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Pheaturing Alumni Tish Meeks From 3 Kisses

Hello, everybody, sorry this entry is a little late. I was stuck behind a Transformer on the way home from work. Really. I took a picture... check it out.

Julia's Transportation is a Transformer in disguise. LOL. Anyway, hello, how are you? Welcome to a Wednesday entry of the Phile. Happy Ash Wednesday, kids. Actually, right now it's pouring Wednesday.  So, do you like that Rick Santorum guy? Santorum is so conservative, when he goes to KFC, he only orders the right wings.  Italian authorities seized $6 trillion worth of fake, worthless U.S. Treasury bonds. Pretty good counterfeit job, too. They look just like the genuine worthless Treasury bonds. Let that be a lesson. If you want to try and sell worthless financial instruments, you'd better be Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. That's the only way you're going to get away with it.  Oil prices jumped to well over $100 a barrel, and analysts say it's due to tension in the Middle East. So, luckily, it's just a temporary thing.
Taco Bell plans to start selling tacos made out of nacho cheese Doritos. Their goal is to create Mexican food that's totally unrecognizable to the Mexican people.  Dutch scientists say the world's first test-tube meat, a hamburger made from cow stem cells, will be available sometime this year. Test tube meat made from stem cells. I hope it tastes as good as it sounds. Scientists have now created artificial meat. They've done so with stem cells in a test tube. Is your mouth watering?  A guy went into a Walmart. He's completely naked and he's stealing socks. Is that the first item, honestly? He was planning a series of robberies to put together a whole new outfit.  New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has outlawed gay marriage with one exception. He said Ben and Jerry, they're OK. They can go ahead and get married. Usually the only thing Chris Christie vetoes is a salad.  Well, like I said, it's Ash Wednesday and I am surprised there's an Ash Wednesday inspirational poster. 

I wonder how many complaints I will get about that?  So, who is crazy about Jeremy Lin? Have you seen the poster the Knicks put out about him? They're cashing in on Lin.

That's odd, isn't it?  So, as I have been mentioning here on the Phile, one of my favorite shows is going off the air in May, and show is "House". I am so happy though they keep churning out "House" themed inspirational posters. Here's the latest...
Man, it's storming bad out there. I hope we don't lose power. At least I hope I can finish this entry. 

Okay, and now for the annoucement of the 13th artist to be pheatured in the P.P.A.G. His name is Scott Quick, his writes a comic strip called "Camden Bottoms", and this is some of his work.

Scott will be a guest on the Phile next week.  Speaking of guests, the last few entries of the Phile I introduced a new character who people seem to love. I ran into him at MegaCon and invited him to the Phile. So, here, once again, please welcome...

Hello, Peverett, you want puns, I gotcha puns. A baby seal walks into a club... what a tragedy... HA! A guy walks into a bar. "OUCH!" he said. Two peanuts walked into a bar, and one was a-salted... by me. Two vampires walked into a bar and called for the bartender. "I'll have a glass of blood," said one. "I'll have a glass of plasma." said the other. "Okay," replied the bartender, "that'll be one blood and one blood lite." Two hydrogen atoms walk into a bar. One says, 
"I think I've lost an electron." The other says, "Are you sure?" The first says, "Yes, I'm positive."
Two cartons of yogurt walk into a bar. The bartender, a tub of cottage chesse, says to them, "We don't serve your kind in here." One of the yogurt cartons says back to him, "Why not? We're cultured individuals." You know who else who walked into a bar? Me. I walked into a bar, sat down, and ordered a beer. As I sipped the beer, he heard a soothing voice say "Nice tie!" Looking around I noticed that the bar was empty except for myself and the bartender at the end of the bar. A few sips later the voice said "Beautiful shirt." At this, I called the bartender over, "Hey... I must be losing my mind," I told the bartender. "I keep hearing these voices saying nice things, and there's not a soul in here other than us." "It's the peanuts" answered the bartender. "Say what?" "You heard me" said the barkeep. "It's the peanuts... they're complimentary." That's it, I'm done. 

Okay, today's guest has been on the Phile three times before. She was last on the Phile August 19th, 2010. Her band has a new CD out called "Come Along With Me!", and sh's working on a 3 Kisses reality show. Please welcome back to the Phile, the always rockin'... Tish Meeks.

Me: Hello, Tish, welcome back to the Phile for the fourth time. How have you been?

Tish: Hi, Jason. Thanks so much for having me once again. I sure do appreciate all your support over the years! I’m doing great, thank you.

Me: Thanks for the t-shirt, I am wearing it proudly. And thanks for the mentions in the liner notes of the new CD and of course the "Lethal Love Addiction (batteries not included)" CD, Tish. Anyway, the last time we spoke in the Summer of 2010 you were living in Texas, where you are from, and now you're living in Alaska. What made you move way out there? 

