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Pheaturing Richard Rivera

Hi there, and welcome to the Phile for a Monday. Good morning, how are you?  Do you know the British kids show "Ooglies"? Well, a British mum complained to the BBC "Ooglies" is too much like an ISIS video. Angela Halliwell, a mom living in South London, filed an official complaint with U.K.'s communication commission about an episode of the beloved, hilariously-named kids show, "Ooglies," for being evocative of an "ISIS-style beheading." Halliwell told the "Daily Mail" that by being exposed to the toasts' ISIS-style execution, "Kids could think extreme violence like beheading is normal." The episode initially aired in 2012, when the toast was perceived to be mere bread, and less of a threat to the comfort and safety of the eggs. Here is what she is complaining about...

It is very possible that the Ooglies were clairvoyant in anticipating the ISIS threat, or it's simply just a coincidence. Regardless, the egg community stands united against the toast threat.  Some of you may recall hearing some hype online from adult children for a certain space movie with lots of aliens that's coming out soon, but as of yesterday, it's like a billion nerds cried out and were suddenly distracted by a new shiny object: the trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence. That's right, Independence Day is coming back, with the old cast (minus Will Smith) and a bunch of newcomers in tow. Does it look like an old-fashioned sequel's sequel, summed up by Jeff Goldblum's line in the final shot, "That is definitely bigger than the last one"? Yes, but maybe that's exactly what audiences needs right now, and also exactly what they go for every time, so why fight it. Man, that speech from the original movie never gets old. The trailer says the movie is coming out in summer 2016. Anyone taking bets on a specific date?  Hey, ladies, some inventor used gecko science to make the first strapless bra that doesn't suck. Wanna hear about it? The company Kellie K Apparel made a strapless bra that's engineered to not fall down, apparently using the same technology that geckos use to climb up vertical surfaces, and preorders are still available through the end of the day. It's good news for people who want to wear a strapless bra without their boobs popping out like a monster in a horror movie. The bra was created by Anthony Roy after he heard his wife complain that all strapless bras were either too tight or needed to be constantly pulled up. Roy decided to invent a better, more comfortable bra for women, and 178 backers successfully funded his invention via Kickstarter earlier this year. Right now, the bra is available in both a wired and an unwired version. Oh, and they apparently make your boobs looks great. Here's hoping Roy solves sports bra uni-boob next.  Kris Jenner is trying to trademark the phrase, hashtag, and all around status of "Proud Mama." TMZ reports that everyone's favorite momager is trying to trademark #ProudMama for "advertising purposes," because it's been an indispensable part of her #personalbrand on #socialmedia. If this goes through, the matriarch will be milking even more money from the public. All moms, no matter how proud, will have to ask Kris if they can hashtag their advertisement with the phrase #ProudMama, or Kris will see their asses (which are in no way as great as Kim's) in court.  Carrie Fisher's daughter, actress Billie Lourd will apparently be appearing in the new Star Wars movie with her mom... and even though she's supposedly not playing the daughter of Fisher's Princess Leia in the film (that role may or may not be played by Daisy Ridley), she still is wearing Leia's famous hairstyle in a tribute to her mom, reported "People." You may also recognize Lourd from her work in "Scream Queens" (if you were one of the masochists who watched "Scream Queens")​. Now 23, Billie was a huge Star Wars fan growing up. "I made [my mom] watch it at least once a week... and on special occasions I would make her get in a lightsaber fight with me," she told "People." "Let's just say the more trained Jedi usually won."  I just realized something... this is the last entry of the Phile before the new Star Wars movie comes out. Holy shit! Another movie comes out the same day, on December 18th and I think they have a great movie poster for it...

Haha.  So, I just mentioned Kris Jenner... well, there's a new TV show she's gonna be in. Wanna know what it is?

Okay, that's pretty bad, I know. I apologize.  So, I was told that John Travolta was in the Avengers movie the other day. I didn't believe it and went back to watch the movie and low and behold...

Bloody crazy, right?  You know, they are saying Luke is not gonna be in the new Star Wars movie that much, but I think he is... just not in the way you think. Check it out...

It's the same damn expression. Soooo... maybe.  Yesterday like I said was the 40th anniversary of Foghat's "Slow Ride" as a single. That wasn't to be confused with...

Ha.  So, as well as Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming out this week, there's also another movie coming out that is very similar...

I kinda wanna see that one as well. I love Opus!  Well, it's the holiday season and I'm sure you are gonna be wearing an ugly holiday sweater like this one which I call The Baby Jesus Being Pepper-Sprayed Sweater.

Better than roasting on an open fire, though. And now from the home office in Port Jefferson, New York here is...

