Monday, August 5, 2013

Pheaturing Jenn Bostic

Hey, kids, welcome to another entry of the Phile. How are you?  Well, the bookies called it... the 12th  Doctor is Peter Capaldi. Fake fans only into "Doctor Who" for the pretty boys... please close the door behind you as you leave. I'm too busy partying to see you off. You're complaining Peter is too old to play the Doctor? He's portraying a character that's over 1000 years old. I was thinking, it is a bit odd that no one is mentioning that Peter Capaldi won an Oscar. Anyway, the BBC already has released a 12th Doctor inspirational poster.

Bloody marvelous. Peter Capaldi has 12 letters in his name, I will not believe this to be a coincidence. I knew he was gonna be the 12th Doctor all along. Look who he played in World War Z.

Alright, let's talk about other less important stuff, shall we?  New Yorkers, the ban on giant sugary sodas has been overturned. You can now go to 7-Eleven and get yourself a soda cup. There's one so big that Simon and Garfunkel had a reunion concert in it. The soda cup is so big that the Wallenda guy walked across the top of it. They have sugary sodas the size of rooftop water tanks in New York City. The Pope is back from Rio. He said he would not judge gays. His exact words were, "Let he who is without sin cast the first musical."  Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab! TMZ's reporting that she'll spend a few days with a sober coach. Might I suggest she also see a stay-out-of-court coach, a don't-steal coach, a career coach... and most of all, a driving coach, okay?  The Discovery Channel had a fascinating show about ants. Did you know an ant can lift 20 times its own weight? It used to be only five times its own weight, but then Alex Rodriguez told them about a clinic in Florida. Rumor is that Alex Rodriguez may soon be facing a serious penalty for steroid use... either a lifetime ban from the sport or a trade to the Houston Astros.  Anthony Weiner has vowed to continue to fight. He said he is staying in the race because he cares deeply about the people of New York... except for the one he is married to. The Anthony Weiner campaign's communications director is in trouble for calling a former intern an inappropriate name. But Weiner said he'd take care of it. He promised to give them both a good texting-to.  Time Warner announced that their CEO will resign at the end of the year. They say they would've done it sooner, but that was the earliest they could get a technician to come out and install a replacement.  The producers of the next Star Wars movie say they will avoid using CGI as much as possible so the film looks more realistic. That's good because whenever I watch aliens and robots fighting with lasers, my first reaction is, “Hmmm, seems pretty fake.”  Yesterday I went to the Disney Store in the mall and I was surprised they were selling this poster.

What are they trying to say?  Did you see the new Peta ad? I think it's from India.

Apparently you should respect animals, not women.  One of the things I like to do in my spare time is go on Twitter and look up different words to see what people are talking about. One of those words I look up is Peverett, and this is what I saw recently.

Whoa, whoa, Tom Compton, "Slow Ride" has supported my family for a long time. Alright, and now for some sad news...

Art Donovan
June 5, 1925 - Aug 4, 2013
Tough enough to be a football player, and smart enough to be REALLY funny. Talk about your rare combo.

This is a dumb one. If you spot it email me at Okay, so on the Discovery Channel this week it's Shark Week. Last year for Shark Week I introduced you to a brand new Phile character who most of you thought was stupid. That being said I thought I'd bring him back out. So, please welcome back to the Phile...

Me: Hello, Feargal, welcome back to the Phile. How are you?

Feargal: Not so good. I tried to save the land walker who fell into the ocean.

Me: You did? That was nice of you.

Feargal: Yeah, well, he stabbed me in the eye.

Me: How has your summer been?

Feargal: Well, I tried to compete in a surfing competition but everybody left.

Me: That's too bad.

Feargal: I just want to help a few friends out with a few loans. But I'm forever associated with crooks.

Me: Haha. I could see that. Alright, last year you told us some jokes. Do you have any this year?

Feargal: Yes. Why did the shark cross the great barrier reef?

Me: Ummm... I dunno.

Feargal: To get to the other TIDE.

Me: I get it. Do you have one more?

Feargal: What is a sharks favorite Dustin Hoffman film?

Me: I don't know.

Feargal: Midnight Caudal.

Me: Good one. Feargal the Shark, kids! Bye, Feargal.

Alright, the 27th book to be pheatured in the Peverett Phile Book Club is...

