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The Peverett Phile Interviews: James Reber From Fight the Current

Hello, that's a huge logo, ain't it? For some reason blogspot won't let me download it normal size. Anyway, welcome back to the Phile inyerviews. Today we have the guitarist and songwriter for the alternative band Fight the Current. Please welcome to the Phile... James Reber.

Me: Hello, James, welcome to the Phile. So, tell me about Flight of the Conchords... Just kidding, James. Tell me about Fight the Current. Current what? President? Weather? TV shows? 

James: It's actually the ocean current.

Me: Where did the band name come from, James? 

James: Well our original name was C-side but there is a pretty established rap group called Cside, so we were forced to change it. one of my favorite bands the Goo Goo Dolls used the line "fighting the currents" in one of their songs, and thought it portrayed great imagery and thought it would make a great band name.

Me: The band is based in Seattle. A lot of good music came out of there. You were just a kid when the grunge music scene was big, right? 

James: I was very young, yes. I was born in 87 and the grunge scene started to fade in the early 90's. Its definitely left a big impact on music today with bands like Nirvana, Sound Garden, etc...

Me: So, how did the band form? Where did you guys meet? 

James: It actually started with me, an acoustic guitar, and a notepad. I just started writing and recording songs without a singer, and eventually I met Matt. He's the singer on all of the tracks except "Goodbye". I'm actually introducing another vocalist on the new full length album we're currently working on.

Me: I was looking at your photos, and man, you guys look so young. I betcha get a lot of girls throwing themselves at you. Do you get groupies? Your fan base seems mostly girls. 

James: We definitely got a young start. I'm the 2nd oldest guy in the band at the age of 21 (almost 22). There are alot of "interested" girls if you wnat to put it that way, but that's not what we're about as a band. We are about writing deep music and portraying a good image.

Me: Do you have a girlfriend, James, and if so, why? LOL 

James: Haha. No I'm single at the moment! I just got out of a long term relationship in June, so I'm taking my time and enjoying the single life.

Me: I like the tracks I heard from your CD which is called "Hold Tight." Tell the readers of the Phile about making it. 

James: Unlike the typical album filled with love songs, mine has only 2. "I Know" and "No Where Else". The rest of the CD is about where I was at that stage of my life. The song "Hold Tight" was actually written about a girls dad who passed away from cancer. She was telling me her story through a myspace message of all places, and I totally felt for her. That night I wrote almost the whole song in 45 minutes. That's what the power of inspiration can do.

Me: I know some friends who would love to download a copy. Any news when somebody will be able to download it from iTunes. 

James: With how slow iTunes is, hopefully by the end of my lifetime. LOL. Nah, it should be another month. I'm not going to lie, I am getting a little impatient. Haha.

Me: James, how long have you been song writing? You are very good at it. 

James: Thanks so much, I appreciate that. I've been writing for about 3 years.

Me: Are you planning on taking the band on the road? I am sure my niece Brianna would love to meet you all if you come to Florida.

James: Definitely! I can't wait to go on some tours. Especially Florida, I hear it's beautiful down there.

Me: Okay, James, if you can record an album and choose any singer or singer's you want, who would you pick? 

James: Johny Rzeznick from the Goo Goo Dolls or Jason Wade from Lifehouse.

Me: What's this you don't like Will Ferrell? 

James: LOL!! Honestly, I like alot of his old stuff. Especially his days on SNL, but his newer stuff has become very repetitive to me. I know I'm not going to be very popular for saying that.

Me: Is there any advice you'd like to give anybody who wants to start a band?

Brian: Do it for the right reasons. Work hard, promote, communicate with your fans, and be real. Music is a great influence on peoples lives and I feel to many bands haven't fully grasped that concept, or simply don't care enough.

Me: Who came up with your logo? It looks cool.

Brian: Thanks! a few friends of mine did it. It's actually a married couple. They do great work!

Me: Has anybody from any record label interested in signing you guys? 

Brian: Yeah, we have had some indie labels in communication with us. I would like to do as much as I can without signing to a label, but we might get to the point where we need to. It would definitely be a dream come true to be signed with a major label.

Me: And finally, James, if someone wants to purchase the CD "Hold On Tight", where should they go? 

Brian: Well there is a direct link from our myspace page that runs through paypal and also We will be on iTunes in the near future.

Me: Thanks again for taking time out to do this interview, James. I really like your CD and hope you get signed real soon. I think if you keep at it you have a big career ahead of you. 

Brian: Thanks so much! I'm greatly honored for this interview. It was a blast! God Bless and take care.

That Brian was such a nice guy, wasn't he? I really do think they'll be big one day. Hell, if the Goo Goo Dolls could make it, then these kids in Fight the Current should be as well. The Phile will be back with a Megacon edition of the Phile next Phriday then on Saturday it's pop singer Mandy Ventrice, then on Sunday it's rock band Whitiker Forest, and then on Monday it's the band The Orchids. So, until then, spread the word, not the turd. And thanks again to James Reber. 

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