saved a 5 year old girl's life, according to "The Daily News"... "A stuffed Minion teddy bear cushioned the fall of a 5 year old girl when she accidentally fell out of a third-story window in Colorado Springs on Thursday night... The girl had been playing in her room when she fell backwards out the window. 'Fortunately, when the child fell out of the window she continued holding on to a stuffed Minion teddy bear that is believed to have cushioned her fall,' cops said." If Minions can save even one child's life, I guess they're worth it. But she better grow up to cure cancer or something!  The U.K. tabloid "The Sun," which is like the "New York Post" but somehow more terrible, uncovered a video of a young Queen Elizabeth II giving the Nazi salute. The 17 second clip was filmed in 1933 on grainy black-and-white celluloid film... the Vine of its time period. Even though people are going crazy over the photo, Queen Elizabeth never actually supported Nazism. She was only in her teens during the war and actually went to great lengths to use her position of power to support British victims of the blitzkrieg. She also served as a mechanic in the Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service during the war... and famously still knows how to repair a truck. Her younger sister just continued her studies, since she was too young to get involved. Elizabeth's mother, on the other hand, was one of the leading figures in the United Kingdom's fight against Fascism. Hitler once even called her "The most dangerous woman in Europe" for the threat she posed to his regime. The real shadiness of this video lies with Edward VIII. Edward VIII was a total Nazi-loving dickhead for a significant portion of his life. He openly expressed support for Hitler, and even visited him in 1937. Hitler was hoping to use him to his advantage, but Edward abdicated his power so he could marry his twice-divorced lover (royalty wasn't allowed to marry divorcees), so he wasn't much help. Obviously, Buckingham Palace is pissed. This video was somehow smuggled out of their private, personal collection and they think the public is misinterpreting it. Many historians have spring to the family's defense, with statements such as: I don't think there was a child in Britain in the 1930s or 40s who has not performed a mock Nazi salute as a bit of a lark. It just shows the Royal Family are as human as the next man. They're basically saying, "Ay, come on, it was the 30s! People threw up a heil once in a while, it's NBD." Meanwhile, other historians are thrilled, since the artifacts like this deepen our understanding of complicated historical relations between Germany and the U.K.  So, this is an interesting story... A sex toy company declared a national holiday tomorrow to celebrate humanity's most awkward sex act. You know how we have National Pancake Day in America? Well, Japan has something similar, but instead of pancakes, it's with hand jobs. The Japanese sex toy company Tenga has deemed tomorrow national "Hand Job Day." Similar to how free Slurpee day falls on July 11th (7/11, i.e. seven-eleven), they're using the numbers of the date as a marketing strategy: The reason is that “masturbation" in Japanese is “onanii." So, Jerk Off Day is probably more accurate. Okay, I get it, but Hand Job Day sounds funnier so I'm gonna keep calling it that. Tenga didn't just make a holiday out of it, however; Hand Job Day also has a mascot, Tengaman." Here's what he looks like...

He's the hero masturbation deserves, but not the one it needs right now. He's pretty much a Power Ranger who fights bad guys who are, uh, against hand jobs? I actually have no idea. Let's hope American companies don't try to compete; the idea of a PornHub Man is truly terrifying.  Bill Cosby's past self is one of the people speaking out against Bill Cosby. Thanks to an unsealed deposition from 2005, past-Bill-Cosby is now one of the people whose testimony directly conflicts with current-day-Bill-Cosby. The four day deposition took place in Philadelphia, when Andrea Constand brought a case against Cosby for sexual misconduct, which was settled out of court in 2006. Until now, only parts of the transcript had been revealed, but "The NY Times" found the entire nightmare of a document online. Basically Cosby admitted to everything he is being accused of doing to women over the last four decades. The most disturbing part is how he acts like he didn't do anything wrong. I literally just shuddered. During the questioning, Andrea Constand's lawyer Dolores M. Troiani, called Cosby out for his insensitivity for the gravity of the situation: Trioni: “I think you're making light of a very serious situation.” Cosby: “That may very well be.” It's a hard title to win, but he might be the creepiest man in America. Speaking of Cosby, he has a new movie coming out.

