Thursday, February 7, 2008

I'm A Fool For The City

Hello, and welcome to another entry of the Peverett Phile, the web's most updated blog. Today is a sad day for the Peverett family, and many of you out there as today marks the 8 year anniversary of my dad's death, the late great Lonesome Dave Peverett. Well, it was Super Tuesday on Tuesday (which makes sense as it would be stupid to have Super Tuesday on like a Friday) It was a tough night for Hillary. She has been accused of frequently switching he positions. To which Bill Clinton said, “I wish.” In a recent speech, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said that if Republicans want to win, they have to be more like him. I think it’s working — today Mitt Romney gave a speech with a dozen walnuts in his mouth. This pisses me off, John McCain has been taking his 95-year-old mother along with him in his campaign bus. He is old and his damned mother is still living. None of the other candidates are traveling with their mothers, but Bill Clinton is traveling with several MILFs. Contrary to what the news says, Miami Heat center Shaquille O’Neil hasn’t been traded to the Phoenix Suns. He’s actually been traded to the sun. In exchange, the earth will receive two moons and a dwarf star to be named later. Britney Spears was released from the hospital psychiatric ward. Authorities are warning all citizens in Los Angeles to remain in their homes. Also on Tuesday it was Mardi Gras, and almost every other Guest at Disney wore from Louisiana. I don't know why they bother 
having the parade in New Orleans, everyone comes down here. I got tired of seeing so 
many people wearing purple, green and yellow, and their stupid hats and masks. And 
why do they insist on keep trying to give me those beads? I do not want to wear any 
plastic beads!  For those of you that don't know, Mardi Gras means no restrictions. Fat Tuesday is the one day of the year you can eat whatever you want, drink whatever you want, shag whomever you want. Basically for a night, you’re a member of Guns & Roses. How about that Mitt Romney dropping out? He looks like the guy that would approve your check at a supermarket. He looks like the piano player in an upscale department store. He looks like a guy who winks when he shakes your hand.
He looks like the guy who is married to an over-the-hill actress. So, last Sunday my New York Giants won the Super Bowl! At the end of the game I was hyper-ventiating. I rushed upstairs to the computer and ordered the championship package of t-shirt, cap and DVD. Eli is the Manning. What a bunch of losers the Patriots are. What a bunch of losers. Bunchen won't run naked, Tom Brady and Randy Moss won't be at the Pro Bowl, Belichick is actually thinking of using his Unabomber disguise to bomb the front offices of the opposing teams next year. How the mighty have fallen. They should have taken the L during week 1 instead of saving it for the Super Bowl. Oh, to all you Chinese who read this: Happy Chinese (lunar) New Year! Who's winning Chinese Rose Bowl; Shanghai State or Guangzhao Tech? Gosh, I'm still writing checks "Year of the Boar".


From the home office in Groveland, Florida, is is tonight's top ten list.
Top Ten Signs Rambo Is Too Old
10. Secret mission: to bring back cheap prescription drugs from Canada
9. Used to break necks -- now he just breaks wind
8. Removes dentures when things look like they might get rough
7. Instead of dog tags now wears Life-Alert around his neck
6. The "old guy smell" is now considered one of his weapons
5. Now only sets booby-traps to keep kids off his lawn
4. Instead of killing people, lectures them on the dangers of running with scissors
3. Lately he's been shooting blanks -- if you know what I mean
2. Newest enemy? An enlarged prostate
And the number one sgin that Rambo is getting too old 
1. Would rather be gardening


New Madrid earthquake shakes Missouri with an estimated magnitude of 8.2, as strong as any in the West. The quake destroys 150,000 acres of forest, and would have caused massive damage had it occurred in modern times.
A drunken visitor to the British Museum smashes the irreplaceable Portland Vase into over 200 pieces. The elaborate glass amphora was created when Augustus was Caesar and is about ten inches high. It takes months to repair.
"It became necessary to destroy the town to save it." -- U.S. Army Major, regarding the village of Ben Tre, Vietnam, in an AP dispatch.
Beatle George Harrisonhas his tonsils removed. He had them destroyed to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.
Washed up tennis player Bjorn Borg has his stomach pumped after he overdoses on sleeping pills in Madrid, Spain.
Mortar rounds are fired by the IRA at No. 10 Downing Street, the residence of British Prime Minister John Major. No injuries resulted but the door was severely dented.

