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A Peverett Phile Christmas 3 Pheaturing Karling Abbeygate

Hello, and welcome to A Peverett Phile Christmas 3, and Happy Hannukah. Before we start, lemme just say this isn't me...

I am not that happpy. Let's see what's going on, kids. Donald Trump said he was going to run for president and then he didn't run. But now he may be serious because I understand he has demanded to see his own birth certificate. Newt Gingrich is demanding that judges be arrested. I thought, “Whoa, that's what two divorces will do for you.” Everybody is talking about Kim Jong Il, and more news is coming out about him. Kim Jong Il made his staff call him "dear" and spent the day drinking cognac. It's like I have a twin, ladies and gentlemen. The family is saying now that in lieu of flowers for Kim Jong Il, they encourage you to send enriched uranium. It is of course the first day of Hanukkah. So happy Hanukkah to my Jewish reader, my brother-in-law Seth. I love all the holidays. Especially the one you celebrate in your region, with your ethnic group. In honor of Christmas, a town in the U.K. held a reindeer race on Friday night. And of course, it happened to be right when my Grandma was crossing the street. I heard that the Kardashian family just released a special 3-D Christmas card. And this is nice, the card even plays Kim’s favorite Christmas song: “The 12 Days of Marriage.” So, I was wondering... what will Santa give to the bad kids that wants coal for Christmas? Speaking of coal, what do naughty colaminers get for Christmas? Well, today they announced Kim Jong's successor today. 

As I said before, this is my favorite time of year, and one thing I love about this time of year is Christmas lights and decorations, so here on the Phile for the last time until next Christmas season, here are some holiday lights. And I saved the best for last, people.

The only thing that would be cooler is if it was the Millenium Falcon. So, who loves inspirational posters? I love inspirational posters. Here's a Christmas themed one that I found.

There's been a lot of news stories this year and in every entry until the end of the year we will be looking back at them with the help of LEGO. Like President Obama and his national security team were pictured in a now famous photo watching the mission to kill Osama bin Laden unfold in real time.

Well, it's that time of year when Christmas, or Hanukkah lists are being made, and I have my hand on another one. So, kids, here's...
Today's list is from Crash Bandicoot, and it's not much of a list at all. Here it is...
1. Friends.

The poor guy just wants friends. That is dumb. Anyway, moving on with a real list. From he home office in Port Jefferson, New York, here is this week's...

Top Ten Things You Don't Want to Hear at Your Holiday Office Party
10. "Christmas bonuses are being paid in Greek Drachmas."
9. "Pass the McNuggets."
8. "It's like a Christmas Carol. There's the CEO's wives of past, present and future."
7. "Break's over, everyone back to work."
6. "All food or drinks consumed are considered taxable income and must be reported as such."
5. "That's a punch bowl? Whoops..."
4. "In lieu of health coverage next year, here's a $20 bonus."
3. "Let's make this the best party ever, since it will be the last one for most of you."
2. "Earnings are down and so are the CEO's pants!"
And the number one thing you don't want to hear at your Christmas office party...
1. "Is that Herman Cain under the mistletoe again?"

Okay, speaking of Christmas, I invited a good friend to the Phile to talk about his family and the Christmas tradition's they have. So, please welcome once again, Pat Riot.

Well, Hullo, Jason and happy hot tsunami Christmas yaya yo to you toody! Well, first off we do it like everybody else, first we charge our plastic for all it's worth exchanging expensive gifts with relatives, people we'd like to get in the sack, people who offer us some advantage later, after maxing out our credit line, (the rich part of the family goes to Neiman Marcus, the poor go to Walmeetart) then we go to the butcher and get some dead animals to roast over an open flame, with charcoal, lighter fluid and seasonings. Then we invite a bunch of people over, after stuffing themselves nearly into a coma, we watch them get blind drunk, start unwanted pregnancies, divorce actions, after some police involvement, we clear the dead and wounded and wait for the ambulance to depart. Then like most American families, the remaining relatives watch violent football, carpet bombing of Vietnam on the military channel, and Hitlers escaped henchman of South America. After a few more drunken arguments we hold hands and sing "Silent Night Holy Night" and "Joy To The World". Last year Uncle Simon exposed himself in the yard and cut the head of Melissas baby bunny with a hacksaw, so this year we have installed cameras, and cattle tasers for the kids and in case anything gets out of hand. Finally at the end of the night we open the presents to see what Santa brought us, I am hoping for that home brew kit from Kentucky and Wilma is hoping for a cruise to Panama. I'll tell you there is nothing like roasting a dead mammal over a flame with family, watching them get drunk and start a family of their own, if it's half as good as last year, we are truly blessed. Now if you'll excuse me, I saw a big fat Salvation Army bucket in front of Sammyshoes, I bet its got at least two hundred semolies, so me and cousin Sticky Fingers gonna go get it to pay for granny's operation. God bless charity! Hi ho the merry ho and a winky new year!

