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Pheaturing Phile Alum John Bentley From Squeeze

Hey, kids, welcome to the Phile. I am your host Jason Peverett, and no, this is not me.

Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens for winning the Super Bowl. During the game there was a black out, which delayed the game for thirty minutes. In future Super Bowl games, fans will be required to bring flashlights to light up the field. Just in case. I realize what NFL stands for now... No Fucking Lights. It took George W. Bush weeks to get power back in Louisiana, it only took Obama just thirty minutes. During the blackout I thought oh, man, if Ray Lewis was found dead after the blackout... it'd be the best game of Clue ever. I know why the lights went out, and I have proof.

Stupid Romo. It was annoying watching those Harbaugh boys cry "Mom!!! John won't let me have the ball!" and "Mooooommmm! Jim turned all the lights off!" The scariest thing about the whole thing was when this happened...

Alright, enough with the Super Bowl. What else is going on?  Zimbabwe's finance minister revealed yesterday that his country has only $217 left in the government Treasury. President Obama said, "Stop bragging!" Speaking of President Obama, he went to Las Vegas and spoke about his new immigration plan. Afterwards he was harshly criticized by the locals for speaking in English.  The Senate has overwhelmingly approved John Kerry as the next secretary of state. In his farewell speech to the Senate, Kerry spoke for 51 minutes. So, apparently he does believe in torture. John Kerry is the first white male to hold that job since 1997. So finally middle-aged white guys with gray hair are breaking through the glass ceiling.  More trouble in the world of big-time athletics and steroid use. Turns out now that Alex Rodriguez may have been using performance-enhancing drugs for quite a long time. Calling Oprah!  A new show premieredthe other night on the FX network called "The Americans." It's about Russian spies embedded in Washington, D.C., during the Cold War. They're Russian agents who look like us, talk like us, but all of their relationships are based on a big lie. These days that only happens to college football players. Keri Russell stars in "The Americans." She plays what intelligence services call a "sleeper agent." That's the kind of spy I'd want to be, a sleeper agent. My skill... taking naps in five languages. The first episode of this spy show was great. Their mission was to fake a drivers license for a young socialist Kenyan boy living in Hawaii.  An employee of the U.S. Postal Service is retiring after 44 years without using any of her sick days. Friends describe her as “dedicated,” while co-workers describe her as “that lady who gave me the flu.”  Dr. Phil spoke to the guy who was behind the Manti Te'o hoax in a special two-part episode of "Dr. Phil." That's when you know somebody's really screwed up... when Dr. Phil needs two shows to fix him.  Lindsay Lohan is back in court. For Lindsay, this will be appearance number XLVII.  Lance Armstrong has turned down a spot on the new season of “Dancing With the Stars.” Even weirder, Manti Te'o's girlfriend said yes.  A bipartisan group of senators has unveiled a plan that would create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Or as immigrants call that, "a tunnel."  So, did you see that picture of Obama that the White House released to show that he's one of us or something. I don't think they actually got their message right.

So, who has been watching "American Idol" this season? I actually like Nicki Minaj on the show. I don't know to much about her, but I vaguely remember seeing her somewhere before, and then it came to me.

I don't know about Nicki Minaj being on the Phile, but I want to interview Kelly Clarkson. So, as you know by now I am running a campaign. We will make this happen, but spreading the word.

And now for another...

If you see it email me at Okay, so, there are a thousand of blogs out there on Blogger. Not all have been around for seven years, or have guests like John Bentley from one of the greatest bands in the world numerous times, or running a campaign to interview Kelly Clarkson. But, there are some good ones. So, once again, here is...

Today's award, and this is totally random, goes to...

I don't know what it's about, but here's what it looks like.

And here's a photo from the front page, kids.

Hello, ladies. Anyway, you can check out this blog at and tell them the Phile sent you. Okay, so, who likes comic books as much as I do? I think it's time I invited my friend Jim Mello from Coliseum of Comics here in Orlando back to the Phile to talk about the latest comic book releases. So, please welcome back to the Phile, Jim Mello in a pheature called...