Tish: You are most welcome. I love giving props to the people who support me. There are so many great bands out there... it really means a lot when someone gets behind your project like you have with 3 Kisses. I am a native Texan. I was born in Amarillo and raised in the Texas panhandle. My dad, step-mom and sisters moved to Alaska in ’93 and my brother came up a few years ago. As a single mom raising two kids alone, I felt that it was in the best interest of Benji and Hannah to move near family so they would have a better support system. I’m not a fan of the cold and I have so many great friends down south, it was a really tough decision, one the kids and I made together. After weighing the pros and cons, we all decided this was the best place for us to be.

Me: What part of Alaska do you live? The only city I can think of there is Anchorage. 

Tish: We live near Wasilla in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. Sarah Palin is our local celebrity. I’ve been up to the private gate of her house. We’re about 45 miles from Anchorage.

Me: That is one extreme to another from Texas to Alaska. How are you and the kids taking the change? Isn't it dark for long months at a time? 

Tish: We have adapted quite well. I think it’s been easier on the kids than it has me. We do a lot of fun things with the family like camping, fishing, boating, hiking and riding 4-wheelers in the summer and having bonfires on the lake, snow machining, sledding and ice skating in the winter. It is dark a lot, but it’s not really that bad. We hit winter solstice at the end of December, so we’re now gaining daylight. By March, we’ll have 12 hours of daylight. To be honest, I’ve hardly noticed the lack of it. The snow covered mountains and trees are so breathtakingly beautiful, I guess I’ve focused more on the winter beauty than the negatives. The subzero temps bother me more than the darkness.

Me: Have you taken up skiing or dog sledding? 

Tish: I’ve been a skier since I was a teenager, but haven’t been since I moved up here. Actually, I haven’t been since I started 3 Kisses! It’s too cold right now, but my brother and sister-in-law gave me a ski trip for Christmas. I’ll probably use it in March. Hannah wants to learn and Benji wants to snowboard. I’ll probably take them next winter. Right now, they are both really into ice skating.

Me: Okay, Tish, lets talk about 3 Kisses. The band broke up, right? Did you start a new 3 Kisses band in Anchorage? 

Tish: In April, my Texas bassist, Jeff Vandeventer and I decided to end 3 Kisses after our drummer left the band for personal reasons. The past three years has been rather trying for me on a personal level, as well, and this gave me the opportunity to take a much-needed a break from the band lifestyle. I really thought I was done for good. But after moving up here, I realized how much I missed playing. I met Nate Lankford, my new lead guitarist, through my sister-in-law’s sister. We’ve been playing together since June or July. It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to do, musically. Finally, with the input of my new bandmates, we decided to carry on as 3 Kisses. They all like what I do and believe in 3 Kisses and all that it is. We considered starting a brand new project, but it just seemed a waste to let go of all the work I’ve put into building 3 Kisses. We’re currently playing my old material, but we’ve already written 2 new songs and we’re working on a full album.

Me: So, is 3 Kisses now an Alaskan Party Punk band? 

Tish: With the roots of the band being in Texas, 3 Kisses will always be Texas Party Punk.

Me: What is the music scene like there? Do you get a lot of bands coming to Anchorage? 

Tish: The scene here is like anywhere else… it is what you make of it. I’ve been meeting lots of great people and already have a team behind me. There aren’t as many bands that come here as the lower 48, but there are a few that have discovered the Alaska fans have an organic appreciation for live music and they tour here on a regular basis. I think there will be good opportunity for 3 Kisses to open for some national acts this summer.

Me: Have you been back to Texas since you moved? 

Tish: I haven’t been back to Texas yet, but I’ve had lots of Texas visitors. I have plans to go back to Austin for SXSW and play a couple of shows with my Texas line-up.

Me: I mentioned your kids, Tish, how are they doing? Is your son still playing guitar? 

Tish: The kids are doing great. My son is in band at school. He’s kind of gotten away from drums and guitar, but he loves playing in band and is currently playing flute. He thinks he might want to switch to trumpet. I’m just happy that he loves to play music. My daughter considered band, but she’s more of a choir girl. She plans to join choir in middle school next year.

Me: A few months ago I interviewed a friend of yours named Chris Nelson. He said some nice things about you. Have you heard from him recently? 

Tish: Chris is a great guy. We keep up with each other and talk every few months at least. He released a new album last year called “The Invisible Man” and sent me a copy. We usually exchange CDs… I owe him a copy of “Come Along With Me!”

Me: Okay, now you are based in Alaska I am guessing that didn't stop you from drinking Jagermeister. Are they still a sponsor? 