Ester Nicholson’s foundational process that she’s termed Soul Recovery unlocks the code of dependence as it manifests in substance, relationship, and behavioral addictions, among others. As you’re guided through a 12-week process of study and practice, the author courageously shares her inspiring journey that has ultimately led to a new life of wholeness, fearlessness, and power. Using examples and daily practices, she reveals the 12 keys that saved her life and the spiritual technology that will bring you serenity and carry you to your dreams. The Soul Recovery process works deeply with life paradigms and practices to create a soul-centered awareness that’s so profound that disease; addictions; and everyday problems related to attachments, expectations, and limiting beliefs are dissolved in the face of it. A fascinating read, "Soul Recovery" tells the gritty story of a recovering substance abuser who rose to great career heights while falling into a personal abyss, only to find her way back with newfound glory and purpose. Its powerful lessons and practical, easy-to-use exercises can be used by people of all ages and from all walks of life. Esther will be a guest on the Phile in a few weeks.

Today's guest is an American country-music singer-songwriter, based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her album "Jealous" is available on iTunes and her her song "Jealous of the Angels" won her five awards at last year's Independent Country Music Association Awards. She'll next be appearing at The Listening Room Cafe in Nashville on August 12th. Please welcome to the Phile, the wonderful... Jenn Bostic.

Me: Hello, Jenn, welcome to the Phile.

Jenn: How are you? Hey there! Thank you so much. I've been blessed and busy lately. :)

Me: I wanna say thanks first thing, Jenn. Thanks for making me cry with that song "Jealous of the Angels". Has anybody else ever said that to you before?

Jenn: That has been a common response. I'm so glad that it touched you. It has been amazing to hear the stories that people have shared with me after hearing this song. They were so heartfelt that I actually created a blog on and I feature one of these stories each week.

Me: I lost both of my parents from cancer in 2000 but you lost your dad in a car crash, right? And you were in the car? Did you get hurt? Your brother was in the car with you as well, wasn't he?

Jenn: I am so sorry for your loss. I did lose my dad in a car accident on the way to school. My brother and I were both in the car and had nothing more than a black eye after the accident.

Me: How is your mom? She must be very proud of you with your music, Jenn.

Jenn: My mom is an incredible woman. She is so strong, and has encouraged my brother and I every step of the way. I wrote "Dance Like Nobody's Watching," for her, which is on my first record.

Me: How old were you when you were in that accident?

Jenn: Ten.

Me: It was after that accident you started to write music, am I right?

Jenn: Yes. Music was something my dad introduced at birth, but it wasn't until he passed that I started using songwriting as a form of therapy to get through this tough time.

Me: Were you taking piano lessons before?

Jenn: Yes. My parents started me on piano at six. :)

Me: You went to Berklee to study music like a lot of people I interviewed. I always imagine that school being strict. What was your major there?

Jenn: I majored in music education. I love kids and I love sharing music and creating something out of nothing. To a child's eyes light up when they really understand something for the first time is a priceless gift. Berklee was a great experience and some of the relationships I made there are some of the closest to me today. Berklee graduate, Charlie Hutto, produced my first album and half of my EP "Change." He also taught me a ton about this business and the art of songwriting.

Me: Jenn, where are you from? Where do you live now?

Jenn: I was born in Philadelphia, PA, but I don't remember much of that. I grew up in Waconia, Minnesota. It's a teeny-tiny town thirty miles west of Minneapolis. My husband and I are both originally from Waconia and now reside in Nashville, TN.

Me: I didn't say, but I interviewed a friend of yours named Tiffany Thompson three time and recommended I interview you. How did you two meet?

Jenn: Tiffany and I met through a mutual friend, Kurtis Parks. She came down to visit Nashville and we ended up writing together. We've played a few acoustic shows together as well. She is an amazing talent with an amazing heart.

Me: So, do you ever play together?

Jenn: I'll play piano and sing background vocals on Tiffany's songs and she'll play guitar and sing on mine. We'll most likely trade off singing lead every few songs and just make it a great night of music and creativity for everyone involved.

Me: You had a few releases before your new album "Jealous", is their a change in your music?

Jenn: Yes! My first album, "Keep Lookin' For Love" is a pop/country album that I wrote and recorded after first moving to Nashville. I love country music and fell in love with the lyrical structure in college. However, after I released and started promoting this album my heart led me toward a more pop orientated genre and I was listening to artists like Sara Bareilles, Missy Higgins, Bonnie Raitt and Marc Broussard. I love writing just as much as performing, I like to classify it as singer/songwriter.

Me: There's one song on "Keep Lookin' For Love" called "Gay or Taken" I think... that could be the anthem of all single women at Disney where I work. LOL.

