Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The 7th Anniversary Special

Hello, and welcome to the Phile's 7th Anniversary Special. How are you? Seven years, that's quite a long time. By way of comparison, that's three times longer than any Kardashian marriage. It's great to be a blogger, I love it so much. You know, when you think about it, blogger is an odd word. Back in my day a blogger was a form of birth control. Some kind of device I think. I started this thing in 2006, on this date. Apart from the Phile, some crazy things happened in 2006. At the Super Bowl the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Seattle Seahawks. President Ford died,  Steve Irwin died, Britney Spears ran around with no underwear and filed for her divorce, and Saddam Hussein was executed.  I'd like to think President Obama is a regular reader of the Phile, considering he was once on it. He might be reading this entry. I don't think Joe Biden is reading it, word is he received an XBox for Christmas.  So, this is the 7th anniversary entry, and I was thinking, seven is a powerful number. Seven represents perfection. And if there's one thing you think about when you read the Phile is perfection. LOL. Anyway, there's the seven dwarfs, seven wonders of the world, 7-Eleven, 7UP, 007, the seven year itch, The Magnificent 7, Dr. Lao had seven faces, God created the world in seven days, there's seven days of the week, um... the United States declared independence on the seventh month, um... I'm thinking, there's seven colors in the rainbow... You get the idea, seven is a good number. And I think I bored you in seven seconds.  You know, a lot of people think the Phile is only available on the internet. Well, that's not true. Some places don't have the internet, so I made it available everywhere... check it out.

The Phile started out on AOL Journals, but when it got to big for AOL it moved to Google's blogspot site. A lot of people use Google for different reasons, so I put together a chart to show you.

I have to hand it to Google, they know how to advertise...

No one knows this really, but Google has been around for years. Check out this old Beta page from years ago.

Told you. Anyway, we have a lot to do this entry, so let's get it going.

If you spot the mind phuck email me at thepeverettphile@gmail.com.  Now, you all know pretty much I am a big Kelly Clarkson fan, in fact I love her, and as long as she's not married I have a hall pass for her. I don't know what I would do with said pass, but I want to interview her on the Phile. That's one of my goals this year, so I started a campaign. Check it out...

Spread the word, post it on your Facebook pages, put it on her Twitter site, we need to get the word out to Kelly I want her on the Phile. And if you want to make your own Kelly Clarkson campaign poster, email it to thepeverettphile@gmail.com and I'll post it here on the Phile. #kellyclarksonneedstobeonthephile. 

The Kelly thing might be a lost cause... who knows. What wasn't a lost cause was last year for the 6th anniversary entry I invited four phriends to the Phile for a panel to talk about what they like and don't like about the blog. I took suggestions, and even though I didn't use them all, it was still good to get four people's feedback. Well, this year, I thought I would do it again but I upped the ante... I invited six phriends of the Phile to talk about the blog. So, let me introduce them to you now.  The first is an Alumni of the Phile who has been here twice before. He is currently working on a new project right now, which we will talk about in a minute, but he has some good rock and blues music on iTunes. Please welcome to the panel... Dan "Foghat" Nowicki.  The second is also a Phile Alumni who has been on the Phile twice. He's the lead singer and founder for the Oakland, California based band The Clarences. Please welcome to the panel, the always unpredictable... Robert A. Medeiros.  The third member has been a member of the Phile phamily since last Summer, and I have to tell you, his pheature is one of the most popular of any pheature on the Phile. He is a singer, surfer, renaissance man and phriend of the Phile... Laird Jim.  Like last year, I have to have a female on the Phile. She not only is a Phile Alumni who has been here twice before like Dan and Robert, but she hooked me up with one of my favorite guests I had, Kevin Hearn from The Barenaked Ladies. She has a beautiful album out on iTunes called Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure. Please welcome the Phile, the lovely and talented... Christine Leakey.  The fifth member of the panel has been a guest on the Phile more than anyone, and is the original Phile phamily member. He started off with the pheature Ask Jeff, and now every week we talk football in the Phootball Talk With Jeff pheature. He is also the only member of this panel who was on last year's panel. Please welcome to the Phile, as always... Jeff Trelewicz.  Finally the sixth member of the panel. Unlike the other five, he has never been on the Phile. Like last year when I had a reader and big fan of the Phile on the penel, I wanted to do the same this year. He is a die hard fan of the Phile, and hooked me up with two guests as well. Please welcome to the Phile... Rich Cullen. There you have it, kids, it's...

Me: Hello, you guys, welcome to the 7th anniversary entry of the Phile. Last year for the 6th anniversary entry I chose four phiends of the Phile to be on a panel to talk about the Phile, what they liked, don't like and any changes they would make. It seemed to go pretty well, and even though I didn't make all the changes I think it helped the Phile, making 2012 the best year so far. Anyway, this year I chose you six people, so welcome. How are you all doing?

Dan: How am I doing? I don’t know. What have you heard?

Me: I heard you've been pretty busy. How are you doing, Robert?

Robert: I have no clue. I haven't spoke to You All Doing in a couple of years.

Laird: I'm fine... busting my butt with relief efforts on Long Island.

Me: You're doing a great job, Laird, as well. Hello, Christine. How are you?

Christine: Great, thanks!

Me: Welcome back, Jeff, you were just on the Phile two days ago. Thanks for being back on the panel this year.

Jeff: It's great to always be a welcomed guest on the Phile or as you so eloquently put it a phriend of the Phile. Things are good over here. I'm always debating getting back into the blogging game myself, and being a guest on the Phile is part of why I want to go back to doing it myself.

Me: And Rich, welcome to the Phile for the first time. What do you say?

Rich: Here I am.

Me: Okay, I want you all to be honest with me. If you don't like something, please let me know. Don't beat around the bush... be honest. That's why I chose you. Okay, so, are you kids, ready for this Census? LOL.

Robert: What is a Census?

Dan: If we don’t do this do you send people with clipboards to our door?

Me: No, worse, I'll come to your door.

Christine: I promise to be a truth crusader! ;)

Me: By the way, Dan, should I call you Dan or Fogdan?

Dan:  As for music wise Fogdan but you know we are on a first name deal.

Me: Okay, so, let's get this started. First of, last year I talked about how much I didn't like the name of my own blog the Peverett Phile. I asked the panel what they thought of it, and Jeff, you were the only person who is on this years panel that was on last years, so you don't have to answer. What do you guys think of the name Peverett Phile?

Dan: I have always like it and I told you that.

Robert: Who?

Me: The Peverett Phile... never mind. Laird?

Laird: I like the name... it's funny.

Christine: I like it. It's a play on your name and words… like alliteration and you know I dig alliteration!

Me: If you guys could re-name it, what would you call it?

Dan: I like it the way it is.

Me: Robert, I'm almost afraid to ask, what would you call the Phile if you were gonna change the name?

Robert: Nadgof.

Me: Ummm... okay. Laird?

Laird: Insane Ramblings From A Semi Sane Man.

