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Pheaturing Cethkyn


Hey, there, it's Monday, and the Phile is updated! Welcome to the most updated blog on the internet... the Peverett Phile. President Obama has declared that Chrysler has the swine flu.
Chrysler is going to merge with Fiat. That’s great — crappy cars in two languages. The CDC says people should wash their hands before handling food. Here’s what should happen: Joe Biden should wash his foot before putting it in his mouth. Biden said people should stay off of subways and trains. I think the next time Biden puts his foot in his mouth, Obama should put his foot in Biden’s ass. More than 300 schools in 14 states are closed because of swine flu. I would be delighted if I was a child — it’s like snow days. I am blaming the people at Purell for the swine flu. Rep. Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota seems to have another idea of who’s to blame. Here’s what she said: “I find it interesting that it was back in the ‘70s swine flu broke out then under another Democrat president, Jimmy Carter... I think it’s an interesting coincidence.” Well, she’s wrong — it was Gerald Ford, a Republican, who was president when the last swine flu broke out. Alright, enough of the swine flu crap. Today's blog has a review of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and an interview with the Orlando based rock band Cethkyn. 

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
The fourth movie about Marvel Comic's emo mutants is hellbent on redeeming the debacle that was the last X-Men movie. But this time, beloved berserker Wolverine is up-front and center as we follow him from humble beginnings more than a hundred years ago up until the point before he joins the pajama-clad frat that is the franchises namesake. This prequel is loaded with mutants, action set-pieces, and plenty of answers about ol' Ginsu Knuckles. High Jackman reprises the role that made him an international star, and he's joined by Liev Schreiber as his brother Sabretooth, Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, and, making his film debut, hip-hop artist as a character so obscure, Stan Lee is probs all what the fuck? There's a lot of excellent nerd porn in this otherwise perfunctory pre-summer CGI spectacle. Besides an opening credits sequence as good, if not better, than Watchmen, X-Men Origins: Wolverine allows a little breathing room in-between preposterous action sequences and plot exposition. This helps small, non-kablooie moments to shine—many of those moments belong to Liev Schreiber, who delivers a sinister, and savage performance. The movie is more brutal, the narrative tidier, and the onslaught of mutant cameos more evenly rationed than its predecessors. It may not save the franchise, but for fans of the X movies, it serves as a replacement sequel to the best movie in the series, Brian Singer's X2. Kudos to Jackman, of course, who clearly respects the comic book character that doubles as his meal ticket. His frothing rages are credible, especially for an actor who sung and danced his way through hosting the Oscars. Like most comic book movies, this one tries to please both hardcore fans, and normal folk looking for a big, flashy action flick. In the end, it will probably disappoint the fans. The civilians who don't know a Danger Room from a Boom-Boom Room, will raptly consume the movie, and then feel hungry for another superhero jamboree an hour later. The problem with the flick, however, is that you've seen it all before. The wire-fu, the hero walking while a fireball explodes behind him, and the physics-defying climax are all... ho-hum. Make sure you stick around through the credits. All the credits. Yes, until the end. Do what we tell you. See it in the theater. It will no doubt be diminished on the small screen. I mean, if you're going to see a movie where a man is catapulted through the air by an exploding truck and onto a helicopter, you might as well see it writ large, and loud. I give it a ten anyway, and Logan said fifteen minutes in the movie... "This is the best movie ever." Jen wants to see it so she can see Hugh Jackman's naked ass. 

At an advanced screening of X-Men Origins: Wolverine in Los Angeles, director Gavin Hood introduced the film by announcing that they've included multiple after-the-credits endings spread across several prints of the film, meaning folks will have to visit multiple theaters in order to watch them all. Hood did not reveal exactly how many endings there were; the one at the screening apparently included Deadpool, according to First Showing. Some of you might remember a similar stunt taking place for the film adaptation of Clue, which seemed like a more obvious choice to include multiple endings since the board game plays out the same exact way. But this move by 20th Century Fox has not only become a signature of the new big-screen Marvel universe -- it's also a fairly smart way to entice folks to theaters after an almost-but-not-quite-there version of Wolverine leaked online last month. Last night's after-the-credits ending lasted roughly 25-30 seconds; the rest of them (however many there are -- I'm guessing 3-6) probably run about the same. Even though all the different endings will most likely find their way onto YouTube the weekend this film hits theaters, do you think it's enough to win back at least some of the money lost to piracy? Was something like this even needed in the first place?

Joseph Tussaud returns to London with the well-used blade of the guillotine he purchased from Clement Sanson, the last in a line of Sansons who held the office of Executioner of Paris for over 150 years. The blade is now part of Tussaud's Wax Museum collection.
28 Ohio National Guardsmen kill four students and wound nine others at Kent State University. The Guardsmen had read them the riot act, but the students refused to disperse. So they shot them.
Bing Crosby's son Dennis Crosby puts a shotgun to his head, ending his life in a boarding house in California. A younger brother, Lindsay, had also killed himself with a shotgun two years earlier.
At the Sigma Chi fraternity at the University of Wisconsin, Chad Alvarez nukes a fraternal brother's Quaker parrot, Iago, in the house microwave. The animal explodes. For this he is sentenced to ten days in jail, and fined $1000. Alvarez is the son of the university's football coach.
A newly-delivered baby falls through a train toilet as it is born near the city of Guangzhou, China. After the fall, a second train speeds over the newborn. Although the baby survives unharmed, radio announcers are later reprimanded for laughing hysterically as they report the story.
The "I Love You" computer worm rampages through Internet email systems, inflicting damages somewhere in the $2-to-$15 billion range. The worm spreads by exploiting design flaws in the Microsoft Outlook mail client and also the gullibility of your typical computer user. A variety of Filipino suspects is ultimately narrowed down to an AMA Computer College student from Manila.
After dinner at Vitello's in Studio City, film and television actor Robert Blake remembers that he left something at the restaurant. When he returns to the car, he discovers his wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley, slumped over in the passenger seat. She had been shot in the head by person or persons unknown. Bakley later dies of her injury. One year later, Blake is charged with the murder.