Jenn: "Gay or Taken" was inspired by a specific woman who is a great storyteller. I wrote it for her and she got a kick out of it.

Me: So, where was "Jealous" recorded?

Jenn: Half of the EP was recorded in Nashville, TN, while the other half was recorded in Los Angeles, CA. I had the amazing opportunity to work with California producer Barrett Yeretsian who produced and cowrote "Jar of Hearts" for Christina Perri.

Me: Did you play piano on it, Jenn?

Jenn: I played piano on a few of the tracks out in LA, and Jason Webb played the piano here in Nashville.

Me: Okay, let's talk about the song "Jealous of the Angels"... is that a recent song you wrote or an older song?

Jenn: I wrote "Jealous of the Angels" with two good friends of mine, Jimmy Fortune and Zach Runquist. We wrote it a little over a year ago. It was an amazing, yet emotional experience and I am so grateful for that divine appointment.

Me: It's about your dad, right? I am guessing a lot of people connected to that song. Was is the reaction to it when you play it live?

Jenn: It is about my dad and it has been amazing to see the way people connect with it. I have heard so many amazing stories from those who have been touched by it. Like I mentioned earlier I started a "Jealous of the Angels" blog and it has been such an amazing healing process for me, as well as those who are featured.

Me: Your other single, "Missin' A Man"... that's not about your dad, but about your husband, am I right? What did he think about it?

Jenn: He loves it! My husband Michael is my biggest cheerleader and I'm so grateful that God put him in my life. We've known each other since I was 2 years old, we were family friends. We lost touch over the years, but still knew of one another. I came back to Minnesota for the CD release show of my first album and we created a friendship, that led to where we are now. :) An interesting thing about us is that we spent our entire relationship before marriage living in different states. I of course got to travel to Minnesota quite a bit for shows, so we saw each other about every three weeks. But I was definitely missing him a lot before he moved to Nashville after the wedding. :)

Me: When you went to Nashville you left him in Minnesota, right? That must've been hard on you guys. I don't like leaving my wife for ten hours when I go to work, but I am sure she likes it. It's a break from me. ; )

Jenn: We learned a lot about communication during that time. It was really hard, but I think we learned so much in that time that it has absolutely made our marriage stronger.

Me: So, do you write happy songs?

Jenn: LOL. I sure do! :) "Let's Get Ahead Of Ourselves" is a song a cowrote with Barrett Yeretsian, and it is a happy love song about the beginning butterfly stages of a relationship.

Me: I have to hand it to you, you have done something I would never do, and that's go to Kuwait and Iraq... you went over there to play. How was that experience? Did your husband go with you?

Jenn: Thank you. It was an incredible experience. My husband and I weren't together yet at this point and I was out in Boston for College. I was the lead singer of a pop/country/rock cover band called DiggerDawg, and the band applied to go overseas through Armed Forces Entertainment. It was amazing! I am so grateful for all the men and women who serve this country and it felt like the least I could do.

Me: You also opened for Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, Reba and others? Did you meet those folks and learn anything?

Jenn: These openers were all with the band DiggerDawg as well. Most of them were side stage openers, but we did get a chance to meet Gretchen Wilson, Tracy Byrd, and Julia Roberts. Those shows were so much fun!

Me: I loved the video for "Jealous of the Angels" and you look beautiful in it.

Me: Where was it filmed? It makes me not miss snow, that's for sure.

Jenn: I love snow!!! Haha. Thank you, the video was filmed in the house I grew up in, as well as the town of Waconia, MN. It is really special to me that my first music video shows so much of who I am and where I'm from.

Me: Is that the only video you have made?

Jenn: I released a music video for a song I wrote by myself called "Snowstorm (Acoustic)." Those are the only two, but I look forward to filming more in the future.

Me: Jenn, thanks for being on the Phile, and tell Tiff I said hello. Go ahead and plug your website and please come back real soon when your next release comes out.

Jenn: Thank you so much for having me! I'll definitely tell Tiff you said hi. :) Find out more about my music, new releases, and touring schedule on Thank you so much!

Me: All the best, and please come back again. Take care, Jenn.

Jenn: Thanks, you too!

Well, kids, that about does it for this entry. Thanks to Jenn Bostic, that was a great interview. The Phile will be back next Saturday with jazz singer Stephanie Nakasian. Then on Sunday it's the guys from the band Blade of Grass and on Monday it's singer Adam Daniel. Spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye. Strawberry Blondes Forever!

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