Me: That's good. Christine?

Christine: Hmmm… Peverett: The Phantastical Music Phile & Way Out Whimsy… Or just keep it as is. :)

Me: I like yours the best, Christine. Some of the names I had in mind were Ramblings, Jason's Journal, Pevwrite and Red, which has been over used with a movie and even Taylor Swift's new album is "Red". I think the whole Ph thing is very annoying, and I wish I could change it. After 7 years, it's not going to change now I guess. Well, I did drop the The. Alright, so, let's talk the Phile in general, then we'll break it down. What do you guys think of the Phile?

Dan: I always thought it was cool. Like a little news paper column.

Robert: If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Laird: Quirky, funny, informative...

Christine: You keep it pH balanced with fun and interesting topics! ;)

Jeff: Off the top of my head I am not sure there is anything I would actually change about the Phile. I think it's pretty solid all the way through. Except for that whole "you beating me in football" last year, but this is season 2 or as I call it my revenge. It is always very funny and well written, so again I stand by what I said a year ago.

Me: You had to rub in that whole football thing, Jeff. LOL. Do you guys look forward top the next entry?

Dan: Yes, I treat it like the Sunday paper.

Robert: No, I look forward to top for Gene Autry.

Me: Robert, I have no idea what that means. Laird, you look forward to the Phile, right?

Laird: Yes...since "Manimal" was cancelled I haven't much to do.

Christine: The internet can be overwhelming with keeping track of so much but I will definitely check it out. :) You put great effort into your blog which is deserving of widespread support.

Jeff: As a frequent contributor to the Phile, I most certainly do look forward to it. And not just the ones that I am on, of course.

Me: How long have you all been reading the Phile? Jeff, I take it you've been reading it the longest, and then Dan. Dan, you were the 10th guest to be interviewed for the Phile. Did you know that?

Dan: Yes, I did know that, You told me that before. Not that I listen to you. LOL.

Me: Robert, how long have you been reading the Phile?

Robert: About 32 years, give or take.

Me: That's amazing, Robert. Laird, what about you?

Laird: Not long... after you took interest and posted my rants... I was a frequent reader.

Christine: Thanks to a friend who helped me to share my music with the world, I learned about the Phile at the beginning of last year. 

Me: Jeff?

Jeff: Yes, I do believe that I was reading from the very beginning. Back in the day! I can't believe it's been seven years all ready. Time flies!

Me: Rich, you've been rather quiet, or am I ignoring you? How long have you been reading the Phile?

Rich: I have been clicking on to your blog for about a year or so. I think that's when you told me about it. Yes, I always look forward to it. It's one of those things I do weekly online like checking the lottery numbers, selecting my 'Fantasy Golf' team roster together, and seeing which female celebrity just might be naked.

Me: Nice! What is your favorite thing about the Phile, guys? 

Dan: The funny photos and blurbs.

Robert: Nothing! Hemorrhoids are awful!

Me: Ummm... okay, Robert...

Laird: ME!!!

Christine: Your quirky way of featuring various news and art and music.

Jeff: My favorite thing about the Phile is the writing of course. And the funny pictures always make me laugh too.

Rich: My favourite thing about the Phile... did you just catch that I wrote the word 'favourite' in the English vernacular rather than the American?... is the unusual photos with the captions. I also like when you post a photo and your supposed to figure out what is wrong with the picture, etc. On September 17th, you posted a photo of an empty room. Hmm? There's some odd image on the bottom left of this photo but honestly, I don't know what I was supposed to see. Did someone forget to vacuum? Is the wallpaper peeling? Did the dog crap on the floor?

Me: Oh, you mean this one?

Me: Stand up, and look down at the monitor... look under the left window. That's all I'm saying. Okay, one of my favorite things about the Phile has always been the logo, which went through some changes, but always pheatured a filing cabinet. It took awhile for the Phile to get a logo. It wasn't until the 200th entry titled "Celibate Yourself" on January 30th, 2009 that I had a logo. What do you all think of the logo? Christine, you were a pheatured artist in the Peverett Phile Art Gallery and I might've asked you that question then. If you guys were to design a logo, what would it look like?

Christine: Yes, the question rings a bell. :) I would make the name pop out more on the logo. Make it bigger and black with a shadow that is red perhaps? You could also make the filing cabinet bigger on one end, almost like it's really popping out at you from the logo since you're showing it has motion. Hey, you could make it 3D! ;) If you have the raw vector, send it to me and I could play with it a little for you.

Dan: I think it goes with the newspaper theme. I still like it.

Robert: Like this: @#$%^&IMTBNlkjh/..???09876 (J&YB%RS^GTV&VUHBUUON, sokjeeoncic.

Me: I don't understand. Laird, if you would change the logo what what it look like?

Laird: A naked broad with a gun and a hot car... I just like those three things. I'm sorry... what was the question again?

Jeff: I also contributed a design for the Anniversary edition of the Phile. The logo is just fine just the way it is. Why fix something that isn't broken?

Rich: I wouldn't change the title of your blog and certainly not the logo. It's fine with me. Plus, I am the last person to tell someone what their artistic impression should be.

Me: I had feed back in the past that said a drawing or photo of me should be in the logo. It was only last year I was posting regular pictures of myself... is that enough? Who wants to keep seeing this ugly mug?

Jeff: I don't think that a drawing or a picture of you has to be in the logo.

Dan: You think you're ugly, I'm busted. LOL! I like your drawings but a pic lets us know who the writer is and we can relate to and with you.

Robert: I prefer a root beer mug.

Laird: Use a picture of Channing Tatum... chicks love that little meat puppet.

Me: I know my wife does. Christine?

Christine: There is nothing wrong with you putting yourself out there! You could be a superhero holding the filing cabinet under your arm pushing it through the clouds? Or not… It's your choice. :) You remind me a bit of Nardwuar, the Human Serviette. Check him out and shamelessly take some phun photos too. ;)

Me: As far as the look of the Phile, I think it's kinda bland, but kinda like it that way. Do you guys think it looks bland?

Dan: NO. What more do you want? Look how many people read without advertising.

Me: Good point. I was gonna advertise but my wife not to put any money in this thing. I put something that's more valuable... time. Robert, does it look bland?

Robert: No, it looks like Brad.

Me: Laird?

Laird: No.

Christine: It's user friendly and easy to navigate and you title your posts well. There is always room to add more bells and whistles in life but it doesn't mean you have to. You do the best you can with what you've got and if you can afford to create a full blown custom designed site, you know who to call! ;) What I wish was there is a search option to find things exclusively within the Phile.

Me: Alexis White who was on the panel said that as well, Christine, about the search option. I tried that, but it messed up the titles of the entries for some reason. Jeff, does it look bland to you?

Jeff: I don't think it looks like bland at all.

Me: Okay, let's break it down, as Graham Parker once said. Like most talk shows, and this is my version of a talk show, I have a monologue. What do you think of the monologue?

Dan: It is funny, current and personal. What more do you want, Leno? 

