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Pheaturing Craig Holloway


Hi, welcome to the Peverett Phile, the web's most updated blog on the internet, and proud sponsor of and autism can be reversed. Man, here in Central Florida we've been getting so much rain, Shamu could swim out of his tank. There is so much rain the next NASCAR race in Daytona will be with submarines. There's so much rain the only characters at Disney are Nemo, Flounder and Sebastian. There's so much rain our pool is filled up with worms. There was an earthquake in Los Angeles last Sunday. It only did minor damage — Lindsay Lohan was knocked back into lesbianism. The government in China shut down a sex theme park before it even opened. It was designed to teach Chinese people about sex. Do we really need to teach the world's most overpopulated country about sex? They know!
I like the idea of a sex theme park, though. Instead of the Tea Cups, there could be the D-Cups. Scientists say they have found the missing link. The link between man and monkey. It's a little monkey. It lived on mostly twigs and berries — which makes it the direct ancestor of today's supermodel. Scientists have determined that the monkey fossil is 47 million years old. It was verified today by Larry King who was married to the monkey. Michael Vick was released from prison. Just to be safe, Scooby Doo has moved to Canada. Did you see the "American Idol" finale? More people vote for "American Idol" than in the presidential election. That's not true. But maybe to get more people involved in politics, we should have the candidates sign their positions. They could have a sing-off. "American Idol" was the second-lowest-rated "Idol" finale ever. Something like only 9 billion people watched. If they want higher ratings, all they have to do is name the American Idol, then throw the old one in a volcano. Who wouldn't watch that? Former Vice President Dick Cheney's been in the news a lot, attacking Obama. For eight years, he never said two words, now he's like Regis. He's making so many speeches lately, I'm starting to think he's not dead. It was revealed that the richest people in the world held a private meeting. People like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Oprah Winfrey got together to talk about whatever rich people talk about: "Aren't poor people bastards? They can't afford jets!" I think they were trying to make sure the recession doesn't affect the money they give to charity. I wonder what they did after their meeting. They probably went sightseeing in New York, looking at all the landmarks... buying them... If you want a secret meeting, is Manhattan really the place to go? It's full of reporters, bloggers, hobos... hobos who used to be stock brokers... I have to say, if there's an upside to the recession, at least some of those bastards are getting it in the neck. We're all broke, but at least the stock brokers are broke too. It's still Artist Month on the Phile, and today's guest is Craig Holloway. But first...


Top Ten Surprises In The New Star Trek Movie 
10. It's now the Starbucks Enterprise.
9. Spock discovers other pointy body parts.
8. Local starship dealership declared bankruptcy.
7. Donald Trump makes cameo with a Tribble on his head.
6. Spock's ears can pick up old Howard Stern radio shows.
5. Chief Security Officer? Paul Blart, Star Cop.
4. Enterprise's flight plans now arranged through Priceline.
3. Entire Starfleet 401k wiped out by Madoff.
2. Role of Scotty played by Susan Boyle.
And the number one surprise in the new Star Trek movie...
1. William Shatner makes cameo appearance as Jupiter.


