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Pheaturing Joy Ike


Hello, welcome to another entry of the Phile. So, how are you? Thanks for stopping by. President Obama made his healthcare address to Congress. It went pretty well, except for one weird part in the middle when a congressman from South Carolina suddenly yelled out, “You lie!” It’s amazing — this guy was able to sit through seven years of President Bush telling him everything in Iraq was fine. Even fellow Republicans were horrified at the outburst. He apologized immediately after the speech, saying he was watching “Gossip Girl” on his iPhone and got angry at the show. So, you kids scared about the swine flu? Don't get me started on that. Anyway, to avoid the swine flu we're now being told to avoid human contact. No human contact. I call that my weekend. Michael Vick is busy learning the Philadelphia Eagles playbook. Well, who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Someone is auctioning off a dinner with Sarah Palin. The starting bids are $25,000. They say now that for an extra thousand dollars she'll actually shoot the main course. I am still trying to ask my wife if I can go. You all know what a big fan of iTunes and my iPod and iPhone I am, right? Well, last week, a still kind of recovering Steve Jobs, equipped with a new liver, unveiled new iPods with increased multimedia functionality and a new version of iTunes. iTunes 9: New Features
Smarter "Genius" Feature: The new and improved iTunes now makes "Genius" recommendations for not just music but apps, movies and TV shows too. Improved Syncing and File Transfers: iTunes 9.0 also improves syncing functionality and makes it easier to transfer downloaded media from iTunes to multiple computers. iTunes LP: Looks like the project "cocktail" rumors we heard in July we're true. Apple and the 4 major record labels, Sony, Warner Music, EMI and Universal Music, have gotten together to invent a new digital album cover format called iTunes LP. These "digital album covers" include extra media such as photos, lyrics, videos and additional songs not available to users who only purchase singles.
iTunes Extras: Another feature called iTunes Extras gives iTunes users access to extra content for movie and TV purchases typically only included with DVDs. including documentaries, deleted scenes and interviews. Man, I am overdosing. Also, they revealed the new limited edition Paris Hilton iPod. It looks good, but does nothing. In the last few weeks on the Phile I have been showing you some odd children's books we didn't know our son Logan had in his collection. Consider it a warning that when you go to a book store and buy a children's book, make sure you read the title and check it out. For example, look at this book...

I can't believe P.D. Eastman would write something like that. I mentioned in the past about inspirational type posters that you could buy at malls. It seems like some are getting printed and made very quickly, like this one that was made in a day.

I have no idea what happened, or what Kayne West did to Taylor, but I think I want to kick his ass.

Legendary dancer Isadora Duncan is killed in Nice, France when her long silk scarf gets tangled in the rear wheel of the convertible she's riding in. Her neck is broken and an artery severed. Some accounts have her thrown against the pavement and dragged for 100 feet. The freak accident occurs in full view of a number of friends.
Surgeons Walter Freeman and Egas Moniz perform America's first prefrontal lobotomy on a depressed, 63-year-old Kansas woman in Washington, D.C. They successfully create a lethargic dullard, and the duo hails the result for years to come as a medical triumph, despite the fact that two of their next twenty lobotomy subjects end as fatalities.
Grace Kelly, American-born princess of Monaco, dies after a high speed car crash the previous day. She and daughter Princess Stephanie were badly injured when their British Rover 3500 plunged into a ravine, tumbling 45 feet. In the official version of events, Grace suffered a mild stroke while driving; however, rumors persist that 17-year-old Princess Stephanie was actually behind the wheel.

This is the first book in the book club. It is available on and I want every reader to go and purchase a copy. Victor Langlois, the author, will be on the Phile this Friday, so please buy a copy.

Today's guest is a wonderful singer from Pennsylvania whose album new album "Good Morning" is available on iTunes now. She'll be playing on September 16th at Backstage Bar in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Please welcome to the Phile, the very talented Joy Ike.

Me: Hello, Joy, welcome to the Phile. How are you? It's a joy to have you here.

Joy: Thanks for having me. I’m recovering from the flu but other than that, I’m great!

Me: I have to say your new album called "Good Morning" is beautiful. I just downloaded it and played it through. Well done. Are you proud of it?

Joy: Yes, I’m extremely proud of the CD. I had a really bad experience with my first EP (mainly because I didn’t have a clue what I was doing). So I promised myself I wouldn’t release another project unless I was 100% happy with it. There are still a few things I would change on “Good Morning” but I am truly proud of it and its production quality has opened several doors for me in the last few months.

Me: I was thinking, your next CD should be called "Joy To The World".

