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Pheaturing Lila Rose

Hello, welcome back to the Phile for a Monday, the last entry in April. How are you?  I don't think I mentioned this yet, but after winning five primaries the other day, Mitt Romney has his new campaign slogan. "Well, I guess you're stuck with me." Romney proves with a little hard work and a little luck, even a multimillionaire white guy from Harvard can succeed in this country. Romney gets a lot of criticism because he's kind of stiff. He's sort of aloof. But on the bright side, Mitt Romney is an inspiration to kids all over this country who sadly were born without a personality.  Time magazine is reporting that Lebanon's most wanted Sunni terrorist has blown himself up in Syria. Wow, a lot of these guys have a short fuse.  Not one person was murdered in El Salvador last Saturday in what was the first homicide-free day in nearly three years. The bad news: 50 people got killed during the celebration.  In the wake of the Colombian prostitution scandal, another Secret Service agent has been removed from his position at the White House and demoted to protecting the animatronic presidents at Disney World. You know Metta World Peace, that guy on the Lakers. Well, he has been suspended for seven games after he violently elbowed another player in the head... which explains his new name, Metta Real Housewife.  A new poll found that Michelle Obama has a much higher approval rating than Barack Obama. Which explains Barack’s new slogan, "Vote for Michelle Obama’s Husband.”  While discussing the U.S. policy on Iran, Joe Biden said that President Obama, quote, "has a big stick." In related news, Joe Biden is now banned from the White House steam room.  There’s talk that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will star in a new movie together called The Counselor. The script's really good. In fact, their kids gave it 200 thumbs up.  A new study found that being a vegetarian actually improves your mood... while talking about being a vegetarian just ruins everyone else’s mood.  Alright, as I mentioned in the last few entries there's a new channel called DogTV that is made pretty much just for dogs. The Phile was lucky to get a copy of another great promo poster of a new TV show on DogTV.

The space shuttle Enterprise went to New York City the other day. It looked really cool when it arrived, let me show you.

It looks a little different then I remember. Actually, while the Enterprise was in New York, it hung out with a good friend of his.

So, next week one of the number one movies I am dying to see this year, The Avengers is coming out. And I am lucky enough to get my hands on an exclusive screen shot. Check it out, kids.

Thor is thinking, "I'd hammer that." Get it? Hammer. I would too, Thor. I have no idea what Loki is thinking but I bet it's similar. What confuses me though is, aren't those two supposed to be enemies? Maybe they both fight over The Black Widow. Anyway, one more week til I see this movie.  Talking about movies, starting on Wednesday's entry and all through May it's gonna be Star Wars Month on the Phile. I have lots of Star Wars themed jokes and stuff, and it'll be fun. It's all to celebrate Star Wars Weekends at Disney's Hollywood Studios, as well as the anniversary of the original film and most importantly my one year at working at Star Tours. Anyway, it should be a fun filled Star Wars month.  And now, for some sad news...

Amarillo Slim  
Dec 31, 1928 - Apr 29, 2012
And getting slimmer all the time.

Last week on the Phile I had Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the Phile to talk about the Senate possibly voting to reauthorize the Violence Against Woman Act. Well, they voted so I invited Debbie back to the Phile to explain what happened. So, please welcome back to the Phile, Chair of the Democratic National Committee... Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Me: Hello, Debbie, welcome back to the Phile. So, what happened?

Debbie: The Senate voted overwhelmingly to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.

Me: What? That's nuts. How did the vote go?

Debbie: Sixty-eight in favor, thirty-one against. Each of the 31 senators who voted against it were Republican men. Every time these guys get the chance to put women's health before politics, they fail to.

Me: I had Patrick here on the Phile yesterday, Debbie, and he said Democrats are facing an important FEC fundraising deadline tonight at midnight. That has to help, right?

Debbie: Yes, Jason. I should add that these 31 men are the only senators to ever cast a vote against reauthorizing this act.

Me: So this never happened before, right?

Debbie: The Senate reauthorized it unanimously twice in the last twelve years. The Republican party of today is a different breed altogether.

Me: How so?

Debbie: If it comes down to scoring points with the GOP base or protecting women, they're going to choose the base every time.

Me: Debbie, what happens next?

Debbie: This legislation goes to the House. The House GOP is planning on introducing a bill with the same name, but their version of the Violence Against Women Act will likely strip out the very provisions protecting Native Americans, undocumented immigrants, and LGBT Americans we just fought for.

Me: What are you guys gonna do?

