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Pheaturing Phile Alum Jennifer McKee

Rabbit. Hey there, welcome to the Phile for a Monday. What's up? Twenty-one-year-old Makana Milho of Honolulu was shocked when her boss, 47-year-old Harold Villanueva Jr., drove her to an empty park, pinched her butt, and told her she could go home early if she gave him oral sex. So she took out her phone, held it discreetly out of sight, and started streaming the conversation on Facebook Live. She was later forced to take down the 30-minute video after being harassed by trolls, but The Daily Beast acquired a piece of the footage, which is disturbing. Milho was on the fifth day of a six-day community service stint, which she was completing in order to get a theft charge expunged from her record. She had spent the previous four days cleaning bathrooms without incident, but on the fifth, her previous supervisor was replaced by Villanueva Jr. The 47-year-old immediately began asking her if she was transgender (she is), and bragging about how he had coerced other community service workers, including trans women, into sex acts. Milho told The Daily Beast, "The universe was spinning. I thought he could do basically anything to me. I felt my power was stripped away from me." In the time it was live, Milho's video was viewed more than 197,000 times. It received viral attention, and led Villanueva Jr. to be arrested on Tuesday for fourth-degree sexual assault, a misdemeanor. The Parks Department is also being investigated.
Athletes from all over the world are arriving in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. When the Australian delegation arrived, they took one look at their provided dormitories, smelled gas and noticed water leaks, and gave a collective... Kitty Chiller, a spokesperson for the Australian delegation, told "The Sydney Morning Herald," "Problems include blocked toilets, leaking pipes, exposed wiring, darkened stairwells where no lighting has been installed and dirty floors in need of a massive clean.... Water came down walls, there was a strong smell of gas in some apartments and there was "shorting" in the electrical wiring." New Zealand and United Kingdom team members also reported similar findings. Brazilian Olympic officials have worked to fix the problems, but Australian officials have moved their athletes to a nearby hotel. Rio's Mayor, Eduardo Paes, said in response to the allegations, "We want them to feel at home here... I almost feel like putting a kangaroo to jump up and down in front of their building." Oh the shade! Let's hope Rio's Mayor doesn't come in the crosshairs of an Australian Olympic pole vaulter.
Social media has been a complete hell-hole since the start of this election cycle, with both parties acting like imbeciles when it comes to interacting with one another online. However, now news is surfacing that might prove that some of the most vocal and aggressive Trump supporters, with their American flag-laden profile pictures, might not be Americans at all. According to "Business Insider," many of them may be Russians being paid to pose as pro-Trump Americans. Adrian Chen, a staff writer at "The New Yorker," made the discovery when he was writing an exposé on Russia's government-sanctioned, highly-paid army of Internet trolls (the piece had nothing to do with the election). Apparently he had made a list of all the accounts that were being paid to troll and would check in on them periodically as he wrote his story. Slowly but surely, he noticed that the accounts started to post more and more about how much they love Donald Trump. Here is what Chen told Max Linsky on the Longform podcast back in December, "I created this list of Russian trolls when I was researching. And I check on it once in a while, still. And a lot of them have turned into conservative accounts, like fake conservatives. I don't know what's going on, but they're all tweeting about Donald Trump and stuff. I feel like it’s some kind of really opaque strategy of electing Donald Trump to undermine the U.S. or something. Like false-flag kind of thing. You know, that’s how I started thinking about all this stuff after being in Russia." Well, it's a strategy for sure. Spreading misinformation to create discord is an old KBG tactic (which President Vladimir Putin was once an agent for) called "dezinformatsiya," and is a well-loved method of psychological warfare that Russia has been using since the Cold War to sway opinions and control elections, which is why it has been working so well on the more impressionable parts of the American public. With American officials linking Russia to the DNC email leak combined with Trump's chummy relationship with Vladimir Putin, are you even surprised that this might be a thing?
Melania Trump... first lady candidate and Michelle Obama impersonator... began her journey into public life not as a political figure, but as a model. Old photos of the sexy Slovenian were on the cover of Sunday's issue of the "New York Post," and she's wearing her least expensive outfit yet: nothing.

In 1995, while presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was first lady and current first lady candidate Bill Clinton was president, the 25-year-old Melania posed naked in a French magazine called "Max." Then known by her professional moniker, Melania K., Mrs. Trump was photographed by French photographer Alé de Basse­ville. Even though her husband's running mate Mike Pence is considered vehemently anti-LGBTQ, Melania's shoot was decidedly homoerotic, and there's no doubt Trump has gawked at it.