Today's interview is with the first Orlando band I interviewed... Cethkyn. They are also the first band to do it right by sending me a press kit and CD. So, welcome to the Phile... Cethkyn.

Me: Hey, guys, welcome to the Phile. Congratulations on being the first band I interviewed from Orlando. Did you all go to High School here? If so, which one?

Cethkyn: All of us but Travis went to High School in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. We all moved down here in 2004 and Travis joined us in 2005. He is originally from Barre, Vermont.

Me: Do you all live downtown?

Cethkyn: Nah, we got a house on the eastside of Orlando where most of us live at. It also serves as our practice site.

Me: Let's talk about the band name. What the hell does it mean? How do you pronounce it?
Matt and Kevin started the band back in 1998 using the name Medication. They found out that another band had that name so they made up the word Cethkyn, pronounced Seth-kin. It’s a philosophy we describe as “Anything for Anybody.”

Me: So, who is in the band, and how did you all meet?

Cethkyn: The lineup is: Matt-vocals, Kevin-guitar, Travis-guitar, Dan-bass, Adam-drums.
Kevin, Matt, Dan, and Adam all knew each other from Wisconsin and Adam met Travis when they were in the army together in Iraq.

Me: Do you have day jobs, or is the band a full time gig?

Cethkyn: We all have day jobs which fuels our desire to make continuously better music.

Me: How long have you guys been playing?

Cethkyn: Kevin and Matt have been playing together for ten years. Dan and Adam joined the band in 2004 and Travis came on in 2005.

Me: I am so out of touch with local bands, guys. Back in the early 90's I think I knew pretty much every local band out there. What other bands do you guys know in town?

Cethkyn: We have played with so many great bands around town so we will inevitably leave someone out but we really enjoy Lost in Progress, Almost Winter, Yellow Day Union, Dead Men’s Dreams, Katharik, Fields of Glass.

Me: You are working on a new CD, right? Where are you recording it?

Cethkyn: We recorded the CD at Crush Studios in Altamonte Springs.

Me: What can we expect from it, and will you be sticking it on iTunes?

Cethkyn: With the CD, we strived for a heavy intense sound that attempted to capture the energy of our live show. The songs should be up on iTunes in a couple weeks.

Me: How many songs will be on it? Are you guys self-producing it? Will it have any ballads for us old pholk ? I am only 40 but old enough to be your fathers probably.

Cethkyn: There are seven tracks on it: six songs and an intro. Sorry man, we’re not much for making ballads.

Me: Speaking of, I would love to go downtown and see you guys in concert but I am dreadfully afraid of mosh pits.

Cethkyn: We encourage everyone to check out our live show and we do have fans that like to get the pit going. We also have a lot of fans that are more comfortable staying close to the bar where it’s safe and their drinks are close. I don’t think you would have anything to worry about!

Me: What was the biggest concert you have ever played?

Cethkyn: Last year we were able to win a spot on 101.1 WJRR’s Earthday Birthday 15 show at Tinker Field. That was quite a humbling experience and definitely one of the highlights of our time as a band.

Me: Do you get to play outside of O-Town? Come to Clermont and I might come to a show but sit backstage. Actually, there's no where to play out here.

Cethkyn: We actually played two shows in Clermont last year. Also last year we had the chance to play all over Florida, including Miami, Ft. Myers, Tampa, Jacksonville, Gainesville, and even Savannah, Georgia.

Me: Do you guys have a lot of female or male fans?

Cethkyn: We have a pretty equal amount of male and female fans. That’s what we love about our fans: they are a very eclectic bunch and include all ages and types of people.

Me: I see you guys play at a club called The Dungeon, which I never heard of. No, I don't get out much. Where is it, and what kinda club is it?

Cethkyn: It’s a great little place on North OBT by Clarcona Ocoee Road. Lots of great local metal bands along with quite a few touring bands play there and they have shows almost every day of the week. The address is 6440 North Orange Blossom Trail.

Me: When your new CD comes out are you gonna take the show on the road?

Cethkyn: Right now we are really focusing on increasing our local fan base and building solid relationships with other artists and bands in the Orlando area. We also want to go back in the studio this year to record another CD. We have enough new material and are anxious to get it all recorded. The ultimate goal though is to put together a nationwide tour.

Me: Okay, fellas, plug your website, and tell the readers of the Phile anything you want.

Cethkyn: Also, we’re working on right now.
Anyway, with the economy taking a dump, local music is more important now than ever. We are lucky to be here in Central Florida because there are so many great local bands and venues and most shows cost less than $10. Don’t let the bastards keep you down, get out there and support the local scene!

Me: Take care, and let me know when the CD comes out. Rock on, and be safe.

Cethkyn: Hey thanks for talking to us, we always appreciate it. Our CD “Classics” is already out and available at any of our live shows and at


There you go, kids. Thanks to the guys from Cethkyn, and Wikipedia. The Phile will be back this Friday with an interview with the second artist in Artist Month... comic book artist Robin Edwards. I am also planning on the adopt a soldier program, and the Phile is also a proud sponsor of and So, please check out those websites and spread the word, not the turd.

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