Top Phive Phascinating Phacts About Hoverboards
5. They go by many names: Hoverboard, Swagway, and Douche-mover.
4. There have been reports of hover boards bursting into flames... which seems like a problem solving itself.
3. The chance that the battery will explode and set the rider's sneakers on fore are the devices' most exciting feature.
2. They can go as fast as 12 mph... but rarely do, as passerby continually shove their orders off in disgust.
And the number one phascinating phact about hoverboards is...
1. After Justin Bieber was seen on one, sales among poseur dips hits surged nearly 43%. 

If you spot the Mindphuck let me know. Okay, it's Monday and it is time to talk football with my good friend Jeff.

Me: Jeff, welcome back. It seems like a long time ago we were talking about football. How have you been?

Jeff: Always great to be on the Phile talking football. I'm doing okay. Slightly under the weather the last few days but I think I will live. I'm pretty sure of it anyway.

Me: Okay, before we talk football I have to ask... there's a small movie coming out this week... No, not the Chipmunks movie. Ha. Are you excited about the Star Wars movie?

Jeff: And here I thought you were talking the Tina Fey-Amy Poehler movie Sisters which also opens against Star Wars. Of course I'm excited to see it. And by that I mean Star Wars, not Sisters. Though that looks funny too.

Me: I'm seeing Star Wars Thursday night, when are you seeing it? What are you looking forward the most about it?

Jeff: I have to figure out when I can get to the theaters. It's a little more difficult here. I am looking forward to seeing some old friends Han, Chewie, Leia and Luke. That's what I'm most looking forward to. What about you?

Me: Pretty much the same thing as you are. Okay, enough about Star Wars... let's talk football. Any NFL news these last few weeks?

Jeff: The biggest news is that there is only one undefeated team in the NFL, the Carolina Panthers. And New England shockingly had lost two in a row since the last time we talked. Tony Romo got injured again. Despite the fact the Cowboys are under .500 they are still alive for the NFC East division title. So Dallas isn't announcing he's out for the season in the event they actually make the playoffs.

Me: We picked a few weeks ago, how did we do?

Jeff: So if you remember you were leading by 7 points. Last week you went 1-1 and I happened to go 2-0! The Giants lost last week, while the Steelers won. And the Steelers won again this week. The Giants play the Monday Night Game so their score is too late for us to add. You are 12-10, I am 10-12. But thanks to the Steelers having a better record I have gained on you! As of right now, you lead by only 1 point! And I still think we should make up for the 2 weeks we missed somehow. It will be an exciting end to the season!

Me: Ugh! Okay, I say we get two points when our teams win. Okay, let's pick for this week... I say Cardinals by 5 and Falcons by 1. And you?

Jeff: I say the Bengals will win by 4 points and New England by 7.

Me: Okay, I'll see you hear next Monday for the Christmas entry. Take care.

Jeff: See you next week!

Time's Person of the Year
Time's Person of the Year is a distinction Barack Obama and Hitler actually have in common.

The 42nd book to be pheatured in the Phile's Book Club is...

Hod will be a guest on the Phile in a few weeks.

Today's pheatured guest is the writer and creator of the very cool comic book "Stabbity Rabbit" whose third issue came out this month. Please welcome to the Phile... Richard Rivera.

Me: Richard, welcome to the Phile. How are you?

Richard: Very well, thank you, Jason.

Me: I was at the Clermont Comic Book Convention, or whatever they called it when I stumbled upon you and your work and I knew right away I wanted to interview you. Does that kinda thing happen to you often?

Richard: Our book is still relatively new and so is the experience of being interviewed.

Me: Cool. Do you like doing conventions, Richard?

Richard: Yes, I love conventions and being on the other side of the table, though different, is still fun. 

Me: I have been going to conventions on and off since 1983. Do you go to a lot of conventions?

Richard: I've been going to a lot more since we started working on "Stabbity Bunny." There is such a variety of convention experiences now.

Me: Did you go to conventions before you had a comic book out?

Richard: Yes, I have been going to conventions since the 1970s. As they became bigger and bigger events, I will say I went to fewer over the last couple of years... until this year and all the work on the series.

Me: So, what's your favorite convention you have ever been to? Any con stories stick out?

Richard: Two conventions come to mind immediately, NYCC and SuperCon in Miami. Most conventions do a terrific job considering the scale of the happenings, but these two conventions were outstanding. From an organizational standpoint and the exciting environment they create to the little details they get just right... Love these two conventions.

Me: Cool. Anyway, I am so glad to have you here, I am a big fan of your comic "Stabbity Bunny" you created. When did you first come up with the idea for the comic?

Richard: The initial concept for the book, probably 5 years ago. The storyline as it exists now, I've been working on for two years.