Lonesome Dave Peverett, lead singer of the band Foghat, dies from complication of cancer.


Earl Butz: All he was looking for in life was a cushy Cabinet post, a repugnant sense of humor, and a warm mouth to put his foot into.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: He was smarter than the average con man.


Five young men are dead after apparently speeding on an airplane runway at the exclusive “fly-in” community of Jumbolair Aviation Estates, now most famously the home of John Travolta, officials said. The crash happened this morning at about 3:45 a.m. According to a preliminary Florida Highway Patrol investigation, a 2008 gray BMW with 5 occupants, ages 18 to 20, was traveling at a high rate of speed on the airstrip. As it neared the end of the runway, the car traveled off the end of an 85-foot high embankment, became airborne for 200 feet and struck a large tree. At impact, the vehicle split in half and the car’s engine separated from the vehicle, scattering pieces of the car over about a 200 square foot area. Three of the five occupants were ejected from the vehicle and all were pronounced dead at the scene, according to Florida Highway Patorl spokesman Lt. Mike Burroughs said. “It’s too early in the investigation to determine a speed and also to determine whether seat belts were in use at the time of the crash,” Burroughs said. Two of the five men were from Ocala, two were from Fairfield and one was from Anthony, but it was not clear if any of the men lived within the gated community. Officials were in the process of notifying next of kin. Investigators did not know at this time whether the vehicle was speeding or racing another car. Only in Florida do they think cars can fly.


On our Foghat Myspace page at we asked people to send in tributes to dad. So, starting this entry, on the anniversary of his death, I will post some tributes here.
Listening to Foghat brings back some of my fondest childhood memories. Whenever I reminisce about the seventies, it's always summertime, my babysitter is dolling herself up for a rock concert and Foghat is most certainly part of my mental soundtrack. I regret never having been able to attend a Foghat concert in their hey-day, but I can't be entirely to blame, seeing that my "Driving Wheel" at the time was still a Big Wheel! I do recall peeking through the crack of my bedroom doorway while my parents spun LPs during numerous house parties and rocking along to "Stone Blue" and "Fool For The City" in the back seat of my mom's gold metallic Vega. By the time I was old enough to venture off on my own, times had changed and so had the music, and in my opinion, not for the better. I currently find myself spending most of my Sunday afternoons in a used record store called Discovery flipping through albums and digging into piles of eight-track tapes, and yes, I still have the same eight-track tape deck my parents gave me on my seventh birthday! Now writing songs and fronting my own band, I draw major influence from a long list of seventies rockers, and Lonesome Dave Peverett is way up on that list. His songs, his style, his showmanship, and most of all his amazing voice are all things that I strive to achieve for myself. I even borrowed the title "Lonesome" when I first took the stage as a front man. Though as hard as I try, I may never reach his capabilities but I'm ok with that because he set a bar so high that not many can or ever will. When I listen to the record Foghat LIVE it literally sends chills up my spine when Dave introduces "Slow Ride". The power and conviction in his vocals are so raw, so pure, that you can hear his soul reaching out to you, giving you all the security one would ever need to stand up, let loose and join in on the festivities of the rock 'n roll party! The most unique thing that I've noticed about Foghat is that even though they're British musicians, they pretty much epitomized what a great American rock band should sound like. God bless Lonesome Dave, he taught us all how to get up and boogie, and as long as we continue to do so, his spirit will live on forever. I'msure I'm not alone when I say that the rock world misses him deeply. -Sammy Miami