Robert: I don't speak French.

Me: Monologue is not a Fren... never mind.

Laird: I like it the way it is.

Christine: It depends on personal interest toward the content. They can be boring and drab, dramatic, engaging, humorous…

Jeff: I think the monologue is pretty funny. I mean I do have a twisted sense of humor so I'm not sure I should be one judging what's funny or what isn't.

Me: Are they too long or too short? 

Dan: It’s just right. You say what you want to say and thats it.

Robert: Hey! Watch the personal questions, Peverett!

Christine: It's all subjective. I think it's better to be expressive than suppressive though. If it takes one longer or shorter to do, so be it.

Jeff: I think it is a good size, honestly.

Rich: Your monologue is just the right length.

Me: Great, at least I'm doing something right. Over the years of doing this blog, I have known to cross the line. But I think every website, blog, talk show, radio show or anything in the media has crossed the line and offended somebody down the road. Do you guys think I have ever crossed the line too far and offended you?

Dan: I do not think so. It is all in good humor.

Robert: Constantly!

Christine: Not at all.

Rich: Nothing I've seen on your blog has offended me. Now, if you didn't brush your teeth for two weeks and kept three-day old Tilapia in your pocket, I could possibly be offended by that.

Me: Just curious, in each of your eyes, what would I have to do to really offend you?

Dan: Really harp on a subject and push, push, push your opinion in their face. That would go overboard.

Robert: Talk crap about my left eye to my right eye.

Laird: Short of a picture of Bea Arthur with a riding crop sticking out of her ass... NOTHING offends me.

Me: I couldn't find a picture of Bea Arthur with a riding crop, but I did find a picture of her almost naked...

Christine: You haven't done so yet and I will definitely let you know if that ever happens.

 Jeff: There is very little in this world that offends me. I am a firm believer, especially in the realm of comedy that people are entirely too PC these days. There are a few things that I don't joke about, but that's me. I don't think that you have ever offended me on anything you have written about. What would it take to offend me? I am not sure. Maybe I will have an answer for it for the next anniversary of the Phile.

Me: Well, recently a reader was offended that in October by the second week or so I didn't mention it was Breast Awareness Month and he thought I should make my text pink, or something. I shared this on the Phile back then, and changed the logo's colors, making the 'sky' in the logo pink. Unfortunately it made the sun turquoise with the program I used. Anyway, that was a pretty stupid complaint, right? Both of my parents passed away from cancer so I take anything with cancer not with a grain of salt. 

Dan: I cannot see being offended, maybe say, hey what about breast cancer awareness. You can not remember every single month.

Robert: Nothing is stupid. Stupid is nothing.

Laird: Dumb complaint...

Christine: I'm very sorry about your parents. Just do what you believe in with the best of intentions which I believe you are already doing. It's impossible to make everyone happy in life.

Jeff: I agree that it was a stupid complaint. You can't tailor your blog for everything. No matter what you do, not everyone in the world will be happy.

Me: Okay, let's talk about the pheatures on the Phile, at least some of them. There have been so many, some worked, some didn't. One of the longest running one I had on the Phile is Someone Phamous Has Died. It used to be called R.I.P. but I changed it. Anyway, this pheature has gotten me the most comments and complaints then anything on the Phile, but it also gets the most positive feedback and I was told many of times, when someone famous dies, they look forward to see what I said about said person. For those that don't know, I write a short orbituary blurb about someone who died. What do you think about this? Do you guys like this pheature? 

Dan: I love this pheature and look forward to it.

Robert: You should change it to Someone Phamous Is Alive.

Me: That would defeat the purpose of it, Robert. Laird, do you look forward or like this pheature?

Laird: Yes.

Christine: I don't see a problem with sharing such news. It's a place to be dignified and speak from the heart as those who pass on are someone's daughter, son, brother, sister, mother, father, friend…

Jeff: I like the pheature about celebrities that have recently died. I can see why it has gotten you a lot of both positive and negative reactions. For some people the subject of death is off limits or taboo. I rarely talk about it, but that's just me. I will admit to making a few jokes about the recently departed. But it's mostly done out of respect which is exactly what your pheature is as well.

Rich: I don't mind your mentioning of celebrities who have passed away. I think it is interesting. A fantastc website is called, Find-A-Grave, and anyone who is anyone in history is listed there. Great stories and photos of headstones, crypts, etc. I found it interesting how simple Frank Sinatra's grave is and how over-the-top Al Jolson's is.

Me: This past year, I had one past guest of the Phile who passed away. It was Mary Tamm who played Romana the Time Lady in the original series of "Doctor Who" with Tom Baker. I didn't mention her under SPHD, but still mentioned her passing. I think I would do that for any past guest I had on the Phile. If any of you guys passed, God forbid, and this question goes out to Dan, Robert and Christine, how would you like to be remembered on the Phile?

Dan: I would like to be remembered how ever you think and what ever you come up with. The people who know me know how I am.

Robert: Remember to turn off the lights in my apartment! 

Laird: Bad ass with a heart of gold...

Christine: Oh gosh, I can only say this for now in the words of Jeff Lynne: I'm alive! And the world shines for me today. I'm alive! Suddenly I am here today…

Me: Nice, Christine. Man, that was a stupid and morbid question. Okay, moving on, talking about the guests briefly who have been on, if I interviewed you more then once, like I did you Dan, Robert and Christine, you are all Phile Alumni. This goes all the way back to the first returning guest who was Tish Meeks from 3 Kisses back in August, 2009. I was recently told that Alumni wouldn't be the correct word to use, but Alum. You all are pretty smart, is Alumni the correct word?

Dan: Beats me. I fix planes and make noise... oh, music.

Robert: How about Illuminati?

Laird: I prefer bottles... Alumni gives the beer a funny taste.

Me: I agree, Laird. I think Robert is rubbing off on you. Christine, is Alumni the correct word?

Christine: Whatever works… And it gets the point across for returning guests… For someone who isn't entirely fluent in English they may look up the literal term and wonder if the Phile is also a school?

Me: Good point. What's the difference between Alumni and Alum anyway?

Laird: Alumni is plural?

Dan: One has ni at the end of the word. Thats my guess.

Robert: The ni... duh!

Christine: Alumni is plural and Alum is singular.

Jeff: I always considered Alumni and Alum to be the same thing, but I may be wrong on that one. I should probably ask one of the smart people I know, like my girlfriend. She might know! She has asked if she could also be a part of the Phile.

Me: Of course she could. She did do football picks for you a few weeks ago.

Rich: By the way... the word Alumni usually pertains to former students from a college of university. Alum is a chemical compound that is used in medicines, cosmetics, etc. I remember as a kid in one of those ads in comic books, you could by Alum gum. You were supposed to offers some of this gum to one of your friends and when they chewed it, it was supposed to make them pucker! I guess if Alum is ingested, it makes one pucker up. I never was a victim of Pucker gum so I don't know if it ever worked.

