Monday, August 29, 2011

Pheaturing Jaret Reddick From Bowling For Soup

Hello, welcome to a Monday entry of the Phile, everybody, how are you? I am your host, Hurricane Jason. I was hoping the next hurricane and tropical storm would be named Jason but it's Jose. So, Canada imposed a ban on trade with North Korea. No more hockey highlight DVDs for Kim Jong Il. People are still talking about Hurricane Irene that hit the East Coast... but not Florida. It was 80 something degrees and beautiful here. Anyway, I saw an article about all the yuckiness that will happen in the Gowanus canal. Should stink for weeks! The right wingers on this board are REALLY gonna be pissed. There's an awful lot of people who will be getting Socialist Federal Assistance from this. I heard there are over 10 people dead due to Irene. Some young men had to be rescued when they went adventure canoeing in a hurricane over flow. That was real smart. Speaking of hurricanes, six years ago today Category 3 storm Hurricane Katrina attacked the Gulf coast with 145-mph winds. Cities in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi were declared disaster areas. Parts of New Orleans are submerged, some residents were left to scramble to their rooftops awaiting rescue. News organizations reported widespread panic and looting, crowds abandoned on elevated freeways, and rumors of rape in the Superdome. In yesterday's entry I mentioned that Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple had resigned, well, I know what his resignation letter said. It was kinda short and to the point. "Dear Board of Directors, iResign. Sincerely, Steve Jobs." Apparently the reason he wanted to step down is so he can spend more time with his daughters, Blow and Hand. Yeah, I went there. I do apologize. And I have my son here as well. Have you seen the new McDonald's commercial? I think it's aimed at the disabled. Here is an exclusive screen shot, kids.

Today's guest, Jaret Reddick, lead singer for one of the coolest bands ever did the music for the cartoon "Phineas and Ferb", and I was surprised to see that there's a "Phineas and Ferb" inspirational poster. Take a look.

Alright, with season starting just around the corner I have to idea what to expect, so I thought I would get an experts opinion, and to see how my New York Giants are gonna do. So, I invited my good friend Jeff back to the Phile for a pheature I like to simply call...

Me: Hey, Jeff. Thanks for being back on the Phile. I have to ask, now we're in football pre-season are you wearing sports appearal? You stopped wearing all sports related clothes cause the strikes, lock outs or whatever they were, right?

Jeff: Hey, Jason. It's always good to be back on the Phile. Yes, I am back to wearing my football shirts and hats again. My basketball stuff is still on lock out and it looks like it will be out for a very long time. There has been no progression between the owners and the players. A lot of NBA players are looking to go play overseas until the lock out is over.

Me: So, football season starts in a few weeks, right? Any predictions? The Giants are looking good.

Jeff: The Giants are looking good in deed. The only problem is they are getting injured at an alarming pace this pre-season. They have all ready lost 4 players, three of them out for the season. I don't think any of them would have made a huge impact but it hurts depth of the team. The biggest stories through the first half of preseason is the Philadelphia Eagles signed quite a few free agents that make them look like the team to beat. The Patriots did too, but the players they signed are more over the hill then the Eagles got. The other big story is that Peyton Manning will probably not start the season. Manning has started 227 consecutive starts, second only to Favre.

Me: So, I have to ask... I want to pick a Peverett Phile Fantasy football team. Who should be on it? I say Jeremy Shockey. Joe Namath? O.J. Simpson? The Refridgerator guy? Just kidding. Let's put together a fantasy team and see how well they do. Whatcha think?

Jeff: If you are interested in doing a fantasy draft, we can do it. Do you want to do one team between the two of us or do you want to compete? 

Me: Hmmmm. No, I wouldn't know how to put together a fantasy team... not of football players anyway. Let's forget that and I will just have you come back during the season so you can keep us updated. Cool? Jeff, thanks again for helping me out. And I will have you back here soon.

Jeff: That works for me. Glad to help whatever way that I can.

Jason: Thanks, Jeff. 

Okay, this is so cool. Today's guest is the lead singer for the band Bowling for Soup, an American pop-punk band best known for its singles "Girl All the Bad Guys Want", "Almost", "Punk Rock 101", "High School Never Ends", and "1985".  Their new album "Fishin' For Woos" is now out on iTunes and in stores and they will be appearing next on September 3rd at AnimeFest 2011 at Hyatt Regency in Dallas, Texas. Please welcome to the Phile, the singer for one of my favorite bands ever... Jaret Reddick.

Me: Hello, Jaret, welcome to the Phile. Let me tell you, you are making me dad of the year being here on the Phile. I am a huge fan, and my son Logan is also a big fan, so if you don't mind he'll be helping me with this interview. Anyway, how are you?

Jaret: Couldn't be better. Just got back from my daughter's 2nd grade play. Now watching TV and talking to you.

Me: It seems just like yesterday "Sorry For Partyin'" came out, and now you have a new album... "Fishin' For Woos". The new album went through some trials and tribulations, right?

Jaret: Not really. In fact, it was as seamless as it could be. "SFP" was a bit of a downer, because we worked very hard on it and it got shelved by Jive when we split from the label only 4 weeks after it came out, and before any promo had started... we were bummed. But when we decided to make a new album, we jumped in with both feet and kicked it in the butt. Written in 3 weeks, recorded in 3 more!

Me: You guys were gonna release an EP, but instead you released a whole album. Does the EP and album have the same songs on it?

Jaret: It was actually songs taken from the 17 we recorded for "Fishin' For Woos."

Me: What caused you guys to change plans?

Jaret: Honestly, it felt rushed. And breaking up the songs seemed dumb. This is a collection of songs that works. And as soon as you start pulling stuff, you make either an amazing EP and a shitty album or an incomplete album and an okay EP. It was the right thing to do! We were rushing an EP out to have something new out around our October tour of the UK last year. Three weeks before it just didn't feel right... I pulled the plug.