Thanks, Pat, that was inspiring to say the least. Okay, as there won't be a Phile on Sunday as that's Christmas, I invited my friend Jeff to the Phile today to talk football. So, please welcome to the Phile once again my good friend Jeff in a pheature I call...

Me: Hello, Jeff, welcome to A Peverett Phile Christmas 3. How are you? What are your plans Christmas Day?

Jeff: My plans for Christmas is to go to movies and dinner with my girlfriend. What are the plans of the Phile?

Me: Nothing as Phile as far as the Phile goes. What is the one thing you're hoping to get?

Jeff: Don't know what I hope to get. It depends if Santa said I was a good boy or a naughty boy this year. Hehe. Anything on your wish list?

Me: A shit load of Blu-rays. Alright, what is the big news this week? And I think I should get at least an extra ten points for predicting Tebow will lose by 20. LOL.

Jeff: There is a lot of news going on from last week's games. Most shocking is that both the undefeated Packers lost while the winless Colts won. A lot of teams that should have had a cake walk onto the playoffs had stunning losses. Plus yes, you were right that the Denver Tebows lost by 20 points, but I am not sure that is really worth 10 points in our standings. Nice try though! I can't say I blame you though. The other big news is depite the serious struggles of the Philadelphia Eagles, despite all the hype... they are still mathmatically in the playoff hunt. So it should be an exciting last 2 weeks

Me: Okay, I won't take that 10 points. Anyway, seriously, how did we really do?

Jeff: We both went 1-1 last week with both our teams losing so it's still a five point lead for me. I say that in the last week we pick three games? Maybe five? What do you say? Make it interesting!

Me: That sounds good. We'll pick five games. Okay, this week I say Texans by 5 and the Rams by 4. What do you say?

Jeff: I'm gonna go with Philadelphia by 3 over Dallas and my last pick of the week will be Broncos over Bills by a field goal as well.

Me: Okay, Jeff. I will see you on, January 1st. Have a great Christmas, my friend. See ya next year!!

Okay, the 8th artist to be pheatured in the P.P.A.G. is Phile Alumni and musician Alexis White, who will be on the Phile also on January 1st. This is one of her pieces...

Okay, today's guest is a fantastic singer whose new CD's "Bound For Nowhere" and "Christmas With Karling" are available on her website and iTunes. She'll be next apeparing at B Ryder's in Bakersfield, California on December 23rd. Please welcome to the Phile, the very talented... Karling Abbeygate.

Me: Hello, Karling, welcome to the Phile. I am so excited you are here. How are you?

Karling: I am doing fine. Thank you for asking.

Me: I am a big fan so it's great to have you on the Phile. You are one of my new favorite singers. So, I have to tell you I had a dilemma... I couldn't decide what pic to use for the interview, Karling. They are all hot, so I went for the obvious. Who came up with this idea for the shoot?

Karling: I'm glad you like it. It was my idea, I really like the color red for photo shoots. Those were my actual sheets. Haha, I insist on sleeping in red satin! Unless I'm touring then any old smelly couch will do!

Me: You weren't really naked, were you?

Karling: Yes.

Me: I have to ask you about your name Karling. It's very unusual and in my 43 years I have never heard of anyone called that name. What does it mean, and there must be a story behind it, am I right?

Karling: The story is that my mother spent some time in the USA, and she had a best friend over here called Karling. When she gave birth to me she named me after her American friend. Of course I assumed it was a common American name but when I eventually moved over here I found out that she was the only one... at least I've never met another. Where I grew up one of the most popular beers is called Carling Black Label. I got teased about it.

Me: Karling, where are you from?

Karling: I'm from Norwich, England.

Me: My dad's dad was from Norwich. When did you move to America?

Karling: Really? That's a coincidence. I moved here about 15 years ago.

Me: You live in Los Angeles am I right? Do you go back to England often? I am originally from England, London to be exact, but I have only been there twice since I moved to Florida in '87.

