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Pheaturing Phile Alum Neil Sheasby From Stone Foundation

Hey there, and welcome to another entry of the Phile. I am your host, Jason Peverett, star of the new TV show "Brit-ish". Yeah, I expect it'll be canceled soon.  So, yesterday I told you guys about a Florida woman who has three boobs. Here's a picture of her in case you didn't see it...

Well, it was three good to be true. The beautiful dream we've held so dearly to her chest is over. Jasmine Tridevil, the Tampa woman who found immediate Internet fame after claiming to be the first mentally unstable woman to have a third breast implanted between her two real ones has been exposed, and no, we don't get to see that third nipple. Earlier yesterday, TMZ revealed Jasmine Tridevil for the hoaxer she is. Her secret squeezed out accidentally when her luggage was stolen at an airport. According to a document retrieved from the Tampa International Airport Police Dept., a whole bunch of luggage was stolen from an American Airlines conveyor belt, including Miss Tridevil's (actual name Alisha Hessler) black nylon roller bag. The thieves were caught after being able to ID them from surveillance video, and police inspected each stolen bag as they built their case to prosecute. What was found in Tridevil's bag? Some clothes, stilettos heels, some paperwork, a hairbrush, and... a "3 Breast Prosthesis." Horror of horrors. Now, not only is it clear that Jasmine Tridevil's fake third boob was fake, her other two real ones were fake as well. Questions abound. Who made her prosthetic that she told cops cost her $5K? What's that line just below her phone in the above picture? Is that part of the prosthetic? Is her hair covering the other line? Did we have the evidence all along and didn't notice because we were all hypnotized by her third fucking tit? How long did the police hold onto her fake jugs for "safekeeping?" And what, for the love of anything, do her real boobs look like??? I'm hoping, nay, begging, she will show her two real boobs, along with the episodes of the reality show she paid for and shot herself, "Jasmine's Jugs", on her new Facebook page. The page was created just this Monday, September 22nd, under her real name Alisha Hessler (Actor/Director). I am going to spell out the URL here, so you can see it in all its glory: Dot tits indeed, Miss Hessler, dot tits indeed. Hmmph. Okay, moving on...  Shortly after being dropped from a State Farm ad campaign due to his public anti-vaccination stance, comedian Rob Schneider expressed his dismay with the insurance company's decision, quoting George Washington in a tweet, "If the Freedom of Speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter," which would almost seem smart if Washington were talking about insurance company ad departments instead of governments.  Actress Lindsay Lohan gave a singularly Lindsay Lohan-esque performance during her first night on a London stage, performing in David Mamet's "Speed the Plow". Multiple times throughout the play, she forgot her lines and had to rely on stagehands shouting them to her from offstage. However, she neither left the stage midway through the show to down a bottle of gin nor got into a fistfight with any of her fellow actors, so the show has been considered a smashing success. Did you know If you put vodka in a Shirley Temple, that’s called a Lindsay Lohan.  A Peruvian author is suing Disney for $250 million, claiming that its smash hit movie Frozen, about a princess who who grows up with magical powers that she is unable to control and then runs off to an ice palace on a faraway mountain top... stole its story from her autobiography about a woman who grows up in the Andes and survives an earthquake. You see? The two stories have characters growing up, and there's a mountain in both. I wonder how she's going to spend her $250 million. She needs to just let it go.  For millennia, humanity has puzzled over one mystery that seemed as though it would never be solved: what exactly is the flavor of that Mystery Dum-Dum lollipop with the question mark on its wrapper? Now, thanks to the tireless efforts of Mental Floss, we have our answer. It's whatever flavor was in the lollipop-making machine mixed with the flavor of the new stuff that was just poured. Rather than throw the hybrid lollipops away, they just market them as a mystery. So, really, I suppose the flavor is laziness.  I just mentioned Frozen, and I have to say when I saw it back in February I thought one scene was kinda weird.

