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Pheaturing Emily Bindiger From "The Great Space Coaster"

Hey, welcome to the Phile where's it's "The Great Space Coaster" Month. We'll explore... Come and ride a fantasy to a place where dreams fly fast and free... Something like that. I never actually saw the show. HA! Just kidding! I was a big fan of "TGSC", as the kids call it. Back in the 80's when I was a teenager I used to watch the show. I didn't know what else teenagers were supposed to do. I never saw the last episode though, where Goriddle was surrounded by the Alien Task Force. Oh, wait, was that another show? We'll talk more about "The Great Space Coaster" in a bit. Let's see what's going on in the world.  Al-Qaida has issued a list of 22 ways that al-Qaida members can avoid being killed by U.S. drones. Here’s a good one: Don't join al-Qaida.  So, what's the weather like where you are? It's bloody cold here in Florida. A huge snowstorm has now hit 18 states. In fact, it is so cold that former Chicago Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. had his hands in his own pockets.  The price of gas is so high, Lindsay Lohan is now forced to choose between drinking or driving. She can't afford both.  A 104-year-old woman is complaining that she can’t put her real age on Facebook because the birthdates only go back as far as 1910. Facebook said it will solve the problem by either adding the dates or just waiting it out.  So, everyone is talking about sequesters. Sequesters... any idea what those are? The star of Rocky was Sequester Stallone. That's as close as I can come. Actually $85 billion will be cut from almost every part of the budget. So teachers, meat inspectors, and TSA workers will all be affected. So if you're someone who teaches people how to keep bad meat off airplanes, this is a tough weekend.  In his final speech before resigning, Pope Benedict said that he is not abandoning the Catholic Church. Like most Catholics, he'll be back for Christmas and Easter.  Do you guy's watch "Survivor"? I love that show. They are not even in the middle of the present season and they already announced where the next season will be. Check it out.

On Saturday's entry I told my wife went to see Bon Jovi in concert. Well, I was wrong. She went to see his new band. Here's a photo...

His new band? Ban Jovi. LOL. I crack my ass up sometimes.  So, before I started to do this blog I read that possibly next year Leno is ending his run on "The Tonight Show" and Jimmy Fallon will be taking over. So, Jimmy, we'll see you on TBS soon. Actually, you know who would be a good talk show host? Gary Gnu.  I have to mention this, I want to say thank you for the great website who Twittered this out...

That's so nice of them.  Tonight on TV there's a show starting called "The Bible" on the History channel. And they released a Bible themed inspirational poster.

I know someone who is not gonna like that. I think I will be making my own sandwich later. Moving on... from the home office in Coasterville, here is this week's...

Top Phive Phacts About "The Great Space Coaster"
5. Everyone on Baffles' home planet of Blip lives in a cave.
4. Kevin Clash took over the role of Big Jock Ox, when he was added to "The Great Space Coaster" cast.
3. Baffle's home planet is called Blip.
2. Baffle can see 12 minutes into the future.
And the number one phact about "TGSC"...
1. The name of the band Danny, Fran and Roy play in is called The Space Coasters.

Thanks to Scott from for sending me those phacts. Alright, so, you know I must be one of the biggest fans of "TGSC" is I'm dedicating a whole month to the show, or Robert Medeiros must be one of the biggest fans as he was the one who suggested I dedicate a month to the show. Or even Scott who has a website dedicated to the show. Well, if that's what you think, you would be wrong. The biggest fan of "The Great Space Coaster" is a guy named Gregg. So, please welcome to the Phile to talk about "TGSC"...

I see that you're a big fan of the show! Do you remember Frannie's teasing nature with Goriddle Gorilla on the show? Any episodes like the scarecrow one in Edison's corn garden? She was my favorite!
Does anyone remember when actress Valerie Harper of "Rhoda" was a guest star on the No Gnus Is Good Gnus Show? And Gary's mean Gnu crew threw the paper Gnu turkey on a string at Gary and Valerie stopped it. She yelled at them saying, "You can't do this to my friend!" Long live "The Great Space Coaster"!

I want to call that 800 number. LOL. What commercial is it for? Some learning program I think. That duck sure is creepy.

Today's pheatured guest is an American singer, belonging to the award-winning a cappella group The Accidentals. But "The Great Space Coaster" fans will know her as Francine, where she acted and played songs. Please welcome to the Phile, it's an honor to have her here... Emily Bindiger!

Me: Hello, Emily, welcome to the Phile, and welcome to "The Great Space Coaster" Month. How are you?

Emily: Just fine, Jason, thanks!

Me: So, are you surprised that "TGSC" is still popular?

Emily: I'm always surprised that it still resonates with a lot of people.

Me: You were just a kid when you were on that show, right?

Emily: Well... I mean, it depends what you mean by "kid"! I was 25 when we first started the show.

Me: Do you have some good memories from being on the show?

Emily: TONS of good memories. I met my best friend in the whole world as a result of being on that show.

Me: Really? Who was that?

Emily: Randy Gardner, the world champion figure skater, who was on the show with his partner, Tai Babilonia, during Season 2.

Me: I thought you were gonna say Knock Knock or someone like that. We'll talk more about "TGSC" is a bit. You are mostly known as a singer, right? What came first for you, singing or acting?

Emily: Neither. I was an instrumentalist first. I had studied clarinet and piano, then I picked up the guitar and started singing along. Acting came along soon after.

