Thursday, April 19, 2007

Once You Go Mac You'll Never Go Back

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Peverett Phile, 2.0 edition. This is the first entry done on my new iMac. Let me know what you think. So, how are you all? How about this, ladies and gentlemen – we’re already getting sucked up into the 2008 Presidential campaign. Are you fascinated and interested in the 2008 Presidential campaign? Thank you, I appreciate you playing along. Listen to this: John Edwards, Presidential hopeful John Edwards had a $400 Beverly Hills haircut. That’s a lot of dough. I mean, honest to God, ladies and gentlemen, my hairpiece didn’t cost me $400…But here’s the worst part: earlier tonight, Edwards hosted a dinner to raise money for a facial. You know what’s exciting is the "American Idol"? Do you folks watch the "American Idol"? And you know what? It looks like that kid Sanjaya could win the whole thing. When is Al Sharpton going to step in on this one?  Happy anniversary, by the way, to Larry King, celebrating 50 years in broadcasting. Happy anniversary to him. And I want to say something: you watch that show, Larry has not lost a step. Any night, you can still hear Larry say, ‘Clifton, New Jersey, you’re on with Suzanne Pleshette.’ That Larry King, though, you think about it: take away his good looks and his silky voice and what do you have? Ladies and gentlemen, here’s good news – Regis Philbin is coming back to his show next Thursday. Next Thursday, yep, not a minute too soon – they’re running out of guest hosts. They’re already up to the ‘Ts’ in the phone book…As a matter of fact, earlier this morning, Kelly Ripa co-hosted the show with Larry Birkhead. But I think Regis is pretty much ready to go. You know, coming back to a show after you’ve had open heart surgery, that’s tough, but I think Regis is ready to go. Although, they say he’ll probably co-host the first week with a catheter. Prom season – oh my gosh, prom season already, ladies and gentlemen. How many folks remember your – how many folks remember your prom? And did you rent a limousine and have a chauffeur and stuff like that? Americans are lucky. In England we didn't have proms, drive in limo's and go on on dates. We walked home, sniffed glue and went into the bathroom with a box of tissues. Somehow, even though he’s been fired and you’d think it would all be over, the Imus story continues. This is the latest: Hillary Clinton announced that she will now meet with the Rutgers women’s basketball team. In a related story, Bill Clinton announced he’sgoing to meet with the Rutgers women’s swimming, volleyball, and gymnastics teams. Don Imus is off the air. Today, Imus made a point of thanking one of his sponsors, Bigelow Tea, for sticking by him. Iums said, "I want to reward Bigelow Tea’s loyalty by publically linking them to racism one last time.” Scientists say they’ve located the gene that causes obesity. Yeah. His name is Gene Millman and he’s the inventor of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. It’s tax season. Earlier this week, Britney Spears checked herself into an H&R Block. Here's a great story: A guy in Alaska goes fishing and he catches a 90-year-old fish, a 90-year-old fish. You know, I look at it this way — if I want a 90-year-old fish, I'll just order the seafood platter at Red Lobster. Guess what else? It's also the 77th birthday of the Twinkie. And I was surprised, because I thought the only 77-year-old Twinkie was Goldie Hawn. A marathon will be run at the North Pole. The winner is the guy who runs 26 miles and can still find his testicles. Carmen Electra has agreed to be the host of a TV show where women wrestle each other naked. The bad news is, the show is called "The View.” 


1910:Halley's comet reappears, last seen in 1835. The Earth passes safely through the comet's tail with no perceptible effect, not counting the death of Mark Twain. 1943:During an early-morning operation to exterminate the residents of the Warsaw Ghetto, Nazi troops experience heavy casualties and are forced to retreat before nightfall. Jewish resistance fighters, armed with rifles and Molotov cocktails, manage to kill or wound at least 200. The battle will rage on for another three weeks. 1956:UK Frogman disappeared bugging underside of Khruschev's warship in Portsmouth. 1989:47 crewmen aboard the battleship USS Iowa are killed when a gun turret explodes during a training exercise in the Atlantic. Navy investigators later rule out all accidental causes, and conclude that someone manning the gun, "most probably" one Clayton Hartwig, had sabotaged its operation as a suicide attempt. The Navy ignored the fact that the propellant bags were 44 years old and proven to be chemically unstable. 1993:More than 80 Branch Davidians burn to death in Waco, Texas as the FBI stages a disastrous final assault on their compound. This brings a sudden end to the 51-day siege. 1995:Timothy McVeigh kills 168 Oklahomans when his truck bomb detonates in front of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building. 1995:Singer Bobby Brown is arrested at Disneyworld for beating a man and tearing off his ear. Neil Kelly, the man with the reattached ear, later sues Brown for $6.6 million but eventually settles out of court for an undisclosed sum.