 I was "Survivor" last night that I DVRed and during the show this happened...

Guess I won as I don't play Cash 3 or Play 4. Haha.  You know they're making anther Avengers movie, and there's one thing they are changing that I do not like. Check it out...

There's no reason for that.  I have to show you this, a sign at a school in I think it is Minnesota.

That's great, right?  Oh, I have to show this as well. Check out this Police poster...

That's for you, Rich.  Okay, so, there's a million blogs out there, people. I'm glad you read the Phile, but I am sure you read some others as well. Not all blogs have had over 700 entries, or stopped posting all of a sudden, and then come back five months later not loosing much of its readers.  Well, occasionally on the Phile I like to randomly pick another blog and add it to the...

Today's random blog is...

Here is a portion of the blog...

You know it's random as the blog is talking about France. Anyway, go read After you read the Phile of course.

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Have you noticed that this time of year everything is pumpkin flavored? I hate the taste of pumpkin, and a friend of hr Phile does as well. He's a singer, patriot and renaissance man. You know what time it is...

Mark this and remember it well, my twisted little meatpuppets... If any of you EVER see me drinking a pumpkin flavored ANYTHING, you have my full permission to place a large caliber gun to my forehead and blow the back of my skull all over the dress of whatever sweet young thing I happen to be standing with. In FACT... if any of you see me drinking ANYTHING other than Tennessee whiskey or German beer in a pub, it is clear that I have been replaced by a replicant and should be dispatched in much the same manner. Thank you... One more thing... I have never been a Yankees fan but I must say... Derek Jeter has more class than any sports figure I have seen in my lifetime. Very happy for the City of New York and my Yankees fans. Excellent ending in his final game at home. Salute...

The 27th artist to be pheatured in the Phile's Art Gallery is Steven Thomas and this is one of his pieces...

Steven will be a guest on the Phile next Thursday. 

Today's Phile Alum is the bass player for the great British band Stone Foundation whose new album "To Find the Spirit" is now available on iTunes. Please welcome back to the Phile... Neil Sheasby.

Me: Hey, Neil, welcome back to the Phile, sir. How have you been?

Neil: Very well thank you, refreshed after a holiday.

Me: Before we talk about Stone Foundation and the great new album "To Find the Spirit" which I love, recently I interviewed a mate of yours... Mark Baxter. Did you read his book "Elizabeth, Peter & Me" or any of his other books? What did you think?

Neil: I did, I'm a great admirer of Bax's work as well as being a close friend of his, I like the way he just get's on with things, get's stuff done. I think the "Fashion of Football" book is a (lost) classic.

Me: He's a very snappy dresser that Mark is, Neil. You're pretty much of a snappy dresser yourself... compared to me who wears shorts and t-shirts with cartoon characters on most of the time. Where do you and the band get your clothes?

Neil: Personally it can be anywhere or anything that takes my fancy, clothes have always been a big passion of mine. The band are lucky to have a couple of sponsors including footwear company Delicious Junction, I'm in talks with them at the moment about designing a shoe for summer 2015. They like my idea so we'll have to see if anything comes of it.

Me: Mark is a football fan, or soccer as it's known here in America. Are you a football fan?

Neil: Yes, Leeds United and I also follow my local Non- League side Atherstone Town FC The Adders.

Me: Do you follow American football?

Neil: No, I don't really understand it at all I'm afraid.

Me: A friend of Mark's who wrote with him named Paolo Hewitt contributed on your new album, am I right? What did he do?

Neil: Paolo narrates a spoken word piece that he contributed for the album called "Child of Wonder", I think it captures the mood of the album really well. He also inspired the title "To Find the Spirit".  

Me: And isn't Andy Fairweather Low on the new album as well?

Neil: Yes, he is, he sings backing vocals on a song called "Hold On".

Me: Andy took part on Foghat's first album. Have you heard of Foghat?

Neil: Ah, Dave right?

Me: Yep.

