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The Peverett Phile Interviews: Fogdan

Hello, welcome back to the P.P.I. How are you? This is officially the last entry of 2008, kids. Today's interview is with guitarist Dan Nowicki, AKA Fogdan. Someone once said I should go by Fog Junior once but that's just stupid. Anyway, pholks, here's Dan.

Me: Welcome, Dan, to the Phile. Can I call you Dan, or should I call you Fogdan?

Dan: Just Dan, my friend.

Me: For most readers of the Phile, it's probably way obvious why you are called Fogdan, but for those that have no idea, please tell the readers the story about the name.

Dan: Back in the 70’s. Remember the 70’s ? I saw Foghat a lot and for my friends it’s Foghat this and Foghat that. They said man Fogdan. So it stuck and I used it.

Me: I saw a picture of you and Rod Price (original member of Foghat). Where was that picture taken and how was it meeting him?

Dan: Wow. That picture was taken February of 2001 in Cleveland, Ohio after Dave had passed and Rod was playing and promoting his solo CD "Open". I was living in Toledo, Ohio at the time. Born and raised. He played and between sets he sat with me and my better half and talked about everything. What ever was on our minds. I was not playing music at the time and he asked why not and offered to teach me. He gave me a lesson that night and offered more and at the time I was working a lot and could not make the time. By the time I had time… Well it was too late.

Me: What were you doing when you first heard about my father's passing, and then Rod's?

Dan: Man. was posting shows just about every day so every morning I would check the site to see if Ohio was in the works and they posted the news about Dave. It just blew me away. Dave’s music just makes me smile and move my feet. ("Tight Shoes"). As for Rod and with his passing. We kept in touch by email and we were shooting back dates that would work to get together for him to teach me more and the time never came about due to his passing. That’s what you get when you put things off. I miss his friendship. It’s not what I could have learned from him but the way he talked his family and friends. He would shoot me an email about so and so did this and that and he asked what’s up with me and keep playing.

Me: Have you ever met my dad? I am sure you saw him in concert.

Dan: Yes. 3 times, '74 Cleveland, OH., '78 Detroit, MI. and '96 Toledo, OH. Very long stories on how I got backstage.

Me: Have you seen Foghat in concert since my dad passed away? What did you think? And you can reply honestly. We're very honest here at the Phile.

Dan: Okay, here is where the Fogdan name comes in. Total Foghat shows. 31. Show’s with your dad 25 and 6 shows with the new line up. First of all I had to let go that Dave and Rod are gone and it will never be the same. So it’s a band getting on without Dave. Whoever picked Charlie made the right choice. I like the new line up. From the "Family Joules" CD to the live shows. The spirit of Dave is living on. I see them backstage and they are having a blast. Is it the same for me? No, but it’s still is a great show.

Me: Okay, let's talk about you. You live in Colorado, right? How is it living there?

Dan: Cool. I moved out here in 2004 to take a job with Adams Aircraft to build new planes. The view is awesome. Lot’s to do out here.

Me: What does your family think of your playing? I bet they support you 100%, right?

Dan: My family has all passed and I have no children but my better half’s family likes it.

Me: What is your choice of guitar to play? I think you are playing a Gibson Les Paul in your photo.

Dan: Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty for standard tuning, Epiphone Les Paul SG Black Beauty for open E and Slide and for that Bo Diddley sound a Danelectro.

Me: I sampled your music, and like the styles. On a few songs there's a female singer, who has a pretty voice. Who is she, and how did she get the job?

Dan: She found me on Myspace. A great blues and jazz singer in the UK. We were talking one night on how she never did anything but blues and jazz. She had some songs she wanted to do without her band. I sent her some basic rhythms and some idea’s. She recorded vocals and sent them back to me and I mixed and finished the songs. She got her 5 songs she wanted and I got 5. What a great way to work.

Me: Your new CD is called "Instrumental Nights". Is it a full instrumental album? Do you sing as well as play guitar?

Dan: Yes. It was made with TV and film in mind. One song was picked up for TV use. I wanted to try instrumentals to get my feet wet and try to find myself and where I want to go with this. I have 8 blues rock songs written where I will try to sing them. I am waiting for the right band members to do these songs. They are Foghat style songs. I would love to have a full time female singer. I think that would fit my style and where I would like to go with my music.

Me: You have a pretty good band, playing harmonica and piano. Who is in your band?

Dan: Solo… Nobody else yet. Some guy’s from open mic night did harmonica and piano. Looking to put that fun group together.

Me: I am happy to see that you have all your music on iTunes, Dan. Where else can someone buy your music?

Dan: Amazon and CD Baby or get a hold of me at myspace/fogdanboogie and email me and I can send it to you direct.

Me: What is a typical Fogdan show like? Do you do any Foghat covers?

Dan: When I do get this band going it will be like a rockin blues show. Three Foghat covers I would love to do. "Boogie Motel", "Fools Highway", "Talk To Me Baby".

Me: Speaking of Foghat again, here's a question I ask all the people I interview. What is your favorite Foghat song?

Dan: I get this a lot. It depends on my mood. That’s why I loved Dave’s music so much. But one song comes to mind that always gets me going. "Sarah Lee".

Me: Well, Dan, is there anything else you would like to say to the Peverett Phile phans? What do we expect in 2009 from Fogdan?

Dan: 2009 will be busy. New CD 26 tracks called “So Far…” will be out. It will have all of my songs plus TV and film songs. iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby will have it. Next will be getting out with a band. It’s time to rock out. Thank you and your Peverett Phile phans for this interview. This brought out some old feelings and now more than ever I am ready move forward and get out with a band.

Me: Dan, thanks for taking part with the interview. I hope to meet you in person one day. Keep playing and thanks for being a fan of my dad.

Dan: Jason, Thank you so much. It was good hearing from you. First your dad, then your mom, I know how it feels. I like what you are doing and I think mom and dad would be proud. Maybe it could be the house that Phile built. It’s not slow ride but if you keep it up who knows. Change what you need to and thanks again. P.S. I suck at writing and "Tight Shoes" is still a great album.

Yes, it is. That was a really good interview. Well, like I said this is the last entry of 2008. The next update will be on Phriday as normal and then on Saturday it's the Peverett Phile Interviews with Martin Stephenson. If this was the 80's it'll be my biggest interview yet. It was a total honor to interview Martin (even though I called him Matt). Anyway, thanks again to Fogdan, check out his music at iTunes and have a safe new years. Until then, spread the word, not the turd. See you in '09. Now all sing "Auld Lang Syne".

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