Me: Anyway, I love the new album. Did you guys have fun making it? I figure you guys have fun no matter what you guys do. Logan, do you have a question for Jaret?

Jaret: Ha...we do indeed! It was a blast. We made it in Dallas, at our friends studio that we do a lot of one off film and TV, or B-side stuff. It was nice to go home every night!

Me: Logan, do you have a question for Jaret?

Logan: Yeah, where did the name Bowling for Soup come from?

Jaret: It comes from a Steve Martin comedy bit. But it has a swear word, so I will leave it at that!

Me: I have to ask, Jaret, your album titles always intrigue me. Do you come up with them, or does the other guys in BFS come up with them as well? And what is a Woo?

Jaret: Most happen in conversation on the tour bus. Each is a different story. If I typed better I'd take you through all eleven, but I don't, so I will let the reader do some research! Haha. A WOO happens when you say "Are ya'll ready to rock?!?!" and the audience goes "woooooo!!!!!"

Logan: Why did you want to become a rock star? Apart from being one, what else did you want to be growing up?

Jaret: I didn't. I was in a band for fun. I went to college to be a corporate psychologist, graduated and everything. I guess I grew up to fast. I decided to give music a few year and I found the formula. It worked! I never looked back!

Logan: How did you get to be the band to do the "Phineas and Ferb" song? 

Jason: He means the theme song, Jaret.

Jaret: The creators came to me, they were fans. They wanted us to do the theme. Flew me in, showed me some early episodes, and asked me if I would take their 30 second theme song, and make it into a radio single... 3.5 minutes. I sent them a song within 48 hours and they were blown away! Thus "Today Is Gonna Be a Great Day" was born. While I was in LA I read for the part of Danny, lead singer of Love Handle, and got the part. Since then I have co-written 4 or 5 songs, and sang more for the show than I can count. Not to mention BFS was on an episode as ourselves. It has been a blast. It is the best show on TV and to be a part of it in some small way is amazing!

Me: That's a very good question, Logan. One thing I thought was always cool of BFS was you guys have some songs that kids shouldn't listen to, and you also do a lot of kid friendly songs. I guess having kids of your own makes you want to do the kid friendly thing, like all the stuff you do for Disney, am I right?

Jaret: Kind of. I mean, I don't ever take any work because of my kids. I think it is more that we are all still kids at heart, or maybe it is something else. I think our sound lends itself to THAT world, so opportunity just raises its head in that area quite a bit.

Me: And it's a great idea you have two versions of each album an explicit version for people like me and more kid-friendly versions for kids like Logan. Will the new album have two versions?

Jaret: It doesn't. We DO have edited versions of all the songs, but our distributor decided not to do two versions. I'd like to release the clean version at some point.

Me: Let's talk about your side project, Jaret and Erik acoustic shows you have done. How did you two decide to go out and tour without the other guys? Did the others have a hard time with it?

Jaret: That is in no way a side project. It is very much just an extension of BFS, something we have done since the beginning, so the other guys are very cool with it. They get paid for chillin!
Erik IS doing a solo album that I am helping him with, and I DO have a side project called People On Vacation ( These are things we do when the band isn't working. Both are a LOT of fun!!!

Me: Do you guys do BFS songs in those shows, or other songs?

Jaret: Almost ALL BFS, with some springles of flavor here and there!

Me: Any chance you'll be releasing a Jaret and Erik acoustic album?

Jaret: Very good chance, but it will be a Bowling For Soup Acoustic Album!! Ha.

Me: Jaret, I noticed something I never noticed before... all your tattoos have a theme. You must be really into games, right?

Jaret: One arm is classic toys, one arm is Texas. Both legs are gambling themes, one good luck, one bad. And yes, I love toys. I used to own my own toy store when I was 17. That's ANOTHER story!

Logan: What is your favorite game?

Jaret: Connect Four or Othello.

Logan: My grandad was Lonesome Dave in Foghat... have you heard of Foghat?

Jaret: Of course... Lonseome Dave's Foghat is an institution! That's crazy!!

Me: Jaret, let's talk about your other band you mentioned, People On Vacation. That's a duo you're in with Ryan Hamilton, right? How would you compare POV's music to BFS?

Jaret: It is completly different. The perfect blend of Ryan's indie side and my pop sensibilties. It is musical candy for the ears. I could NOT be more excited about it. Everyone should check us out on the interwebs!

Me: I read that you and Ryan are working on an album. Would you come back onto the Phile when it comes out?

Jaret: OF COURSE! This is awesome!

Me: I know you will be on the road for awhile, any chance you'll be playing in Orlando, Jaret?

Jaret: I hope to get there in the fall... one of our favorite markets.

Me: Thanks for being on the Phile, and answering Logan and my questions. Bowling For Soup needs to come out with a live album. We got your live DVD, but a live album would be great. Go ahead and mention your website, which I am sure everyone knows about already. Thanks again, and come back soon.

Jaret: Thanks for having me! This has been a blast!!! Check us out!,
and follow me on Twitter! @jaret2113. Thanks again!!

There you go, that has to be one of my best interviews ever. I really do hope Jaret comes back onto the Phile. Thanks very much to Christina Duren for hooking it up and to Jaret of course. Also thanks to my good friend Jeff Trelewicz. Check out his own blogspot at Well, the Phile will be back next Sunday with Robert A. Medeiros, the singer for the band The Clarences. And then next Monday it's singer Luther Russell. So, until then, spread the word, not the turd. Don't let snakes and alligators bite you. Bye, love you, bye.


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I really do hope Jaret comes back onto the Phile. Thanks very much to Christina Duren for hooking it up and to Jaret of course.

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