Tish: When I moved from Texas and thought I was going to give up music, I called our national rep, Steven Puente, and told him that 3 Kisses was coming to an end. I’ve built a great relationship with Steven over the years and he kept the door opened to me. I’ve already been in contact with him and we’re working on getting our sponsorship reinstated. As I’ve always said, relationships are key and showing your sponsors proof of your support and promotion of their products is what gets bands sponsored. Even though we’ve been with Jager since 2006, it is now my job to show the company that I will promote them as aggressively as I have in the past. I sure hope to get them back! Jager will always be my shot of choice!

Me: And do you have any new tattoo's, Tish? 

Tish: I got a couple of tattoos right before I moved to Alaska. My friend Madalyn Sklar, founder of, and I got matching tattoos on our left forearms. It is a yin-yang with the Kanji symbols of music and friendship. I also got a Chinese good luck bat that was drawn for me by my artist friend, Jim Bargas. I just made a new friend out our show last night who has a shop in Anchorage. I’m pretty sure I’ve found my new tattoo artist in Alaska.

Me: Alright, let's talk about the latest 3 Kisses album which I love called "Come Along With Me!" Great album title and very fitting, right? Did you know that the song "Come Along" was gonna be part of the album title right away? 

Tish: Yes, it just came to me right away that “Come Along With Me!” should be the album title. It is essentially an invitation to all my fans and supporters to continue with me on the 3 Kisses journey. The band has been very much in transition for the past couple of years. I feel that with the new line-up we’re going to have some much needed stability and do some amazing things in 2012.

Me: Did you write all the songs on the CD, Tish? 

Tish: I am a co-writer on all the songs and I write a large percentage of every song. I write all the lyrics and most of the melodies. However, I have various co-writers on this album. I wanted to release this CD because I feel very strongly about many of the tunes on it and it also closes the Texas chapter of 3 Kisses and clears the air for new things to evolve.

Me: I have to ask you about the last 3 Kisses show in Texas. What was that like? I am betting it was very emotional. 

Tish: The last 3 Kisses show in Texas was incredible. I had friends fly and drive in from all over the country and state. It was very celebratory. I expected to be saddened, but it was quite the opposite. There was such a strong positive vibe and in hindsight, this was a very clear indicator that 3 Kisses was not done. Sometimes I am completely overwhelmed by the support I receive from friends, family and fans. It’s very encouraging that I’m doing something right.

Me: And what did everybody say when you were announced that you were moving to Alaska? 

Tish: There was no big announcement made because I wasn’t 100% sure we were going to move when we came up here. I made arrangements with friends in San Antonio to make the move go smoothly should we decide to stay. We flew up and stayed with my brother for awhile to get the feel of things and see how we all felt about staying. Most of my things were sold in advance, and the things we kept were boxed up and shipped via USPS. How crazy is that? LOL.

Me: So, when was "Come Along With Me!" recorded? 

Tish: The album was recorded in various sessions with Eric LaBrosse of Cherry Pit Studios from 2009-2011.

Me: It's an album of remaining 3 Kisses songs, am I right? Or were they written for the album? 

Tish: You are correct. This collection of songs were ones that weren’t selected for inclusion on the "Lethal Love Addiction" album. I was very happy with how "Lethal Love Addiction" tied together and I really feel that the songs on “Come Along With Me!” tie together equally well. It’s a little edgier, too, and I’ve gotten tons of great feedback.

Me: I love the album, and I have to admit my favorite song was "Pot Song". You don't smoke, do you? HA! Just kidding. Those are very clever lyrics, Tish. And you drop the F-bomb! Well done. Have your kids heard that song? 

Tish: LOL... A lot of people like that song. It is pretty funny, isn’t it? This answer may surprise you, but no, I don’t smoke pot! True story! I’ve tried it, just not a fan, personally. The co-writers on that tune were all pretty big pot smokers, so it was written more for their benefit, but I did agree that it was a great idea for a song. I’m glad you like the lyrics. It was a fun one to write and record. We had a lot of laughs. Yes, my kids have heard all my songs. I choose to educate them and have open lines of communication rather than sheltering them. As a result, they’re not afraid to talk to me about anything. My parenting style is to fight the big battles and not sweat the small stuff. I hope this will keep them safe as teenagers by keeping them out of bad situations and giving them the comfort of knowing I’ll always be here for them.

Me: What is your favorite song on the album? 

Tish: I don’t really have a favorite… it is impossible to choose a favorite of any of your creations. But, I do like "Worker Bee" a lot. I think a lot of people can relate to that song.

Me: Okey dokey, will it be under the 3 Kisses name? 