Debbie: Before the House votes on the bill, before the GOP even introduces it, we need to spread the word far and wide on how they're trying to dupe us into thinking they're doing the right thing. From now until November, we're going to call them out on the air, online, and on the ground. The Democratic Party is planning to make sure everyone knows who's really fighting for women this year.

Me: Well, you can use the Phile anytime you want, Debbie.

Debbie: Thank you, Jason, as always.

Me: Debbie, thank you, and good luck. Talk to you soon.

Shit, I forgot to ask her what LGBT Americans stands for. I cannot think. Oh, well. Anyway, the 19th book in the Peverett Phile Book Club is a really good one, kids. Here it is...

Paul Myers will be a guest on the Phile this Thursday.

Okay, today's guest is a talented singer whose new album "Heart Machine" is available on iTunes and other usual places you can download and purchase music. Please welcome to the Phile... Lila Rose.

Me: Hello, Lila, welcome to the Phile. How are you?

Lila: Thank you for asking. I am so so so so good. Well, honestly I’m pretty tired, but happy to be so busy with amazing creative happenings.

Me: That's good. So, years ago, Lila,  when I started doing interviews on the Phile I was supposed to interview a musician I found on Myspace named Stephani Joanne Angelina Germanotta who recorded under the name Lady Gaga. I put off interviewing her and when I finally got around to it she was performed on "American Idol" and the rest is history. Now there's no chance in hell I can ever interview her. I love your music and didn't want the same to happen with you. You're gonna be big one day, Lila. There's a question here, I promise. How long have you been a musician?

Lila: Haha. Well, thank you. It is so wonderful to have these affirmations, it feels so great and reassuring because you know, it’s a long road and a TON of work. You know, I always made music. I started music classes at 3, started piano soon after violin, cello, steel band, choir etc. I was always involved in music and my parents and brother all made music to some degree also. BUT I would say I started to consider myself a musician about 7 years ago after I gave up acting. It definitely took me by surprise but here I am 7 years later still going at it and it’s starting to look like it’s working.  ;)

Me: You definitely have a Lady Gagaish about you, with your style, Lila. Are you a fan of hers?

Lila: You know, I am. I am a fan of her desire and ability to push the envelope. I admire her creativity and her cutting edge nature. She has given permission to a lot of fans and performers alike to let loose and find their own true selves through being quite true to her own unique flavor. As for the music… well… not a huge fan but you know, she’s a lot more than that at the end of the day and I respect her for the whole package.

Me: Let's talk about your style. You must like dressing up and trying on different looks, am I right?

Lila: I really really do. It brings me a lot of joy to get dressed up and have fun. Although to be honest, I have toned it down A LOT over the years... you should have seen me in high school!!! Now I’m wearing high heels and nail polish (sometimes) and I would never ever have imagined myself to be doing so. I guess I’ve grown up!

Me: Let's talk about your hair... is it dreadlocked? How the hell did you get it to stick out like it is in the promo pictures for the new album?

Lila: Heehee. I love this question, and it’s a good answer. Well, firstly, yes, I have dreadlocks. There are only a handful left on the back side of my head, but I had a full head of dreads for about 11 years. The photos with the flying hair were like this: my amazing makeup artist Joshua Conover is kneeling behind me just below the frame where you can’t see him. The photographer Rus Anson counts, “1, 2, 3” then he tosses my hair up and she snaps. They are both superb artists (clearly) and who would have known that picture ended up on my website and all over the place. It was not even planned!!!

Me: I like tattoo's and have four myself and couldn't help but notice the tattoo's you have on your arms. Are they the only ones you have?

Lila: Nope. I have a few... back of my neck, palms of my hands (ouch), my fingers… that’s about it. More coming soon though.

Me: Do they mean anything, Lila?

Lila: Yes of course. I really don’t do anything without meaning. That’s for a much longer interview though…

Me: Where are you from?

Lila: Toronto, Canada.

Me: You're based in San Francisco now, right? What made you decide to move to there?

Lila: Oh man… everything! The community, the weather, the ocean, the palm trees, the creativity, the consciousness, the ability to grow amazing food all year round, amazing hiking trails everywhere, hills in the distance, should I go on???

Me: No, you're good, Lila. Anyway, I have to ask every Canadian I interview if they are fan of one of my favorite bands ever who are from Canada... The Barenaked Ladies. I am guessing no, but are you a fan of there's.

Lila:  Ummm… I’m so sorry. Not really. But hey, they were recording an album at a studio I was recording at one time and that was pretty cool!

