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Pheaturing Tiffany Martin From Dollface

Good afternoon, kids, welcome to Peverett Phile Rises on a Wednesday. Don't make me use my super powers. LOL. I haven't posted on a Wednesday in a few weeks, but with my schedule today it is possible. How are you?  So, who read my interview with President Obama on Monday? I don't know what is sadder for the president, visiting the Colorado shooting victims or being on the Phile. I say the Phile was sadder.  Well, for the first time ever, women are scoring higher than men on IQ tests. Scientists it has something to do with breast implants... not that it makes the women smarter, it just makes the men dumber. I think my wife would definitely win an IQ test between us both. Unless all the questions were about comic books and sci-fi films.  Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke told a congressional committee the economic recovery is weakening. But the good news is most Americans will not be affected because they had no idea there was a recovery.  Jobless claims rose again by 35,000 last week. Not good. But it does show that if you're unsuccessful in this country, you didn't do it on your own. You had help. Thank you, President Obama.  Speaking of my friend the President, the apartment that Barack used to live in when he was a college student in New York is now up for rent for $2,400 a month. Coincidentally, Obama was only there for one four-year term.  A new study published by The British Medical Journal found that inactivity can kill you. I mean, these are the kind of findings that just scare the hell out of Congress.  According to The New York Times, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez were fired, gone from "American Idol". Charlie Sheen said he would like to be part of the show. He just wants to hang around to see if Paula Abdul left anything in her medicine cabinet.  Okay, after the success this year of The Avengers,  Disney has green lit a new animated movie that might look familiar, if judging by the new poster is any indication. Check it out.

I think Disney, the greatest company to work for in the whole world, has run out of ideas.  So, kids, have you seen the new Barbie doll? It really fits in with the times.

Okay, here on the Phile I make fun of a lot of things. Hell, in a minute I will be making fun of three celebrities who just passed away. I am not being serious most of the time, this blog was never meant to be serious. Yeah, I get politicians on here to talk serious but overall this is a comedy blog. But right now, I am gonna be serious. I have to say kudos to Christian Bale for visiting the shooting victims. He called in advance to make sure there was no media or press. He didn't want it to be a publicity stunt. He just visited and paid respect to the victims of the Colorado shootings. Good job, Christian.  Did you guys see the James Holmes, the nut job did the shooting, inspirational poster? Check this out.

Alright, all through July I celebrated on the Phile one of man's greatest inventions... the bikini. I ran out of bikinis to pheature but a Phile reader sent one in. It's Shark vs Mermaid Swimsuit made by BlackMilk. Technically it's not a bikini but here it is.

And now lets see who kicked the bucket...

Sherman Hemsley
Feb 1, 1938 - July 24, 2012
Here we go again. Please forward your genius suggestion for the ultra-obvious "Movin' on down" obit for this boring one-trick pony to

Chad Everett
June 11, 1936 - July 24, 2012
This man needs a doctor!

Sally Ride
May 26, 1951 - July 23, 2012
Not no more she don't.

Alright, over the last year I had some big time politicians on the Phile, like Obama a few days ago. Today I have a woman who is running for Senate in Massachusetts I think. Please welcome to the Phile... Elizabeth Warren.

Me: Hello, Elizabeth, welcome to the Phile. You wanted to come here and talk about something Mitt Romney said, right? What did he say?

Elizabeth: Hello, Jason. Mitt Romney said that, on the very first day of his presidency, he will fight to repeal all the financial reforms that President Obama signed into law.

Me: I heard that. That's not good, is it?

Elizabeth: No, and that includes the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Me: For those like me that don't know, can you explain the Consumer Financial Proction Bureau, what it does.

Elizabeth: I holds big financial institutions accountable and clearing out the tricks and traps buried in the fine print of mortgages, credit cards, student loans, and other credit products.

Me: Mitt Romney believes in a whole different world I think. What world do you think he believes in?

Elizabeth: He and the Republicans believe in a world that says, "I've got mine, and the rest of you are on your own."

Me: Okay, so, what does President Obama and the Democrats believe in?

Elizabeth: An America that pays it forward... that puts the conditions in place so that the next kid can get ahead, and the kid after that, and the kid after that.

Me: Elizabeth, you and the President fought and created the the CFPB... what happened then? Zdid you have any grief?

Elizabeth: The big banks poured millions of dollars into lobbying to stop us...

Me: And what did the Republicans do?

Elizabeth: They fought tooth and nail to weaken reform and to protect their friends on Wall Street.

Me: So, what happened?

Elizabeth: We got organized, we made our case, and, in the end, with the President's strong support, we won.

Me: So, you now face a similar challenge in this election, right?

Elizabeth: On Saturday, the new consumer agency celebrated the one-year anniversary of opening its doors. The Republicans are raising money hand over fist to defeat President Obama and Democrats up and down the ballot.

Me: You're running for the Senate race in Massachusetts yourself, have you seen this happen, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Yes, Jason, they'll do and say anything to win in November.

Me: Well, you beat them before.

Elizabeth: And by building a powerful grassroots campaign together, we can win again.

Me: well, good luck in your Senate race, and please come back on the Phile anytime. And tell Barack I said hello.