Wait a minute. Haha. Moving on...  Can you do a spoiler alert for reality? If so: SPOILER ALERT. If this is true, then one of humanity's last surviving mysteries is dead. Now, all that's left is "Is there life on other planets?" and "Why is Go-Gurt still a thing?" It's been called the "world's greatest mystery" by a guy who thinks he's solved said mystery. That mystery is: What is the Loch Ness Monster? The answer? It's a big catfish. That's it. According to Loch Ness specialist Steve Feltham, the closest animal that lives in the large body of water in Scotland is a Wels catfish. The dream has died, everyone. Aliens didn't build The Pyramids, Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, and there's definitely no God. Not any more, thanks to experts picking apart all the fun and claiming the monsters we thought we saw are actually just big, dumb catfish. Wait, what's that? Steve Feltham, who studied Nessie for over 24 years, says that maybe he hasn't solved the mystery necessarily... but that, yeah... probably just a catfish. The reporter takes the time to remind Steve how he's lost his girlfriend and his home, all to study something that is likely just a catfish. Steve regrets nothing. Everything is over. Who wants a drink?  Fresh off his tweet that accidentally used stock photography of Nazi soldiers, Trump used an appearance at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa, to question whether John McCain is in fact a war hero. “He's not a war hero," said Trump. “He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured." What a brilliant political strategy. Instead of kicking someone when they're down, kick them for being held as a prisoner of war for over five years while suffering unspeakable torture. Trump's presence in the race continues to be a complete annoyance for all other GOP contenders, who quickly condemned his remarks and politely suggested that he should drop out of the race. Even Rick Perry, no stranger to gaffes, said that Trump is "unfit to be Commander-in-Chief." When Rick Perry tells you you're not qualified to be President, it's time to reconsider your campaign.  Man, this joke is getting old, but I'll continue it. Disney, the greatest company to work for ever, is rereleasing some of its classic animated movies with male stripper like scenes to cash in on the Magic Mike XXL popularity. Check it out...

So, do you like video games? My son Logan does and he loves the "Call of Duty" games, but I din't think it teaches kids the real art of war. Check out this cover...

Why is he facing the wrong way?  It's summer, and all through summer I am showing pictures of interesting bathing suits or bikinis you might see on the beach or by the pool. Here is the latest...

He killed and skinned the leopard himself. And now, from the home office in Port Jefferson, here is this week's...

Top Phive Criticizes Donald Trump Said About Other American Heroes
5. Neil Armstrong: "To me, you're not a space hero until you kill a few aliens!"
4. Jackie Robinson: "He broke the color barrier on the Brooklyn Dodgers! They don't even EXIST anymore! It's like it never happened!"
3. Paul Revere: "I'd have hired a HUNDRED men to ride horses and warn the people!
2. Abraham Lincoln: "He sent his army to fight eating blue uniforms? Ever heard of camouflage?"
And the number one Donald Trump said to criticize an American hero is...
1. Jonas Salk: By curing Polio, he cost this country thousands of jobs in the lucrative leg-brace industry!"

It's 8:00pm, 82°F and Kelly Clarkson's rendition of Nick Jonas' "Jealous" really clarifies what a creepy song it is. Kelly Clarkson sounds bomb singing this cover of a disturbing song at Radio City Music Hall last week, of course, because she has incredible pipes.

Check the video out at

Today's guest is one of my favorite female singers of all time. Her album "California Kid" is one of my favorite albums. Her latest "Bird's Amazing Odyssey and the Meaning of Tea" is now available on iTunes. Please welcome to the Phile... the fantastic Circe Link!

Me: Hello, Circe, welcome to the Phile. How are you?

Circe: Peachy, thanks for asking.

Me: I have to ask you, how to you properly pronounce your name?

