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Alumni Month Pheaturing Amanda Marsh


Hi there, welcome back to the Phile for a Monday. So, kids, how was your first day back at school? And parents, how was it dropping your kids off and having a day of rest? Two days ago my iPhone froze and wouldn't come back on. I thought I was an iPod, TV and DVD player away from rubbing two sticks together. After my Segway shutting down on me and then my iPhone I thought I was in some horror movie where all technology shuts down on me. A study was done on U.S. currency, and they found that 90 percent of all bills have traces of cocaine on them. And I said, “No wonder Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is so crazy.” When they got done testing money, they tested some fish in the United States. Every single fish tested contained mercury. But we’re a glass is-half-full country. The people over at Mrs. Paul’s, the fish stick people, came up with a tasty new fish stick that you can also use to take your temperature. Preliminary results are in for the Afghanistan election — Al Franken is ahead. Everyone is excited about the Afghanistan election... but there are already reports of irregularities in Broward and Dade Counties. Zanyness at Obama’s healthcare town hall meetings. People at the meetings are screaming, fighting... because if there’s one things Americans hate, it’s comprehensive healthcare coverage. There’s a lot of talk about “death panels.” If I want to see a death panel, I’ll tune in to a George Stephanopoulos roundtable. When Dick Cheney heard about death panels, he said, “Death panels? Count me in.” Speaking about old Dick... he has a new book about his life and times... I believe it’s called, “Too Fat to Waterboard.” On Friday I told you that we are going through Logan's old books he had when he was a kid and I found he had some very unusual ones that I don't remember he had before. So, I showed you one last entry and now I will show you another one.

How come this wasn't the movie? I was watching CNN the other day and I noticed someone misspelt a word. Here, take a look and see for yourself.

Amanda Marsh's interview is coming up... but first of...

The book of the all season on the Phile is...

It's a really fun book and is available right now on Here's an excerpt from it, kids.

I think I’ll fly down to Florida, and try to get a job at Disney. If I do, I’ll come back and get my stuff and bring it down.” It happened so fast. It was almost defeatist talk really, but it rolled off my tongue. I don’t know why I said it or how I could formulate the words. It wasn’t in my make-up at all to ponder such a daring move. Surprised at myself, there was no expectation about an answer. I wasn’t even looking up when making the casual comment. “Why don’t you go down there, and give it a year? If it doesn’t work out you can always come back.” With ever so delicate emotion, mother had replied without restraint as she slowly took something out or put something in the cupboard. Wasting no time thinking it through, or giving in to the implications of her answer, selfish lust drove me. Leaping to my feet I accepted whole heartedly. I failed to see or maybe refused to acknowledge the obvious difficulty she had mustering those words: Or the obvious difficulty in carrying this out. I mean, how could she even suggest? How could she consider? But there she was offering the invitation of a lifetime. The chain locked door I’d patiently waited years for someone to come by and open for me, was blown off its hinges in mere seconds by the same woman who for the first eight years of its run, was my religious viewing partner every Sunday night during Angela Lansbury’s “Murder, She Wrote.” How could she give me up? Too shocked to think of the significance of this proposal, or the execution, and too scared I’d heard incorrectly, I acted quickly to avoid the deal being retracted. If I questioned it, or gave it one extra second of doubt, mother may have back peddled. She could have convinced me to stay easily. Her presence in my life was always honored and loved. She respected me and counted on me to be there when the pressure was on; and life was a pressure cooker at this point. I owed it to her to stay. But she was letting me go, and lucky for me I neither questioned nor gave room for an extra second of doubt. With disbelief but awesome gratitude I hugged her while stuttering to agree unquestionably to her suggestion. My heart pounded and refreshing anticipation returned vivid color and vitality to the dull gray exterior plaguing me of late. The best Christmas present ever, and some assembly was required. I planned feverishly. Returning to school for the next semester after the holidays was no longer of interest and first to go. With that out of the way, scheduling departure dates and termination of my job took precedence. Putting this mission into affect enveloped me. I ran out of the kitchen toward my room, leaving my mother to wallow in her brave, but likely devastating decision. In some western state, dry and bright with faded yellow and orange hues, I drove in silence. Everyone else was sleeping. It was early, and I took in the quiet highway twisting through towering desert buttes and flat arid landscapes. BAM! I took out a bird. A scream burst from my lungs, short and loud. Leah woke up suddenly to see me, still driving, but visibly upset. She questioned me, and I regrettably filled her in. Two birds, large black ones, swooped down from behind the high rocks obscuring them. Their low arch brought them instantly in front of my car, but it was too late to slow down. The first, spread eagle, slapped my windshield, neck twisted by the force I too felt through me. Just at that moment, the second bird, the one who was following swooped up in time and continued on course. I had killed a bird. “Are you okay?” Leah asked feeling my pain. “I guess so, but I feel so bad. I wished I killed the other one.” It sounded horrific, but I knew what I meant. Here in this vast, open and seemingly lonely environment, were two birds flying in tandem. I took ones life, and the other would surely investigate the carnage, and suffer as it went off on its own. If I was to kill one, I wish it could have been both as the thought of the lonely companion haunted me for miles.

There you go. Coming soon on the Phile is Victor Langlois himself. By his book, Phile Phans!!!