Karling: Ah, see, and my dad lives in Florida. Small world. Yes, I live in Los Angeles. I try and go back to England once a year.

Me: Alright, let's talk about your music. I love your latest album "Bound For Nowhere" even though I disagree, I think you are bound for a lot of places. Where did the album title come from?

Karling: The title is from a line in one of the songs. "Train Bound For Nowhere." And then our PR expert at Luck Media came up with and organized the photo shoot of me out in the desert bound up with ropes!

Me: I am guessing you are a big fan of rockabilly. Did you grow up listening to that genre of music?

Karling: Yes, I am and I did grow up listening to rockabilly. I was so amazed when I heard my first Sun Sessions Record. My best friend's mum had a collection of old records and we would play them. I liked the 50's music, but when I heard Elvis' "Blue Moon Of Kentucky" it took my breath away. So raw and full of energy. I was immediately sold on that style of music.

Me: When I was about my son's age which is 12 rockabilly was my favorite genre. I listened to a lot of Stray Cats, The Polecats and Dave Edmunds. Who is your favorite band from that genre?

Karling: I loved the Stray Cats, even though it wasn't particularly cool to do so. The Polecats were great also, and I actually have hung out with Boz Boorer the guitarist who now plays with Morrissey.

Me: What other types of music are you into?

Karling: I like a lot of different styles of music. I really like American 70's rock and 80's English music. I love Blondie and David Bowie, Sex Pistols, Kate Bush, The Stones, The Kinks, I really dig this band called Midnight Syndicate. They play spooky orchestral music that makes every day Halloween.

Me: When did you decide you wanted to be a performer, Karling? What was your first gig you ever did?

Karling: I always loved music. I knew that I liked to write, both stories and songs. I played several instruments in school and I won a competition at a holiday camp called Butlins playing "Amazing Grace" on my recorder. So I was always headed in that direction. But my first actual gig singing in a band was in Las Vegas. I was so scared. We were playing songs from my very first album called "Tin Town", and it was at some bar I don't even remember the name but I know they didn't pay us and I was too scared to ask for the drink tickets. That's all changed now. Scoring drink tickets is my first priority. Haha.

Me: My dad was really into rockabilly and recorded a rockabillish album called "Zig-Zag Walk". I am guessing your parents were into the same kinda music as you. Am I right?

Karling: You're kidding? Wow, that's amazing! Yes, my parents loved old style country and rockabilly. Mostly old country like Jim Reeves and Patsy Cline and rockabilly like Elvis and Gene Vincent. I don't think they liked the Stay Cats or saw any connection between their music and the new incarnation.

Me: You have been compared to Wanda Jackson, who is still making records to this day. In fact, recently she was in Orlando and I missed her. Have you met her, and do you mind being compared to her?

Karling: Yes, I have met her, and I've played a couple of shows with her. Of course I don't mind being compared to Wanda Jackson, it's an honor. Her voice and style is the epitome of rockabilly. She's incredible. Plus she dated Elvis!

Me: I have to congratulate you, Karling. A few years ago you were up for an award for the song "Another Lovely Day". Did you win? If so, what did you win?

Karling: Yes, we won at the Los Angeles Music Awards and were nominated at the Hollywood Music and Media Awards. It's not the kind of deal where you win money or anything, but it's very prestigious. We were presented with awesome plaques and the awards ceremony was an adventure with photographers and TV and the red carpet. It was a whole lot of fun!

Me: Okay, I have to get back to your album. Where was it recorded and did you write all the songs on it?

Karling: It was recorded at a studio on Melrose. The old Electrovox Studio. Yes, I wrote all the songs.

Me: Let's talk about your band. I interviewed your drummer Jon Schwartz who recommended I interview you. He also plays with Weird Al. I am guessing you are a fan of Weird Al... How did you meet Jon?

Karling: Yes, I love Weird Al. I was introduced to Jon by Joel Morin, who at the time was our guitar player. Jon is a real pro and he's very funny too. This last Halloween we played at Mr. T's Bowl in L.A., and the whole band dressed up as zombies, except Jon who wore this ridiculously creepy mask that looked something like a rabid chipmunk.

Me: Who else is in your band?

Karling: It changes quite a bit. Some of the players are Johnny Palmer who also plays drums. He plays quite often with Wanda Jackson. Bob Gothar who usually plays guitar but sometimes we have Chris "Sugarballs" Sprauge. Donnie Whitbeck is a key player, he sometimes plays guitar, but mostly he does our sound and our recordings. Keyboards is Jason Eoff, bass is A.J Lopez, or Tony Macias. It's really a mix of great musicians but it evolves constantly.

