Monday, July 18, 2016

Sandra Nasić From Guano Apes

Hello, welcome to Peverett Go. Hahaha. Yes, I am still playing the game. In fact, I am so ahead of my time I am playing the sequel "Pokémon Stay." For the most part, people are enjoying 2016's "Pokémon Go" craze as a welcome distraction from everything else about this year, but there are definitely some discontents, like this guy who literally put out this sign to keep kids off his lawn. First of all, his main complaint... that it's a private yard... is 100% legit, nothing to argue with there. Don't trespass. But clearly, um, he has deeper qualms with this trend...

Besides the unforgivable capitalization issues with this note, it makes a good point: this fad, too, shall pass. Also, this is definitely a Canadian, because who else is still peeved about Jean Chretien? Don't tell them, though, but Crystal Pepsi may come back. In conclusion, stay out of this dude's yard, unless you're there not to play Pokémon, but rather to ask him to tell you of days of yore when knights and ladies synchronized their dances to a song no one realized was about threesomes because it was in Spanish. By the way I'm just assuming because of the typeface that it's a dude. I could be wrong, and yes, I realize I'm recklessly type-casting.
On July 16th, presumptive GOP vice presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence tweeted out (at 4pm) a picture of his family having dinner at Chili's in New York City, but that wasn't the weird part​. Due to an optical illusion... or possibly due to Mike Pence's daughter being a half-vampire hybrid capable of moving among humans like Wesley Snipes' titular character in Blade... the Indiana governor's daughter had no reflection in the Chili's mirror.

Mindphuck. Now, some people with knowledge of photography say this is a simple trick of angles and she's hidden behind Pence in the reflection. Which is exactly what someone in the pay of Big Vampire would say. Trump has promised to "look into" many things, mostly groups of people, so one hopes he is as vigilant about daywalking vampires who may or may not be on the side of good in the eternal struggle against the forces of the night as he is about immigrants.
I love pizza. I love all the pizza. I can't wait to tell my doctor that it's healthy to eat pizza. According to a study at UC San Francisco and Touro University California, foods that are high in calories, but low in sugar, are healthier than high calorie foods that are high in sugar. The study examined the diets of 43 overweight children for nine days. During this time, researchers slowly swapped the children's sugar snacks for snacks that had lower sugar content. The substitution snacks were high-calorie as well. So, instead of a cupcake, these lucky kiddos would be given… PIZZA. Or hot dogs. Or anything that's not pure sugar. The researchers discovered that when the children ate high-calorie snacks with lower sugar, their overall health improved. In some instances, the low sugar diet resulted in weight loss. So the main takeaways are: number one, a diet that is high in sugar is really bad for your health. This includes soda, donuts, candy bars, a hubcap full of whipped cream, etc. And number two, a high-calorie diet sans sucrose is healthier. Let's set aside the fact that a balanced low-calorie diet of lean meats, veggies, fruits, and plenty of water, along with moderate exercise, is the safest and most effective weight-loss plan, and focus on this single scientific study. I conclude, according to this research, that I can eat pizza, so much pizza, and still be healthier than if I ate pizza, so much pizza, and also all the ice cream.
The notion that women occasionally fake orgasms is nothing new. While the common perception is that most women are "faking it" to spare their sexual partner's feelings, new findings indicate that might not actually be the case. In a new study by Emily Thomas​, Monika Stelzl, and Michelle Lafrance that was presented at the British Psychological Society's Psychology of Women conference, 15 women ages 19-28 were interviewed about their reasons for faking orgasms. Researchers found that many of the women had faked sexual pleasure as a way to get out of uncomfortable or even unwanted sex. Granted, 15 is a pretty small sample pool, but the study's press release stated that all of the women "spoke explicitly of a problematic sexual experience" that they wanted to be over, either because it didn't feel good or because they didn't truly want it to happen, which is a little scary. The morals of the story here? Number one, make sure that your partner actually, really, truly wants to have sex with you. And number two, once you've confirmed that... Moving on.
Forever 21 learned some shirts aren't forever when they received backlash for boys t-shirts featuring sexist phrases. This is not the first time the retailer has come under fire for an offensive shirt, and it probably won't be the last. After the criticism, Forever 21 quickly apologized and pulled the shirts from its website. Forever 21 told Yahoo Style that they regretted the shirts, "Forever 21 takes feedback and product concerns very seriously. With regards to the t-shirts in question, after receiving feedback we have taken immediate action to have them removed from our website. We sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by the products." It's wise that they responded so quickly. But just remember, it probably would've been tacky parents buying these t-shirts for their sons. Here's one of the shirts...

