Saturday, January 11, 2014

The 8th Anniversary Special

Good evening! Welcome to the 8th anniversary entry of the Phile... actually, it's the 8 and three days anniversary. The actual anniversary was on the 8th, but the Mouse made me work. Man, 8 years... that might be enough. What do you think? Haha.  The Phile you might not know started out on AOL Journals before they closed down and then moved over to Blogger which is owned by Google. Google is a great company. Google... which already has nearly complete dominance over the collected knowledge of the human race has bought eight robotics companies in the past year is probably something that we should be a little bit concerned about, don't you think?  New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has had a rough initial two weeks in office. First he had to deal with a polar vortex essentially shutting down the city for several days, and now he's coming under fire for allowing himself to be videotaped eating a slice of pizza at Staten Island's Goodfella's restaurant with a knife and fork. Obviously, he could not have stopped the winter storm. But this pizza scandal is all his.  Do you kid's like LEGO's? LEGO unveiled its new Simpsons set, complete with a full 742 Evergreen Terrace home, an annoyingly polite mustached neighbor and a bunch of really smoked out-looking family members. I have to show you a picture...

Kraft announced an impending nationwide shortage of Velveeta cheese product sending the Internet and the media into a frantic panicked tizzy in exactly the way that news about the growing uselessness of antibiotics continually fails to.  This quote from the New York Post about former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer and his new girlfriend Lis Smith's exploits while vacationing in Jamaica needs to be adapted into a three-season Netflix original series: "Mom there's an old guy in the Jacuzzi with this girl and she's topless and she's got her legs wrapped around him," sources said. The boy's cries, "He's sucking on her toes!" alerted other guests, who walked over to catch an eyeful. It would win all the awards.  Former NBA player Dennis Rodman has decided to follow up his unhinged live-TV rant in support of his good friend Kim Jong-un by surprising the North Korean leader with a heartfelt rendition of "Happy Birthday" in front of an audience of people who were obligated to enjoy it. Strong move from a guy many people thought had run out of crazy cards. Dennis Rodman serenaded Kim Jong Un for his birthday. Next up: Whipping up a batch of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies for the Taliban.  Okay, enough of the news about other people. This entry should be all about me and the Phile. I have on average more male readers than female readers I think. Most female readers reading the Phile look like this...

Most people don't know before I was a blogger back in the day I was an anime star. Don't believe me?

Hahahaha. I have no idea who that really is.  So, it seems in the past year or so those Carry On posters and t-shirts have become really popular. The original was Keep Calm And Carry On, now there's Keep Calm And Don't Blink, Keep Calm And Sparkle On, and even Disney is selling a shirt that says Keep Calm And Dole Whip. I am not gonna go into what that one is about. Anyway, people have asked me if I would ever have a Peverett Phile Keep On poster or sign, and I said I will not stoop that low and get on that band wagon. I think it's stupid and over used and I will not be the same as anybody else. What do you think I am, a copycat? Huh? I am a lot better than that. I... oh, hell. Here you go. 

Happy now? LOL. That's actually cool looking. I have to show you this... a Phile reader found this sign, took a picture and sent it to me.

Close. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you... not Beware!!!!!! Gators and Snakes, but I appreciated it. Alright, and now from the home office in Port Jefferson, New York, here is...

Top Phive Reasons To Keep Reading This Blog
5. When you're not reading, I'm making fun of you.
4. You can sit there and read it naked, I just don't care.
3. So you can see me get beat in the next phootball picks with my friends Jeff and Lori.
2. You never know if one of the bands I interview are living near you.
And the number one reason to keep reading this blog is...
1. Because, we'll, I'm not good at this kinda thing, but damn it... I love you.

If you spot the Mindphuck email me at Okay, before we continue I have to mention something. Over at the website they are having an Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame battle with Styx fighting with Foghat.

If you go to that website you can vote until January 19th, 2014 at 11:59 pm ET. Let's see how Foghat is doing.

Shit. we can't let Styx win. So, go to and vote for Foghat. Do it... after you finished reading this entry of course. Okay, I got that outta the way. Let's see who went Tango Uniform.

Ariel Sharon
Feb 26, 1928 - Jan 11, 2014
An Israeli general who has GIRL names for both his first AND last names. Pussy.