Me: Is this the band that's called Monks of Love?

Karling: No, that's another band. The Monks Of Love was more of an art rock band. That was a lot of fun but we haven't done that in quite a while.

Me: One of your songs on the album is called "The Valley", and correct me if I am wrong, but that song is dedicated or about Frankie Lane, right?

Karling: It's inspired by his style of music. I was definitely thinking along the lines of "Frankie Lane" when I wrote it.

Me: He was a fan of yours I understand. Did you ever meet him before he passed away?

Karling: Yes, he was a fan, and was helping to promote our music. I met him many times, he showed me all his gold records and his old photos and told me stories of how he became successful. His widow Marsha is still very close, and when we play in San Diego we stay at their house. It's awesome.

Me: Apart from making kick ass music, you also like to write horror stories. Is this a hobby of yours or are you planning on getting them published?

Karling: Yes, I do love writing horror stories. I like all things horror. I wrote a novel called "Fly King" and it's being published next year. It almost got a movie deal right off the bat. Disney was planning on getting involved with a horror production company and "Fly King" was going to be their first movie. Unfortunately Disney decided against blood curdling horror, which isn't really a huge surprise. But "Fly King" is going to print next year.

Me: Don't deal with Disney (who is the greatest company to work for... HA!). I worked for Disney for the last 23 years, and they wouldn't know how to promote a horror film. If you there is a movie on "Fly King", would you star in it?

Karling: I thought it was a little odd too that they would step into the horror arena. I would like to be in the movie, but probably not the star. I was thinking Natalie Portman or someone like that! I could do a cameo like Stephen King does.

Me: Growing up I used to write sci-fi stories, Karling, but I will never have them published. They kinda sucked. If you weren't a singer would you wanna be an author?

Karling: Yes, I would probably be a writer. It's a very lonely job though. I prefer performing and writing songs which is much easier and a lot more fun. I suppose as I get older and crotchety I will turn more towards writing horror fiction.

Me: Let's talk about your Christmas release real quick. Is that a new album or an EP?

Karling: "Christmas With Karling" is a full blown album. All the proceeds are going to Save a Life, a non-profit no-kill animal rescue and animal shelter. They helped me with a stray mama cat and her kittens that were living in my shed. I couldn't find anyone who would take them and not put them on death-row except these people. So all the proceeds of this album are going to them. We also have a series of benefit shows lined up throughout December. Please go check them out at and donate. You can do it through paypal. Or buy the CD "Christmas with Karling" at

Me: You must really love animals, Karling, which is cool. Me, on the other hand, I don't. Unless they are on a plate. LOL. Are you a vegetarian?

Karling: Haha! Yes I am a vegetarian. I don't eat anything with a eyes... unless its a potato. I love animals. I really try and help as much as I can. I'm the one who always get suckered into feeding stray cats, or trying to rescue dogs from the middle of the road.

Me: Well, Christmas is my favorite time of year. Is it yours?

Karling: I love Christmas. To be honest I really love Halloween a little more, but Christmas is next on my list. I have so many great memories of Christmas and it's a family time so that's what makes it really special.

Me: Thanks so much for being on the Phile. I am a huge fan, and it was truly an honor to interview you. Will you come back when your next release comes out?

Karling: Yes, I sure will. Thank you for having me.

Me: Okay, go ahead and plug your website and anything else you wish, and please come back soon.

Karling: Mostly please go donate to Christmas is the worst time for animal abandonment. Well-meaning people buy pets as gifts and often times the folks they buy them for don't want them or don't have the resources to look after them so they end up at the shelter. The money you donate will assist Save-a-Life in rescuing these animals from death-row. They take them to their no-kill shelter and get them adopted at places like Petco and Farmers markets. It's a hard job, but with our help it can be a little easier and we can save more lives. Thank you. Also... and

Well, there you are, A Peverett Phile Christmas 3. Thanks to Jeff Trelewicz, Jeff Cameron and of course Karling. The Phile will be back next Monday with Shibuya Crossings lead singer and guitarist Declan Harrington. Then next Wednesday, the last entry of the year it's Erica Monzon, lead singer for the band Ledaswan. Spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Have a Merry Christmas, kids, bye love you bye.

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