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Pheaturing Andrew Brittell From Brightwood


Hello, welcome to another Monday entry of the Phile. So, how are you? Thank god today isn't talk like a pirate day otherwise this whole blog would be written in piratese. Savvy. So, do you kids like NASCAR? I can never get into it myself, but I did see Dale Jr. mention "Slow Ride" on TV once so I guess he would be my favorite racer. Anyway, NASCAR has made an effort to be more green. They even hired a consultant to help them. Now they have come out with “green” racing event this weekend, and the ads for it were green as well. The nice thing about it is, the changes they’ve made have not changed racing at all: “It’s NASCAR action — green style. Come see the latest hybrid cars race quietly at speeds of up to 55 miles per hour.” They’ve even spiced up the food: “Don’t forget your appetite — we’ve got hummus!” Everybody’s talking about healthcare. Montana Sen. Max Baucus presented a new plan that contains both Democratic parts and Republican parts. He’s calling it the “Lady Gaga Option.” Did you hear Dick Cheney is having surgery today to relieve his lower back pain. You know how they administered the anesthesia? They just shot it right in his face. A new Nielson survey found that Washington, D.C. has the most 25-34-year-olds in the country who make over $100,000 a year. They’re called hookers. In Pittsburgh, they just passed a law banning both urination and defecation in public. I think the bigger story is that it’s been legal all this time in Pittsburgh. They’re holding the Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C. This is a gathering of conservative activists who get together and talk about values and politics... then, at night, they take hookers up to their hotel rooms. The president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sat down with Ann Curry for an Interview on the “Today” show. It was his first interview since he won the election he rigged in June. She asked him what he wanted above all else from the United States. His reply? “I want an iPhone; I want a date with Megan Fox, and I want to be interviewed on the Peverett Phile." It ain't gonna happen, my friend. Okay, in the last few weeks I have been showing you books that Logan had in his collection we discovered when we went through them. We discovered not all children's books are as nice and sweet as you thought they would be. So, as a public service, I thought I will show you what books are out there. Yes, there's more. Take a look at this one.

So, pay attention when you buy a kid's book, okay. Once in awhile I like to show you inspirational posters that are sold in stores. They are getting more and more creative, better and better. And I think this one is the best. Take a look, kids.

The Dean of Guild, William Dun, receives a bonus of 47 pounds, 3 shillings, and 4 pence for "the great number of witches burnt this year."
With a winning bid of £6,600, Mr. Cecil Chubb purchases Stonehenge and 30 acres of land at auction. He donates the monument to the British state three years later.
Horror author Stephen King born in Portland, Maine.
Ronald Reagan's Secretary of the Interior, James Watt, describes his staff's racial diversity to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce: "We have every mixture you can have. I have a black, a woman, two Jews and a cripple. And we have talent." Watt is forced to resign 18 days later over these comments.
The Saudi government beheads 16 Kuwaiti terrorists in public after convicting them of a deadly bombing at the Great Mosque in Mecca two months earlier. The perpetrators claimed they had been trained by Iran, but Iran denied any involvement.

This is the second book in the Peverett Phile Book Club.

In the 1970s, she travelled the universe aboard the TARDIS… 30 years on, actress Mary Tamm now recounts the story of her own, earthbound, adventures. Born to Estonian parents in 1950s Bradford, her rise to fame took her from a Northern childhood to life in the fast lane: via TV appearances in "Coronation Street" and "Girls of Slender Means" to leading roles in feature films - including the cult Tales that Witness Madness, and The Odessa File which pitched her career into the international arena. In 1978, Mary became part of essential Saturday night television as she joined the cast of "Doctor Who" alongside Tom Baker, as the superlative Time Lady, Romana! Packed with recollections and exclusive photographs, this autobiography follows Mary on a journey of self-discovery to her parents' homeland of Estonia, where she finally comes to terms with her true identity… "First Generation" was released in September 2009 and published in two versions: a standard paperback and a special hardback edition . The hardback edition will only be available direct from Fantom Films - limited to 200 copies, individually numbered, with extra photographs and signed by Mary. You can order the book from or And coming up in a few weeks on the Phile an interview with Mary. Also, don't forget to order the Phile's first Book Club book Victor Langlois' "Mr. Lincoln Was A Robot" also available at
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Today's guest is the led singer from the Oregon based band Brightwood. Their album "Wake" is available on iTunes as we speak. Please welcome to the Phile... Andrew Brittel from Brightwood.

Me: Hello, welcome to the Phile. So, how are you, Andrew?

Andrew: Great, thanks!

Me: I have to ask you about the band name. It sounds like a glow in the dark condom, but it's named after a town, right?

Andrew: Wow... yes, actually our previous guitarist picked up the word on a street sign. After a vote, we agreed to adopt it as our band name. Turns out it's a small town near Mt. Hood here in Oregon.

Me: Are you all from Portland originally? I think Brightwood is the first band I interviewed from there.

Andrew: Three of us grew up in the greater Portland area, but our bassist, Matt, is originally Juneau, Alaska.

Me: Congrats on having a song in the "Real World". Did you know that was gonna happen, or was it a surprise?

Andrew: We've worked with Bunim/Murray (the producers of the Real World) before, and had some songs placed on a couple of their shows, so it didn't come as a complete surprise. I think they informed us about a week before the show aired.

Me: I downloaded the album "Wake" from iTunes and liked it. But what's the deal with the creepy cover art? Who did that?

Andrew: Well, thank you. Ha ha. I can see how the cover art could translate as "creepy." However, that wasn't really our intent. The band got together after "Wake" was recorded and talked about our vision for the artwork, so what you see is a culmination of all of our ideas.

Me: Who produced it and where was it recorded?

Andrew: We've produced all of our music to date, and do all of our recordings in our own little excuse for a studio.

Me: Tell the readers about Invisible Children. It's a cause you did some work for, right? Is there a website someone can check out about it?

Andrew: Actually, we just recently became a part of a global event that Invisible Children is staging on April 25th in an effort to rescue 3,000 child soldiers in Uganda. To help raise awareness we're offering a free download of our new album's title track, "Wake", at

Me: So, who is in the band and how did you guys form?

Andrew: Myself, Stephen my brother, Matt, and Collin. Stephen and I have been playing music together since high school. After cycling through a number of different musicians, we found a dynamic that clicked with Matt and Collin, making Brightwood what it is today.

Me: Are you currently working on your next project?

Andrew: We strive to constantly be creating. Most likely a lot of the new material that we've been working on will end its way up on a new album, but as of now we don't have any solidified plans to record a project to be released.

Me: Have you guys done any videos?

Andrew: We've done an array of tour blogs and promotional videos that you can find on Youtube, but if you're talking about music videos, we're still working up to that.

Me: I like your music, Andrew. I wish you a lot of luck. Tell the readers of the Phile your website and is there anything else you want to plug?

Andrew: Our official website is, but you can find the most recent updates at our Myspace page. Thanks again.


Thanks to Andrew Brittell for taking time out for this interview and to Wikipedia for their history stuff. The Phile will be back on Friday with Billy Joel's ex-drummer Liberty DeVitto. So, until then, spread the word, not the turd. Bye, love you, bye.

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