Joy: Ya…not likely, J. That one’s just a little too cliché… even for a Christmas CD *chuckle*

Me: Don't take this the wrong way, and tell me if I am out of line, but you do not sound like a typical black singer. If I didn't know know you were black, I would not know it by listening to you sing. Is that something you were aware of? Do you have a favorite singer that you look up to?

Joy: No one’s ever bluntly told me that but I think a lot of people have thought this - both about my singing and talking voices. I think it’s true. I don’t mean to toot my own horn but I dig my voice and think the fact that I’m a black artist singing pop-ish tunes with a “not-so-black” voice ads a very interesting dynamic to the mix.

Me: Let's talk about a cause that's very close to your heart, I think... Rice Bowls. Go ahead and tell the readers what it is, what it does, how you came to know them, and is there a website for readers that want to donate?

Joy: Rice Bowls is important to me simply because there is so much hunger in the world and the organization provides a simple practical way for Americans to do something selfless.
Rice Bowls provides plastic piggy bank rice bowls that can be filled with change. Once full, the change is counted and donated to their organization. 100% of the proceeds go to orphanages in India, Haiti, and Africa. I think if we as Americans took the time to realize how wasteful we are, we would be embarrassed and ashamed. We don’t even finish the food on our own plates... and this is a real shame. People can learn more about RiceBowls at They can donate directly on their site or at

Me: Joy, where are you from and where do you live now?

Joy: I’ve live in Pittsburgh almost all my life. I’m not sure I’m meant to stay here but it suits me well for the time being.

Me: When you are not playing, what do you do for fun?

Joy: I love watching movies. Dramas, thrillers, and action specifically.

Me: Is there any bands or singers that you are in to that I should know about and interview?

Joy: I am a huge fan of local bands and independent artist who working hard to represent themselves. I highly recommend Baltimore artist, Cameron Blake ( and Pittsburgh/Nashville artist Brooke Annibale (

Me: When did you learn to play piano and how did that come the instrument of your choice?

Joy: I never really wanted to play piano but my parents made us (myself and my siblings) take lessons when we were growing up. I stopped when I got into High School but picked it back up before graduating from college.

Me: Who is your favorite piano player?

Joy: Probably Brooke Waggoner again. I have a good feeling I’m her biggest fan… and I hope to open for her someday.

Me: What is your favorite song of all time?

Joy: There is so much good music out there. It’s next to impossible for me to decide on my favorite song.

Me: There's one song on your album called "Jacob and Esau". Who are they? Anybody in particular?

Joy: Jacob & Esau are Biblical characters... brothers actually. The story goes: Being the oldest brother, Esau is entitled to his fathers blessing. In those days, the firstborn got first dibs on a father’s blessing and this was a huge deal. But Jacob (the younger brother) disguised himself as Esau, took the blessing, and skipped town in fear of what his brother might do to him. The song is basically about what happens when you double cross your brother and what it takes to make things right again.

Me: What do you think about Mr. Barack? He seems to be doing a good job.

Joy: I don’t like politicians. And I don’t like politics. But I do think Obama is doing a great job. I think his personality is likeable and his speeches are believable, authentic, and personal. At the same time, you can’t please everyone. So I think a time will come when the “movie star” treatment he’s been getting from the media will significantly change. I’m interested in seeing what the media thinks of him in a year from now.

Me: Joy, is there anything you want to plug? Any websites you want to mention?

Joy: Yes, I have a music marketing site for musicians called Grassrootsy ( As I said above, I am really passionate about independent artists trying to make it in the industry. Grassrootsy offers some effective ways for indies to better promote themselves. Please visit and subscribe. I really hope it helps you! Also, please be sure to check out my myspace.

Me: Finally, I love to get my intervieews to tell me a joke. So, do you know any? And yes, you can tell a dirty joke.

Joy: Oh man… I am so bad with jokes! I’m usually the girl at the party who’s sitting quietly on the couch or leaving early. I wish I were a comic, J.

Me: Thanks again, Joy, I wish you luck with everything. When is your NEXT album coming out?

Joy: I don’t plan on putting anything out till the beginning of 2010 and I’m really excited for the next project. I’ve got some great new songs and I have ideas for string parts in most of them. So pumped!


Thanks, Joy, for a great interview. Check her music out, kids, you'd like it. Thanks also to Wikipedia for the history facts. The Phile will be back this Friday with the Peverett Phile Book Club author Victor Langlois. And then I'll announce the next book in the Book Club. You can follow me on Twitter at the peverettphile, even though I don't post on their to often. Anyway, thanks for reading, and spread the word, not the turd. Bye, love you, bye.

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