Neil: Yeah, I really like the first album which I think was produced by Dave Edmunds.

Me: Yeah, Edmunds produced the album.

Neil: Wasn't there a Savoy Brown connection there too?

Me: Yeah, my dad, Roger Earl and Tony Stevens all left Savoy to form Foghat. Very good, Neil.

Neil: Yes, cool stuff and that's interesting to know that was your dad!

Me: Okay, let's talk about the band... there's seven of you in the band, right? Who is in it?

Neil: Eight in the live band at the moment... Neil Jones, Phil Ford (drums), Ian Arnold (keys) Rob Newton (congas), Spencer Hague (trombone) Gary Rollins (saxes) Gareth John (trumpet) and myself.

Me: How did you all meet and get together, Neil?

Neil: Myself and Neil Jones started the band several years ago, we tried a few different line up's and musicians before finding the right people who have come into the band at different periods throughout our progression, I imagine it will continue to change slightly too, I guess it's only natural with a big line up although I like to think that people are with us for the long term.

Me: Last time you were here you mentioned that Stone Foundation was named after an article in a magazine or newspaper. Was it hard for the whole band to agree on the name?

Neil: It was the headline of an article about Andy Newmark (drummer for Sly Stone) that featured in the Beastie Boys mag Grand Royale. No, I had the name before I had a band!

Me: Anybody ever call you guys The Stone Foundation? I bet that's annoying.

Neil: It happens, it used to frustrate me but I don't bother about it too much now, as long as they are talking about us... we've been called worse things...

Me: Congrats on having a track from our last album "The Three Shades of..." being put in a movie. What's the name of the movie?

Neil: Gunten Tag Ramon.

Me: It's a Mexican and German movie, right? What a strange combination. Have you seen the movie?

Neil: I haven't as yet no.

Me: I was watching one of my favorite TV shows called "Franklin & Bash", and I swear one of your songs was in it. Or a song that sounded very similar. It can't be a Stone Foundation song, right? 

Neil: Yes, "No More the Fool" featured in a scene I think, your ears did not deceive you.

Me: Yeah! Do you get that show in England?

Neil: Yes.

Me: If you could have your music in any TV show, what would it be? "Doctor Who" would be cool. 

Neil: Probably would have been "Breaking Bad" but as that's finished now I'll go for "Peaky Blinders", "Doctor Who" would be just fine too, syncs are the way forward... They need a jukebox in the Rovers Return on "Corrie" I reckon.

Me: "Coronation Street". My mum and I used to watch that show together. Alright, your new album... "To Find the Spirit". Explain what the album cover is about. It makes me crave french fries. Haha. 

Neil: Horace Panter (The Specials bass player) designed the cover, I think it fits the music perfectly and it evokes images of old Jazz styled records, I really like it but if you think it looks like a McDonalds ad then fine, we can't be held responsible for your diet...

Me: Like I said I love the album. When you were here before you said it was gonna be the best release yet and you were right. You must be proud of it, Neil. What does your wife and sons think of it?

Neil: I am proud of it, we all are. My kids won't admit to diggin' it but trust me I find them playing it on their I phones and singing along to it. They came along to a festival gig we did in the summer and they were very proud of their dad I can assure you, they have good taste.

Me: You have two sons, right? What kinda music are they in to?

Neil: I have 3. My eldest, Mason, is almost 21 and is an MC on the drum and bass scene, he's doing quite well and is very creative, the younger two are showing an interest, Lowell plays the drums and Sonny is always hi-jacking my stereo.

Me: My son Logan is 14, and he's into Dubstep. I hate that shit! He does like the blues though, which is cool. What music did you listen to when you were 14?

Neil: I started my first band when I was 14. We followed The jam around and I'd already seen Curtis Mayfield, the Who, Dexys, all the 2 tone bands etc... but it was a very different time back then, youth culture was vibrant and everything was affordable and accessible, great times actually. I loved those teenage kicks, irreplacable, I was lucky.