Me: Okay, so, I'll use Alum from now on I guess. When I first started the Phile, maybe before I started doing the interviews, a friend told me that I should get other people to write articles for it. I was like no way, the Phile is mine. Years later, I had Jeff on the Phile with the Ask Jeff pheature and now Phottball Talk With Jeff which we will talk about in a minute. This led to having Jeff Cameron writing the Pat Riot character, and now I have a number of folks helping out. Laird, you write the really popular Story Time With Laird, Jim Mello writes This Pheature Will Make You Stronger, Adrian Giannotta writes the Peverett Phairies pheature, and Joseph J. Ramsey writes the Peverett Phile Rock and Roll Hall of Phame pheatures.  Oh, and there's Debbie Bodacious with the Debbie Does The Phile pheature. What do you think about this? Is it good to have guests?

Dan: Keep it the way it is. I love your interviews and articles and I love the add ons from the other people. It makes it more interesting.

Robert: How about column for The Clarences?

Me: Sure, Robert, write something and I'll post it here. We'll come up with a pheature name as well. Laird?

Laird: It's very cool.

Me: Laird, how do you feel being a part of the Phile?

Laird: Now the Feds have one more thing to watch in regards to my nasty old ass.

Rich: I do like Laird in your blog as well as what observations Adrian has.

Jeff: I am a proud contributor to the Phile as I am sure everyone else that helps is. I think it helps build a community so I say the more people you can get the better. As long as no one turns into a prima donna.

Me: By the way, I haven't had one negative comment about Story Time With Laird. People love you, my friend. When I intro you I mention you are a singer, and I have had readers ask me do you sing professionally in a band. You are in a band on Long Island, right? What is the name of the band? Give them a plug and tell the readers where they can see you perform?

Laird: I've been on hiatus for about a year but my current project is MUGSY.

Me: Have you been in bands all your life?

Robert: How would he know? He isn't dead yet!

Laird: Since 1975.

Me: I have a cool publicity shot of one of your old bands here, Laird. I have to show this, it's pretty cool.

Me: You are also an advid surfer, right? How often do you surf?

Laird: Three to four times a week year round.

Me: The other five, have any of you surfed? I can't even walk without seriously getting hurt, let alone surf.

Robert: I like the Surf Punks!

Christine: I've surfed a few times in Tofino, Canada. No one gave me any lessons so it was challenging. I have waterskied since I was seven and slalom waterskied since I was fourteen. I used to do trick kneeboarding and skateboarding in my teens. Oh, and I was using the FlowRider quite a bit a few years ago when there was one set up at the CNE in Toronto.

Jeff: I have never surfed in my life. I have rode on a boogey board and almost took out small children, but that is about the extent of it and most likely will remain the extent of it.

Rich: I have never tried sufing. I was in Hawaii once and went to the North Shore of Oahu and watched people surf for a while. I was astounded at the height of the waves. It didn't even occur to me to even try it. I can only spend a brief amount of time at the beach... I am fair-skinned. I pretty much have to wear sunblock if I get too close to a reading lamp. Surfing is impressive but I don't like the idea that another creature in the water can mistake you for a seal and eat you.

Me: Jeff, you have seen me get hurt a number of times over the years, haven't you?

Robert: Say no, Jeff, say no!

Jeff: Yes, Jason. I have seen you get hurt more times then I would care to remember. You have either gotten hurt or hurt other people (with Segways or giant street signs) many times in my presence.

Me: Laird, you're based on Long Island, ever go out to Port Jefferson?

Laird: I LOVE P.J.!!!!

Me: Also, I had people ask me how did you fair with Sandy and everything. Everything okay?

Laird: We got slammed... been helping with relief efforts since the beginning.

Me: Yeah, I have to mention Tara Crawley, another past guest who has appeared on the Phile. She heads up a great group of people called Tara's Silent Angels in New York to help with disaster relief. Anyway, you are a big part of the Phile, Laird, so I hope you don't mind keep coming back for awhile. That sound cool?

Laird: I'm here til the end Brother.

Me: Good. And as a treat, everybody, Laird prepared a special top phive list.

Top Phive Good Things About Being On The Phile (Presented By Laird Jim)
5. Chicks digs guys who are mentioned in blogs.
4. It beats being a whiskey soaked entry in Charlie Sheens' diary.
3. Lindsay Lohan quit stalking my Facebook page and I've been bored lately.
2. How does Paul Shaffer keep from killing himself during these fucking things?
Annnnnnd the  number 1 best thing about being on the Phile is...
1. It gives my ex one more reason to roll her eyes at me.

Me: Well done, Laird. I mentioned Jim Mello's pheature This Pheature Will Make You Stronger where he talks about one of my favorite subjects, which is comics. Do you guys read comics?

Robert: YES! YES! YES!

Laird: Silver Surfer of course.

Christine: I used to read all of my mom's vintage comics from her youth all the time growing up. They're still in her safekeeping, exactly where they've always been. I still read comics on occasion.

Me: Jeff, I know you do.

Jeff: I used to be more into comics then I am now. I still have my entire collection of comics from when I was a kid. I brought them from home the last time I was there. Including my "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" comics. You know those have to be worth a pretty penny. Literally... a penny. For all of them. I am more of a Marvel guy these days, but spent my teenage years collecting all the "Justice League of America" (and Europe) comics that I could. So definitely have a lot of DC books as well.

Rich: Well, yes and no. When I was ten, my family and I took a trip by car from Miami to Colorado Springs. Along the way on one of our stops, I distinctly remember buying the April, 1974 issue of Spider Man. It is long gone! I wonder what that would be going for now? Probably not so much. Anyway, I somehow just never got interested in comic books per se, BUT I did get a kick out of the full-page ads in the comic books for all of the wacky novelties. Joy buzzers, whoopee cushions, the famous 'X-Ray' specs that sold for a whole dollar. I remember thinking then that how on earth could you see someone's bones for a dollar? Turns out it was a complete hoax! Go figure. I was also intrigued with the ads for the various magic tricks. I bought a trick here and there and that is what started me in my interest in magic. As an aside, I am an Order of Merlin member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Me: What does that mean, Rich?

Rich: What does that mean?! It means that I have been a member for over twenty-five years. No, I don't dress up like a wizard and walk up and down International Drive.

Me: What comics do you like? And I have to ask, DC or Marvel?

Robert: Both! Huge fan!

Laird: All.

Rich: But I digress... so, comics. I was a huge fan of Mad Magazine and thought it was the funniest damn thing in the 1970's. That was my comic book. I love all the parodies and got a kick out of the different art and writing styles and the back fold-in was pretty clever. I believe Al Jafee invented that. He wrote a great bio by the way.

Me: One of the most recent pheatures on the Phile and most popular is The Peverett Phile Rock and Roll Hall of Phame, which I do with the help of Joseph Ramsey is a part of a group called unHOF, which is a group who wants Jann Wenner to stop using the words Rock and Roll to describe his museum. I wanted to do a Phile Rock and Roll Hall of Phame for awhile, so I am glad Joseph helps induct bands. By the way, he inducts bands who I like. What do you think of the Philes Hall of Phame?