Tish: Yes, we will definitely be recording a new album and it will be under the name 3 Kisses. We’re working on a lot of very cool things right now. My sound engineer friend and Rat Pak Records partner, Josh Stoker, has been up here twice already. On his last trip, he brought recording equipment and tracked a demo of the two new songs I mentioned previously. I hope to have the finished product in the very near future so people can get a taste of what to expect from the Alaska installment of 3 Kisses. They will be re-recorded with Eric LaBrosse and fine-tuned for the album, but I’m hoping to have a solid demo to put out there.

Me: Okay, Tish, let's talk about this... 3 Kisses is gonna have a reality show?

Tish: Yes, we are currently filming the pilot for our new reality show with LMTV303 in the Mat-Su Valley.

Me: What is it gonna be called?

Tish: "Kiss Off!" is what we decided to call the show. Funny, with just a dash of attitude. ;-) You can check it out at

Me: You were part of one reality show, "Wife Swap", a few years ago. Did the producers of that show approach you for a spin off?

Tish: They considered it, but when we weren't chosen to do the 100th episode, they didn't move forward with the idea. We were in the top 4 families of all time to do the show prior to the 100th episode, but the executive producers didn't choose us when it came down to the final decision

Me: Who came up with the concept?

Tish: Jen Kowalski, the Artist Relations/Cyber Office Manager at our label, Rat Pak Records, came up with the original concept back in 2008. It was originally called "Kiss This!" Since then, the dynamic has changed so much with 3 Kisses, we've altered the concept considerably. Our manager at Alaska Rockstar Productions, Trish Reis, developed the new idea, but Jen is still involved in the project. I have complete creative control and it is unscripted so we'll be putting the 'real' back into reality TV!

Me: Alright, tell the readers what the basic premise of the show is, and will your kids be in it? 

Tish: The basic premise for the show encompasses my history, moving from the city of San Antonio to the woods of Alaska living in a cabin and the differences in music scenes in the two places. It will also be about my life as a single mom, juggling kids, homework, their social lives, my day job and all my many aspects of the music business. It will also look into the lives of my bandmates and our relationship on and off the stage. My kids are a huge part of my life and they are my biggest fans. If it weren't for them, I would have given up music when I moved to Alaska. They've really pushed me to keep the dream alive and keep moving 3 Kisses forward. This shows me that I'm raising them right. :-)

Me: You're filming it now, right? When and where will it be shown? 

Tish: Yes, we are filming right now and the band, our management team and the TV crew are putting in an obscene amount of hours. It will be streamed on YouTube and Ustream so you can watch wherever in the world you may be. People should go "like" LMTV303 AND 3 Kisses on Facebook for all the latest updates and refer to or, as well.

Me: This is so cool, Tish. What does your family think about it, and most of all, what does your ex think? 

Tish: My family supports all of my creative endeavors, although my extended family doesn't want to be a part of the show. That is fine by me and totally understandable. I want to preserve their right to privacy. I'm in entertainment, so it's not a big deal for me to lay it all out in the open. I don't speak to my ex, so I don't know or care what he thinks. I've completely moved on with my life and hope he has done the same.

Me: How long is the film crew gonna be with you? 

Tish: This project is open-ended at this time. It's an experiment for all of us, so how far the show goes will depend on how many people are interested in what we're doing. I hope we have a huge viewership and it gets picked up by a national cable network. That's the end goal for all of us.

Me: With "Wife Swap", was that scripted? Is this new show scripted? 

Tish: "Wife Swap" was directed, not scripted. This show will be neither. This is as real as it gets.

Me: Okay, when the show comes out, can you come back on the Phile? 

Tish: Jason, you should know by now that you can interview me anytime you like. You've been such a huge supporter and I appreciate you so very much. All you have to do is say the word... I'm at your disposal!

Me: Thanks, Tish. Thanks again for being on the Phile, and as long as you put out music, I will always have you here on the Phile. Go ahead and mention your websites, Facebook and everything and I please come back again soon. 

Tish: Thanks to you, Jason! You are most awesome! Even though my pre-order ended officially on December 15, I do have a very small quantity of the new CD left, so people can still order at until I completely run out. The songs are also available on iTunes. Here are other places to like, add, listen and/or buy 3 Kisses: So good to back at The Phile! Big music love!!

Well, that's about it. Man, thank job the storm is over, and we didn't lose power. Thanks to Tish for a great interview. I cannot wait to see the new reality show. Alright, the Phile will be back on Sunday with singer Lizzy Ross, then on Monday it's singer Martina Downey. Next Wednesday it's is an Indian electric bass player named Jayen Varma, and on Sunday Artist Scott Quick. So, spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye. I'm hungry.

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