Trump's campaign is not embarrassed or concerned that the photos have resurfaced. “They’re a celebration of the human body as art, and [there’s] nothing to be embarrassed about with the photos. She’s a beautiful woman,” Trump's spokesman, Jason Miller, told CNN’s "Reliable Sources." They likely wouldn't say the same thing if Hillary Clinton released nudes. Melania's career as a model was very naked, one-upping Betty Ford's career as a merely clothed one. Is it refreshing that she has nothing to hide? While she was photographed by professional photographers during her modeling days, she continues to share photos of her own hot bod herself. Between Melania and Bill Clinton, these are very frisky First Spouses.
If you've ever thought about multi-tasking by jerking off while eating a Filet-o-Fish, you better get on it, because McDonald's has promised to block porn from people using their WiFi. "McDonald's is committed to providing a safe environment for our customers," said a McDonald's representative this week. "We had not heard from our customers that this was an issue, but we saw an opportunity that is consistent with our goal of providing an enjoyable experience for families. "So basically, NO ONE complained about someone rubbing themselves while pounding a 10-piece chicken McNuggets (despite it being a a reasonable way to recycle the grease), but they decided to impose a WiFi filter anyway. And Starbucks has said they are going to start filtering as well, as soon as they can figure out how to keep people from accessing porn without accidentally filtering out more suitable content (like celebrity beefs). "This is a huge victory," said Donna Rice Hughes, president of anti-porn group Enough is Enough. "We're proud of Starbucks and McDonalds for stepping up to the plate. Internet pornography is a public health crisis. Parents need to know which family restaurants are safe from online threats." Or, you could just keep an eye on your kids while they consume toxic amounts of salt and grease at McDonald's. You want these restaurants to babysit kids AND adults? After all, so far there have been NO COMPLAINTS of anyone watching porn at McDonald's, but there have probably been countless complaints from adults trying to eat a late-afternoon McGriddle while getting annoyed by children on the loose.
Hey, are you kids having fun playing "Pokémon Go?" Some people are cashing in on the game, like this restaurant team who suddenly realized their business was a gym.

I love kids, and I love looking at kids drawings. But sometimes their art work is accidentally... perverted. And it's funny as it's innocent.

Now, who wants a sausage? Hahaha. There's one thing you might know about me is that I do not like breaking rules. Unlike this goat...

What? Can't he read? Haha. Alright, I have to show you this... this is a 100% real poster...

Crazy Canadians. Did you see Trump's new hat? No? Check it out...

Ugh. It's summer, and one of the best thing about the summer is the bikini. So, this year I decided to show you some bikini pics with something not so scary in the background.

Behind every confident woman is a supremely confident man. Hey, did you see that new Cialis ad?

If the effects last longer than four years, see a doctor. And now for some sad news...

Gloria DeHaven 
July 23rd, 1925 — July 30th, 2016
Made her first movie in 1936, and her last one in 1997. She was also married four times, had two kids, and lived in Vegas. No wonder she died.

If you spot the Mindphuck let me know. Okay, so, my son and I were talking about how we used to watch "Sesame Street" together when he was little. Looking back, I don't think that was a great idea.

The rubber duck was the representative model. The C4 charges would be placed around and a little bit away from it. Bert and Ernie calculated that at the exact moment it was time for Hajj, they would go off. That's when the plane would crash and the incident would be set up, and George W. Bush's wish would be fulfilled.

Don't worry or anything... but if you're pregnant and you've booked a trip to Florida, you might want to consider postponing. There have now been 4 confirmed cases of Zika virus in the state, all of them contracted by people who had not traveled to any Zika hotspots or had sex with someone who was infected. The virus, which is carried by certain species of mosquitos and transmitted through their bite, isn't deadly for adults, but can affect babies in utero, causing them to be born with defects like microcephaly. In England, women are being advised to avoid going to Florida unless necessary, and their Public Health department has changed Florida’s risk level to "moderate." So, just a heads up... if you're pregnant, maybe Florida's not the place you want to be right now.

Today's guest was the second guest I ever interviewed on the Phile and the first singer I interviewed. She is an actress, singer and blogger. Please welcome back to the Phile... Jennifer McKee!

Me: Jennifer, welcome back to the Phile! How have you been?

Jennifer: Hi! Thank you for having me! I've been great... super busy, but that's the way I like it!

Me: It's so good to have you back here... you were my second interviewee and the first singer I interviewed. You don't do a whole lot of singing anymore, do you?

Jennifer: I haven't been performing much at all lately. Still writing and hope to do some performing soon. Between having twin toddlers, (and my 3 other kids), running my businesses, and my acting career starting to take off, I haven't had much time to perform.