Robert: LOVE IT!

Dan: Love it.

Me: So far he inducted Savoy Brown, J. Geils Band, Status Quo, Sparks, Mick Ronson, ELO and a few days ago Rockpile. What do you think of these inductees?

Robert: Seventies era Sparks are AMAZING!

Laird: Ehhhhhhhh...

Me: Is there anybody you'd love to see inducted?

Robert: KISS, The Monkees, Cheap Trick, Donna Summer & Village People.

Me: I could see a few of those bands inducted, but not the Village People or Donna Summer. It's the ROCK and ROLL Hall of Phame. Laird, I'm curious, who would you like to see inducted in the Phile's Hall?

Laird: Big Star and The Replacements.

Me: The Replacements are one of my favorite bands, so I can definitely see them in it.

Jeff: I have enjoyed the Hall of Phame that I have seen from you as well. There are certain bands that I think need to be in any Music Hall of Fame, but you all ready know how partial I am to bands like Queen and Aerosmith. But I also think that dues need to be paid for the small bands too like The Cars.

Me: The Cars definitely, and Queen and Aerosmith. Well, I have a treat for you all. The Phile Rock and Roll Hall of Phame needs a patron saint. So, I thought I would invite Joseph J. Ramsey back to the Phile to induct one. So, sit back and enjoy. And I betcha can figure out who it's gonna be. Please welcome back to the Phile... raconteur, entreprenour, Jah Paul Jo in a past life and co-owner of Berdan Records... Joseph J. Ramsey.

With the ease that young people can now download songs and full albums, it's hard to believe that once upon a time it was a total mystery how to record songs from the radio. My first experience was when one of my best friend's older brother sent home a reel to reel tape recorder from Japan. He was on R&R from a tour of duty in Vietnam and had bought this thing and sent it home, probably not thinking that his little brother and curious friend would open it and be staring at it in abject wonderment. In those days, you couldn't hook up a recorder in line with a stereo (at least, on ours' anyway) so we recorded stuff with a microphone. Not the best situation for good fidelity.  Years later, the technology had moved forward to 8-Track tapes... the funny little cartridge with 1/4" tape within. The tape was divided amongst four "programs," so you could switch back and forth in hopes of hearing the songs that you wanted. Because these had albums heretofore only on vinyl records that had TWO halves, side 1 and side 2, the programs were often split in odd ways... sometimes even dividing a song in half (super-goofy!). I guess the programs needed to be a uniform length... and that didn't allow for some songs on albums to be too long... so, I would imagine, songs like The Iron Butterfly's "Inna Gadda Da Vida," that took up a whole side of a record album, would be split in two on an 8-Track Cartridge.  8 Tracks never caught my fancy... I was still too young to drive (because 8-Tracks were GREAT to have in your car!), so I hadn't much use for them... UNTIL my friend bought an 8-Track Recorder. Now this was a game-changer. You could record a full album on an 8-Track cartridge, share with friends, take in the car, etc, etc. I had albums that I loved that NO WAY would you ever find a factory 8-Track, so this was way cool.  We had to learn to use the damned thing... and it seemed incredibly complicated (it probably was!). But we were driven... I remember how that machine looked... even how it smelled when it started working... it WAS magical. The album that we used to test it on and learn how to record, program, etc, was "Looking In" by Savoy Brown.  We played and played and played "Looking In", testing the recorder. You could record OVER what you had done previously, so we didn't think we were ruining the tape by recording over it several times... but, of course, we were. The song we worked on was called "Take It Easy", a slow, easy going blues number sung by Lonesome Dave Peverett. The song was hypnotic... and it became even more so with each listen. I remember sitting on the floor with the album cover, a very horror comic-booky looking drawing on the cover and this unusual band, photographed individually on the inside. The photo that impressed me most was of Lonesome Dave, in a very spartan looking room, presumably his home, sitting on the floor and surrounded only by records and some magazines that he loved. In the very front of the pile was a horror comic/magazine that I particularly liked called Creepy and a hard to find issue at that... one that I just happened to have, too... number 3! So... a kindred spirit, I figure in my 15 year old pea-brain! Thus began my love affair with the music of Lonesome Dave.  Not too long after the release of "Looking In", it was announced that Savoy Brown would be opening the show for Rod Stewart and The Faces at the Forum in LA. This would be the first concert of what would become a long-standing tradition of mine to go to shows ONLY to see the opening acts. My taste had grown so esoteric, that I didn't really like the featured acts anymore, I wanted to see my heroes who were opening the show. These bands probably played the smaller dive-y clubs in Hollywood, too, but I was still too young to go to those... only could go to the bigger concerts. So would have to suffer through Rod The Mod... I was willing. Let's go!  Problem was, every member of the Savoy Brown band that played on "Looking In", save for guitarist, Kim Simmonds, had left the group months earlier. Here was Savoy Brown with ALL new members, playing new songs that I had never heard before. BAH! They were OK (played all the stuff from "Street Corner Talking"... but we had never heard it so it was tough to get into), but boy, was I disappointed.  Not too much later, it was rumored in the music mags that I collected and read cover to cover, that the ex-members of Savoy Brown had a new, as yet unnamed band and they would be playing The Whisky in Hollywood. Had to be there for that one, so me 'n the boys bundled off to Hollywood... hit "Piece Of Pizza" for dinner (the best!), hung out for hours before the show at Tower Records on Sunset and finally made our way to the Whisky Au-Go-Go. In those days, we sat in the under-aged, non-drinking section, which was the balcony off stage right. If you got there early, you could secure a place in the front row of the long bench seats and oh, we got there early. Usually, early enough to see the end of the sound check... so we got to watch the brand-new FOGHAT do a check and even work out a few new things they would be doing that night. To get to the dressing room, they had to ascend the stairs off the stage and walk right past us in the balcony. By the third night, I remember drummer Roger Earl, looking at us and saying "You here again?" Hell yeah! I asked them every night if they would play their version of "Down The Road Apiece" which, I think, I had heard them do at one of their sound checks. On the third night they did, indeed, play it and dedicated it to me... how cool is that?  I should mention that, during soundcheck, the band would be wearing their civvies and looked like the grungiest of hippies which, of course, we liked. Later, for the show, they had on their stage gear... Lonesome Dave, as I remember, had on a bright red corduroy suit and sparkly high-top tennis shoes. Glam... that was showbiz back then. Unlike today where bands appear on stage looking like they just mowed the lawn... there was a lot of glitz! Ha ha.  I'm not 100% sure if they were actually calling themselves Foghat at the Whisky shows or not. I think they announced it as a test name to see if people liked it... we did. It worked. Foghat. OK!  Saw Foghat many times after that but, for me, those three nights at The Whisky were pure magic. How I will always remember them.  Time travel with me to the mysterious land of NOW were I have met Lonesome Dave's son, Jason, on good ol' Facebook. Jason is still doing the Peverett name proud by publishing a very interesting pop-culture blog, interviewing people from all walks of fame. Lots of music but other things, as well. The apple, obviously, didn't fall far from the tree! You know that old parlour game where, if you could sit down for dinner and drinks with any celebrity from the past and pick his or her brain, who would it be? Well one of my top picks would be Lonesome Dave... a guy that was so rooted in the blues and early rock'n'roll... who led his own band and went from cult status to superstardom. So I asked Jason if he had many conversations with his old man about the blues, music, getting the band together, KEEPING the band together, etc, etc. He had... and, much as I would expect (but you never know these days!), his dad sounded EVERY bit as cool as I always suspected he would be.  Foghat WERE Rock'n'Roll. Lonesome Dave was Foghat. Without a doubt, a Patron Saint of the Peverett Phile Rock and Roll Hall of Phame. As my wife's homemade t-shirt proudly stated: "Long Live Lonesome Dave."

