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Pheaturing Alex Aaron From Buffalo Alice


Hello, welcome to another entry of the Phile. Today was my first day back to work after the Segway accident. Turns out the Segway I was riding that turned off had a problem with Brits riding it. I was wondering why it kept muttering "Daniel Britt, Daniel Britt." When really what it was saying was "Damn you, Brit. Damn you, Brit." The Segway was fired and sent packing though which is good. But now the other Segways are all turning on me and are trying to get me fired. I haven't had anyone shut down and me and throw me off like that since my ex about 15 years ago. Sad news: Rosie O’Donnell is breaking up with longtime spouse, Kelly. Here’s how it works: Kelly gets the house, Rosie gets the tugboat. Rosie is so upset over it that she failed to report to the Vikings training camp. Are you kids golf fans? I'm no, but... Tiger Woods, who never lost a major tournament when he was leading, lost to Y.E. Yang. He lost the PGA championship. "Golf Digest" upgraded Yang from “unknown” to “virtually unknown.” Obama was watching the contest. He knows Tiger was upset. In fact, he invited Tiger and Yang to the White House for a beer. Former President George W. Bush attacked President Obama’s policies on anti-terrorism, healthcare, and the economy. Then Bush spent the next 20 minutes trying to kill a fly. Here's something from England, a nation of shopkeepers... A British newspaper reported that Mir Hossein Moussaoui actually won the election in Iran. Ahmadinejad came in third. Coming in second? Al Gore. In an interview, John Edwards said that “time will tell” whether running for president while having an affair was a good decision. I hate to break it to you John, but it was a bad decision. Time just called and won’t shut up about it. And now for a random thoughts... I totally take back all those times I didn't want to nap when I was younger. So, a few weeks ago I showed you a book that Logan had on his book shelf that I thought was weird. Remember that? Anyway, we were going through his other old books to get rid of at a future garage sale and I came across some others. So, in the next few weeks I will show you what I found. Take a look at this one. Those crazy Teletubbies.

I want to know which one is the mommy and which one is the daddy? Oh, yeah, now I see. Okay, who reading this is a Twilight fan? Not me, no, but most of you kids are, right? I was watching the trailer for New Moon before Bandslam week and was surprised to see there's going to be a cameo in it, and I thought awwwwkkkward. Anyway, here is a screen shot of the scene I am talking about.

Man, I might have to go see it now. Alright, Alex Aaron is up in a bit but first...

This is the Peverett Phile Book Club book of the season. Victor Langlois' "Mr. Lincoln Was Arobot". It's a very funny and well written book and is available at or your favorite on-line book store, so Phile Phans, please purchase a copy. And Victor will be coming on the Phile very soon.

From the home office in Port Jefferson, New York, here is the...

Kim Jong Il's Top Ten Summer Fun Tips.
10. Exhaust from missile launches provides nice cooling breeze.
9. Create a Facebook quiz: "What kind of dictator are you?"
8. There's no faster way to get that beach-ready bikini body than famine.
7. Don't complain about the heat... nuclear winter's right around the corner!
6. Easy packing tip: always wear the same outfit.
5. Have Navy seize a South Korean fishing boat, then take family fishing.
4. Maximize UV protection by wearing sunglasses larger than one's entire head.
3. Combine fun with the sun by torturing dissidents at the beach.
2. Platform flip-flops.
And the number one Il Summer fun tip...
1. Remember, we invented the "staycation." If you leave, you'll be shot.

Robert Novak: Now he gets to meet the real Prince of Darkness.

Erzsebet Bathory, ruler of Transylvania, dies at 54. She had sought immortality by killing young virgins and bathing in their blood. It didn't work.
Just seconds after stepping off the plane, opposition candidate Benigno Aquino is gunned down by assassins at Manila Int'l Airport, on orders of Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos.
1,700 people are killed in Cameroon when Lake Nyos emits a huge cloud of fast-moving fog, quickly enveloping the villages of Nyos, Kam, Cha, and Subum. The lethal mist, consisting mainly of carbon dioxide and water vapor, displaces the oxygen in the low-lying zones, killing thousands of cattle and even more birds and wild animals. One eyewitness later describes the landscape as being "littered with human remains and animal carcasses."
Superfreak Rick James (prisoner J29237) is released from Folsom Prison after serving a two year sentence for drugs and assault. He had planned to marry his fiance, Tanja Anne Hijazi, upon release but she had been nicked for shoplifting a pair of boots two days earlier. They do make a cute couple.

Today's guest is a very talented singer and songwriter from Atlanta who has four albums up on iTunes with his band Buffalo Alice. Please welcome to the Phile... Alex Aaron.

Me: Hello, Alex, welcome to the Phile, sir. How are you?

Alex: I'm good, thank you!

Me: Okay, help me here... I am confused. What is the band's proper title? Buffalo Alice or Buffalo Alice Support?

Alex: Buffalo Alice is our name. The support is actually the band support page and is used for promotions and what not.

Me: Let's talk about the name. I thought you were from Buffalo, New York, but you're from Atlanta, right?

Alex: Correct. Born and raised outside Atlanta in the town of Oxford.

Me: Alex, what does the name mean? Have you heard of the band The Alice Rose?