Me: Are you still gonna release new music? 

Jennifer: I hope to release some new music within the next year!

Me: So, last time you were here you had two more kids... twins? How are they? Are they girls or boys?

Jennifer: I do have twins! They are the cutest little girls and keep me on my toes!

Me: So, you have five kids now, am I right?

Jennifer: Yes! Man, that sounds like a lot!

Me: How are your kids, Jennifer? What are their ages? They were little when they first were here, am I right?

Jennifer: My kids are great! I have 3 sons, ages 11, 12, and 15. We had planned to be done having kids but had a major surprise pregnancy that surprised us even more by being twins! My twin daughters are 2 and 1/2. I'm still in shock! LOL, but we are so thankful for them. They bring such joy to our family. Time flies so fast, my boys were so little when we did the first blog interview!

Me: You started writing and producing for TV and movies, am I right? How is that going?

Jennifer: I really enjoy the writing process and character development for TV/film. I've written a full length screenplay, a few TV show pitch ideas, and always working on and developing new projects. Gotta keep the creative flow going and the best way sixth just keep producing ideas!

Me: Okay, so, you left Washington State and moved to L.A., did I get that right? Why did you move?

Jennifer: We left Washington state in April. We knew that we wanted to delve more into the entertainment industry and Seattle could offer only so much opportunity, so we packed up our house, bought an RV, and headed to L.A. When we left, we weren't sure how long we would stay here in L.A.... we thought maybe it would be temporary while we networked, but it was quickly very apparent that this is the place for us! Opportunity is around every corner and already we are seeing some really cool things happening!

Me: How is life in L.A., Jennifer? Are your kids adjusting okay?

Jennifer: We LOVE L.A.!! Being from the cool, rainy northwest, we are loving the sunshine and warmth!! The kids are outside every day either swimming or just playing in the sun. They are having a blast! This season of our lives can be described as adventurous and we are enjoying the journey!

Me: You are all living in an RV now? What the hell? You are a better person than I am. So, do you drive it?

Jennifer: When we decided to come to L.A., we didn't know the city and which area would be a good fit for our family, so we thought the best way to explore the city and find our niche, without committing to an area before we knew if we liked it, was to buy an RV and live the vacation RV life. I was really nervous at first, and it took a little adjustment but we're actually really enjoying it. We have it parked at a huge RV resort with pools, sports courts, activities for kids, etc. The kids play all day and have met some great friends. It has really been the best way to provide a sense of stability and consistency for our kids (especially the 2 year olds) and our dog. It's not a long term thing but we are embracing this simplistic lifestyle. What use to take many hours to clean my big beautiful home in Washington, now takes ten minutes. That's a dream! LOL, there's a lot more time to experience life rather than just dealing all day with day to day minutia.

Me: I heard they are a pain to keep up with the toilet stuff, you have to find a pump and drain it or something. Is that true?

Jennifer: Well, I let my husband take care of that! But it isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. When we park it, he hooks up the hoses and never has to see or touch anything. So, not too bad.

Me: Where do you park it, Jennifer and do you all fit in it okay?

Jennifer: We move it around from time to time to explore different areas but we have a spot just north of L.A. that is an 850 acres RV/campground resort that we like to stay at most of the time. It sleeps ten and there are only 7 of us so we have room for more! LOL... my husband, Ryan, and I have our own room and on the other end is a bunk room with 4 bunk beds for the kids (the twins share a bed). The boys have a flat screen and their gaming systems in the bunk room so they love it. Since the kids are outside swimming or playing most of the time, space hasn't been an issue.

Me: So, what's the craziest thing that happened to you guys with it?

Jennifer: Well, one day we were getting ready to move it to s different location, and when Ryan unhooked the sewer hose, the campgrounds sewer system backed up and well, let's just say the area was flooded... but not with water, if you know what I mean. Also, completely unrelated to that event, later that day I had the water running in the bathtub to clean it, got distracted by my twins, and It overflowed and flooded the RV. Did I mention this all happened on my husbands birthday? Good times.

Me: How long do you think you'll be RVing?

Jennifer: Initially we thought it would only be a couple of months but we are enjoying the simplicity, the low cost, and tie adventure so we are thinking maybe a few more months.

Me: Your husband has been busy in L.A., right? He's producing movies and TV shows?

Jennifer: Yes! My husband has been very busy. Currently, he is in pre-production on 2 film projects (as a producer on both) and a co-developer for an app that has a lot of potential. He's brilliant at business and production work and he's having the time of his life.

