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Pheaturing Liberty DeVitto


Hi there, welcome to the Phile for another Friday... what? It's Saturday? Oh, shit. Actually, last night I worked late and then went to work early this morning, so I am a day late. Sorry. So, how was your week? I know you are all tired of hearing Kayne West jokes, so I will try not to mention him anymore... but... the other day at work my friend Jeff was doing a show when Kayne West came up to him, snatched the mic from his hand and told him that Beyonce could do better. Don't believe me? Take a look.

Obama has been everywhere pushing his healthcare plan. He was even on “Maury Povich.” Good news: He’s not the father. Turns out John Edwards is. According to the L.A. Times, one of John Edwards’ aides wrote a book proposal in which Edwards convinced him to come forward and say he was the father, which the guy did even though he was married. We should make Edwards president — if he can make a married guy to announce he fathered a child he didn’t, he can convince anyone of anything. President Obama is also in Pittsburgh for the G-20 Summit where he joins other world leaders to discuss the economy. The biggest issue on the table is “Why are we in Pittsburgh?” Okay, the last few weeks or so I have been showing you some books that Logan had in his collection. These books seemed okay when he got them years ago, but now, taking a second look, we are not so sure. So, as a public service announcement I thought I would warn you what type of children books are out there. I mean, take a look at this Berenstain Bears book. By the way, a berenstein is what I left in my bed last night. LOL. Just kidding!
Okay, now for no particular reason, here is a random picture of Megan Fox.

Let's talk about the...

Here is the second Book Club book, kids. It is available on and at In a few weeks Mary Tamm will be a guest here on the Phile. And don' forget you cans till purchase the first book in the P.P.B.C., Victor Langlois' "Mr. Lincoln Was a Robot".

Troops laying siege to Athens led by Venetian general Francesco Morosini rain cannonfire down on the Acropolis and the Turkish soldiers garrisoned inside. One cannonball penetrates the Parthenon, which happened to serve as the Turks' gunpowder magazine. The roof, walls, and 16 columns are blown off by the resulting explosion.
The Empress of the Blues, Bessie Smith, sustains grave injuries in a traffic accident on US Highway 61. She is taken to a colored hospital in Clarksdale, Mississippi and her arm amputated. Smith dies later that day from blood loss. According to legend, Bessie had been refused treatment by a closer, whites-only hospital.
Kennedy and Nixon face off in the first televised presidential debate. Nixon had been recuperating from illness yet refused to wear makeup for the camera, looking haggard and gray. Radio viewers gave positive opinions for Nixon's performance but so many people saw the debate televised that Kennedy gained the lead in the polls, ultimately winning the election.
"Gilligan's Island" premieres on CBS television with the pilot episode "Two on a Raft." This is the one where they almost get off the island.
Jeffrey Dahmer offers a cute Laotian boy $50 to pose for nude photos in his Milwaukee apartment. The parents of the 13-year-old later rat Dahmer out, resulting in a 10-month prison stay.

This is so cool. Today's guest is an American rock drummer who is best known as the drummer for Billy Joel, but has also played with the NYC Hit Squad and has been a session drummer on recordings of other artists. Please welcome to the Phile, the one and only... Liberty DeVitto.

Me: Hello, Liberty, sir. How are you? Welcome to the Phile.

Liberty: It's wonderful to be here !!!

Me: It's funny we have a mutual friend... Joe Skinner. When did you first meet him?

Liberty: I lived in Florida and had a band called the Funk Club... Doug Bare was on the Hammond Organ. He also had a band with Joe called the Funky Blues Messiahs.

Me: Do you still live in Florida, or did you move back home to New York?

Liberty: I moved back to New York, Brooklyn to be exact, a year after 9/11.

Me: Do you remember in the 80's I think it was when Billy's band rehearsed at Foghat's Boogie Motel Studios in Port Jefferson?

Liberty: Actually we were recording a song for a Carly Simon Children's album... The song was "Nobody Knows But Me".

Me: We'll talk about Billy in a moment. When did you first started to play drums? What made you pick up that instrument?

Liberty: My Parents say I had a lot of energy as a kid... thank God there wasn't Prozac back then...

Me: Who is your favorite drummer of all time?

Liberty: RINGO STARR without a doubt.

Me: Okay, let's talk about Billy. Most of the reader's probably know this, but for those that don't know, go ahead and tell them who Billy is. When did you first meet him?

Liberty: I assume you are talking about Billy Joel??? I met Billy when I was 17 years old... we played in the same club but in different bands.

Me: What was the first and last album you played with Mr. Joel?

Liberty: The first album was "Turnstiles" and the last was the song "Shades of Gray" on the "River of Dreams" album.

Me: He hasn't done any touring recently, or recording, so have you spoken to him? Is he planning on making a new album?

Liberty: I haven't seen or spoken to Billy in almost 7 years!!!

Me: What was your favorite and all time show you did with Billy? I'm guessing Russia or Yankee Stadium... am I right?

Liberty: Has to be Russia or the Soviet Union as it was called then.

Me: What is your all time favorite Billy Joel song?

Liberty: "Honesty".

Me: Your daughter Torrey is an actress, right? How many children do you have and do they play music as well?

Liberty: Yes, Torrey is my actress, I have 3 girls... Devon mixes sound on Long Island clubs and on the road for bands and Maryelle cuts hair and does theatrical makeup... Torrey also plays a beautiful violin.

Me: Tell the Phile readers about Little Kid Rock. I think it's a very cool idea and I commend you for it.

Liberty: LKR give free lessons to kids in elementary school. It is an after school program for inner city kids... they have more then 8000 kids in different states. Check them out at

Me: So, who else have you played with apart from one of the most popular recording artists of our time?

Liberty: The people I played with have been some of my idols as I was growing up... but I will play with anyone who puts their heart and soul into the music.

Me: Any latest projects you wanna talk about? Do you have a website you want to plug?

Liberty: I did an album with a band called FLYNSOLO that I am very proud of... I also am part of a summer camp for young musicians called "Camp Jam"... check them out at

Me: Liberty, if you were asked to be a house drummer for a late night show like Max Weinberg on Conan?

Liberty: Was I ever asked... NO... would I take it if i were asked... YES !!!

Me: Liberty, thanks for doing this interview. Tell Billy I said hello next time you see him, okay?

Liberty: You are very welcome... but you'll have to tell Billy yourself... sorry !


Okay, kids, it's a short entry but I am dead tired. Thanks to Liberty for a really good interview, and for taking time out for my lame questions, and also to Wikipedia. The Phile should be back on Monday with singer Ernie Halter. So, until then, spread the word, not the turd. Bye, love you, bye.

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