Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pheaturing Demetrius Green From Full Moon Entertainment Pictures

Hello, kids, welcome to the Phile. Where should I start today? I know... California's legislature approved a bill allowing driver's licenses for illegals. I've got a better idea. Instead of giving them new licenses let's take away the licenses from people like Dina Lohan and Lamar Odom. Give them those licenses.  Dairy farmers now warn that there could be a jump in the price of milk by the end of the year. Milk could be as much as $6 a gallon. Today, Senator John McCain outlined a new plan to invade Wisconsin.  Are you guys watching "Dancing With the Stars"? I am not, and I never did, and I especially will not watch it this season. I'll tell you why in a minute. Anyway, the show returned for a 17th season. Paula Deen was rumored to be one of the stars they tried to get to dance. Over the weekend, Paula made her first public appearance since she went into hiding. I knew eventually she would have to come out for butter. Paula Deen held a cooking demonstration. Some fans paid $400 a ticket. Who pays $400 to watch a woman cook? Paula told the crowd that the racism controversy taught her a lot about herself and her business. She promised that from now on the only N-word she will use is "nutmeg."  Russia apparently has asked Cher to perform at next year's Winter Olympics. Because if there's one thing that'll keep gay people out of your country, it's holding a free Cher concert. Actually, Cher says she turned down Russia's invitation to perform because of the government's anti-gay laws. Russia said it’s no big deal. They'll just move on to their second choice: Liza Minnelli.  A Pasadena entrepreneur, who hired several dozen homeless people to wait in line in front of an Apple store and buy iPhones for him, had to be escorted away under police protection after his "business plan" came to light by store management and his "employees" became enraged upon realizing they would not be sold phones, and would therefore not be paid, and "unionized" to take their "compensation" out of his ass. And that's nothing compared to what the psychopaths waiting in line would have done to him if the store ended up running out of iPhones before they could buy one. Children growing up in West Virginia and the Appalachian mountains are getting a head start on the gnarled rotted-out teeth that many of the methamphetamine-using adults around them display. A quarter of preschoolers in the area already show some tooth decay and 15% have a least one lost tooth by the age of 24. Some experts think it might be partly related to the Mountain Dew soda that's poured town their throats beginning shortly after birth. If you really want someone who represents America accurately, Miss America should be an overweight internet troll who drinks Mountain Dew.  Your manager, the one who reads emails while talking to you and has never made eye contact in the three years you've been working together, is going to have to find a new brand of phone to clip to his belt, as his beloved BlackBerry seems to be on its way out. The company is laying off 4,500 employees after losing nearly $1 billion last quarter. BlackBerry should have just stuck to making pies.  Okay, I mentioned I will not watch "Dancing With the Stars"... especially this season. One of my least favorite people is on the show this season and I hope he breaks his neck. I am talking about Bill Nye. I have a few stories about Nye that I am sure I will tell you sometime. I do not like him, and think he's one of the biggest assholes out there. I never watched his old TV show, but if I did I would of thought he was an ass back then. Check out this screen shot from his old TV show...

See what I mean. What kinda scientist is he? I'll tell you... not a real one.  My son plays "Halo" all day and was excited about the new "Halo" video game, but I am not sure it'll be that fun to play, but you am I to say?

Oh, it's called "Hola", not "Halo". No wonder. Speaking of video games, "Grand Theft Auto 5" came out this week, and the graphics look so real, but I cannot figure out what the point of the game is. Check it out...

Readers of the Phile probably know I love Sarah Palin. Not her politics, but her. She's a crazy moose shootin' MILF. ANyway, this is a real ad or political poster she released. This, kids, is 100% real.

I have no idea what the point is of that. She's loopy.  For a few weeks now I have been showing you some sport teams with weird names. Well, I came to my last one. I gave up looking. Anyway, here we go. Can you imagine how the Teutopolis Wooden Shoes got their very unique name? Way back in 1932, when John Harold Griffin was hired as the coach of the new athletic department, he looked for a "unique" name for the basketball team. At the time, there was an old Teutopolis pioneer, George Deyman (pronounced diamond) who carved wooden shoes for a living. To recognize Mr. Deyman and the German heritage of Teutopolis, Mr. Griffin chose the name "Wooden Shoes" for the team. I guess they are not very good at soccer.

Go Shoes! That sounds ridiculous. Okay, do you know what time it is? He's a singer, patriot and renaissance man. Please welcome back to the Phile, our good friend Laird Jim in a pheature called...

Good morning, humans. Ex wife: "I need a favor." Me: ".........annnnnnnnnd?" Ex: "You gonna help me, or not ?" Me: "You didn't say the magic word." Ex: "...............please." Me: "That wasn't so hard, was it ? Now, what can I do for you ?" Ex: "I want you to help me get a gun and teach me how to shoot it." Me: "This isn't going to end well, is it ?" After hearing the reason why, I agreed to do as she asked. When all is said and done, I loved this woman for 30 years (26 of those married). If her safety is at stake and I can help, what kind of man would I be to say no? Besides... she's a shitty shot and if she wanted to kill me, she'd miss.

If you see the Mindphuck email me at Well, as you know they are filming a Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I'm a fan of the Guardians, but a bigger fan of Rocket Raccoon. And once again I am thrilled Rocket is back on the Phile today to say something about the new movie that is on his mind. He is a master military tactician and leader. He has an acute sense of smell, sight, hearing and touch. He's an accomplished starship pilot, and an excellent marksman with the two laser pistols and other various weapons he carries... and he's here. Please welcome back to the Phile...

I have to say it. I have to. I am getting sick of seeing the original concept art for Guardians of the Galaxy. I don't even look like me. I'm a Raccoon, and that first image was cool and all, but come on, we've seen some new images, so let's just use them. Thanks for hearing me bitch.

