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Pheaturing Kim Simmonds From Savoy Brown

Hello, everybody, and welcome to a special Saturday entry of the Phile. Before we start I want to say, this is not me.

Just because he has red hair doesn't mean it's me. Okay, now that we got that out of the way, how are you? Let's start of with some good news. The United States lowered its flag in Baghdad as the U.S. military mission in Iraq was officially declared over this past Thursday. Obama wanted to transform America. Looks like he succeeded. If you ask me it was a waste and a clusterfuck for which no one has been held accountable, and the haplessly moronic associate it with the man who became president five years after it started, and who voted against it. Although it's on the record (not that this ever matters to these twits), it bears repeating that they were those who knew the Bush Administration's reasons for going into Iraq, on an objective and factual basis, were pure bullshit, but many of the same great minds that would elevate individuals like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Herman Cain to undeserved levels of consideration, bought it all. And while they may not be simply stupid and they habitually play these parts very well. Nearly 4,500 American soldiers dead, thousands of others wounded, all on a bullshit tip, and there's still those who'd still willingly engage in being so intellectually sloven and divorced from truth, they can't bring themselves to say this was an unnecessary monumental fuck-up. Live long, and you're likely to never ceased being amazed. Okay, I got that off my chest, what else is going on? Rick Perry has made so many gaffes lately, it is hard to tell if he's running against President Obama or Joe Biden. Ron Paul is in favor of letting states legalize marijuana, prostitution, and cocaine. So even if he doesn't win, that's going to be one heck of an election night party. Employees at Pepsi who smoke have to pay $50 a month more for health insurance because of their risk to their personal health. Even worse, employees who drink Pepsi have to pay $100 a month. According to a Gallup survey, the average American man now weighs 196 pounds. The average American woman weighs 160 pounds. That's up from 142 pounds just 11 years ago. You know what that means? Our fattest Americans have been eating the skinniest ones. Mitt Romney has called Newt Gingrich “zany.” If they are taking a good look at Newt, honestly, one word comes to mind and it's “zany?” Now I wouldn't be surprised if Romney hit Newt in the head with a rubber chicken. Here's why American voters are turning to Ron Paul. A team of doctors has determined that Ron Paul is physically incapable of having a sex scandal. well, kids, it's getting close to Christmas, and once thing I love about this time of year is Christmas lights and decorations. But I saw one that I don't really like.

Maybe it's not supposed to be a penis, but it sure looks that way. So, are you still trying to figure out what to buy your kids? Have you seen the ad for the American History X Wii game? I don't know if I am gonna get this game for my son or the new Zelda game. Here is the ad for it.

Alright, well, 2011 is almost over, kids. There's been a lot of interesting news stories over the years so for the next few entries until 2012 we will go over some news stories with the help of LEGO. For instance...

Rupert Murdoch's wife Wendi Deng blocked him from getting cream-pied during a hearing of a government select committee hearing on phone hacking. LOL. That's crazy. They will get better I promise you. Alright, and now for some sad news...

Christopher Hitchens
April 13, 1949 - December 15, 2011
Well, at least he's gone to a better pla...oops - never mind.
Joe Simon
October 11, 1913 - December 14, 2011
From Red Skull to Dead Skull.

Well, it's been awhile since our 'friend' Reince Priebus has been on the Phile. I wanted to ask him what he thinks about what Obama is doing with his campaign. So, once again, please welcome RNC Chairman Reince Preibus, in a pheature I call...

Me: Hello, welcome back, Chairman, so do you think Barack Obama is getting desperate with asking supporters to make a three dollar donation and provide the campaign with the email addresses of their Republican friends?

Reince: Amid falling poll numbers and with no record to run on, they claim this is a fundraising effort, but it smacks more of the Orwellian Big Brother tactics Obama's political machine is accustomed to employing.

Me: What do you think about his "Attack Watch" website?

Reince: In 2008, the Obama campaign launched "Stop the Smears" in an effort to silence critics. The Obama 2012 campaign earlier this year set up the "Attack Watch" website to once again have people report any email, website, blog or news article that dared question Obama's failed leadership. Now, they want to build a database of Republican email addresses to target conservative voters with misinformation and attacks against our GOP candidates in 2012.

Me: What do you call this kind of politics, sir? I think it isn't a bad thing.

Reince: Obama and the Democrats are dividing our nation with their sleazy Chicago-style politics and demagogic class warfare rhetoric.

Me: Okay, so, you're bitching about Obama asking for three dollars, but aren't the Republicans asking for a six dollar "gift" to the RNC to counter Obama..?