Alex: I got the name from an interstate exit in North Dakota on I94. There are two towns at that exit, hence the sign. I've never heard of Alice Rose.

Me: In a few months you are going on tour. Do you have a band backing you, or is it a solo tour? Any chance you'll hit Florida?

Alex: It is going to be an acoustic tour and will be myself and one other musician playing on stage with me. And we are working on the east coast leg of the tour so I'm sure we will be in Florida!

Me: I purchased all three albums of yours on iTunes, Alex. Which one is your favorite?

Alex: Actually, there are four online now. "The Gardener" I have to say... this latest album is my favorite so far. I got to work with very talented musicians and wrote some amazing songs together. I'm also very proud of the lyrical content of this album and feel that is the strongest feature of my new songs.

Me: Before we talk about the albums even more I have to ask you about Clash of the Artists. What is it, and if a Phile reader wants to vote for you, what should they do?

Alex: Clash of the Artists is a contest hold by AFT (Art For Progress). AFP is a non profit arts organization committed to the cultivation and support of emerging artists working in diverse genres. This contest is also a fundraiser for AFP's Art Education Program. If you wanna vote for us, go to and look out for clash of the artist (you find us in the live music category) or follow this link.

Me: How long have you been playing, singing and writing music? Your first album came out in '02 I think.

Alex: Well Buffalo Alice has been around since 2002. I've been writing since I was a teenager, 13, probably. But I've been obsessed with music my entire life. I remember memorizing lyrics to Elvis songs before I knew how to write, so I'm talking Pre-k I was memorizing entire songs and pretending like I had the lyrics written down when I would sing them.

Me: Let's talk about your second album called "Mitchell". Was it named after anybody in particular? It's cool that Jason Cropper produced it. Were you aware of his work before with Weezer?

Alex: It was named after my former bass player. I named it out of him partly out of spite and partly because I miss him. I met Jason via Myspace and he liked my music, obviously I liked his. I told him I was recording a second album and he was interested in producing it. It was fun and he is one the the nicest guys I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Me: Is Jason from Atlanta as well or did you have to travel to record the album? Or did he travel?

Alex: I traveled out to LA and actually moved to California for about 4 months. It was recorded in his garage, living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

Me: There's one song of yours called "Suicide" which is a very sad song. Most of your lyrics are sad actually. Are you a sad person?

Alex: I am bi-polar so I do have a lot of experience with being sad, especially for no reason. I've dealt with that baseless guilty feeling my entire life. So, whenever I hear sad songs they really affect me on an entirely differen t level than a happy song would. I think that's why I don't listen to pop, however my music is sort of pop, just with melancholy lyrics.

Me: You have one lyric that sticks out, and correct me on it if I got it wrong... "I would rather stick a gun in my mouth then be who I am." Something like that. What were you thinking when you wrote that?

Alex: I think the lyric is "I would rather taste the bullet of a gun than face all the bad things that I've done." But you were close. I wrote that about a time when I was suicidal and had actually loaded my shot gun and sat down with the barrel in my mouth in the band room in my house in Atlanta. It was the first time I had gone that far with my depressed feelings. Fortunately my drummer John walked in and talked me out of it.

Me: I love the video you posted of the song "The Guelph Song." Was that fun to make? Did you know all those people in it? And what's with the beer bottles on the table?

Alex: Actually it was alot of fun. I knew everyone there. The band just threw a huge party at my house and recorded the video while everyone was enjoying themselves.

Me: Speaking if that song, what the fuck is a guelph?

Alex: Haha. Guelph is the name of a tiny tiny town in North Dakota. I think about 5 people live there now. They have an old high school that closed back in the 70's, I think. Anyway, I actually rented that in 2002 to record a CD with my old band GB Fuzz. We rented the entire school for an entire week for I think $70.

Me: You have a third album out that came out last year called "The Alexander Rosenhoff Testament: Work of Fiction". What a long ass name. Are you Rosenhoff? How is that album different then your other two?

Alex: Actually Rosenhoff is Jason's middle name and he produced that album as well. The album is very different because I had no drum kit and half the album was done in one take. No overdubs or editing.

Me: Alex, I read you played with Ace Frehley... is that true?

Alex: Absolutely! He's a close friend now. Though, he isn't quite as good at guitar as I am, obviously.

Me: Alex, thanks for taking part. Hope all is well, and this was fun. Go ahead and plug your website, and music, sir.

Alex: Add Buffalo Alice to your FACE, SPACE, TWITTER and TUNES! Follow my every move and stalk me like a mad man! Especially if you're a hot chick! Oh, and come see us on tour this summer. bitches.

Me: Take care, and hope to see you in Florida soon.

Alex: You TOO!!!!


What a good interview. I hope Alex comes back to the Phile soon. I have to ask him more about playing with Ace. Anyway, go and download Buffalo Alice at iTunes. Well, that about does it for another entry of the Phile. Thanks for reading, and thanks to Wikipedia, and David Letterman and of course Alex Aaron. The Phile will be back on Monday where Alumni Month continues with hot singer Amanda Marsh and then on Friday with singer Josh Haden who talking about Letterman played on his show. Take care, have a good weekend and spread the word, not the turd.

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