Everyone! The talking points call to me from ancient darkness. I am weak. The talking points make me strong. I can no longer turn them away. I must embrace them! I must become the talking points reborn! For I am the night! For I am the summaries and opinions of one person! For I am Talking Points! Anywhoo, Uh, this is the talking points and there will be some spoilers.
Before Watchmen: Dollar Bill #1 
And it ends with Dollar Bill getting his cape caught in a revolving door and getting shot by armed robbers. Err, well, leading up to that particular story point, Wein gives us a heavily worded biography pretty boy Minuteman turned cape cautionary tale. It was a solid book, and if folks liked the other "BW" stuff, they will certainly like this. 
Hawkeye #7 
This is the special issue where the proceeds all go to the Hurricane Sandy fund. The plot involves both Hawkeye's involvement with the storm in very un-superhero-y ways. Extremely funny issue with some off-beat art. 
Injustice: Gods Among Us #1 
Taking place before the game it's tying into... "Injustice" starts in a future dominated by a fascist Superman. Flashing back, we find Supes and Lois about to have a baby with Bats set as the godfather, but all goes to DC hell when Joker tricks Superman into murdering Lois by mistake and then sets off a nuclear bomb in Metropolis. If you can get passed the slew of lackluster art, the writing itself is fun, if a little out of character. I won't be suggesting this to anyone that doesn't ask for it. 
Invincible #100 
Everyone dies. The book is over. Dinosaurus pulverizes Mark's head with a nicely placed "Splorch" sound effect and the Invincible universe reacts in horror. Come to find out, Dinosaurus cloned Mark's body and eviscerated that instead to free Mark of societal constraints and guilt. After some verbal sparring, Mark convinces Dino that he's wrong, and Dino expresses his wish to die. Mark "kills" Dino (to my chagrin, because the character is villain gold) and is accepted by Cecil back into the government fold. And then Eve reveals she's pregnant. Again. Another great issue in a great series. It didn't meet my hopes for a happy, fun, complete antithesis of a "Death of" issue, but oh well. Still good. 
Superior Spider-Man #2 
Ock continues to try and seduce Mary Jane but is just missing that magic something. Cue more awkward rape debates. Dan Slott continues to channel his inner Stan Lee by narrating everything going on in a panel like it's the 60's all over again. That's it for this week.

Thanks, Jim. Jim Mello, everybody. Well, it's February which means it's Oscar season, or something like that. So, this month leading up to the Oscars I will be giving you a bunch of useless Oscar facts you can use if you end up going to an Oscar party. So, here, once again, is...

Sandra Bullock is the first actress to win both best and worst actress in the same week. How many actresses can win awards for best and worst actress in the same weekend? Sandra Bullock pulled off that feat in 2010, when she was awarded the Oscar for best actress for Oscar The Blind Side a day after receiving the Golden Raspberry for worst actress in All About Steve. She attended both ceremonies.

The 23rd book to be pheatured in the Peverett Phile Book Club is...

Phile Alum and author Jim Korkis will be a guest on the Phile this Saturday.

Today's pheatured guest is a Phile Alum who has been on the Phile a number of times. He is the bassist for Squeeze, one of my all-time favorite bands, who have a new 4 track EP of demos recorded by the band just over just a few days in July 2012 called "Arse About Face".  Please welcome to the Phile, the always entertaining... John Bentley.

Me: Hello, John, welcome back to the Phile again. How have you been?

John: High. High. High there, Jason! Velcommen to my Smorgasworld! And to answer your question ... I have been on cloud 9...

Me: That's good. You just came off an extensive UK tour with Squeeze. How did that tour go, John?

John: It went like it came... isn't that a tune by Charlie Mingus?

Me: I have no idea who that is. Did you guys go by a set list or change it up every day?

John: Well... I wrote out a set list before the first gig then Glenn changed it and then Chris changed it again and then I changed it back to what it was originally making Glenn think that it was all his idea! We stuck to it for one night only!

Me: I dunno if I asked this before, but out of all the shows you have done with Squeeze, what has been your favorite?

John: Best show of this last tour was the Brighton Dome (because I only live up the road). Best Squeeze show ever was on "Saturday Night Live" on November the 20th 1982! Probably before you were born Jason...and me!

Me: Actually, John, I was born in '68, and I remember Squeeze being on "SNL". On this last tour who did you guys tour with?

John: The Paul Heaton Band (ex Beautiful South and The Housemartins). At the London shows we had the added support of family favorites Hatchem Social featuring Riley Difford on bass! And when we played at the IndigO2 we had The Strypes supporting us who are set to be the new Beatles (Hamburg version). You heard it here first! ... Or last?

Me: Glenn Tilbrook is on the UK Christmas number one single last year, which is very cool. It's a cover of "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother". Have you heard the single? McCartney is on it as well I think.

John: I haven't heard the record yet but I intend to buy a copy... all in a good cause... we do a lod of work for chariddy you know!

Me: Also one of my favorite performers ever... Robbie Williams is on the single. Are you a fan of Robbie, John?

John: Yep! I am a fan of the popular man... especially love "Could it be Magic" from Take That and adore "Millenium" cos he brilliantly nicked the string line from the James Bond soundtrack! Now why didn't I think of that?

Me: Anyway, the single is a charity single, but what is the charity, do you know?

John: It's a tribute to the Hillsborough Disaster where many (mainly Liverpool) football supporters lost their lives.

Me: Okay, let's talk about Squeeze. There's a brand new Squeeze song available for free called "Tommy". When I first heard the title I thought it was a cover of a Who song. Who is Tommy, do you know?