In the No Duh News category, Sci Fi Channel has reported that they've acquired the fourth series (or season) of "Doctor Who" for air beginning in April. What's great additional news is that they've also picked up "The Sarah Jane Adventures" as well. The latter series focuses on Elisabeth Sladen's Sarah Jane, one of the most popular and famous "companions" in Who History, as she battles to keep Britain and the world save from alien encounters and invasions. Sarah Jane is aided by a small group of children in her quest. The good Doctor, still played by David Tennant for now, is joined this season by Donna Noble (Catherine Tate reprising her role from "The Runaway Bride" Christmas Special). I have to say, this casting I find odd as Noble was a bitch and from what I've seen in promos for future installments, continues to be a bitch. In fact, the character had no redeemable or like-able qualities. Maybe, after losing both Rose (Billie Piper) and Martha (Freema Agyeman) whom he actually liked, the Doctor is feeling a bit masochistic. Thank god Martha is coming back mid-season (and rumors have it Rose may be back too in some capacity). And in the meantime, Martha will be making a limited run appearance on the second season of "Torchwood" currently airing stateside on BBC America. If you're a fan of Who and you're not watching "Torchwood" then now may be the time to start. You've already seen "Torchwood's" fearless, immortal leader Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) on various Who episodes, so you're practically family!


When Venom was finally revealed back in 2006, there were some apprehensions, but for the most part, anticipation was huge for the third Spider-Man movie. Then it came out, and even the die-hard fans seemed to be at least somewhat disappointed. What really sucks in these situations is when over-all disappointment tarnishes good bits. I imagine that Marvel is thinking the same thing. According to IESB, Eddie Brock and Venom are going to get their own film. The site says that since the rights to Venom have reverted back to Marvel (New Line had 'em), they are meeting up with a number of "A-list writers" to work on a spin-off film. (They're not sure on how Sony fits into all of this.) IESB says: "We have to assume that since there is movement, and there has been recent meetings with writers, this property must belong to Marvel since they have made an interim agreement with the WGA." It's not every day that we get the possibility of an evil spin-off. This could be cool, although a bit tricky with the whole Spider-Man part of it (even without the webbed hero as a star, the symbiote grabbed Parker first). But that's just me... What do you think?


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
A picture has leaked out of the actual crystal skull, and it does look strangely extraterrestrial. But does Indy really have to travel all over the world to find this plastic-y looking thing? He could probably just get one out of a Cracker Jack box.
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
It seems the main feature of the new, extra dirty red-band trailer for this Judd Apatow-produced comedy is Jason Segel's bare butt. Looks like Will Ferrell is gonna have some serious competition in the "getting naked for a laugh" department.
The Happening
In the first trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's latest horror flick, an epidemic of suicides has Mark Wahlberg leaving NYC for the countryside. Smart move. There's a lot less ways for him to try to kill himself out there. What's he gonna do? Smother himself with cow manure?
Iron Man
It seems that most people who watched the cool trailer that ran during the Super Bowl were turned on by Robert Downey Jr. pulling on his iron pants. Frankly, I was more turned on by the snippet of Gwyneth Paltrow not wearing any.
Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden?
In the trailer, director Morgan Spurlock has such a tough time locating the terrorist mastermind, he can't even get the guy's uncle to give him up for the $25 mil bounty. Yikes, $25 mil! I've got any number of family members I'd give up for half that.
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes is going to remake the horror classic, although original Freddy Robert Englund says he probably won't be asked to return since he's too old. Maybe Johnny Depp could whip out his old Edward Scissorhands outfit.
Michael Caine plots to steal a fortune in diamonds in the trailer with the help of his accomplice Demi Moore, who sports one of the worst phony English accents I've ever heard. She should have asked Madonna for some tips.
The Wolf Man
The bloggers screamed bloody murder when it was rumored that Brett Ratner was the top choice as director, so Universal went and hired Jurassic Park III's Joe Johnston instead. How come the web can keep Ratner from working, but Uwe Boll never seems to have any problem?
Final Destination 4
The film's opening near-death experience will take place at a race track with vehicles crashing into the spectator stands. That sounds scary but not nearly as intense as my own near-death experience riding the bumper cars as a kid.
A biopic of Jim Henson is in the works. The twist is that all the humans are going to be played by Muppets, while all the Muppets will be real animals that will put their paws up the people's backsides just to see how they like it.

There you go, another entry of the Phile. Not much is happening this weekend, but next week is my nephew Randy's wedding, and in a few weeks is Megacon. Check out the Phile's Myspace page ( as I posted some new pics and the site. Also, I still want to hit 4000 views by Easter. We have over 3700 now, but we have a lot more to go. Spread the word, not the turd.


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