Run Run Shaw
Nov 23, 1907 - Jan 6, 2014
Done done.

Hey, Run Run Shaw was born on my birthday. Same day as well. LOL. No, I wasn't really born 106 years ago. Okay, so, the 30th book to be pheatured in the Phile's Book Club is...

The author, Gary Conness, will be a guest on the Phile next Saturday.

Okay, let's get down to business. For the sixth and seventh anniversary entries I thought it would be fun to invite some phriends of the Phile to a panel and talk Phile stuff. That's well and good, but could be boring after two years. So, this year I thought I would do a panel again, ask them a bunch of questions and then turn the table and have them ask me questions on anything they wanted to. Myself, the Phile, Foghat, Disney, life as we know it... you get the idea. So, here we go.  The first member of the panel was on last year's panel and whose pheature Story Time With Laird is one of the most popular pheatures on the Phile. He is a singer, patriot and renaissance man. I'm talking of course about Laird Jim.  The second member of the panel has been on the panel for the last two years. He is the lead singer and founder of the band The Clarences and always very witty, and clever. Please welcome back to the Phile Robert A. Medeiros.  The third member of the Phile is a good friend from Disney who started off on the Phile with the Ask Jeff pheature and now for the last three years has been coming on the Phile talking football with the Phootball Talk With Jeff pheature. I'm talking about if course Jeff Trelewicz.  Okay, the last two years I had one female on the panel... this year it's no different. Her pheature Debbie Does The Phile is really popular and people love her. She shoots from the hip, heart, camera, gun, sling-shot, tank... it's Debbie Boldacious!  I don't know where to begin about the next member of the panel. For years and years I always wanted to write lyrics and have them put to music. I was always weary of asking my dad, then one day I asked someone. Last year he helped my dream come true by releasing the CD "How Do You Know My Name?" by our musical project Strawberry Blondes Forever... which is available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. Anyway, the fifth member of the panel is a good friend, and musical genius... Dan Nowicki.  Finally, the last two panels I had someone on the Phile who is just a fan, has nothing to plug and was never on the Phile before. So, not breaking the tradition the sixth member of the panel is Phile Phan... Harris Chasen. Ladies and gentlemen, it's the...

Me: Hey, all you kids, welcome to the Phile. I'd say welcome back to five of you as you have all been a big part of the Phile in the past. And I say welcome to the Phile for the first time, Harris. How are you?

Harris: Great.

Robert: Was having a great day until this, Peverett!

Me: Sorry, Robert. Harris, you are a Phile phan, right? Do you remember what the first entry you read was?

Harris: First Phile…no, not really. I remember talking to you about it and one day just opening it up and started laughing at some of the comments… Long time ago!

Me: Do you have a favorite interview I posted?

Harris: Favorite interview: Billy Dee Williams. I always wanted to meet him, Star Wars geek that I am. I remember being jealous as all get out. What you actually SAID in the interview, or when it was…haven’t got a clue.

Me: And what is your favorite pheature on the Phile?

Robert: The ending.

Me: Robert, I'm asking Harris.

Harris: Favorite feature is you goofing on current events. You are quite a wit…

Me: Thanks. So, Laird, I have to tell you, once again this past year your little pheature Storytime With Laird is one of the most popular pheatures on the Phile. People love you, man. Do you find that the same in real life?

Laird: Everybody but the husbands...

Me: I have had a few people email me and ask me if your name is really Jim Laird and why it's backwards. I never have an answer so do you want to clear that up?

Laird: My father was Jim Laird my son is Jim Laird when my dad passed, I went with Laird, my son went from Jimmy to Jim. Most people knew me as Laird when I was a singer anyway.

Me: I mentioned on the Phile before Port Jeff Brewery Co. Have you ever been there and do you go to Port Jeff often?

Laird: I'm in Port Jeff on dates with women young enough to be my daughter from time to time. Never been there, though.

Me: Robert, how are The Clarences doing? Any new music planned?

Robert: The Clarences are fine... what is it that you want from us, Peverett?!?

Me: More music, Robert. Speaking of music, as you probably all know, and if you don't shame on you... Dan and I released our own musical project last year called Strawberry Blondes Forever. We have a CD out titled "How Do You Know My Name?" Have you guys heard it?

Robert: Yes. Still going through electro shock therapy to get it out of my ears!