Four teams, four episodes to go. What kind of ending of this "Amazing Race All-Stars" episode possibly have?

Dustin and Kandice had a conversation with an employee at the Kuala Lumpur airport that I swear was dubbed in. Suspiciously, we didn’t see her face at all during the whole conversation. The one thing we saw the woman say was “five o’clock,” and her lips didn’t really match the voice; perhaps it was easier than subtitling?
“It’s okay; keep it open,” a very kind man at China Airlines told Charla, who was trying to close the door to prevent other teams from coming in. Mirna, I think, lied and said, “It’s too cold, too cold!” and Charla closed it anyway. So this is what they meant by playing nice.
“Um, yeah, okay,” the China Airlines rep told Dustin and Kandice, who were insisting that it was important for them to get on the flight. What The Amazing Race needs are more people who will tell the teams and their camera crews to screw off.
“Whatever it takes,” Mirna told Eric, insisting that they should work together to get the blondes out. Now we know why the editors keep showing us the footage of Mirna talking about playing a clean game. Later, Mirna got into an annoying fight with them at another ticket counter. During one of these ticket counter fights, I’m just waiting for an airline rep to pepper spray them.
Ticketless, Dani asked Eric, “What do we do?” He said, “Go stand in a puddle and drop your hair dryer in it and kill ourselves.” Eric: all promises and no action.
“We can make a beauty queen sandwich out of her,” Dustin or Kandice said, referring to Mirna.
In the Kuala Lampur airport, Mirna pushed Charla, who was standing on a luggage cart. In the Hong Kong airport, Charla popped out the wheels on her tennis shoes, and Mirna pulled her along. Next week, Mirna pops open a playpen and lifts Charla into it, telling her play quietly while Mirna stands in line for tickets.
Phil introduced the Detour and said “teams have to choose between two things visitors commonly associate with Hong Kong.” The options: Kung fu fighting and “Lost in Translation.” Thus, when he said “visitors,” Phil meant “dumb Americans.”
For the part of the challenge where they had to find a sign written in Chinese, I assume Phil was referring to the film “Lost in Translation,” but it was set in Tokyo, not Hong Kong.
Explaining one of the Detour options, Phil said, “Once here, they must climb up an 11-story bamboo scaffold, while avoiding an ongoing battle between stunt kung fu experts.” Best. Challenge. Ever.
At the Fast Forward, while being strapped into a stunt car that was about to go up a ramp and flip, Oswald said, “If I wet these pants, it’s the only pair of clean pants that I brought.” Now he knows why Teri and Ian wear disposable underwear.
Climbing the bamboo scaffolding, Mirna said to the kung fu fighters, “We are trying to make love, not war.” I’m not going to ask why dangling from a rope and climbing up the side of a building is comparable to sex for Mirna.
Introducing the Roadblock, Phil said the team member “must enter the stunt world, Hong Kong-style.” So, out of four challenges in Hong Kong, three were stunt-related. Someone ran out of ideas and had to flip open their book of stereotypes.
“He was mad that I could possibly be right about something,” Danielle said of Eric, after she hired a cab to take them to the pit stop. They were last, but Eric, Danielle, and Eric’s green workout pants were saved by yet another non-elimination leg. Luckily they’re sticking around, because Eric’s last Amazing Race episode couldn’t be one during which he said nothing homoerotic.