Me: I was listening to Dave Edmunds, Squeeze, Nick Lowe and Graham Parker back then. All good music, right?

Neil: Yep, great. I'd love Nick Lowe to produce S.F. He'd be perfect.

Me: You were 14 when you started to play bass. What was the first song you learned to play?

Neil: "Start" I think by The Jam.

Me: And how did you choose bass?

Neil: It chose me, that was all that was left so it was like oh okay, I'll play bass!!

Me: Do you have a favorite bass player? 

Neil: Ronnie Lane, Willie Weeks, James Jamerson...I have a few.

Me: Anyway, how long did it take you to record this album?

Neil: About 18 months but we were going in the studio about once maybe twice a week so if you were to condense that time frame down probably about four or five months.

Me: Did you do all the songwriting on it, Neil?

Neil: No, Neil Jones plays a major role in that department too, Neil's quite prolific actually, he chucks away more songs than I can write although we always find a healthy balance between our ideas in the end. The other lads have some really good ideas too, Phil our drummer is a great arranger of songs, It's a very creative set up at the moment.

Me: You're still working with Nolan Porter, an American singer. Is he on the new album?

Neil: He is, he sings "Crazy Love" on the LP and also features on "Bring Back the Happiness".

Me: When are you guys gonna tour the States?

Neil: As soon as the right promoter sorts it out, as long as we can cover our costs we will be on the first flight over, it's something we'd love to do.

Me: Last time you were here you did a tour with The Specials. Any other cool bands you worked with?

Neil: We've been fortunate to support some great bands and artists over the years from Wilko Johnson, Nine below Zero to the Blow Monkeys and Terry Callier, there's been a lot of highlights. Recently we got to play with Kenney Jones from the Small Faces, he sat in and drummed with us on some of their old tunes, that was very special.

Me: Who do you wanna tour with?

Neil: One Direction, the PRS would probably afford us to be able to retire. Weller would be good (and he likes the album so maybe one day).

Me: You're from the Midlands in the U.K., am I right? How far away from Oxfordshire do you live? 

Neil: I'm just over an hour away.

Me: Ever been to Burford in the Cotswolds?

Neil: I've passed through it.

Me: So, what's next for the band, Neil?

Neil: We return to Japan in November for a tour of Tokyo, our last experience over there was fairly mind blowing and there is an audience for us out there and it appears to building too so we are very much looking forward to that. Then we have to get our heads down and record the follow up to "To Find the Spirit" which we are all excited about, the new songs thus far have been really promising, we have already made a good start.

Me: Apart from being in the band you have a business called The Record Shack. Explain what that is.

Neil: I sell vinyl for a living, I do record fairs when I can and trade on Discogs, eBay, etc. during the week, I worked in record shops all my life from leaving school onwards, selling records is all I have known really, they are akin to modern antiques really.

Me: Also, I have to ask, where can I get that cool Stone Foundation shirt you are wearing in this picture?

Me: You probably don't sell XXL large shirts, right?

Neil: I'm sure Pete Playdon at Stone Foundation merchandise on Facebook would be able to sort you out.

Me: Neil, I don't know if we did this before but on the Phile I ask random questions thanks to Tabletopics. Ready? This is depressing. If you were cremated where would you like your ashes spread?

Neil: I think I would let our drummer Phil roll my ashes up sprinkle them with some medication and smoke them, he'd be high for life...

Me: Neil, thanks for being on the Phile again. Go ahead and mention your website and I wish you continued success. Please come back again, my friend.

Neil: It's and you can also find the band on Twitter and Facebook by simply searching for Stone Foundation. Thanks for having me.

That about does it for this entry. Thanks to Laird Jim and Neil Sheasby. The Phile will be back next Thursday with artist Steven Thomas and then on Friday with singer Molly Roth. Spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

Not if it pleases me. No, you can't stop me, not if it pleases me. - Graham Parker.

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