Emperor Constantine dies. Although quite dead, his embalmed corpse continues to act as head of state, receving state dignitaries and daily reports from ministers as if nothing had changed. Constantine's macabre leadership continues through winter.
Hail the size of pumpkins falls on Bangalore, India.
Former Secretary of Defense James Forrestal falls out of a 16th floor window at Bethesda Naval Hospital with a bathrobe cord knotted tightly around his neck. The death is ruled a suicide, and Forrestal is buried in Arlington Cemetery.
400 people attend the Bar Mitzvah for Bob Dylan (Robert Allen Zimmerman) in Hibbing, Minnesota. He later converts to Christianity in 1979.
A B-36 bomber accidentally drops a 10 megaton hydrogen bomb over an uninhabited area near Albuquerque, New Mexico. The conventional charges detonate on impact, leaving a radioactive crater 12 feet deep and 25 feet wide.
322 Belgians are killed when fire sweeps through the second-largest department store in Brussels. Many of the victims leaped to their deaths, although most who landed on parked cars survive. The store, L'Innovation, had been having a sale on American goods.
The nuclear submarine U.S.S. Scorpion sinks to the bottom with all 99 aboard perishing, after it is reassigned to a spy mission and begins to head towards the Canary Islands. Navy Warrant Officer John Walker (a mole) had certainly reported enough to the KGB to allow them to read the Scorpion's encrypted transmissions. For reasons yet unknown, Navy officials of the U.S. and Soviet Union agree not to discuss the circumstances of this incident or the sinking of a Soviet sub the same year.
Peter Sutcliffe is convicted of murdering 13 women in the Yorkshire Ripper trial. In the words of the presiding judge: "It is difficult to find words that are adequate in my judgment to describe the brutality and gravity of these offences and I say at once I am not going to pause to seek those words. I am prepared to let the catalogue of crimes speak for itself."


Today's guest is a very talented artist who does posters, CD covers, flyers and logos, and who will work for vinyl. Vinyl what I don't know. Anyway, please welcome to the Phile... Craig Holloway.

Me: Hello, Craig, welcome to Artist Month on the Phile. So, how are you? 

Craig: I'm doing great thanks.

Me: You live in Detroit, right? Is that where you went to University? Did you study art?

Craig: I now reside in Texas. I went Wayne State University while I lived in Detroit. I moved to California right after I graduated in 95. I got a BA in liberal arts. Their Fine arts program was strong but their illustration program was inferior to the classes I took in high school.

Me: Your drawings are very detailed and colorful as a whole, Craig. What tools do you use? It looks like you use spray paint a lot. I like using Sharpies myself.

Craig: I draw everything out on paper with a pencil and then I render it using photoshop on the computer.

Me: A lot of your drawings are violent in nature, such as Colonel Sanders covered in blood and Ronald Reagan's head exploding... do you ever draw 'nice' pictures?

Craig: Occasionally if I have to. LOL. I grew up watching the Saturday monster matinees hosted by a guy named Sir Graves Ghastly. During the middle of the feature he would stop and show some of the fan art he received. I loved monsters so I would spend all my time drawing them too. Sometimes I'd get stumped and ask my mom for a suggestion on what to draw but instead of getting a flower she'd get the The Abominable Dr. Phibes. It became natural that everything I worked on had eerie qualities. I had a writer I worked with at an ad agency tell me "You can make an apple look scary". That kind of opened my eyes because it was unintentional. It actually became a struggle to make things look pleasant.

Me: You also do a lot of album covers such as the new Agnostic Front cover. When did you first started doing band covers, Craig? And is the AF album cover your biggest one yet as far as exposure?

Craig: About 2 years ago when my wife introduced me to Myspace. Yes, they are the biggest. My life revolved around that band since I was 16. I will be 40 in december. I was fortunate enough to meet them at one of their shows in Detroit back in the mid 80's when they were on tour supporting Cause for Alarm. I was outside the club passing out a flyer I drew promoting my bands first show. Freddy Madball, who was 12 at the time, showed it to Stigma. Vinnie told me I should draw for AF and gave me his home address. I was so stoked I can even remember the address on Mott street. I spent hours drawing on the outside of the envelope. I never heard back so I was pretty disappointed. But fast forward a couple of decades I get a call from Roger and he offers me the opportunity of a lifetime. I get to host them now when they come through town. Great guys and Vinnie still has his same address on Mott St.

Me: All your bands you do cover work for has been heavy metal bands, right?

Craig: No. Generally bands with music I like in addition to heavy metal I‘ve worked with Punk, Hardcore, Hardcore Rap, I’m open to just about any opportunity but prefer the metal, punk and hardcore stuff. I get a rush working with bands I have admiration for.

Me: Any chance you'll be doing an album cover for a country act soon?