Me: When you auditioned for "TGSC" did you have to sing?

Emily: Absolutely. It was essential.

Me: You did Broadway, which is very cool, Emily. What shows did you do?

Emily: I did "Shenandoah", followed by the first revival of "Hair".

Me: Are you from New York? Where do you live now?

Emily: I'm a New Yorker, born in Brooklyn. I lived in Greenwich Village for 35 years, up until last March. Now I live in Northern Westchester. Still New York!

Me: You have appeared on a number of movie soundtracks and sang different genres, what is your favorite genre to sing?

Emily: Country and pop come very easily and sit in my voice very well, but I sing ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, which is what often happens, particularly on movie soundtracks.

Me: You also sang the jingles in commercials... wow, you do a lot. Out of everything, what has been your favorite thing you have done?

Emily: My absolute favorite gig of all time was singing with Leonard Cohen.

Me: I bet that was cool. Alright, let's talk about The Accidentals, the a cappella group you are in. How long has this group been together?

Emily: The group precedes my involvement with it, but I'd say they've been in existence for about 25 years. I've been there since 1994.

Me: Who is in the group with you, Emily?

Emily: Margaret Dorn, Marcia Pelletiere, Rosie Vallese, Bill Mitchell, Dennis Dean and Jim Vincent. Brilliant singers and arrangers, all. It's an honor to sing with them.

Me: The Accidentals have released a few albums, Emily. What is the latest one you guys released?

Emily: The last one was a Christmas CD (we've done 2 for Christmas), called "I'm Not Going Home For Christmas".

Me: Do you guys do covers or original music?

Emily: Both.

Me: So, how many people go to The Accidentals shows because they are "TGSC" fans?

Emily: To be truthful, none that I know of.

Me: Alright, it's "The Great Space Coaster" Month, so let's talk Space Coaster. Do you get a lot of requests to talk about that show?

Emily: Not too often. It's very flattering.

Me: I love this photo of you and some of the cast, Emily.

Me: How was it like to work with Kermit Love, the creator of the show?

Emily: I actually never worked with Mr. Love, just met him once. He only worked with the puppeteers.

Me: Do you and the rest of the cast members keep in touch, Emily?

Emily: I see Chris Gifford, who played Danny, every so often. We all hear about each other through various mutual friends and of course, Facebook.

Me: You need to tell Chris I would love to interview him on the Phile as well. I know Ray Stephens, who played Roy, passed away. How did you find out he passed? He went from "TGSC" to the Village People, right?

Emily: Ray was one of the most talented people I ever knew. I knew he was ill, and heard from his partner that he had died. A light went out when he left us. He did many things; the Village People was just one gig he was involved with. I actually got to see him perform with them, in Los Angeles.

Me: Next week I am gonna be interviewing Jim Martin on the Phile, Emily. He of course played Gary Gnu. Who was your favorite character on the show?

Emily: Had to be Goriddle. Sorry, Jim!

Me: What was it like working with all of them?

Emily: Well, it was always Humans vs. Puppets, but I really loved working with all of them, and I developed a real appreciation for the art of puppetry.

Me: Has the cast ever had a reunion?

Emily: No, not really.

Me: If they were going to do a reunion show, would you want to take part?

Emily: Don't know... it wouldn't be a real reunion without Ray.

Me: That's a good point. You did other TV work as well, right? Weren't you on Conan's old "Late Night" show?

Emily: I sang on Conan, "Live With Regis and Kathie Lee", "The Drew Carey Show", several stints on "The Today Show", and several others.

Me: How do you keep so busy, Emily?

Emily: I am still singing quite a bit, and I also produce recording projects for singer/songwriters, still work in the studio and do live gigs with people, and have recently started teaching voice.

Me: I wish you can teach me voice. Imagine getting taught voice by Fran from "TGSC". So, do you have children? If so, have they ever seen clips of you on "TGSC"? 

Emily: I do not have children of my own.

Me: Alright, so, on the Phile this year I am asking my guests random questions from a box of random questions thanks to Tabletopics. So, here is yours... What does your perfect day look like?

Emily: I'm looking at it now. Since moving to the country, I wake up every day looking at trees, deer, birds, and my sweetheart. Add some good food, friends and music to the mix and it's truly a perfect day.

Me: Good answer, Emily. Thanks for being on the Phile. Please come back again soon, I hope this was fun. Go ahead and plug whatever website you want, Emily.

Emily: Nothing to plug at the moment, but I'll let you know!

Me: Thanks again and take care.

Emily: My pleasure.

Man, that was so good, but I wish I asked her a hundred other questions. Next time I will. Anyway, that about does it for this entry of the Phile. Thanks to Scott Hoy from, Gregg Casiglia and of course Emily Bindiger. Also, I have to thank Tanslin Media. The Phile will be back tomorrow with MegaCon organizer Christine Alger. Then next week it's the 600th entry of the Phile with Brad Roberts from Crash Test Dummies and Jim Martin from "The Great Space Coaster". So, spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye. Strawberry Blondes Forever! Mini Pooka Tiki.


Anonymous said...

great interview I'm glad to see that Emily is still in entertainment. I loved her as Fran and I had no idea she was 25 when she was on there.
Miss the show so much.

Anonymous said...

Wow only 25 thought she 25 thought she was younger. I heard one of her songs on youtube from her album Emily, she sounds just she did on great space coaster. Get Chris Gifford on here if you can. Loved them all.