Me: Good job, Joseph, and thank you. That was fucking cool. Okay, back to business. Alright, Jeff, let's focus on your pheature... Phootball Talk With Jeff. First of, I can't thank you enough for the work you put into it trying to figure out who earned what point for what team, for what game. A million thank you's! You have been a good friend of mine for what, ten years? I am so glad you are part of the Phile. Explain for readers that don't know, what we do with the picks.

Jeff: Believe it or not, it has actually been thirteen years now that we have known each other. As far as what I do to figure out the points it's easy. I go back to our previous weeks picks and write them down. Then I go to NFL.com and look at scores and figure out if our picks covered the spreads that we create. Most times they don't which is why we both have losing records right now. Then I check if the Steelers won or the Giants won since that figures into our scoring as well. Then I check our totals from the last week and add it up. You won last year. But it came down to the Super Bowl. So it was a very close contest. This year you won't win!

Me: You might be right. Oh, and tell the readers who won last year. LOL. I did. So, do you other guys like football? Laird, are you a Giants fan? I am guessing so.

Laird: Bears fan.

Christine: My father has never been into football and so it was never an interest for me at all. We didn't have a football team at my high school either. I have always been much more focused in arts and sports like water and cross country skiing, off road cycling, swimming, hiking, canoeing, ice skating...

Dan: I used to watch all the time till Cleveland lost the team back in the 90’s then I went to the NHL. Now I am watching football again.

Me: Robert, you're more into baseball, am I right? You like the other Giants... were you happy they won the World Series?

Robert: No, Peverett, I am really upset that my favorite team won the World Series for the 2nd time in 3 years! Actually, all of the Giants fans here in the SF Bay Area are upset!

Me: Dan, what team do you support?

Dan: Football: Cleveland, Denver. Funny Denver killed Cleveland in the playoffs in 90 something.

Me: Christine, you're from Canada, so I am guessing you are more of a hockey fan, am I right?

Robert: Good one, Peverett! Now ask me if everyone here in California has blonde hair and surfs! 

Christine: Not at all. I do like figure skating though and it's great to see a man skate backwards… I seek out ice rinks at night to skate on under the stars. It's great!

Me: Speaking of, Dan, you are a huge hockey fan. How did you cope with no hockey this season? 

Dan: They can take 3 years off as far as I am concerned. NBC spent good money for the rights to show the games and they do this to the fans. Have a nice time off. I miss Toledo for the hockey and going to Canada for hockey camps and OHL games. Don Cherry Rules!

Me: We're getting off track, so, what do you guys think of the Phootball Talk on the Phile?

Dan: It is a great add.

Robert: Get the truck in gear and back on the track before I answer any questions! Priorities!

Laird: I dig it...

Rich: Sorry. I am not interested in the football piece at all. I have a passing interest in football. I played in an organized Pee Wee league as a kid, complete with pads and helmets, etc. (No, the helmets were NOT made of leather! I'm not that old) I may tune in to the NFL for a total of ten minutes a week to see what's up. That's about it. Which is odd because I have been to a total of two Super Bowls in my lifetime!

Me: Let's talk about one of of my favorite parts of the Phile, the infamous Phile characters, who I agree, could be pretty stupid. Jeff, last year you mentioned the character thing doesn't work well written. Do you still agree with that?

Jeff: I think that it is still tough with characters written on the screen. I have lightened up my view a little bit on it though. It's very hard to judge some characters that are only text only, like Eve Rest. With Tractor Beam it's not so hard, since jokes translate well as just words. You don't need to know the voice that is telling the joke to react.

Me: What do you guys all think? Do you like the characters? Do they work?

Dan: I still like it.

Robert: No, some of them are unemployed.

Laird: I like it as is.

Me: The first Phile character was Pat Riot, who people loved or hated. He was written by musician Jeff Cameron, unlike the others done by me. Pat was a a huge fan of America but got his info on everything wrong. People have asked me what happened to Pat, and I think Jeff got tired writing a character that people complained about. I have no idea if Pat would ever come back. What character do you like the best?

Dan: They all have their own appeal.

Robert: Quiet Riot!

Me: Um... that wasn't a character, but could be...

Laird: ME !!!!!

Me: For those that don't know, here are some of the characters I had... for shark week there was Feargal Sharkey, who was a shark that told shark jokes. There was Marvin the Modern Day Martian who gave us Mayan proverbs. He won't be back. I was told that whole bit was funny at first, but a whole year of him... he had to last a year.

Dan: It was funny at first. Just like a hockey fight. To much to soon.

Robert: Make him go one more day!

Me: There's Eve Rest... a hot but gloomy chick who complains about the dumbest things. I don't use her too often, she's kinda boring.

Laird: Does she have big... eyes?

Me: Kinda... Through the month of May it was Star Wars Month on the Phile, we'll talk about that in a minute. I had one of my favorite characters, an intergalactic stand up comedian named Tractor Beam who told Star Wars jokes. There was The PUNisher who told puns. Do you guys like puns? I love puns.

Dan: It adds a good relief to the Phile.

Robert: DON'T mess with The Punisher! Frank Castle... oh wait, this is a different Punisher? Hold on... Disney, you have a copyright infringement on your hands...

Laird: I love puns.

Me: Rich, do you like puns?

Rich: Why yes, I am a fan of puns but really I'm a fan of anagrams. Jason Peverett... I have listed some anagrams of your name! Here goes... Naves Jetport, Vane Jetports, Jean Vest Port, Apron Jets Vest,    Pan Jest Voter, Pants Jet Rove, Rants Veep Jot, A Jest Vet Porn, Jar Pest Vet No, Past Jet Rev On.      This list could go on and on but I do have to get some rest some time.

Me: In the early days of the Phile I did some anagrams as well. My dad and I loved doing anagrams. One of the most recent is the dumbest of all, Morgan Phreeman. There has been a few others, but those are the most popular. Alrright, you guys bored yet? Be honest.

Dan: NO. I think you have a good mix on the Phile.


