Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Peverett Phile Interviews: Jill Wagner

Hello, welcome to the phirst of many interviews I hope to post on Saturday's. We start off with Jill Wagner. Jill co-starred in the Spike TV television show "Blade: The Series" as Krista Starr.
She has been featured as the Mercury vehicle spokesmodel in their ads since 2005 and has become known as "The Mercury Girl". Jill appeared in Stuff magazine following her national debut in 2003 as a cast member on the MTV series "Punk'd". Jill was ranked #90 on the Maxim Hot 100 Women of 2004.  And in the summer of 2008, Jill became a co-host for the ABC show "Wipeout".

Me: First things first, after being on TV as the Mercury Girl, do you get recognized? I bet a lot of guys come on to you, right? 
Jill: It happens more often now, but i always get a marriage proposal when i am in my Mercury stopped at a stop light. That seems to be the pick up line with me, no dates.... straight to marriage with these guys!

Me: Where are you originally from and what made you move to L.A.? 
Jill: I am from Winston Salem, NC. I loved out to LA after graduating college at North Carolina State University. I moved out because i always wanted to see the country and i figured i would go west and make my way back east.... i haven't started heading back just yet. I wasn't sure of the whole acting thing until I was cast in Punk'd as a sketch performer, then i realized that acting was something that excited me and i hadn't found that in any other profession.

Me: Was it easy to get jobs there (L.A.)? 
Jill: NO!

Me: Your first big role was as a field agent on 'Punk'd'. How did you get that role? 
Jill: I auditioned like all the others. It was pretty intense for someone who had never been in the industry before.

Me: How was Ashton to work with? I heard he is really fun and laid back. 
Jill: He was like a big brother to me and took me under his wing. He always made the set feel very relaxed and not so "job like" He is a very smart guy and i felt lucky that he saw talent in me.

Me: What was your least favorite Punk and your most favorite? 
Jill: Most favorite was Katie Holmes, least would have to be ... don't have one...

Me:  Jill, you became really popular as the Mercury girl. So, do you drive a Mercury? 
Jill: Mercury Mariner Hybrid!

Me: I thought you were great in "Blade:The Series". Was there any talk of you being in the movie versions? 
Jill: Well the pilot was suppose to be the 4th movie , many people didn't know that. I would love to go back into the Blade world, i think that Krista didn't really get to evolve all the way as a character and i would love to see her back , but this time on the big screen! I see if i can't talk to David Goyer about that!

Jill: I was very sad to have to leave Vancouver and the cast and crew that were now like family. I was really looking forward to seeing where Krista was gonna go , but i realize that is what happens in this business. No guarantees and you just ride the wave as long as you can, then hop on another one.

Me: In one episode you were swimming in this red water? Are you a good swimmer, and what was that like? 
Jill: I am a good swimmer but this was more like walking into it. There were steps that lead into it but they were all slimy and i was sliding all over the place. I had to film a mercury commercial the next day so they were very concerned about the "blood" staining my skin. Between every take i showered off and put a barrier cream on. It was an odd substance and not something i would recommend swimming in. (Kinda smells like beets)

Me: A few years ago you were ranked as one of Maxim's 100 Hot Women... how did that make you feel? 
Jill: flattered, but i think it made the guy i was with at the time more happy than it did me.

Me: You were once up for the part of Wonder Woman, which would really put you on the map. How did those talk go, and are you still interested in playing a part like that? 
Jill: i would love to play such an iconic hero. i remember watching reruns in my basement thinking i was Diana Prince. I am sure hollywood will come up with a great addition to the franchise. I sure would like to use my lasso of truth to find out!

Me: Okay, let's talk about "Wipeout", a show my son Logan and I watched together over the Summer. How long did it take to film that whole series? 
Jill: 8 episodes takes 5 or 6 weeks, now we are shooting 16 for season 2 so we are breaking it up shooting Nov and ..then come back in Feb and March. Tell Logan thanks for watching!

Me: Are you still going to be in the next season, and did you ever feel that you wanted to take part in one of those games? 
Jill: I am in the second season, I would love to try the course. It's just the Wiping Out part that i don't like!

Me: Most actresses start doing nudity in their early career... were you ever offered, and what do you feel about that? 
Jill: I was offered many times, nothing wrong with it if you feel the need. I personally never felt that need.

Me: What music do you listen to at the moment? 
Jill: i use to really be into the harder rock but now i am digging the calmer side of life,,,, Rachel Yamagata is in my CD player

Me: And finally, what is your favorite Foghat song? 

Thanks, Jill, for a phantastic phirst interview. Next week: singer Jennifer McKee.

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