They were on the website in the first place for a reason: someone would've bought them.
Sorry Internet trolls, it would seem that the female-led Ghostbusters reboot did pretty well for its opening weekend, and all your whining did was get more people interested in seeing the movie. "The Los Angeles Times" is reporting that Ghostbusters pulled in a respectable $46 million bucks this past weekend, surpassing the studio's original projection of $30-$40 million dollars. It also shows that audiences are totally into seeing female-led movies, so get used to it, misogynists. On top of making a pretty decent amount of money, Ghostbusters also won a fair amount of praise from reviewers and garnered a 73% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Not bad. However, Ghostbusters was beat out for the most profitable film of the weekend, coming behind The Secret Life of Pets, which made over $50 million. According to Deadline, Sony marketing/distribution chief Josh Greenstein gushed, "This is the biggest opening for a live-action comedy in over a year and we reached a wide audience that's both new and nostalgic." Ghostbusters is well on it's way to earning back the $144 million it took to create the film, and you can hardly hear the horrified shrieks of the man-babies crying about their ruined childhoods from their parents' basements anymore.
Let's talk "Pokémon Go" again. Some people are finding ways to cash in on the game. Like this brilliant girl who’s selling extra battery packs at a Pokéstop.

Genius. A lot of people think Pokémon is a Japanese creation but really they are from Britain. You can tell by the names of the characters.

Hahaha. I wanna catch that one. So, because of the popularity of the game you are gonna start to see signs like these...

Every. Street. So, yesterday I showed you the Trump/Pence logo and explained what it looks like. Well, they seemed to have updated it, but I don't know if it looks any better.

Haha. So, have you seen the new shoe that just came out?

There are no words. Alright, all through summer I am showing you bikini pics with something not so sexy in the background.

You never know where Jesus will make a difference in your life. Hey, I want to go to this...

But that was in 1981. Oh, well. Okay, so, you know I live in Florida, right? Well, there's doe stuff that happens in Florida that happens no where else in the Universe. That's why I have a pheature here called...

Oh, Florida, you just don't quit, do you? On Thursday morning in Ocala, Florida, a woman named Leslie Mills was seriously in the mood for sex. When her amorous attempts didn't work, she thought an axe might. Look, it's important be spontaneous and creative in relationships. According to The Smoking Gun, Mills, 26, returned from a night of drinking (drinking what? PCP?) and woke up the man in her house (whose relationship to Mills is as of yet unclear, to police as well as maybe Mills and the man himself), looking for some morning sex. He wasn't into it, and moved to the couch to get away from her, but mere relocation wasn't going to work in this case. Mills followed him to the couch and got on top of him, so he escaped to the bathroom and locked the door. Mere door-locking also wasn't going to work in this case. Mills began pounding on the door and managed to open it. And men say women don't think about sex. At this point the man couldn't help but notice that Mills was now holding a hatchet that had been on the living room wall (where hatchets go, duh), which she then held up as though she were going to try to hit him with it. This woman is the Lizzie Borden of Pepe le Pews. The guy managed to wrest the hatchet from her hands (she apparently bit him on the bicep in the process), ran out of the house, and called 911. Cops showed up to find Mills, definitely drunk and most certainly wearing nothing but a bathrobe. She was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and domestic battery. She posted $5,500 for her bond and is scheduled for a July 26th court hearing. Hopefully she'll show up sans axe. Abuse is never funny, no matter who's on the receiving end. But if websites wrote posts every single time a man did something violent to a woman, everywhere in the country, they would probably literally never stop writing. ​Women just don't seem to threaten men with bodily harm at the same rate men do. And when they do, going to go out on a limb and say probably only a small percentage are over the man refusing to have sex. But something's in the air in Florida. It's not the heat, it's the humidity.

Stephanie Mills was charged with assault and bringing an axe to a sex fight. Alright, so, my son and I used to watch "Sesame Street" together when he was little, but watching it recently, it's not the same show it used to be...

Big Bird's head is hung on the wall as a warning to dissidents.

Haha. This one is easy. If you spot the Mindphuck let me know. So, with all the police killings that are going on in the world right now I wondered what a friend of the Phile had to say about it. He's a patriot, singer and renaissance man... you know what time it is.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... I swear... the NEXT person who almost walks right into me because they're playing "Pokémon Go" on their phone is getting backhanded across the face. So... it seems some people are happy and... in fact APPLAUDING the recent rash of pre-meditated assassinations carried out against police officers around the nation. Interesting... but you should keep a few things in mind as you "high five" one another over this current form of mass insanity. 1. These officers who died, had one thing in common. EACH of them had spotless records, NOT ONE had any reports of police brutality or use of excessive force lodged against them (I checked). These were fathers, brothers, husbands and sons. Human beings... who took on one of the most thankless and dangerous jobs in the world. That of a modern day law enforcement officer. Good men... shot down in cold blood. 2. If some people out there think it's okay to declare WAR on the police... then you need take this fact into consideration. There are other people out there who DON'T wear badges, who DON'T wear a uniform, who are amongst you all the time. People who DON'T have to report to a civilian review board or an Internal Affairs Division. People who are (legally) well armed, extremely violent, highly skilled in how to maim, cripple and kill... using various methods and items from guns, to knives, to hand to hand combat. These people slip in and out of the shadows with great ease. They can end your life in the time it takes you to draw a single breath. These people are decent, law abiding, citizens... who have simply had enough. These people WILL protect the police from the likes of any and all threats to their safety. People like... Me. So... if your idea of "solving a problem with the police" is ambushing them in the streets (while they're risking their lives to protect YOU) and killing them... remember this... The police are the GOOD GUYS... You are the BAD GUYS... What you should REALLY be frightened of is... guys like ME. Because I promise you this, my temporarily confused friends. If I get within range of you... and your intent is to harm an officer of the law... I will shut you off like a fucking light switch... and I PROMISE you... your family will avert their eyes in horror when they stand over your remains at the morgue and witness what I've done to you. I shit you not...