Circe: If “Sir” as in “Sir, take you hand off my knee...” and “See” as in “or you're gonna lose an arm, see?” were combined you would be pretty close. Although that's the American pronunciation, don't get me started on the Greek.

Me: Where are you from, Circe? You're based in California now, right?

Circe: I'm a California native. Los Angeles is my lovely, dirty, train wreck of a city and I love it most of the time.

Me: Maureen Davis from the Flutterbies introduced me to you years ago, Circe. Have you known Maureen long?

Circe: I've known Maureen for many years through my partner Christian Nesmith. Maureen has some killer pipes and is always such a hoot to hang out with! I think we first met back in the good old days of Highland Grounds a now defunct establishment where many Los Angeles musicians would cavort for a weekly open mic hosted by Mike McCarthy. We all miss it like a lost lover. Los Angeles is a great town, but there are few venues worth that kind of affection.

Me: I have to say I love your music, you're very Sheryl Crowish. I am guessing you are a fan of hers?

Circe: I have recently been compared Sheryl Crow but only since this latest release, and of course I'm flattered. My earlier records all have different styles however. I worked on a jazz record with composer/songwriter Michael Sherwood, writing a rock musical with Christian Nesmith, and creating a little folk collection as well. What can I say; I'm prolific if nothing else. I definitely respect Sheryl Crow but I don't cite her as an influence, unlike her old collaborator Kevin Gilbert whom I love beyond all reason. I don't often try to make music like those who inspire me. My favorite things to listen to like King Crimson, Steely Dan, Kevin Gilbert and all kinds of jazz have more of an unconscious impact on me.

Me: I also love the album cover for the new album. Was that your idea? Nothing like a drawing hot naked chick.

Circe: Gee whiz thanks. I did all the art work on all my records and website too. Before I did music I was a bit of an artist and feel the visual impact should be well crafted. Although, I think the emphasis on artificial beauty, along with wealth, in our culture is suffocating.

Me: I downloaded all your other music, Circe. How long have you been writing and recording?

Circe: I've been making music for around nine years now. Not so long actually compared to most of the talented folks I have had the pleasure of working with. As I mentioned before I was into fine art and poetry, but music just came along and started pouring out of my dreams. My first song was one I heard in a dream and I still wake up in the middle of the night with such mysterious gifts.

Me: You have a live album called "Live in Japan," Circe. Did you tour over there or just do a show or two? How did the Japanese take you, with tour music? I imagine you were a hit.

Circe: Making “Live in Japan” was one of the most wonderful times in my life! We did a little tour over there with a scaled down acoustic band. We also took our stellar engineer Brant Biles with us who recorded each show and made it possible for us to capture some of the magic we found and created while we were there. Playing for a Japanese audience is very different than an American audience, go figure! They were some of the most attentive and giving audiences I have ever performed for. When we arrived in Shinjuku there was a line outside the club and when I asked the promoter what was going on and he told me the line was to see us! After the gig the owners arranged for dinner, pulled the tables together with some of the fans and drank and dined with us till the wee hours. We were showered with gifts and flowers and I still keep a large hydrangea pressed in my journal from that time. Quite enchanting!

Me: Anyway, back to "Bird's Amazing Odyssey and the Meaning of Tea"... I like all the songs, and can't pick out which one would be a single. Do you have a single or video for this album?

Circe: No single, and no video as of yet. I like all the songs so picking a single is like asking a kid which puppy they want, all of them please! Making videos is not one of my skills yet, but I'm thinking writer, musician, DJ Barry Smolin from The Music Never Stops on KPFK 90.7 FM. Whatever he plays is cool by me! He has some wild taste and seems to be able to pick out the songs to air that people resonate with.

Me: I watched the video for "One Drop Of Poison" and thought it was very clever, and well made. Was that your first video? It looked like it was fun to make, Circe.

Circe: Filmmaker/animator Susan Holloway and Jonathan Nesmith created the video for “One Drop of Poison." It took a little while to do, as the work was a painstaking tedious assemblage and animation of still photos. I am so thrilled to have such an artful representation of that song; it's a little bit sweet and a little bit wicked! Not unlike myself...