Laird: Yes.

Me: Once in a while I have a Special Entry, like a 9/11 10th Anniversary and a Super Bowl Special Entry... mostly because the Giants were in the Bowl. I might do another Super Bowl entry this year as well, we'll see. Do you guys like these special entries and do you think I should do more of them?

Dan: Yes, Keep them up.

Robert: You're so special, Peverett...

Laird: MORE!

Jeff: I think that the special editions are fine. I have done that on my blog too, so that's probably why I am in favor of them.

Me: Then there's the Peverett Phile Christmas entries. I love the Christmas specials on TV, so that's like my favorite entry to do. Are you guys into Christmas?

Dan: There for awhile not having kids it got boring but as I get older and doing the music for "Krystas Kingdom" it seems like I like it more and see it in a different view.

Robert: My favorite holiday is Secretary's Day!

Laird: Sure... I love going into debt buying ungrateful prixx more expensive crap than they send me. 

Christine: I love some of the old classic Christmas specials too. I always get a real tree. It keeps the oxygen generating tree farm in business which would otherwise become more urban sprawl. Once I pick the tree, I thank it and give it a hug, then I decorate it. When it's all done, I thank it again then I either burn it or compost it. My wheaten opens her gift wrapped presents which is entertaining. Seeing family and friends is great… sometimes stressful but c'est la vie!

Jeff: I am a huge fan of Christmas, so yes I think there should be a Special Edition for it.

Rich: Of course I'm into Christmas and I loved the Christmas TV specials from way back when. I remember when David Bowie sang with Bing Crosby on Bing's Christmas show! I also remember Andy Williams had a show with his hot little French wife, Claudine Longet. She was cute! Claudine, some years later, was acquitted of murder when her boyfriend, Spider was shot. (Why am I remembering this?! Wasn't this question supposed to be about Christmas?!) Big fan of the animated Christmas specials. Man, they don't make those anymore. They were charming.

Me: Like I said, last May it was Star Wars Month. I don't know if I should do it again this year, what do you guys think?

Dan: Why not? If it flops do Sci-Fi month with all kind of science fiction.

Robert: How about "The Great Space Coaster" Month?

Me: Hmmmm, Robert. That could be an idea. I am planning a "Doctor Who" month in November for it's 50th anniversary. And I remember "The Great Space Coaster"! Robert, that's a crazy idea! If I did that, what month should I make "TGSC" Month if I did it.

Robert: Next month or September.

Me: Okay, we'll see. Back to Star Wars, do you like Star Wars Month, Laird?

Laird: Yes... may the phorce be with you.

Christine: You may have more to talk about with Disney purchasing it.

Jeff: If you can think of of a month worth of Star Wars then I am in favor of it! I will gladly contribute more to it if I can. I am very curious what will happen now that Disney owns Star Wars. I'd even play a Stormtrooper, but just like Luke I am too short to be a Stormtrooper.

Me: By the way, what do you all of you think about Disney buying the rights to Star Wars? I am fucking excited. I want to play Jar Jar Binks.

Rich: Hey,why not celebrate Star Wars all month? You have the fanbase.

Dan: Ooooo. Me sa thinks you would be a good Jar Jar.

Robert: I'm sorry, Peverett's sense of humor will be arriving in 6 to 8 weeks...

Christine: We'll see. I didn't bother to watch the three newer films. I saw the 3 originals at the drive-in each time and loved the whole Star Wars experience. My cousins and I would take all the Star Wars action figures we had and build on our sandy beach a whole Star Wars world which would occupy our time for hours.

Rich: Yes, I am fascinated with Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm. As we have all come to realize, the "Star Wars Universe" is just that. The creative possibilities are endless. It will be interesting to see in the next 5-10 years how it will all unfold. As for me, I am still waiting for my own droid to do all of those mundane tasks I have to do. I don't want a flying car... I would rather have a droid.

Me: Alright, let's talk about the backbone of the Phile, the interviews. Three of you were interviewed on the Phile. Was that a fun experience? It must've been, you were all interviewed twice.

Dan: That's why I think you are a great writer and interviewer. You gave me flashbacks about your dad and Rod Price.

Robert: I'm still nauseous from the experience.

Me: Fine, Robert. Christine?

Christine: You are fun and you have also asked me some very good questions… Some difficult to choose to share about but it has been appreciated.

Me: What was the first interview you read on the Phile and what was your favorite, and least favorite? 

Dan: I think it was Crissi Cochrane. I do not have a fave.

Robert: The Clarences.

Laird: When you asked God if he really looked like George Burns.... I pissed myself.

Me: I don't think I ever interviewed God, but I had an idea for a character... which I might try out. Last year I asked the panel who they liked to see interviewed on the Phile, and from the list I interviewed two... Chris Youlden and Shakey Vick. So, who would you like to see me interview?

Laird: Burt Reynolds... so you can ask him if he realllly thinx he's fooling anyone with that wombat pelt on top of his head.

Dan: Roger Earl or Tony Stevens.

Me: Maybe Roger Earl from Foghat one day, Dan, but I can't see myself interviewing Tony Stevens... but you never know. Robert?

Robert: Shakey Youlden and Chris Vick!

Me: Christine?

Christine: Redd Kross, Bruce Glover, Nardwuar (because I think it would be very interesting to see the two of you cross paths)… Laura June Kenny (my old neighbour who was a Little Rascal)… Mark Wirtz…

Me: Interesting, and I almost had a member of Redd Kross on the Phile years ago. Jeff?

Jeff: I'm not sure which one was the first interview that I read, but I haven't read one that I didn't enjoy. I think my favorite interview was Bermuda Scwhartz though! There are so many greats out there that I would like you to interview, but I will throw out JK Simmons or comedian Christopher Titus.

Me: Rich?

Rich: I like the people you interview on your blog because it is an interesting mix. I had no idea that Mick Jagger had a brother. Who knew? That must have been tough. I am glad to have suggested a few people for your blog. Here's a couple more names for you if you're interested... the actor, Stephen Tobolowsky. The star of "Doc Martin", actor, Martin Clunes... and maybe throw in Stephen Fry for good luck! I have no idea how you get in touch with these guys.

Me: This past year during the campaign I got to interview a lot of politicians. Somehow the Phile was listed as a political blog. HA! It started off with Reince Priebus from the Republican party, but somehow I scared him off, and then was only getting Democrats, like the beautiful Stephanie Cutter, David Axelrod, Jim Messina, Debbie Wasserman Schutz, and even the President and First Lady, and freaking Kal Penn. Crazy, eh? Anyway, what dod you all think about the Phile having these people on?

Dan: It all adds to the theme. It is not the same thing week after week.

Robert: I would of been more impressed if you had Millard Fillmore!

Me: I have no idea who that is. Laird?

Laird: I hate politics... and all speaking of it. Grrrrrr...

Me: Christine, should I have politicians on the Phile?

Christine: Why not! If you can make it different and fun which surely you can.