John: Tommy is a most unpleasant character. The song is about racism and, according to Chris, is inspired by actual events. Not exactly what you'd call Christmas Cheer and no wonder the BBC won't play it! Why on earth they decided to release it as a single is a complete mystery to me... but that's Squeeze for you!

Me: Hmmmm, on the single, there's an orchestra playing, John. Is the band playing on it? I know Glenn and Chris are singing...

John: Yes and no! There's a string quartet, The Ravens playing on the recording who are a popular group of rather seductive female classical musicians with an added double bass played by Lucy Shaw, who was in The Fluffers and is married to Stephen Large... Too much info, sorry.

Me: No, don't apologize, that's good info, John.

John: Anyway... as far as I know the only other Squeeze member on it apart from Glenn on lead vocals is Chris on backing vocals.

Me: The band did record some other songs as well though, right?

John: Oh yeah... "From the Cradle to the Grave", "Top of the Form" and "The Honeytrap" and these 3 trax actually have us all playing on the record! Wow! That's value for money!

Me: So, is this a single from a new Squeeze album?

John: Well... as previously slated (sic) "Tommy" is a single but the new Squeeze album is still under construction. I hope our two leaders will release something a bit more commercial to put out when the album is finally completed. But you never know with Squeeze, they might decide to put out a new version of "Christmas Day" in Yugoslavian.

Me: There was a BBC documentary about Squeeze called "Squeeze: Take Me I'm Yours". Did you take part of it?

John: Well, I thought I did... but you wouldn't think so to look at the documentary. The film director interviewed me for about an hour... I rattled out several hilarious anecdotes and revealed a fistful of fascinating and insightful information... when it was screened I was on screen for approximately 7 seconds. LOOK, I'M NOT BITTER ALRIGHT!

Me: So, you've seen it? Is it good?

John: Hmmmm... bloody marvellous!

Me: I'm hoping they'll show it somewhere over here in the States. By the way, you still live in England, right? What part?

John: The part that was left intact after all the bombing... East Preston in West Sussex. It's a little village on the South Coast near Brighton. If you don't believe me Google it! Please feel free to pop in anytime for a Cream Tea! Only £2:50... Jam is 75p extra!

Me: I will. So, is it true that your daughter Bebe is in a band with Chris and Glenn's daughters? I think I have a picture of the girls in the band.

John: Yes... No... Yes... well sort of !?! ... Glenn (as far as I know) doesn't have any daughters... Chris on the other hand has (at least) 3 daughters. Now to try and sensibly answer your question (impossible). My daughter Bebe mimed to a Squeeze track for a video with a group of degenerates that included Louis Tilbrook and Riley Difford. The track was "From the Cradle to the Grave" and the video is not yet available to view. Although I am told that there are a few clips of it on Youtube. It was filmed in Los Angeles on a sound stage and the set which resembles a London Pub, was made entirely out of rubber!

Me: So, when are you guys (as In Squeeze) coming back to the States?

John: Never! Too many Yanks! Just Kidding. I love you mieces to pieces... I think it might not be until 2014 now as we were in the States twice last year... and we don't want you to get sick of the sight of us!

Me: John, do you know Graham Parker? What do you think about him and the Rumour getting back together?

John: Graham Parker? Getting back together? Just a rumour isn't it?

Me: Did Squeeze tour with GP back in the day?

John: What's the deal with Graham Parker? Is he a mate of yours or something? Enuff already!

Me: Okay then. He was on the Phile twice, but not as many times as you, John. Thanks for being here again, and please come back. Tell the others they need to be interviewed as well. Go ahead and plug your website and everything.

John: Jason! Thanx for being there! eat at Joe's Cafe, read Bentley's Blog and remember you're a Womble!

Me: Oh, before I let you go, I have to ask you, as I always forget, what album do you prefer? "Argy Bargy" or "Sweets From A Stranger"?

John: Sometimes "Argy Bargy" (definitely maybe "Sweets") No... I actually prefer Graham Parker's album... aaaaagh!!

Me: And one more question. John, I'm asking random questions for 2013 so here is yours... Where would you most like to travel?

John: Through time! And I have a question for you, Jason. When are you getting back together with the Argonauts?

Me: Soon, John. LOL. As soon as I can find them. All the best, and take care.

John: Keep it up, Jason... and the interviews too!

Well, that about does it for another long entry. Thanks to my guests Jim Mello and of course John Bentley. That guys is fun to talk to. The Phile will be back next Saturday with Phile Alum and author Jim Korkis and on Sunday it's Phile Alum and British TV legend Roland Rat and on Monday it's musician Uncle Devin. That's Devin with an i, not an o. Spread the word, not the turd. Don't let alligators and snakes bite you. Bye, love you, bye. Strawberry Blondes Forever!

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