Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Peverett Phile Interviews: Willy Zeen From Ultrazeen


Hello, welcome to the Saturday entry of the Phile. Tuesday it's St. Patrick's Day, and even though I'm not Irish, Irish I was drunk. So, how are you? Today we went to a local festival called Pig on the Pond. I didn't see a pig on any pond, but I did see a fat lady in a lake. Does that count? Have you heard Kelly Clarkson's new CD "All I Ever Wanted". If you look closely at the CD cover you'll see in small print it says "Is Jason Peverett". Oh, how I wish. Kelly said on the Regis and Kelly show she is single. Not for long, Kelly, I'll be seeing you in Orlando on the 28th. My wife Jen said if Kelly is dumb enough to put out to you, then have fun. Bad day for Sesame Street. They had to lay off 67 people. Now all the characters are living in garbage cans. Bert and Ernie are getting married just for the benefits. The U.N. says that the world’s population could reach 9 billion by the year 2050. That’s if the Octo Mom doesn’t stop having kids, of course.
Nadya Suleman, everyone’s favorite mother of 14, was on “Dr. Phil” again. I think she might even be living with Dr. Phil now. He got her to admit some of her problems. But on the downside, I think he got her pregnant again. President Obama said that kids need to stay in school longer, either longer days or into the summer, if we want to stay competitive. He said we can’t stick with a school calendar that was created at a time when most Americans were farmers. He’s right — we need a new school calendar for a time when most Americans are unemployed. General Motors announced they wouldn’t need an extra $2 billion from the bailout. They said they’re getting great returns from some guy named Madoff. Bernie Madoff going to jail. He could spend 150 years in the slammer. He won’t get out until he’s 220. The judge said, “Straight to jail — do not pass Go; do not collect $200...” Then Madoff said, “Hey — I can turn that $200 into $400,”... and the judge said, "Hmmm..." Well, I have a good interview for you today. But before we get into that, it's time for the Peverett Phile history lesson.

Karl Marx dies of bronchitis in London.
George Eastman, the founder of Kodak Corporation, kills himself after a long illness. His suicide note states "To my friends: My work is done. Why wait?"
"I am going to jump into my grave laughing because the knowledge that I have the deaths of millions of people on my conscience is a source of extraordinary satisfaction to me." Adolf Eichmann.
Nine German executives of the manufacturer of thalidomide, Grunethal, are charged with breaking their country's drug laws. Thalidomide, a sedative, caused over 12,000 babies in late 1950's Europe to be born with flippers instead of limbs.
Nerve gas leaks from the U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground, near Skull Valley Utah. The gas killed 1600 sheep on the Goshute indian reservation and made hundreds more sick. Dugway is a test center for chemical and biological agents.
A tank illegally stored at the federal government's Hanford nuclear facility in Washington state explodes, causing the release of 30,000 gallons of plutonium into the environment. The government tried to cover up the incident, going so far as having the Department of Energy deny the release of any contamination.

Today's guest is French, but we won't hold that against him. He's the lead singer for the French rock and roll band Ultrazeen. Welcome to the Phile, Willy Zeen.

Me: Bonjour, Willy, welcome to the Phile. So, how is life in Paris?

Willy: Well, life in Paris is ok. We got some beautiful Girls, nice places, but the negative point: too much cops.

Me: Willy, I have to apologize, I am English. And we all know how much the English love the French. 

Willy: Don't have to apologize, dude, I' m half English. In fact, I was born in Slough, next to London.

Me: So, what's an Ultazeen?

Willy: The name was a joke, we made it up as Ultrazine in the beginning like Cafeine, Nicotine, Amphetamine, etc, etc... All the addiction stuff you know, but we wrote it with a double "E", to create a sort of confusion.

Me: Do you sing in French or English?

Willy: We only sing in English. It sounds better for Rock'n'Roll.

Me: How many 'Zeen people are there? Who is in the band?

Willy: We're four. You've got: Chris on the drums, Stef on bass, Stan on guitar and me (Willy) on vocals. The French touch in our music comes from the members of the band, that's why we stuck on ULTRAZEEN a French touch for Rock'n'Roll. But sure we wanna stay out of garlic rock as you say, we re Night Creatures.

Me: Your album is called "Vs". What does that mean? Will it be available on iTunes?

Willy: The name "Vs" is for Versus. We haven' t got any plans to put it on iTunes for the moment, but you can download our tracks on some sites like 7DigitalIndiestore or

Me: Your influences you have listed are pretty cool, Willy. I couldn't believe you mentioned the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. 

Willy: Yeah, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is one of our influences. 

Me: So, is this your first interview?

Willy: No, it' s not our first interview, in fact we' ve done a few now, mostly in France, for magazines and radios, but all so for some other European countries such as Italy, Germany, Spain, England, we even had some tracks played in the States on Gutter Punk Radio and some other radio in Chicago.

Me: When did the band form?

Willy: The band started in 2004, so we're 5 years old.

Me: Any plans for you guys to come to America?

Willy: We will really love to come over to the United States if you' ve got any plans, you're welcome.

Me: So, do you like french fries, french toast, french bread?

Willy: If we like french fries, french toast, french bread, of course, but I guess we prefer french wine.

Me: Willy, thanks for taking part. 

Willy: Well thanks to you, for your work and support. Keep it going, "Bon courage" as we say in France. Take care & and best wishes.

Well, he seemed nice for a Frenchman, didn't he? That about wraps it up for another entry of the Phile. The Phile will be back tomorrow with a member of a new upcoming band, The Scenery. So, spread the word, not the turd.

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