Me: Maybe I can interview him on the Phile. Would he like that?

Jennifer: I'm sure he would take you up on that!

Me: So, have you been doing a lot of auditioning?

Jennifer: I started auditioning a couple of weeks ago and so far it's been great! I was nervous about stepping into this level of professionalism, wondering if I could cut it, and hold my own. And I've surprised myself! There's something exhilarating about getting outside of your comfort zone and running into the fear and nervousness , rather than away from it. It's empowering.

Me: How is that going? I have seen some of your acting work before and it's pretty good.

Jennifer: Thank you! It's crazy going to these auditions with professional, L.A. actors. There have been a couple of moments where I think maybe I'm in over my head and wonder if I can do my best slander the pressure. But every time I begin to think that, I'm able to walk away from the experience feeling like I did my best. That's a great feeling!

Me: What's this you started real estate as well? Shit, Jennifer, do you think you are taking on too much?

Jennifer: I love having my hand in different things, and I love people, so shortly before I left Seattle, I started a real estate career with Sotheby's International Realty. So I get to fly up to Seattle as often as needed to work with clients and help them find their dream home (or sell it). It's a lot of fun! Also, I've signed on to help the ProActiv doctors market their anti aging skincare line, Rodan+Fields. I've gotta keep this face looking young on screen, LOL. It's been a fun business experience and it's amazing how many well known actresses in this industry are using and marketing these products. My husband and I have also been working on a website for artists and entrepreneurs ( That's been such a great creative outlet for us.

Me: Okay, I have to ask you about this... you worked on a pilot episode of a show with Ryan Stiles? How did you meet Ryan?

Jennifer: Yes I did! My husband was a producer and I was an associate producer. It was such a fun experience and the project is currently being shopped around... hopefully you'll get to see this show in TV some day! I got connected with Ryan Stiles through his improv comedy club in Washington. I had taken some classes and performed as an opener for Ryan at his club.

Me: How long ago was this, Jennifer?

Jennifer: This was a few years ago. Film and TV projects can sometimes take years to get to the screen so I'm still hopeful.

Me: What was the name of the show and did it get picked up?

Jennifer: It's called "Bellingham T'Nite." It's hilarious! We've had some interest on it by no contracts yet.

Me: Did you produce it or star in it?

Jennifer: I was just an associate producer. At one point Ryan pulled me up on stage during filming as a background player but that scene got cut. Being a part of that show was a dream. We laughed all of the time... such a funny group of actors and crew. I had the time of my life.

Me: I went to your YouTube Channel and watched a video of you picking out a watermelon... ummm. Explain. Haha. Here's a screesnhot of it...

Me: You need to make a series of these videos. Haha!

Jennifer: Well, I was with some friends and they know my obsession with watermelons and they were just being silly and started recording. I plan on doing some vlogging soon! My husband has started (I'm on some of his). Check it out... he's pretty funny. He's been vlogging about our move and life in the RV. (

Me: So, is there one actor or actress you could work with, Jennifer, who would it be?

Jennifer: Wow... that's a tough question. There's probably like 50 people on my list... narrowing it down seems impossible!! I have always thought it would be fun to act with Sally Field... maybe play her daughter. Will Smith's work ethic is inspiring and I would love to just watch him work. I could keep listing people, but no one person in particular.

Me: So, this year is the Phile's 10th anniversary and I am asking my Alum guests what were they doing ten years ago in 2006? So, what were you doing back then?

Jennifer: I was in the trenches of motherhood with a newborn, and two toddlers. Probably not getting much sleep either. LOL.

Me: Thanks so much for being back on the Phile. Would you like to plug anything?

Jennifer: My pleasure, thanks for having me! It's always fun to chat with you. Check out, You can also find me on Instagram, Twitter, etc. and if you're looking to buy or sell real estate or have skincare needs, hit me up! LOL.

Me: Tell your husband I'd love to interview him here and I'd love to have you back soon as well... before three years is up. Who knows If I'll be doing this little blog in three more years anyway?

Jennifer: I will let him know! And why stop now, you've got a good thing going so I hope you're still blogging in 3 years!

Me: Okay, take care, and have fun with your family, Jennifer. All the best.

Jennifer: Thank you! And same to you!

That about does it for this entry of the Phile. My eyes are watering so bad, and my throat hurts. Ugh. Anyway, thanks to Jennifer for a great interview. The Phile will be back next Sunday with Wade Ryff from The Races. Spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

Not if it pleases me. No, you can't stop me, not if it pleases me. - Graham Parker

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