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The Peverett Phile Interviews: Karen Cuda From Nashville Pussy

Hey, kids, how are you? Welcome to another entry of the Peverett Phile Interviews. Today's interview on Valentine's Day is the bass player from the band Nashville Pussy... which is not to be confused with my band Groveland Pussy-Whipped. Nashville Pussy is an American hard rock band from Atlanta, Georgia. Many of their songs are about sex, drugs, drinking, fighting, and rock & roll. Their musical style mixes hard rock, punk rock, Southern metal and psychobilly. Much of their music is not what would be considered traditionally "radio friendly", due to their frequent use of expletives and vulgar terminology, which is why I love them. Anyway, the Peverett Phile welcomes Karen Cuda.

Me: Hello, Karen, welcome to the Phile. I'd like to thank you for taking part and being another bass player I am interviewing. You are part of a tradition. How are you?

Karen: Hungry.

Me: When did you start playing bass, and who is your favorite bass player of all time?

Karen: I started playing almost 16 years ago. 1993-ish. Hard to say fave of all time - I like many. Cliff Burton, Bob from the BellRays, and, although I don't listen to the Chili Peppers, Flea is a bad ass!

Me: Where are you from, Karen? And where do you live now?

Karen: Born in Louisiana. I live in a tour van.

Me: Nashville Pussy is not actually from Nashville, are they? Where does the band originate?

Karen: Nashville Pussy originated in Nashville but currently reside in Atlanta, GA.

Me: For those Phile readers that have not idea what kind of band and Nashville Pussy is, go ahead and tell them, Karen.

Karen: Nashville Pussy is straight up rock n roll. It's like AC/DC and Lynyrd Skynrd doing speed in a sen motel while Motorhead watches.

Me: You are ready to go on a European tour, right? Do you like playing Europe? How are the fans over there? I am from England, so I know the British fans are pretty crazy. Do you prefer to play in America? What about Canada?

Karen: I love playing in Europe. The fans always go nuts and are noticeably more appreciative of the American Rock n Roll than many American rock fans are. I am excited to visit many places I have not been yet on this upcoming tour; Norway, Finland, and more pockets of Sweden. It will be COLD though! Winter in Scandinavia is about as brutal as it gets!
It's fun playing everywhere. Canada is alao a blast, not to mention home turf for our own Miss Ruyter Suys.

Me: Okay, I have to ask you about your tattoos. I have only four myself, but it seems you have a shit load more. How many do you have, what was your first and last tat you had done?

Karen: It's hard to keep track anymore!

Me: Karen, you are not an original N.P. band member, right? When did you join the band, and how were you asked? Were you a fan of the band before you joined?

Karen: I joined The Puss nearly 5 years ago, just prior to the recording of our last album, "Get Some". I was familiar with the band and dug it beforehand but wasn't a die hard. Being in a band myself at the time kept me pretty distracted from what else was going on with other bands (as it always tends to).

Me: Let's talk about the new CD, "From Hell To Texas". Is it a studio or live album? Does N.P. have a live album out? What can you tell the readers about that CD? And I will buy it on iTunes when it comes out.

Karen: Our latest album, "From Hell To Texas", was recorded at Willie Nelson's studio just outside of Austin, Texas. It was produced by Daniel Rey, who also prodiced out last album and is most famous for his work with the Ramones. It sounds fucking killer!!! It's due to be released on February 3rd in Europe and February 10th in the USA on SPV Records. Buy on iTunes all you want but the hard copy will be so much cooler. Nothing like liner notes and cool packaging to seperate the collectors version from the digital version!

Me: Do you write songs as well and play?

Karen: Yes. I wrote all of my bass lines and contributed greatly to the arrangements, melodies and backing vocals on "From Hell To Texas" (as well as on our last album "Get Some"). I also write songs with my other band, HEMI CUDA.

Me: There's a DVD available, right? "Live From Hollywood". When was that filmed and what can you tell me about it? I bet there's a lot of swearing on it. LOL. Any nudity?

Karen: The DVD was filmed a couple years ago at a live show in Hollywood - go figure. It's awesome and contains a lot of behind the scenes material, including an interview with Lemmy (he interviews us), and many goofy backstage antics. Guess you'll just have to see for yourself if it contains nudity. I can't recall.

Me: You are friends with Reverend Horton Heat I believe, playing a tour with him. How is he? I put in a request to interview him as well.

Karen: We just wrapped up a year and 2 month tour with The Reverend Horton Heat. Those guys are awesome!

Me: So, what is the beer of choice for you and the other members of N.P.? Also, you guys don't smoke, right? Cigarettes that is.

Karen: We prefer the kind of beer with beer in it. And Jack Daniels.

Me: How often do you say "fuck" in a day? I say it way to much.

Karen: Fuck, I lost count!

Me: Ever been to Epcot? I work there and can get you guys in the park if you'd like when you're in Orlando.

Karen: I haven't been, personally. I hear it's cool. I'm sure we'd all love to go sometime.

Me: Speaking of Orlando, when was the last time you played here? I would go, but I am afraid of mosh pits.

Karen: We played a bunch of cities in Florida a couple months ago. We skipped the Orlando show cuz it was at House Of Blues, who is owned by Disney out there, and despite their peddling of children like Miley Cyrus as sex symbols, our name was a bit too risque for them to promote. We said "fuck it" and took the night off to party!

Me: Tell me about Hemi Cuda, Karen. That's another band you were in, right? What does the name mean? How different are the two bands?

Karen: I am still in HEMI CUDA. In fact, we just recently recruited a new lead guitar player (Mike Hodgkiss, formerly of Gaza Strippers and currently also playing bass with Urge Overkill). HEMI CUDA is pretty different from Nashville Pussy but still very much Rock N Roll. We've been compared to L7 meeting the Go Go's. Same configuration gender wise as the Puss; 2 chicks on guitar and bass and 2 dudes on guitar and drums. HEMI CUDA Rocks!

Me: So, with all your busy rock and roll life style, do you find time to date?

Karen: It takes a big man to handle a girl like me!

Me: Nashville Pussy is on the soundtrack to the "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" movie, right? Are you fans of ATHF? I only saw it a few times, and I don't get the humor. What am I missing?

Karen: We love ATHF. It's totally goofy! You must just be missing the weed!

Me: I saw many pictures of you performing wearing a bra, and no shirt. Thank you for that. LOL. Do you or have you ever performed topless?

Karen: Save the topless "performing" to the strippers. I am a musician.

Me: Finally, is there anything you would like to tell the readers of the Phile? Do you know any dirty jokes, or can you give any advice?

Karen: Every morning, before washing your colon, massage it gently w ith a spork that has been soaked overnight in a beaker of warm jizz... Do this endearingly every day, and you will soon be as greasy as me.

Me: What is the Pussy's website, Karen?

Karen:, For more about me visit and for those interested in checking out HEMI CUDA go to

Me: Was this fun? I hope so. Good luck with the new CD and I wish you continued success. Tell the others I said hello.

Man, she could seriously kick my ass. It would be fun to do a follow up with Miss Cuda... I wonder if she'll go for that. Tomorrow the Phile will be back with Marc Savoie from Infinite-Lane Highway, a French Canadian band. Then the Phile will be back next Phriday and again with two more interviews on Saturday and Sunday. Until then, spread the word, not the turd. 

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