The 35th artist to be pheatured in the Peverett Phile Art Gallery is Branko Vranic, and this is one of his pieces...

Branko will be a guest on the Phile next Saturday.

Let there be light! Haha. Today's pheatured guest is the CEO of Full Moon Entertainment Pictures, who are making From Christian films to the best inspirational movies. Please welcome to the Phile... Demetrius Green.

Me: Hello, Demetrius, welcome to the Phile. So, how are you?

Demetrius: I’m doing great, Jay! How are you?

Me: Not bad. Okay, I don't think I interviewed a CEO of anything before, sir, so you might be the first. How long have you been a CEO?

Demetrius: Well, I’m sure that this will be only but the first of many CEO interviews you will do. I’ve been CEO of Full Moon Entertainment for 6 years now.

Me: Before you were a CEO of a film company, what did you do?

Demetrius: I did acting, screenwriting, sales and continued my education.

Me: You founded Full Moon, right? When did you realize you wanted to start a film company? I bet it wasn't easy.

Demetrius: Jay, you’re right, its wasn’t easy but as in all task a passion must start internally and continue there in order to come to its fruition externally. I decided to start Full Moon about 6 years ago after weighing the my options in film entertainment. I notice that the type of films I thought the word needed in such trouble times were not truly available on the big screen. So with that in mind I founded the company.

Me: Did you approach a lot of investors?

Demetrius: I sure did and still am. With any business venture its always important to build a savvy group of investors to be the foundation of your vision.

Me: Okay, sir, explain what Full Moon is about.

Demetrius: Full Moon Entertainment Pictures is a faith-based film production company.

Me: You say you are changing Hollywood, one inspirational movie at a time. How are your films inspirational?

Demetrius: FME believes that for every scar someone suffers they adopt a 1000 ways to help inspire others through the same or a similar situation. So by providing an avenue for which these inspiring messages can be brought to the world we aid in creating a better atmosphere for living and entertainment.

Me: Are you a film buff? Are there any movies out currently that you really like, or movies you don't like?

Demetrius: Somewhat I would say but aren’t we all. But I really enjoyed Black Swan. As for films that I may not like, to be honest if they don’t spark my interest, I don’t go see them so I can’t say.

Me: I hated Black Swan except for one scene, and I bet anybody can guess what scene that was. What is your favorite movie of all time?

Demetrius: James Cameron’s Avatar. That fill has a substance unlike any other made. His creative way of taking us all back to the Garden of Eden by using a technological approach center around love and displaced ideas of wealth was an inspiration in its self.

Me: Did you know there's another studio called Full Moon that makes horror movies? How did you choose the name Full Moon?

Demetrius: I sure do, their famous for the movie Puppet Master. I chose Full Moon because I’ve always believe that in the time when the moon is at its fullest point uncalculated things happen. From prayers being answered to someone doing something they’ve never done before. It seemed to be a consistent sign of change.

Me: Let's talk about the films. How many have you made and are out?

Demetrius: Currently Full Moon Entertainment Pictures has three feature films. A Separate Life was our first release, Peace Be Still, Job in 3D about Job from the Bible.

Me: Your latest is Peace Be Still, is that right?

Demetrius: No, A Separate Life, is our latest feature motion picture.

Me: I have the movie poster to show right here, sir.

Me: Where do you find actors and directors and everybody connected with the films?

Demetrius: We like other companies do extensive searches for talented actors, directors and production staff. We tend to seek fresh faces in all areas who are equipped with the skills and know how to need to make a motion picture work.

Me: Have you used anybody the general public would know of?

Demetrius: Yes, we currently have an offer letter submitted to Will Smith for the lead role in Job. Moreover, A Separate Life, features Caroline Langford, an Israeli Oscar winner for best actress.

Me: That's cool. Maybe I can get her on the Phile. Do you write the movies yourself, sir, or just overlook the content?

Demetrius: I do both. As a matter of fact, I’m the writer behind Peace Be Still, Job, and The Childhood, all of which are featured on your company website: When it comes to A Separate Life, I must say I found an outstanding young and talented director/writer in Jillian O’Neil.

Me: When your movies come out, will they be shown in movie theatres or do you concentrate on straight to DVD?

Demetrius: They’ll be heading to the big screen but we do reserve the choice on DVD release as well.

Me: Where are you from, sir, and where is the company based?

Demetrius: Jay, I’m from the sunshine state of Florida, city of Miami to be exact. Full Moon Entertainment Pictures is based in Atlanta, GA.

Me: Demetrius, do you think any of your actors would wanna be interviewed for the Phile?

Demetrius: I sure do. Phile’s professional approach to obtaining an interview is attractive to anyone in the film entertainment industry.

Me: I hope I can do your company good, sir. It seems like you are doing a good thing. Will you come back to the Phile again soon?

Demetrius: Thank you, Jay, I really have enjoyed this interview and look forward to returning to Phile again in the near future!

Me: Go ahead and plug your website and anything else you wanna plug, sir. I hope Full Moon stays around for a long time. Take care.

Demetrius: Full Moon Entertainment Pictures is a faith-based film production company who’s dedicated to delivering spiritually encouraging motion pictures, television shows, inspiring music and performing arts to the world! You can find us on Facebook: and on Twitter: We’re changing Hollywood one inspirational film at a time! Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity to interview with Phile. Best Regards.

Me: Thanks, Demetrius.

Well, that about does it for this entry of the Phile. Thanks to Laird Jim and of course Demetrius Green. The Phile will be back tomorrow with songwriter Jill Krachmer. Then next Saturday it's artist Branko Vranic. Then on Sunday it's Jeff Smith, lead singer for the very cool band The Hickoids and on Monday English singer Sarah Williams White. Spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye. Strawberry Blondes Forever!

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