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Pheaturing Daniel Mann


Rabbit. It's the first day of May, kids. Welcome to the Peverett Phile, proud sponsor of and To all Mexicans, Happy Labor Day. Labor Day in Mexico means that is the one day they work. Actually, because of this Swine Flu business, no one in Mexico is working. Man, Mexicans use any excuse they can not to work. I don't know how anybody first found out about Swine Flu, I just know someone squealed. And it's not true it was started by Kevin Bacon. Everyone in Mexico right now looks like Michael Jackson with those face masks they’re wearing. To help avoid the spread of Swine Flu, the U.S. government is asking Mexicans not to come to the United States. Isn’t that what they’ve been doing for the past 40 years? They’ve traced the Swine Flu’s origin to one little piggy who went to the market when he should have stayed home. Kim Kardashian, who doesn't have Swine Flu, shocked her fans the other day with a blonde wig. Then she admitted that her ass is actually an old Buick. In a new interview, Iranian President Ahmadinejad complained Obama’s not returning his messages. Hello — maybe he’s just not that into you. Arlen Specter has switched sides — he left the Republican Party and went over to the Democrats. Who’s he think he is, Lindsay Lohan? Scientists have cloned dogs . . . dogs that glow in the dark. Why? They’ve made it easier for Michael Vick to find them now. Wednesday marked Obama’s first 100 days in office. It’s a big deal, because 100 days is when his warranty runs out. We can’t return him now. And finally... if you are looking for a job and work at Disney, they are offering you a hundred dollars if you can referral a friend or relative for housekeeping. Unfortunately, all the Spanish and Haitian's I know already work for Disney. It's Artist Month here on the Phile, with an interview with an Artist every Phriday this month. Today's artist guest is Daniel Mann. 


Adam Weishaupt founds the Bavarian Illuminati, the secret society which controls your mind as part of its plot to overthrow organized religion and control the global economy. If you don't believe it, ask yourself what novus ordo seclorum is doing on your dollar bill.
The Confederate Congress decrees that captured Negro soldiers from the Union Army are to be summarily put to death, on the grounds that they have already "incited servile insurrection."
The first of May is designated "International Workers Day," in commemoration of Chicago's Haymarket riots of 1886. The new holiday is actually an appropriation of the banned Beltane (Day of Fire), or May Day, traditionally celebrated by encircling a phallic maypole with delectable fertile virgins.
The 215th and final hanging occurs at California's San Quentin maximum security prison. Subsequent executions utilize the facility's gas chamber, and ultimately, inmate's choice of that or lethal injection.
Joseph Göbbels and his wife Magda tell their six children they are about to receive inoculation shots, but the injections actually contain poison. The parents then exit the Fuhrerbunker, where an SS man shoots them both in the back of the head.
The Soviet Union fires a SAM-2 surface-to-air missile at the U-2 spy plane piloted by Francis Gary Powers. The aircraft crashes inside Russian territory, near Sverdlosk. For whatever reason, Powers opts not to swallow his suicide pill and is taken into custody.
During a May Day rally, Sri Lankan president Ranasinghe Premadasa and his retinue of bodyguards are blown to bits by a Tamil Tiger suicide bomber.
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Bea Arthur: And then there's mulch.


From the home office in Groveland, Florida, here is this week's top ten list...
Top Ten Punch Lines to Dirty Pirate Jokes
10. "Thar she blows!"
9. "Got a little captain in you?"
8. "Is that a wooden leg or are you just glad to see me?"
7. "And that's why my Roger is so jolly"
6. "You think that's a salty dog?"
5. "Willie Stargell's bat" (sorry, that's a punchline to a dirty Pittsburgh Pirate joke).
4. "It's not a plank, but you can walk on it"
3. "Now I see why they call him Long John Silver"
2. "No, matey, I said, 'Swab the deck!'"
And the number one punch line to a dirty pirate joke...
1. "Yo, ho"


Our guest this week is a fabulous artist, as you can see from some of his artwork, who I met at MegaCon. Please welcome to the Peverett Phile... Daniel Mann.

Me: Hello, Dan, welcome to the Phile. So, what have you been up to since MegaCon?

Daniel: Since MegaCon, we have been to a number of other conventions. Metropolis,
South Bend, Steel City Con and FX international (which is back in Orlando). For a list of our convention calendar you can go to our website.