Pompeii buried by Vesuvius, apparently to punish the debauchery that made the town famous. Tens of thousands of people perished only to have plaster casts made centuries later of the hollows their bodies once occupied.
Troops loyal to the French crown alongside Catholic civilians massacre the Protestant Huguenots of Paris, estimates range between 20,000 and 100,000 deaths. At news of this carnage of this St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre, a gleeful Pope Gregory XIII ordered celebrations and a medal to be struck.
The White House and other public buildings in the District of Columbia are torched by the British.
Red China commences the shelling of the islands of Quemoy and Matsu, which hold one-third of Chiang Kai Shek's troops. The United States threatens nuclear retaliation for this, but the American people do not support the stance. A very strange compromise is worked out, permitting China to shell the islands on odd dates and Chiang Kai Shek's troops to resupply the islands on even dates.
Mark David Chapman sentenced to 20 years for killing Beatle John Lennon.
Howard Stern on the FCC: "I pray to God the FCC hands down a fine against this station for my broadcast in February so that we can see them enact this ridiculous policy." The broadcast: Sex toys and porn stars. The policy: The FCC wants Infinity (CBS Radio) to immediately suspend any DJs targeted by formal complaints.
My son Logan started 4th grade. Man, he's getting so big.

And now for the...

Today's Alumni guest was last on the Phile on December 20th. Her debut album "Love Is In The Details" is now up on iTunes, and she'll be playing at the House of Blues in L.A. right on the Sunset Strip on September 4th. Man, I wish I could be there. Anyway, welcome back to the Phile, the lovely and talented... Amanda Marsh.

Me: Hello, Amanda, welcome back to the Phile for Alumni Month. So, how are you?

Amanda: I’m doing great! Thanks for having me again!

Me: Out of everybody I interviewed, or reinterviewed, I must say you've been the busiest. How do you fit it all in?

Amanda: We are busy busy! I work everyday all day basically. ☺ I have a lot of support from my friends and family so that helps me a lot!

Me: Congrats on your new CD "Love Is In The Details" which I purchased off from iTunes. Are you happy with it?

Amanda: Aw thank you! Yes, I’m very happy with it! I wrote it all so it’s exactly how I wanted it to be. I’ve been getting an amazing response from it too! It is available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and on our website

Me: You worked with some cool people on it, didn't you? Are you recording new music?

Amanda: I recorded with amazing producers such as Doc Little (Diddy, Beyonce) and Bruce Kulick of KISS at my home studio! I am always writing and recording new music. I just got three new songs done! They are “Take Me,” “Kiss Goodbye” and “My Honey.”

Me: Last time we spoke you mentioned you were working on a project called "Anywhere". Is it finished? It's a TV show, right? Did anybody pick it up yet?

Amanda: “Anywhere” is a series that Patrick Norris, the Director of "Gossip Girl" and "Friday Night Lights", wrote for my brother and me and our music. It is a drama that is not based on our lives but it was written based on our original music. It is on youtube at: A couple of different networks have it and are very interested in it right now, so I’m very excited about what is coming in the future!

Me: You also signed with Rock Your Fashion. What exactly is that, Amanda? Do you get free clothes?

Amanda: Travis and I are both Rock Your Fashion artists for 2009! I teamed up with Betsey Johnson and Travis with Calvin Klein. I got to host for the Oscars and at Las Vegas Fashion Week as a RYF artist. My song, “Time to Breathe,” is featured on the Rock Your Fashion Soundtrack too!

Me: So, recently you went to Nashville. Was that your first time there? How was it playing at the CMA's? I betcha met a lot of fans. Did you meet anybody cool?

Amanda: That was my second time in Nashville. We had an amazingly wonderful time! I had a booth at the convention center at CMA Fan Fest and I met thousands of fans. Everyone was so welcoming. We also performed a few times while we were there. We performed at the Acoustic Durango Stage at CMA Music Fest and also at the Troop Aid supporting our troops. I met a lot of country music celebrities such as Wynonna Judd which was great!!

Me: And you played at SXSW as well. Was that fun as well?

Amanda: SXSW was a blast! It was my first time in Austin, TX and I was ready to move there. There were tons of people and talented musicians. We performed at Poodie’s Bar and at the 311 Club too.

Me: I read you have a new band, Amanda. Does that mean Travis isn't playing with you anymore?

Amanda: We just got a full band together! Travis is the lead guitarist and we got a second guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. They are very talented guys from Ventura, CA. We are so excited!!

Me: I still have to interview him, don't I? For the readers that don't remember, and don't know, tell them who Travis is.

Amanda: Travis Marsh is my brother and an alternative rock singer/songwriter/guitarist. He just finished his album “Los Angeles!” Travis wrote my entire album with me. I have a duet on my album “Love is in the Details” with him called “I Feel.” We’ve been getting a great response from our duet.

Me: How are you other siblings and parents doing?

Amanda: My siblings are doing good. They are on summer break right now. Nick likes to play the bass and Lexi loves animals and singing like me. ☺ My parents are doing well too. Thanks for asking.

Me: So, what's next for you, Amanda? I'm still waiting for a Florida gig to pop up on your schedule. ; )

Amanda: We are planning a lot of shows with our new band right now. And we hopefully will have good news about our show “Anywhere” very soon!

Me: I have to ask you about Michael Jackson. Were you a fan of his music and surprised like the rest of us when you found out he passed away? Did you watch the memorial service on TV?

Amanda: I’m a big fan of Michael Jackson. I found out about his death on twitter. I definitely did not believe it until it was confirmed. I did watch the memorial service on TV. I just cried and cried. It broke my heart, especially his daughter, Paris.

Me: Amanda, thanks for coming back to the Phile. You are welcomed back any time, okay? Keep doing what you're doing, and you'll be big one day. Go ahead and plug your website and I hope this was fun. All the best.

Amanda: Thanks for having me!! I hope you and your family are doing well. ☺,, and


Thanks to Amanda for a really good second interview. I will def have her on the Phile again soon. Thanks also to David Letterman and Wikipedia, and to all you readers. The Phile will be back on Friday with singer Josh Haden and then on Monday the last of the Alumni for awhile, and it's the legendary Webb Wilder. Have a good week, kids... make sure you do your homework, and remember to always spread the word, not the turd.

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