Perspiration (or sweat) is nature's way of reminding you that spending summer anywhere other than in southern California is just stupid.

Today's pheatured guest is the lead singer in the German band Guano Apes whose latest album "Offline" is now available on iTunes. Please welcome to the Phile... Sandra Nasić.

Me: Hello, welcome to the Peverett Phile, Sandra. I wish I knew how to say hello in German. Wait a minute, it's Hallo und Willkommen to the Peverett Phile. Is that it?

Sandra: Perfect, or you can say, "Hallo und herzlich willkommen."

Me: Where in Germany are you kids from?

Sandra: We are from Goettingen, which lies in the middle of West Germany, the area is called Lower Saxony. Goettingen is a very old city formed around the 10th century, it has a quite famous university and once the Brothers Grimm lived and studied here. We have 70.000 students from 120.000 inhabitants.

Me: I have to ask you about the band name, Guano Apes. It doesn't sound very German, but I like the name. Where did it come from and what does it mean?

Sandra: It has no meaning, we just wanted to have an unusual name with many vowels.

Me: You guys first came out with your first music in 1994, and your second album came out in 2000. Why so long between albums?

Sandra: The First came out in '97, we had already success in Europe with it. So we've been on tour for a very long time, and maybe that’s a reason why making the second one took us so long. But we usually take the time we need; albums put together quickly are not always the best ones.

Me: On your second album "Don't Give Me Names," I noticed you did a cover of Alphaville's "Big In Japan," which was a single. I am thinking of all the songs in the world to cover, that's what you chose? Are you fans of Alphaville, and what made you pick that song?

Sandra: We have been asked to cover a song for a German sampler compiling songs from German acts of the 80ies. Bands like Nena ("99 Red Balloons") and Falco ("Rock Me Amadeus") were part of the "neue deutsche Welle" (new German wave) sound. I preferred to sing in English and so we found the Alphaville song, a German band with English lyrics, which was part of the new German wave, most suitable.

Me: Did you ever hear from Alphaville on what they thought of it?

Sandra: They heard it and I guess they like it.

Me: When your band originally break up, Sandra? Some of you formed a band called IO, but never released any music, is that because Guano Apes got back together?

Sandra: Everyone has different projects, the guys in the band released a record as IO, and I made a solo record. We still have our side projects, because it is simply fun, but at the moment we are really busy and happy being the Guano Apes.

Me: What was the reason for the break up? I am guessing after the success of the new album, you are not gonna be breaking up again, right?

Sandra: After 8 years we simply needed some time off to do different things and to live a normal live off the stage. And now it was just the right time to open up a new door with the band. Things are going pretty well for us and we enjoy the music we make.

Me: I didn't ask, who is in the band right now? You have all the original members I am guessing? 

Sandra: Yes!

Me: Let's talk about the new album, which I really like. Are you kids proud of it?

Sandra: Yes, we wanted to work in a total new surrounding. New managenemet, new producer and mixer. We worked with Kurt Ebelhäuser, he was just right and helped us bringing the new songs into a good shape. We wanted to let all songsbreathe, that’s maybe different to the other records.

Me: When you reunited, you played at a huge show in Austria, and I am sure you played all over Europe... ever been to the States? Are you planning on coming over here?

Sandra: We've been to the states several times already. We've been on tour with P.O.D. and on a support tour for Creed back in 2000 promoting our first album in the U.S. It's been great fun as people were really open for our music and like the shows a lot. We are currently thinking about returning for a few select shows with the new album.

Me: I know you have to go so quick, Sandra. Thanks so much for being on the Phile. Go ahead and plug your website and anything else you wanna. All the best, and please come back again, okay? 

Sandra: Thanks for having us here! Please check out for latest information on the band and tour dates! Hope to see you some time in the states!

That about does it for this entry of the Phile. Thanks to my guests Laird Jim and Sandra Nasić. The Phile will be back on Thursday with singer and filmmaker Cosmo Jarvis. Spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

Not if it pleases me. No, you can't stop me, not if it pleases me. - Graham Parker

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