Jeff: I think "Damn I Wish I Wasn't Old" is my favorite song from it. Good job to you and Dan on the CD!

Debbie: No, but I really should! Are you both real strawberry blondes?

Me: I am, Dan is more of a dirty blonde.

Me: Laird, did you ever record any music when you sang?

Laird: Record deal with RCA in '83, Tommy Mattolla was my manager. Gene Simmons was my manager in '82. Roger Daltrey was my manager in '94... so yea... I think there's a few recordings of me floating around out there.

Me: You gotta find them. Robert, you are now hosting a radio show, am I right?

Robert: Yep.

Me: What is it called and where can a Phile reader hear it?

Robert: The Bobnoxious Show Wednesdays 4 to 6pm (Pacific time) & Bob's Radio Cafeteria Saturdays 2 to 4pm (Pacific time). Both programs are on Berkeley Liberation Radio. You can listen online at

Me: I think I have a picture of you doing the show here, Robert.

Me: Is it a talk radio show or do you play music?

Robert: Tune in and find out, Peverett! You're so lazy!

Me: Yes, I am. But someone who is not lazy is Dan. Dan, was the Strawberry Blondes CD fun to make?

Dan: Not really, Trying to make those plastic disc and drilling that hole in the middle of the plastic disc with plus or minus .001 it is very hard to do at home so I just bought some to put or music.

Me: Funny, Dan.

Dan: I did enjoy making the album with you.

Me: Do you have a favorite track, Dan? Dan:

Dan: Depends on my mood. What?? "To Catch a Rockband" and "I Wish I Was A Beatle” I love the way they turned out but "Bicycle Of Oppression" I keep going back to. By the way I am working on a classical style of that song. What? I'm getting old.

Me: That should be cool. I love the cover of the album if I don't say so myself. It's a simple quick drawing that is supposed to be the both of us. Do you think it looks like you?

Dan: Almost, you gave me a Peverett nose. I'm just saying…

Me: I probably did. Haha. Okay, Debbie, my readers love your pheature Debbie Does The Phile as well. Do you like being part of the Phile?

Debbie: Jason, I sure do! Some people may not realise this, but these are snippets from my personal Facebook page, that Jason picks out to share, so anytime I see them, I laugh at, well usually how insane I may sound to someone who doesn’t personally know me… but then I remember most people who do, think that already... hahaha. So it’s a comedy/good surprise when I do get featured!

Me: I have had a lot of comments on your photo saying you look like Miley Cyrus sticking your tongue out. I'll show it here in case someone doesn't know what I'm talking about.

Me: That picture was taken waaayyyy before Miley did it, right?

Debbie: HAHAHA!! Following on from what I just said, much like my ramblings, you selected that photo of me, and it was taken waaaay before Miley started riding on a giant nutsack, and doing porno stage performances for children to view. It’s fair to say I’m not much of a fan... hahaha!!! Unlike the guy with the Miley Cyrus tattoos who was on a documentary over here in U.K. about tattoo addictions. If I remember correct, the 39 year old started getting them when she was Disney-Miley, after his relationship broke down (not creepy at all!!) I wonder since she went batshit crazy, if he regrets this? HAHAHA!!

Me: Debbie, I didn't think this was true... but...

Me: It's true.

Debbie: It’s kind of annoying to me, when someone famous starts doing something, well take this for example, sticking her tongue out to the side. Hey, I’ve been doing this since I was wee, much like a lot of rude kids the world over, but now when I do it, I look like Miley Cyrus... haha! Pfft! I’ve been told oh so many times that I look like the love child of Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler… you know, if that was possible... haha! In fact, back in the days of Myspace, I got confused as being the daughter of Steven Tyler, on two different occasions!! It’s been an on-going joke since then, that he’s my real dad. I was lazy last year for Halloween, and dressed up as Tyler. I’m not much of a make-up wearer, but it was amusing I had to put some on to be him... HAHA!

Me: I saw this poster, and you do look like you could be Tyler's daughter!

Debbie: Dude looks like a lady!

Me: And a few people asked about your black eye in the photo. I didn't notice that at first, Debbie. How did you get a black eye?

Debbie: SORRY! Didn’t properly answer question… that photo was taken in June 2011. It was an exciting time, as my wee house I’d designed myself, was being built. And I’m clumsy... Haha! So house build sites and me equal LOT of bruises and injuries! Exactly how I got it is amusing… I did actually get bashed in the eye by a door… YUP!