Craig: I did a t-shirt design for my friends band called Hogwash. Sure. It’s going to have a lot of attitude though. Unless it is a big band and I can get some exposure I will probably stay within the confides of the stuff I like to listen to.

Me: As well as an artist, you also play bass, right? Are you currently in a band now?

Craig: I’m in a mid 80’s influenced punk band called the Adrenaline Pigs. We have a show coming up with The Meatmen in May and I’m really excited about drawing up that poster. Let’s just say we will finally get to find out who shot JR.

Me: A lot of your work has guys with tattoos... do you have any yourself and have you ever done tattoo designs?

Craig: I think tattoos are cool. My wife loves tattoos. Sadly I don’t have any. I’ve given a tattoo to a friend with a Spaudling and Rogers kit I purchased in the early 90’s but I didn’t know how to do it. It’s kind of difficult to practice tattooing, especially when you live at home and you dad threatens to kick you out of the house if you ever get one. I was in a band called Cold As Life at the time and I started to notice that everytime we got together to rehearse someone in the band was sporting new ink. I mean getting neck pieces in ‘91/’92 was hardcore at the time. Still is. Don’t get me wrong that’s major devotion. Well since I was the flyer dude they kept nagging me to do tattoos so I gave in and bought a set up for around $500. A friend of the band named Dougie Thoms kept bugging me to tattoo him. Anyone who knows Dougie knows the guy has the gift of gab. He comes over when my dad is out of town on a business trip and we start drilling into his leg. I mean straight out of the box and into his thigh. My apologies to all tattoo artists but there was no learning curve. He was so gung ho and I just wanted him to stop nagging me. I kid you not I asked him what he wanted and he said “just draw something cool”. I spent 12 minutes drawing a skull with a helmet about the size of a softball. He was reading me the How To book that came with kit. Talk about Beavis and Butthead. I felt terrible and guilty and I wanted to stop but he was eager and willing. Keep in mind he had dozens of pieces already so I grinded away. Blood was everywhere. I remember doing the outline and wiping away the blood just to find his leg. I was doing the outline of the jaw and realized that oh no... “this skull is gonna need a chin strap” because one side was higher than the other and there was no way they were gonna connect. I was bummed but he was pleased but I stood my ground and told him there was no way I was gonna do the shading and I ended up selling the kit to a friend who became a successful tattoo artist. I saw Dougie about a year ago at a Negative Approach show in Detroit. He showed me the tattoo and it looked pretty good. Still no shading though. The reason I don’t have any is because I would want to design it and being my own worst critic I have a tendency to over examine my work when it’s complete. I’m sure I would drive myself crazy. Maybe I will get something my kids have drawn tattooed on me. They’re 5 year old twins now and already drawing monsters.

Me: Your day job is cool, Craig. Tell the readers what you do for a living?

Craig: I’m a concept illustrator. I draw storyboards for advertising agencies. They hire me to draw out commercials before they are filmed so they can present the concept to the client. Imagine a Sunday comic strip where there are a bunch of illustrations telling a story. I get a lot practice drawing everyday. It’s refreshing and challenging because you are asked to draw a variety of things to help communicate an idea. So one day I can be working on a BMW car spot and the following day I can be designing new Burger King happy meal toys or Geico ads.

Me: I work for Disney, and know you have done storyboards for Disney commercials. What is the latest one you have done?

Craig: I haven’t done too much lately. Most of my Disney work was designing souvenirs that kids could purchase at the Disney On Ice shows. Whatever movie was current would often be the theme and I was asked to design toys that primarily lit up like flashlights. I do remember having a job at the Burbank office drawing a storyboard for the Disney light parade. It didn’t go so well. My kids looked like the kids from that cartoon strip Family Circus except all cracked out. They looked like they just emerged from a week long meth binge. Needless to say I was asked to hit the road and they had my coworker redraw the faces. Kids and pleasant things are my kryptonite. I didn’t blame them they were right they were scary as hell. Believe me I tried it was a humbling failure. But I did get paid. Fortunately having kids of you own has helped me to get better at drawing children. I’m in charge of all the birthday party invites.