Elizabeth: Thank you, Jason, for being a part of this.

The 21st artist to be pheatured is Mad Magazine artist Anton Emdin, and this is one of his pieces.

Anton will be a guest on the Phile next weekend.

Today's guest is the lead singer for the Orlando based, soon Los Angeles based band Dollface whose self-titled EP is now available on iTunes. Please welcome to the Phile, the lovely and hot... Tiffany Martin.

Me: Hello, Tiffany, welcome to the Peverett Phile. How are you?

Tiffany: Great!

Me: I have to tell you you are the fourth member from The Monsters in the Morning to be on the Phile. For the Phile readers who don't know, tell the, what the Monsters are and what you do for the show.

Tiffany: I was the girl part timer :)

Me: You wanted to be a singer for most of your life, right? How did the radio thing fall into place? I bet you weren't planning that, were you?

Tiffany: I started singing lessons at 12... but I fell into radio because the bar I was working at had the bartenders promote the bar on the morning show. So when the previous girl left the show then I just kinda stuck around until they started paying me.

Me: Tiffany, how old were you when you decided you wanted to be a singer? You were 12 when you started taking singing lessons, so around that time?

Tiffany: I thought I could do it professionally when I answered an ad for an all girl singing group at the age of 11. It was around the time of the Britney Spears days so younger girls were getting record deals. I thought I had a real chance with my group... I still have old VHS tapes of that!

Me: Did you grow up listening to Madonna and Britney?

Tiffany: Britney really... before that a little Paula Abdul and Disney movies sound tracks to be honest with you.

Me: Okay, I have to ask you about your band Dollface, Tiffany. Before you were in Dollface you were the lead singer for Heroine and the Wolverines. Are they all the same bands as Dollface, but with a different name?

Tiffany: Heroine had 3 of the same members, but a completely different sound. And The Wolverines was just what a producer of a TV show called us once. It never was our band name.

Me: The band has all female members, was that your plan from the beginning?

Tiffany: I have always wanted all girls in my band... they are so hard to come by. Once I got them I was sold. Don't think I could ever work with boys again!

Me: Tell the readers who is in the band, and I have to admit, you are one good looking band, Tiff. You all live together, right?

Tiffany: It's Jessie Covets and sisters Alayna and Kayla Miller and myself. They stay with me 24/7 but don't technically have EVERYTHING moved in or anything.

Me: I purchased Dollface's new EP from iTunes and liked it. I also purchased your solo CD as well which came out a few years ago. How would you describe and compare both Dollface's music and your solo stuff?

Tiffany: My older stuff is a little more pop because I was a solo artist without a band. Now we have a slight bit "rocker" edge. which obviously fits me better.

Me: I am guessing then you prefer to be in a band? Does Dollface do any of your solo stuff in concert?

Tiffany: No, we are a completely different entity than my solo music... and I like the band a lot more! 

Me: I love the song "Let Me Go" from your solo album, Tiff. Did you write that song? Who does the songwriting for Dollface?

Tiffany: I did not write that song. We all write the Dollface stuff :)

Me: I have to ask you about the name, it's the best name for your band's so far. Did you come up with it? I almost called your band Dollhouse by the way. That could be the name of your new album and new place where you all live.

Tiffany: One day Alayna just said, "How 'bout Dollface?" after the 2 other girls quit. So we all looked at each other and said... holy crap that's it! FINALLY a name we all agreed on.

Me: I have to ask you about the song "O". Is that what it's called? What the hell is that song about? Is is what I think it is?

Tiffany: YOU GOT IT!

Me: When you were a kid you were on Nickelodeon, am I right? What show were you on?

Tiffany: I did several commercials for Disney and Nick. I was on a show called "Figure It Out" once... hahaha... its kinda funny :)

Me: And a few years ago your tried out for "American Idol"? I think saw you quickly on a montage spot. Were you disappointed you didn't get shown more on the show? Did you know that was gonna happen?

Tiffany: Did I know they were gonna show the clip?

Me: Yeah.

Tiffany: No, and that wasn't in front of Simon and Paula or anything... just some producers.

Me: They're fools. They should of took you. Ever try out for The American Idol Experience at Disney?

Tiffany: No, I have not.

Me: Tiffany, I interviewed a few musicians who put up websites and such, asking for fans to donate money to help record albums and make videos. You did that kinda thing as well, right? How did it work out?

Tiffany: It didn't work out.

Me: So, now your EP is out, are you planning on recording a full length album, Tiffany? Would it have all new songs on it?

Tiffany: We are recording more songs now. yes. Not for an album but for more hype! iTunes is the way to go.

Me: Well, please come back when your album comes out. I wish you lots of luck in California, and I hope you do well. Go ahead and plug your websites and everything, and tell the other girls in the band I said hello.

Tiffany: thanks!

Me: All the best, and take care.

Well, that about does it for this extra entry of the Phile. Thanks to my guests Elizabeth Warren and of course Tiffany. The Phile will be back on Sunday with singer Shannon Haley and on Monday lead singer for the band New Hands, Spence Newell. Then next Friday we kick off Alumni Month on the Phile with Alumni Wishnefsky. So, spread the words, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

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