Me: Deb, I know you have a lot of health problems, and you are in my and I'm sure my readers' prayers. How are you doing now?

Debbie: Thank you for asking! It always amazes me how many times I get told friend of a friend, etc has asked how I’m doing, and that means so much! I appreciate all prayers. I’m going through a “rough patch” of late. I’ve been battling an aggressive form of M.E. for 10 years, and other health problems resulting from the disease. Last year I was so close to remission, but unfortunately this year my immune system developed a rare disorder, which means right now I’m working my ass off to correct it. Like anything relating to immune system, it gets complicated, so treatment is not straight forward. A good friend of mine sums moments like this in life up perfectly, as another page turned in my book, and if it means going back a few pages, then so be it. I’m gaining more knowledge from this experience I’m going through, so for that I’m thankful. And also when things like this happen in life, it’s a truly awesome reminder of the great friendships and family I am lucky to have, their caring support… there is no words to describe what that means!!

Me: In the last anniversary entry last year Christine Leakey was on the panel... and Christine who has been on the Phile a few times was the one who introduced us. How do you know Christine?

Debbie: This is a classic example of how great the Internet can be! I met Christine much like how I met you, through an introduction via a friend. Was a discussion about popcorn amusingly that made us friends! Christine is one of those rare people you meet who you just blows your mind with how multi talented she is! If any of you haven’t listened to her music, do! It’s refreshing to see someone combine so much of her creativity into her music, you really feel connected to her personality… and don’t get me started on her last album art work…which is also her own work!!! BEAUTIFUL!

Me: Debbie, you live the furthest away from here in Clermont. Tell the readers where you live.

Debbie: Endor. Haha sorry, I had to say it! I live in the Highlands of Scotland. I’m a true blooded Highlander… From the Dawn of Time we came, moving silently down through the centuries. Living many secret lives. Struggling to reach the Time of the Gathering, when the few who remain will battle to the last. No one has ever known we were among you... until now. HaHaHa!

Me: Harris, you live the closest to me. But you're originally from New York, right?

Harris: I live less than a mile from you! Go to the Citrus Tower, head west down the hill toward Lake Minneola, turn right just before East St. into the Yacht Club subdivision. You’ll know it by the horrible hurricane fence that marks the boundary… And yes, I am from New York City. Flatbush Brooklyn, to be exact.

Me: You know what's cool? Everybody on the panel here lives in different parts of the world... Laird, you live on Long Island, right?

Laird: Yes, a place famous for Joey Buttafuco and Lindsay Lohan and and little old me.

Me: Robert, where do you live? San Francisco?

Robert: You ask me this EVERY year, Peverett! Oakland, California!

Me: And Jef, you live in New Jersey now. Are you enjoying living there?

Jeff: I am enjoying living in New Jersey. One thing that bothered me about Florida is you can drive for hours and still be in Florida. So far my fiancée Lori and I have been to Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut since moving up here in July. There is a train station right in front of our apartment that takes us just outside of Philadelphia so we have been there many times so far or to New York City as well.

Me: And Dan, you're in Colorado, right? Do you like living there?

Dan: It’s great!!! I have fires and floods… AWESOME!!!

Me: And pot! Okay, Jeff, I'm not leaving you out. You're one of my best friends... how long have we known each other?

Jeff: You and I have known each other since August of 2000. So over thirteen years if you can believe that!

Me: Harris, you and I knew each other a long time as well. What is your first memory of me?

Harris: The first memory I have of you at Disney was when I first started and you were the union rep who came to watch me do my first pick. You said not a word. I remember being really confused by that…

Me: I'm confused by that as well. Jeff, anyway, I have so much fun doing the football picks with you. Let's do it now while you're here. Where's that graphic?

Me: How'd we do last week?

Jeff: There are no words to describe how badly we all did last week. The three of us combined to go 0-6 last week in the playoffs. No one gained a point, so Lori continues to dominate us.

Me: Let's do this weeks picks... I say Colts by 10 and Panthers by 6. What do you two say?

Jeff: My picks are Denver by 7 and Seattle by 3. Lori's picks are Saints by 2 points and Chargers by 1 point.