Jeff: I thought it was incredible for you to have all those politicians on the Phile!

Rich: Honestly, I barely glanced over the political parts of your blog. Sorry, just not that interested. I think you told me that somehow your blog got labeled as a political one. Well, you did get to chat with Stephanie Cutter!

Me: I am English, so not on any political side, but I fear it made my Phile leaning more to the right, or left...? Either one. Anyway, are any of you kids political?

Dan: Not really. I have my views but keep them to myself. 

Laird: Did I leave the coffee pot on?

Christine: Sure! I'd rather be informed and able to support social cause diplomatically versus being apathetic.

Jeff: I try to avoid politics as much as I can. Some people take that way too seriously. I have my beliefs for what's right or what's wrong, but I don't lean one way or another quite honestly.

Me: Do you think I am more political then I say I am?

Dan: No.

Robert: I don't know. How political is I Say I Am? Never met the guy.


Me: Sorry, Laird. One more question on this topic... Be honest, in the future, should I stay away from having these politician types on the Phile?

Dan: What was the feedback? If you got gripes than don't but if no one said anything than do it.

Laird: He just keeps fucking going... sigh...

Christine: Don't let it rule your page but I think some things have relevance and are too important not to voice. For example, I've been talking and sharing about a nightmare China/Canada FIPPA agreement that is unconstitutional to Canada and very one sided to benefit China. Our Prime Minister tried to sneak by the rest of Canada and his political opposition. It must not pass!

Jeff: I don't think you need to avoid having politics on the Phile. They are important. They do need to be talked about as much, regardless of the context.

Me: And who else here thinks Stephanie Cutter is hot?

Dan: She was around Kennedy a lot.

Laird: I'm replaying an old Monty Python skit in my head right now.

Jeff: I had to Google Stephanie Cutter and I will say no, I don't find her to be hot. But I also don't agree with you on Kelly Clarkson either.

Me: Alright, let's start to wrap this up, I am taking to much of your time. First, I want to talk to each of you individually. Rich, thanks so much for being a big fan of the Phile. I have to tell the readers, that through you, I interviewed two Phile Book Club authors... Jim Korkis and Vic Flick. Thanks, and if there is anybody else you can recommend me interview, let me me know. Christine, thank you as well. Apart from being here twice in the past, you helped get one of my favorite guests, from one of my favorite bands ever... Kevin Hearn from Barenaked Ladies. I hope to have Kevin on the Phile again when the BNL album comes out. Go ahead and plug your wonderful album while you are here. Any new projects coming up?

Christine: Thanks, Jason! I'm happy to have helped you out with that! And yes, I've been doing collaborative work with the Hamilton Aerial Group (H.A.G.). It's like a mini-circus and there will be more to come! We performed at a private corporate Christmas function a few weeks ago which was fun! They have some routines to accompany my music and I have plenty more songs ready to record. I'm just trying to get enough solid work to fund more recording. I was supposed to have an EP out by now with my instrumental circus and cabaret music. H.A.G. are really excited about this and we've discussed possible fund raisers to make it happen sooner than later. I've already designed its album cover art so I hope it can happen soon! You can hear and purchase my album here: christineleakey.bandcamp.com. Also, one of my friends with a studio has invited me to go over and start recording songs for a new album aside from the circus EP. We'll see where that goes.

Me: You've won an Hamilton Music Award, right? Well done. Congrats. I have a photo of you with your award here.

Me: That's such a cute pic.

Christine: Yes, thank you! I just won a Hamilton Music Award for Best Album Art and Skip Prokop from the well known Canadian 70s band, Lighthouse presented me the award. I was also nominated for Best Adult Alternative Recording. The festivities for that happened a couple weeks ago. I played at the Hamilton Music Awards Festival and H.A.G. rigged the room to accompany me on aerial silks and aerial hoop acrobatics to my music. It's my first full set and with accompaniment in years so my performance is rusty, and I was thirsty and tired… But hey, It's a new start and I'm excited! :) youtube.com/christineleakeymusic.

Me: Robert, go ahead and plug The Clarences. Any new music coming out from you?

Robert: Who are The Clarences?

Me: Ummm... a cool band. Check them out at theclarences.com. Dan, you have something to mention. Go ahead and tell the readers about your newest project, or should I say our newest project?

Dan: After my last interview with Jason we were talking and Jason said he had some lyrics written but never did anything with them so I said send them to me. I liked what I saw and I asked if I can do something with them so I put music to the lyrics and Jason asked if I wanted to use them for Fogdan. Knowing Jason and I thought about for a while and I don’t know what you kids think but I wanted another Peverrett in a band so I said no I want us to do the songs together and it is the best thing I have done. Jason did the artwork, lyrics and band name.

Me: Tell them what the band name is, Dan.

Dan: Strawberry Blondes Forever. Thank you, Jason, for making me a better musician. I owe you bud.

Me: We have the first single available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby out now... it's called "Bicycle of Oppression". How did "Bicycle of Oppression" get to be the single, Dan?

Dan: I said so. LOL.  I really like this song so I said so with your okay!!

Me: Dan, I'll have you back when the album comes out.

Dan: I hope so.

Me: Give them the links, and I expect all you kids on the panel to download it.

Dan: amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Ddigital-music&field-keywords=strawberry+blondes+forever, strawberryblondesforever.bandcamp.com,      cdbaby.com/AlbumDetails.aspx?AlbumID=strawberryblondesforever.   

Me: Anything you want to say about the album? 

Dan: Only that I am having a blast working with you on this stuff. 

Me : I have to say, you did a great job working with my lame lyrics. 

Dan: The only one I had trouble with. Maybe people could guess what it might be about... 

Me: Thanks, Dan. Well, that about wraps this up, kids. Thanks to all of you for taking part, and to you the Phile reader for reading the Phile for the past six years. The seventh should be a good one. I can't believe it's going into seven years. How many more? 

Dan: Run it till the tank runs dry. 

Christine: Thank you, Jason and keep on with it! You're great and you can shine with this for as long as you like… The sky is not the limit! :D 

Me: Thanks again, everybody, and take care. Was this fun? 

Dan: Hell yes. You make it fun. Read on!! 

Robert: Who are you? Where am I? 

Christine: Sure it was fun! Cheers and have a great 2013! 

Jeff: Of course it was fun. Keep up the good work! 

Rich: I will continue to tune in to your blog, etc. and laugh at the photos and captions, etc. Thank you for asking me to be a part of your anniversary show! It was fun. Cheers!

Me: Thanks, everybody, now go download Strawberry Blondes Forever's new single "Bicycle of Oppression".

Ta-da! That about does it for the anniversary entry. Thanks to my seven, seven guests... Fogdan, Robert, Laird, Christine, Jeff and Rich, and thanks to Joseph J. Ramsey. The Phile will be back tomorrow with Alum... yes, Alum not Alumni Chris Nelson. So, we have a new member of the Peverett family. I'll leave with a photo of he and I. Spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

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