Me: Your company is called Kid Domino, right? Who came up with that name, and what does it mean? There's a band called Kid Domino as well.

Daniel: I wasn't aware of the band (I'll have to check them out). We came up with that name based on one of my friends paintings in college who was involved in the beginning of the company, but decided to further his education. We toyed with a few other names, but ultimately came back to our original idea.

Me: Where is the company located and when was it founded?

Daniel: The company is based in Kirklin, Indiana which is basically a suburb of Indianapolis. Our offices are located there as well as an illustration/fine art gallery. There is no admission fee so you can just drop in (there are more things to do in the area on Saturday and Sunday).

Me: Dan, you do art work of every kind I can think of. What do you like best? Oils, pencils, etc? I love to doodle with Sharpies myself.

Daniel: I enjoy every medium for different reasons, but my favorite are oils. There is a tradition that is very fulfilling with oils and the luminosity of the colors of the finished product are more vibrant than any other medium. Pen and ink are rewarding in a different way. I love creating depth and atmosphere with straight black and white. There is a crispness that strikes

Me: Did you go to art school or did your talent come easy to you?

Daniel: Art has always come fairly easy for me, but I have been doing it since I was six years old. I've also had a lot of encouragement through my lifetime to pursue art. I graduated from Indiana University with a BFA in fine art and an Art History minor. College really honed my skills as an artist and broadened my world view. I recommend to anyone to further their education, if it at all possible.

Me: What was your favorite drawing you have ever did? Is there any character you would like to draw that you haven't tried yet?

Daniel: I don't know if it's my favorite (I like them all for different reasons), but the most satisfying was the Christ painting that I did in college. People respond to that image in such a wide range of emotion that it transcends just an oil painting. It stands 6 feet tall by 4 feet wide and resides in Oak Creek Community Church in Mishawaka Indiana. Good or bad,
people always have a deep reaction to that piece.

Me: Let's talk about your graphic novel, "The House of Souls". Who came up with the concept? How many issues have you done and what is the basic story premise?

Daniel: The concept really spawned from a painting I did called "The Greed Tree". The story takes you through all seven sins and is basically about free will. The main character "Shroeder", is involved in a game in which he collects souls. To get a better idea you can order a copy of the preface from our website. It's a great read and really helps lead into the first comic. My
brother is really responsible ultimately for our stories, but we all brainstorm ideas. He definitely has a gift for storytelling.

Me: If someone would like to get some of your artwork, or your graphic novel, where would they go?

Daniel: is where you can get all of our products including art
prints and originals from the story.

Me: Any other graphic novels in the future?

Daniel: We have a few projects in the works including "Two Worlds" and "David". As many artists know there is always another project to work on.

Me: You do commissioned work as well, right? How much do you charge and what is the craziest thing anybody has ever drawn? I betcha I can come up with something crazier.

Daniel: I'm sure you can having already met you. Commissioned work ranges in price
depending on the medium, number of characters, and size. The best way to do commission work is to contact us through the website. I love to create things for people and will always work with someone on pricing. Pencil drawings start at around $50 and are less expensive at the conventions. I've been asked to do some pretty crazy things (I've turned down requests
before), but the strangest thing that I went agreed to was a nun and a priest doing anything I wanted. I didn't understand why or what their motive was (nor did I want to know). Actually, it turned out pretty cool; I made them look very ominous.

Me: Thanks for doing this, Dan. Go ahead and plug whatever you wish, or any website. I hope to see you again in the future soon.

Daniel: You can order prints, bookmarks, originals, graphic novels or even web designs through our website I hope to see some of you at our next show. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Thanks to Daniel Mann and the guys at Kid Domino for this interview, and check out the website. Alright, as I mentioned the Phile is a proud sponsor of two amazing organizations... Generation Rescue and TACA. Please check them out and donate to them. Also, starting next Phriday the Phile is gonna start an adopt a soldier program. I will have more news on that next week. Also next week, continuing Artist Month, the interview will be with comic book artist Robin Edwards. But... the next entry of the Phile will be on Monday with an interview with the members of the Orlando rock band Cethkyn, as well as a review of Wolverine, or as I like to call it X-Men 4, and Geek Talk. Thanks again to Daniel Mann and Wikipedia. Until next week, spread the word, not the turd.

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