Me: You have a pretty cool band you play with. Is it your touring band? Go ahead and give them a mention if you'd like.

Circe: I could not love my band more. We both play locally and tour when we can. For this last record I came up with the name The Discount Candy Family Band for our moniker as it describes how sweet and odd we really are. Christopher Allis on drums is one of the hardest working musicians in Los Angeles. But it's his finesse and skill that makes we want to skip gigs if he can't be there to hold if all together. His counterpart in the rhythm section is Jason Chesney on bass (also in the very cool band Old Californio) and his lyrical and melodic approach is the perfect match with Christopher. I call them Chocolate Chesney and Peanut Butter Allis 'cause they go so well together. Bart Ryan who has been on many of my records over the years playing guitars is the smoking gun slinger every little boy wants to be when he picks up a guitar for the first time. Greasy, dirty, dangerous and wild. Michael Sherwood (composer) on keys could not be a better match for all the myriad of approaches my songs need, not to mention his chops are astounding. Debra Tala and Laura Drew on backing vocals make me sound way better than I am. They both have an uncanny ability to bring themselves to me in diction and cadence. And lastly, my partner for most of my musical career Christian Nesmith on guitars, co-writing, mixing and producing... he is the puppet master behind this very shallow façade of mine. I am not lucky; I'm blessed indeed with this group of giants.

Me: I saw the reviews and press about you on your website and one person who stuck out was Al Anderson from NRBQ. I am a huge NRBQ fan, Circe. Do you know them, or Al?

Circe: I met Al Anderson at a music conference a few years back. I only had a demo of three songs at the time but he was quite taken with my meager efforts. Al was never in my band, but he did give me advice and guidance in my early career and I'll love him forever for that! And of course NRBQ rules. 

Me: I like the way you describe your music as cowboy jazz. That's a great name for a band itself. Do you still describe your music as that?

Circe: I came up with that description for myself when I first started out and I really was combining that Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys meets Pattie Page sound. But I love so many kinds of music my evolution has taken me to many differing styles that no one discription will suffice anymore.

Me: I read that you also like to write poetry and do art as well. What kind of art do you do?

Circe: As I mentioned, I was following my muse through art before. Primarily oil painting but I never had a show because at the time I couldn’t stand the thought of parting with a painting. I have always loved words and written poetry and I will always be consumed by “this business of words” to quote Anne Sexton.

Me: When you write a poem, do you think there should be music added? Is that how you write your songs?

Circe: Poetry and lyric writing have their roots in the same muddy pond but have such different needs that the two arts require very different approaches. I do not hear music when I write poetry but I do call on a poetic approach to many lyrical descriptions when warranted. Elvis Costello and Joni Mitchell are at the top of the food chain for me when it comes to lyrics but as for poets Rumi, Sexton, and Bukowski knock me to the killing floor. I know many songwriters whose main nemesis is lyric writing. The challenge seems to be navigating a way through the predictable or even archetypical human experience, say for instance a love song, and having something to say that is neither too contrived or self aware but that can still deliver a sight or sound or feeling with effortlessness.

Me: Thanks so much for being on the Phile, Circe. I am a huge fan! Go ahead and mention your website.

Circe: Thanks so much for having me, this has been one of the best interviews I have had the pleasure of doing! Feel free to have your readers visit me here:    

Me: Please come back when the next album comes out, and come to Orlando to play. Oh, one more thing, Maureen referred you to the Phile, do you have anybody you can refer?

Circe: Will do! Give Old Californio a try. They are my favorite L.A. band, and they never disappoint!

Me: I will. Take care, Circe.

That about does it for this entry of the Phile. Thanks to Circe Link. The Phile will be back Friday with Andrés Velasco from Chikita Violenta. Spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

Not if it pleases me. No, you can't stop me, not if it pleases me. - Graham Parker

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