Me: Do the boys at Disney know what your other projects look like?

Craig: LOL. They don't really like pictures of zombies, y'know. Just you. ssssshhhhh.

Me: What other companies have you done commercial storyboards for?

Craig: Name it I’ve worked on it at one time or another. It’s kind of hard to explain what I do to the family because a commercial will come on the TV and I’ll say I worked on this spot and they’ll look at it and go but there’s no artwork. They seem pretty impressed with the fact I help design cheetos bags. My sister in law always introduces me as that guy and if she really wants to impress them she’ll add” he also worked on an ad for irritable bowel syndrome”. On one occasion I was asked to come in and help redesign the beginning intro to the Rosanne Barr talk show. It was short lived show that was on for maybe 2 seasons. That was the show where she would pretend to rock out with the house band and have dialog with the audience and answer questions on air from fans.Well for the second season they wanted to make some changes and have Rosanne appear as an animated bee in the beginning. My job was to draw her as this bee. I was told to make it simple and cute. Oh boy are you serious I thought to myself? I’ll try my best. A week later I was hired back to continue the job after they presented my illustrations to Rosanne and her cohorts. The Art Director tells me “we got some feed back here watch this”. He popped in a vhs tape of actual show footage and it’s Rosanne holding up my drawings of her as the bee asking her studio audience what they thought of her as the bee. I couldn’t believe it. I thought oh no this going to be brutal. But to my surprise they liked it including Rosanne, but she said it ought to have a little more attitude... Whew I thought unscathed. Sadly the show was cancelled shortly after HaHa. Sorry to all you Rosanne fans! I did share that footage with my mom who was a big fan of the Rosanne show back in the day.

Me: Okay, Craig, do you have a website? Go ahead and plug it. You also sell t-shirts, right?

Craig: Right now it’s I would like to make shirts and posters available in the near future.

Me: If a reader of the Phile wants to get into the art business like you, what do you suggest they do? What kinda stuff should they stick in their portfolio?

Craig: Practice. Draw all the time. Work on the stuff you hate to draw. It’s obvious you can draw the stuff that appeals to you. Now work on the difficult stuff. Continue drawing people, visit the zoo with the sketch pad etc. This is what you’ll hear from most professors. I never did any of this. I was the guy who sat in the back of the room daydreaming while I drew my teachers on my trapper keeper. My report cards always were “needs to improve” when it came to behavior. Who knew that I was developing a career as they told me I wasn’t going to succeed. Hell I could of dropped out in Jr high if I knew then what I know now. Degree what a waste. I’m just a wrist. Get good at and try to get better. There’s always someone out there who’s better. Just ape their style and make it your own. Just kidding kids stay in school and say no to drugs.

Me: Finally, Craig, I hope this was fun, and let me know what your next big project will be.

Craig: Thanks again. This was fun. As you can tell by my answers I did a lot of my daydreaming during my English courses. I ain’t no writer. My next big project is the one that’s on my drawing table at the moment. You’re only as good a your latest work. I try and approach it with as much enthusiasm as possible and try new things. Each piece is a learning process. I try to challenge myself. They’re not always as successful as the image I have in my head but it’s fun to explore. So right now my biggest project is the CRO MAGS Jam European Tour poster. Hopefully I will get some copies I can make available through my myspace website.


That was a very cool interview. Thanks to Craig for being on the Phile. The next Phile entry will be posted on Monday with cute little singer Stacy Clark. In the meantime check out,0,2614781.story for a really cool article on where I work at Disney, and also bands, artists, singers, phriends, phans, my sister Leila is a travel agent so if you need travel plans made e-mail her at and tell her the Phile or her brother Jason sent you. Alright, I think that's about it. Thanks for reading, and have a safe Memorial Day weekend. I am getting a really bad headache so I am glad I am done with this entry. Until Monday... spread the word, not the turd.

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