Reince: Obamas's Billion Dollar war chest and the liberal media. Of course, if you can give a donation of $10, $25 or $50, it would greatly help our cause.

Me: LMAO. You are out of your mind. Obama is only asking for 3 bucks.

Reince: It's not funny, and whatever amount you can give, it is vital you do so before the end of the year. The RNC must end 2011 in a strong financial position so we can build the nationwide grassroots organization we must have to take the fight to Obama throughout the critical 2012 presidential election year.

Me: Thanks for coming back, Chairman, and it is funny, and come back next year sometime. 2012 is gonna be interesting. Do you have anything else you wanna say?

Reince: Thanks. Friend, the latest Big Brother campaign tactic from the Obama campaign reeks of desperation. Knowing they cannot win without viciously attacking our presidential candidates and smearing their records, they now want to build a Republican email list. Thank you.

This is the 16th book to be pheatured in the P.P.B.C...

Jack Boulware will be a guest on the Phile tomorrow. 

Okay, this is so cool. Today's guest is the 7th artist to be pheatured in the Phile's Art Gallery, and is best known as leader and founding member of the blues/rock band Savoy Brown. Savoy Brown's new album "Voodoo Moon" is now available on Amazon, in stores and on iTunes and they'll be next appearing at The Ukranian American Cultural Center tomorrow in Whippany, New Jersey. Please welcome to the Phile, the one and only legend, and good friend... Kim Simmonds!

Me: Hello, Kim, welcome to the Phile. How are you?

Kim: Feeling good thank you... pretty healthy these days.

Me: Y'know, when I started interviewing people for this little blog there were three people on my list I wanted to interview before I stopped doing it. The first was Graham Parker, who I interviewed twice, the second is you, who I am thrilled you are here, and the third is Dave Edmunds who probably will never be here. I cannot find a contact for him. Anyway, are you a fan of Graham Parker, Kim?

Kim: Yes, I've always liked his work.

Me: You've been playing and recording for a loooooonnnnngggg time. How long has Savoy Brown been together?

Kim: I started the band back in 1965/66. I'm not sure if anyone remembers the actual year!

Me: Most of my readers probably know that my dad used to be in Savoy Brown before he left and formed Foghat. Not only did he leave, he took your rhythm as well... looking back, when that happened, you must of been pissed. I have to say, I would of been. Do you remember how you felt when that happened, Kim?

Kim: I was unhappy myself with the way things were at the time... looking back, I think your dad and Roger and Tony wanted to rock more and I was heading towards a R & B direction.

Me: Do you remember when you first met my dad?

Kim: He was at my brother's wedding as a special guest... perhaps that was the first time. He and my brother were a few years older than me. Your dad also let me go on a gig with his band when I was just starting and I seem to remember playing on stage with him.

Me: After he, Roger and Tony left Savoy Brown, you quickly hired a new band... in fact, there's been so many people in the band over the forty plus years, Kim. You must be in some kinda record book. LOL. Anyway, dod you know how many people have been in the band?

Kim: No idea how many people have played in Savoy brown but I do know how many have recorded with the group and that list is on my website.

Me: Has anybody ever asked you why there's been so many? Unlike me, when it comes to work and life, I am not a big fan of change, but you must be obviously, am I right?

Kim: Yes, I welcome change. It is scary but it's part of my artistic DNA... I always want to move on to the next challenge.

Me: Who is currently in the band with you, Kim?

Kim: I have Joe Whiting singing and playing sax... Garnet Grimm on drums and Pat DeSalvo on bass.

Me: I like looking at your website and I like to read your blog posts, your letters, and the one from March you mentioned Cliff Richard, calling him a lightweight, which made me laugh. Did you know my mom used to date him before he was Cliff?

Kim: You learn something different every day! I want all the gossip!

Me: Kim, your paintings are part of the Phile Art Gallery, so congrats. I was surprised when I discovered you took up painting. Have you been painting for a long time? I tried it years ago, but never liked it, I do like to draw though, so if you ever need someone to draw a picture for an album cover let me know. What kinda stuff do you paint, and what kind of paint do you use?

Kim: It is an outlet for me and helps me relax. I paint in oils but started with acrylics and watercolor. My speciality is painting the guitar motif. But I've been struggling with landscape these past two years.

Me: What does your family think of your paintings?

Kim: They like them and think I am the next Picasso!

Me: Some people say that painting relaxes them, but it would stress me out, Kim. Is it relaxing for you?

Kim: I know what you mean. It does relax me but it is also very frustrating. The frustration part feeds my neurosis.