Me: Alright, that's enough questions from me... last two years when I had a panel I wanted to talk about the Phile on what can we do to improve it, what you like and what you don't like, and such. This year I thought I would change that and have you kids ask me questions. You can ask me anything you want... about the Phile, my life, working 25 years at Disney, Foghat, SBF, anything. You all have different amount of questions, so we'll go around to each of you and you can ask all your questions. Harris, you go first.

Harris: Why do you work at Disney? In the sense that I like to think because of your father you could have chosen to do anything you wanted? Is this truly your life’s ambition?

Me: People have asked me that a thousand times over the years. I do love working for Disney. Next month it'll be going on 26 years. I could do anything I wanted, and I did. My parents moved to Central Florida so my sister and I can work at Disney. She left after a few years, I just happened to stay there  along time.

Harris: I’d like to see you do an interview with your father, based on your memories of him. Would you be willing to do that?

Me: No, I would never do that. But I did interview my dad for a school report once where we had to interview a famous person. I was lazy. Maybe I'll find that interview and post it here. We'll see.

Harris: I loved Foghat as a kid, and I’m curious… Did you ever attend any of the Foghat concerts? Backstage? What was it like?

Me: It was cool, and yes I did. I appreciated it a lot better in the later years hen he was playing clubs, but back in the day I got to meet Willie Dixon backstage and Paul Stanley from KISS... without his make-up. Any more questions?

Harris: What is your favorite color?

Me: Blue. Okay, Laird, you're next.

Laird: Does it piss you off that Foghat still tours without your father?

Me: No, it doesn't. They have to make a living somehow. It pains me that my son and my nieces and nephews will never see my dad in concert, let alone kid's that are into Foghat, so if that's the only way for the fans to listen to my dad's music live it's better than nothing. Good question, Laird. Debbie, go ahead.

Debbie: What made you start the Phile, and what made you decide on the name?

Me: I wanted to write some kinda blog as I always wanted to host some kinda show, so I chose this outlet. At first I didn't do interviews... it was two years into it I started to interview different people as I found it so easy to contact bands and people through Myspace. The name is a rip-off of an Orlando based radio show called The Phillip's Phile you can hear on iHeartradio. I regret using the PH but it sticks now.

Debbie: Having worked for an AWESOME 25 years at Disney, I’d like to know, after all this time, do you still feel “The Magic” that is being at Disney? I always wondered this, what is it really like to work there? I was there when I was 10 and 12 years old. It’s AMAZING to think, that there’s a chance we saw each other… It was ’90, and ’92, so I was wearing neon colours and bermuda shorts with a bum bag… it was extremely stylish times... HA!! I was blown away by Star Wars... I still to this day remember walking up to the entrance and seeing the AT-AT… I still dream of the day I have that as the entrance to my house... haha!!

Me: I do love working at Disney like I said, and it did have it's ups and downs, but it's like any other job, only as much fun as you make it. And working at Star Tours is the best fun I had in a long time, and I love the Cast there... employees to to you and me. Haha. By the way, I think I remember you. Haha.

Debbie: Was there an age when you realised your dad wasn’t just your dad, but also a legend in music?

Me: Yeah, not until later on in life, after Foghat originally broke up and more and more every year since he passed in 2000. I get the most wonderful emails and stories through Facebook and fans about him. I am blessed my dad had such a cool job.

Debbie: Was it difficult growing up sharing your dad with the world?

Me: No, I don't think I shared him. He was a dad at home and Lonesome Dave the rock star on the road. A bug difference.

Debbie: I for one, would like to take this opportunity to thank you, because his music has been a constant soundtrack to my life since I was a kid.

Me: Me too! Haha. Thanks, Deb.

Debbie: If people haven’t guessed already, I LOVE Foghat, also Savoy Brown. Can you answer the following, put it straight as MYTH or FACT!? The name Foghat came from your dad playing Scrabble inventing the word as a child, then naming an imaginary childhood friend Junior Foghat, eventually becoming part of his Lonesome Dave persona? I personally have always hoped this story to be true!

Me: Yes and no. It wasn't Scrabble so to speak but yes, a word game. And that's how Luther Foghat came to be. It's fact, Debbie.

Debbie: Do you have any of your fathers sparkly stage costumes!? And I HAVE TO ask this...  heehee… did you ever used to dress up in them as a kid? PHOTOS!!