This week I will feature some trivia on Foghat. Long time readers of the Phile will know that my dad was Lonesome Dave Peverett of Foghat.
In the Documentary film Spinal Tap Goes to 20, members of the band claimed that the plot and many of the incidents in This is Spinal Tap were based on Foghat.
Drummer Roger Earl sported one of the biggest mustaches among rock stars. To the dismay of many fans, he decided to shave it off before many of later reunion concerts.
Carl Brutananadilewski, a character in the TV series Aqua Teen Hunger Force, expressed in a commercial that he was a fan of Roger Earl, saying "I like the drummer from Foghat. That's my drummer."
The TV show "Still Standing" has a character that plays in a Foghat tribute band.
Their song "Slow Ride" was featured in the 1993 American movie Dazed and Confused. It has also been used in an episode of "Malcolm In The Middle", in a "Seinfeld" episode and in an episode of "Family Guy", where the evil monkey smokes a joint. It pulls station owner Jimmy James out of a coma in an episode of "NewsRadio". It was featured in the K-DST classic rock radio station of the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and an advertisement for the Honda Odyssey, and also an ad for Carl's Jr.
Most, if not all tracks from "Foghat Live" are featured as party music in the 1981 action-adventure film Nighthawks, starring Sylvester Stallone, Rutger Hauer, Billy Dee Williams and Lindsay Wagner, which includes a soundtrack by Keith Emerson, of Emerson, Lake & Palmer.
Roger Earl's brother, Colin, played keyboards for Foghat and was a founding member of Mungo Jerry, who had a hit of their own with "In the Summertime".
In the music video for Yo La Tengo's "Sugarcube", the members of Yo La Tengo are sent to "The Academy of Rock" by their record company. There, one of the teachers informs them of the "Foghat Rule", which is that fourth album must be double live.
In March of 2005 a high school student located in Chula Vista, CA petitioned his school principal to have "Slow Ride" by Foghat to be played as the school lunch bell. After lengthy battles with the administraion, threats of hunger strikes, and anarchy, an agreement was made. On March 18th Bonita Vista High School played Foghat as their lunch passing period bell.
In the fox TV series "King of the Hill", Bill Dauterive says " I made most of my life decisions at a Foghat concert... I stand by them."
Roger Earl had a famous but brief fling with Swedish actress and Bond Girl, Britt Eklund.
On Larry the Cable Guy's CD "A Very Larry Christmas", Foghat is mentioned in the track "The Christmas Story". The main character in that track, Bejesus, was special because he was conceived at a Foghat concert in the third row during the song "Slow Ride".
In the 1996 comedy Kingpin, Claudia tells Roy Munson, "Your act is about as fresh as a Foghat concert. It really bites, Roy."
The song "Slow Ride" was featured in episode 9 of season 1 of the top rated TV drama "Dexter" in 2006.
In the Simpsons episode, "Like Father, Like Clown", the radio talkshow host interviewing Krusty The Clowns father can be seen wearing a Foghat T-shirt.


The Landlord
Will Ferrell goes viral in this funny online short that pits him against a potty-talking, degenerate landlady who looks like she's about two years old. Quick, somebody sign that kid up to kick both Dakota Fanning and Abigail Breslin's butts!
Speed Racer 
Christina Ricci is already out promoting her role as Speed's girlfriend Trixie in a video interview. But why does this look more like one of those videos cult members make for their families?
Bathing Beauty Keira Knightley is all wet in this WWII drama that also stars James McAvoy. And, yes, that's your cue to pause the trailer when she pops out of the fountain.
The Incredible Hulk
Just about everyone was surprised to hear that Edward Norton is going to star as the giant green behemoth. I'm hoping there's a scene where he "Hulks out" and beats himself up.
Hound Dog John Travolta recently claimed that he's "bigger than Elvis," although even in a fat suit in this new trailer I think the King still had a few more pounds on him.
Stunt Man Michael Moore took ailing 9/11 rescue workers down to Cuba for free socialized medicine treatments for his upcoming documentary. Was it really a good idea for people with respiratory problems to end up in a country famous for its cigars?
Untitled David Arquette Epic
Bizarro the Barbarian The kooky actor is writing and plans to direct a "Braveheart-style movie." He also claims that 300 "borrowed" some of the shots he'd already had planned out for it. That's what the voices in his head are telling him, anyway.
Untitled David Arquette Epic
The kooky actor is writing and plans to direct a "Braveheart-style movie." He also claims that 300 "borrowed" some of the shots he'd already had planned out for it. That's what the voices in his head are telling him, anyway.
Mike Tyson is going to trade in his boxing gloves for some dancing shoes to star in a Bollywood musical. And his co-stars are wearing ear muffs to the set just in case he goes on another lobe-biting frenzy.

Well, there you have it, the first Phile done on an iMac. Now, you might be noticing a few things. First of, you are right, there isn't a lot of topics. It's hard to find topics to talk about, but I will workon that. second, where are the pictures you are probably thinking. I don't know if it's the Mac's fault, or AOL Journals fault, and it certainly isn't mine, but I cannot paste pictures on the blog anymore, which is a problem I am having. So, unless a miracle will happen, the Phile will have no pics. So, that means I have to kick it up a notch and replace the space I put the pics in with more text. If you look at last week's entry, you'll see that it deleted the pics I posted on there when I was experimenting. I am very sorry about that. Once again, it wasn't my fault. Something's haven't changed though...I still want to hit 2000 views by June. Check out the Peverett Phile's Myspace site at I don't think I can add a link to the blog either, so you will have to cut and paste the link. Okay, not all is perfect with the Mac, but at least it's not gonna get a virus. Until next week, spread the word, not the turd.


"Always pick your nose before you pick your ass. Your ass can't small your your nose, but your nose sure can smell your ass."

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