Me: Let's talk about your last solo album... "Out of the Blue", which I have, and really like it. You painted that cover, right?

Kim: That's one of my guitar paintings on the front. I like abstract and semi-abstract modernism as well as old time landscapes.

Me: Do you like to do your solo projects to keep separate from Savoy Brown? Me myself, I love when you play acoustic.

Kim: I'm so glad you like my solo work. Again it is a real challenge. Yes, I play acoustic when I go solo so as to separate things from when I play with the band. I do intend to keep the acoustic side going even though it only plays to a very small audience.

Me: Also I think you have a really good singing voice, but you don't always sing, Kim. Do you prefer to just play guitar, or both?

Kim: I enjoy singing very much. I have my limitations like most people. Obviously my legacy will be as a guitar player. But people often comment on my voice which is nice. I sing two songs on the new band album. I'm now working on the next solo acoustic release. Not sure though what it is going to be yet.

Me: You are currently have a new Savoy Brown album called "Voodoo Moon", Kim. What can you tell us about it?

Kim: It is a blues/rock album with emphasis on songs. A lot of blues/rock music seems to be a vehicle for the guitar player to jam... I do enough of that on stage!

Me: Does it have any originals?

Kim: All original songs... and it was hard work writing them... but gratifying in the end.

Me: Correct me if I am wrong, but the last release from Savoy Bown was "Too Much Of A Good Thing", which was like a best of collection, right? Did you choose the songs for it?

Kim: I have a producer friend Greg Spencer who helps me with my somg selections and he choose the songs for "Too Much Of A Good Thing". I thought he did a great job and really selected a focused group of songs picked from a 15 year period and from quite eclectic albums.

Me: You know my friend Jim, who has been to many Savoy Brown shows over the years with me, Kim. He would be pissed if I didn't ask you about the guitars you play. How many do you take on the road, and what is your favorite to play?

Kim: I take 6 guitars on the road and play them all: Gibson Les Paul, Gibson Flying V, Gibson 335. First Act guitar for slide bought in Walmart, Ibanez Explorer 2 and a Gibson Blues King acoustic.

Me: Do you still shop for guitars like my dad did?

Kim: Gave up... too expensive these days. My last guitar was a Martin acoustic that the factory picked for me.

Me: I have to tell you, you are the third guest I had who has ever played at Carengie Hall. When was that, and what was the experience like? 

Kim: One of my best memories. When I hit the stage I felt uncomfortable though... probably nerves kicking in.

Me: Was that your favorite venue you have ever played in? What was your favorite and what was your favorite gig you have done?

Kim: My favortite gig was the old Fillmore east NYC circa 1969. I have pictures on my studio wall... one solo one of your dad too.

Me: I am guessing the show you did at the Worlds Trade Center must have a special meaning for you, Kim. You played there not long before 9/11, am I right?

Kim: I was the last act to play there a week or so before the attack. Some of the guards and workers I met died. It was unbelievable. I haven't been back.

Me: Kim, how is your family? Logan is now 11 and is into AC/DC, Green Day and Bowling For Soup... what music is your daughter into?

Kim: Lady Gaga and all the pop stuff. She is a really fine singer... broadway stage style. She also acts well and I think she may have dreams about being an actress.

Me: I saw a picture of you playing with Rod Price, Foghat's original lead guitarist, who passed away a few years ago. I have it here, hang on.

That must of been an amazing experience or the fans who were there. Was that the only time you guys played together? Do you gave a recording of that performance?

Kim: Rod and myself became friends later on after he left Fogahat and I had him play a gig with the British Blues All Stars. He was definitely better than me that night. He played great. So sad he died so young.

Me: Kim, thanks so much for being on the Phile, sir. Go ahead and plug your websites and when your next CD comes out could you come back onto the Phile? I wanna talk more about the old Savoy Brown days.

Kim: I always look forward to talking to you. Good health to you and your family!

Me: All the best, and lets get together for dinner sometime, Kim.

Kim: Got it.

Well, that about does it for this entry. Check out Savoy Brown's Facebook page at Thanks I guess to Reince Preibius, and definitely thanks to Kim Simmonds. Okay, the Phile will be back tomorrow with author Jack Boulware then on Monday it's the guys from Three Bonzos and a Piano. Then on Wednesday it's A Peverett Phile Christmas with great singer Karling Abbeygate. Until then, spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

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Tim Favreau said...

great interview, I particularly liked you choice of questions. I went to a recent concert of Savoy Brown at a great little restaurant/bar/pub in Wellsboro PA. Great show. I showed Kim a ticket from ny show in 1974! Some of my favorite songs were when your father played with the band!