Me: Who did you listen to growing up? A lot of Madonna?

Lila: Not really. A little bit, it really depends on the time. I started with Billy Joel and The Beach Boys very early on, later was a lot of Ani Difranco, The Cranberries, Alanis Morissette, Ben Harper, Portishead, Bjork Queen. Nothing too out of the ordinary for a teen at that time.

Me: I downloaded your CD "Heart Machine" off from iTunes and really enjoyed it. Did you write all the songs on it?

Lila: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! Yes I did, but with a few co-writes on some songs. "Casting Shadows" was co-written with my collaborator (who also sings on the track) Eric Denniston. An amazing artist and very good friend Lynx co-wrote parts of "Heart Machine" the song, and I had a few other helpers on a few words here and there on other songs.

Me: Who plays on the album with you and is in your band, Lila?​

Lila: The album is actually mostly David Earl and I. We produced the album together, and he engineered most of it. We have other producers such as Abai who started the original composition for "Obsession" with me, Garrett Warner, Kyrstyn Pixton, Lynx… these have all been contributors. And amazing ones at that. The band is different all together, besides David Earl who does the electronic production live and of course me. We’ve got bass, a drummer, and two backup singers for the live band.

Me: The title track features Lynx who you've mentioned. Here in Central Florida Lynx is the name of the bus system run. I don't think that's the Lynx who is on the track. Who is your Lynx? By the way, that was the dumbest thing I ever said on the Phile. Lol.

Lila: Check her out: she’s a dang talented singer/producer/songwriter/guitarist/a whole lot of other amazing things. She’s really amazing and we’ve done a bunch of collaborating over the years.

Me: This is not your first release, right? But "Heart Machine" is your first full length?

Lila: You got it. "Osmos Your Sonica" was a short EP released in 2009, and there were a couple singles I also released along the way. "Heart Machine" feels like my first real baby.

Me: Where did the idea come for that to be the album title? Does it mean anything? And, man, you look so white on the album cover. Was that all make up?

Lila: The idea for the album title... I honestly can’t remember exactly… but the image came to me in a day dream before I locked in the actual title. The title definitely means something. It’s to do with the experience of taking in the experiences of life and transforming them within myself and alchemizing them into sound. The Heart Machine is this passionate creature here who feels a whole lot and makes music out of all that passion for the world to transform through the experience of later listening to the music. The album cover is a photograph taken by Rus Anson. It was all makeup, it was not made digitally. She’s amazing, and my makeup artist Joshua Conover is amazing as well obviously!

Me: Lila, I have to ask you about this, you were born with ultra sound sensitivity. Does that mean sounds are louder to you then normal people? My son has the same thing.

Lila: Either louder or the sounds are just more intense for me. There are certain sounds in particular that are difficult... particularly high frequency sounds. Some sounds just drive me absolutely crazy. It’s pretty intense sometimes honestly. I don’t always love it, that’s for sure.

Me: How does that effect with you making music?

Lila: In this regard, it’s cool. I have a very fine tuned ear, to say the least. I hear it all. Ask David Earl… he’ll tell ya, he can’t even get away with a .5 decibel shift without me noticing.

Me: You also did some acting as well am I right? Is that TV and movie acting, or theatre?

Lila: Yeah, acting was my first love until I was about 18. Mostly theater, some commercials and TV stuff.

Me: Is acting something you are gonna be doing again in the future?

Lila: I could see that happening, sure. I'm pretty theatrical as a person, especially on stage. That would be fun!

Me: Speaking of future, you are planning an acoustic album. Will that have songs done on "Heart Machine" or new music?

Lila: Hmmm… I doubt they would be those songs, nut now that you mention it, it’s not a bad idea!

Me: Thanks so much for being on the Phile, Lila, and please come back when your next release comes out. You are an original and like I said, you are gonna be big. Go ahead and plug all your websites and everything.

Lila: Thanks so much I really appreciate the support and love! My website is the album can be listened to and purchased there or on iTunes, Bandcamp, CD Baby, Amazon, etc.

Me: Thanks again, and please come back soon.

Well, that about does it for another entry. Thanks to Debbie Wasserman Schultz and of course Lila Rose. The Phile will be back on Wednesday with Lisa Brigantino and then again on Thursday with author Paul Myers. On Sunday it's Ed Valauskas, and don't forget starting this Wednesday it's the start of Star Wars Month here on the Phile. Are you excited? Spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.

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