Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Peverett Phile Interviews: Mandy Ventrice

Hello, welcome back to the Phile for another interview. Before we start let me just say thanks to everyone I interviewed so far and for all the positive comments I have received. The beauty of the Phile is I can interview an established name like Melissa Joan Hart, or a band that is starting out, or a performer who has a long career and is established like Webb Wilder or Dexter Romweber. And I can interview someone who is just starting out in the music business, or acting business, or any kinda of entertainment business and who will one day be a huge star like Lindsay Rush or Amanda Marsh. Today's interview is with such a person. She's an American recording artist, songwriter, producer and entertainer. And will be a big megastar one day. Please welcome to the Phile Miss Mandy Ventrice.

Me: Hello, Mandy, welcome to the Phile. How are you?

Mandy: I'm doing great!

Me: So, where are you right now? Are you on tour? Any luck of you coming down and playing in Florida?

Mandy: I'm in New York now, working on new material from home. No plans for a tour just yet, but I'd love to play in Florida.

Me: Where in New York do you live, Mandy? Do you live in the city?

Mandy: I live right outside the city.

Me: You gotta tell me about "Hello World". That's a Hello Kitty CD isn't it? I think I interviewed someone else who was on that CD. How did you end up doing a song about Hello Kitty? I bet that made you really big in Japan.

Me: My friends, Kyle Kelso and Mike Shimshack produced the song, "Hello Kitty", and asked me to come to Brooklyn to record the vocals for it. I didn't really know much about the project, or if the album would even be released. A few months after I recorded the song, I randomly stumbled upon a website that had all the artwork and a release date for the album. I had totally forgotten about it, and there I was... on an album that was going to be sold on iTunes and in Wal-Marts all over the country.

Me: Did you design that cool logo of the V inside the M? I love it. Do you have merch with that logo on it? If not, I think you def should.

Mandy: My best friend, Erin Frey, designed the logo. I plan on working with her a lot more in the future, especially with merch.

Me: I love the music you have on your Myspace site. Any luck you are gonna have music on iTunes soon I can download? I just downloaded the "Hello Kitty" song.

Mandy: I am hoping to have something on iTunes soon. I am writing a lot of new material that would be great for a full length album, and I am excited to share that with people.

Me: Speaking of music, I noticed all your songs have one word titles. What is the reason for that? Is your album gonna have a one word title?

Mandy: There isn't any significance to that, it's just kinda how it turned out. Since then, I have written songs that stray from the one word theme.

Me: Your working on an album, when do you plan for it to come out?

Mandy: I have been busy working with Let IT Burn Productions; they are based out of Amsterdam and re-locating to Los Angeles within the next few months. They send me music, and I write the lyrics, melodies and vocal production from my home studio. They have also done a few very cool remixes for my songs, "Ditto" and "Hussy".

Me: I read your bio and saw we have something in common, Mandy. We both have musicians for fathers. How is your dad and is he someone I would of heard of?

Mandy: My dad is doing well, he still plays with a cover band based out the Bay Area California. He has been in bands all his life, and has struggled just like most of us do in this industry. These days, he just focuses on the joy he gets from writing and playing.

Me: You're originally from San Diego, right? Ever been to Legoland out there? It's really cool. Do you go out there often?

Mandy: I'm actually from the Bay Area, and moved to Los Angeles when I was about fifteen. I've never been to Legoland!

Me: San Diego is a hot spot for surfing, isn't it? Did you ever surf when you lived out there?

Mandy: No, I have never surfed. I try to avoid being anywhere near large crashing waves that can drown me. I'm a wimp.

Me: You were in a band in Boston called Poetry In Motion. Do you prefer to be in a band or solo?

Mandy: Solo, definitely. I'm a pretty independent person in general, and that characteristic seems to roll over into my music quite often.

Me: How did you end up being from California, going to Boston and then New York. New York is so different then California. I went where ever my music took me. I had great opportunities both in Boston and New York, so I followed them.

Me: Mandy, I hope '09 is a good year for you. Do you have a website or anything you would like to plug?

Mandy: Sure,

Me: Mandy, I hope this interview was fun. I wish you a lot of luck and really think you are going to have a big career in music once your CD comes out. Take care.

Thanks to Mandy for the interview. I hope to interview her again when her CD comes out. Tomorrow's interview is with the band Whitiker Forest. No, not the actor Forest Whitaker, the band Whitiker Forest. Then on Monday it's the popular Scottish band The Orchids. Next Phriday, or as I like to call it, Watchmen day, it'll be a special Watchmen entry of the Phile. Hell, I've only been talking about it for two years now. On Saturday it's the interview will be with a member of one of my favorite bands in the world. I won't say who it is yet, but I am gonna have some black coffee in bed, after I pull muscles from a shell. In the meantime, spread the word, not the turd.

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