Me: Tell the readers what "Stabbity Bunny" is about. It's very original I have to say.

Richard: "Stabbity Bunny" stars Grace, a seven year old girl and her plush bunny. The bunny has been in the family for over 100 years. The story takes place in the fictional town of Holiday, Vermont, a place where you can leave the keys in your car, go on vacation and forget to lock the doors to your house... and you'll return to find everything as you left it. It's a tale of some very good people who are targeted by some of the worst beings imaginable and the key to foiling a plan, over a 100 years in the making, is this little girl. We joke that it's "Leave it to Beaver" meets Nightmare on Elm Street.

Me: So, did you have a stuffed bunny when you were a kid, Richard? Did you have a favorite stuffed animal?

Richard: I did have a stuffed bunny and it was a tie between Humphrey and Winston, the Warthog. 

Me: Where did the name come from from the bunny? Stabbity is a unique name.

Richard: The name, in the story, is something Grace heard her bunny say, perhaps imagination? In our world the name was meant to be at odds with the cuteness of a stuffed bunny.

Me: The comic takes place in Holiday, Vermont. Not a real place?

Richard: No, I didn't want any real Chamber of Commerce angrily contacting me. LOL.

Me: They wouldn't. So, are you originally from Vermont? Where do you live now?

Richard: I'm from Florida, born here and still live here.

Me: I love the art work for the comic. You write it, and created it, but who does the art work?

Richard: Our AMAZING artist is Dwayne Biddix. He lives in North Carolina. Please have your readers go to our site, and hit the creators tab. All of his contact and site information is there. He's doing a lot of fantastic things.

Me: So, where did you find Dwayne and Liezl your colorist? I should have Dwayne on the Phile as well.

Richard: Dwayne showed up on day on my Facebook suggestions list. We had one friend in common. Liezl I found after searching the Internet and several art sites. We are so lucky to have her on the team. Her color work adds another layer of mood and atmosphere to the storytelling.

Me: The comic has three issues, right? How long has it been out?

Richard: Our first issue was published in June of this year.

Me: Do you have any idea how many issues the comic will have?

Richard: I know exactly how many issues. There are three 12-issue arcs written.

Me: Is "Stabbity Bunny" the only comic you write and created, Richard?

Richard: I have a few other titles in various stages of readiness. I'm working with great people and you can expect to see at least two more series with my name in the writing credits in 2016.

Me: I love the characters in the comic...  here's a pic of them I have to show.

Me: They are all very cool. Is it hard to come up with character names and designs? I have a few characters on the Phile here and they come to me when I least expect it.

Richard: Once I finish with the foundation of the character, the details and quirks come fairly quickly. Very often little idiosyncrasies belong to relatives, teachers and friends of mine.

Me: I think the comic would make a great cartoon series or movie. Did that ever cross your mind, Richard?

Richard: Yes, everyone working on the book has had the feeling it could be a very entertaining series in other mediums, but I have to say, we are very happy with the comic and that is our focus. We hope the series will entertain and challenge our readers.

Me: You sell posters on your website and a t-shirt (which I am wearing now) but I think a plush of Stabbity would be great. Do you think you'll get one made? I would want one that is for sure.

Richard: Thank you very much, I'm sure you look awesome in it, Jason. A plush is in the works! We want it to be just right, so it may take a while, but I will definitely keep you posted!

Me: The comic was funded on Kickstarter, am I right? Did you get a lot of good response from that, Richard?

Richard: We got our funds for publishing issue 2 from Kickstarter and we were very pleased with the support and kindness of our backers.

Me: Alright, so, what's next for you? Any convention appearances coming up?

Richard: We have quite a few conventions coming up this year. The first will be Magic City in Miami. We will update the coming appearances tab on the website

Me: So, where can a Phile reader purchase your comic? It's in some stores here in Central Florida, right? What about if a reader lives outta town?

Richard: We are honored to be in Krum's World, Acme, Gods and Monsters, Mike's Comics and World of Comics at this time. The comic can be ordered through our site We will also be available digitally through Comixology later in 2016.

Me: Richard, thanks for coming on the Phile. Please come back real soon, I love your comic. All the best, sir. I'll see you at a con again real soon.

Richard: Thank you, Jason. It was a pleasure to be interviewed by you and I really appreciate the thoughtful questions and all the work you put into it.

That about does it for this entry of the Phile. Thanks to Jeff Trelewicz and Richard Rivera of course. The Phile will be back next Sunday with British musician Darren Poyzer and then on Monday it's A Peverett Phile Christmas 7 pheaturing Roger Earl from a band I might've mentioned a few times on the Phile... Foghat. Spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

Not if it pleases me. No, you can't stop me, not if it pleases me. - Graham Parker

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