Me: We have some, but he threw most of them away when we moved back to England. And I don't remember ever putting any of them on. I would be too afraid they would rip. Debbie, you asked some amazing questions. Any more?

Debbie: Do you miss the U.K.? How old were you when you moved?

Me: Yes, a lot! And originally I was 5 when we moved to New York. In '84 we moved back and I was 19. Robert, dare I say your turn.

Robert: Name all the famous people you have seen at Disney!

Me: How much time do you have? That's a long list as I have been there for 26 years. But last month I saw Neil Patrick Harris, Jessica Chastain, Chris Pine who is Captain America and that guy who played Lex Luthor on "Smallville".

Robert: Did you go on any tours with Foghat when you were a kid? If so, who were the other bands on the bill?

Me: Yes, we would go see my dad during the summer months on tour. Other bands? Triumph, AC/DC, ZZ Top, Steppenwolf, REO Speedwagon, Peter Frampton. Many more but I cannot think right now.

Robert: Who came up with the name Strawberry Blondes Forever?

Me: Good question. My best friend Jim Wilson and I joked and "sang" instead of "Strawberry Fields" by The Beatles we "sang" "Strawberry Blondes." So, my friend Jim and I did.

Robert: Top 5 bands, movies & TV shows of all-time!

Me: Ahhhh... okay. Bands... Squeeze, Barenaked Ladies, Cheap Trick, Duran Duran and Foghat. Haha. Movies? Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Kick-Ass, The Amazing Spider-Man and Watchmen. TV shows? "Lost", "Doctor Who", "Person of Interest", "Survivor" and "Conan". Good questions, Robert. Okay, Dan.

Dan: What in the hell was you thinking writing the Kelly Clarkson song? I felt like a pervert doing that song. NOT PEVERETT but PERVERT.

Me: LOL. I don't know. I was thinking this'll get Kelly's attention. I am actually proud of that song.

Dan: Is there any plans to release a solo album from your dad's unfinished music? You know there is a song I would like to do...

Me: Yes, I know, Dan. Maybe I'll letcha do it one day. YOu can do a kick-ass version of "Loose Ends" though I bet. And I can't rally answer the other part but yes... I am always thinking of that.

Dan: And the big question... Do you think your dad would kick our ass for doing this type of music? We just do our own thing and have fun with it without really taking it too serious.

Me: No, I don't think he would kick our ass. I think he'd love it, and glad we are doing it. And imagine if he was alive what he'll do to help? Man! Jeff, you're last, go ahead, my friend.

Jeff: If you could interview any one other then Kelly Clarkson for the Phile, who would it be?

Me: Hmmmmm... Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe and Paul McCartney are three names at the top of my head.

Jeff: Who was your favorite interview so far?

Me: I like some for how they answered and some because I couldn't believe I was interviewing them such as Chas Hodges, Graham Parker, John Wesley Harding. But honestly I am just amazed word about the Phile got out and people come to me. Also I am working with some amazing PR people.

Jeff: Is there any one who refused to answer a question during an interview?

Me: Yup. The biggest one was Hank Williams III refused when I was gonna ask him about Kid Rock. He doesn't like howe his dad and Rock became good friends. Guys, this was so much fun. Thank you so much for being part of the Phile. You don't know how much it means to me. Do you guys want to add anything?

Laird: Yes... if the Professor on "Gilligan's Island" was so fucking smart, how come he couldn't fix a three foot hole in the boat ON AN ISLAND FULL OF TREES?

Me: I dunno, Laird. Guess he wasn't so smart.

Debbie: I’d like to Thank YOU Jason for adding me to the Phile family!

Me: You're welcome, Debbie. Laird and Debbie, you guys are still gonna be a part of the Phile through 2014, right?

Debbie: "OOOHHHH YEEAAAHHH!!!!!!” - David Lee Roth.

Laird: Salma Hayek has a restraining order against me, so... what the fuck... why not?

Me: Thanks, everybody, once again. You all rock!

Well, that about does it. Thanks to the whole panel... Laird, Robert, Jeff, Debbie, Dan and Harris. The Phile will be back tomorrow with model and cosplayer Katybear then next Saturday it's author Gary Conness. Spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye. Strawberry Blondes Forever!

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